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The Ancestors Song

A Short Tale of Our History

Copyright 2017 Anthony Pellegrino

Published by Androgynous Papers

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The Ancestors Song

I walked slowly through the lightly soothing rain. I was straying, paused, lost in an unfamiliar forest of freshly sprinkled foliage and bantering bathing birds. Then he appeared, elderly, silent, sitting beneath some trees intertwined for dryness. And I, quietly, sat with him and after a question, I simply listened:

The ancestors came from the oceans
A numerous age ago.
Simple, they thrived to survive
Among the terrible lizards
That Inhabited their domain.
They hid, waiting instinctively
Mother Earth changed the course of history
And all struggled to survive.
But they emerged, upon a time
Wielding the dark stone they had sharpened.

It appeared suddenly
Heat & rage, weapon & friend
This which brought them comfort
But then left them cold to lie.
They roamed, hunting and gathering
While slowly stepping back and forth in time.
Oh what of connecting sounds?
The birth of utterance, understand, reply
What has this done for us, for them?
So time continued in a life that gave
In a world that takes away.

They stepped forth with reason
And placated the invisible movers
The amiable and those of enmity:

'Oh thy womb, Hail Gaea,
Mother Goddess, giver of life,
Voluptuous are your daughters
Who flow with fertile springs
To subdue the earth of men.'

Ultimately, she of fruitful loins
Gave birth to omnipotence
And slowly stepped aside.
They respected the magic,
Escaped the perilous weather,
And propitiated the seasons.

They were soon sewn upon the earth
The mighty hunters before the lord.
They were the builders of fortifications,
The tamers of beasts,
The controllers of flames.
Mighty before the lord was he.
He was the one of winged followers,
The diviners of stars,
The keepers of mysteries.
Yes, mighty before the lord was he.
But they continued to divide and fight
Each with their ancestors and their gods
Who took forms of reflections
And the weakness one must hide.
Then their thoughts became immortal.
Who dare stand against the written word?
Who dare betray divine inspiration?
Yes, to give unto the invisible movers
Incense, animal, virgin, and child.

Cyclical time, life reborn
The ultimate sacrifice to end all sacrifice.
The goddess with child
She was reborn in all her magnificence.
The Holy Mother, her first born incarnate
They consumed life to engender rebirth.
But with time the people learned.
With observance and reason
Inquiring and testing
Their images were dying.
They are nearly dead.
We are always dying
Ignorant of purpose
Blinded by ages of deception
Unable to help ourselves
For we know not who we are...


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