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Detachment is not about possessing nothing, it’s about nothing possessing you. Ali

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No identification with actual persons and places is intended or should be inferred.

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If she can do that to me, imagine what she can do to you.

He had decided to come to India to find Spirituality.

Coming with a lot of slave girls from around the Planet

to meet a naked Yogi.” “I’ve renounced, even myself!”

Persian lustfulness walking alone in her Palace garden.

Where is the path of true happiness your royal highness?


Tiaré of Infinite Joy

She was wearing a pareo of gardenias ~

Labouring with Love all the way from Tonga.

Brought contraband across dark gigantic waves.

Excitement building around the fire.

What happens the Morning after?”

Going for the 80% Incapacity Benefit,

pretending to be a shaking forklift truck operator!

21/11/07, £50 Million Aid to Palestine, millions to Africa

& our Pensioners get a £1 a week rise from the Government!


15/2/2003: One Million people marched Against the Iraq War.

Spinning the ‘Truth of Real Politick’; absolutely no WMD!!

Blair’s fascism, blood all over his body. Believed in the War!

The people we were fighting decided to fight back!”

Extraordinarily, we were led down the GB. swannee, Oh, Yeah!

Who’s owning up to a Massive Betrayal?” In the Grip of FOX TV.

Ignorantly, unconsciously they Channeled the Devil’s dark magick.

Time’s Up Ali Baba

Backing a ‘No Plan’ is unbelievable Criminal Negligence.

History of ‘Satanists against Humanity’, off White House.

Robbing the Antiquities of our ancient Babylonia.

Were there that many vases being looted?”

They let a country of 25 million fully Collapse!

The Phone Exchange was bombed by a B52.

No Protection, no communication, anarchy, gone mad.

On the streets of Baghdad, they let the rats run wild


Osho’s Bluebirds

Love is a bridge, cross it don’t build your house on it”

Love turns to hate in an instant’ Shiva’s Grateful Dead track

Goa where to go to get the free Madness

I’ve Lost My Mind”


A Logic Bomb on Oxford Street

Stenography’ ~ hiding something in plain sight...

Taking down the Global senses of satellite systems!

I’m not asking for Permission”

She’s dead, whatever you say now, doesn’t matter!”

In the face of Adversity; what’s the latest Intelligence?

Waiting on a Dirty, Radio Active Bomb for Xmas!”

Found out she’s a double Agent!


Union with the Divine exalted state of Consciousness’

I used to whirl everyday ~

If you think about the monkey mind…

You’ll fall over ~ it’s worse than you think!

From the centre of your Vortex

No wobbling, focusing on the spinning!

You have to earn your Angel’s wings.

We broke the spell! They listen to trees.

Giving its water to its favourite old Oak ~

Everything is Communication, connected,

No more worries. “I got a solar soul”. Full Stop!

I don’t like this, Law of the Jungle”

I don’t like it; it’s there, concrete, plastic;

It’s sad to be murdered!” “Get me a rope!” Full On…

You put us in a Naked World now ~ you get rattled!

When food ran out she had to eat Tulip bulbs, slippery eels.

You don’t know the future ~ do we know the past or present?

Concepts of 7½ billion cells * This is where Infinity is beyond ~

How do you interpret it? The best thing that ever happened to me!

Sunrise ecstasy

Natural Information

Free making decisions ~ because I don’t make them anymore.

Meta-being, regeneration not degeneration ~ Visualising; as it is!

Microorganisms, micro mutation, micro Cosmological essences.

Organic seeds, ‘Can’t be Patented, for Profit’; Thank God!

Pharmaceutical Corpse, bio-tech Industries on the Rampage!

Epidemics of GM. Processed foods, inducing diseases in nature!

Rejuvenating your body ~ A very energetic, conscious Universe.

It’s so easy because it’s here”



Sitting on top of a pyramid, having a piss, on the air-conditioning unit!

I was arrested unlawfully, I’ll sue you for punitive damages!”

As God is my witness”; you’ve just incarnated him in the room.

I was looking for that hungry horse; I couldn’t find it…”

He had breakfast in the trees, with his favourite Geisha.

Care comes from the body, mind and heart; all in one.

Feeling heart first, mind’s intention, action in the guts.

Each breath you take, inhale Love, exhale Love.

It gives you time to contemplate your existence ~

If I shake, I can’t wait ~ flowing in organised chaos.

Meditation on trees, find a tree, touch it, hug a life.

I don’t do violence!”

Geisha Bar

A woman can only get to heaven if she has a husband’.

I don’t want to live in a conceptual world but the real world.”

Perception, interpretation is the key; they’ll kill you on the spot…

People dying because they’re living on the wrong side of the fence!

They’ll put a steel studded boot right into your face, forever!’

They’ve all transmuted because of Pol Pot; they got nothing!

People been skating on the sea; a cold spell the likes that’s

never been seen before; either that or stumbling in the dark.

The cats out the bag; saying freely what you think,

if you do, you’re going to get a call.

Never did a thing wrong, in nick for 30 years!

Its Paradise Lost every day.


Commercialism gone Mad!

Eight-fold path, you’re not trying to appease any Idol!

They’re still using daisy cutting, Carpet Bombing, clusters!

They want to kill you, all your children, with disease.

Reaping what you sow; karma is like 24/7 CCTV.

God, he’s watching you everywhere; Never Sin!

How can I ever know? You can’t! Paranoia…

Respect, Gaia is your mother Not your slave!

You own nothing not even your own life.

Do you want some lovin’?

Beautiful in the heart.

I like all of Spain too”

Benidorm, with the English on Viagra!

What if; I dream a lot, they do come true.

You gotta look them in the eye ~ just being

is more attractive than just being, a fascist.

Get me a beer and some doughnuts, Fucker!”

Fit and Ready; BBC; straight in my white arse!

Deported, sent off to the Devil’s nightmare, virtual Island.

Persecuted for religion, having a beard, having an Untouchable wife.

Won’t give her water from the well or allow her shadow to cross theirs.

Being a slave, down to your left hand. Sets of rules to include or exclude.

Ethnic cleansing is totally unbelievable ~ in the eyes of any Gods of Love.

The Irish were white slaves in the Caribbean before the Africans turned up’


They’re more Equal

I just go with the Chemistry,

I don’t think about anything’

It is tracking you ~ You miss the important bits.

Electro-magnetic weapons working in an ionised atmosphere!

You don’t wanna lower yourself to them!


Albert Einstein

We are slowed down Sound and Light Waves.

A Walking Bundle of Frequencies Tuned into the Cosmos.

We Are Souls dressed up in Sacred Biochemical Garments and our

bodies are the Instruments through which our souls play their music.”

Infinite Shiva * Psychedelic Vipassana

Cows doing yoga, ‘All religions are Maya ~
They bought, sold and enslaved your soul
when you were born ~ Certified for the Matrix!
Look into your child’s eyes, energetic portals.
They wheeled into NASA. with Astronauts
juggling balls, in front of a green screen!
“To be free you have to be an Outlaw”
Protecting you from the Truth!



Moses makes black Magic, turned a stick into a snake!

Ask any rakshasas, ask a white rabbit, or any wise owl.

Hit one black cow at night ~ called Psychic-automation;

surrealist belief in the expression of the unconscious ~

Where he painted, between recurrent spells of insanity’

I shot Andy Warhol, or was it you, Monsieur Van Goch?


What does today's flying saucer look like?
Rainbow lights and holographic sunbeams
flying through the Cosmos of our dreams ~
Nature's children playing in cascading streams
happiness in a Garden of delights

Cestui Que Vie’
Yoked, Social Engineering, the AI-Automation of Society.
A Collar on, conformity, compliance of the servile classes.
Giving the inferiors low quality education, separation from
top dogs; never realising they’re ignorant; forms of slavery. 
Brainwashed to the Max, marketing that part of the algorithm.
Wake up! You are a natural wo*man, CEO of your own Corps.
We’re the Creator’s offspring, no one can order you what to do!
No despots, the Queen is the trustee reigning in the Creator’s stead.
I am Executor of my Trust. Unless you give the court your authority...
Jurisdiction, then, you become the Trustee and they’re the Executor! 
Self-ownership, you make your own; inherent Natural Law.
“I am asserting my rights, otherwise you don’t have any!”
‘In the Divine We Trust, as children of Universal Nature’
Admiralty Law over-riding the Law of the Land

Flesh and blood, made into a commercial contract ~
All Capital letters, your straw man’s-Corporation identity.
No commercialism applies to humans because we’re not a business.
You've got no authority to harass me, there’s been No crime committed!
What’s behind the Mask? Ask an advanced calculator, named Deep Blue.
Keeping the public distracted, disillusioned, fearful, lost, confused, isolated.
It’s ubiquitous criminal justice, Program-Networking at the very top of the pile.
A superior Matrix for the enhanced enslavement of your Heart, Mind and Soul.

To the Outer Limits (Violence in every tribal bible)

Vatican strangling you all, an Inquisition stretching your Mind!

On a screeching rack; Holy Blood stains all over the sacrificial

ground. Controlling the Psychology of Society through Myths!

Keepers of the Fraud of Faith, blasphemers, heretics, crusaders.

The Heartlands of International Conspiracies and Terrorist Acts.

Who Extracted the False Confessions from whom, in the Media!

Who Planted the Pancake ‘Evidence’, with Absolutely No Proof?

No Interception from the Cardinals in white, Thermite hoodies

Technically Impossible, “Is this Real World or an Exercise?”

Who’s in charge of mobilizing the War Games? ‘Oh, mein Got!’

Seeing our brothers & sisters jumping through the dust clouds!

Brainwashing, another whitewash by an ‘Imperial ommission’

Globalised Evil, hypnotising you with WMD; slogans of deceit.

Who’s the new Enemy you Created, to make a Patriotic Society?

Winds them up with revenge! Need $80 billion to equip an Army,

need new rules; engaging a rampant Military Industrial Complex.

Access: Economic, Scientific, Political, Religious, Legal, Media.

Inside job, ‘Subversion not election’. Making human beings Mad.

Cause-Reactions, Who Wields the Power? Who holds the debt?

Who are the slaves, who are the slave owners? Central Banksters

had banks collapse, in Nations controlled by mega credit/bonuses.

A super state of Bankers, Economic Crisis, Inflation, Interest Rates,

money supply, bankruptcies, Debt, loans, Credit swindles, TAXES!

Panics are Scientifically created; increasing the Money supply.”

Which Monopoly caused a Recession, a Worldwide depression?

Legal Tender backed up by what? Nothing! War’s a Control Tool.

The Federal Reserve is Ultimately Controlling Society, our Planet!

What happened to an abysmal standard of disastrous regulators?

How did a democratic government allow this to happen to people!

Who is getting ripped off, who’s making a fortune, who allows it?

Needs a new paradigm, life inspiration ~


Silent Weapons Systems ~ ‘Behold the Pale horse’

Who to believe or TRUST? ‘To control the population…

Creating a Psychological, destabilising environment, society (we).

And there’s No Authority figure to go to, to report to, so you feel Helpless!’

Programs Controlling population; what you see in the NEWS; pointing our fingers,

directed, enhancing trauma effects, limiting our knowledge, through a computer.


Supernova * Superman

First trip, “I’m down in the pub with 500 mikes!”

The Patience is a Virtue, school of meditation ~

They’re not toilers, the Mona Lisas of Freedom.

They’re on holiday in the Garden of delights.

Malika ~ ‘I’m the Queen of Paradox’

Someone’s got to blow the bubbles.

It all comes from the Divine

And We’re All Equal ~

I think Charas is the best!”

Sex gets in in the way of everything’ she said.

Feeling with your heart, being on the Astral plane ~

I spend more time with the devil than I do with Jesus!”

We are that man standing on a stage barking like a dog”

Nobody is your Boss; that’s how I understand the Law”

Going into No-mind Space, beyond all the brainwashing

of your Government, denying our Human Principles.

Psy-ops, there’s a Rockefeller sitting on the throne!

Now we can smell a rat in everything,

because there is a rat in everything!”

Oceanic, seas of deadly radiation.

How to cast off this hypnotic spell!


Krishna Relationship
Crabs keep walking into the fire, thinking it’s moonlight.
Affinity, dynamic, between the narcissist and empathic.
Attachment, energy exchange systems from childhood
Dependent on this hard wiring, Welcome to the Matrixed.
Psyche-spiritual bonds to something greater than our self.
Activating the energy flow fields, free exchange, attunement.
Setting them up for non-reciprocal caresses and kisses.
‘It’s quite an affliction to never be satisfied darling!’
Completely and utterly selfish!

Our Little Secret

Satanists drinking the blood of children; Unbelievable!

Another sacrifice to lower level frequencies, demon craving feelings.

They’ve been cutting babies’ heads off and gorging on their tiny brains!’

Who are these creatures directing the Planet to destructive devastation?

Human emotions are being splattered all over this poisoned, stolen earth.

They want us living in a dimension of Fear, anxiety, pain and insecurity.

Weaponised Capitalism; what do you believe is happening Guv?

Everyone’s got to do it together; we’re not paying, Fuck Off!”

She lost her only child; the walls were screaming!

A way out of the field of arising and passing away.

Connect mind and body for the highest goal.

Your good karmas are your friend and heirs.


Reading like a Parrot Priest.

My dark eyed Ferrara Lover ~

brought Parables from fishermen.

Let the dead bury the dead’ ~

The system is there to be used or abused?”

MP’s Expenses, receipts and lawyers’ deceit.

Can’t put these feelings into a Machine’

Let the paranoia’s, allergies, phobias go ~

Your hunger for greed or for Knowledge?

He is the seeker of release ~ Inner Peace

Sovereign’s IOU!

Bloody, ABSO’s demonized kids on the street today…

Yu wanna Kill people? Put them in our Imperial Army!

Barking mad, that’s where they should go; canon fodder”

I lost my memory ~ I’m brainwashed, programmed enough!

Bullet in his Brain, body left in Cold storage in a fruit market!

& those Against Capitalist, Corporate greed; Health & Safety?

St Paul’s Protest, closure costing £16,000/day in lost earnings!

Who are we in debt to? Nobody tells us that Primal fact; Why?

Who’s holding the Global Power, who’s Controlling our Governments?

Despotic three-line whip of a rigid Party; No free democratic voting!

Might as well be in Pakistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia; the big beasts!

Fake, it’s all a Mirage, take it by the horns and tell it to “Fuck OFF!”

Inshallah” ~ What’s that really mean to you?


Finite Resources’

Ticket for Saudi women’s Olympic synchronous swimming team!

Infinity Pools or at your favela neighbours getting a cup of water.

Nuclear power Chandeliers in your mansion or Solar panels?

Royal Wedding budget or benefits for society’s most deserving.

Forests for Export to IKEA or the habitat of 2/3rds. of our Species?

We’re all in this together” ~ is a Capitalist Government’s mantra!

Bless, she’s earning for her family to survive! Human Priorities!

In the subjugation of humans, ‘Ignorance is Bliss’, who said that?

They Run the Matrix

She sees it ~ Exactly for what it is’

He knows what’s happening in a War! Do the boys?

To keep a bunch of Jackasses with MI6’s in Line!”

Imposing Order in the World and Killing the People who

don’t tow the Line.” Authority deems to put you to sleep!

They have no Idea of compromising; if they don’t have to.

Fighting War, Mad, but got balls of Male instinctive energy.

Sitting around doing nothing, nurturing a Parasite ~

and hatred with a Religious-Zealotry put on top of it!

Winding everyone up ~ Like a bunch of Toys.

Took all their Resources for Exploitation.

Outspent them on the Biggest Gun!

Of course, it’s fucking horrible!”


Sharing Inspiration

Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning’ ~ Haiku.

Always Loved ‘Crazy Horse & Searching for a Heart of Gold’.

In keeping with the Holy Grail ~ a divine mission for humanity.

Whoopee, “Give the tyrant a decent burial.” Security for Babylon!

Who’s digging for the Gold? Prospecting in the River Psyche ~

Still holding horrific blood lust; Time to stand up and REVOLT!

Sharpening your Spiritual weapons ~ take a Druid with you!

Nothing left to lose”, who said that? Janis Joplin or Boudicca?

Burning down the Imperial Temple full of collaborators!

Thank You, Love the snake ~ Love your own Fear Inside.”

Laying down your Life

They haven’t got their money, they got your money!

All as bent as you can imagine, as seen on the BBC.

A war for your mind, propaganda ratcheted up to the Max

Fascists gone mad; have to believe that DNA. is in

every cell of your body, our common denominator.

The illusions, the Mental-limits-set ~ going into

Space, beyond any Controls of Government.

Try some Auto-suggestion, in-synch magic ~

Who wants to live in Resilient, Smart Cities?

People will make the whirlpool bigger ~

and we’ll all get sucked into the Vortex!


Altar Boys

A religious, pervert club of child molesting paedophiles!

Corporations don’t have to be bloodthirsty Monsters,

they could be there for social & environmental good.

It’s not about the money, it’s about living the truth’

Looking at the TV. thinking it’s Real; You’re Real!

Never have a number or a letter box on your door.

Matrixed; they had Mao, now they want Club Med!

Philophobe, you make me smile, even if I don’t want to”

The Ego, your biggest enemy; merdre, that’s me!

Sensual Deva planes; time for our inner consciousness

to become fully alive within our body ~ “I like it deep!”

I only Love Acid!”

How badly paid a torturer is in Iran!” she said.

Houmas is a Killer, try some super mango jam!

I’d rather be into vegetarianism than cannibalism.

Interstellar adventurers ~ ‘Booming’ all the time!

A camel can cost $1 million. “Run for the Jungle!”

If you’re on a spiritual path, you’re non-judge-mental”

It’s not easy saying goodbye to a Baby”

I find myself ~ a big fan of Jesus”


Onion Sites

Reshaping society on the dark-net for a white rabbit ~

Free marketing, hacking for organised psycho-criminals,

downloading Tor and becoming Quasi-anon-ymous.

Why is there Pizza delivery on the new silk road?

Unplug your computer when you sleep.

Rent a hacker and ruin someone’s life!

Orchestrating against your name.

Where does the child-porn live?

Where the worst of the worst live!

Innocent until proven guilty. Fire!

Forked Tongues Dispelled from the Intra-net!

A Tyrannical Despot they’d supported for over 30 brutal years!

$1.3 billion/year, a gift from the US; to follow in their direction.

Not support for those claiming Democracy; a contradiction, irony.

Last refuge of a bloody Maniac, murders his own innocent people.

Sending in a mighty, despised, Egyptian army crushing a Revolt!

Underneath gloss, they’re fascists keeping their own Power base.

Mubarak’s henchmen leading repression in the Battle of Camels.

Being held in a hypocritical cycle of Fear.


Imbaba Witness

The Rage of Cairo’s poor; sent the Police to shoot the people!

Crossing over the Nile ~ “Aim to Kill” your Moslem brothers,

your family, sister, your Egyptian neighbor; terrorizing society.

Is this written in the Koran; how to Govern your people Abdel?

Ruthless crackdowns in Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Libya!

Arab dictators’ corruption, rigged elections, torturing dissidents.

Filming Protests, inspiring others to support humanity’s cause!

Let’s have it in the open, Blog it round the World, brave souls

using Internet to highlight the violence of Security force’s thugs.

America got it wrong, again supporting their own Proxy Dictators!

There’s a Revolution at the Pyramids, toppling the old hierarchy.

Go and ask Khaled Saeed for evidence, exposing the Live fire…

Been taken to the hated Ministry of the Interior for Interrogation!

Right Burks!

The Arab spring with a just cause to revolt for life, but another dismal

British summer; hoodlums in disguise, Yobs in masks, wanting strife!

Nout else to do, no higher ideals, stabbing pensioners with knives.

So pathetic, examples of cowardice confronting a Police State.

The Wealth and Power is held and controlled by the richest .1%.

It’s yours now, the house and all the money.”

What shall we do with it?”

You are the Stooges!


He’s My God Tonight”

USA. land of the Free & the brave! Now home to 5% of World’s

population but 25% of its Prisoners. ‘Unpopular wars effecting

people, You!’ Well Fuck Off! Possibility of standing up to Power.


Don’t play the system’s game, caught up reacting with the Violence.

Beaten in Chicago’s streets, putting flowers in Army’s rifle barrels!

The Whole World Is Watching” “Say, You Want Another Revolution!”

Life Is too Sacred, Stop the War” ~ “Put an End to War, atrocity”

GIVE PEACE ANOTHER CHANCE” ~ What is your Priority?

Anthem of a New Anti-War movement. What’s happening today?

WE SHALL OVERCOME” ~ that’s a good old Social tune too.

WAR IS OVER, If You Want it’. Who the fuck doesn’t want that?

Grab it by the balls, don’t let it slip through your fingers again!

It’s cheaper than anyone’s Life brother, or another sister’s Pain.

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR ~ let’s all live in Peace and Harmony.”


You’re in God’s country wherever you go it goes with you.”

Morphing, not expressing a body ~ mirror’s reflection of light.

Who is taking any Responsibility? Who destroyed our Identity?

Now they’re spying on their population, shredded all our rights!

This Dictatorial, Oligarchic, Plutocratic, Tyrannical, Neo-Fascism.

A New World Ordered Government, Kleptocratic Global Empire

consolidating, aggravating, accumulating All the Earth’s wealth.

In the hands of a few & you got nothin’ to say; shut your mouth!

Wall Street’s Money Monsters, Bio, Financial, Military, Industrial,

Complex, taken over COMMAND; stand still slave, “Achtung!”

Who is this Franchise owner of Global Conglomerates, Baron?’

Fuckin’ dangerous sociopath, megalomaniac, Neocons at it again.

Do what you’re told or you will DIE with the rest of them in the pit!

Chosen Puppets in face masks given the Powers to carry out the

orders of these Controllers in the shadows who made this Crisis!

Now they proffer the solution; “Can’t let any crisis go to waste!”

Who saved the World? Give us all your cash, resources, to do it!

Secret Governments at your disposal, enslaving anyone you like.

Giving a cosmetic facelift to Fascism’



The Enlightened State

State of Enlightenment

Nothing lasts forever’

I Love change ~

Fuck You LBJ’

Original Slogan > ‘DECLARE PEACE’

He’s a ‘Peaceful Revolutionary’

And She’s a Creative Genius…

The World about me was going up in flames!”

Don’t want any fuckin’ Peaceniks here!”


Untouchable Dalits ~ “Not the time for Negative thoughts”

Identifying me as an Infidel or impure, isn’t that a racist!


Who can possibly be Opposed to that?” Really! Want the list…

The Government was there to scare people into Fighting WARS!

Try Fighting for Peace, Happy Feelings, Generosity and Bliss ~

Not the chanting of the Battle Hymn, throw it in the rubbish bin.

Unless someone attacks you violently first, give ‘em ~ wu-wei.

Try again and again, promoting World Peace and Divine Love.


Pecking Duck!

You can do what you like! Regressed, repression.

Don’t Accept any FEAR, Recessionista! LAUGHTER!

Let’s pray together ~ Live drama. ‘For Officers Only’.

Sacrificed the working class ~ flower of a Nation!’

First time she got a Telegram and it was terrible!

Fixed bayonets, over the top to your death!

Digesting the juices, the worry is eating you.

Say, ‘No to Genocide!’

The few, .0001% keepin’ their low vibrational control over the many”

Your secret is safe with me ~ “Kill them all and we’ll sort it out later!”

A Dishonorable Discharge for those who refused to participate.

Refusing to murder your mother, father, sister, brother & children.

B52 atrocities attacking peasants with napalm, melting your skin.

500,000 U S soldiers deserted during Viet Nam War’s projection.

Threw their Medals on the steps of Capital Hill in fierce Protest

at Agent Orange, fragmentation grenades from the Kitty Hawk!

Massacres at Mai Lai carried on into Afghanistan & Iraq today.

This fascism is gonna end in a Trail of Tears.


Predatory Banksters’ Strategy

Transferring all Wealth Off-shore, sticks it in an Illuminati bank.

Who has Real Economic, War Power, Cutting Credit & Liquidity?

Repeating the Slogans, Bilderberger’s, Trilateral Commission’s,

Council of Foreign Relations, throw in Jesuits too; Owning You!

No more criminal than that, Capitalist venture’s looting systems!

Who Bankrupted the World, where did all the people’s money go?

Scientifically Engineered - controlling all Global Market Forces.

Big Brother despotism down at your local Gladiatorial Coliseum.

Consolidating All Financial Energy under Maximum Chemtrails.

Dow Jones took over Union Carbide, revoking all responsibility.

Ask what we gonna do ~ 200,000 babies being born every day!

By the Grace of…

Broken to bits, your heart’s not singing.

Wearing a Bomb belt ~ primed to go Off!

Freedom to make the right choice. Up to You!

Love, Unconditional Love ~ Not Terror rising.

That’s the message they should all be preaching.

Not here to make a Judgment, here to Express the bliss.

The joy of joys.


Havin’ a go ~ just experiencing ~

Embrace it. “NO, you can’t do that!”

The Monkey Mind ~ getting’ reeled in!

It doesn’t make sense unless you know

Something about fish” ~ Absolutely!


Petrified Children

Yanking your chain! You’re Re/Possessed!

They loved to hate him, and she likes grass.

Quality of Life ~ the improvisation of fire.

Can’t be easy pulling the trigger on a Tiger!

Entitled to kill to protect my possessions.”

Take this we’ve been Bombed out!”

How about that for transcending reality?

Another psychopath enjoying inflicting pain.

Holy Ponzi Constitution!

They’re enjoying life as Natural primitives, no Economic Crisis.

No knowledge of a Global recession or Conglomerate deception.

It’s how they live, they still got respect; we’re not Tunin’ into it ~

All our wealth is being funneled to the top 1%, Imagine that and our

Democracy’ is really a Government by Banksters for the Banksters!

All sorts of Fraud on the floor, a Wall Street Structure; Burn It!

Just living in a well-developed propaganda matrix, slave machine

Endemic Capitalist Corruption from the Very Highest positions!

How can anyone respect that? It’s clearly the established Mafia!

The people given the Privilege to uphold the truth have Failed!

Met a Predatory Lender at my local bank, the High-Risk Casino!

Playing roulette with your Savings and Pensions, no Regulations.

Wake Up and See them for what they are!



Another suicide bomber at the Abdul Haq roundabout ~

They brought their own helicopters in to finish the Taliban!

God, they must be really brainwashed, them fellahs; why?

Men in black suits were just leaving the crime scene’

We’re in Control ~ Thanks be to God!”

Smack, Crack & Poppy!

Diaphanous Beauty down at mill.

A marriage made in Heaven for half a shilling’

You were on rations while they lived in a Palace.

Still the same today; what yu gonna do ‘bout it?

Do you remember? “Give us a penny Mr.”

Is this a Financial War of our political elites?

13 Israelis dead and 1400 Palestinians expired!

61 school children killed in their playground ~

Who is ever going to make a Peace feeling here?

Knesset won’t even release their radio frequencies!

Big Investors are making all the decisions and money.

The new settlers even burnt the villagers’ Olive groves.


Complicity’ (Gibson Enquiry/Abdel Hakim Belhadj)

British Intelligence, MI6. Rendered him Extra-ordinarily to the

Torture chambers of Colonel Gaddafi who was known to be a

Tyrant; yet didn’t stop them trading in crimes against humanity!

It doesn’t matter how you spin it now, the cat is out the bag and

your hands are covered in blood, approved by a cabinet Minister.

Democratic propaganda exposed supporting their client Despots.

His rescue pleas to stop the daily brutality fell on her death ears.

Give her a job in ‘Team Libya’; losing more hearts and minds mate!

Methods considered so brutal that other countries call them Torture.

Their Enhanced Interrogation and Secret Interception techniques!

Forsake the Devil and all his works’

May we engage?”

Enough contradictions, lies, cover-ups, to ask is it Conspiracy?

Waving False Flags. Where are those unarmed Fighter Jets!

NORAD flew in the completely wrong direction;

All at sea. Do we have any communication?

Where’s the President when you need one!

Flying deliberately blind, lost in a massive systemic confusion.

A wicked nightmare for anyone living in the Towers of Babel!

What we gonna do now? Shutting down the entire country!

That’s it, we’re finished! “We’re at War!” Keep on Preying!

Who’s in Control? “Call my family tell them I love them!”

This is a Suicide Mission! Praying with a Bomb in his hand.

Authorised a Shootdown ~ Not expecting any Survivors!


Master Mind Sin Drone

He sold 400 tons of the country's gold at base rate; why on Earth?

Rumsfeld supplies Saddam, Chemical and Biological Weapons!

He’s a bad guy, needs to be replaced once We give him WMD’.

Who owns the World’s wealth? Ask the Illuminati and Oligarchs.

Be a Terrorist; Join the Stern gang’. Now they’re all Powerless!

Vigilantes on Bullet street, Machiavellian Icon, their Role Model.

Solvent abuse, “mucho gracias”, paying another death squad!

George Michael jailed, smoking marijuana; ‘A Public Danger’

Can you see any Irony in this, how about fascistiousness?

Torture Nature

You have to go out of the body ~ “You fall in bliss” Unbelievably!

Surrendering to the PAIN, full emotional body over your Mind.

If you go out of it, you have No Mind ~ left with essential stream.

Everything is One discovery from out of their cruel inhumanity.

Who could ever have envisioned that, hung him; nailed to the floor!

You pray, while they’re raping her with cattle prods! ASK HER….




Like a child in a sweet shop with a Gold card

being able to choose all the flavours on the shelf.

Put £10 in her fruit machine, every time gets to win.

Here You are the Prize” You can pick Any one You want!

There’s No competition for women, why would men fall out?

If you don’t want it tonight, have it tomorrow ~ “Up to you ~”

Long time ~ short time, she’s there to Please You. Happy End!

Whores that never kiss, see a fuck as a bodily function not love.

I don’t want to put a woman on a lead, don’t want a cute dog”

It’s up to you!” No really, it’s up to me but I’ll let her think that.

Lao cow, Thai poulette, pink not battered! Lady boys for toys!

Just ask for the chicken farm, no anxiety for blondes anymore!

Ping Pong, body to body, unlocking languages of debauchery

Free Parties were Ended so was the Trust!

UK Gov. sold their people out, can’t even have a solstice festival.

Old people’s care homes, hospitals, pensions in utter despair!

Authority, Regulation by the Predators on your street and GM.

Cloned foods, polluted air, water, radioactive, nuclear Powers!

Corruption of your leaders with their noses deep in the trough.

Dynamited Marine, coral reef; starvation is no surprise then!

They won’t start the war until we get there, will they sir?” Ego…

Who made the Gods to prey on the Fears of men?” SLAVERY!

Supporting a Maniacal Plutocracy instead of a true democracy.

Wise up! “The Slaves are Mine!” Cobras swallowing Pharaohs.

The Quest in solidarity with an Agent Provocateur of Inspiration


Who did that to us?

There’s no time to duck & dive ~ Part of the horror of WAR!

Somebody is Responsible for making this happen! In Ruins!

Carpet Bombing!!! Vacuuming up burning tiny bits of flesh…

Hoping you weren’t going to be a Target; Trapped, ask Shiva.

Glowing bright red, girl with a pineapple grenade for a head.

Hiding in a lethal Haystack, melted to death in a summer field.

Where can we get some Protection? Dismiss it from your Mind.

This is the Front Line ~ Are you ready to burn?

I’d rather be beside a Frangipani tree in Hampi”

Promising to Liberate Ignorance

All the System’s Rules, Regulations, Levels, Restrictions, Ideas,

Conditionings, codes, identities, illusions, delusions, Allusions,

Orders, manners, etiquettes, protocols, judgments, d/evaluations.

So, try Observing from your true essential, inspirational being ~

That’s who you really are ~ Lights of eternal Conscious * Flash!


Your Murdering Terrorists - Our Righteous Rebels’

Waking up the Human Sidewinder ~ Psychopathic Wipe Out!

Horrific Traumas of very Unsmart Weapons in a demon’s hand

The Statistical Inevitability of Civilian deaths; more pure Inhumanity.

When you got money, you got access. All Tooled up as an Emperor!

Scenes that some of our viewers may find disturbing but we show

them every day so you really should be used to them by now!

Violence & Executions by your Despots; Our deniable Tyrants!

Babylon engagement with the dimension, taking out the target!

The Universe wastes nothing ~ it doesn’t die but transforms

~ even a little virus like you! “Who is the Alien?”


C L A S S I F I E D’

Higher Intelligence ~ what are your Secret Intentions?

Disabled all our Violent Weapons! We won’t change!

Armed missiles up their sleeves ~ Crash landed in Iran.

Can’t even realize that we’re destroying ourselves now.

Walk-Ins who came to save the Earth from Destruction.

Found the ‘Balance of Mind disturbed’ ~ “You’re Beaten”

Feral Attack

There’s nothing more cowardly than blowing up a whole village

with invisible, unmanned, deadly Drones Mrs. Secretary of State!

Shaking the Polonium -20 into your Litvinenko tea pot comrade!

Profligate Banks forever blackmailing our wastrel Government.

Fluore jellyfish & genetically modified cats glowing in the dark.

Development of Natural proteins preventing Aids in Macaques!

He got shot in Israel, ‘What was he doing?’ Waving a white flag.


Mass Incarceration numbers quadrupled since the 80’s in USA.

Private prison Incentive to keep the numbers up, Inmates mean $

Only answering to their Shareholders; How’s your derivatives?

How are your detainees being looked after in their padded cells?

Lobbying for heavy handed sentencing, more Corporate Capitalism.

Promoting their business model, top two Conglomerates’ profits up!

The secret in their soulless eyes


Means: ‘Rule by Thieves’

Found Tornadoes swirling along equatorial Trade winds!

The First Lady’ what the hell is that title in a Democracy?

Did I say Religo-Monarchy, Republic, Plutocracy or Kleptocrazy?

Governments of rampant greed, corruption, subject to no control,

fraud and embezzlement, the misappropriation of Public funds

at the expense of the wider population, extending power to Elite’

I Want Jam, mam put that next to a tutti * frutti, banana bullshit”

I wanna be a Rebel, being by your side”

Checking out

The Last Thatch

The Sociopathic King in his Castle Tower’

Travelers protesting to the High court.

Living on a scrapheap in the green belt

without the right planning permission.

Waiting for the Bailiffs.

Bulldozers at Dawn!


Even Saudis don’t eat pigeons!

But do like to get married to baby girls rockin’ in the cradle ~

Girls attacked with acid on their way to school; Head teacher

murdered by the Taliban, reminds me of same in U S’ Guatemala.

Is this Real World or an Exercise?” “It’s not a f…. exercise!”

Cheney concluded its Terror! Do you remember your ‘Kaibiles’?


Summer Afternoon
What’s on the Master’s Mind with Cruise Missiles flying about?
Troops in full Riot gear tasering, pepper spraying the Citizenry!
How did this begin, who set it up, why and how’s it gonna end?
Infinite examples of Man’s crazy, cruel in/actions on innocents.
Do you really want this in your Life and that of your children?
‘Live the Life you want to see in the World’

Du Pont Conspiracy

South Carolina just legalized Hemp to help its farmers…

Finally, some Eco*common sense against the global plastic cartel.

It needs less water and fertilizer and is less environmentally polluting.

It doesn’t get you high but the US. Federal government has still made

it illegal as technically it is Hemp and so imports it from China! Crazy!


Whatever The Moment ~ The Situation

Where is the appearance of Love ~


We decided that our Indian People are

more Important to Us than Long Jail Terms”


Politics:  is a philosophical system

employed to keep together Man

within the realm of the known and

within the power of the resources

of the known.


Practically:  to limit these resources

to man through systems of control

until demanded as a natural right

Religion:  is the name of the path

man’s consciousness believes must

be followed in order to arrive in essence

with the natural ~ laws of the universe


The Church:  is the philosophical

endeavour to give Man the values

required to support himself

along the path of religion


Practically:  it is a doctrinaire system

to hold Man together in front of the

obscure path of religion thereby in itself

restraining Man's courage to walk clearly


Us Son

Don’t knock Nicaragua.

What’s that

It’s turning out to be an original

A maid whose deep in Love

Up tempo

Life too is waking up

then walking barefoot,

carrying a heavy sack

strapped across the brow ~

It’s not like running for a bus is it?



Real produce

from a social finca

I stand amazed ~ at these beans…

Fresh ~ all the way from Nicaragua.

1984 more people died in Ethiopia

than in the 1st World War!

Seeds for the future ~ enduring.



When in the Land

of Milk & Honey ~

don’t need 16 sons!

Creating other Realities


Nectar * Contact

Psychiatrists don’t really have a clue can you believe it?

Right off the track > Living it, not out of a mental Textbook.

Couldn’t even Kill a fish ~ that eye’s always open!”

Who has been holding the light then?

To have a House with No doors or windows.

Others swore Acid was the fuel!

The Totality of the Magic door ~

No Fear in Fearless Meditation


Eye to Eye’ not ‘Eye for an Eye’

No expectations’ ~ Unexpected in a Spin!


Cultivation in the ‘Brahma Vihara’ Garden

~ the Highest Feeling towards all beings ~

Highest Life Attaining Inner * Outer Peace together.

Pigeon holed, the Predators are out! Buddha’s lesson ~

Peace or War? ~ over a family’s possession of a River.

Is its intrinsic value more, flowing with water or your blood?

No Wars were fought on behalf of dhamma, becoming calmer.

Peace, Impartiality and friendliness to All, after bathing

in the waters of Loving Kindness, joy and Compassion.

Conquest > Spiritual ~ Not Political, Ego or Militarily.

Victory breeds hatred, the conquered sleep in sorrow.

Cast aside victory & defeat. A Peaceful one dwells at ease.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, hatred ceases by Love”


Activist on the Short List

What do you think of Democracy Mr. Gandhi?

I think it would be a Good Idea”

Disrespect is based on Fear, drummed up by?

Colonialism was so, Legitimised on Ancient Civilisations.

Baghdad was once the Centre of Top Islamic Knowledge.

Not a collateral scrapheap of blown up cars and burnt body parts.

A Babylon of Classical Texts and sumptuous hanging gardens;

not a dump for Phosphorous shells and other Monstrosities!

This continuous cycle of Conquest being Perpetuated!

These ‘Recidivisionistas’ and ‘Acquisitions’

of the Spoils of War


Vested Massive Miss Interests

Who’s held to Account For ‘Extraordinary Rendition’

Who is there to ask a Critical question without hiding?

Feel their Fear of losing their jobs & pensions; Pathetic!

The WMD. fiasco is a Perfect example. Any Reasoning?

Any legal precedence obtaining under torture, evidence?

Mind Boggling, what’s become of us now, boffins & gadgets!

Resonating a very disturbed Mind with glaring Omissions.

He’s not the brightest; “This is War, Nothing Personal!”

Divers Ending

More than one Real World

death is merely change ~ not even

because we are Omnificent

of the Cosmic infinite scent

there are no omissions

no sins of commission

It’s All Inclusive, resplendent

no end no beginning just being.

No Point but Your Divineness

Not even a diamond Omphalos.

Snowflakes fall and disappear

here a vision of eternity ~

Love is forever and together



Not another hotchpotch orthodoxy!

All this Stuff only causes Confusion.

Just be Sensitive to the Life force ~

that gives this magic loving energy

After My Own Heart

Headhunting in Tehran > Shock, Awe, Horror, Terror

Ok I deserved it? “Now you have my head but not my faith.”

Converted many Christians by burning them with Kerosene’.

In-tolerance, everybody’s releasing from their own Karma!”

Ok, I desired them, fell on an Emperor’s Peacock throne.

Reactions from the past ~ going to come back

from Saturn’s Green reapers, making the laws, rules;

in ignorance, painful vengeance until Transcendence.

The wise don’t lament for the alive or dead”

Dropped Obsidian swords ~ invoking female frequency


Beautiful Life in India

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’, heard that before.

No such thing as Bad drugs dude, but Bad Brain,

for your Blame game. A Jackass from the beginning!”

Discovered the Smoking King ~ le Baba’s magic potion....

Take LSD, sell everything and come to India.” Co creation ~

procreation, permeation, correlation, devotion, Saraswati’s darshan.

just because you got Democracy doesn’t mean you got ~ freedom”


No Mind No Expectation

The Spirit experiences the World of form and limitation in

order to evolve itself back into Conscious Union with that

Original Oneness”

Peeped into transparency

Knowledge of the Supreme experience ~

what I’ve been led to believe….

Shown the Point of no Returns…

glimpsed a victim of Attachment.

Awesome we haven’t got a clue ~ why

they would want to keep us in the dark

absorbed into infinite Mind Programming?

Never even Imagined I could be beyond ~

Spiritual conquest of transcendental reality

after bathing in the waters

of Love and Compassion


The Hilltop

Drug candy, smoking charas; THC*LSD.

Out on the town with your friend Mandy.

It is what it is’ ~ and, it’s blowin’ my Mind!

Nothing is right or wrong, all inseparable ~

You have an instant of choice in any destiny.

There is no Ego*Mind just Super Processing

changing streams ~ wavelets of zero energies.

Karmic frequencies skinning up on a chai mat,

holding hot desire in my hand, sampling a kiss.

Illusions of ripe strawberry, sweet vermillion lips

Journeys Out of Substitute Existences

Just Live it ~You’ve Come Alive; Wow!

Taking Puja at the Shiva village Shrine.

You look like a very happy wreck.

Let’s have Wampum, no need…

for bellicose threatening of War

or motiveless wanton destruction!

Once a very popular custom.

Hard to evaluate, judge it!

To see through what it is, brother.

Early morning harmony

tapestry of our being ~

embracing with a lovely kiss


The Red Pill

Guess what I got? A New dealer - doctor.

Selling Zoloff - “go to sleep, it’ll be fine in the morning”

Get me out, because all the points and centre sucks!

Narrow – minded, stuck to your Identity in fidelity.

Craving, Addiction, No ambition, Obsessional!

For what? My energy is focused

on being as free, Objective as I can.

Life ~ Force frequency, lose your ego,

go with whatever. ‘Thank – God it’s Friday”

I’m an environmental activist, who are You?”

not in the package I expected, natural in her own way”


My favourite word in India.

Being ~ happy with it ~ harmony

Meditation is everywhere ~

Divining Light


Vision * Quests

Ethereal Cosmos ~ In tune with Earth

Participation ~ everyone shares

Could remember everything

from the furthest light year shooting star

into the deepest dimensions of our heart.

Who has to pay for Joy?

You make your own reality, every moment,

together transmutation ~ free, Psytrance Party

Coming out whirling in the moment, dancing

going back to her juices



Come Home, Pass Out”

Spending time with my pussy

flowing with the Babaette ~

taking wheat grass, thinking about my health.

It was horrible; still had a bit of respect left.

Love your arse, gave her a Tick Tack”

She won’t know the difference ~

They Run the Matrix

She sees it ~ Exactly for what it is’

He knows what’s happening in a War! Do the boys?

To keep a bunch of Jackasses with MI6’s in Line!”

Imposing Order in the World and Kill the People who

don’t tow the Line.” Authority deems to put you to sleep!

They have no Idea of compromising; if they don’t have to.

Fighting War, Mad, but got balls of Male, instinctive energy.

Sitting around doing nothing, nurturing a Parasite ~

and hatred with a Religious-Zealotry put on top of it.

Winding everyone up ~ like a bunch of Toys!

Took all their Resources for Exploitation.

Outspent them on the Biggest Gun!

Of course, it’s Horrible”


Divine Starburst

The Illusion is Real ~ just we Identify with it” ~ Reactionary.

Atomic galaxy central fusion. “Don’t leave home without one”

The eight directions of ‘A Pedigree, Party Yogi’

Sees right through it ~ Soul Food, “be who I am”

That Sweetest Heart ~ who went through Hell (for you!)

Found it existing in the body & Mind. Changing Image ~

to a good guy, keeping the bombs out of your backyard!

Told when to Jump ~ all the strong cells survived the weak.

Trust to Trust

On a train to Varanasi with a bag of Mandy, bottle of poppers

& a nymphomaniac who’ll never leave you ~ “Fancy a Fuck?”

You can be HIGH on Life, can’t you? Don’t need stimulants!

We’re so full of Control/Ego Programs! How to get rid of them?

Playfulness ~ “Can I hold your hand, will you hold my hand?”

Changing in & out of the now ~ exploring.

Changing the Mind ~ Being the Allowance.

Do you want to marry me?” Then I saw how helpless she was.

Please help me, I’m lost in a fractal maze, delusional haze”

Have to be Together ~ on the Point or we’re Separate….

Have to be Living in the Acceptance State for it to happen.

I should not forget it ~ I will be there.”


A Collection of Cosmic Keys

Pain is a resistance to not letting ~ the feeling go, free.

Fluoride aluminiumbot, Strip Lights giving brain disease ~

Chemtrails, EMF. energy, lighting systems being detected,

without the heat, fluffy, no thorns, trapped inside our bodies.

Changed the medicine spirit into genetically modified Venom.

All the energy is going to Earth, holding on or not; surrenders.

Rubber tires still holding the life force, of natural plant, planet.

Whole energy from the 1st. Mescaline juice in Psyche * tropica

San Pedro, Lima ~ let the energies flow again.

Put the Cactus in the Peyote juicer”

Supplying them fresh

Solar Polar ~ Alpha rhythms

Branded on a t shirt, ‘SLAVE’

We escaped to the Zoo again”

Hooked & Fucked, Punch Drunk!

There’s a sucker born every second’

From on a billboard ~ ‘Be Stress Free’

Free Experience not a Planned controlled ‘Session’

Psycho active catalyst (invented) LSD 25 for Migraine!

A Spiritual antidote to an Atom Bomb!

Euphoria, free to look into Your Self


Scanning A Toxic Dump

Tweakers & Amphetamine people so fucked;

No time to Process, catalogue, file away

their brain cells without sleeping!”

Composing in there, I’ve just got pricked!

Supposed to be an increase of vibration ~

Have one of these!” Spiked with MDMA!

Shaving the crystal ~ Sexy female Vocals.

There’s non-so blind as them that will not see.”

More beautiful with a little flaw in it.

When you stroke her…..

Blue Moon

Seeing the Mirages all standing up.

Your Mind and body disconnecting ~

Drowned in a bag of horse tranquiliser!

You won’t die but you might flip out awhile.

How directly attuned/atomed are you?

60’s LSD. a U S. ‘Top Secret’ ~ leaked out.

Capt. Methrie found it as the way to Heaven!

It’s in India whichever Level you want to find.

Enlightened being in that field.

No questions


The Rock Will Come to You

Respectful to Genesis’ ~ Creation of the lovely flower of Life.

She chose classic emeralds rather than sparkling diamonds.

Living in Fairyland ~ “Give me the Facts & Figures….

There is No Life in there!!!”

It’s not often someone gives you a packet of Condoms

that you thought were nice biscuits!” ‘Great fuckin’ Acid!’

Magical mushrooms, sublime psilocybin, ecstatic MDMA.

We had it all over our faces ~ broken sugar crystal*cubes.

When we come together at parties we Create ~

All this lovely energy”

Watching from the Ghats at Varanasi

Chai, chillum, chapatti ~ chelo Parvati”

Like to see a blonde Radha in a Cosmic fairy tale.

All that rushin’ round for a glistening, black Moonbeam.

Too much of a good thing ~ Supra hard-core Kali vibes.

Has she got a heart ~ sitting in exploding jet streams.


State of a Quiet Mind

Just got to Log on * Up-link you can afford.

Spaciness of a multi*coloured hologram, Wizard.

Shaking with the vibrations of a Chakra explosion.

If you ask yourself during Meditation ~

if you’re Meditating, then you’re not Meditating”

4D Geomancy maps and a Psychedelic Bulletin.

Close your eyes, let it come to you....

Your dimension, any equation you want.

DMT ~ you get when you’re born and die”

Dancing with sacred molecules of Ayuhuasca.

It’s there, on Acid you have a chance to realise.

1st Trip ~ Took me to where I was going….

Changed my life forever; just like meeting you!

One with your infinite Universe * ultra-Imaginary.

A gift, a Big Surprise, that’s what we all need.

Everything sounds good to me

The Diamond Cutter

It’s Your Mind that Operates on the Mind.

Overcome any defilements with breath ~

Purification of the Auxiliary Attacks.

But how to go < beyond > this Mind to Space?

Deeper Awareness * Deeper Penetration

Your full trancing prayer at Shiva Valley.

Quieten ~ Calmer Concentration


Bonus Conspiracy

Married a niece of Kali in Mali, painted by a Daliesque

Ingénue. “Opening more of those doors of Perception

of course; they’re going to put a lock on the house!”

Who is really living it ~ * ~ Free to Party”

With alcohol you don’t need a lock

because You can’t get out the room!”

Breaking the taboos, biological incentives;

I’d rather have a bullet in the head.”

No, I don’t know about that ~



When you are utterly empty the whole existence enters you.

All the stars are within you, all the flowers, the Sun, the Moon.”

Whose Soul’s craving attention?

Rainbow warrior, Sun worshipper, Freedom fighter at a Ceilidh.

My Sari of Dreams, she weaved it from silk with Shiva moon man.

Seductive Wild women, Ninja boots, big bag of Class A drugs!

Surrendering has nothing to do with giving up ~ it’s Spiritual.

Trust to Trust going with free flow ~ guided by the inspiration.

Potency tuning its frequency, feeling it through natural Touch.

I was Centred” in my sub conscious’ vital stream of life force.

It happened that way, doesn’t matter what you think you want.

Keep aware of equanimity, dhamma, whatever is, it’s all Good.

Light workers raising vibrations of the Planet ~ unfolding Lotus

from inside ~ Integration * go within or go without ~ All is Love


Belief System

Completely twisted, I was living it! Testing your Pill at the door.

What a free spirit that was! On a sense of adventure ~ early on.

So, they make sure everyone’s having a good time; Thank you.

Enjoying It, get out of the way, no resistance, less blockages ~

Breaking through, being in the creative mix ~ Spontaneous.

but no way I want to be in the band ~ Egoless ~ Perfect”

Change the pattern of the thought ~ taking off the veil just to be.

Electric guitar full jamming, play it for the sound that comes out.

In streams of free consciousness.

Flying Trip

Chinese music, carving Tigers and swirling roses in my Spirit.

You build with practice and self-control, controlling your Mind!

You’re feeling like an angel, everything you wanted came true.

When I got dusted, trying to play darts on PCP.

Smokin’ hash for thousands of years.

Talkin’ to his flip flops about K holes.

Good acidic neural networks, cruising along route 66.

Ketamine just say, ‘Neigh’ to a line of horses; he was messy,

she was stroppy; ‘AT LEAST BE HAPPY’

Learning as you go in & out ~ Charms of a poppy!

Why would anyone NOT want to be Happy?”

Said my philosophy teacher from Benares.

If you got ‘em don’t waste them”


Doors of Perception’

Salisbury hippy ~ “Don’t know a lot about Unlocking”

Hoffman’s micrograms and it will Open all your windows!”

The freshest acid you ever took, Super mikes, dots,

Purple Oms, Smiling Buddhas, California sunshine.

Vivid paisley patterns in my eyes, not hallucinatin’

body rushin’ ~ even if you can ride the waves.

The doh that sees everything, more in allowing.

Lot of unaware muppets, we called them India blahs.

Manali is loved ~ the Temple balls we were moochin”

A facilitator of the journey, you travel and heal yourself.


The Power of the Dyson to alter a woman’s mind!

The Power of MDMA to turn a stranger into a Minx.

Not everything has a meaning ~ a babbling brook.

I’ve done all that Warrior training Baba.

Driving around the World in a Psychedelic Ice Cream Van.

Eureka moment ~ “Seems like an acid trip that never ended!”

You need another set of eyes” ~ “Just need to Open yours.”

The tree was dancing the whole night ~ Organically Orgasmic.

I’m in it, do you think she’s in it?” There’s only so much crap

you can put up with on the way to finding something interesting.

If you have it in your Consciousness ~ it happens like that!

Gurus spend their time listening to the silence.

Nature telling you what’s goin’ on ~

Take her a Rose’


Plighted to a Diamond

Sleeping with Venus

holding the deep Red crystal in your heart

Conscious of the Limits

of the Sense body

A Shell ~ when it goes,

go to the True essence

the true being ~ of no fear dear

Cocktails of Allowance

If you’re ever in a Native Indian Casino in the high desert

of northern Arizona, try a ‘Blue Venom’ from the Frog tribe!

Six healers from the jungle arrived,

they all put their hands on me at the same time ~

this Green Energy came in and I just got this healing”

Then when I came back into my body ~ into existence!”

Say it’s another reality, you just made a Jump and came back.”

I want to give you Confirmation ~ of the Illusory, delusion.”

What’s my Truth Experiencing?

Trying to find Yourself ~ going back to Astral roots.

Remembering who you are; ask the Crystal twins.

Karma and Wisdom, you are giving ~ ‘Own It’

Consciously ~ every spirit is different.


Another F….. Curse!

God told them they were the Chosen people and they believed it!!

Do you wanna feel my reptilian parts? His pert gecko arse’

What’s the best Commodity?” “Cash?” ~ “No, black hash!”

There’s a lot of Fakirs around; I’m not on drugs, just ¼ a day!

Sometimes a Golden chariot comes as a wheelchair in a mirror.

Understanding brain patterns to push visions through ~

There is an Infinity of Worlds, you build your own.

Appearing in different places at the same time ~

Allowance and being Conscious about it.

Paradise Heaven

I thought I was in heaven

setting of the Sun how bright.

What amazing colours you spray!

Greens, yellows, all the amazing shades.

The turquoise, blue sea its current flows by ~

The Sun's white ~ Golden beams reflecting,

changing frequencies in the purple ripples.

My dimension is moving ~

What is real, am I alive or dead?

Dead in the Universe.


A sight of Heaven, as the Universe.

Can't look anymore ~ gives me

the feeling of strong movement.

Crashing, reeling my brain.

The textures of the soft sand,

the tastes, the chills ~ unknown.

Yes, but there’s divine Heaven too.

Will I move again, am I real or just

a viewer, eye on the Supreme reality;

Is this Supreme reality?

I'm still conscious

of the reality by which I arrived here.

This is Thailand isn't it?

This is a place? This beach, those trees,

the distant people; are they my imagery?

No, they are real, so are you.

A trip, don't lose it.


A Trip

The God experience ~

The natural wonder of the Sun.

Its amazing imagery giving

the colour spectrum to

caress my eyes and brain.

Wow! those reflections,

that ripple of purple ~

burning magma, flowing.

Will it change?

Am I mad?

Am I mad?

What is real anymore?

So frightening but you know,

don't you? Yes I think so ~

I have something to hold onto

or is it my barrier to Paradise?

I think

Lou Reed produces the music

capturing the colourful freaks ~

the humorous, the silent, unknowing

of the ~ "Yeah man you digging it too"

people ~ who were seen

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