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Civilisation is falling from me little by little. I am

beginning to think simply, to feel only very little hatred

for my neighbour ~ rather to Love him. All the joys

animal and human, of a free life are mine. I have

escaped everything that is artificial, conventional,

customary. I am entering into the Truth, into nature.

Having the certitude of a succession of days like this one,

equally free and beautiful, peace descends on me. I develop

normally and no longer occupy myself with useless vanities.”


A Sylph from Sybaris

You can’t have ‘NO’ ~ a duality in your heart’

Living Zero Point ~ ‘Keep on Keepin’ on’


Never give up she’s too beautiful.

To tell you the truth brother.”

Babble babble avoid the rabble.

Home is where you make it”

Not where you’re Not making it”

Apparently ‘back in the day’ …. when!

We need a Resolution. We need closure.

No propositions ~ the outlook is positive.

Life is a Garden of delights”

Love It”


In Buddhist psychology the process of the changing mind is

manifested in two levels or streams. The subconscious stream

Bhavanga Citta’ and the Conscious stream ‘Vithi citta’

Each one merges into the other. The subconscious stream is

the hidden repository of all the impressions and memories

of thoughts that pass through the conscious mind; All

experiences and tendencies are stored up there, but they

exert an influence over the conscious mind without it being

aware of the source of this influence. These two streams of

mind being conditioned by each other. The state of the active

conscious mind and awareness is generally present during the

day when one is awake. It is conscious of all impacts and

impressions continually received from outside, through the 5

senses or of sensations received from within by way of ideas

or thoughts or recollections of former thoughts. When this

conscious stream which is constantly receiving sensation

from within or without subsides into inactivity, as for instance

during sleep, the other stream the subconscious (Bhavanga

Citta) manifests ~ flowing like an undisturbed stream so long

as the conscious stream does not arise to disturb it through the

sense channels. When awake every time an arisen thought of

the conscious mind subsides and before the next thought can

arise within that infinitesimally minute fraction of time, the

sub-conscious stream intervenes. Then when the next thought

of the conscious mind level arises the subconscious stream

subsides into inactivity. Since innumerable thoughts arise

and fall one after another during the day, so then are there

innumerable momentary interruptions to the flow of the

subconscious stream during the day. The sub-conscious is

referred to as a state of subliminal activity viz. an activity

that takes place below the threshold of the conscious mind,

an activity of which therefore there is no awareness on the

conscious mind. The conscious stream holds only one thought

or idea at a time, whereas the sub-conscious stream holds

all the impressions of all the thoughts ideas and experiences

that enter and leave the conscious mind. This sub-conscious

life stream allows us to have a memory, conditioning our

thinking & action. The Bhavanga is the ‘bhava’(existence)

anga’ (factor). ‘Bhavanga Citta’ is the indispensable factor

or basis of existence. The factor of life by means of which

the flow of existence or being is maintained without a break.

The continuing basis or undercurrent of life, the stream of

existence keeping life going. This stream of being is an

indispensable condition of individual life. It is comparable

to the current of a river when it flows calmly on, unhindered

by any obstacle, and when that current is opposed by any

thought from the world within or perturbed by tributary

streams of the senses from the world without then thoughts

in the conscious mind stream arise. There is a juxtaposition

of momentary states of consciousness subliminal and supra ~

subliminal throughout a lifetime.

From ‘Rebirth Explained’ by V. Gunaratna.

Buddhist Publication Society. Kandy, Sri Lanka. 1980.

This essential conscious ~ subconscious life stream is felt as

a flow of sensations on the body/mind and the equanimous ~

awareness of this ever-changing flow of sensations ~

Sampaggana Satimo’ is what Vipassana meditation (as taught

by S. N. Goenkaji, uses in practice to make

us realise our Inner true being ~ ‘going with the flow, freedom,

consciousness, transcendence, God realization beyond illusion,

conditionings, ignorance, distractions, manipulations, ego trips,

energetic fields, Cosmic realities, realization being now is the

allowance to live in this changing Bhavanga wave of existence.

See ‘The Four Sublime States’ Nyanaponika Maha Thera. BPS.



"Life becomes beautiful when you are willing

to give it all and you don't care what you get”

Free from any state of Mind ~ Mixing it all together.

Radiating * Labours of Love * Happy days

On the River

A Compatriot ~



Thus, have I heard”

A still mind, like still water ~

yields a still reflection

of what is before it’



as you pass

over the land into

the dream ~ time of the Ancestors.

Between Consciousness & Matter

Psycho ~ historical map

of the ‘Culture’

Yang loving Yin



I’ll Love You as Long

as the river flows ~

Got to Love them

to leave them.

The Greatest trip

I ever did


You can work it out Intellectually

for revelations of liberty ~

into Mother Earth’s cosmic womb

Channeling Angel voices

Exploding Stars and sonnets

A genius with the face of Krishna

combining telepathy of orgasmic true lovers

clairvoyance of her searching kisses.

Not a word Sweetheart ~ “This is Not a Dream”


Nibbana Om Jhana Banana

Foc*us-Para ^ dime shift, Art balances ~

& codes of Abstraction in dhamma star seeds.

Radiant galactic rays, light fields to fulfill your days

& nights in your trips to Golden shimmering pyramids,

Emerald forests, Turquoise seas, Sacred Celebrations.

Embrace Open hearts divine Roller Coaster ~

Spirit * time dimension energy, Intuitive belief IS Real.

Opening your eyes through the bounteous Highest Chakra.

Mantra “Always lookin’ on the bright side of life, do do.”

Sai Baba’s message, ‘Love All and be kind to All

because I live & exist in All’

Targeted Disappoint ~ Meant

In order to know the true Union Consciously ~

we must experience the Illusion of Separation’

What’s Expectation’s Opposite? No Expectation.

If you don’t go there in the first place ~ detached,

can’t be disappointed, does this make any sense?

Don’t do Anything with Craving Expectation”

Heart of Siddhartha Gautama, Heart of the Buddha.

Heart of Life, Heart of a good person, human being.

Here in the here and Now, respecting sacred cows.

Yeah, I can see your wings Angel ~ Essence

The Ultimate Trip, Giving*Birth ~ energies.

Spiritual dimensions ~ “Please Pick me!”

Sat Chit Ananda * Om Mani Padma Hum’

Inspirational Compassion, Universal Being.

Love of a Mother from the Open heart ~

Coming up from the Sacred womb.

Pure Magic, No tragic, True Joy


How do I get Wisdom

From where do I get Wisdom


How do I get Wisdom

From where do I get Wisdom


It's ok to die’


Creating within your Self * Space

for Supra dimensional light Radiations.

No time to waste ~ No flame to waste

on Anger, greed, confusion, self-indulgence, fear,

egocentric self-delusion, or frequencies of disease.

True self on the Spiral ~ turning, Reawakening *

Look within Yourself, ‘of the World Not in the World’

Agreement to go through Turmoil and difficulties

as an Altruistic Sacrifice for Higher purposes ~

To serve ~ brings glimpses of ‘Cosmic Memory’

Open Your eyes, open your heart, open your Mind

open your true Conscious, open our Divine Love.

Raising ourselves and the Plane’s Vibration ~

to Higher Consciousness ~ 5th Dimension of Spirit.

Crystalline multi*dimensional beings, lovingly accept

Ourselves ~ End our Denial and Guilt trips, merge ~

into the Highest Octave, possible by simply ~ being.

Illuminating All with Deep Joy and Profound Peace.

Because We Care”

Of the World but Not in the World’

Motive to be Spiritual, practice non-materialism

Ideal. The Annunciation of Love and Compassion

Not Propaganda but Truth, that which is Real,

My own experience’ What is that Really worth

in this celebrity, Ego World? This Intuitive Knowledge

of unequivocal suffering and the Cessation of suffering.

Remove the Suffering, Remove the Untruths…

Remove the Craving, Remove the Propaganda

is the Cure. Dhamma’s path is the Remedy.

The Awakened One’s ~ Proclamations

Buddha’s dispensation ~ ‘Sasana’

Possessed of the Meaning, True, Perfect Perfection

Affecting the ‘MENTAL LIFE’ of Humankind.

Full Moon Wisdom ~ that discerns the Virtuous.

What is good conduct? Certainly not propaganda!


Radiant Geometric Patterns

Start imitating what, behavioral ‘Development’?

Psychic Vibrations; unwanted Codex foods, they’re Not holistic.

Pollution is Separation - the Whole thing is needed,

especially as it is all Medicine for the spirit ~

That’s business eg. take the Wheat market, disease has

a certain frequency. Good Radionic flakes for breakfast.

Idea of effecting inside too, smart, Healthy Radar of an

Organic cereal.  Start Imitating What? Propaganda Now

resolving, the Final Puzzle. Bullshit Coke is not a Joke!

Sujata’s Junket

The compassion of the Great Renunciation

Subdue the body, set the Mind free ~

to Liberation’ found to be untrue. Abundantly

clear, close to death not Enlightenment, Nibbana!

May your aspirations be crowned with success”

By a Bodhi tree on the banks of Neranjara at Gaya.

No more becoming, end of all cravings, distortions ~

aversions, delusions, illusions. Her natural inspiration.

Great healer, embodiment of compassion and wisdom.

No more Bondage, but Self-realization ~ Self Awareness

done by oneself, purifying the Mind to float Cosmically.

born in the World as a lotus in the water * grew up,

lives in the world ~ has transcended the world

and lives Untouched by the World”



...Just a part of it ~ going around

(danger) praying for an answer, Becoming

~ Time ~ by you ~ river ~ exhausted ~


(latent) by you (a Karmic Lover) happens.

Cloudbursts in the abdomen, freaking out, disconnection.

Fearful Octopus, raging dogs, sharks, wriggling Serpents,

howling at the moon dear ~

Dark angel Transmissions!


I Looked onto a hillside reaching to the sea of

Parrot's wing and saw blue swimming pools

exactly situated on the terrasse, a cocktail and

reservation on Air France to make a Safari.

The Coast was complete with this quality

of Sophistication and desire. It was so

attractive to imagine such pleasures with you.

I Looked across the street from the plage and

saw a gypsy camp; it was raining and not

the season to play, it made me think of

the Italian lady struggling on the train

carrying her house


Karma 1

There's no such thing as a holy Renault,

there's no such thing as a holy house

that needs a Lock to keep away the Ghost.

Your dreams can sink in minutes

with the eternal change ~

that is so subtle yet strikes when the time

is right for it. A Surging jet sound in the sky

that one day could say that you will die in 3 seconds!

There's no such thing as a holy Renault ~ it will sink

to the bottom of a river but you may still swim.

Give me the kiss that Unlocks the door

not the one that locks me in.

Stars Inside

gone to Heaven

after you.

I gave her a diamond



Pentagon <:> Vatican Truth.

Destruction of a body.

Forbidden fruit ~

Know Your Enemy’


His heart had been broken!

A Lakota Sioux ~

They’d killed his brother.

Dead, had a family of 7,

three boys and four girls!

He gave me all that was left.



Do they say ~

It’s Higher Karma

if you’re Unemployed?”

Socrates had something

to say about Kings.

They put him to death

didn’t they?

Surf Hotel

Un homme et une femme

Lands ~ of the Mind.

Beach peaches

and greedy man’s need.

Forgive me daughter”

dans moi tu es une ange



Thus, have I heard” She means business!

But she’s got a heart ~ of Gold.

Sleeping in power points

honest support……

not an Exile but a Hopi.

Thus, have I heard”

A still mind, like still water,

yields a still reflection

of what is before it.’


Turquoise dream

Sun tanned ~ women

bringing out their Beautiful colours.

Divine Greek Wisdom

Desires of a river

notes in your eyes

telepathy ~

Redon Revival

What did I put in my works that suggests

to them so much subtlety? I put in a little

door that was open on to mystery.”

A Soi Meme’


Something alive ~

Coming Out of the dark

Do not be afraid



Sowing seeds ~ Who is Not a Slave?

Interdependent in all its parts”

She gave ~

the Invader


She gave ~

the Invader

Yellow Violets.

The Body Is Willing

so is the heart.


The Universe

Coming Across

The River


As you pass ~ over the land into

the dream ~ time of the Ancestors.

Between Consciousness & Matter

Psycho ~ historical map

of the ‘Culture’ ~ Yang loving Yin.



Understanding with Compassion

forgiveness that gets rid of guilt.

It’s forgiveness from the Heart ~

that gets rid of guilt in the Heart.



They blew ~ the whole thing

with TV. over there!

Saxon’s night out




The Monastery Highest’


I’m glad I came



Be Mind full of ‘Changing’ ~

no disturbance of thoughts arising.

Happiness is beyond feeling ~

together feeling for each other.

Cannot but share each other

Waves of Amour ~



Temple of Aphrodite.

A Visit ~ With You

Poetry is not merely an art of expression

but a Spiritual discipline’


In natural beauty

Loving to play ~

Against all the Insanity

of the World

Cosmic Truth of Tropical fish

Swimming ~


being there


of the plumed serpent

eating a mango ~

afternoon Truth


moving On

with the Sun

Chaos of night

rain on the train

Horizon alight.



Festival of

performing costumes

letting go power ~

Clean & clear




be ~

Cool generations

Peace * Love

flower garden

of Insight


the gathering of the tribes

materialises out of the blue

& into the light.

Lysergic storm troopers ~ Leary, Owsley,

Kesey, the Diggers, plenty of experience

of Alternative States.


Perfect Combination ~ Lotus Pond

Turn On, Tune In, drop Out ~”

be awareness of the Life ~ stream.

Love ~ compassion ~ joy ~ equanimity


Switching on Your Tree of Light

Love is all around’ ~ Depends how close you are to yourself!

Something’s going on, play of energies, synergies, let’s see.

What’s she doin’?” “gettin, stoned and gettin’ laid!”

You would Not say No”

I chased her out the Ward”

You gotta be Strong to Survive there.

Balance Problem


River of Life

Making Love to my Mind.

Water colours in Autumn

Then ~ Swept over a Waterfall



Listening to blossoms falling ~

and rocks growing your ‘Wa’ harmonies

messages to your centre, “Sayonara Hara”

Please excuse my asking for Enlightenment.

Conscience less Culture, no sense of sin!

Quiet Sunset lights her obi.

Listening to the blossoms falling

letting Karma please itself

be innermost source with nature

No blinding Mind ~ no ugly.

No immeasurable pain from loss Lover.

Energy behind the Temples ~ Ineffable

not mere annihilation or nothingness.

Outside laws of causes and effects ~

this permanent Supramundane hara-gei.

Quiet Sunset lights her obi.



Streams ~ of Winter Snow

Emerging, from below the ridge.

Afternoon ~ discoveries.



Sign of a wealthy personage

Life is what you can afford’

to Live with ~

Attack of Love




She was Founded by a Famous tea master

Composing gardens and pavilions

harmony of moss

raked ~ the Sense of Sublime Peace


Pure White Gold

Radiant Star of Energy.

Frangipani was the smell of all my Lovers,

feeling luscious ~ sexy Chromosomes.

Simply phenomena……

Life is a Tiger’s eye Shark

Life is a King Cobra’s mate.

Life is a thank you friend for giving

A birth without violence’

Life is a desire to touch ~

Suffering is the same in any language.

Life is the same in any language.

Sensuality ~ “You left and found karate,

I became a Buddhist dearest.”

On the middle path

lese majesty’

Less on ~ Jubilee’

Jubilation, where is the Liberty?

Equality No less.

Nothing less than ‘Lese’

Lest accepting things that don’t suit us!

Mad Cows and Englishmen ~

Go out in the noon day Sun’



Song of Intuition

Wonder of a Buddha.

Dear father ~ I Love walking

barefoot with you

thru an Indian Summer’s Seaside Village.

A long, long road ~ maturing priestess.

Noble Silence’s pearls of Wisdom.

A one room school house.

Truth is so beautiful



Where are You Now

Where Will you be

April ~ Showers


London College of Art & Design’

Working by the Master

Mona Lisa brought wild flowers,

~ dawn

The City University’s MBA’

sitting, listening to the Master’s Metta

Liberates the Heart,

early this morning ~ peacefulness

The Propaganda Machine’

……quietly accepting Dhamma

from by the river ~ Compassion


Sons & daughters


In the eyes of the Law

You Are Guilty!”



When You Lose Something


Give Something


to Someone true

Sojourns ~


Superman or Tarzan’

I Love you Jane

bathing in a waterfall ~

Golden Parrots singing in the trees.

Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood or Buddha hood.

Great Compassion ~ nuclear alms.


To Anicca ~ Anicca ~ Anicca

Please don’t miss isles ~

Silver porpoise, pastel flying fish.

Calmly watching each Instant

Changing ~ Buddha sky.

True Happiness, taking the liner, ‘Meditation’

Waves surf ~ the Sea of Moments

a new beginning


This Big Connection with nature

Message to the animals, that we are coming,

coming in Peace. That we’ve got to come;

It will be cool and the animals responded.

Agreed Not Greed ~ freed not need!


Shattered wing ~ mirrors.







Is there any reason a fertile field

shouldn’t be on an angle?

Whisper of ferns ~

Vincent’s Cornfield, swaying



Why Travel is an Ultimate Experience.

Outside Fixed Spheres ~ Universal Image


The Frontiersman’

Always at the limit ~ the frontier

Word, symbol for Frontier of your mind.

Frontier ~ At your limit

Always on the Point of Discovery.

To live is to be ~ In Infinite Discovery

Consciousness of the new moment

And New Limit

The Frontier to the next moment

Moment of Discovery

The Universe is Infinite ~ Discovery.

Living on the Frontier

Time is your Immediate ~ Environment

Now is the moment ~ Your Instant Adaptation.

Adaptation can be made Your Lifetime.

Adaptation is your end of your Frontier.

Static, your environment Lives on You

You are your environment ~ Your World

Now, Again, Now ~ Adaptation ~

You lose the sense of the Frontier

The limit to limitless

Sense of Discovery, Timeless ~

You are existing in a fixed world

It builds within its sphere

Time Is Inside ~ You are inside

Inside Time.

Outside Time is Infinity

You are Infinity

On the Frontier of Discovery of you

Instantly Forever


Beauty in Heaven is

anything alive and

growing in Nepal.

Toi * Gallia

You Are the smell of a damp forest

You Are the taste of the azur sea ~

You Are the touch of a Mercy-full Angel

You are the sight of forever and ever

Vous êtes les sons d’amour



nature is the woods and the ocean

the trees and the cliffs ~

the fields and the meadows

the flowers and the seaweed

the hills and the plains and lakes

nature is the butterflies

and for all our sakes.



Viking ship ~

Seeking a new passage.

Standing alone on the bow

Stars ~ of my village


Softly treads the Paris sky

I’m in your Country

but you don’t know

Long legged enchantress ~

Morning’s ~ early Autumn beauty

Your Mother was a Painter

Ghee in my heart

Ghee in my brain

Ghee in my toes

Ghee in my fingers

Ghee in my knees

Sweet Surrender

Unique ~ Unique.

House in the Camarque

beside you ~ at dawn.

Your Mother was a Poetess



Now ~ by a palm tree grove ~

Your father was a Fisherman.

Your Father was a Pearl diver,

he would sit for your mother ~

Already a bright tropical 5am.

Vases of wild flowers ~ soft breeze.

Sound of the Crashing Surf.

Precious ~ times ~ there.

The beautiful faces of happy children

Pokhara valley ~ nature and humans.

Lake Phewa,

Gurung villages

The Annapurna range


Tibetan traders, antiques, stones,

silver, ringing bowls, coral beads.

Turquoise, rich local people.

Gold earrings, nose rings,

the bazaar, tailors, chai,

people working, activity, life.

Amazingly beautiful women ~

upright, proud, strong, desirable.

Carrying their water jars,

working so hard ~

washing in the lake.


God is

Alive and well and has

acquired an abode in Nepal

still his best friends

are living along ~

the Gulf of Siam

Inspiration’ ~ doesn’t always come easy

sometimes it takes a 22-hour bus ride.

Goa is my Meditation * connects me to the Universe


The throne of the Universe

is camouflaged on Earth

and has the name of



The difference between

Realty and Reality’

Is in the ‘I’

Realty or Reality ~

'Realty Company Limited'



Buddha ~ the last Resort

Dear Sanctuary

Pure light

Deathless Dhamma

Blessed are you

the middle path to ~

the cottage of Sublime beauty.

Peaceful ~ Love ~ Creation


this day

I was at the end

& so too shown

to the traveller’s Rest,

the Inn of U Ba Khin.

Offering of light Refreshment

he served ~ the clear day

Vipassana sky, a new breath

a new path ~ approaching

the Dhamma way



Indian Baby

mock a sin




do you know what a Bodhisattva is ~


We’re tapping the Same Dance

Where would I like to be sprinkled ~

by the infinite Ganges ~ river Chanters.

On the Winds of the Goddess Annapurna

and in the hollows of little green trolls ~

Inside the hearts of murdered children

Sons & daughters

Mother, Father, Lovers

having a child

children ~

a bouquet of fleurs.


petals opening

mother, father, Lovers,

having a child ~

Children of the World

Fertilising with truth

Love, blooming Spirit.


Jewel Meaning

light & heavy

Simple * deep

life continues ~

in our Children.

Once upon a time

there were animals

flowers & trees

& birds singing ~


Known ~  own

Know ~  now

Knew ~  new


bring someone you Love’

Love ~ ve * Evol ~ ve



I think I had a good heart attack”


Common question to a traveller (of 40 years)

Which is your favourite country?

I Love the Country of Pink Floyd

I Love the Country of Jacques Cousteau

I Love the Country of Smiling children

I Love the Country of Birds high in the trees

I love the Country of Botticelli

I Love the Country of

Colorful windmills turning

I Love the Country of

Marie by the blue French window

I Love the Country of Acid Jazz & Fantasy

I Love the Country of

Cockatoos dancing on a crystal piano

I Love the Country of

a white rhinoceros sky

I Love the Country of

a lake of shining tipis

I love the Country of truth.

Shade of pink

Silurian blue pink.

Mikado’s parasol

filigreed fingers ~

reaching Outward

to the sky.

Inside the thatched pagoda

of a golden Spider Queen.

Silken touch

pendulous in air ~

waves of Peonies & Lotus



Sweet Amazement

I talked Children!

It sounded like Parrot

I don’t know Gorilla

I’ve only seen dolphin

& I’m just now ~

getting to know kitten

& the magic silence

of birds

in the twilight Ocean!

Looking out my window

is like looking into an aquarium

the Sky is like the Sea

the birds are like the fish

a kitten is like a Green tropical plant

music is like the breeze

a Loving thought is like a pyramid

a loving act is like day & night


I am a hunter.

I Live by what I catch,

by putting it back once

having been nourished by it.

I am a hunter of dreams, catching so many

and riding them through the time of

my life. I am a hunter of hearts,

drinking their beads as Tiger scent.

I am a hunter of Universe's joy

after the Astral serpent's kiss ~

I am a hunter, a guest at your table

beloved host. I am a hunter, my

Grandfather is collecting Red tulips

in the snow. I am a hunter with

ancient codes tracking the game

over the Seven seas. I am a hunter from

dawn to dusk to meet you face to face.

I am a hunter my sweet child


Hanging from my Parachute.

Inside a great Banyan tree

my camouflage suit ~

hides my sight ~ from

a python of the night.

Beauty passes oh so near ~

to this nutmeg grove of fear.

For the warriors of this tribe

the Sun has set long ago ~

just the Rhythm of the stream

and magic force of dream.

Pastel Angels come to ease my pain ~

How long before they find the wreckage

and rest me in the land of herbs

and children’s smiles ~

The branch is breaking

I’m on the ground

I hear a waterfall ~ sound

Isipatana Parc is in bloom Somewhere

Tinsel cranes come in to land and wade

The Meditator observing sensations Inside

equanimous to the flux ~ Ocean’s honey dusk.

Paddling hard the raft, pearls of rice and canes,

dancing peacocks coming of the rains; serenades the storm.

Cobalt Rhinos cross a Golden Kimono skyline

Violet Giraffes silhouetted along a Golden Kimono skyline

Rubber tree Green frogs jumping in a Golden kimono skyline

Hearing a blameless ballad, the Vissudhi of a cream sitar.

Heavenly bodies embracing a New Crest Invitation

to a mythological White Elephant Liberation ~

Bharata Natyam ~ Sacred Union with her Lord.

Diamond Blue Krishna astride the Brahma bull.

Subtlest Almond renunciates the hidden opulence of illusion.

Tinsel cranes land and wade ~

The Meditator observing sensations Inside

equanimous to the flux ~ Ocean’s honey dusk.

Lemon Lion roaring on Dammayanti’s Sun rise Sari.

Crimson Whales swimming on Dammayanti’s Sun rise Sari

Lilac Llama taking in a view on Dammayanti’s Sun rise Sari

Soothe, soothe, soothing ~ peach orchard heart’s deep well.

The Trillenium birth of a Love jewel ~ Ocean Isle refuge.

Precious Human ~ Power, path to lost treasure of the Universe.

Mental Formations ~ times to dazzling tides of jaded pains.

Emerging humans ~ six karma shades of Vibration.

Renunciating iridescent links, essential Illusions of chains.

Your fertile Mind fights all the shrouded hindrances.

Eruptions, growths ~ the brightest star becoming Sila clarity.

Ruby flamingos come in to land and wade ~

The Meditator observing sensations Inside

equanimous to the flux across Lake’s copper dawn.

Peppermint reptiles camouflaged coils on Venus’ Sunset Sarong

Papaya Swan ripples ~ gliding by Venus’ Sunset Sarong

Mango Crocodile basking on Venus’ Sunset Sarong.

Renunciate encore, Joy opals ~ All reality of Illusions.

Bhavana discipline ~ Stainless fruits of being wise.

Observe the Silver beating wings of Samsara.

Equanimous to the lit pagoda of infinite changing chromos-ones.

Reined Garnets, Father Kanthaka’s master, approaches In*Sight.

Transcending Light years ~ of a True Sky’s Visible originations.

Soft pastels, death, senses of delusions; Arising vapours ~

saffron robes. Presence Inside Eternal Galaxies of Buddha’s eye.

Richest pastures run along the shores of Pure Dhamma’s Source.

Seasons ~ passages, appear the Parami harvests, becoming ~

Rainbows end, Nibbana bounty, the 1000 petalled Lotus blooms

To Chopin’s Greatest Hits

He used to Love

a fashion model

from Paris, France

who grew up with

the best of the Republic.


He's more than happy

when a kitten comes

to be stroked awhile


Meditation is like ~

Feeding the Birds.

Each Day


Life is simple ~

Sharing Loving Kindness

from the heart


Fear of birth

touches the petals

of my heart


Fear of me

touches the dreams

in my mind


Fear of space

between us

touches my love


Fear of the marvellous moments

Fear of the most amazing reincarnations

Fear of Wonderful heroes suffering in pain

without Really Knowing



The Chief has a young wife

Looks ~

of their eyes

Child of Saffron Wings

Sciamachy Stage lights

saw your smallest hairs ~

& felt the ebony stick stirring,

beautiful ~ Madonna assignment

to the land of ‘O Lare, Cantare’

Profuse Irish eyes ~ colors of the Nile,

modelling their gaze & more.

From a turquoise gondola

I saw the light air ~

a whisper on your cheeks,

soft as a butterfly


Ordinary Streets

French Perfume

Welsh Ghost towns

English Industrial estates

Méditerranée Mimosa

Papayas in January


Savage Beauty


Beauty of Mind


Beauty of Mind

A Madman drawn



Not Staying Alive ~

but Staying HUMAN!”


Universe of Your Heart

Waves of Love ~ to the Infinite.


IN CREATION ~ born humanely.


Flowing by the moon


Where did they get you”

Do you Know Where You Are”

Do You Know How Long you’ve Been Here”

Do You Know Why You Are Here?”

At the Ministry of LO V E



from your sweet lips

~ to your lover

Yellow essence of Summer.

Your right to refuse to Kill.

You are not my prisoner!”

Consciousness * beep bleep bleep *

Tulip bulb bubble, “and all good things must come to an end ~

In the eyes of the Divine, every energetic entity is equally alive’

I am not a bio-engineered Celto-druidic penisbot”

The power of the word to cast a Spell on Gaia!

Viva La Chemicals ~ Sufi in Spirit


Braques was different when he returned

The Chief had a house up there

Under the cedars

Ideal weather for Fuchsia

Remnants of a 200 year old

Nootka village.

Aiming where?



It’s in the head

the Sky ~

Gone to heaven

after You.

Stars Inside

I gave her a diamond


Mistral’s arrière-pays,

looking for a house

where the painters live.


Inlet ~ en voyage

I love

drawing maps

for you

exploring Brilliant light

in your eyes

Where the artists Love

in your heart ~ Meet

Madly in Love

Changing direction


I’m Loving You



The Monastery Highest’


I’m glad I came



marching in unison

through a sea of grapes

crushing only the fruit!

Not doom ~

but consolation ~


sharing of stories

of anguish endured.



Even though a country is defeated,

its mountains and rivers remain.

And o'er the castle ruins,

when it is Spring,

the grass will be green again’


Chinese poet, Tu Fu


Along the mountain road

Somehow it tugs at my heart,

A wild violet’


Japanese poet, Bashu

Last Words ~

Decay is inherent in all component things,

work out your own salvation ~

with diligence.”

of a Buddha












Om mani padma hum ~

You Should be very quiet

when discussing escapes ~

A million healers working together.

Reflections against tyranny ~

Stillness on the lac du liberte



The coral of Cassis ~ bracelet.

I gave to you there one winter

very pretty

fishing in her ~ clear warm Calenques



Centre for Troubadours

She composed a Couplet ~

He stayed with her in great intimacy

and courted her and was her friend



In a world where women were officially adored.

A Lady grows more and more ethereal ~ until Immortal.

Courtly, lovely the mediator ~

coquetry with feudalistic vocabulary,

beneath its surface the deepest longings.

Struggling to be born ~ her unheard of equality and freedom.

Aristocratic daughters your chanson ~

a solo love song, ‘fin amors’

The highest expression of Provencal

Love Poetry


Landscape always seems to blend superbly.

A Centre for nearly all the great painters

and great travellers.

We can still see a few eccentrics in the spring.

Flowering wild Asters ~

growing only in places lapped

by the waves of the sea.

Even the ruins ~

are disappearing


Poetic Shores

A wild Oleander filled valley,

along the little path ~

on his way to San Raphael,

he met two sweet




One of the first cultivators of Violets ~

Greatly astonished ~ wore Roses in their shoes.

Intense blue because the water ~

is deepest at once

Unforgivable Crusades

Excitement to Conquer ~

Reflections in your eyes.

Is this the way to Jerusalem?

Arrival of Slaves, new blood spilt in the ground.

Celtic vassals were free-lance warriors

and women had no defence until Justin!

Oh daughters of the Cathar

a Pope by far ~

not an Innocent

has sent the Albigensian Inquisition

to burn the beautiful fields

and pacifisms of ‘Oc’



Delicious nostalgia ~

whose almost unknown beauty,

free from frost.

First steps in terrestial paradise ~

nearby was the most beautiful port


Spies of the jealous husband.

Love is the great leveller’ ~

Troubadours were everywhere in Occitania,

there arrived the evolution of chivalry

but for the burnings at the stake

and forced marriages!


The Heiresses of ‘Oc’

Those who stayed were forced to change their songs.

To her honour ~ this free spirit

was kept alive for younger sisters of ‘La dompa’

A brilliant ~

life awaited


Femmes des Iles

A meeting of gracious minds.

Have we lost this reverence ~

for the beauty of a fleeting moment?

Provencal remains the privilege

of a small sect of high priests.

A long time since ~

it was simply a fisherman’s dish;

Now a dish for aesthetes


Tears of Theodora ~

murder of the ‘Trobarclus’

annexation to French culture.

Their 23 poems spent ~

nearly eight centuries in oblivion!

Vehicles of self expression,

living, breathing ~

models for ‘midons’.

A potential lover!

Where are all the humble Knights?


ius primae noctis’

Expression of the peasant woman’s

Absolute degredation, exploitation!

The Lord’s right

to his serf’s bride ~

on her wedding night!

Their poetry was found

to be subversive ~

The more personal tone

of a ‘Trobairitz’

Inspiration of a poet’s praise.

Extraordinary freshness ~

gems of their new confidence

not bride payments!

Covert Romance

Eve ~

The Church’s story made

every woman an inferior,

sanctified the annihilation

of vegetarians and heretics!

The Character of ‘l’Oc’ ~

flexible & tolerant, granting

Woman’s equal patrimoine.



Gris troubadour

Renowned ~

black Cherries


First Crusade

Failure of ecclesiastical propaganda.

The unemployed and husbands

have gone to a religious war,

~ holy racists and the Infidel!

The bourgeoisie galvanised

every town to plunder values.

Production rose and broke the feudal equation!

Women good for conceiving sons ~

A new respect!

Aspiring knights

turned poets

Les Bories

The Magic of the Sun ~

had long been known to the Church itself!

Amidst an olive grove ~

a lamb is being carried

on a shepherd’s shoulders.

Source of graces ~

deserted the dragons.

Emotional young girls of the 19th century



of the Courts of Love.

Provocative vivacity,

the women ~

whisperings of Love.

On the banks of the Durance

nurturing seeds of poetry


Deeply rooted

in the minds ~

of worthy people.

Clear blue skies

and fertile soil.

The olive groves,

lemon tree orchards.

Perfumed air ~


Donzela’s maman.

Enrichment and ennoblement,

apprenticed to a lady ~ stirring deep affection.

Reflecting powers in your land

not the growing importance

of a cash economy and

St. Jerome was a misogynist!



thus the beauty ~

old Provencal charm,

consists of the sudden discovery



Abstract poem of stones

assembled steps ~

terrifyingly realistic.


before the pictures ~

of Shepherdesses


Now Love and courtliness became

Synonymous ~

A lady’s Inspiration.

New conceptions

of nobility,

of Spirit.

Who could worship Pope Gregory?

Whose misogynist dispensation

would bring a dowry

to a hypocrite!

A long time, far away ~

from your humble origins,

my son


Fountain Makers

No matter how humble

they may be ~

Language of stones and water.

Is that not a marvellous thought?

Manual Intuition

reached its peak

of perfection ~

Vincent’s Smile

Where water is a blessing.

Its Source ~ Sacred revelation.

In Provencal Orchards

entering his own free will.

On a plateau of Roman monuments ~

The Vision of ecstatic colours,

movements to Love


Mistral’s herbes

Practised the emmaculation

working with their hands ~

Life as Celto ~ Ligurian peasants,

gathering living secrets



Worked by whole communities of serfs”

Set in motion images ~ Love and Passion

for today’s man and woman.

The Poet’s metier ~

Homage to a lady followed

a new rise of Troubadours.

And vassals attained ~

their land through Conquest!


Which but a few moments ago

was a garden ~

Finding a Dinosaur cemetery.

Far off is the sea ~

whence came the Invaders


Joglaresa Aspiration

She turned into a Trobairitz.

Wife of the Senhor’s court ~

disinherited knights of feudalism.

Emerging Courtly Love ~

A revolutionary change

In human sentiments.

Celebrating man and woman

in Lovely melodies ~

of Andalusia and Arabia


rima cara’

Female pathway to ~ mystic joy.

The Knights’ new homage to a lady,

containing a multitude of motivations.

Exchange of ‘Tensons’

Converging during her lifetime ~

revelations to support a movement.

Transformations ~

her lord’s chivalry


The White forest that sings.

Occupied by recluses ~

hermits lived in the ruins.

Pure architecture ~

enclosed a garden drenched by Sun


Fields of Lavendre

Its Spirit of essence ~ said to be good

for attacks of nerves and hysterics.

Their industry is still flourishing ~

Picturesque waterfalls and fountains.

Attracts painters



Crusaders’ exposure ~

to resplendent Moorish

courts and poets ~

Imported with the refugees.

Sensual lyrics and images



Constructed on the ruins of a Sanctuary;

Itself built on a pagan site.

Treasures from the Saracens ~

miraculously rediscovered by peasants


Les Iles d’Or ~

Majority of subjects,

former galley slaves.

A harbour of good fortune,

free from underwater reefs



Dolphins in La Baie des Anges.

Naturally a Sacred spot

to prehistoric cults ~

Harvested 3000 tons of flowers.

Simple minded dreamer

by the river ~

came here on a pilgrimage


The Alba

Dawn song

revelations of experience

launched a cultural awakening,

took a lady as his master.

Courtly love destined to give woman

a new place in the imagination.

Their extraordinary freshness evolves

Arrangement inspired by “The Women Troubadours” by Meg Bogin


I am Omar Khayam

I am Kahil Gibran

I am Suffering

under house arrest

I am Sitting Bull

I am Red Cloud

I am husband of Running Stream

I am Suffering

in this Prison

I am Atlantis Ocean

I am tropical storm

I am Japanese misty morn

I am Suffering

Without You

I am always new

I am a dream too

I am Impermanent

I am not this pain ~

I am the touch of rain


Feeling ~ the body with ~ the breath


Sharper >>:<< Free Flow

Remain Equanimous

Remains of Equanimity

Inside Out

some don’t know

Ripening Happens

Your Whole body Sensationalised

You’re Complete

With Equanimity

Impurity Goes ~

Bowing down ~ Tingles in the toes.

Why do I Feel disappointed?

Do you leave ~ a Temple Craving?

Generation of those Vibrations

Children’s Inspiration

Reason to Understand ~

The Essential of Continued Change;

Not ‘Mine’

craft not with Ego ~

dissolution in the waves

Surfing dharma.

Revolution to benefit others ~ the Motive

by dissolving your own ego ~ revolutionary.

Essence of Life.

Starting to be Aware.

Work ~ deeper meanings ~

hypnotised have no control over Mind.

Go with Truth making Merit.




Clarity of the Illusion of Craving & Aversion.

If caught up how can you take the next step?

Forgive and Progress!

Everyone ~

Understand properly

Stop bad vibes penetrating.

Understanding always

this will also ~ change”

Life Is Simple,

Sharing ~

Loving Kindness from the Heart


The Whole Mystery of the Universe In Us


There’s a naked man next to you!”


To Paint Is To Love Again’

~ Continuity ~

Viewing the World

with the eyes

of a Painter.


Stones on the beach

like to be held!

Empty frames

Limitless Imagination.

Woman in a vineyard

floating Worlds ~

The Masters of Reality

Japanese watercolours.



What Variety ~

Feast for the eyes!

Value of Poverty

In enigmatic fashion.

Friends’ ~


Effect of the negative ~

as a push!

Right Effort is the most important

Feel the Art

Feel the elephant ~

Where does it take You?

How does it take You?


Drawing In Cadmium’s red light!

flow of ideas ~

trial and error.

Mixing colours

Unimaginable ~


True to Your Self

All mediums Open up

Poet Painters (S’epanouir)

To Experience ‘IT’ ~

is quite enough.

To Love Is ~

to Live to the Fullest.

Believer how do you Worship?

Condition of Man

Watercolour renders ambiance

Who is it, destroying the lure of the Masters?

This phoney business of Making things ‘easy’!”

Only the Beloved counts.

Only the Beloved counts.

Children use what comes to hand.

& Art of the Insane!

There is no appreciation.

A True Artist Prefers To Give It Away.

An Exaggerated <<>> Inability to adapt.

Left hand ~

The Dreamer.

When I found out what the left hand could do ~


What’s goin’ on?

Observe the light

Divine Revelation


How Big Is Your ~

Broken heart


Which breakdown

Was that?

Trusting energy

here and now Inspiration

God Has No Face

no Hindu, no Jewish,

Christian, Buddhist, Islamist,

Chinese, Tahitian,

black, White, Red,

Man, Woman

You make God,

Your own face

How You see it

Each one of us has a different ~


We All see our own God’

The tree of Life is a Spiral!

Vibrations ~


The Light Field’

Love ~

Is something which must be Shared

What is this body ?

I create what I want

I want to make Heaven

or Hell

Why do I want to make



By You


Loving energy from the heart

for deep healing


A deeply broken spirit

as balanced as you could be

whatever the feelings ~ tragedies, Ignorance,

Madness of Unacceptable Loss and Insane pain

The Oneness of Life’


Mens’ Symbol in Japan

>The Power in the Rice field <

If you have Revelation

You want to write about it!

Magic of Children’s Smiling hearts

Ecstasy ~ to be in tune

All together Love energy

Angels being Angels

perfect in there ~


You have to push beyond

the limit ~

You have to suffer ~ Character change


The Mind cannot accept the Spirit

You have to push beyond the Ego,

Living from the heart.

Revelation after Revelation after Revelation

after Revolution



Fetch me a fruit of a Banyan tree” “There is one sir”

Break it.” “I have broken it sir.” “What do you see?”

Very tiny seeds sir.” “Break one.” “I have broken one sir.”

What do you see now?” “Nothing sir.”

My child”, the father said,

what you do not perceive is the essence ~

and in that essence the mighty Banyan tree exists.

Believe me, my child, in that essence is the self of all that is.

That is the True, that is the self ~”

Why Still Wonder When I Love You

The Sun is shining brightly ~

People are coming to the shore of the ocean

awaiting the lighted path to burn them.

I awoke to warmth, light and tranquility.

Seagulls flying in the bluest sky ~

and the chirp of birds in the trees behind.

This Vancouver beach has so much

of the eastern tranquil breeze


And at night by the burning

wood and leaping flames ~

the mystery of the Universe


The smell of a tropical village

can puncture the senses delicately

even to the exotic of Benares ~

beside the burning Ghats ~ can touch inside.

How beautiful again

back to the skies of Shiva,

or to the high temples of peace.

The child as Sita’s daughter warming

my hands and heart with her soul

Brahma allowed the time to fit the symbols

needed for this Cosmic dance, again.

The subtle silk, sheer as Thai,

is the musk oil on my eyes ~

bathed in infinite drops of Love.

The magic lost ~ but again, before

the veil to a Pharaoh’s treasure


I say that this should be my life

I was reminded of Age ~

whatever whore she may seem

when seen with desire and need.

Please don’t press this time on me to wonder of ruins,

instead I see the life in Buddha’s glint.


Yes, we may all wonder ~

but please don’t ask me of its right

beside the Timeless shore for this while.

Please don’t make me fight.

Whatever else I decide ~

Forever the surrealistic harmony

will I seek and want to live

by the Ocean’s magic tide

Oh no my son ~

you may have asked when considering the life.

But listen mother and father,

there is no more beautiful than this,

why even think to wonder ~

just listen and look into my eyes.

Please don’t ask at 27 ~ is that so old or so young;

why a son of ours loves so strange a temple, why?

It’s hard to see each change that impresses Time.

We may never know the reason

but whilst the road leads to the house of Vipassana

and it is so refined with grace ~

Please agree with me; your son,

that I’ve arrived in Love’s garden

and it is the most beautiful space


If Atman

can create expression ~

how can one forfeit this time

for something else imagined necessary,

if I can Love, or can feel the heart beats

of Universal bliss in this ~

Why wonder

why at any age ~

why should you expect that some-

thing else could be more important?

You can’t categorise an age for everything,

to be born at 0 ~

to be and be and then die.

To be and be is essentially being


Your being has a blissful, free spirit

expression of which is at any time ~

Whenever one may receive gracefully

the sense to know ~

the sense to perceive or

imagine the subtle creation


Please don’t think I should be

somewhere else ~

This different path

You may never understand but

I have wandered it for afar

and this is my life

what I need

to Live


Inspired by the sixties Sunny started traveling the world in 1970.

His spiritual journey on the hippie trail to India took him through ~

San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver,

Sidney and Kathmandu to Varanasi. His arrival on the sub-continent ~

was the beginning of writing autobiographical verses capturing his travel

experiences, encounters with remarkable people and his quest for self-

realization. Combining experimentation with drugs, sex, rock & roll, art,

meditation, Love and life in general. Sunny started to open up to a multi-

dimensional Universe. He lived the mantra, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

realising Mind’s-illusions, inspired by deeper feelings of holistic nature,

empathy * energy & Space.

Over four decades Sunny has written and published 28 books of poetry,

created over one hundred paintings, traveled the World and considers

his masterpiece to be his daughter. He has spent the past sixteen years

in Goa ~ India inspired by the freedom to experience and idealism of

human consciousness.

Sunny Jetsun books and art are available on the web at:


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