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When Will the Clock Hit Midnight?

Copywrite belongs to Mayassa AL-Tajir 2018 all rights reserved. Neither this publication nor any part of it may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Mayassa AL-Tajir.


A collection of metaphysical poems. Themes are based around the importance of time, love and life. Time moves to quickly, we hardly have time to live our fairytale; our melody is based upon her tick tock.

For my beloved children, Sara and Khalid, my immortal clocks.

Draped in dreams, my mind sits upon the sidewalks.

Here Daydream replays her favourite melody,

Lost in song the heart does not care for answers.

Memories stain the pavements,

And I feel proud,

Pressed in the shade and pulled by the light.

I only wake when I hear the call,

The promise, of the world, outside my window.

And I am always ready,

Playing my favourite game,

Hide and Seek with Time,

While we hum Rapture’s song,

Falling in love with the chorus.

The cycle of Dusk and Dawn watching us.

‘What’s yours is mine’ Time whispered,

‘ So cross your heart and hope to die, I told the world I’d never cry’.

I cannot focus on the road ahead,

Time has hired the Winter to cloak the road in fog,

And we the living,

Can only stare with human eyes.

Oblivious to the morning,

Though our heart aches with the waiting of tomorrow,

We long for our dreams to take off,

To break us from sleep,

To turn us into something else.

Something less human.

The fog has painted the streets nameless.

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