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Chrumpton Heard the . . . Whos?

an election in verse

A non-poet's thoughts on election 2016

J.M. Pierce

Chrumpton Heard the . . . Whos?

On the sixteenth of June

In the summer of Nyork

An elephant stepped up

with a plan for more work.

Then citizen Chrumpton threw

his name in the hat, said, "I stand

with the people, the workers ignored!

Give voice to Forgottens, the flyover poor!"

The news birds did cackle

and paid squawkers roared,

"What people? The voters?

Forgottens? What poor?"

They knew better than Chrumpton.

They twisted the laws, and

enforced chosen rules, shoved

No-Vote Land voters' aside,

stuck their heads in the sand.

Drove stories, news cycles,

from dawn through the night,

put un-stories out.

They must have been right.

"A billion-buck Chrumpton? Running

to rule? To govern? No chance he can

win!" they chorused together

again and again.

But the small specks of voters

in No-Vote Flyover Land

listened and nodded, and

together did band.

They cried with a voice

too loud not to hear,

"We hear you! You hear us!

Make our voice clear!"

Poly-tick-shuns did listen

and then craned their ears.

"Have we constituents

ignored all these years?"

"There are no votes in Flyover Land,"

laughed donkeys, and squawkers agreed.

The knew it all, so no rhinos

and elephants took heed.

So came the Forgottens

to centers and halls,

the underemployed,

some with no job at all.

To hear Chrumpton speak,

to hear his new plan,

to bring jobs with a future

back to Flyover Land.

Lead donkey laughed and bobbled

its head, then brayed, "I hear nothing.

No voters out there! Chrumpton is crazy;

experience is the thing!"

Then some of the elephants

and rhinos decreed,

"Can it be there are voters

that we cannot see?"

The donkeys and squawkers

and some elephants, too,

all gathered and mumbled

and a plan they did brew.

"We'll paint Chrumpton as silly,

a waste-vote, and brand him insane.

He'll denounce those non-voices

else we'll bring him to shame!"

But all through the campaign

and into the fall,

Nothing stopped Chrumpton

or made him recall.

Standing firm for No-Vote Land

and Flyover Land small,

He took up their causes

and gave voice to them all.

Together they stood,

unmoved by squawker gall.

The Forgotten voters,

unthought of, unsaw.

So to the polls

the voters all sped.

And November turned into

a fight 'til the end.

The levers were pulled,

and ballots were filled.

Votes were all tallied

and tension did build.

The land sat in silence

as votings came in.

A great breath was held

then there rose a great din.

"Ten votes for Chrumpton!

Ten for Donkey! Ten more!"

cried squawkers to all.

Then abated their roar.

The breath of the nation

awaited that night.

Some cried and some cheered

the results of the fight.

Could Chrumpton's Forgottens

really be real?

From valleys and prairies and

mountains unseen?

Could there be voices in

Flyover Land?

Real people who counted

out in No-Vote Land?

And then as the moon

crossed the sky long gone dim,

the votes were all counted.

Chrumpton and Forgottens did win.

He Won Without Polling

Some voters stared at their

screens in despair.

It couldn't have happened;

it just wasn't fair!

"Lead donkey is ours!

Lead donkey is best,

was ready, now pouting,

Lead donkey is next!

"How could there be so

many nonvotes in nowhere?"

Then they shook their heads.

"Have voters always been there?"

The Forgottens had spoken,

unseen folks 'tween the coasts.

Chrumpton had heard them

and his vote they did post.

The squawkers sat trembling,

in shock and in awe.

"How can this be?"

they mourned one and all.

"He won without polling,

and buckraising balls.

We made such a fuss!

We made him look small!

"He ignored all our squawking,

used old-fashioned suss!"

Then realized the squawkers,

who gasped, "He won without us!"

But up there in donkeydom

the donkeys did huddle,

to lean and support, and

work out this deep muddle.

They turned to themselves,

their hopes dashed and gone.

Some of them trembled,

shocked to the bone.

They'd abandoned their base,

left Forgottens alone.

They gave them no voice,

left their votes disowned.

Some of them whispered,

"What learn we from this?"

But Lead donkey said, "No.

We must resist."

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