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5 Poems

Quintin Fortune

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Death to the Alpha Male

Death to the Alpha Male

Death to superiority

to arrogance

You have caused thousands to suffer

For the sake of the few

Death to the Alpha Male

Who so takes from the needy

To satisfy himself

Your leadership has splintered the pack

Your sense of power

of entitlement

Has done nothing but fuel

Flames of rage

Death to the Alpha Male

We will bury him in the cold ground

We will put a simple marker of a grave

'In Life, He thought himself superior;

In Death, he is equal'

Rest in Shame, Alpha Male

Dream On

Dreams! Dreams for sale,” I heard the vendor cry

This decrepit remnant of a marketplace

Dreams for sale,” he cried again. “Any dream you fancy!”

I looked upon the various wicker baskets.

Isn't there an ethical issue with this,” I questioned.

No no, good sir,” the vendor said with a viper's gin.

These are all

abandoned dreams.

Some are lost.

Some are outgrown.

Some are just forgotten.”

Who buys these dreams,” I ask.

The basket looks sealed tight.

Most are parents

that force them

onto their children.”

I lifted the lid.

Tiny wisps of light and smoke swirled inside.

An ethereal koi pond of dreams lost.


Was that

I reached in

Out came a faint wisp of my dream.

How did I lose this dream?

When did I lose it?

I looked to the vendor

He looked back in anticipation.

Just out of much is this?”

Oh now, you know you can't put

a price on a dream,” he remarked.

Everything has a price,” I said, surprised at my cynicism.

This is true, good sir. All it will cost you is


Every time you reflect on your lost dreams

A bit of your future is taken away

I held my little lost dream up.

Is the future worth looking back?

Is it a dream still worth pursuing?

I toss the wisp back into the basket

Let someone else have it,” I said, walking away

I have new dreams to pursue.


One is the loneliest number

And one plus one is two

And two plus two is four

(as long as it's consensual)

Sevens are lucky

Clouds come in nines

Thirteen fills with dread

Ten are jumping on the bed

We crunch the numbers

until we lost count

Everyone wants to be first

Yet someone is always zeroed in

Two by two we check our six

Dressed to the nines to be Number One

No. Not Like That

The world cannot burn

When no one yearns.

The world will not be on fire

Because no one desired.

People who do not understand

Are enraged.

Are they mad at WHAT

they don't understand?

Are they mad at the FACT

they don't understand?

People want creations

yet belittle creators

Create music!

No, that sounds wrong.

Create art!

No, that looks wrong.

Create poetry!

No, that feels wrong.

Why must you be different?

Make GOOD art

Just like everybody else.

Justice by Dashboard Light

In the last moments

(As I recall)

We planned

We psyched up

We pulled on

our masks

(Could hardly breathe)

This would be it

the last push


(The shields)

(The spray)

(Three in full armor crushing)

Our hearts filled

hopes for better tomorrows

Against tyranny

(Arms pulled back forcefully)

Against injustice

(Racial slurs shouted in the ear)


(Blacked out from a blow to the head)

We will stand


Not angry, just disappointed

(Faces shoved into asphalt)

It's only meant to be a peaceful protest.

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