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Future memories

Living europhia: a bone shell lays underneath a hanging space lantern, echoing a vibration of a past reception, a future inception getting lost in the bone time lines, losing its reflection, so many thoughts and feelings get lost in the waves of pressured uncertainty, corrupted by fearful chosen creatures and  universal views, I'm a earthly painting, growing layers of memorjs and sorrows, never ending yet never beginning, no place to hide, growing branches of outside material, far from my heart, forever chasing stars of  that just disappear as I reach them,  hanging upside down on the vine, I see all my core, grounded in a space, how I see her all, looking at old me looking at me now,  seeing it so differently, i let out Infinite forms of solid frequency, seemingly invisible, never reaching your true core, decode what's already decoded, see and free it's start, it's connection, were talking coincidental life of living europhia, what you see it all is all, I see my lunar home from The farthest place, a view of belonging, where I see all my memories and reflections in one, from her bone seed necklace, Reflecting triangular free spaces of infinite others, full of adventure and unseen dreams,  a certain kind of solid free beyond, break through the unseen bones of space, your white timelines of soulful beginning and ends, shatter the frequency of youthful dreams, it's not the equations or effects that make you happy or free, it's your chilling essence of infinite beyond, of weightless interactive soulful rebirth, were all from everywhere, go back and forth to your core, the unknown of Growing known,  a far location  reflects it all here, a growing revival place of thoughts belief, conciseness of weightless ness, unawareness, the energy of reflect infinite dreams freely, focus in the feeling and beyond, my Branches flow through her skull eyes.

Candle stars: the dark wave ripples through a familiar painting, with each horizon it goes through, it glimmers the dreamy rings around it, looking for that light of acts, ones of black nothing, a lighted lamp figure walks through a bright room of others, floating underneath the red string, lighting up worlds of past and future, why do I feel so alone? So full of constant blindness, devoid of bold chance and mystery, is here any darkening peace? A oblivious escape? stuck in an illusion, killyouin, a state of deadly wonder,   We'd rather connect to one than the real one but in that it is free, beyond,  find he right light over sight, a calming and soulful fright,  in a space of modern day life, jumping from Candle stars, to the farthest inside, a lighted experience of interactive dreams, a delusion of unbreakable safety,  where she writes diamonds of poetic spaces,  wings of dark dreams, reflecting in between the lunar canvas seed, please come out from that place you hate, you don't belong, in our defenseless our true core is found, let out your freest heart to the strongest source, beyond, the wave went through the lamp as it broke out infinite shards of dark memories, reflecting dark light of self imagination and beauty.

Influencetuonia: A transparent cloud statue on a world of words, passing by images that make me remember, compelling me to replicate them, even if they aren't me, my true core, slowly digging away the past moments, I see her inside it all,  spinning in suspension, frozen in movement, a delusional design made from a future us, our true past reborn,  awakened in a sea of awakenings, the more we uncover, the more we cover, how do we really know what is real? What is true and us? It's all about release of you, past, future, nothing, weightlessness, in empty nothing you have the fullest imaginative wonder and possibility, connections, will you influence me can I be your influencer? I need your wonder, even the devil can influence anyone, holding influencetionia, a lovely lady weapon of blame, hiding the true reason of none, self, influenced by self and fate, just put another as a reason, seemingly justifying what can't be, influence yourself, let it influence your heart and soul with true freedom And self, forever living a theory of one, a discovery of false truth,  Every new act is just a new layer over a ever changing beyond, heart, bottom is the beginning, the core and rebirth, always being grown from all, my cloud meets her space, turning into a clear view of cloudy dreams and stars, it was always here, hiding and uncovered as all, beyond.

 First reflection: Crecent statue waves, calling out for fulfilment, crying
tears for the separated past and emotions, even when she becomes a full
moon, it will leave her soon, a dust comet floating in the space land,
inside my own full earth, overflowing golden moments of a picture, Shining
yet never moving, stuck in delusional situations of the first, magical
impulses created by corrupted magicians, spell masters of accepted and
chosen simplicity, never growing, never seeing past ourselves or anything,
forever you and me try to keep the first, but the first can't be without
release, They say it's about first then why aren't we With our first love?
Moment? Where is the magic that's always been? It's all the first and last
and the one that connects to your core, her  first reflection, reflects
through old times of the future, meeting in between your crescent edges, the
escape of our soul and core,  the Infinite rebirth and release beyond, magic
is life and free youthful imagination, it's our growing into illusions,
realties and realizations that change it into magic of normal condensed
nothing, lifelessness and one sided logic, we fly out of the crescent
reflecting full and half stars as one, in between them, fly through the
horizon of half life, the full all,

Space particle:  Lost in her empty space figure, floating pieces of
old horizons haunt the invisible core, so free yet no place to return to, no
solid evidence, it's become so evident, my Crystal shines in a void, bright
with equated vision, another nonexistent reality, displayed physical truth
by the mental tyranny, did this happen or is it all just different kinds of
delusional thoughts? It happens in not happening beyond, your decision,
true health is your undying desire for your heart and soul, innocent free
dreams, I need your space to break out, to reflect our infinite beyond,  In
the space particle, a magical piece of unbreakable oblivious nothing, a
colorful dark cortical, going vertical to infinite others, a space can't
expand or fill without a core, a diamond can't shine or break through
without a space, make the nothing alive, pain and what we don't want are
good too, its all just natural instincts, not your true all, it's just one
side, it's your heart and cores release that are the good, you,  my pieces
reached her space as it reflected infinite shards of memories, we both look
on at the space piece of freedom beyond, in a Crystal space above it.

Nova pain:  on a celestial shell of warless war, it rings tears of lost loves and misunderstood complications, natural life,  a shadow living trigger shooting at demanded demons, angelic revelations in disguise, at anything out of corrupted views of pride, normality, giving In to false chosen impacts of biased changing facts,  all from delusional blindness of greedy silver currency, not even seeing or feeling it,  My head is going forward, my legs moving backward, a face of infinite worlds, changing from past to future with every move and view, aiming towards Empty false dreams, all the same, far from my core, you can't win what isn't you, a lifeless battle of dead heart and fearful contructs, don't let the illusions make you who you are not, I shoot to your heart anf soul, never hearing the impact,  she shoots herself with temporary earth bullets, just to feel a impact of life and escape, boom goes the time of gloom, i need your dose of nova pain, a shot of space shells that blast celestial rain and soul from a walking sun, the rejuvenation of youthful return, the sound of that releasing mystery and oblivion, it's makes me a heartfelt insane, don't pull the lunar trigger at false reflections, pull it to yourself beyond, with free soulful core, our bullets touch in the sky, exploding rebirth and freedom to our trigger worlds, finally pulling the one of true beyond, the impact is always there.

Star ghost dust: The lunar comet world of misty pieces rises from a empty space seed, writing old times through its tail, slowly gaining vision, they yell stick to the plan, while they ran, in one they don't know why, following cloudy hopes and lights, a superficial life of visible seemingly highest material, just another effect far from the deepest one, on a starry highway of dead lives, the cold breezes of unseen familiarity flow around me,  I'm a bright shell, no one can see, even when they do, they walk past it, Watching her star dust picture, ghostly pieces of dark oblivion, slowly forming into  a certain kind of visible ghost wind, the more we see and solidify the more we don't and die,  real is the soulful essence, the free infinite beyond, walking on her skin of waves, a reflection of her dream,  spiraling in the book spirals, going back and forth through celestial stories as our memories and dreams write above and below,  Every derail of a plan is a new part if the plan, a different extended one, yet the plan was never my true Intention, it was nothing, free infinite beyond I made, don't fall for the oblivious chosen plan, remember the wonder and life of seemingly impossible mystery and magic, it isn't yours and will keep you down,  just  spiral into your core and beyond, a straight line to the divine,  connecting through wonderus oblivious moments never there, were star ghost dust, pieces of memorial dreams and dead mystery, flowing through book lines, living moments of dead memories and mystery, her comet reached my shell as it broke into pieces,  reflecting into one of solid soulful fantasy as they wrote dusty lines of clear connection, the picture became her as the universe beyond, her picture was always Alive and all.

Allways, fallbays: Flashing monsters, capturing second less reflections of themselves, sought to be who they are, far from it, take your picture, freeze their lure of a dead overture, throwing away what lies behind, I am a celestial line, i drift through a Crystal image, glistening mysterious get familiar memories, with each step it turns into others, are you shining your true core or is. his just another frozen illusion of biased comfort? Echoing a false security that is interpreted as you and forever, thr ice of truth Is breaking through, we associate what we see with.truth, self, yet it's just a biased vision, nothing of what we are,  I'll be here Always, fallbays, forever falling into a rising bay of dreamy spaces, Swaying divided rivers of soulful transparency of her Crystal photo,  on wings of innocent geography of memories and heart, all ways, you, even pictures and Crystal die out, it's the frozen reflection moving and being your infinite beauty, as our two lines of one meet, we reflect a.lunar photo, forever our true.freedom that never was beyond.

Reflective horizons: I hear a melody of past revival, it makes visible dreams of solid soul and weightlessness, swimming towards the bone notes, almost to the core, when I get there, another wavy display of impulsive structure drowns me, a Crystal wave of past and future, blocking my senses into a world of lifelessness, a chosen illusion of real comfort and endless expectations, far away from The true wave of all, the cycle of chosen logical disorder and equal security, condensing everything into a celestial closet, like how we began, only dead and separated from he roots, you always look at the surface, the facets, in my reflective horizons, revealing each piece of what already is waiting, a different kind of what happened, with every time we reconnect, forever reflecting and being, every blink is a life and death of her transparent photo figure, a rebirth and release of our view, her bones of lunar innocence and life, reflecting earthly magic and deadly horizon skin, in her demise, she burns the hottest release and fearful soul, you always looks at the surface, common facets, terrified of moving away from her hearted moments, stuck inside her own sorrowful view,  don't worry, like a old moment and song, becoming a new one, your rise will return,  how can we know another and love when we do the same? Connection and soulful heart is from the eternal rebirth, sacrificing for another when hey can't,   true balance is release without return,  the strongest things live in the water, your true wonder is your free weightlessness, your wavy essence beyond vision, the songs of past revival, back again in this time, a reliving of the. Through now, it was always playing and now, my waves reached her picture as it revealed her core, we broke free from it into a wavy line of infinite past rebirths, forever frozen freely, the photo turned into us and all, watching the whole story before it happens in a fog of clear beyond.

behind closed lines: Are we human?
Or one of
infinite other types? I speak as this figure of
transparent sound
and shape,
what is speech? Communicative frequency of dreamy
Putting myself
together with pieces of space and imagination, Celestial
reflections of intellectual nothing and freedom, still
enclosed in
system, a matrix of infinite transformation and reality,
shades of
polygonal intelligence, yet only showing a slither of
myself, in
there, she
was trapped, a dark liquid sphere, kept inside herself,
every time
she tries
to shine, her dark blooms, never about the trends of
instinct, with
her head down, returning to her beginning light, when you
are down,
you see
and feel the brightest self and mystery, i try to say my
secrets to
you but they come out differently, with no passion or
soul, we lay
behind closed lines, an unseen divine, seeing through
poetry from
the farthest celestial cage, infinite thoughts of our
tragic love,
inside, feelings of a past connection gone away, to escape
we must
through in between the lines, the ones of this space cage
of self of
another, so much is kept in front of false doors, veiling
the true
core out
there, fly beyond itself, From a dark tree, reflecting two
horns, in between it is a third horizon, the true unseen
eye of dark
freedom, inside the deepest space, we reflect the
secret, containment, make the silent your loudest beyond,
our roots
touch as
they flow through all, seeing it all in between past and

From a dark tree, reflecting two devil branched horns, in
between it
is a
third horizon, the true unseen eye of dark freedom, inside
space, we reflect the brightest darkness, secret,
containment, make
silent your loudest beyond.

Spaceland: A triangular space with three tree stars hang above me, a lunar meteor of a past reflection, in a vast barren place, each star full of dreams, echoing the words, I'm here in the horizon stars so far, so close, will you be there when you come? Until then I'll hang up here, where the dark looks so bright and deep,   if we just controlled everything  would never die or change, never realize it's true and wonder,  separation, it’s too simple, its connecting and being in anyway that is true all and freedom, success, on her spaceland, floating on a ground of ever deepening sound, quaking long lost memories, targeted for destruction, she's landing again,  divide the masses of control away, greedy  reptilians that forgot who they are, contacting innocent youth, forcing dead and lifeless acts without question, one by one, locked up in cupboards of unfulfilled beings, never to  Know what's it’s like to breathe with themselves, what isn't theirs and free,  why can't they see they're from the earth? there's something about connecting deeper to you, watching you pull off layers of dreamy skin, it's beautiful how much different and true you"ve become, maybe it's why we stop growing with another, in that it was forever, to discover this and another part later on, the more we let go, the oncoming horizon is only seen with two Eyes and on soul, but seeing it with you truly divides it core, see with me, this is when we free, the more we gain freedom, true self exists in beyond and painless pain revival, just a different kind of pain that releases  and makes us alive, as I looked at myself, I reflected to I’m between the stars as they turned into our world, we were connected in this view and imagination.

Space backpack: A gothical shadow of futuristic neon cities, holding her secret space rooms she carries, it's keeping her down like me, a lunar falcon flying past pasts too fast, catching the new view of miracles, building up a world of dead lives, hiding her space backpack behind her, throwing dark stars of deadly mystery and oblivion, flowing dreams and wonder through the vine straps, you are it and beyond, let your truth out to the next one, what's next no one knows, boo goes the surprise, life is a series of discovering acts and reflections, awakening the awareness,  it's not the thing and element that determines the unequal equal result, it's he level of the element, it's still always equal in itself, every catch is another life meeting you underneath, someone else's dream coming alive from far away, every throw is a memory being reborn, an interception of the destination, don't worry about the change of plans, their still on track, there, she let her pack go, no more crying, no more rising, as the falcon hit the ground, I caught her as her shadow bloomed, launching me into inner saphhire space, where we reflected our core.

Space souls: From the farthest round edged void, a flower stone reflecting a unknown seed towards a planet, awoken to believe I began here, filled with dead false belonging, in the mist of this earth, a odd wonder of innocent impossibility and youth, a part gone wrong, she moves as the mountains and winds, dressed in dark clover of sorrowful mystery,  blinking branch eye lashes of dreams and wishing to be like other earthlings, never knowing she is the pinnacle of it, portraying a ghostly shell, holding on to what isn't, letting go without second thoughts,  told where she should go, you are just like me, two lost of odd circumstances, a secret planned consequence,  we become content with tragedy and chosen insanity, where is our true home? I've been here before, in another time and place, even when you belong to me, I know only you belong to yourself, a story of  memories and moments of our core and heart, coming through the mind vine, life greatest wonder is eternal discovery of what was impossible, something more, that you are beyond, your true all is free and deeper than these discrepancy, not made for this world, yet my sacrifice and differences strengthen and connect this place, here we are, space souls, destroyers of returning dreams, we come from all points, revealing another strengths and weakness, your deepest revelation, our freest oblivion,  true belonging is beyond and free, as it was a illusion, your decision, to know is to see it from a different kind of view, every vulnerability deepens another and invulnerability, her branch flies into my stone as it breaks, reflecting out true of all, a new earth space opened of infinite memories.

Horizontal light: Black top girl, lost in a twirl, a dark pearl of a past lunar shine, reflecting frozen memories, On top of a celestial Boulder, spinning over reflections of three leaf clovers, holding her dreams and truth on her shoulders, waves of memories and swim around her, never penetrating, I'm a steel tear, falling towards her dark surface, trying to reach you but you won't let me in,  untouchable yet can't reach the shores with stone waves, slowly condensing Into an unmovable cell, made from popular opinions, contradictories of judgments and being in space,  she’s underneath me, an earthly stone of lost innocence,  following the path through a horizontal light, in between branched fingers of the beginning and ends, to go through your dreams and core must spread their wings, reflect your deepest dreams girl, break through yourself, as.i reached the black top, a light shined, we were on the wings playing Melodies, meeting in between the lunar shore, reflecting the deepest releases, the hardest connection.

Floating aeord: as a celestial note i walk, a moving melody of paradoxical dreams, on a grounded life of secure lifelessness,  never rising or falling,  everyday I can't contain myself until I see you above, a misty word in your blur of mysterious clarity, she has that personality of fantasy, a lovley peaceful insanity, yet she can't reach the ground where she blooms, away in a sky of false freedom, flying in a prison of dead flight, floating aeord, a clouded word of sword, crying tears of past chords towards a familiar beginning, swinging clock sword hands of lore and memories to what's below in the act,  we float forever over and under ourselves, far from our real heart and life, awaiting our core,  i want to go to my old house, cry at the depths of my soul, replay all the old times, back to my youthful dreams, where I will reflect my highest heart, just a new end? With every breath, bore a new veil, a lost part of you reborn into the next place, getting closer to what is always free and true, I finally float to the middle as you cry your true soul, where we meet and float forever.

Plantmory: A phasy memory beyond space and time, a recollected image of a earthly view, Reflecting lunar hill slides of dreams, every way I go they lead to the edge of my  part, cut off by circumstance, natural chaotic greed and self-equations, a comet tear raining towards earth, never truly falling, hitting so much more that she sees and feels, saved by death right before she touches the ground, unconsciously feeling safety and love, you think it all disappears because of circumstances and differences? It's still alive and here, every act reflects it all the emotion of happening, streaming through the tunnels of delusional poison to the core,  dreaming wanderings of a dream, reawakening to it and infinite others dreams, every wandering is a dream of one awakening, beyond, in plantmory,  a memory line of remembering others from different times, all one beyond, a world of memories like everything awaits it conscious unconscious release, I’m conscious of this unconscioness, in between Time and space where it's all frozen and not, our true awareness and memory is alive and free, maybe one day i''ll see how you see and feel the darkness, we feel and experience pain and dark in our own way, I want to see how you see it, feel me, the comet reached the plant as it became a butterfly, remembering before and after it all beyond, a memory of no time and space.

Lunar lung wings: a celestial lung scale hangs in the balance, one side is a painted sea she dwells in, the other is me, a crystal feather, connected with a space breath string, breathing in false dead winds of entwined realities, when the oblivious go away, the fearful puppets  come out to play, always choosing a side when it's one, blinded to the other part of her and me, to fill up is to feel and be with it all, she keeps drowning in her suffocating lungs while i die in a frozen moment, the more advanced we create, the more we destroy, manipulating life for more control and life, reflecting more destruction, the more you take and comfort the more danger rises,  you are right here, yet long gone, how did it come to this?  I'm on lunar lung wings, the hanging pendulum filling up with blackened smoke, together yet so far apart, breathing up delusional realties, breathing down hearted dreams beyond, tired of this air,  lets breath into the beyond together, breath without breathing, feel without emotion, distance and similarity isn't just common equations, you can be next to me and feel like you are from the farthest space, be the closest and farthest core beyond, breathe in with heart, through your eyes,  it's becoming one so far away, as she took a breath I fell down to a ground of dreams, as I breathed out, she rose up to the highest space, where we met in between the breath.

A rising unknown: she's a soulogolist, a ancient temple of  dreams, digging up past through the lunar sands, building up more as the pieces stay frozen, Feeling pasts looking at pasts, attached to dead and old times, never seeing the true value of now and beyond, I'm a sunolgist, a futuristic comet of a past, shining to limited equations, burning bridges has become a trial, one that is forever in denial, you can experience something a thousand times but there's always that one that Revives you, itself in a way you can't explain,  in the wanting and needing what you don't, look at your past as yourself, do you sense what you did when you were it?  sometimes I think how special those times and connections are and we're with you, the ones of secret fate and magical wonder, something that was too good, paranormal moments of moments of past and futures manifesting through these things and odd activity. Damn regrets and pains of other lives of another. Will you sway away?! In the rising unknown, a growing adventure of brinking death, , I reached her temple as it divided into the past void, reflecting our past and futures as one, if we see and embrace every connection like it was the last if it could never be, it would be alive, we were in the past and all the whole time,

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