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Four Generations

Written by Crystal Vaagen

Four generations


Toiling and breaking



Never-ending days of work-

So that I may take my corner seat

At the ritzy café,

Crunching on my hard, tasteless biscotti, dipped in Fortum tea,

While draped in a scarlet shawl.

I complain.

Four generations

Of beaded sweat

Dripping onto the trampled, fertile earth

As the great and mighty oxen pull their load.

So that I may sit on blue silken cushions and argue about today’s politics.

And talk.

Four generations

Of rough, dry labored hands

Building homes, towns, cities-


While I sit with soft, perfect manicured fingers, indecisive of which soup fits my mood.

Four generations

Of uneducated women baking, singing, homebound,

Their hands crooked from fine needlepoint,

So that I can decide if I should use my hand or voice to vote, in public.

Four generations

Of going off to war, marching, dirty face but clean soul,

Fighting those who threaten democracy,

So that I may decide to stand.

Four generations of


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