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The Pseudo Man

By Abdul Sami

Copyright 2018

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Table of contents

1: Conception

2: A Brume of Blackened Blue

3: Bloodhounds

4: My Guiding Light

5: O Dear Friend

6: Letter to the Unborn

7: Pestiferous Seeds

8: Celestial Blue

9: Our Ancestry

10: The Ambiguous Actor

11: Architects of Doom

12: Succumbing Bloodline

13: The Atrocious Invader

14: Cemetery

15: The Head that Once Wore the Crown

16: Aftermath

17: Personal Message

18: About the Author

19: Connect with the Author


Tintless fluid collects.

Shades of carmine descend.

The twitching of the baleful projection,

Is the portent of an appalling conception.

The calamitous tissue has formed,

Which shall give rise to a character deformed.

The Maleficent framework will soon be constructed,

This augmentation cannot be obstructed,

The rigid veneer has now developed,

Inside it, the spiteful soul is enveloped.

From this iniquitous ember,

The Pseudo Man ascends.

This Cimmerian episode will be remembered,

For he is a loathsome serpent.

Who has vowed to bring this race to an end.

The ambassador of treason,

Will never satisfy the reason,

For which he was sent.

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A Brume of Blackened Blue

A brume of blackened blue,

Enshrouds the fluttering green.

The varying intensity of the hue,

Has given birth to an entrancing scene.

The coruscation of neon light,

Blends with the hankering white,

Relishing the dying soul,

Filling it with divine hope.

The final clamorous roar,

Has unlatched the lucent door.

The bulbous liquid drips,

Permeating the rayless pits,

Reanimating the wrecked machine,

That was once subdued,

By the growing obscene.

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Scenes of bloodshed,

Have made the shadows shudder.

Their leaders are dead,

Duped by their own blunders.

Clouds rain blood,

As the masses stand motionless,

Drowning in the flood.

Fathers murdered in clusters,

No word from the mothers,

Children deprived of their protectors,

Left with no blood to bleed,

Unbearable is this horrendous scene,

The land is in the grip of pestilent grief.

The crimson liquid has seeped into the ground,

A source of pleasure for the Bloodhounds,

Covered in sheets of gold,

Believing these acts of horror will remain untold.

Now, it’s time to prepare for the grand feast,

For the dessert is poor man’s meat.

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My Guiding Light

Stranded in confusion,

My shape steadily rots.

Drop by drop my blood boils,

The charred envelope has now started to coil,

Exposing the crevices so deep,

Serving as a path for the evil spirit to creep.

This bag of bones can no longer stand on its feet,

The subtle creature has made my life bleak,

But my swollen eyes can only weep.

O people of negligence! Hearken my words of grief.

My guiding light, where have you gone?

By these beasts, I have been wronged.

A dead soul of the lost generation,

A casualty of this self-imposed invasion,

Unbearable is this bereavement,

So bless me with your holy treatment.

Guide me with precision,

And help me escape this rancid heap.

Into the pit of perdition,

I have no intention to leap.

O my guiding light,

Shine in this darkest hour of night,

And save me from the devil’s vengeance,

Deluge my soul with benevolence,

So that I can once again,

Inspire the flower’s fragrance.

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O Dear Friend

O, dear friend!

What have you learned,

From your brief visit to the world?

Could you ever discern,

One day to your Master you will return.

Your intellect was consumed,

By the foes you assumed.

By chimerical honor, you were stung,

The venom has incinerated your lungs.

But now the reality has finally dawned,

You fathom you have been wronged.

Now march with the Wretched Parade,

Which will be led to the Hell’s gate.

On your way, you will meet a limbless figure,

Who will utter these words with sheer vigor,

O, dear friend,

Welcome to the end.

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Letter to the Unborn

Tread your steps carefully,

For they may conceive your plans,

And break your legs before you could stand.

Judge the impressions wisely,

For there are wolves within,

Who are stubborn and unlively.

From their hands, your end is quite likely.

Soon you shall enter,

The land of the battered.

Actions with perfection must be rendered,

In order to escape the tormentor.

Now, the final minute has struck.

It’s time for me to end my letter,

By wishing you good luck.

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Pestiferous Seeds

Pestiferous seeds, antecedently sown,

Into a bed of vicious vines,

They have gently grown.

An irksome odor,

Is discharged by the Alien flower.

Invoking terror and disorder,

Behind the veil of prayers and laughter.

The unholy fire secreted by the gut,

Will metamorphose all virtues into dust,

It will cauterize all wounds and cuts,

And give rise to an execrable lust.

The shoots will give birth to an inhuman brute,

Who will walk these streets,

Wearing a human suit.

On the weak,

He will shower arrows of abomination,

And salivate at his acts of annihilation.

For he is the Pseudo Man,

Who will establish Anarchy on this land.

In this sanguineous crusade,

The Pseudo Man’s superiority will prevail.

Morality will be the only casualty,

Which will consummate all hopes of achieving serenity.

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Celestial Blue

Foaming clouds of celestial blue,

Brim with ecstasy.

Intoxicating is the hue,

Of the Enchanted sea.

I dive into the uncharted depths,

Enthralled by its charm,

Agony was what I felt,

After apprehending how it has been harmed.

The hypnotic protrusions,

Cast on my soul a vivid spell.

Mesmerized by the illusions,

In this Arcadia, I decided to dwell.

The alluring creatures,

Encircled me to tell a tale.

Of how our morbid features,

Have made their kingdom stale.

Banished from their homeland,

I return to the Pseudo Man’s land,

Who is engaged in a pernicious errand,

Aimed at breeding tumult on their land.

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Our Ancestry

Inside these closed walls lies our ancestry,

Layered with sienna grains,

Wearing a white cloak, simple and plain.

Silently they curse the insanity,

That has garroted their tranquility.

And has drained their love for humanity.

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The Ambiguous Actor

The shadow continues to shrink,

Alone I stand on extinction’s brink.

Cursed is my soul,

That was paralyzed by ignorance.

Blemished was my role,

That was enshrouded in arrogance.

But now the devolving lifeline,

Cannot impede the envenoming of the spine.

The Ambiguous Actor,

Continues to pull my strings faster.

Bogus was his citation,

Yet I failed to downplay the accusations.

No longer can I bear this disaster,

Hence I surrender to the Counterfeit Master.

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Architects of Doom

We are the glutted race,

With perception submerged in an obnoxious paste.

Believing to be the masters of our fate,

Yet we deliquesce in the Acid Lake.

We are the plagued teeth,

That feed on the flesh of our forefathers.

Loyal to the bloodthirsty heathens,

Who have choked our throats with blood and sand.

But never did we serve the generation,

That delivered us from the wretched invasion.

We are the murderers of the unborn,

The extinguishers of dawn.

At the death of our brothers,

We refuse to mourn.

From our shared mistakes,

We refuse to learn.

In our efforts to spread hate,

We have left no stone unturned.

It’s time for us to savor the wreckful scythe,

Exterminate the beacon of light,

And establish the Reign of Gloom,

For we are the Architects of Doom.

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Succumbing Bloodline

Emerald filaments,

Rub against my feet.

Alleviating textures,

Engraved on the lustrous leaves,

Have infused a sensation of relief.

Trees enclosed in a thick brown mantle,

Wear a lush green Stetson,

Lined with tastes of all kinds,

Revitalizing humans of all times.

A bluish pigment has been assigned,

By the azure crystals so fine,

Dripping from the silver sky,

Ravishing is this wondrous sight,

A divine provenance of glee,

Or was it only a dream?

With a flash,

Everything transmuted into ash.

The cosmos has no esteem,

An obscure approach the Pseudo Man deems.

Abolished is the land,

That once held a charm so grand.

Sliced are the lips,

That once kissed our delicate feet.

The elegant creation has been ripped,

Hellfire shall the Pseudo Man eat.

Nothing has been left behind,

But the remnants of nature’s succumbing bloodline.

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The Atrocious Invader

Your soul has been plundered,

By the forces of the Atrocious Invader.

Flames of hope are flickering,

Fueling your soul's sickening.

Your actions have served as the ammunition,

For the inception of your damnation.

Enslaved by evil intentions,

You have become the Invader's possession.

He rejoices with utmost chivalry,

For you are another catastrophe,

Generated by his factory.

You will never witness the light of the day.

For the Atrocious Invader,

Has been victorious in his raid.

Beneath the growing rubble of sins,

He has buried you with his spade.

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Beneath the searing twilight,

My body stumbles into the cemetery.

No escape in sight,

Only in-capacious rooms arranged in symmetry.

With condition beyond repair,

Haunting is this portrait of despair.

The sky roars,

With rage uncontrolled.

The rayless ossified beads,

Ravage my bare skin.

Indeed! A grave punishment for my sins.

For mercy, I can no longer plead.

I am a traitor of my creed.

And now it’s time for me,

To wade into the black sea.

As the motionless have started to beckon me,

Join us in our doomed kingdom,

For you will never set foot in the Garden of Eden.

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The Head that Once Wore the Crown

The head that once wore the crown,

Has been buried beneath the ground.

Infested with insects so vague,

Devouring your flesh with haste.

How many lives did you trade?

For the monetary profit that you made.

Since your departure from this world,

No child is under your blade,

No man is your slave,

No wife is your maid,

All alone you will rot in your grave.

It’s time for you to taste the end

For there is no time left to repent.

No trace of your existence shall remain,

And for this, only you are to blame.

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Beneath the duplicitous face,

Lies our cancerous creation,

Notorious for the pandemonium it has raised.

We continue to bruise the base,

Constructed by the forefathers of this nation,

Who immolated their flesh and the red paste.

We foster our evil desires,

By setting the truth on fire,

The truth that would set the nation free,

Free from storms of oppression and grief.

We unite to engineer a trap,

And present a noble cause on the foolscap.

The propaganda is intact,

Masses have been scalped,

By the craving that overlaps the purpose,

Which shall remain forever untapped.

Decades have passed,

Unlearned are the mistakes of the past,

Our machines persist to manufacture faults,

Shared ignorance has brought civilization to a halt.

We are engaged in a fruitless assault,

Pulverize the neighbors and capture the top,

Dismantle the astute for power,

For we are fearless of the reckoning hour.

We continue to volunteer for the bloodbath,

Values have drifted towards the amnesic path,

Our minds have been subjugated by the devil’s wrath,

Abandoned we deal with the deplorable aftermath.

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The book cover was designed by a friend of mine, Rohan Hussain.

About the Author

Abdul Sami (born August 30, 1998) is a Pakistani author whose work is primarily focused on the dark side of human nature. At the same time, his love for nature has allowed him to explore new themes and develop new ideas. He cites Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Ted Hughes and Walt Whitman as his major influences. Abdul Sami has a keen interest in sports, movies, and TV shows. Aside from that, he is the founder of a literary platform “Dusk”, aimed at promoting literature in the region.

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