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How to Kill Your Enemies!

Euan Eoghan

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Table of Contents


1. This is a ‘Fuck You’

2. I want to be the last man

3. Something that happened a century ago

4. Oh, so very, very tired

5. Hush! Hush! Keep your mouth shut

6. I am nowhere

7. Life is just pretending

8. And there’s nothing in this world left to enjoy

9. Obviously, you have never seen the dark side

10. Justice is just an idle threat

11. Never, ever, ever going to be young again

12. All I really want

13. I said I loved you but that was when

14. After the trauma, the feeling burns on

15. A prisoner in a holy place

16. Something about the way she smiles

17. Time can’t go back on itself

18. This is the hatred

19. Come into our lives again

20. Waiting for a million things to happen

21. It was a warped sense of freedom

22. Nothing has been accomplished

23. I faced the thing I always feared

24. Change was all I really ever wanted

25. There is a war

26. Let’s talk about freedom

27. Life is a journey

28. Take off my clothes

29. I want to climb to the top of that mountain

30. My life is devoid

31. Where are you now?

32. Sometimes, I am sickened by my creations

33. Show me your indignant rage

34. The caged bird has never tasted freedom

35. What’s it all about?

36. I never thought I’d see the day

37. So, this is what it feels like to be numb

38. I have reached a plane

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“Going-out is the root cause of discord, which confuses the fundamental issue. Going-out teaches people to be smart and distrustful of other people. Self-preservation is considered the greatest purpose of life and going-out is to ensure it; this is the most heinous crime one can ever commit against one's life. Everybody is seen as the enemy and is always considered as if, by definition, they are out there conspiring to destroy you. The thing to do is to go out there and kill the enemy before he ever gets the chance to do the same to you. Going-in, on the other hand, reveals that the self-preservation phenomenon, as manifested by various people, is in fact a self-destroying phenomenon. Going-in reveals the true nature of being, which is to seek the truth to serve the people.”

– from Necessity for Change, published May 1967 by The Internationalists


This is a ‘Fuck You’

From me to you,

Signed by yours truly

(And believe me it’s true),

To every wanker

Who’s walked through my life:

Who’s made my life a struggle;

Who’s made me think twice.

Who made me stay sober

And turned my heart cold.

Who kept me awake at nights

And vanquished my hopes.

Who made me feel bitter

And hate my fellow man.

Who gave the attitude

That I don’t give a damn.

To every Jesuit,

To every nun,

I swear like a Bible

My life will be fun.

As every motherfucker

Is some motherfucker’s son,

Then everyone must see the world

From both sides of the gun.


I want to be the last man

Still standing when the world ends.

I want to be the one

To bury the dead.

I want to banish you

From your Garden of Eden.

I want to crucify you right this time,

So you don’t come back again.


Something that happened a century ago

Is pissing me off today.

Something that hitherto, only the dead could have known,

I see it now, clear as day.

Something that isn’t getting through to you

Is keeping me awake every night.

Something that didn’t register at first

Is pounding in my brain like a light.

Something in her stride and her radiant smile

Tells me what this world could be like.

Just the other day, I was feeling the pain

And she came and made it alright.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to say,

Or even say anything at all

But when I was freefalling down my valley of fears,

It was her name I kept trying to call.


Oh, so very, very tired;

Never been this weary before.

Oh, so sick of it now –

I thought there was going to be more!

Oh, so you were right,

Now in darkness let us sit like old men.

And when we’ve turned out all the lights,

Let us never strain our eyes so far again.

Oh, so sorry I tried;

Don’t I wish I listened to you?

And I suppose you’ve arranged

Your own fucking funeral too.

Oh, who cares for what is said?

Who even cares if it’s true?

Oh, you silly, silly child;

You just want what’s in it for you.

Arise, stand up and reach for the skies;

They might just be clamouring for you.

And no, you don’t have to be brave;

That’s really got nothing to do.


Hush! Hush! Keep your mouth shut

If you don’t we’ll blow your face off.

Silently, silently open the floodgates,

So the slush will wash the stains off

Every filthy, rotten deed ever perpetrated.

Every stinking, dirty sleaze since the Earth was first created.

Go on, go on; just drop the bomb.

No one will notice: everyone’s gone.

Gone back home and gone to bed.

Little do they know

That in the morning they’ll be dead.


I am nowhere

And nowhere is where I am –

Like a stubborn pyramid

On a parched, deserted sand.

I set out on a journey to nowhere once

And arrived at my destination as planned.

Not many men can claim as much

But I am one who can.

And I am very happy;

Yes, I am very proud

That of all the bullshit that abounds in your life,

In mine cannot be found.

And I have fought pitched battles

On the frontline of my own life.

I have developed tactics

To ignore all your stupid advice.

I am nobody, out there in nowhere

And here is where I belong;

Happy to be always on the outside,

Staring in at the things that go on.

Happy to have no ambition

And no need to prove any point.

No wish to make up excuses;

No need to impress or disappoint.

And no reason to get excited

And no reason to feel remorse;

No reason to believe that things will get better

But time, in the end, takes its course.

And no need to feel indignation

At the veiled threats and words that I’ve heard.

No wish to go around complaining;

I just put it all on hold.

I’m the child of the stupefied generation –

I only know things that I’m told.

Grew up in the decade of Thatcher and Reagan

When the world was being traded and sold.

I used to be so impulsive;

I used to hang out on a limb.

I don’t know how many times I had my head bitten off

But it seems to have grown back again.

But lately I’ve begun to grow distant;

Can’t really explain it so I won’t.

I just don’t want to talk about my frustration,

Or I don’t want to tell the whole world.

I just don’t want to follow convention

But I don’t want to live my life alone.

I don’t want to do anything desperate yet

But I don’t want to be led by the nose.

I don’t want to sound like a statesman

And I don’t have a message for the world

But when anyone says that there’s trouble ahead,

My mind just turns cynical and cold.

And I’m not going to play follow the leader;

Not going to get involved in that kid’s stuff.

I’ve never been deceived by Armageddon;

I’ve always believed it’s a bluff.

So, let the righteous stand up and be counted.

Let the rest just blow hot and blow cold.

No one ever said that this world has got to serve you

And there will be days when it won’t.


Life is just pretending,

Making up stuff:

War, religion, politics –

When they’re not just completely self-serving,

They’re part of something that’s worse.

When it’s not just inventing excuses,

It’s all just a barefaced lie.

When it’s not getting people accustomed,

It’s sending them out to die.

When it’s not just taking their money,

It’s hoping they never ask why.

When you’re not being over-protective,

You’re kissing your sweethearts goodbye.

When it’s not just resorting to violence,

It’s making up and calling people names.

When you’re not contemplating the boredom,

You’re beating you’re own fucking brain.

When you’re not waging war on your own mind,

You’re looking for someone to kill.

When you’re not just trying to make sense of the situation,

You’re wondering if anyone ever will.


And there’s nothing in this world left to enjoy;

You know as well as I do so, let’s destroy.

Break up the party, turn out the lights:

A day and a week and a year of long knives

Is what it’s going to take, to put things right.

Love’s the disease; hate is the cure.

Life’s the disorder from which chaos ensues.

Death is the bringer of hope to mankind:

A salvation that stops you from losing your mind.

Feed your children poison (let them suck it from your breast)

Then watch them grow into something that is pale and lifeless.

Something that’s immune to anything that’s happening,

While you summarily execute every last ounce of compassion.

Have faith in your leaders while they fuck you around;

Pretend not to notice the shit that’s going down.


Obviously, you have never seen the dark side.

Never seen how lives come crashing in.

Never had to live through years of boredom,

Or share the lonely hopeless world of millions.

Obviously, you’ve never been disappointed –

Perhaps you were pleased to believe that you just can’t win?

And you obviously haven’t noticed that you’re going nowhere

But perhaps you’re just too absorbed to take it in?

Obviously, you don’t know what you’re doing now

Because your haunted life’s a helpless empty void.

And you obviously never thought to ask for your money back –

Perhaps you thought the good people would be annoyed?

Obviously, you’ve never stopped to wonder

Just what this world is running for today.

If you did, you’d see why some of us aren’t laughing –

Why some believe there must be a better way.

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