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I dedicate this to all the women, young and old.

To my family and friends thank you for your support and encouragement.

Karizza Cuello, 2018

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For my very close circle I am the last person who will talk about Love.

Since most of my adult life I am single by choice.

I had my first relationship when I was 30 years old.

Yet here I am publishing my very first book titled Love ( a collection of contemporary poetry about self love and relationships).

And guess what? This is released exactly on the day of Valentine’s Day.

I am a new writer few months ago on my blog and today I am a new author.

I long dream of writing my own book but to answer when and how, I have no idea.

I love writing since I can remember, It was something I am not good at but I keep on writing anyways because I can’t help it.

No matter how many times I got tired of doing it, inspiration always comeback and drives me to keep on writing.

I wrote this poems in a spur of the moment.

I tend to write in long forms but sometimes my message got tangled under the amount of words all together.

I hope that the words will empower you and see Love the way I see it.

Thank you. May your life be filled with pure Love and Joy.

Karizza Cuello

You deserve someone

who will embrace

all your flaws


kiss all your sorrows away

My soul is on fire

to pursue my passion and desire

Find someone

who will make you feel

like a rebirth of a Goddess

that shines the brightest

A woman like you

deserves someone

who sets your soul on fire,

cast all your fears

and supports all your dreams

It took me



a day

to find you.

Miles away to reach you.

I thank God, now I have you

You deserve someone

who have the magic in his eyes


he saw the twinkle from your eyes.

Her strength

comes from

her passion


her love

for Life

A strong woman

is doing her thing.

aiming for her dream.


deserves someone

who will awaken

the sleeping

Goddess in you

Find the One

who will open your heart

for you to see the precious gem

he saw in you

She conquered her fears


spread her wings

A happy soul

is a beautiful

place where

dreams do come true

Her soul

is as clear as the water

from the river that flows

to the rhythm

of a hymn

She looked like an angel,

as calm as a river.

Yet inside is a dreamer,

who flies like an eagle.

I am flawed

I am scarred

I wear them proud

because they made me

a strong woman

that I Am

I am not for everyone

because I am for my only One

Find the man who will

hold a mirror

for you to see what

a beautiful person

You are.

Every woman deserves





True love only empowers you

It does not take the power in you

About the Author

Karizza Cuello is writing blogs on her website Writing has always been one of her passion, thus she decided to have a public blog and explore more about many forms of writing.

Aside from poems she also writes stories about her travels, her life reflections, her love of yoga and many more.

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She is currently working on her second book.

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