Excerpt for The Poem Selection of the Tang Dynasty Volume 1 (唐詩選集1) by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

感遇·其一 / Mindful Thought I

感遇·其二 / Mindful Thought II

下終南山過斛斯山人宿置酒 / Receiving the Hospitality of a Husi Mountaineer down from the Zhongnan Mountains

月下獨酌 / Drinking Alone Under the Moon

春思 / Spring Thought

望嶽 / Mountain Viewing

贈衛八處士 / To the Recluse Man, Mr. Wei

佳人/ A Beauty

夢李白·其一/ Dreaming of Li Bai - I

夢李白·其一/ Dreaming of Li Bai - II

送綦毋潛落第還鄉 / Seeing off Homebound Qiwu Qian after Failing in the Imperial Examination

送別/ See-off

青溪 / Green Creek

渭川田家 / Farm Houses by the Wei River

西施詠 / Chant to Xishi

秋登蘭山寄張五 / To Zhang Wu When Climbing the Mount Orchid in Autumn

夏日南亭懷辛大 / Thinking of Xing at the South Pavilion in Summertime

宿業師山房待丁大不至 / Staying Overnight at the Master's Mountain Lodge When Ding Breaking the Appointment

同從弟南齋玩月憶山陰崔少府 / Reminding the County Officer Cui on Shanyin When Seeing Moon with My Younger Cousin

尋西山隱者不遇 / Missing out the Hermit of the Western Mountains

春泛若耶溪 / Spring Boating in the Ruoye Creek

宿王昌齡隱居 / Night Stay at the Hermitage of Wang Changling

與高適薛據登慈恩寺浮圖 / Ascending the Ci En Temple with Gao Shi and Xue Ju

賊退示官吏·並序 / To Tax-collectors after Bandits' Retreat

郡齋雨中與諸文士燕集 / A Banquet with Educated Men in my Official Residence

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