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Thomas LaGrant Jr.

This book is different from the other poetry books that I've released. It is personal. It is about waking up one day and realizing that there is more to life than meets the eye. There is more to being African American than just living in America but in the research of our ancestors, we find more meaning in life. This chapbook was inspired by life and history. We are more than what meets the eye; we are naturally spiritual people connected with nature. We just have to get back to that.

We are needed. We are wanted, and we are loved. We don't have to degrade ourselves for likes and attention. If we are just ourselves, the right people will come along. Let us silence the noise of society and be strong, beautiful queens. We were not meant to be walked on. Don’t degrade ourselves for the sake of likes or attention. We are more than this. Don’t embrace the stereotypes, just be us.

We are special in our own right, regardless of what anyone says. We are beautiful not because of our hue, but just because. We are special and never forget that.


Breaking Away from Religion

To Breathe

Killing Ourselves

Sex Object

Stand For Her

The Underdog


Goddess Speak


Self Hate

She Will Change the World

Raping Her

Spiritual Awakening


Sex Appeal



Identity Struggle

Celebrate You

We’re Not All Angry

Goddess and Gods


She’s a queen,

Her reflection embodies the world around her,

She takes hit after hit,

Tornados dispel wrath upon the cities,

Hurricanes flood the streets,

Yet people sing as they pass by,

So, we can go back to polluting her streams,

Like we pollute our bodies,

Where life forms,

And we pollute her where love grows,

Food is plucked from the ground,

Trees sprout up,

We claim we love her,

Kill her children for fun,

Big mantles and rugs,

Never again to see the sun,

We cry,

Mother, forgive us for all that we have done,

In our ignorance,

We knew not what we had done,

We took advantage of you and your gift of life,

Never realizing that in the process,

We were killing your seeds,

Polluting toxins into my veins that came from toxic streams,

How can we heal you?

Protect you?

And teach sustainment instead of big polluted streams?

Earth Goddess,

Lead us to protect you for our future and future dreams,

Help us to uphold justice and harmony,

Let us not fight amongst ourselves for worthless color flags,

But lay aside our pride for a bigger cast,

The role our children will play,

When we look back on the violence,

Let us not want to turn back but away,

Queen, heal the lands with your powerful hands,

Though you may take twenty-one shells,

They all fall mute and sprout into seeds,

The power is in your hands,

To remove pollution from the streams,

Mother Nature,

Eternal Goddess,


You are worthy of love.

Breaking Away from Religion

I broke away from my religion,

And they called me a sinner,

Said there was only one way to God,

But who did the ancients rely on before the fall?

If they say Jesus,

And what about before that considering Jesus,

Is said to have walked the earth about four thousand years ago,

Who did Afrikans worship before colonization?

History books teach that they were savages,

But they had complex systems,

Which is it?

Dressed for the occasion with the desert sun,

Stolen mythology from the Greco-Roman’s son,

For their son to say dark skin was beneath them,

Still continuing to this day,

Brown and black is associated with dirt,

Yet the cure for sickness is in the sun,

It’s in the minds of those from birth who were disadvantaged,

From the minds of those they’d rather lock up with chains,

Dumbing of the culture with mindless things,

Their women represented on TV with no dreams or ambition,

Conniving and cheating,

The mistress never having her own,

Drug addict,

Bad fathers,

When there are more adequate positive images,

Their religion would rather keep them captive to a degree,

Suppress their ability to think and act for themselves,

From their pedestals, they judge those around them,

Without seeking out the religion of their ancestors,

Truth be told,

They didn’t have one,

They believed in spirituality,



Magic with a “k” and love,

There was enough of the world for everyone,

We could all grow together without feeling inferior to someone else,

Breaking away from religion wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be,

It was freeing,


Just like I assumed God meant it to be.

To Breathe

I’d be your sister in love before your sister in Christ,

You’d cast me to the side because of my skin,

I’d embrace you even more and be healed from within,

I’d spread my love upon you and pray for your sins,

I’d shame myself for being in your bed,

You’d use your religion for my bondage instead,

My blood would bleed red,

Whips across my back or you’d force me to your bed,

The queen in me would force me to hold my head up despite the anger,

I’d be beaten for my pride,

Birth mixed babies to be cast out,

Society would frown upon me as if I had a choice,

My stories would be covered up because reading and writing were illegal,

I’d be well versed in basic grammar,

Yet my story would remain untold,

Unbelievable to those who can’t fathom,

That I didn’t choose this life,

This life chose me,

And every choice to make would be life or death,

In it, I chose to breathe.

Killing Ourselves

We have to die sometime,

Is the rhetoric they say,

When they ask me about plant-based foods,

While they down a couple of pounds of pork,

Telling me it sure tastes good. You ought to get you some,

Why would I want to walk around with a dirty temple?

Dying a slow death,

To learn that half of the deaths are preventable in the black community,

To declare that you love your temple,

The blasphemy is not that simple,

The notion that we are all going to die someday is an excuse,

For sending oneself to an early grave,

So why not be a carnivore and eat the pig today?

Heart complications and health failures,

We blame the pharmaceutical company for our health but we control it,

Our body is a temple,

We must care for it,

If you truly loved God,

You would do it,

Avoid temptation,

Don’t pollute the body,

Don’t demolish your temple,

Follow the principles of our Afrikan heritage and live,

Be at peace with the animals and nature to live,

Life’s essentials grow all around,

Yet we kill animals who eat from the ground,

We can survive,

We kill Mother Earth,

Constantly finding ways to not commit,

Yet an early death is the only thing we commit to.

Sex Object

When he looks at her,

He sees someone he wants to have sex with,

Yet he tells her she isn’t a sex object,

Just that talking to her turns him on,

Anything they talk about makes him want her,

Yet she’s expected to feel as if this is an honor,

When she’s looking through eyes that only see her, and want her,

When she’s striving for conversation,

Deep, intimate, long conversations,

About life and then some,

Is she alone in this or is there someone that understands her?

She gives in because she thinks this is the only way,

She’d rather have stimulating conversations,

With rhythmic vibrations about the planet,

About history,

Yet she succumbs her desires for the sake of him,

Not lying in an empty bed alone each night,

She’s the world’s sex object,

Until she realizes,

That she is more.

Stand for Her

Who stands for her?

When society tells her that she’s not good enough,

Her hair isn’t straight enough,

Long enough,

Her body isn’t small enough,

Who stands for her?

When her missing baby is weeping somewhere for his or her mother?

She’s too dark and their skin tones don’t match those displayed on TV,

Worthy of worldwide searches,

Yet they are called free,

They are human,

When they’re shot on the screen,

For all the world to see,

Leading from the front,

Calling for a social justice reform,

Her voice is mighty,

She will not be silenced,

When she is acknowledged,

The world will be better,

When she takes her place,

The village will grow,

Her cause is one for all,

When she rises,

The world rises.

The Underdog

She's the defeated underdog by world standards,

Walks miles high with her standards,

Cast aside because of her standards,

She refuses to succumb to the idea of being ratchet, loud, hood, or ghetto,

She tries to get other black women to understand,

This is not for the male ego,

It is about them and every fiber of them,

When he leaves to screw Becky, Tim, and them,

Yet she degrades herself for them,

Crying because they decided to throw her away,

Only to come back the next day,

She takes them with open arms,

She attempts to educate her sisters,

Tells them to respect themselves and someone will love them,

They don’t have to change to the world’s standards for attention,

Be who they are,

Beautiful and original,

Everything fake eventually passes,

What will they have left after all this time has passed?


We could stare at your beauty for hours,

Gaze into your stars forever,

Beautiful Goddess,

Why do we forsake you?

You're always there for us,

Through thick and thin,

Bad luck,

Through the good times, you're cast aside,

Like snot-filled tissue,

Used and left,

To be told your beauty isn't the standard,

Fat lips and big butts are all that you're good for,

But we have news for you,

We have always been more than this,

Though society portrays you as different,

Bitter even,

Angry because he left you for a white girl,

We all know that's not the case,

He left on his come up, but you were scraping pennies for him,

And when he made it big,

He said you were too low for him,

You are beautiful,

Hold your head up and stand tall,

You're too good for him,

He knew it before he spat those whack lines about you being an issue,

Your beauty is not defined by how tight your curls go,

Or the big breasts and big butt women displayed on TV,

But you being you,

Let the goddess of light shine through you,

To be who you were born to be,

Don't strive to be what you see on TV,

Be real,


Smart, kind, loving, and patient,

Forgive often,

Guard your heart and love who you are without the approval of others,

Because black is beautiful.

Goddess Speak

Let me speak to the goddess in you,

You can speak to the goddess in me,

You’re a queen,

Don’t settle for less,

Don’t settle for being treated like less than a queen,

Do you feel me?

Can you hear me?

Read these words and take heed,

You are worthy of love and peace,

Be you,


Speak to the God in those you love,

Your stars above,

Bow to you,

The universe agrees with you,

It is you.


She’s not average,

She's not better than me,

She's the replication of me,

My DNA flows through her veins,

Her curly locks know that there is African in her veins,

Maybe a cousin four times removed,

Shouldn't matter though,

When a human gets taken for self’s ego,

Point the blame at the victim,

Though everyone can see who clearly killed him,

She weeps as the floor of the ocean rises,

Wiping cities out from all the tears she's cried,

When she's stuck late at night contemplating suicide,

The wind hears her,

For her village has turned against her,

She's watching him bleed from within,

Of the impurities of sin,

Not to defile the body,

But these recipes were passed down from slavery,

They taste good to the body,

But they’re no good for the body,

Yet she reflects upon her history,

Not realizing that she is a queen,

Birthed from Nefertiti,

Cleopatra, and the greats,

Yet she holds her head high like she was born above you,

Sleeping with him for rebellion,

He cast aside the women that look like his mother,

Still, her DNA s similar to my DNA,

A drop of melanin,

The one drop rule,

We are connected by the mitochondrial DNA,

Yet many won’t believe it without the test of science,

Will declare themselves far superior to us,

Not realizing that someone twice removed,

They were born because of us.


Why is self-hate so acceptable?

Easier to find faults in her instead of the faults within ourselves,

Easy to degrade someone else for a stack,

Instead of walking away,

They always clap back,

Revealing tiny specks of sand in their own eyes,

When will they realize these young girls are watching?

Thinking self-hate is acceptable,

Light skin versus dark skinned,

Good hair versus nappy hair,

But it's not really nappy hair,

It's a mental condition,

To break down barriers of the standards that society's given,

The beauty industry makes millions for products that don't work,

Yet she hasn't created her own yet,

Claiming that she has become the definition of self-worth,

Has she looked in the mirror and proclaimed her own self-worth?

What's the point of hating her?

She's still stacking millions,

While some are complaining about skin tones,

Like they haven't even started to shatter through glass ceilings,

What's stopping her from portraying something other than ratchet?

When did self-hate become so embedded in our DNA?

Doesn't she know that they don't care about skin tones on the throne?

She Will Change the World

She changes things,

When her hands go to work,

She lives dreams,

Through the negative stones people throw,

She persists,

Through men telling her that they don’t like “black women,”

She persists,

Besides who wants to be with a man who would shun his heritage?

What makes their opinions so relevant?

When they get money,

Yet she persists,

She goes above and beyond and lives,

When she rises above,

She’s expected to forgive,

When her voice is heard,

She will change the world.

Raping Her

Shhh! Don’t speak,

I never said, “Sure you can keep going,”

On the verge of tears,

Then he said, “Baby, I got you,

Just trust me,

You put those socks on; you can’t change your mind,”

Then two weeks later, he dumped me,

Called me a smut because apparently,

There was another who looked like me,

I never met her though,

He swore I was sexing everyone,

And the post sex symbol,

Truth is,

I kept to myself,

I drank my cares away,

Then on occasion,

I’d sleep with him,

I lost any self-worth I’d had,

I never said I didn’t want more,

I hated it,

But I got what I wanted,

I never said that part though,

Truth is,

I was crushed,

How could he say he loved me and not listen?

How could he say he loved me and hit me?

How could he continue despite my cries?

How could I let him destroy my pride?

Shopping became an addiction for all the lies he had been spitting,

To take my mind away from the pain,

And attempt to look decent when partying,

Showing my figure sometimes,

While maintaining a tomboy essence in every sneaker I purchased,

Heels were hardly worn but he couldn’t tell the difference,

Just saw a young girl that he thought would let him hit it,

But he didn’t matter to me after a few months,

I got bored easily,

Only she held my attention,

Slight crushes but she wouldn’t know my addiction,

Conflicting with my upbringing,

In the letter, she wrote,

“I heard you dressed like you do because you’re a bisexual,

Maybe I should’ve died all those years ago,”

Somehow her words crushed the heart like the plaque,

She was miles away,

Grieving that her children would die one day,

And possibly go to Hell because of the lies she was told,

Because apparently God only loves heterosexuals,

And people who follow the Bible to the T,

Does that tattoo empower her or the pork she eats?

Has she vowed to never lust after another?

Or commit adultery?

Yet my sin is worse than her sin,

I’d like to amend that if you think I’m a Christian,

Think again,

I’m no atheist,

The Supreme Creator lives,

The original Trinity nursed in nature,

Not condemning me for the life I have lived thus far,

Encouraging me to be free and live in peace and harmony,

Spiritual Awakening I

She was dropping gems,

They didn’t know she was a queen,

Honoring Isis, Ma’at, and her African history,

She walked miles in Christian shoes,

Stood by watching them pollute,

She spoke out but they tried to silence her,

Didn’t know she would spring up and grow ten times more,

Beauty was her name,

She taught her children,

That African history wasn’t black magic,

Crystals and incense didn’t make her a devil,

It calmed her,

Helped her see the vision of her roots,

Meditation eased her mind to be free,

While lifting up others,

Throwing away selfish desires and needs,

She dropped gems but only a few heard her,

Not everyone sleeping wanted to wake up,

Ignorance was bliss and her spirituality was her weakness,

Exploited for her spiritual awareness,

The only way to take her was to replace her,

The sleeping ones were awakened from slumber,

While the ancestors’ voices within her,

Rang loud and clear,

They had always been there,

They were one,

She had to remember where she’d come from,

United in harmony and peace.

Her light reigned supreme,

Flowed through her,

Fixed her crown,

Spread love throughout the town,

Not talking about the laws of Ma’at,

But the oppressors’ direction,

They ate the food they’d been given,

Passed it down through generations,

Not realizing it was never meant to sustain them,

She was not hating,

She used to love “soul food,”

It didn’t always look good but it tasted good,

Made her belly full,

Not realizing she had destroyed her insides,

For the sake of what was passed down to her,

Unclean animals filled with disease,

They called it eating good,

As her melatonin decreased,

Slowly killing her,

With everything in the system,

In the consumption of the food she ate,

Versus being one with nature in what she ate,

It was time for a spiritual awakening,

To be open-minded and free.


Coming out of a dark place,

No one notices or so you think,

In reality, you’re on the edge of your own extinction,

You cry yourself to sleep,

And go through the motions of the day,

Silently waiting,


You smile and tell pretty lies,

No one knows the real you behind the smiles,

Camera flashes,

Photo filters,

Walking through life,


Heartbroken tissues,

Lies and issues,

Sex for pleasure,

Books to escape,

Priorities misplaced,

No sunken place,

Just the drunken state,

Of happiness covering bitterness,

You feel numb,

You take care of everyone,

Psychologically deteriorating,

You tell the psychologist your story and wonder if she hears,

The anguish and the pain,

Or is she just scribbling on a notepad?


You can see the light, but the darkness is still there,

Trapped in your mind,

You see your children’s future when you stare,

Off into space,

Wondering if they’ll be better without you,

The emotions of feeling worthless,

Less than life is worth,

Coming out of a dark place,

No one knows you,

They just assume that you’re happy because of the smile on your face.

Sex Appeal

Like a ton of bricks,

The wind passed through her,

He couldn't really see her,

He compared her sexiness to how she dressed,

She wanted to do it for him,

He wanted her to do it for the world,

He wanted a trophy wife,

And she was the magician,

Conjuring her pain,

As her soul slowly drifted,

Was she only sexy when she dressed up?

When she showed a little skin?

The same women she complained about,

He wanted her to become,

Her heart was crushed a little,

She was burnt out and overrun,

Her love kept coming undone,

He couldn't comprehend,

Some “I'm sorry's,” and “I love you's,”

And she was supposed to forget,

She didn't really,

She wanted to be appreciated,

She worked herself day and night to be his ideal sex appeal,

He couldn't see past the number of times she wanted to rest at night,

He couldn't get over how often he wanted her,

That was supposed to be a compliment,

To her, she was his private and public sex symbol,

Would it ever be enough?

How could he form his lips to tell her,

"You need to dress sexier,"

What were the rest of the clothes she owned?


He said, "You need to feel sexy,"

What was she all the times she dressed up in costumes?

All the lingerie and midnight shows she performed for his eyes only?

What did they equate to?

To feed his sexual desire?

Constantly wanting her while giving nothing?

Where she was his sex appeal,

He offered nothing in return,

Yet it was her responsibility to keep him happy...


I wish I could explain what cultural diversity means to my coworkers,

When I say I want my children to grow up in diversity,

It's so easily dismissed because they don't have to worry about representation,

To them, the city is already diverse,

But “we” doesn't mean the same thing,

When I look into my babies’ eyes and people walk by,

As if she doesn't exist when she speaks to them,

I see her interactions when she looks directly at them,

And they look but don't speak,

I appreciate the people who make her feel special because she's a child and very friendly,

I try to tell her not to talk to strangers, but her father says that's just who she is,

But I don't want her spirit broken,

When she realizes that some might ignore her because of the color of her skin,

Her father and I try to teach her that everyone is equal,

Because she's too young to understand the harsh realities,

So, we tell her maybe they just didn't hear her,

And her voice drops real low,

Due to the excuses I'm giving her for everyone's behavior,

I am used to it because of where I come from,

But not here,

In an area that has no representation of us,

African Americans are less than five percent,

I am the only one where I work and when I get off,

I'd like to see more diversity,

Yet they don't understand,

Even when I talk about my heritage,

I can hear the chalk scraping on the boards as if I'm in school again,

Trying to teach my history that's not in a language they understand,

But then again,

Listening to a reply is not listening at all,

When I'm trying to see things their way,

I put myself in their shoes,

But it's never replicated,

Just excuses for everyone's behavior,

I want our children to understand the world around them,

To accept everyone for their differences without trying to change them,

To understand there are many shades of colors and religions,

To understand that they are human,

And humans make mistakes,

Some behaviors are intentional but don't fall face down,

To a standard,

Rise above and commit,

It's okay to be different,

Just don’t treat someone else as inferior,

Try to see the world their way,

Stand your ground and love them anyway,

Even if you have to love from a distance,

Be true to who you are,

Understand that cultural diversity is beautiful and glorious,

But your history is beautiful too,

Be proud of who you are without changing your standards to someone else's,

Not everyone will agree with you,

Move forward,

They don't have to,

You have a responsibility to you,

Honor your ancestors,

Honor your heritage,

And if anyone tries to dismiss your desires,

Let them pass by,

No one can be forced to understand you,

Some would love you regardless and some won't care,

Be true to who are and immerse yourself in a cultural understanding,

That diversity is beautiful and allows you to be who you are,

Without changing for the sake of others.


He disrespects you,

Yet you take him into your bosom and he neglects you,

Says he's down for the cause,

Then his actions don't mirror the cause,

Says that you don't understand because,

You're not a submissive woman,

He needs a woman that is clean,

You're unhygienic or so it seems,

He needs all of these excuses for why he couldn't date you,

Yet the same stereotypes fall on those with whom he chooses to replace you,

But what the hell do we know?

Kings recognize queens and won't compare them to the peasants,

While his friends would jump on his post to agree,

There's a black woman somewhere wishing he'd move his feet,

To the sound of a new rhythm,

He hadn't heard that Willie Lynch sent them,

In a system that would prosecute the black woman,

For being everything her counterparts are,

In a system that degrades her and makes her feel unwanted,

Yet praise the other and keep her flaunted,

For being sexually active, black women are called cum buckets,

Yet these others are complimented,

Can repent and their sins are forgiven,

Yet my sisters can't get any love from dogs,

Kings recognize her,

Together they dispel myths that black women are ignorant,

She's the most educated among society and still gets treated like shit,

He gets a little bit of money, and now she's a money hungry whore,

You know how the saying goes,

He has to upgrade to keep up with the demands of this world,

He gets more airplay if he changes his belief,

If he writes her out of her history,

His lineage would be extinct,

For him to say he doesn't date black girls,

Boy, please,

Keep it moving,

It's not that she doesn't want you,

She's tired of the games and tired of being hurt,

She knows that not all black men are evil,

Condescending and cheaters,

She may not always know how to recognize a good one,

But if you're too quick to leave,

You might miss out on the chance to break down walls,

That reveals the beauty in us all,

For many of us, we never had a father figure,

Didn't know what to look for but still,

We're breaking down stigmatisms,

We value life,

Go hard for our kids,

So, when you compare us to someone else,

And your friends chime in,

Just because you had a bad apple don't make us all a sea of bad apples,

And just because you had one, doesn't mean you had all,

And just because she didn't treat you right or cheated,

Doesn't mean we're all cheaters,

Just because you're bitter,

Don't make us all liars and deceivers,

Why don't you go as hard for us as we go for you?

We've always been the backbone,

We've always been your root.

Identity Struggle

My life has been a series of double consciousness,

Only before I didn’t know what to call it,

I struggled and was on fire for God while questioning my existence,

I questioned His existence and was again reborn,

But I didn’t feel reborn,

I felt the same with the innate desire to change the world around me,

I wanted to clothe the homeless,

Pray for the sick,

Understand who God is for myself,

Obtain a higher level of consciousness,

Provoked from your own thought process,

With ancestral DNA,

Sought to be understood and written from my vocabulary,

By those who told me to remain silent and do as I was told,

No questioning God or being angry about things that I had no control of,

Like slavery and how God stood by and watched it happen,

If we were all said to be His children,

And a white Jesus displayed in churches across the world,

But his hair was said to be like wool,

Like wouldn’t that be closer to dreads,

And mean that his skin had a hint of melanin or a tanner skin tone?

Yet the feedback I received from the church was,

“Evil people would exist because of free will,”

Yet I could count on ten fingers how many of them were Christian,

Still, I could not question it,

To them, they were their brothers and sisters in Christ,

How could I question them or judge them?

Lest the stone be thrown at my own head,

For calling out the silence in the face of injustice,

With the whole world watching,

Yet I was just a Christian who didn’t understand their God’s purpose,

Because everything would be worth it,

And everyone had to answer,

It wasn’t their problem,

So, they had no solution but to say,

“The only way to God is through Jesus,”

A man I’ve been taught about my whole life,

Yet I’ve watched my family suffer in their prayers at night,

They’ve called on His name to no avail,

I’ve done all that I can to educate,

Created a distance because for once,

I got tired of hearing the saying,

“Just call on, Jesus,”

Why couldn’t God be a woman?

Doesn’t He embody characteristics similar to a woman?

Forgiving, loving, self-sacrificial, etcetera,

Why couldn’t God be like me?

A strong, black woman nurturing to all in need?

Celebrate You

Celebrate your curves!

You are beautiful,

Fix your crown,

Hold your head up,

He doesn’t have to want you for you to celebrate you,

His lost,

A King recognizes a Queen,

Clowns are not worth entertaining,

You are beautiful,

You don’t have to strip yourself for him,

You don’t have to dumb down for him,

Make him rise up if he wants you,

Stop attempting to be a copy,

Be original and flaunt it,

You are beautiful,

You are unique,

Why is he the one you call when you’re in need?

He doesn’t want you,

He’s not prepared for you,

The love you give,

He can’t reciprocate to you,

He degrades you to play you,

While telling her that he loves her,

While telling you that you’re his only,

Sister, rely on common sense,

He’s thinking with his man parts,

You are beautiful,

Not meant to be walked on or over,

You are divinely beautiful,

The universe is within you,

The right man will come along,

But don’t change yourself because of it,

Be true to who you are,

Love the skin that you are in,

I wish you knew how beautiful you really were,

So you wouldn’t want to be like the video girls,

You’d want to be you,

There is only one copy of you,

Be you,

You are beautiful,

Celebrate who you are beautiful!

We’re Not All Angry

We’ve been given stereotypes that other women don’t receive,

The media portrays us as unwanted,


Gold diggers only wanting the finer things,

I’d say what’s wrong with that but labels fly,

Like how off brand is the same thing as name

brand but with a different price tag and label,

We’ve been called godless,

Party goers and baby makers,

Unwed mothers,

Not good enough for black men,

So we started sharing men,

The one’s who wanted black women,

The other one’s call us angry,

Without finding out the reason,

Like black women in slavery birthing mixed babies,

Or black women having the black man’s back to be told they aren’t good enough,

Or how no one protects the black woman’s back,

How her husband, father or brother are taken away,

No one bats an eye,

Because justice was never for them,

Because they were 3/5ths of a man,

Because when that white girl wanted him,

She got caught and yelled rape,

Because she has fallen on her knees to pray,

Because she wasn’t taught that God lives within,

Because her identity was wiped clean,

Because they knew she was spiritual,

Because in spirituality men and women are equal,

Because fairytales aren’t real,

She finds this out once she starts puberty and grows into womanhood,

Because she’s treated like a piece of meat instead of partner,

Because her father left her for someone else’s child,

Because she is unprotected,

All of us aren’t angry,

Most of us are mad as hell,

We refuse to show it,

If you saw our anger,

We’d come together and things would change,

All of us aren’t angry,

We haven’t come together to accomplish anything,

Anger gets things done,

When women come together a shift happens,

We are not all angry.

Goddess and Gods

I am the sun,

You are the moon,

I am the light in your darkness,

I complement you,

You call me queen,

I call you king,

Eternal beings,

Spiritually bounded,

No confounds to material things,

You love me,

My love showers you,

From above,

My hair hanging over your face,

As you look up to destiny,

We are free,

The sun gives us power,

The moon gives us increase,

To the energies of us,

Our ancestors behind us,

You speak,

I listen,

I speak,

You listen,

We recognize the equal powers in us,

No submission needed,

You are not mine to talk down to,

I am not yours to walk on,

You love me,

I love you,

We uplift each other in the bad days,

We speak life each day,

Life is beautiful,

Three hundred sixty-five degrees of changes,

Letting the past fall away,

My words bring knowledge,

You bring the power,

We build,

As one,

Securities and futures,

Bonds and investments,

Into self and each other,

We complement each other,

Speak life,

Let’s live,

In perfect harmony,

Our way,

Let’s define our own stereotypes,

Make waves in the ocean for us,

Take steps forward for us,

Show him the way,

Be the change,

Speak life,

No mindset of strife,

We can be anything,

We are partners,

We are one,

I am the Sun Goddess,

You are my Moon God,

I am the light in the darkness overrun,

Take my hand,

Open your eyes,

Ignore the stereotypes,

Let us lead the way.

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