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Transit Transient

Leigh Warbrick

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City Breathe

Bustle Interconnect

Metallic Sculpt

Composite Compose

Current’s Wick

View Purview

Torrential Tweeze


Friction Grasp

Dirt Splattered

Prism Transit

Procession’s Grit

Path Manipulate

Cold, Scythes

Rut Trap

Squall Fresh

See, Hear, Speak No Evil

Moral Con

In Train’s Belly

Physical Worn

Gyrate Levitate

Phone Zombies

Cold Snuggle

Shadow Falls

Clouds Weathered

Hewn Rock Blast

Wood Grain Sand

Fire’s Gaze

Conglomerate Pebble

Setting Sun

Throstle Jostle

Husk Wither Cringe

Sozzled Query

Transit, Stop Start

Waste Perverse

Human Fabric

Anchor Held

Thoughts Interject


Surrounds Survey

Constructs All

Cryptic Triptych

Rain Haunt


Instant Bent

Cold Chill

Marbled Vein

In the Quiet Moments

Dark Rash

Missing Pieces

Textas Texture

Invention Dimension

Beneath the Surface

Colours Spray

Within, Within…

Electrified Steel Grease

Seize Tease

Gale Swirls Intercept

Steps Lick

Seaside Barnacle

Faster! Faster!

Office Acrobatics

Sky’s Horizon Smudge

Night-Eyes Recoil

Globes Turned On

Tree-line Recline

Pollen, Blown From Trees

Sentinels Conduit

Cold Front Shunt

Wire Obstructs

Carbonised Skyline

Clear Sky, Phoenix Perch

Eyelash Halo

Branches Twitch

Droplets Saturate

Hard Contours

Peacock Powder Blue, Shell

Scuffle Buffet

Pedal Meddle

Chilly Gnash

Cold Hard Grooves

Cold Empty Exhale

Train Carriage, Draught

Dusk, Umbrella

Solitary Raindrop on Ground

Time’s Passage Distract

Antarctic’s Pant

Dazed Glazed Hazed

Vision Unburden

Obstacles Coarse

Sheltered Cages Encase

Scry Imprint

Cities Interconnect

Train Platform Surface

Night’s End

Lunar Rises as Sol Sets

Frustration Ream

Acquisition Sleet

Wind Swept, Water Crept

Morale Corral

Single Cloud, Suburb Shroud

Fragmented Fluff, Fracture

Traction Tract

Sol, Westerly Reflect

Urban, Night Light

Cloudy Feet

Window Pane Scratch

Rain Particle Froth

Fanta Orange, Cup

Decay Spray

Spring Sun Bask

Post Industrial, Aires

Sky Reveal

Garbage Unpacked

Cloud Meringue

Course Blown

Overcast Blast

Patterns Assure

Pollution Cleanse

Lunar & Venus Rising

Gale Trail

Plateau, Stepping Stone Cloud

Fallen Leaves Scrub

Light Bite

Baulk Walk

Decay Grey

Raincloud, Dusk, Volcanic Plumes

Ochre Sunbeams Sink

Particles Impart

Bustle Ruffle

Night Apace

Cloud Balled Fluff

Glint Squint

Exertion Overheat

Carbon Score Soot

Toxic Intoxicate

Swoosh Push

Horizon Hover, Hot


Layer Powder

Sunshine Rain

Luminous Ash

High Density Condense

Cloud Rises Bake

Peak-Hour Transpose

Platform Mosh

Butt Cushion

Cloudless Vacant

Platform Sticky Topping

Cloud, Hang-glider Hover

Grey Layers Collage

Robotic Repeat

Harbour Crop Lop

Blue on Blue

Carbon Splatter Wear

Congestion Stampede

Public Transit Sit

Underground Descend

Glass, Imperfection Sheen

Wind Submerse

Dark Grey, Whip

Inky Slink

Drizzle Fizzle

Earthen Bodied

Remembrance Gash

Luminous Ways

Shelly Brine

In a Bubble-Gum Bubble

Sun Peek

Pyramid Peer

Material Temporal

Clingy Heat

Urban Gaze

Obstacle Coarse

Livewire Spire

Drowsy Strip

Coastal Devine

Peak-Hour’s, Wave

Safe and Secure

Crash Landing

Vista, Safety Admire

Alphabet Soup

Lids Slide

Possibilities Strangle

Welt Melt

Off-White Sight

Corrode Ode

Dawn Rosy Blush

Perspire Expire

Indecision Incision

Harbour Joined

Drab Slab Smack

Tinsel Lap Hark

Hover Menace

Surface Cover

Mizzle Fizzle

Light Trapeze

Power Failure

Shut-eye, Vie

Rush Blush

Superficial Shape

Vision Deflect

Travelators Bite

Green Harbour Glade

Breeze Folds

Air Conditioned

Crackled Cactus Hands

Fired into Reality

Block Hock

Storm Swarm

Landfall Bawl

Rays Phase Daze

Grunge Scunge

Concrete Furnace Temp

Harbour Bubbles

Concrete Sky

Slippery When Wet

Which Way

Shafted Journey

Broken Waves

Fireball Lob


Morning Peak, Fatigue

Sunrise Squash

Toppings Compress

Waves Metal Studded

Ocean Jelly, Cloud

Sandstone Caverns

Match Strike

Champagne Bottle

Sundown Brown

Turbulence Ferment

Sunbeams Bristle

Faint Draught

Concrete Fishnet Nub

Cloud Imprints

Sunbeams Stream

Algae Water

Stalactites Shimmer

Sky, Clouds, Rain

Wear and Tear

Ruffle Shuffle

Rain Fishes

Candelabra Cloud

Rains, Budding Aftermath

Land Ho

Horizon Fallen

Clouds Toupee

Sawtooth Coronet

Harbour Becalmed

Coal Tickle

Cards, Wind Flung

Raindrops Dribble

Slick Percussion

Absorbed Shock

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Bolts, Volt, Jolt

Gutters Drain

Shower Smokes

Sunrise Flight

Cloud-Front Sky

Tired Roofs

Forgotten Crevices

Hard Edged, Blocky

Window Streak

Dawn Shivers

End’s Dichotomy

Polka-Dot Spit

Insect Vehicles

Catwalk Windows

Cloudy Scoops

Snapshots Edited


Subwoofer Doff

Hollow Reflections

From Behind Veils

Bitumen Wade

Paint on Glass

Brown Gunge Piles

Chain Reaction Exalt

Day’s Last Light

Crowd Sprayed

Dark Glass, View

In Mountains Shadow

Bumpy Tracks

Green Span

Commuter Sit

Dirt Bruised Steps

Stepping Stones

Dragonfly Cloud

Ice-Cream Cloud

Tentacle Tide

Disrepair Misshape

Motion Seize

Stellar Construct

Vision Act

Daisy Chain, Train

Night Risen

Sight, Glass Warp

Timeline Spine

Gloppy Slow Clump

Slumber Adrift

Dirt Unclear

New Day Laze

Into Empty Space

Star’s Focus

Wind Berate

Digital Vis Lash

Awakened Sleep

Water Tesserae

Scuffle, Tussle, Kerfuffle

Transit Sit

Washed Out

Revelation Beam

Vacant Possession

Green Drool, Grass

Blanket Wrapped

Soot Scorch

Warmth Vibrate

Sundown Frown

Sun, Before Set

Phoenix Cloud

Front Shunt

Carapace Shelter

Rain-Cell’s Swoop

After the Rain

Winter’s Pinch

Tonic Chronic

Luminous Haunt

Copper Glaze

Flippant Disregard

Recurrent It

New Day Spray

Passive Born

Detached Patch

Buildings Tunnel

Apricot Leather

Platform Uniform

Circles Swum

Peak-hour Musical Chairs

Slate Grate

Wintry Plush

Vibrations Agitate

Dark Unseen

Remnant Memories

Consequences Defined

Rubbish Removed

Activities, Tangle

Reality Bandage

Saffron Cue

Night Rise

Winter Concealed

Gaseous Cloud

Locomotive Emotive

Dark Energised

Moon Morning Murk

Pollutants Rosy Rust

Messed Test

Sky Swirl

Night Sight

In Other Words

Fishbowl Dusk

Cyclic Triptych

Drowned Bound

Cold Front, Bunt

Specked Bedecked

Grub Sub

Socketed Apse

Stuff Slips

Atmosphere Print

Still-life Knife

Cold Rain Shade

Weak Light

Formation Norm

Crescents Dimple

Sunlight Adjust

Bite Flight

Swirling Scour Power

Mascara Rub

Mocha Screen

Singe Twinge

There is No Journey

Misdirect Circumspect

Train, Chomp Clomp

Back-burn Churn

Harbour Cracks, Slack

Streaky Peek

Trees Poke & Prod

Wing Sting

Grey’s Haze

Standing-Room, Only

Shiver Serpent

Corrected Misdirect

Toke Poke

Cold Unfold

Lamppost Ghost

Gust Thrusts

Sanctum Sanctuary

Flinch Grinch

Back-burn Churn

Sea Rolls

Hardware Shapes

Wind Pinned

Human Tidal Surge

Current Bubble

Light Flight

Existence, Resistance

Sun Syringe

Draught Shaft

Architecture Glue

Network Perk

Sea-breeze, Sleaze

Polite Blight

Atmosphere Calm

Sight Skite

Fired, Mired

Down, Trodden

Sheet-Metal Placed

Afternoon Swell

Diffuse Unloose

Wind Unkempt

Hustle Hurry

Paint Dropped

Stoup Droop

Footpaths Abrade

Lake Break

Quenching Horizon

Vaped Misshaped

Light Spent, Bent

Sandstone Bone

Motioned Slowed

Pocked Soak

Acidic Selves

Transit Canvas

Birds Eye

City Breathe


Corrosion, acidic cloak, exhausts, fumed pollute,

Concoction, wretch choke, air, petroleum dilute.

Corruption, belched coke, vents, expel transmute,

Consumption, carbolic croak, oil, slick commute.

Bustle Interconnect


Cold seeps, streets intercut,

Lights change, crossing intercept,

Bitumen undulate, grunge interdict,

Pavement austere, stained interject,

Concrete cracks, weeds intersect,

Wind abrade, path interact.

Metallic Sculpt


Metal cast rort, moulded taut, shapes distort.

Alloy craft smelt, ore melt, composite welt.

Construct weld, concept meld, purpose gelled.

Composite Compose


Granular mound, scape fit,

Dust beads, shape slit,

Rocks pile, grape flit,

Boulders roll, scrape sit,

Mountains thrust, agape grit.

Current’s Wick


Light wink, silver candescence blink.

Distance trace, journey beacon face.

Brightened emit, electricity bulbs flit.

Filaments globe, current arcs strobe.

Winking flash, flicker dazzled gnash.

Stutter glare, unceasing focus stare.

View Purview


Smear coats glass’ transparency,

Blurry grease, grimy frieze.

Droplets sheen, window streaked,

Beading drool, rivulet pool.

Rain distorts, vision’s perspective,

Bubble lens, water cleanse.

Torrential Tweeze


Winter, washes sweep, soak breeze,

Water, wrinkles sop, soggy freeze,

Train, bogeys stagger, shunt sneeze,

Tyres, traction skittish, speed ease,

Night, slicken skate, slippery grease,

Gnaw, rain saturate, sniffle tease.



Malleable bend, elements transform,

Pliable rend, particles transmute,

Flexible wend, chemistry transpose,

Changeable lend, atomic transfer,

Alterable trend, statehood transition.

Friction Grasp


Carbon score, layer slit grime, track,

Metallic spark, crust puff grunge, black,

Friction scrape, dust soot grate, flak,

Rumble shunt, electric arc grind, clack,

Wheels slippy, rail line groove, hack.

Dirt Splattered


Sediment grains, particle grit mark,

Residue stains, speckle zit stark,

Scunge drains, freckle spit dark.

Deposits erode, crackle dirt cloud,

Matter corrode, tackle spurt shroud,

Dregs towed, spackle girt ploughed.

Prism Transit


Clear quartz smoky, fleck,

Window fogs, condensation peck.

Vision obscure, slick wreck,

Illumination icing encrust, speck.

Crystal pane fissure, streak,

Surfaces frosted, steaming leak.

Carriage beads, clammy peek,

Captured cryogenic encase, bleak.

Procession’s Grit


Sandstone scrape, chisel shape,

Layered crape, granule gape.

Sediment compact, harden tract,

Erosion exact, smooth enact.

Moisture crumble, fissure tumble,

Boulder bumble, worn rumble.

Moulded crump, harden stump,

Time thump, marker hump.

Path Manipulate


Concrete, level sparse, hollow scant,

Pavement, cold layers, barren rent.

Bitumen, bevel glass, spirals decant,

Roadways, unfold terrain, contour bent.

Callous, arid supplant, progress stamp,

Vagrant, haunt streets, hard expose.

Borders, grid implant, path clamp,

Clean, vaunt swept, detritus depose.

Cold, Scythes


Fingers nick, wrinkle pick,

Joints slice, knuckles ice.

Hands clump, palms lump,

Marrow bead, grip knead.

Nose tease, breath freeze,

Nostrils twitch, sneeze itch.

Ears tape, feeling scrape,

Blood sliver, hearing quiver.

Clothes clamp, top damp,

Fabric chill, pockets fill.

Layers shear, hunker steer,

Draught flush, wind rush.

Rut Trap


Creases fold map, valleys join flap,

Worn erode gap, ripple bend clap,

Wavy stretch nap, lines notch tap,

Peaks fall wrap, ridges trough lap,

Wobble kink slap, cracks bump frap.

Squall Fresh


Wind buffets assail, swoop gust flail,

Umbrellas bust flail.

Breeze shakes rail, thrash thrust trail,

Pummel adjust wail.

Zephyr seeps gale, bleak brisk sail,

Rain incrust nail.

See, Hear, Speak No Evil


Security blanket, monitor, peep eye,

Nanny state, cameras, watch spy,

Crime prevention, infrared, hover fly,

Satellite coverage, drone, zoom scry.

Data retention, biometric, store imply,

Cloud storage, information, hub sly,

Binary transfer, router, decipher ply,

Chatter monitor, echelon, trace pry.

Moral Con


Condition, contention, derision, incision,

Convention, contrition, decision, revision.

Concession, confession, intention, detention,

Confusion, conversion, invention, retention.

In Train’s Belly


Plastic bubble mould, sheet metal rolled, glass thicken fold.

Vinyl sheets glue, seats affixed screw, doors automatic chew.

Lights neon scar, air conditioned car, windows contain jar.

Carriages link drawn, bogeys track worn, train propel brawn.

Lines electric thread, roof fasten overhead, cable snake led.

Physical Worn


Dirt traces scud, splatter worn mud.

Grit flicks bud, particle detritus crud.

Grime tracks rub, grunge scour drub.

Speck stain scrub, layer scunge grub.

Dust coats scuff, filth compacted tuff.

Spot frag stuff, sediment slimes buff.

Gyrate Levitate


Commuters scramble amble,

Carriage dumpy bumpy,

Train ruffle shuffle.

Timetable ramble shamble,

Platform humpy frumpy,

Tracks scuffle muffle.

Phone Zombies


Distant stare, amble shamble, surrounds lost, ramble.

Oblivious walk, dawdle caudle, attention accost, bauble.

Focus distract, diddle twiddle, motion drawl, fiddle.

Blind trajectory, shuffle scuffle, reckless stroll, muffle.

Dither stray, stutter strutter, pathway veer, shutter.

Stepping enfeeble, twitter flitter, inability steer, fritter.

Falling slump, present fragment, hunched gait, bent.

Drool squint, vacant vagrant, tech debilitate, implant.

Cold Snuggle


Huddle cuddle,

Muddle fuddle.

Shuffle scuffle,

Duffle muffle.

Tussle rustle,

Bustle hustle.

Hunker drunker,

Plunker bunker.

Rumble stumble,

Tumble bumble.

Shadow Falls


Shadow dives, rotating flip,

Lights cast, presence dip,

Transit strobe, passage slip,

Silhouette falls, tumble rip,

Backdrop flashes, instant blip,

Sudden bright, motion zip,

Ambient burst, flickers whip.

Clouds Weathered


Racking, plate dry, chaffing, part worn,

Tacking, sticky grit, trailing, scraped peel.

Flaking, grate fly, scouring, fleck torn,

Breaking, dusty bit, beading, dirty reveal.

Hewn Rock Blast


Hewn rock blast, hammer chink past,

Carve strata block, chisel crack clock,

Divots worn stark, depression scour mark,

Fallen crumble grain, frack grit vein.

Wood Grain Sand


Wood grained sand, plain mark hand.

Oil finish burnish, colour tannin furnish.

Stain impressed age, nick scour wage.

Carbon finished cut, lumber fibrous rut.

Fire’s Gaze


Fire gaze, discard, menace fixed retard, moment, control shard.

Grasp, vision caught, focus stake distort, instant, anchor cavort.

Glance wither, dispel, singe heat repel, constant, melodic impel.

Twinkling, flames snare, look intensify stare, attention, flit flare.

Conglomerate Pebble


Gravel, unravel travel, grit pit, sit.

Shard, lard hard, stack crack, rack.

Stone, thrown mown, pile file, tile.

Rock, knock pock, grey stray, lay.

Setting Sun


Tangerine, Fanta orange, peer,

Circular lozenge, disc veer.

Dazzle, searing blind, spear,

Radiate wheel, transit sear.

Bounce, bauble rebound, rear,

Orb alight, scintillate sphere.

Arch, navigate track, smear,

Ball dunk, plunge disappear.

Throstle Jostle


Streets shuffle bustle, crowds ruffle tussle,

Footpath scuffle hustle, space kerfuffle rustle,

Metropolis raffle vassal, space snaffle hassle,

Concrete waffle tassel, maze baffle passel.

Alleys heddle trestle, dingy peddle wrestle,

Contours meddle nestle, grimy treadle pestle,

Urban diddle thistle, transit piddle whistle,

Structures riddle gristle, cold fiddle bristle.

Husk Wither Cringe


Husk wither, cringe crinkle, brittle snap,

Snuffle desiccate, singe.

Dried bleach, flicker flake, wicker shrink,

Shrivel skittle, sticker.

Harden tan, writhe wrinkle, flimsy scald,

Scorch decay, scythe.

Sozzled Query


Bedraggle ragged, weary bleary,

Blither withered, teary dreary,

Grunge plunged, smeary eerie.

Transit, Stop Start


Shuffle bustle, shudder bump, shunt buffet.

Squeeze compress, squelch compact, squirm comply.

Thrash rustle, thrown ruffle, thresh rutted.

Tremors churn, trembling chunk, treadmill chunder.

Waste Perverse


Litter skitter, discard shard, lounge scrounge.

Rubbish dish, thrown blown, repose decompose.

Refuse disuse, toss dross, undulate accumulate.

Waste paste, scatter tatter, perverse disperse.

Human Fabric


Tatters tear, fray, fabric slash.

Wrinkle wear, fade, weave lash.

Blemish bare, flit, layers gash.

Furrows stare, face, web gnash.

Greying hair, fall, follicles ash.

Spots glare, flaw, freckle splash.

Shed flare, foam, peeling rash.

Hanging snare, form, tires mash.

Aging share, flop, expiry dash.

Anchor Held


Weight compress, hunch impress,

Slouch depress, indenture repress.

Burden progress, assailed egress,

Continuum digress, time congress.

Passage aggress, indenture distress,

Thrall caress, labours stress.

Thoughts Interject


Reflections, stutter scupper, undulate project.

Confections, flutter upper, correlate inject.

Inflections, mutter blubber, calculate perfect.

Defections, gutter rubber, mutilate infect.



Emulsion, bright emanate, frizzle flash.

Expulsion, white corrugate, drizzle crash.

Propulsion, light coruscate, sizzle gnash.

Compulsion, sight congregate, fizzle dash.

Surrounds Survey


Gaze wanders, ponder, focus attract, stare.

Sight squanders, yonder, scene distract, glare.

Look rambles, bramble, intensity impact, tear.

Glance ambles, gamble, familiar compact, wear.

Constructs All


Concrete prefab wall, vision glaze scrawl,

Pokey compact crawl, foundation grader trawl,

Earth piled haul, layered pancake tall,

Vertigo height fall.

Architect facia shawl, profiteer space small,

Cell apartment stall, landscape progress pall,

Living squeeze brawl, convenience cosmopolitan install,

Market covet mall.

Cryptic Triptych


Life crawls, spasmodic, perception chaotic, inclination despotic,

Thought falls, off-topic, inclination robotic, delineation myopic.

Rain Haunt


Shutters flap gap, panel slap clap,

Flutter knap, skirting strap.

Gutters trap rap, channel lap map,

Splutter sap, spurting tap.



Night skims, horizons arched,

Vista crinkles, flora parched.

Heat swims, ambient starched,

Ground wrinkles, flux marched.

Instant Bent


Reality warps, distortion crush,

Tangible brush, consequence flush.

Moment morphs, contortion rush,

Variable gush, happenstance mush.

Cold Chill


Wind bustles, bully push,

Elbow bluster, shoving swoosh.

Current muscles, air ruffle,

Force muster, shoulder scuffle.

Cloud tussles, sky squabble,

Scrape fluster, bruised trouble.

Marbled Vein


Standing, motionless anchor, surroundings impervious,

Consequence divergent, aloof,

Petrification disconnected, moments solidifying, rigid.

Bearings, directionless rooted, modification continuum,

Existence empyreal, flaking,

Metamorphic slow-motioned, statuesque frozen, worn.

In the Quiet Moments


In the quiet moments of self-reflection, alone with ones thoughts, when contemplation is stripped raw, to its base constituents, and id is smothered. What is “you”?

Dark Rash


Light flashes,

Bright slashes,

Sight lashes.

Night crashes,

Flight dashes,

Height splashes.

Missing Pieces


Conscious lap, recession entrap,

Vim flap, earthbound sap,

Cognition nap, lethargy slap.

Confidence gap, depression tap,

Vigour clap, hamstrung wrap,

Ignition scrap, melancholy map.

Textas Texture


Lines, silhouette fleck, space lap, dimension perspective proximity.

Sketch, temporal scrawl, surface etch, character marker complexity.

Invention Dimension


Lines form, dimensions intersect, cube, rolled fold, tube.

Surface norm, parallels direct, funnel, scrolled bold, tunnel.

Silhouette lap, horizontals interlock, brace, overlay splay, space.

Perspective tap, elements block, tacked, interplay flay, react.

Beneath the Surface


Lacquered facades,

Cosmetic charades,

Veneered shards.

Painted promenades,

Bauble bollards,

Decorated discards.

Colours Spray


Imagery scatters, chrysalis reality, snug.

Tangible batters, chromatic fragility, tug.

Vision tatters, chrome docility, unplug.

Focus matters, chronicle stability, shrug.

Perception smatters, chrism agility, rug.

Periphery spatters, chronic volatility, dug.

Within, Within…


Bubbles within bubbles, tacked exponential ring.

Spheres within spheres, packed potential fling.

Bulbs within bulbs, stacked consequential wing.

Loops within loops, cracked existential string.

Electrified Steel Grease


Carriages metallic lurch, electric arc propel.

Bogies pneumatic perch, carbolic gas expel.

Tracks kinetic smirch, rheumatic bump gel.

Rail-lines runner search, wheels flange yell.

Seize Tease


Cold creeps, shiver, nervous shake.

Chill seeps, aquiver, agitation quake.

Crisp natters, hither, psyche snake.

Calcite patters, blither, vertebra ache.

Current chatters, river, worry grind.

Cloud scatters, sliver, stress entwined.

Clotting reaps, slither, pulsed blind.

Celsius steeps, dither, anxious dined.

Gale Swirls Intercept


Batter scatter, leaves wind, crept.

Skittle brittle, twigs snap, leapt.

Wetter fetter, branches break, wept.

Rattle battle, roots trip, stepped.

Flitter skitter, trees tumble, swept.

Steps Lick


Trip slip, grimy alley, slick.

Blip grip, grungy surface, sick.

Dip skip, grotty street, snick.

Clip drip, gritty bitumen, stick.

Seaside Barnacle


Ocean wobbles lap, surf spraying churn, clocked,

Upon worn outcrops, contours strip, pocked.

Buildings barnacle cave, hug shore nudge, nocked,

Boost vantage peer, views sculpt, blocked.

Breeze swirls draught, salty brine coat, frocked,

Hazy murk cloud, surfaces corrode, docked.

Faster! Faster!


Productivity, increased activity, faster reactivity,

Quicker relativity, hustled creativity, accelerated connectivity,

Hastened progressivity, advanced directivity,

Expedited interactivity, hurried affectivity, rushing captivity.

Office Acrobatics


Riffle stifle, shuffle ruffle, rattle-tap, batter-slap.

Rustle tussle, thistle whistle, prattle-flap, chatter-lap.

Sky’s Horizon Smudge


Cloud front, cartwheels swept,

Looping fragmented trawl, funnel web roll,

Torn, wind surge, orange dusk silhouette.

Currents churn, percolate swirl,

Hooping illustrated scrawl, tunnel draught scroll,

Borne, southerly urge, setting sun shadow.

Night-Eyes Recoil


Light triggered dazzle, vision Taser stung, squinted shield,

Lids, closed shutter, fluorescent wither, penetrate.

Bright illuminated frazzle, incision pinch flung, glinted field,

Eyes, wince flutter, evanescent adjust, perpetrate.

Globes Turned On


Neon pimp, lights crimp,

Ablaze blimp, distortion imp.

Fluro shine, glare dine,

Dazzle line, illuminate brine.

Bulb glow, streaky slow,

Sear snow, iridescence mow.

Tree-line Recline


Branches stretch, snaking fleshy, gestures shimmy, huff.

Shaking, shaggy leaves, pompom streamer, rough.

Whipping wind, bristle flex, canopies sidle, motions puff.

Scratchy, bare thistle, twigs, web sticky span, fluff.

Pluck foliage, wispy feather, vapid, colours collage scuff.

Roots weighty, clasp shift, soil rending, churn rebuff.

Boughs bend, dumbbell shrub fork, statuesque chisel tough.

Trunks bulk, muscles knotted, bark ridge, brawn buff.

Pollen, Blown From Trees


Standing air receive, pollen gust, current borne,

Wind propel, particle bristle, projection spawn,

Floral fibres shred, blossoms seed, launch torn,

Puff, shoot, body impact, thrust, blooms drawn,

Quill, whisker wisp, blown, fluffy darted, shorn.

Sentinels Conduit


Columns stand, trees, horizon brace,

Stretch, trunk angle,

Silhouette girders, span, surface grip.

Nourish planted, roots, earth embrace,

Moist, fibrous dangle,

Footfall fastened, fan, ground trip.

Light grasping, branches, Sol chase,

Air, foliage entangle,

Canopy outreach, ran, skyward strip.

Cold Front Shunt


Swell polish, gravel sheen,

Choppy, cold white, capped,

Jumping, aluminium bean.

Water folds, slosh lapped,

Waves, peak churn, screen,

Ocean, wobbled slapped.

Wire Obstructs


Barb wire, criss-crosses skew,

Landscape unravel, loop spew,

Metal twine, entrapment chew,

Territory scribble, barrier drew,

Lines hooked, movement askew.

Carbonised Skyline


Tyre-tread clouds, bitumen bevel, rubber, track skid-mark.

Friction smoky plume, black soot, puff, slipstream bark.

Shadow stain smear, greasy splotch, residue, oil-slick dark.

Petrol smudge sky, exhaust spray, vapours, tinted spark.

Clear Sky, Phoenix Perch


Phoenix crimson pink, clouds candescent, wing-spread ascending, from horizon.

Streaking feathered aflame, fragment ember, smoky orange, over urban coals.

Dusk smoulders gasp, airborne aloft, silhouette ruddy purple glow, in etheric swoop.

Setting sun tangerine, rays afloat, gliding aerial current, upon plumages sweep.

Eyelash Halo


Brush strokes flick, upward scribble, hair on-end, patch,

Shaggy scuff scrape, bristle fleck, squiggle drag, match.

Frizzy entangle lash, flutter blink, cold prickle, scratch,

Mane curly strand, unknotted tease, shock zap, unlatch.

Branches Twitch


Foliage shaken strobe, to winds, stutter duck, pulley tug.

Leaves flicker static, to breezes, splutter suck, bully slug.

Buds crumble dissolve, to gusts, gutter pluck, fully thug.

Seeds scatter spray, to gales, flutter buck, woolly unplug.

Droplets Saturate


Water seeps, percolating, ripple bounce,

Liquid soaks, splashing, puddle pounce,

Wet swells, penetrating, bubble flounce,

Rain slicks, sploshing, wriggle trounce.

Hard Contours


Stone broken, fragments snap, tiling shape slap.

Rock contours, fracture mould, sliver slab hold.

Pebbles frieze, frame stripe, design sorted type.

Boulder chipped, fraction bit, carve sunder split.

Shingles filament, fragile slate, chisel slice grate.

Peacock Powder Blue, Shell


Water bounces, trampoline taut, ripple sloshing, swell.

Sea springs, shock-absorber lap, waves cresting, bell.

Harbour sponges, footfall squish, chop squelching, gel.

Ocean wobbles, cushioned jelly, spray peaking, quell.

Current jiggles, fishing-line jag, undertow churning, well.

Scuffle Buffet


Wind slips slick, detritus rip, messy, straggle flick flip.

Debris clips click, tumble dip, wafted, ruffle quick quip.

Ground trips trick, balk nip, wrangle, draggle wick whip.

Breeze snips snick, channel zip, eddy, scuffle stick grip.

Pedal Meddle


Brake-pedal hustle cover, accelerator itch,

Red lights flicker flare, warning twitch,

Speed waver inconsistent, stagger glitch.

Traffic slowed clump, stationary stitch,

Progress obstacle impede, timeliness ditch,

Congestion idled wear, impatience hitch.

Chilly Gnash


Numb nick, needle prick, icicles stick, blood freeze.

Bubble thick, deaden rick, shivers flick, skin serrate.

Bitten quick, pores snick, frost lick, nerves contract.

Motions click, pain brick, cold slick, joints solidify.

Cold Hard Grooves


Gorges, stark urban grit, city buildings, wind, tunnel slit.

Footpaths, hard grime sit, scour cavern, bluster, crossings hit.

Concrete, contour render pit, iron wrought, buffet, air flit.

Cold Empty Exhale


Draught flap, vacant space clap, yawn vacuum slap.

Night snap, stellar wrap, celestial ether lap.

Vast empty strap, void burlap, breaths sap.

Time cycles entrap, instant fleeting zap, darken gap.

Train Carriage, Draught


Foggy, condensation sludge,

Wet slicks, congestion fudge.

Glass frosted, breath smudge,

Misty slip, windows kludge.

Respired moist, exhale trudge,

Damp slides, humidity nudge.

Dusk, Umbrella


Murky misting grey, spits bubble graze, windows bristle seek,

Skyline scoured slick, drips patter splat, surfaces slippery sleek,

Clouds scuffle churn, pits saturate sponge, linings darken leak,

Sunset envelop swept, blips pellet obscure, cold’s wetness bleak.

Solitary Raindrop on Ground


Light reflects, shimmer glint, water, bead dissect.

Filmy sheen, glisten dazzle, liquid, splash preen.

Droplet lay, twinkle saucer, puddle, settled splay.

Bubble lens, scintillate fleck, drip, fallen cleanse.

Time’s Passage Distract


Hasten, progress hustle, deadlines bluster, rush.

Quicken, granular count, timetables overlap, mush.

Speeding, motion propel, milestones blur, flush.

Projected, catapult hurtle, objectives distort, gush.

Antarctic’s Pant


Nipping snipe, cold draught,

Snipping gripe, numb air.

Clipping snick, chill breeze,

Tripping prick, tingle blow.

Ripping sneak, frost whisper,

Gripping beak, burn lick.

Whipping snap, frigid tingle,

Slipping wrap, sting gust.

Dazed Glazed Hazed


Dust hazes, fuzzy peach whisker, pinkish yellow sour.

Sky glazes, bruised aflame enamel, mauve amber flower.

Sol phases, wick extinguished smoke, brown orange cower.

Vision gazes, blurry water cloudless, violet scarlet shower,

Dusk dazes, cauldron ember douse, bluish crimson scour.

Vision Unburden


Lights, shine diffuse, gloomy cast, shadow aquatic reflect, brighten waver.

Bulbs, dazzle sear, electric outlast, silhouette wink project, ambiance afloat.

Tubes, flicker neon, strobe aghast, darkness leery inflect, highlight aureole.

Lamps, spit gaslight, murky mast, inking hiss deflect, illuminate shadowed.

Candles, burn wick, fluttering fast, blinker blurry inject, translucence soot.

Obstacles Coarse


Foot traffic, tussle, zombies hustle,

Drongos, daydream veering,

Slow-motion asteroids, random steering.

Transit walk, rustle, vagrants bustle,

Dawdlers, meander leering,

Zigzagging pinball, distraction gearing.

Sheltered Cages Encase


Structures block, fixed,

Windows clasp, porthole pane,

Pylons foundation, box,

Concrete slabs, suspension stack,

Rooms four cornered, division.

Buildings intersperse, mixed,

Visage render, identical mane,

Generic architecture, pox,

Metallic rebar, skeletal rack,

Rectangles prism overlap, incision.

Scry Imprint


Letters scrawl, cyphers screen,

Runes script, writing scribble.

Bones scrounge, clay inscribed,

Stones scratch, papyrus scrap.

Dice scramble, symbols scroll,

Sticks scrape, tablets screed.

Cities Interconnect


Tracks interlay, steel girders transfixed,

Spaning parallel, evenly spaced,

Running, flat ground, ridge.

Routes interplay, wood sleepers affixed,

Junctions merge, signal paced,

Stations, transit stop, bridge.

Train Platform Surface


Ticker flicker, plastic sticker,

Canary gripper, safety flipper,

Ripple rudder, tread shudder,

Tiled gutter, platform strutter,

Chips scatter, grooved patter,

Bump scraper, glue sandpaper.

Night’s End


Shadows descend, light dapples bend,

Charcoal scrawl rend,

Surfaces smudge extend, crevices wend.

Silhouettes expand, dark lapped brand,

Smoky obscuring land,

Vista monochrome sand, deepen band.

Lunar Rises as Sol Sets


Full-moon rises, over pacific shores,

Pink sunset, reflect.

Vapours shimmer, beach yellow rinse,

Peach pollution, fuzz.

Globe swollen, celestial launch graze,

Carnation bloom, unfold.

Dappled lantern, radiant flushed exert,

Blush dusky, glow.

Frustration Ream


Thoughts stream, silent scream,

Profanities team, agitation steam.

Temper beam, irrational dream,

Brooding gleam, visualise meme.

Acquisition Sleet


Illusionist conceit, envy deceit,

Conceptions receipt, conscious repeat.

Misrepresentation deplete, greed bleat,

Iconize entreat, gratification fleet.

Consumerist teat, lust heartbeat,

Marketing meat, simplifications neat.

Wind Swept, Water Crept


Cold dank, bleak spank, overcast bank,

Surfaces blank, rain sank, wind crank,

Ground drank, slippery flank, clouds tank.

Chill shrink, layers chink, sheltering slink,

Streets blink, wince wink, buffeted sync,

Buildings rink, canyons link, saturated ink.

Morale Corral


Thoughts distracted scatter, inconsequential matter,

Deadlines unravel shatter,

Customers drivel chatter, redundant processes flatter.

Responsibilities grow fatter, remuneration tatter,

Confidence levels batter,

Jargon servile splatter, management blinkered natter.

Single Cloud, Suburb Shroud


Puff, cotton-ball cloud, ground rub, rain scrub,

Fluff, caterpillar munch, surface grub, white sub,

Scuff, foundation dab, footfall stub, porcelain tub,

Huff, mist descend, enclosed hub, torrential club.

Fragmented Fluff, Fracture


Sky torn, cloud pieces, shred,

Discards throw, adrift, debris scatter.

Air bourn, gases density, thread,

Layers entangle, shift, reactions batter.

Currents spawn, misty water, sled,

Beaded vapours, lift, scrunch patter.

Wind drawn, slipstream trail, tread,

Azure marked, rift, skidding splatter.

Traction Tract


Mechanised automatic, foot muffle, scuttle stutter, bitumen, contours boast.

Industrialised electronic, pedals ruffle, subtle putter, asphalt, markers ghost.

Synchronised tiptronic, wheel shuffle, shuttle gutter, concrete, smooth coast.

Sol, Westerly Reflect


Windows shine, alight, flames raze,

Orange, polish glaze.

Distant beacon, bright, pyro glaze,

Amber freckled, ablaze.

Glass molten, incandesce, solar flint,

Tangerine, brass glint.

Shard lantern, fluoresce, vision tint,

Sunstone sparkle, squint.

Urban, Night Light


Cityscape stands, silhouette rug,

Buildings obelisk, dark, shade hug,

Concrete skeletal frame, glass plug,

Vista squabble, height jostle, mug.

Metropolis blinks, circuitry LED clog,

Lights keno grid, flash, random log,

Windows surface peer, illuminate fog,

Switch controlled, neon Tetris, cog.

Cloudy Feet


Grey footfalls, step, descending arch, suspension hover, overhang.

Soot glooms, tread, slow-motion press, underside, bevel imprint.

Ghostly robe, trace, wrinkle squeeze, drapery swishing, overflow.

Inky smudge, stridden, squelch trail, underneath, soaks saturate.

Window Pane Scratch


Tail, trail, condensation runs, down glass, snail.

Drop, slop, water seeps, vertical faced, flop.

Braille, scale, liquid slides, cascade wiggle, sail.

Glop, mop, moisture slips, gravity bounced, hop.

Frail, nail, spittle traces, surface slick, flail.

Lop, prop, rain shimmies, exterior skim, sop.

Rain Particle Froth


Obscure fuzzy mist, towers cap disappear, list.

White-out fluffy soak, cloud descends, poke.

Drizzle foggy vap, translucent saturate, cape.

Scratch fizzy blur, white spray droplets, fur.

Sprinkle frizzy scrub, buildings evanesce, shrub.

Smoky frappe veil, see-though aerate peer, pale.

Fanta Orange, Cup


Eye stares, torch beam,

Field span, infrared vision, heat scan.

Sol blazes, intensity steam,

Bright sear, dazzle radiate, sky sphere.

Orb flares, horizon seam,

Bulb slash, squint wince, orange splash.

Disc razes, umbra gleam,

Day snuff, focus shutter, dusk scuff.

Decay Spray


City, gritty, grime pane, layering, surfaces cake,

Carbon powder, grey’s dust.

Street, fleet, time stain, congeal, residue bake,

Treads wear, shading crust.

Gutter, sputter, climb drain, gradient, scour wake,

Discards gurgle, acidity rust.

Tunnel, funnel, slime grain, dank, slicken lake,

Moist seepage, damp must.

Spring Sun Bask


Lazy hazy, day reclines, evening, settle sunset.

Crazy daisy, sky declines, dusk nettle, reset.

Easy queasy, dark inclines, stars, metal pre-set.

Wheezy breezy, Sol anticlines, eve petal, set.

Post Industrial, Aires


Mustard brown, carbon dust drown, pollution crown,

Sulphur yellow, fungal spores fallow, skyline sallow,

Exhaust grey, clouded acidic decay, pesticides spray,

Iron-ore red, bloodstains speckled shed, rusting bled,

Coal black, shadowed particles tack, emissions flack.

Sky Reveal


Dew rests, succulent glisten,

Mown, grass drizzle, twinkle tear.

Sol rises, translucent languid,

Rays, stretching yawn, sleepy blear.

Air rings, effervescent tingle,

Cool, wafting fresh, fragrant clear.

Garbage Unpacked


Scraps, settle disused stray,

Scatter, fragment torn,

Dropped irreverence, flung.

Refuse, petal discarded splay,

Splatter, function worn,

Tossed landfill, hurl.

Grubby, nettle dishevelled sway,

Smatter, rubbish spawn,

Littered compulsion, thrown.

Cloud Meringue


White meringue crust, woolly gyrate, cake,

Ice drifts, snowflakes compressed.

Wind flurry thrust, crystal serrate, blizzard,

Air shifts, eggwhites undressed.

Whisk sugar dust, whipped aerate, moisten,

Sky rifts, cotton-candy distressed.

Course Blown


Wind swim, resistance paddle,

Current drag, buffets subdue.

Gusts skim, slipstream addle,

Draught wag, flutter askew.

Bursts brim, concuss muddle,

Flounder lag, motion entangle.

Puffed trim, exposure fuddle,

Airflows nag, shiver wrangle.

Blasted vim, progress fiddle,

Energise tag, brisk splutter.

Gales grim, journey diddle,

Bawling snag, posture clutter.

Overcast Blast


Confetti jelly scatter, torn,

Vapour particle swirl, spawn.

Moist inflate tatter, borne,

Breezes swoosh curl, drawn.

Chalky scrub splatter, worn,

Hover rotor twirl, yawn.

Faint wispy skitter, form,

Turbulence misted fray, storm.

Pollen dancing litter, warm,

Rapids velocity spray, swarm.

Blurry smudge jitter, freeform,

Weightless current stray, perform.

Patterns Assure


Order shuffle, symmetry align,

Structuring define, nature tame.

Design scuffle, geometry line,

Complex confine, wild reclaim.

Rules ruffle, precedence derive,

Permanence strive, shaped contain.

Measures duffle, laws contrive,

Trends revive, cultivate maintain.

Pollution Cleanse


Scrape, scour scuff, surface wipe,

Swish, polish buff, contours swipe.

Scrub, abrade fluff, cleansing fume,

Swept, wear ruff, streaking plume.

Scratch, erode huff, current coarse,

Swirl, grate bluff, vapoured force.

Lunar & Venus Rising


Full-moon rises, over lavender sunset, harbour,

Clouds parted, galah pink grey,

Blue sky, deepens, sulphur aflame, crest.

Lunar shines, feather powder puff, tidal swell,

Night envelops, stellar peacock day,

Venus sparkles, iris, glinting westerly, zest.

Gale Trail


Resistance batters press, shunting push,

Buffet swoosh, shudder wrangled.

Slipstream scatters mess, bunting shush,

Loose whoosh, debris entangled.

Crosswind tatters tress, punting tush,

Skittle ambush, obstacles dangled.

Plateau, Stepping Stone Cloud


Platform, filament wedge,

Hovering, stripe,

Tongues, flail poke.

Palanquin, frayed edge,

Skimmer, pipe,

Wispy, inhale toke.

Plating, slither sledge,

Buoyancy, swipe,

Gears, rail spoke.

Parapet, lookout ledge,

Vantage, snipe,

Scuff, trail smoke.

Pancake, drizzle hedge,

Fluffing, ripe,

Rolls, tail cloak.

Palm, upturned pledge,

Smeary, wipe,

Panfry, sail yoke.

Fallen Leaves Scrub


Scatter scrape, flicker tape, skitter drape, tangle shape, flutter escape.

Tatter scuff, nicker gruff, litter huff, wrangle buff, sputter fluff.

Batter fleck, sticker speck, jitter deck, dangle peck, clutter wreck.

Shatter worn, wicker torn, flitter born, mangle shorn, gutter scorn.

Light Bite


Light, impedes cringe, filament blinding singe,

Eyelids buffer hinge.

Sight, winces grunge, emissions glaring lunge,

Vision squinted gunge.

Bright, numbs impinge, fluoresce dazzling binge,

Pupils recoil twinge.

White, blazes expunge, radiation searing plunge,

Corneas soak sponge.

Baulk Walk


Static traffic, congestion bumper, shunt,

Dawdle scramble, addle bog.

Wander lumber, stumble buffer, bunt,

Aimless amble, shuffle clog.

Asteroids avoid, motion hinder, stunt,

Random shamble, momentum fog.

Distraction detract, focus dulling, blunt,

Pathway ramble, destination slog.

Obstacles tackle, effort exert, grunt,

Avoidance scramble, footpath hog.

Decay Grey


Dirt smears, ground, film grime,

Layers dust, granule cake.

Grit smudges, bound, clung time,

Splatter adjust, surface bake.

Crud smirches, drowned, chunk dime,

Marks rust, slick rake.

Gunk sticks, pound, scabby slime,

Harden crust, ground flake.

Scuz speckles, mound, piled climb,

Pungent must, nostrils shake.

Raincloud, Dusk, Volcanic Plumes


Eruption atmosphere spire, puff elevate hung, gases blown trail.

Horizon ascension pyre, geyser’s churning flung, aerial propel sail.

Gravity tensile wire, surface footprint sprung, rain shadow flail.

Skyline stretched higher, currents swirl clung, pushed spindle gale.

Treaded silhouette tyre, grey filament lung, blush crimson pale.

Ochre Sunbeams Sink


Floral corona petal, rays unfurl span,

Wreath curtain bloom, aura fronds shimmer.

Blossom solar fettle, gaze scintillate fan,

Circlet coil loom, bladed halo simmer.

Aureole disc nettle, bright dimension pan,

Bracelet hoop mushroom, thorns crown glimmer.

Particles Impart


Mangy misted grey, furry fog fuzz,

Cloud drapes, building-tops spray.

Sooty snuffle leaden, rustle rain runs,

Sky swallowed, sunlight deaden.

Moping mop slate, sprinkle spit specks,

Vista obfuscating, hills deflate.

Wrinkle wash smoke, flick freckle fall,

Showers patch, airstream toke.

Bustle Ruffle


Draught rushes, brisk, empty tunnel fill, vacant cavities push.

Air trembles, whisk, across spaces, spill, current buffet, swoosh.

Sound gushes, fan, plunge funnel still, strobed clamour gush.

Platform vibrates, span, wind races, thrill, breeze blasting, flush.

Night Apace


Vacant spaced, stellar chased,

Darkness graced, vacuum faced.

Twinkle braced, speckle paste,

Blackness laced, murky traced.

Cloud Balled Fluff


Crumple ball scrunch,

Wrinkles compact hunch,

Paper clung bunch.

Rumple wind punch,

Streamer disperse crunch,

Confetti wisp munch.

Tumble wool bluster,

Spiky bristle cluster,

Strand tangle muster.

Crumble vapour fluster,

Filament fluff lustre,

Fleece burr buster.

Glint Squint


Light tangle, glitter refraction reflect,

Surface angle, sparkle glistens deflect.

Shine fleck, polish shimmering glaze,

Contoured peck, bright dazzle phase.

Glare diffuse, shafts puncture gleam,

Sight bruise, scintillation flared beam.

Exertion Overheat


Clammy sweat, brow, moist temple prow,

Hairline dank, perspire, sticky clump wire.

Droop furrows, bead, cheeks rivulet knead,

Drops dripping, drool, slick wet pool.

Breeze cools, pant, swelter fan incant,

Blowing tingle, tinge, humid quench singe.

Damp stain, soak, air dried stoke,

Shiver relief, waft, draught baked aloft.

Carbon Score Soot


Crumble cake, powdered dust, dirt tacky stick.

Particle flake, layered crust, girt messy brick.

Granule quake, stained rust, inert grimy slick.

Speckle break, moulded must, skirt lumpy thick.

Residual wake, neglected bust, spurt dingy lick.

Toxic Intoxicate


Tumble stumble, stomach grumble,

Stagger swagger, breath dagger,

Blurry burry, mouth furry.

Bleary weary, vision teary,

Shuffle ruffle, motion scuffle.

Teeter meter, activity peter.

Scatter smatter, vigour batter,

Harry tarry, conscious parry,

Skitter, flitter, thoughts litter.

Swoosh Push


Breezy flap, blowing current lap, sweaty brow slap, cool flutter tap.

Draught curl, bluster entangle swirl, hair strand twirl, wind flits unfurl.

Waver gust, pulse breath thrust, air flux bust, vibrate resistant adjust.

Puff kerfuffle, eyes wince ruffle, sound throb muffle, nose runs snuffle.

Horizon Hover, Hot


Sultry salt, perspire purse, stifle steam, muggy mud.

Cloudy chalk, broil broth, distance droop, heavy hung.

Sticky swelter, airless arid, thick tropic, murky melt.

Clammy cook, dank dabbed, sweat swabs, hazy heat.



Girder wrought, rivets bolt,

Steel taut, galvanised jolt.

Span interlock, weld spark,

Brace knock, corrugate arc.

Arch tress, triangular joint,

Pylons buttress, elbow point.

Metal flake, harbour strode,

Paint cake, rusting corrode.

Dome bridge, meccano wire,

Hump ridge, crescent spire.

Layer Powder


Debris spree, scatter shatter, dust encrust, grey spray,

Bloat coat, dirt girt, grit bit, time grime.

Grain stain, worn spawn, shard discard, trawl fall,

Fluff scuff, lint tint, fleck speck, mark dark.

Sunshine Rain


Rainbow, chromatic streak, half column span,

Arch clouds conceal, torn grey fluff,

Sun-shower sprinkles spurt.

Footprint, colours leak, hues fluorescent fan,

Suburbia mists surreal, blur drip scuff,

Haloing light-shows girt.

Luminous Ash


Lines smash, hurtle propulsion dash,

Fluorescent tubes slash, tunnel rash,

Squint peripheral bash.

Lights sash, carriage flung gnash,

Fast-forward blur mash, dazzle brash,

Strobe seated splash.

Lit lash, train accelerate gash,

Funnel swoosh thrash, bright clash,

Irradiate cylindrical flash.

High Density Condense


Skyline, buildings, jagged gape,

Pillars twisting, corners Rubik, blocky cube.

Suburbs, incisors, towered scrape,

Vertigo listing, balconies comb, toothy jube.

Structures, bulky, pixel drape,

Space insisting, windows panel, bristly tube.

Skyscrapers, craning, height shape,

Snakes trysting, levels ladder, stretchy lube.

Cloud Rises Bake


Clouds, pie crust, muffin fluff, cupcake dimple.

Vapours, loaf dust, pastry scuff, pudding pimple.

Gases, donut thrust, scroll huff, doughy rimple.

Skies, damper bust, bread puff, croissant wimple.

Peak-Hour Transpose


Tinted vision, rosy, capsule temperate control,

Seated comfort lounge, sprung clockwork, contraption,

Shuttling transit, shoot.

Capacity squeeze, cosy, sealed windows unroll,

Vacant space scrounge, destination scrolling, caption,

Timetable deadlines, scoot.

Platform Mosh


Platform jostle shuffle, position jockey scuffle, crowd swollen ruffle.

Yellow-line cordon clutter, journey delay stutter, destiny awaits flutter.

Agitators push bustle, space crammed rustle, carriage doors tussle.

Horde surges rumble, feet stampede jumble, timetables meter stumble.

Butt Cushion


Proclivity, sedentary seat,

Stool, planted feet,

Motion lethargy retreat.

Activity, stationary recline,

Anchor, fixed entwine,

Posture lounging align.

Captivity, chair crouch,

Perch, crutched slouch,

Survey savannah couch.

Cloudless Vacant


Dazzle blue, UV, glare bright,

Vision, stun squint, porcelain fired, glaze.

Frazzle sky, vista, flare light,

Eyes, cringe dint, denim bleach, graze.

Sizzle indigo, dry, stare bite,

Pupils, sear glint, glass polarised, blaze.

Frizzle beryl, fry, bare sight,

Retinas, wince tint, cerulean bubble, haze.

Platform Sticky Topping


Asphalt liquorice scroll, trodden wear,

Weathered crack, gravel scuff abrade.

Platform undulate roll, surface tear,

Contours black, concrete icing grade.

Bitumen conglomerate bole, traffic bare,

Pathways track, batter cover sprayed.

Cloud, Hang-glider Hover


Squiggling zigzag, canopy sail,

Spool unravel, overlap plate.

Limp hang flag, umbrella flail,

Splutter travel, shingling slate.

Blossom fuzz sag, awning brail,

Disjointed ravel, patches grate.

Hessian frayed bag, parasol bale,

Carpeted gravel, suspend inflate.

Grey Layers Collage


Greys, upon greys, dimensions gaze,

Air, visibility murk, sways,

Misty sprinkle, rain graze,

Cloud smokes, scruffy haze,

Ocean sooted, slick sprays,

Skyscrapers concrete, silo raise,

Roads, rubber worn, maze,

Bridge wrought, iron laze,

Vision, blur frays, fatigue phase.

Robotic Repeat


Journey retrace, transit transient trace, hurtle hustle pace,

Deadline define chase, corridors corral race, sated seated brace,

Forward foray face, destination designate place, carry carriage encase.

Harbour Crop Lop


Water teal chop, turbulent rinse slop, fizzy sheen bop,

Wobble canter clop, salty brine pop, spray hissing drop,

Wash folds flop, malachite swell hop, ripple slinky plop,

Waves sudd top, topple crash prop, landfall breaking stop.

Blue on Blue


Cloudless clear, see-through,

Horizons stretch, anew,

Pale skylines, hue.

Eucalyptus hazy, dew,

Shoreline scruffy, stew,

Mountains distant, pew.

Harbour sparkles, slew,

Sunlight mirror, chew,

Blue-opal shimmer, brew.

Buildings windowed, flue,

Glass panelling, strew,

Mosaic reflection, askew.

Eyes squinting, mew,

Sunglasses perch, glue,

Brighten spectrum, view.

Carbon Splatter Wear


Signage scuff, paint ruff, scratchy buff,

Worn gruff, weathered scruff.

Building grunge, paint scunge, age gunge,

Damp plunge, decay lunge.

Street flowed, acid corrode, decades node,

Grey lode, generations erode.

City shape, surfaces tape, veneer scrape,

Concrete scape, hard agape.

Congestion Stampede


Bustle ruffle, tussle scuffle, rustle shuffle,

Hustle kerfuffle, muscle muffle.

Cattle wrangle, rattle dangle, battle entangle,

Prattle angle, tattle jangle.

Public Transit Sit


Seats yawn, jaw agape,

Synthetic material, covered scape,

Moulded hard plastic, shape,

High-vis handle, tape.

Chairs enfold palm, crepe,

Bucket bench, worn usage scrape,

Sweat soak detritus, drape,

Fire retardants, cape.

Underground Descend


Tunnel mole bore, sandstone caterpillar paw, rock carve claw.

Yawn unending jaw, chomp conglomerate raw, hard hewn tore.

Damp cave floor, passageway chisel gore, stratums layer saw.

Squiggle granular draw, cool dark maw, surfaces fracture flaw.

Glass, Imperfection Sheen


Reflections bubble retort, bending image contort,

Imperfections clarity distort, glaze enfold consort,

Reality capture purport.

Fictitious demeanours abort, focus penetrate export,

Exterior blur exhort, dimensional warp import,

Surfaces smudge cavort.

Wind Submerse


Blown fluff, debris scuff,

Gusting puff, current huff.

Air push, tremor whoosh,

Press swoosh, swept shush.

Buffet scoot, ricochet flute,

Echo hoot, directed shoot.

Wind rush, passage brush,

Stillness flush, wake gush.

Wave thump, surfaces bump,

Turbulent pump, jolts jump.

Dark Grey, Whip


Tumble wheel churn, moisture laden turn,

Buoyant vapour fern, paintbrush dab spurn.

Streaky patch fleck, charcoal smudge speck,

Dark spittle peck, gloom descend bedeck.

Zephyrs rapid bust, squiggle swoop gust,

Swirling foam thrust, cobweb gauze dust.

Overcast enclose fluff, sunlight tinted scuff,

Raindrops pellet buff, steamy refresh huff.

Inky Slink


Murky streak, tint,

Gutters creek, glint,

Slippery sleek, slick,

Runoff leak, lick.

Clouds abrade, moist,

Mist braid, hoist,

Water laid, drop,

Damp cascade, flop.

Gust rend, belt,

Night descend, pelt,

Umbrellas upend, bent,

Wet fend, dent.

Drizzle Fizzle


Rain trickles, sprinkle gutter, tickle,

Gurgle, hurtle, spout burgle.

Water puddles, cuddle clump, muddle,

Hollow, grotto, pool wallow.

Foliage dribbles, nibble drip, scribble,

Shade, dab, rapids cascade.

Ground piddles, sidle slop, twiddle,

Sponge, gunge, mud grunge.

Earthen Bodied


Stratum capillary grain, sediment conglomerate vein,

Mantle bodied strain, layered compaction plane,

Elements blemish stain, ages wrinkle wane.

Remembrance Gash


Generations wash crash, youth extinguish, idealism ash.

National servitude rash, fervour sacrifice, calculated lash.

Expedience sold brash, politics exploited, profiteer cash.

Established orders slash, exterminate total, warfare clash.

Luminous Ways


Lights blaze, carbon haze,

Illuminate taze, darkness phase,

Shadows daze, surrogate glaze,

Squinting gaze, suburbia maze,

Activity raze, nocturnal craze,

Seated laze, thermometer’ braze.

Shelly Brine


Rain slanting, squall,

Stinging horizontal, fall,

Light sprinkle, maul.

Wind funnelled, bawl,

Blasts buffer, wall,

Pushing urgency, haul.

Cold shivering, crawl,

Building canyons, tall,

Streets swept, trawl.

In a Bubble-Gum Bubble


Ocean sizzles, carnelian haze,

Crystal prism, cherry lint.

Sky drizzles, rosy glaze,

Perspex lens, camellia squint.

Sundown fizzles, pink graze,

Glass bottle, carnation glint.

Light mizzles, strawberry daze,

Plastic jewel, azalea tint.

Sun Peek


Sunlight tangles, wire ray,

Shaft spectrums, briar spray.

Sunbeams dazzle, fire clay,

Stream increasing, higher flay.

Sunshine zenith, spire sway,

Surfaces wither, drier day.

Pyramid Peer


Buildings, jagged nock, vantage peer, interlock,

Foundations, leaning pock, gradient toothy, rock.

Brick, facades frock, windows patterned, smock,

Eras, architecture clock, footprints bulging, block.

Density, compaction lock, space premium, hock,

Coveted, locales flock, populace towering, chock.

Material Temporal


Scuffed, graze mark, coating grime, dark,

Filth, residue bark, shades stain, stark.

Fleck, spots worn, fray abraded, torn,

Tired, wash drawn, wrinkles fade, shorn.

Decay, scruff rust, blemished flaw, dust,

Sag, fatigue adjust, obsolete old, bust.

Clingy Heat


Squelchy, brow dabbed press, humidity stifling slick.

Sultry, overcast dank compress, windless hot wick.

Steamy, motion dripping oppress, dry saturation snick.

Sweaty, skin dehydrates stress, muggy stillness lick.

Stuffy, air dribbles distress, convection adhesive thick.

Squishy, clothes damp tress, perspire smother stick.

Urban Gaze


Over-sprays streak, propellant gurgle leak, aerosol fume wreak.

Paint runs mottle, can disperse bottle, nib pressed throttle.

Burst bubbles bead, fluid saturate screed, drying gravity bleed.

Coating soaks stain, tin rattled drain, speckle layers grain.

Colour mists haze, droplets splatter glaze, surface tagged graze.

Obstacle Coarse


Slacken, rain spittle art, stop start,

Transit meander impart,

Intervals dart, ferry cart.

Slowed, grey hazy blunt, shuttle shunt,

Track shudder grunt,

Seats bunt, sluice punt.

Stagger, wet eking drip, traction slip,

Carriage ramble dip,

Stations blip, streaky trip.

Livewire Spire


Wires trapeze strung, overhead junctions swung,

Electrified current hung, stainless-steel beams clung.

Track centred slung, intersperse tension rung,

Carriage passing sprung, propulsion powered flung.

Drowsy Strip


Sleep, elusive slip, fatigue grip,

Lids, closed dip, alertness drip,

Restless, body flip, awaken blip,

Niggle, adjust nip, insomnia trip,

Mind, active zip, tiredness whip,

Thoughts, churn rip, fitful clip,

Stress, tangles gip, wistful kip.

Coastal Devine


Sea-breeze feathers fine, hazing salted brine,

Afternoon light entwine, cloudless mottle shine,

Powdery brush align, eucalyptus’ blue alpine,

Shade undulating recline, temperate relax resign,

Sandstone weathered spine, rusty mustard line,

Sunbeams dwindling incline, gold dazzled shrine,

Horizon bleeds carmine, harbour burble wine.

Peak-Hour’s, Wave


Human tide crest, washes thresh,

Timetables froth test, conjoining mesh,

Bipedal turbulence zest, pounded flesh.

Bodies surge quest, squeeze press,

Destinations swell rest, converge mess,

Foot-traffic churn pest, transitory stress.

Safe and Secure


Society, gilded windows, cage,

Privilege, muzzles, poverty’s rage,

Superficial façades, success gauge.

Stability, shuttered blinds, bar,

Institutions, painted, crumble scar,

Conglomerates mix, entitlement jar.

Security, assured locks, clamp,

Bureaucracy, tape, measure stamp,

Ignorance’ blinker, downward ramp.

Crash Landing


Moth wings flutter, daylight bright butter,

Taking flight splutter, push-off wobbly clutter,

Mid-air stumble putter, off-balance glide shutter,

Ground impacted gutter, strength ebbs sputter,

Struggles lurch stutter, life’s vestige utter.

Vista, Safety Admire


Caged, cyclone fence, wire,

Spool link, entangling briar,

Mesh, interlock ribbed, tyre,

Impediment razor, barb mire,

Anchor, contort sprung, spire.

Alphabet Soup


Swirling scour scribble, rain ripple ravage, grey grumble growl, dark dapple daylight, turbulent turmoil twist, puff pouting pelt, undulate umbrella undertow, coil crackle churn, buffet batter bend, fluff folding fury, lather licking lash, yo-yo yowl yawn, hover huff haunt, quash quicken quake, wrinkle wriggle wash, moisture marble manifest, zigzagging zeppelin zip, icing insulate inflate, osmosis oblique obtrude, energised eddy eclipse, velvety vapour vibrate, kinetic kelp kink, jag jiggle jumble, aerate admixture adrift, nuzzle nibble nimbus.

Lids Slide


Eyes close, darkness glows, calm repose,

Arrow nose, posture pose, limp toes, limbs froze, third-eye shows,

Conscious depose, chakra grows, chi rose,

Illumination blows, elusive compose, doubt stows, egotism hose,

Tangible mows, displaced woes, tire doze.

Possibilities Strangle


Tangle wrangle, life entangle,

Existence dangle, choices angle,

Decisions mangle, conscious bangle,

Thought jangle, will spangle.

Welt Melt


Station saturate swelter,

Airless unventilated shelter,

Bodies cramming skelter,

Thermometer sauna smelter.

Off-White Sight


Whites fade, purity abrade, colour shade,

Weathered degrade, flakes spade, brittle splayed,

Acid-rain wade, crackle braid, wind swayed,

Temporal made, resilience trade, age sprayed.

Corrode Ode


Metal corrode, rust implode, puncture showed,

Blotchy toad, brittle overload, fragments mowed,

Bloodstain woad, powdery blowed, perforate bowed,

Flaking flowed, crumble outmode, holes sewed.

Dawn Rosy Blush


Sun peeks, treetops glint,

Branches diffuse, shade squint,

Night’s residue, damp hint,

Sunbeams haze, smoky tint,

Grass glistens, dewed lint,

Colours rosy, intensify flint,

Contours reveal, detail dint,

Wind tremors, revive stint.

Perspire Expire


Forehead drip, pores sip, sweat dip, brow flip,

Hair grip, beading lip, dribble slip, sliding nip,

Salty pip, gravity trip, stinging whip, vision blip,

Lashes clip, tears tip, saturation rip, swelter strip.

Indecision Incision


Indecision incision, thought collision,

Inaction revision, pragmatism division,

Consequences envision, stress cognition,

Self-antagonism contrition, morose attrition,

Doubt ignition, melancholy condition.

Harbour Joined


Slender girders, fan,

Finger press, span,

Wrought rivet, man,

Art-deco era, plan.

Lattice curve, tram,

Torch arcing, clam,

Bolted joints, ram,

Harbour aerial, dam.

Drab Slab Smack


Fragment fracture frack, facade hairline crack,

Imperfections flawed track, elements weathered flak,

Earth unsettled thwack, buckle folding jack,

Rendered surfaces whack, cosmetic overlaid tack,

Wrinkling dated drack, coatings stratum stack,

Trodden compacted pack, abused metropolitan rack.

Tinsel Lap Hark


Surface rolls, mirror ball spark,

Waves burble, cap finned shark,

Chop glares, gleam sprung mark,

Swell wobbles, dazzle flash bark,

Wash fizzes, sandpapery fleck arc,

Water glints, turquoise reflect stark.

Hover Menace


Stormy grey lump, sultry swamp clump,

Steamy tower hump, soppy clouds stump,

Smoky spiralled bump, swirly winds crump,

Squiggly lightning jump, surly thunder thump,

Shaky ground grump, stuffy overcast plump,

Sticky heat slump, sweaty downpour dump,

Sloshy rain sump, soggy gutters pump.

Surface Cover


Ground liquid coat, rain layers bloat,

Slippery polish moot, slick cleanse float,

Light reflecting boat, glint glaze dote,

Leather sheen note, puddles gurgle throat,

Flow saturate gloat, water courses rote.



Sprinkle foggy, taint,

Buildings, whiteout paint,

Pinholes cloud, quaint,

Spray, airborne faint.

Spittle scratch, speck,

Cityscape, grey fleck,

Misting softly, peck,

Spongy, fallen bedeck.

Spatter bleed, blow,

Concrete, darken flow,

Drizzle wafted, slow,

Spectral, drops glow.

Light Trapeze


Light refracting, trapeze,

Angles, bouncy frieze,

Colours spectrum, grease,

Focus, stretching ease,

Shadows dapple, breeze,

Dark, grazing tease,

Inking radiance, squeeze.

Power Failure


Flow entangle, wires mangle, transit wrangle.

Electricity fail, timetables derail, journey snail.

Power sever, dependence lever, stationary tether.

Charge disrupt, spark corrupt, conduit interrupt.

Currents wane, patience drain, network strain.

Shut-eye, Vie


Fatigue bleary grey, conscious struggles sway,

Vision itch stray, tiredness strain fray.

Squinting dazzle day, wrinkles hardened clay,

Sockets pinch flay, mouth yawn splay.

Eyes trickling dismay, head slumped disobey,

Focus puffy display, cringe light ray.

Rush Blush


Panting rush exert, breath ragged avert, lungs gulp hurt.

Sweaty soak shirt, brow glisten overt, perspiration drip girt.

Legs burn assert, hamstring twinge curt, feet grind dirt.

Pulse flares spurt, heart accelerates blurt, blood hot squirt.

Temperature arise covert, cool air inert, calm rest pert.

Superficial Shape


Scratches, scuff scrape,

Patches mask, tape,

Surfaces dent, misshape.

Blemishes, mark drape,

Holes punctured, agape,

Coverings wear, crape.

Pieces, missing gape,

Fragments broken, cape,

Coating fracture, scape.

Vision Deflect


Reflections, transparent ghost,

Dissipating, translucent host,

Imagery, transitory post,

Faint, transposed roast.

Distortions, transacting boast,

Fleeting, translate riposte,

Outlines, transition toast,

Manifest, transfer coast.

Travelators Bite


Teeth interlock, comb bite,

Steps soar, automated flight,

Platform ascends, wave height.

Metal grilled, bristles tight,

Storeys ladder, travel slight,

Escher stairways, people alight.

Zipper slide, grinding rite,

Banister grip, conveyor kite,

Balancing teeter, arisen bright.

Green Harbour Glade


Glare reflects, choppy churn,

Silver, lustre surface, burn,

Watery sawtooth, marble turn.

Glaze lacquers, transparent deep,

Green, tumble waves, seep,

Turquoise lap, tesserae steep.

Glass current, magnifies squash,

Pistachio, jewel prism, wash,

Saltwater snuggles, sluice splosh.

Breeze Folds


Compress twirl, breeze flip,

Impress curl, gust grip,

Distress furl, wind dip,

Tress swirl, air trip.

Bluster fold, vapour rift,

Fluster rolled, whiff lift,

Buster scold, fan sift,

Muster hold, puff uplift.

Air Conditioned


Hairs intermingle, cold blow,

Wafts jingle, chill skiff.

Skin shingle, shivers buffet,

Touch bingle, bleak whiff.

Pores mingle, icy draught,

Contact dingle, frigid sniff.

Digits tingle, frozen pant,

Numb cringle, frost stiff.

Crackled Cactus Hands


Pores divot flak, pierce pickle holed,

Harden use stack, raised callous mould,

Layers shedding hack, peel scuff trolled.

Prints patterned track, webbing line bold,

Wrinkles exaggerate tack, sags crease fold,

Blemish freckle smack, blotch spot tolled.

Age withers highjack, flabby fallen old,

Tired marking wrack, flush grasp hold,

Skin worn crack, sliced ridges rolled.

Fired into Reality


Traversing, projectile born,

Existence thrust, spawn,

Moment continuum, dawn.

Speeding, momentum pawn,

Current rushes, yawn,

Aged deterioration, shorn.

Accelerated, friction drawn,

Obstacles shunt, warn,

Passage spinning, forlorn.

Contours, manoeuver torn,

Daylight strobes, brawn,

Subsistence fleeting, worn.

Block Hock


Inspiration, vacant bank,

Mind abacus, clank,

Thoughts, stagnant drank,

Calibre rutted, crank,

Imagination, empty tank.

Indecisive stale, yank,

Corrections, repeat blank,

Revisions wrestle, rank,

Melancholy, depths dank,

Esteem rotting, stank.

Storm Swarm


Rain buffets thrust, wind crisscross bust,

Driven slanted dust, swirling ferocious, gust.

Drops bullet project, squall zigzag eject,

Wet scatter flecked, curling downpour, collect.

Liquid bustles felt, gale crosswind welt,

Surfaces liquid pelt, twirling ricocheted, belt.

Landfall Bawl


Buildings, wind tunnelled, bunt,

Shoved, lift-off pummel, punt.

Footsteps, hopped skip, shunt,

Body, impact slammed, brunt.

Vapours, forceful buffer, front,

Sweeping, gusts scrape, grunt.

Blown, landfall corridors, hunt,

Animated, stomp squish, stunt.

Rays Phase Daze


Light streaks, sight weep,

Neon leaks, flashes peep,

Glare peeks, squint seep,

Tube beaks, retinas deep,

Daze seeks, phasing leap,

Bulb tweaks, eyes sweep,

Glint sneaks, focus creep,

Arc freaks, glance steep,

Shine cliques, stare reap.

Grunge Scunge


Dried, dirty rain,

Runs, inkblot stain,

Black, marble vein,

Carbon, spot drain,

Marker, scuff pane,

Dribble, speckle grain,

Smudged, faint wane,

Streamer, vertical lane,

Crevices, splash crane,

Splatter, gritty mane,

Studs, leather chain,

Filthy, exterior train.

Concrete Furnace Temp


Heat pummels, stomp,

Temperature, scorch romp,

Skin toasted, chomp,

Wither, perspire clomp,

Sun emblazoned, pomp,

Bright, dazzle swamp.

Thermometer rises, amp,

Swelter, oppressive stamp,

Fried lethargy, clamp,

Bake, dehydrate cramp,

Light singes, lamp,

Sweating, sultry damp.

Blistered sizzle, shrimp,

Temples, roasted crimp,

Forehead drips, wimp,

Air, stifling limp,

Thermals mirage, blimp,

Surfaces, hotplate pimp.

Wilting radiator, crump,

Nagging, convection pump,

Solar focuses, thump,

Desiccate, brittle clump,

Vigour dried, slump,

Sky, conflagrates grump.

Harbour Bubbles


Chop churns, burly effervesce, nip.

Wash sterns, twirly turbulence, dip.

Surface upturns, swirly rapids, flip.

Surf sojourns, curly backwash, tip.

Swell returns, whirly sloshing, slip.

Water U-turns, hurly wrinkled, lip.

Concrete Sky


Concrete sky, particles graze,

Cloudy grout, sediment haze,

Mortar hangs, gravelled gaze,

Layers screed, compacted raise,

Render streaks, granule glaze,

Currents slab, fractured maze,

Gypsum overcast, pebble daze.

Slippery When Wet


Water puddles, pooling slick,

Wet surface, slippery lick,

Wallow, liquid splatters, flick,

Wash, settle moisten, thick.

Damp padded, contours stick,

Dank stains, seeping wick,

Dribble, humidity soak, snick,

Drops, softened mire, nick.

Which Way


Doorway frames, threshold gate,

Archway overhangs, open state,

Entranceway spans, invite bait.

Pathway traverses, surface grate,

Highway transits, hustle rate,

Roadway travels, journey fate.

Passageway steps, directed slate,

Causeway joins, divide plate,

Byway diverts, alternate wait.

Shafted Journey


Carriage cylindrical, hurtles,

Javelin thrust, sped thrown.

Perspective conical, tunnel,

Slanted adjust, velocity mown.

Transit trickle, windows,

Ribbed bust, wobbly blown.

Seated popsicle, foosball,

Rods encrust, terminus prone.

Broken Waves


Water folds, skin,

Peeling, overlap flake,

Tumble pores, cap.

Swell bristles, hair,

Cold, chill bump,

Shiver pimple, extend.

Spray mists, breath,

White, droplet fine,

Exhale cold, steam.

Froth knots, varicose,

Swirl, streamer sudd,

Briny veins, fizz.

Waves crawl, finger,

Scamper, tap squelch,

Shovel sand, break.

Fireball Lob


Buffet, heat plunge,

Gooey melt, sponge,

Repulse, thermals lunge,

Draught dry, grunge,

Moisture, wither expunge.

Ground, dried singe,

Surfaces bake, twinge,

Repel, convection hinge,

Roast sizzle, binge,

Sweat, steamy syringe.



Rain pummels, pounce,

Drops stampede, bounce.

Water ricochets, flounce,

Splashes batter, jounce.

Deluge teems, announce,

Ground pelted, trounce.

Morning Peak, Fatigue


Shift stance, fitful stamp,

Slouch tilt, lethargy ramp,

Lounge slump, comfort cramp.

Yawn inhale, breath short,

Stretch posture, aches taut,

Gulp bulb, swallow caught.

Rub sight, waters weary,

Blink vision, flitting bleary,

Itchy eyes, tired teary.

Trudge steps, persevere worn,

Wander feet, swollen torn,

Dawdle path, wayward drawn.

Sunrise Squash


Sunlight, soapy streak,

Lemon, horizon peek,

Skyline, pollen leak,

Honeycomb, beams beak,

Shaded, spongy tweak,

High-vis, lustre eke,

Corn, kernels sneak,

Yolky, bubble weak,

Luminous, bright seek.

Sulphur, crests sleek,

Sand, dunes squeak,

Cheesy, canary cheek.

Toppings Compress


Concrete, all-sorts filling, press,

Mortar, cream stratum, tress,

Foundation, pastry mould, dress,

Slabs, meringue stack, stress.

Tiles, crust slice, depress,

Pavers, heavy strudel, recess,

Blocks, tower base, egress,

Bricks, layered waffle, chess.

Waves Metal Studded


Sunlight, twists helix, blink,

Daze, looping chain, link,

Water, surface reflector, sink.

Ripple, corrugate lit, wink,

Glare, shimmering dune, kink,

Bright, tensile coiled, rink.

Swell, mirror-ball polish, zinc,

Chop, grater metallic, ink,

Scaly, scallop armour, chink.

Glaze, tight wrapping, shrink,

Caps, bottle-top rivet, sync,

Waves, barrel unrolled, slink.

Ocean Jelly, Cloud


Propeller, sediment flick, puff, rinse wake.

Fins, bubble nick, scuff, undertow quake.

Outboard, gurgled slick, fluff, stain snake.

Motor, curdle tick, huff, froth milkshake.

Blades, brine lick, buff, backwashing rake.

Sandstone Caverns


Honeycomb chisel, chip,

Quarry, borer landslip,

Rock-faces gnawed, nip.

Fissure fractures, rip,

Cutting, jackhammer tip,

Shafts tunnelled, dip.

Catacomb warrens, trip,

Grotto, eroded drip,

Excavations scour, grip.

Fault chinked, strip,

Indentations, bevel lip,

Crevice divots, pip.

Match Strike


Light conjoin, spark corrugate, cinder conflagrate.

Bright purloin, dark scintillate, hinder subordinate.

Sight quoin, mark differentiate, tinder disseminate.

Champagne Bottle


Shimmer, surface freckle, current pop,

Tread, speckle nest, moss, gloss frizz.

Glimmer, water wobble, turbulent bop,

Head, bobble crest, beam, gleam tizz.

Skimmer, harbour wiggle, sudds atop,

Spread, jiggle messed, tint, glint fizz.

Sundown Brown


Sunlight tinted, gaze droop, yellow soapy, sting.

Beams deepen, stare stoop, orange tangy, wing.

Rays intensify, solar hoop, crimson dusty, cling.

Disc darkens, fiery gloop, golden candy, bling.

Orb brightens, shine loop, silver fleecy, spring.

Radiance winks, glare sloop, white talcy, ring.

Turbulence Ferment


Water, propeller chop, lily petals, churn.

Surface, mixer wake, paper pulped, turn.

Ocean, shredder bite, fronds flick, fern.

Aquatic, hedger slop, dry spinifex, whip.

Waves, blender wrack, wash foam, flip.

Harbour, shaver mite, glass beads, chip.

Sunbeams Bristle


Cut sweeps, bleached wave,

Mane frizzed, auburn blown,

Fringe flows, sandy kinked,

Volume fronds, fiery spiral,

Ponytail flicks, platinum fall,

Plaits plunge, scarlet braid,

Bob bounces, blonde pert,

Curls drape, blushed spring,

Locks swish, peroxide glint,

Strands messy, orange aflame.

Faint Draught


Faint graze flick, skin shudder lick,

Air fresh nick, hairs tingle prick,

Cool waft snick, passes coil quick.

Slight dab peck, shiver traces neck,

Tap brisk fleck, pores pinch check,

Cold zips bedeck, subtle swish speck.

Concrete Fishnet Nub


Cloud sweeps, steel-wool scrub,

Grey particles, rain disperse rub,

Leaden weave, worn frayed drub.

Droplets afloat, dawdle drag grub,

Humidity hovers, smoky flip tub,

Moisture track, tape spliced dub.

Sadden weep, drizzle sinks stub,

Sky fallen, unravel threads club,

Jester frown, sooty creased hub.

Cloud Imprints


Sneakers tread, grip, indent track, puff.

Joggers pound, rip, debris flack, huff.

Boots purchase, lip, parting crack, ruff.

Sandals slap, flip, cushions stack, scuff.

Slippers slide, slip, skate tack, fluff.

Galoshes trudge, dip, slosh hack, buff.

Sunbeams Stream


Sunlight streak, tiger stripe,

Brightness leak, orange ripe,

Radiance beak, copper pipe,

Illuminate peek, colour hype,

Bedazzled sleek, span swipe,

Transparent eek, chalky wipe.

Algae Water


Peacock blue, lacquer coat, dried surface, crackle peel,

Plume, scalloping webbed.

Eucalypt green, foliage float, clump corrugated, raw steel,

Leaves, weave ebbed.

Gravel blue, vibrations note, sluice displace, bounce keel,

Conveyor, ruffle ribbed.

Bottle green, grass mote, mown squiggly, slithering eel,

Comb, wrinkles jibbed.

Stalactites Shimmer


Shadows neon, capped,

Lights, thermometer wrapped,

Candescent frames, trapped.

Structures, bulb gapped,

Spacing sequence, lapped,

Landscape, palisade mapped.

Storeys shine, clapped,

Radiance, layering slapped,

Illumination circuitry, entrapped.

Surfaces, flash flapped,

Intermittent spacing, tapped,

Fluorescents, sight sapped.

Sky, Clouds, Rain


Sky, skates rust, scaffold dust,

Scalloped adjust, scoot gust,

Scarper thrust, droop, shade crust.

Clouds, scruffy mist, scurry list,

Scramble wrist, scuttle twist,

Scatter tryst, descend, vortex fist.

Rain, skitter frost, scamper lost,

Skittle accost, scalp glossed,

Scud tossed, fallen, spittle mossed.

Wear and Tear


Stone, worn, fragments crumb,

Boulder, shorn, fracture plumb,

Rock, drawn, frequency strum,

Monolith, torn, freckles thumb,

Gravel, spawn, fractions scrum,

Mountain, acorn, friction drum.

Ruffle Shuffle


Wind pummels pump, trajectory thump,

Leaning slur slump, physical bump.

Air momentum plump, gusting jump,

Bustle shove crump, shunted hump.

Vapours urgency clump, buffet lump,

Prodding poke rump, agitate grump.

Gases swoop trump, shudder stump,

Passages dash sump, wake dump.

Rain Fishes


Tatter flap, sinker breeze bauble, float bobbing,

Taut jag, hooked, line run,

Tussle pole, affixed, flags fetch, stretched.

Batter slap, carousel wind wobble, dodgem lobbing,

Lift drag, crooked, cha-cha stun,

Top spun, mixed, umbrellas retch, fletched.

Candelabra Cloud


Greasy fudge, tarnished silver sludge,

Layers smudge, pack ice nudge,

Ghostly trudge, bubble wrap budge,

Hover grudge, white sheets drudge.

Rains, Budding Aftermath


Green, lush vigour, verdant plump figure,

Leaves, plush trigger, growth saturate bigger,

Grass, flush snigger, shoots tuft rigour.

Flora, blush jitter, vivacious tangle flitter,

Bulbs, gush twitter, bloom sprouted glitter,

Moss, crush litter, shaggy carpet skitter.

Land Ho


Churn, entangle swirl, wave,

Mow, lathered wash, shave,

Turn, surface disturb, grave,

Flow, heartbeat ripple, rave.

Leap, shoreline scrub, crave,

Slap, undulate gaped, pave,

Weep, tantrum lash, behave,

Lap, aquatic currents, slave.

Tow, directional tide, trave,

Deep, troughs vortex, nave,

Blow, turbulent slosh, lave,

Sweep, coast pummel, cave.

Cap, breakers barrel, stave,

Stern, water thrusts, glaive,

Clap, impact constant, gave,

Spurn, land repel, concave.

Horizon Fallen


Light splinters, shutter,

Shafts grater, splutter,

Motion peek, flutter,

Surfaces slather, butter,

Trickle horizon, gutter.

Glare brightens, scatter,

Rays beached, spatter,

Transit streak, matter,

Banded coat, batter,

Sky fallen, tatter.

Beams dazzle, blotter,

Glass gauze, swatter,

Dust tweak, dotter,

Stripes spread, totter,

Brief instant, squatter.

Radiance flecks, glitter,

Filter stretch, litter,

Flash leak, flitter,

Elongate cover, fritter,

Sundown flex, emitter.

Clouds Toupee


Skyscrapers bump, hazy tuft thump, coastal swell, dump.

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