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Starlight Reflections

By Jordan Dumer

Starlight Reflections

Jordan Dumer

Opened Vox Publishing

Copyright 2018

Smashwords Edition

Table of Contents

  1. Protection Prayer.

  2. Our Minds are Gardens

  3. Natural Beginnings

  4. For Those Who Live on Land.

  5. Tangerine Tangent

  6. Enriching World

  7. Change

  8. Pictures of Earth.

  9. Heaven & Earth

  10. Night Eclipse Day

  11. Our Minds are Oceans.

  12. Neptune

  13. Venus

  14. The Peal

  15. Internal Echoes

  16. Why We Create

  17. Our Minds are Universes

  18. The Night Sky

  19. Mercury

  20. Jupiter

  21. Inner Universe

  22. Our Minds are Crypts

  23. Face on Mars

  24. Saturn

  25. The Poem Lives and the Poem Dies

  26. Invoking the Gods

  27. Strength by Numbers

  28. Ritual of the Hunters Moon

Protection Prayer

I call upon the Gods

of the highest dimensions

my guardian Angles,

we summon your divine grace

to keep us alive and safe

when asleep and when awake

until end of times

blessed be the divine.

Our Minds are Gardens

Our minds are gardens where every word, thought, feeling and idea is a seed that can be planted and nurtured by ourselves or others.

This is very dangerous, a tiny seed can grow into a huge problem. A tiny seed can deeply root itself in the nutrients of the sub consciousness as it chokes out all the beautiful flowers and sturdy trees that make it through the surface.

The seed of a negative thought will not let the flower of life blossom or the fruits of the tree of knowledge ripen. They will exhaust your mental plane and leave a desolate wasteland.

We must pull the weeds out by their roots ourselves and plant only the seeds that are best suited for our needs by nurturing them until they become a natural part of our mental landscape.

Natural Beginnings

The natural birth,
of our universe
began with an

infinite sea
of emptiness;
where the seed of Chronos,
humbly planted
like the mustard tree,
or the life buried
between our loins:
our quantum birth

has brought us

into existence,

and divine love.

Has allowed consciousness

to expand;

that over time
the more it blossoms
from a tiny seed
into a mighty tree;
the more I realize
about human beings-
our minds galactic
and our bodies seeds.

For Those Who Live on Land

Those with

a higher calling

must be willing

to tread

through difficult terrain

and up

impossible summits


one can call down

the truth

of their message

to the people

as words

unheard scramble

like white noise

in the static

of conversation.

Tangerine Tangent

tattered displays
of vibrant colors
dancing on drifts
of purplish hues
of crimson- yellow splattered oceans
on derivative beams of blackened suns
as pulsar spectral patterns spew forth
a golden ivory mirage of shiftless jaunts
upon the waking hours of the moon
casting down a shimmering aura upon the peoples
who dwell beyond the graves of mystical mountain footsteps.

Enriching World

Poverty's not as bad
as it's said to be

it teaches you

to appreciate
the little things.

Once upon a walk in the park
while watching the sunset into dark
and looking at the pretty colors-
orange and red the sky did cover.

On that same day-
the wind blew through the trees'
lime colored dancing leaves;

I thought to myself;

“value most what has no value:
long walks with friends,
quite laughs with loved ones,
and how a newborn baby's smile
is what makes life worth while”.


To change the world
one must first
become that change.

many refuse these

words of wisdom;
never learning

life's lessons.

They keep playing
the same game
quick to judge
slow to change.

Yet, who are we

to decide what

needs to change?

After all this

so wonderful

weird & strange.

Why get estranged
when others don't

abide by
your style of change?

Maybe its

out of range
to decide how
someones flower

of life's arranged.

Pictures of Earth

Our blue marble heaven,

rings its delicate spinning bell
of white skies and ancient oceans
rotating in the void;
its mysterious mended canvas
contains every hue and shade

and holds every terrain;
a tapestry of seasonal changes:
each region a different atmosphere,
each season a different texture,
and every day a little more detail
for our heavenly blue marble.

Heaven and Earth

Bound to the dirt
living off the earth
found only hurt.

So, I look up
to the heavens above
as I pray to

the Gods for love.

Night Eclipse Day

Stark grey moon full in bloom
over endless

black, blue,turquoise colors;
as high tides rise
over turbulent rolls
endless cycles
the earthly flows;
as bathing suns turn to

blood moon skies
with dark hued shades
saturated by
ocean waves;
where thin cut lines
kiss tight sealed space between:
earths and heavens,
suns, satellites,
rays and waves;
where eyes burn bright
shows the way
galactic alignment
our life's path paved

where night eclipses day.

Our Minds are Oceans

We are emotional creatures full of chemicals reactions as deep this earths very oceans that can lead to thoughts that suffocate us until we begin to drown in our own sorrows.

So, we skim on the surface of our own consciousness and leave the treasures in the deepest recesses of our own abysmal minds to remain buried.

However, he greatest treasures of life remain hidden with ourselves. Go about this wisely and you'll find that the answers you were searching for were not floating on a page but sunken deep within.

For inside each all is a pearl.


Little bubble
blue ocean
of emotions.

Ice chunk-
coldest place
in the solar system.

You provoke art
yet, misconceive;

project illusion
mighty storms a brewin'

king of
shallow seas
& deep self-reflections.


Early sun, late hour star
majestic naked night sky pearl
great Galactic goddess
Celestial Aphrodite

of the cosmos illuminate

with thy loving beauty!

Casting shadows upon the Earth
bathing us in brightness.
Second sister, second planet.

The Pearl

We are
the empty shells
placed in this world
as the
shifting sands
create a polished object
coveted in this world
our hearts
flawless polished souls
bought with gold
jewels auctioned off
bought with,
highest silver sold
claimed by the bidders
as their own
add it to a chain
of priceless moments
& thou
the price is great
having left us emptier
than once before
the soul
is never taken
it is only loaned
in due time
the sands will collect
the pearl again reborn.

Internal Echoes

Do you not hear?-

the internal echoes
my heart produces
calling out for love; but still
no one listens
as the questions left

unanswered reverberate

from theses inner walls
of this deeply
hidden cavern; but, still-
no one listens
to the residue of these
internal echoes
remain silent
as love bounces a way
know that I have loved
LOVE, Love, loved you
forever- like the reflection
of my voice across these walls-
close, yet so far away.

Why We Create

The starving artist
delicately swipes
the horse hair brush
with quick precision
to fill an empty stomach.

Similar to the
homeless musician
singing through the strings
of his electric guitar
to fill the hole in his heart.

Or, how the lonely poet
writes of fonder memories
to fill the void in her chest.

And, why the architect
blueprints a vision
to fill the empty gaps
in the visionaries eyes.

We are all creators
Producing love
to fill the emptiness
in our little lives.

So, we must create
to know we're alive
it is our passion
our gift divine.

Our Minds a Universe

Our minds are empty space where we often get trapped within the vacuum of space and time. It takes flashes of insight or inspiration to burst forth ingenuity and innovation into life where little bits of knowledge and wisdom shape it from this chaos and spin it into existence.

A tiny speck- just a couple of words sown together or a couple of numbers grouped together can shed light on the once dark recesses of the psyche; and from the once empty field of neurons, bursts forth from these sparks, new universes from the once empty space .

The Night Sky

On this beautiful night

looking at the sky

he wonders why

constellations keep floating by?

Then he realized:

they're aircraft a flight,

helicopters array,

as military jets soar away

that paint the sky tonight,

aircraft shining bright

as the city

saturates the darkened skies..


Almighty quicksilver-
winged boots of Apollo!
great messenger of a barren sea

of ice and rock.
Bring forth thy information-
on intellect, knowledge, thought.
Hurry now! Send a message!
Lord, push the envelope!
And speak between the lines.


Almighty, Jove!
god of Thunder
ruler of the
heavens and the skies
bright shining snowflake
master of many moons
an Easter egg-
reddish brown striped white

with solar winds-
great solar mass.
Almighty, Jove!
King of the planets.

Inner Universe

Our minds are dark

dimensional realms
scary endless voids
forever, we

remain distracted
from the fear of

losing oneself
in our deeper thought;
we grow mindless

of self escapism
scratching only
at the surface;
masters of the art
of frivolous

we will disconnect
our residence
with divinity
and probe no further
a fraid to lose
oneself within

the catacombs of

self- reflection

reach not for the
deep metaphysics

of the psyche

in the recesses

of galactic

star horizons
but remain busy
on this plane of

our existence;
reach instead for the

remote control;
as we abuse

as mechanisms
to keep the door

tightly secured
so, as too never

enter inside
the vestibule

of our deathless soul;
throw away the

key for fear of

the darker secrets
that hide in the
of your genius;
keep mysteries
quickly buried
in the shifting sands
of the ego;
remain blind
from exploring your

inner universe.

Our Minds a Crypt

Our minds an ancient crypts surrounded by death around every corner where the undead never rest and the catacombs take us to deep dark places within ourselves.

But you are surrounded by loved ones in a safe place away from the horrors of the living. The crypt is a safe place and exploration leads to the unexpected.

Fear not the dark places that lurk within but face them and all other manifestations of your fears for much awaits beyond the cellar door.

The Face of Mars

Tiny warrior,
almighty crimson speck
behind that desolate
flat rustic surface,
a face reveals itself;
could that be you Aries
staring blankly back

with that dead empty look
who are you red planet
ancient enigma
of our far distant past?
Speak up maroon planet!
divulge to us those
deepest inner secrets...


Palish hue
ornamented yellow
with rings a plenty
oh, Saturn
celestial scythe
in the sky above
send to us
wealth in abundance
and deliver to us
from tyranny.

The Poem Lives & the Poem Dies

become bound.

Confabulation tied inseparable
from conception
to the process of birth.

The poem grows
or dies
a fatal tragedy.

How is
the writer
to know?

The length,
the depth
of this flow of words?

The poem
its own.

As, if the words continue
when the pen
is down.

the poem
is over.

It has
passed on
in this mortal life.

only in these
fanciful delights.

Invoking the Gods


I pick up a music instrument


I start the writing process.


I sing the first verse


I recite a poem.

for the times,

I decide to lecture

and speak,

and listen.

I call on Sarawati to focus my mind.

I call onto Thoth to enchant my words.

I call Fu Hsi to speak through my fingers.

I call forth Hermes to improve my voice.

I call next Apollo to steady my hands.

I call upon Odin to shape my poems.

I call last Enki to lend me his ear.

Too help me shape my writings.

Too let me develop my voice.

Too develop my diplomacy.

Too teach me the universal language.

Too speak to me with reason.

Too send me your messages.

Too help me find my calling.

Strength by Numbers

Verse 1

I see the lies in our eyes

hell bent on belonging,

we take honor

in not knowing.


Push on,

keep going.

Strength by numbers

keeps growing.

Verse 2

Live the fantasy

until the end

follow the flock;

the false reality

becomes a friend.


Verse 3

I’ve been instructed

by the corrupter

too stomp out

the meek

by crushing those

who don't believe.


Verse 4

Become one

with the power

climb the ladder

that leads you

too the slaughter.


Strength by numbers

makes it easier to believe.

Strength by numbers makes it

easier to be deceived.


So, push on

keep going.

Strength by numbers

keeps growing.

Ritual of the Hunter's Moon

Darkness falls upon the night

leaving the absence of light

as he looks up at the stars above

and sees her glimmer of love;

as he looks

onto the surface of the

silver nail,

and in the heavens

he does see

the face of a man:

"I must speak to him

the man on the moon-

I summon you, lord:

with eyes, ears

& arms wide open.

I welcome you, lord

upon the green earth,

come forward

so that we may speak.

The trees dance silent

a moonlit sway

to an invisible force

that spoke no sound.

Only nothingness.

No visions.

No callings.

Only silence.

He scries again

unto the surface

of the moon

to invoke the moons spirit

to find the face

of a young woman.

"Oh, my Majestic Luna.

I call upon thee-

and upon

the man in the moon,

great satellite

come descend upon the earth

so that we may speak".

But no sound broke through

his quite desperation.

"Send me a vision,

a message”

But nothing happened,

only the simple pleasure

of her aura;

the quite faces

upon the silver

as it floats

out of site

on this very night


his invitation.

And from across the golden grasses

now sighing in the prairie fields

and through the sagging branches

of the mighty willows of the woods

the moon was gone.

"Oh, great star shadow up in the sky,

I peer now with my third eye;

why run from my spell

knowing all is well?

For this I do not understand

however, I forgive you.

Oh, great silver ball.

from the sky you fall

only to rise again from ashes

like the Phoenix

You magnificent celestial gem

orbiting in the cosmos

come back again tomorrow

so that we may speak

beautiful Luna

I will cherish

the nights we spend together".

For a brief moment

the orb is seen

before again

drifting away

into the far distant horizon.

He runs to see the

shattered pieces cut apart

by willows branches.

"Come back tomorrow

because this is now your home

so, goodnight sweet moon

I blow kisses fair lady

may our love become


I bless this upon the night".

He walks back inside

shuts the door

sits down on the couch

and begins to think

as he picks up

his notebook and pen,

begins the process

once again

as he writes down

what that just happened

and then he stops

the pen he drops

and outside he goes

to gaze upon the night sky.

"Is she back,

my one true love;

the lovely lady

in the moon

are you held captive?

Should I free

your heart and mind

make your soul belong to me?

I shall cherish you as my own,

fair maiden

never will I do you no harm, love.

Silver angel,

a float tonight

illuminating the dark

I called upon you;

but do not receive

your reply;

instead you remain hidden

in rotation around me.

I love you young moon,

you can step forward

from the footsteps

of distant stars".


the light pollution

of the city life

enshrouds him

and skies becomes veiled

only to be

seen during

the origins of early night

when suns die

and the moons reborn.

He thinks about how that time

is so near,

and another day

to be wasted.

"I feel her presence,

it heals ancient wounds

soothes the cure

to what my heart desires.

I long for her;

for you my love

can set me free

set all my passions ablaze".

He walks inside,

shuts the door

walks through the basement

into his bedroom

the tiny box

buried beneath the surface

of a bigger world.

He lies down

and begins to drift off

into sleep

and finds himself

floating through space

as his astral self

comes into contact

with the moon.

Its ominous

blinding light

speaks no words,

its message vague

but instead of frown

he smiles.

"Will you be there

when the sun falls

Upon my world?

Or will you leave me

in the darkness

like the sun?

I’d rather you

be like the earth

sweet nurturing bride

of natures nectar

feed me humble pie

and may we feast

with the Gods

knowing we found love

here upon the earth

where tomorrow

as the sun

falls upon the sky

I shall gaze

upon your beauty

you shall be my bride

Anam Cara

may I find you;

and may our pain

never be in pain".


Night falls again

cycles continue

he sees her

once again

more beautiful

than the night before

or has it been a fortnight?

He no longer knows.

"Tell me moon goddess

I see a reflection

in the shadow;

speak to me,

descend upon

the golden prairie.

Wait. What was that?

a vision

when the moon is full.


I shall write it down

this prophecy

upon the Harvest time moon

and pay homage to the dead

make my penitence

to forgotten relatives

and I will acquire my vision

Scrying upon

the glowing pearl

by meditating on the surface

I shall receive my reply.

What visions

I shall uncover;

and where should

I receive

my prophecy?"

A heavenly bowl

tipping over

is seen catching

the moons tears

"What does this mean?

Why do these shadows

walk past my window?

Will they induce


driving me further

into the

internal apocalypse

of my own

rational cognitive self

until this

fragile universal plane

finally shatter

into fine pieces?”

This same dream

seems to manifest itself.

Is it a nightmare

is this real

or a lucid dream?

I feel as if

I no longer know

the difference;

all I know is that

I keep having

the same dream.

I am alone,

writing poetry

in my home.

The door is locked

and house secure

but a shadow follows me,

haunts me day and night.

I’ve seen spirits

many times before.

Am I haunted?

Will I meet

this benevolent spirit?

Is it a higher evil,

a lost soul feeding

off my negativity?

Do I wish to know?

The moon hastens

its cycle nearly half full".

He awakens

from a trance

with broken scriptures

he must decipher

a story about a writer in

a dreamlike coma

chased by a

shadowy spirit.

He picks up

a bottle

of cheap wine

drinks it quickly

as he feels

his heartache

"bitch" he mutters

"no" he slurs

"She has her issues

and I mine;

I need someone

who see things

eye to eye

my guiding light

to lean on

my Anu, Anam

Feminine gift

from the Gods above

shall I obtain

my one true love,

my one desire;

or will I perish

scared as I run

from shadows?

How the past

still haunts me

when the future

is so uncertain.

I shall call upon

the spirits

on the night

of the harvest moon

to speak with the dead

and give them

my due respects".

Once again,

day falls into night

and he looks up

at blackened canvas'

ruby tinted moon

and saw Artemis'


on the surface.

"I know it’s you,

my heavenly bride

descend my lovely darling

and be my wife.

I will call you

my Anam Anu

gem from the skies.


approves of our love

because he knows I love you

Artemis, fair huntress of the night.

I weep when you

descend from the earth

leaving the skies;

how my heart sinks

but love grows

for you Artemis

we will lay

on the night

of the hunters moon”.


And how the days

go by as I peer

into your bulb

as you reveal your

face to me

the gods are pleased

with the union

for we shall

consummate our love

becoming one

in each others arms

because true love

transcends this

place in time

as I wait

for our moment

as the days go on"

Days turn into nights

as the maiden begins

to put on her gown

milky smooth,

she hides her face

in shadows.

"I am sorry, Artemis

if I have shammed you

I shall look no further

and wait for you

when we chant

the hunter’s ritual

on the night of

the blood red moon".


"Great Goddess

I shall remain forever

at your side.

Nights slowly unveil

your silver silken

wedding gown

you will be my bride

oh, fair Artemis,

Divine Dianna

of the crisp night skies".

He peers up

upon her slopes

but her face

remains hidden.

"Why fear me now,

quite somber lover?

is it because for eons

you’ve remained so pure?

Are you not

a virgin

great Luna,

moon Goddess?

I wish to unravel

all your secrets

no fear, fair dear

of the deer.

I understand

that I am

not perfect

nor always a

perfect gentleman


I stand here

intentions pure

for us to meet

under the

Hunters moon

as we make love

upon the earth".

Days progress,

soon it shall be done;

our love is near

you are the only one;

and the last few nights

she ran across

the stark gray clouds

My celestial princess,

magnificent moon


we shall have

our moment.

Looking up now to the moon

he sees no faces

as he scries

upon her surface

she presents to him

a golden ring

as he reaches out

and slips it on

the vision fades

before he can offer her

his diamond ring in return.


It was midnight

in the moonlight

on that fair night

the night of

the hunters moon.

He stood somber

in the great woods of

Northern Wisconsin

when he felt her steps

and turns to find her

dressed in deer hide

so tender were her lush lips

and in excitement

began to shudder

and that's when he knew that he had her

as he took her in his arms

and in anticipation he shook

but her calm eyes

now burst open wide

and in that moment

she knew she had him

and that they were one

he was her Ra,

her Golden Sun

and they knew

such moments last forever

immortality is there's to share

as they make love for hours

and all fell silent

at the break of dusk

where they both lay naked on the grass

covered in sweat

peering deeply in each others eyes

they lay their happy

as she retrieves her garments

and walks off into the wilderness

as her shadow dissipates

and the sun rises.

"Will we meet again my love,

again on the night

of the hunters moon;

please tell me my love

I felt something deeply awaken,

I never felt so whole, so alive

tell me celestial bride;

but the moments gone

the love was real

I feel it

beating inside my bosom.


"Shadows now chase me

night and day.

Am I insane?

They won’t go away!

Oh, what have I done!

Did I leave the Gods unpleased?

I must know-

to the magic shop

I must go-

to hold a séance,

and call forth my ancestors

to let me in on

dark secrets

I must know

between fond lovers

what has gone wrong?


"Almighty, night sky.

Eternal love for the moon.

I call upon the angels.

For your safe passage.

For your safe return.

May we be reunited”.

But nothing,

except the nightmares

of that which lurks the shadows.

I feel a dark chill at night

up my spine.

Is this death?

I must know

on all hollows eve.

The ghosts of my ancestors.

I shall summon thee

To know thy hidden knowledge.

I conjure my grimoire-

The Book of the Blood Red Moon.

Black magic of forbidden wisdom.

Divine spellbook of the Gods.

I must speak to you

so to the graveyard

with the grimoire”.


The night peaks

He enters the graveyard prepared

as he pulls out the magic candle

and bringing forth the magic crystal

marking a rune on the earth.

"Come forth ancestors!

Tell us your secrets!

Answer our questions.

Hear our prayers.

so, come forth now from

the world of the dead".

He pulls out some juniper

and burns it slow over candlelight

as he sets it on the earth

atop a carved rune

"Come forth ancestors

tell us your secrets

answer our questions

hear our prayers"

He inhales the smoke,

falls fast into a coma

and comes upon an old man.

"Who are you?"

"Ancestor to all,

I must ask you young spirit

why do you cast

such strong magic?"

"I seek truth.

to that which haunts me

in my dreams".

"Lix Tetrax".

"Who's Lix Tetrax?"

"Dianna’s rape child,

Satan's bastard son

the demonic winds

of earthly changes".

"So, why me?"

"Simple wrath.

Jealousy of the consummation

of your love

now wishes to destroy you".

"What must I do?"

"Face him alive"

"When should I face him?"

"Open you eyes."


Wide awake he seems

now awoken from his dream

as the winds blow strong

darkness fills the air;

from the darkness comes a twirl

a twisting spiral

-the demon reveals itself

under sick green skies

the funnel opens

vortex winds spiral

straight towards him.

"Lix Tetrax,

I love your mother,

why destroy that?"

The violence level rises

The tunnel widens

all it consumes

meets the tomb.

He runs away

understanding now

is not the time

for conversation.

He runs for miles

in the country side

with the tunnel idling behind

leaving no remains.

"All to ruins,

what have I done!

innocence been devoured

because of my

selfish cowardice.

I sacrifice body

to end all this suffering".

 From the shadows

comes forth the demon

as he steps forward

to receive his wrath

is swallowed by the giant

and through a vortex

he comes upon the

surface of the moon

where he finds his love

and is reborn.

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