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by David Halliday

Rise of the Past

Published by David Halliday

Copyright 2018 David Halliday

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by David Halliday


I'm too stubborn for my own good.

Why didn't I give in

when she was on her knees. I stepped away.

Losing face. A smile only goes so far.

Life is too long when you're living in the shade.

The hounds are restless. Life is judgment day.

Everything is being weighed.

Accuse me of anything. The rack is my memory.

I'll sign any confession.

Its 3 in the morning and I can't get away.


i remember when the berlin wall came down

the west berlin poets and the east berlin poets

began chewing on the cement from opposite sides

like rats on a bone. what a useless thing this wall was.

strung along through the streets and alleys, apartments and conversations,

like a rumour of death. for all.

like a robert frost nightmare.

good neighbours my ass.

just put a pillow over my face

and let me suck in the feathers.


i finish my poem. my wife

wishes i were better at house work.


i am angry all of the time.

keeps me warm at night, offers compatible company.

but i'm getting old.

you can tell because blueberries go right through your system


my back, knees, my fingernails are being worn down

by the strain.

the anger riots in my stomach and naps in my brain.

no matter how much i vent, i still feel the same.


I swore I'd never have regrets

but the rose has a thorn

and life has its tricks.

We were so beautiful

and our love so strong

but time took its wages.

I laughed when I cried

So bewildered and confused

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