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Politics today is synonymous with power, fear, war, propaganda/spy/psy-ops,

murder, conspiracy, global devastation, neo-imperialism, religious intolerance,

racism, terrorism, lies, betrayal, kleptocracy, oligarchy, pseudo-democracy,

fascism, media/control, toxic environment, poverty, surveillance, mistrust, paranoia,

oppression, unconsciousness Let’s wants to change this mindset to natural Love.

Politics for most people in the modern World is determined through Global Media

Conglomerates. These can be counted on one hand. The Power they have is in

determining our view and mass-conscious’ Reality. It’s beyond belief due to the

revolution of personal computers, smart phone access, Social media and

Artificial Intelligence platforms etc. It is obviously a Powerful tool of Governments,

Global Corporations and other Institutions such as Financial, Church, Psy-ops,

ideological societies. In the past, innovations in technology, social, Industrial, Art,

scientific, medical, economic and Military capabilities determined humanity’s Advances.

For example, discoveries of the Printing press, radio, TV. Google, fb, Microsoft, Atoms,

Genetics, Quantum theory etc. determined civilisation’s progress. It is no coincidence

that these sociopath organisations came to dominate the landscape of Power Politics.

Owners of Information have joined in the Financial Elite dictating to the Planet

what we should Know, respond to, live by, accept, pay, Obey! They work hand in

hand with the Authorities whether they be Governments of all persuasions, religions,

Military Industrial complexes or NWO. Deep state, secret cabals who are directing our

lives and our natural environment. We only have to look around or listen to people to

realise how this is going today. Conspiracies are rampant because these inequalities

that exist have to be maintained as well as Capitalist ventures, shareholders’ profits.

This is a story going back as far as we are led to believe, to the beginning of time ~

It is one portrayed in religion and philosophies as the fight between good and evil,

light and dark, weak and powerful, Empire and slaves.

Duality as part of the human condition, take your pick!

Entwined through this narrative is the one of Man’s and woman’s free will to be ~

Compassionate or egoist, sharing or greedy, Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious.

The chosen ones destined to determine how the weaker of the species survive or not!

Politics is about the distribution of the slices of the metaphorical cake. Whether it’s the tribal

chief who gets to distribute the spoils of the hunt, the king giving land and privileges to

those showing allegiance, the Pope blessing his pious congregation and those supporting

the Inquisition to maintain their Power and holy status against 99% of people who are

basically, slaves trying to survive. Or is it the hidden hand of the financial elites sitting

on top of all the Gold, as research (Oxfam) shows as of 2016 eight people control

half the wealth of the entire Planet. And that list doesn’t even include the Rothschild

Rockefeller dynasties; or the Sovereign Funds of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai etc.

which probably control the other half. How did this imbalance arise and what are

the obvious consequences? Forbes lists the rich 1%; and the Top bloodline families.

Are the Kleptocrats and Plutocrats human (Human as sharing feelings between

other life forms not sociopathic and predatory)? Investigate alternative forums ~

not the fake news, spin, propaganda, Spy-Psy-Ops sites that add to our confusion,

ultimate depression, repression and separation. ‘Divide and Conquer’ is their motto.

Another paradigm of Mind-gaming, the Matrix hacking our brain, is to maintain the illusion

of acceptance of the entitled status quo, rather than contemplate change. People may be real,

successful slaves or tortured slaves, be sub-human traffic, cannon fodder or collateral damage!

The World is witnessing a destruction of living integrity ~ The Planet is under attack as never

before and so are its species and eco-biological systems that we all depend on. Who has taken

over the power, control, surveillance of y/our soul? How much is your Spirit worth, in the name

of which unholy God? Ask the Bees, the near extinct tigers, ask those on the endangered lists;

who gave these self-possessed oligarchs, rights to determine the destiny of Pachamama?

Is this the evolution of Insanity or humanity? What is a revolution without respect,

trust, empathy and consciousness?’

I said I was Exaggerated

Reason why I think so:

in fact my whole life is so.

At least Now I am Conscious

of this trip…… I am playing ~

with myself, so maybe in control.

Not sure of the reason anymore

I often think I’m just crazy ~ lazy.

A dreamer (dare I say Unrealistic? No).

Am I really trying to progress

to something or is it just my

clever excuse? Do I imagine

I am an Idealist looking for a sexy tigress,

a natural philosopher or an Aztec space ~ man,

should I be married and settled down, God RIP?

Is it because I haven’t found

an easy number and the future

for such a grim travail is dim ~

What is it? Anyway

we have mind, body, we have Hair,

we have programmed mind-sets.

We are Individuals, supposedly,

we’re living in an environment ~

in an environment something Is.

We are searching for something.

People have Identities, values,

values have a limit, a time

which always changes ~

The environment has values,

values have limits which are changing.

Your awareness keeps you all together.

We decided that our Indian people are ~

more Important to us than Long Jail Terms”



I don't need Canada

I don't need money

I don't need alcohol

I don't need acid ~

I don't need the Sheraton

I don't need sophistication

or complications, or a car.

I don't need an apartment

I don't need your gadgets

I don't need your promises.

I need your love

Beauty Suntanned

Each small part of her ~

Thousands of naked strangers.

Seven billion of us being here together!

My sweetheart’s ~ Romantic Shangri la.

Time changes ~Time is changing now.

This will also change ~

Yachts ~ passing in the night,

smells, sounds, a distant bell.

Having a family changes it all.

Morning meditation

Hallo our practice ~

Hallo the next station

Hallo the next interlude

Hallo the next embrace

You & me

were happy with our thé au lait.


Coconut parasols outside Golden Pagodas.

An enlightened girl ~ let me bathe with you.

Growing Intelligence came from a rainforest.

Strength of naked Aphrodite, exuding love.

A Passing Star ~ to Infinity

is the drama of the moment


I am Omar Khayam

I am Kahil Gibran

I am Suffering

under house arrest

I am Sitting Bull

I am Red Cloud

I am husband of Running Stream

I am Suffering

in this Prison

I am Atlantis Ocean

I am tropical storm

I am Japanese misty morn

I am Suffering

without You ~

I am always new

I am a dream too

I am Impermanent

I am not this pain ~

I am the touch of rain


Feeling each other, mellow cantare.

From afar I came looking

for Love’s memories ~

by dream, to your Wedding, garden party.

Soft sambas playing inside a church.

Abstract pinks ~

A children’s asylum,

in a botanical garden



Women on pain of death

might not enter a canoe”

Interactions of traditions.

Powerful, deadly to you,

those, ‘Smoking Sticks’.

Prevailed over us again!

The awaiting of War monsters.

Where is my Emotional Lover?

Those who survived the epidemics ~

introduced from Invaders’ conquering ships

were carried off by Peruvian slavers

to work in the guano deposits

of the Quincha Islands”

Jesus Christ

Believe me, no one’s more surprised than I Am!”

You never know what’s comin’ down the road,

that’s for sure ~ Life is wonderful when free.



It’s like you’re calling a dog.

Call me Marie

call me darling

call me butterfly

You make me feel like this table.

Call me Rayon du Soleil

Call me ~


How often do you see

the caressing of the sky

by eagles ~

the swoon of the birds

and butterflies ~

the curiosity of yellow butterflies

and giant pink insects

like those kaleidoscopic fish

of the tropical seas ~

and a helicopter too?

Krakatau Sarong

Women of natural desires, lustrous, fabled

from Spicey Islands ~ spending all the night,

be happy ~ enjoying, East Indies’ treasures.

Serenely she watches, wonders of the divine.

With grace and dignity ~ poise of whispers,

instincts, gentle movements, laughter and joy.

What do you want from nature’s lovely Queen,

from these great people living here in peace?

A welcoming sight, the green sarongs of Indonesia.

Offering a Vision of Freedom ~ Lovers before Servitude!


Burden of Dreams

Discovered lagoons and ripped off all their spices.

Give me ALL the milk from your Coconuts!”

Corporate Investment depending on ~ Slaves.

Initiative: Another Inhuman Culture Shock!


Wealth of the Indies; “Welcome Stranger”

to these marvellous Spice Isle’s shores,

share our Universal night, smiling invitingly.

Java as portrayed by craftsmen’s daughters.

Making masterpieces of Mental decoration.

Sweethearts of wet rice, harvests aplenty.

The abundance of majority go barefoot ~

Home of living dance; beautiful Moluccas.

Brocaded gold and silver threads, lithe ~

natural bodies, superb, works of fine art.

Pure eyes, creations of divine inspiration.

The majority go barefoot ~ in innocence.

Welcome Strangers” ~ Wealth of the Indies.


1928 ~ “Welcome Stranger, why did you come here?”

To steal your cloves, aromatic oils, rich exotic spices.”

Many years of violence would pass in raping and pillage!

This tyranny brought to our doors a blood thirsty history.

They came, Christian Dutch of Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

Meglomaniacs, oligarchics, Empire’s greedy enslavement.

Conquerors ~ for centuries, plunderers coming ashore!

A distant land of Tulips, clogs, sails of frigid windmills ~

Armed, Invading Pirates; robbing each day of her fertility.

The fabled truths of native’s hearts, now stripped bare.

The fabled grace of their loveliness ~ terribly abused!

Holland’s Culture System - ‘Mining and Dividing’

Only waves of Exploiters, these Royal Robbers.

Criminals from a tiny uncivilised Realm ~

Masters of which avaricious God?


Piano, Piano, Ciao Chiaroscuro

I have a weakness for ~

Asparagus and Cream Cheese

even broccoli.

Leonardo Da Vinci ~ Open blue skies

Astral dreams of distant friends.

Romantic ships ~ full sails from foreign Shores,

morning scenes of tropical fisher villages,

the fireside of oaken Alpine Chalets ~

Exotic sunsets and crisp Botticelli Sunrises,

warm reminiscences of l’atelier and terrace artists.

Long walks with a lover through old city quarters ~

fruit & vegetable markets & down narrow country lanes.

Meditation on a favourite hip bone.

A transcending motion picture,

a tale of truth, a poem of beauty,

time with Spiritual brothers & sisters

at the Oasis ~ gipsy dancing in a meadow.

Les fleurs de l’Océan tranquille ~

fresh tropical showers, joy of those Spaces ~

The amorous adventures of the impressionists,

Hokusai’s prints of Spring’s Cherry blossoms,

untouched glades, seeing 36 views of Mount Fuji.

Seasonal harvests from out of a reflective nook,

a giant atlas resting on an old oak table ~

Bowls of fruit and sounds from the fields.

The enfants of Folk Wisdom,

a caress with Providence.


My school days

They called me Jude then.

I carried a knife always

a smile sometimes ~

these were my only weapons.

Times were very tough,

still a man must dance

to the beating of his heart.

My friend Fish would say,

life is a river ~ you

must swim in it

until you drown.

They cooked Fish in the hot sun

on a hilltop, far

from any water.

Forgive them”, he said

and swam away ~


(Written by my good friend C. J.)

Do You Think Dr. Henry Kissinger

could write short stories for Our Children?

Do you think Van Goch

would have made an application

to become a tram conductor

Do you think Gauguin

would have made an application

to be a purser on a cruise ship

or Renoir

a position as a hairdresser ~

Would they have ever happened?

Do you think Charles Dickens

would have written Ads for TV.

Do you think

Mathew, Mark, Luke and John

would have been story tellers

behind the screen of a bank?

Do you think a North Korean poetess

would be able to write a description

of her country for visitors…

or do you think Solzhenitsyn

could have been a forecaster of the

Russian, Olympic team challenge?


we just had a nuclear war!

I just Cured My Self ~

of one of my greatest doubts.

God in all his Divine Wisdom ~

Is making the ignorant human extinct!

Nuclear weapons ~ Nuclear energy.

A gift

The blossoms are coming ~

I met a man and asked about

Nuclear bombs and that ~

all he talked about were Lotus flowers.

Now I don’t even throw stones ~ anymore!


Lovers ~ First Love

It’s always better than You think.”

Perfect ~

How much do you offer?

A beautiful 4.30am



bring someone you Love’

Politics to me…

I Love People ~

I don’t know what it was

but I’ll never forget it!

Each fragment of Life is Sacred

These are Your Children



I think I had a good heart attack!”

Life is a body ~

turned around,

raining ~ driving away in a taxi


Bhadgaon city and me

My poetry is blowing in the wind ~ now in Nepal.

On a tourist brochure of Bhadgaon city.

Do you have your streaming messages or your visions floating?

My poetry is now zooming on arrows ~

around the description of temples in Bhadgaon city


My poetry is now resting on me ~

on a hillside of Nagarkot in Nepal.

Gently blowing with the wind.

My poetry is still on that brochure

which was earlier used to make a filter for a joint,

blowing in the wind


Anything that’s good, that doesn’t make you Sick!

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder’

The mountains ~ peaks of the mind.

My brother ain't heavy at all


Life too is waking up

then walking barefoot,

carrying a heavy sack

strapped across the brow ~

It’s not like running for a bus is it?



Water takes the shape of the pot

which collects it’

When God ~

is perceived through the mind,

it is that Ego-mental-setting.

Perfecting the instrument
is freedom ~

It shouldn’t interfere with

another person’s comfort.

we are interdependent”

Mirrored silvery shades

of his Polaroid’s ~

the pupils animated,

history of a worn cowboy.

An exquisite gold hued beach

with acropolis colonnades,

sweeping ocean horizons ~

sprayed onto the imagination.

A peninsular of isolated beauty

where only wizards orbit and dreamers

of the flights of Aegean winds abide.

A tall, slim figure swayed

in the cool evening breeze ~

running with the crabs to the still black ripple.

Long gleaming legs, long blowing hair


The pyramid is a harem of my shells,

wonderful dream inside

reminded me of a houri ~

Paradise for any sailor.

Yes so happy I was made

by this sweetest thought

that today, I still smile warmly.

Spring is blowing in the sails

and secret islands ~

appear in my glass.

Inside the honeycomb ~

there is a fire of beauty,

a lodestar to the forever.

Pink flamingo feathers inscribe

all Love to You


In the Mecca of America

Secret societies, Freemason’s Rites, Sociopathic elites,

International Eastern Star, Pentagrams, Satan’s Pattern.

From ancient Egyptian to the Roman God of Time worship,

Set of evil, war, dark forces, chaos, devastation and hellfire!

Coming from the Tabernacle of Rephan, Moloch, Baal, Baphomet

Horned Cernunnos, the Wicca Man, sorcery on a Globalised scale.

Ask Elijah, Ezekiel 8 v9, look in the Bible; Kabbalah, Revelations 3 v9.

All are profanities filled with the blood of innocents, burning your children.

Sacrificing your sons and daughters, as offerings in a room of false Idols!

Violence, ‘They profess to know God, but their deeds deny him’ Titus 1 v16.

They are the sons of destruction and lawlessness, the Antichrist revealed!

Where is* Spirit* in the *hearts of wo*men co*existing?

Pleasure Groves

It is impossible to fathom

the depths ~

of other’s hearts.

Clever and intelligent questions

can only elicit ~

clever and intelligent answers

which may not be
the truth.

Our actions ~

controlled by fate

fructify at the scheduled moment

and all our virtue,

happiness and prosperity

blossom ~
at the time appointed it.

When is your scheduled hour?

Eyes of shimmering blue silk….



Better if you don’t have to sell it.

Turquoise waters

become light ~

offer the other cheek

Intention to become a slave or be free!


He said the English speakers, listen.

Ancient Inca Stonework.

Underneath ~ Pipes


Be Truly Happy

Her tour ~ of a Marmalade factory

and the language left behind by the Incas!

Andean Orchestral ~ sounds of the Blue Whale.

The Chinampa are disappearing, sisters;

giant oil rigs are growing in the Golfo, brothers.”

What’s the future for a 10,000-mile baleine Mother?

Her only Real Enemy ~ Man!



Macchu Picchu!

Deep Respect

Feelings ~ of a lifetime



She wore sky blue pumps

with a framboise jupe ~

A good contact, in Germany;

he’s picking cabbages for the Greens.

Old friend

The difference between Soul and Soil

is in the Infinite ~ between U and I

You don’t have to stay forever, I will Understand’

Left alone with just a memory, life seems dead and so Unreal.

All that’s left is loneliness ~ there’s nothing left to Feel”

You’re the One who Changed ~ (Unconsciously).

Now you’ve gone away ~ I’m left here on my own.

All that’s left is Loneliness, nothing left to feel”



Can you just OBSERVE ~ these FEELINGS

feeling of Terrible Loss! (feeling of nothing left to feel).

THAT IS Always IN YOUR Illusory Mind, concept,

that is on your body, in your limited-Mental state.

What are the SENSATIONS of your memory?

Without You ~ don’t be afraid or Terrified.

What are these ~ Cosmic frequencies, being in you?

Now YOU ARE, alone, at least realise some equanimity

when feeling the Loneliness ~


Loss, that is crazy, behaviour in your Mind.

Energetic patterns that are on your body.

Can you just but sit and observe them ~

it takes some time to come to your centre.

Feeling your Vibrations, your breath, now.

J’envie de rien” * “J’aime ça”

Tu es plus libre”

Obama Nation of Desolation

Worshipping the Black Cube of Satan.

God said let there be light and there was ~

Archonic broods of Vipers coming up from Hell.

Abominations in the Temple, synagogue of Saturn’.

Chief exorcist says, ‘the Devil is living In the Vatican’.

The Council of 33, Illuminati Power in the heart of US.

Believe in yourself ~ in the light Spirit of divine wo/man.


The fragrance of children

I thought I was Supposed to be the Light!”


The Lost Horizon,

but Not Shangri-La.

Peace ~ No Brutality

No Mystery, No Lust for Power.

Valley of the Blue Moon’

Exploring, healthy dreaming.

Courtesy ~ “Welcome, Welcome Stranger”

Behold, these wonders where are we living

brother, having no dark secrets sister.

How may we aid your journey?”

Sorry mother and father,

Into my open heart;

the body Is willing

so is the heart ~

Loveliest Peace

Homage to ~ Henry Miller

Colossos of Maroussi’ ~ of Big Sur.

Greatest Sanctuary of Asclepius ~

amid thyme scented olive groves,

the precious herbs of Hygeia.

dream up your own cure’

delicate thunderbolts.

Epidauros’ heart


Bhikku Khantipalo Sunday


Leading him into the realms

of Occultism and magic ~

Balance is Coming All Together.

Balance is All Coming Together ~ Merits.

This morning I picked up a hitch-hiker

standing in the rain.

Merit opens doors everywhere, being a good human.

To have a Mind at all Times Set Upon making Merit”

Meditation Implies Renunciation”

Paduan Fans

Les Nabis Court ~

Bambi against Protocol.

Playing versatile, crystal violins,

arriving on armour, plated Elephants,

with large bouquets of meadow flowers ~

I Like Your Spirit



He said, “there are no train spotters in Peru”

Defeated Incas ~

No wheels or horses

only ~ Auric ore!

Don’t take away or enslave her soul.

Weavers ~ Indian Revolution.

They only Cultivated ~

the little bit they needed,

the rest! $i$i$i…


Lake Titicaca

A meandering steamer ~

Sunrise on the World’s highest lake.

Don’t think you’re a long way from home.”

We’re in Bolivian waters ~

sometimes the Indians throw stones!


Carry on ~ the best you can.

La Paz


Mistaken Identity - KAL 007!

Specious, confidence trick, your cause, effect,

justification of your need to be a Super-Power.

The Ultimate Weapon for You, to make People free!

You have Absolutely no idea about people.

Your sophisticated, sophistry as defence…

against the taking of 269 Innocent Lives!!

Is this the way You defend your enlightenment?

Your Socialist Revolution! Survivors: 0

Shooting them down from 32,000 feet!


Which Level Are You Attuning To?

And did you hear about this thing called a Nuclear Bomb!

Did you ever think of Acid Rain, or toxic Oceans off Fukushima?

LET US BE, not playing your games of Propaganda




Be Equanimous, Be Happy with Both

The natural INTEGRITY of the paysage ~

La Croisette ~ its continued undimmed elegance.

The weight of snow smashed greenhouses in Antibes 1956.

Scented teardrops.

He spent most of his time in the open and in the Villages.

Do you know what Community really is?


I am a Free Man ~ Free Spirit

Free from Being under your greedy Mind.

I have worked to be Free, ‘Patrone’

Free from your Self-Congratulating ego.

Free from your Self-deluded profiteering;

All You Know? Completely commercial, profit,

blind eyes, closed heart, your smug Rip-offs.

What is your Motivation then?

The Integrity of the paysage ~

the snow’s weight smashed greenhouses.

Whiplashed, Parliament focusing!

Free to see ~ to die in Character.


Continual Chemical Change ~

In Living Organisms by which the Living

matter is gradually built up and Complex

Substances broken down ~

Do you know we once had a great Empire

daughter? Sharing Loving Kindness ~



Organic Compound secreted by the Endocrine

ductless, gland into the Circulating fluid.

Regulator of Metabolism.

Affects Growing and Reproduction ~

of You and Me ~

The factors of physical enlightenment:

A Feeder of Natural wholesome energy.

Good Seeds ~ Good Fruits

Good Motive ~ Good Life

Good Actions ~ Happiness


Learn from your own mistakes and grow ~”

The Government Will Not Make You Aware

brother, the Government will not make

you aware, mother …… will they?

Unearthing Conspiracies!

No doubt about the manipulation of our Mind-set.

Unhealthy soil, growing what with GMO. suicide seeds?

Learning the natural Truth (how about these Chemtrails?)

Cabinets full of secrets ~ secretes

Makes you Afraid?

There is something that holds no secrets.”

The Government Will Not Make You A Poet.

Love is not Negativity ~ Secretions of their Fear.

You have to ask ~ the right connections, feelings.

Hell is what we do to each other here on Earth”

How much help do we get from the other side?

You have to ask; being Space to find the answers.

Death is not an end but a New beginning ~

What are we doing to each other here on Earth?

Government will not make you Aware ~ Classified!


Top Secret

What we do to each other here on Earth”


Any of a group of polypeptides formed in the brain tissue

and pituitary gland of higher animals which are thought to

control the transfer signals at nerve ~ junctions, ensuring

that behaviour patterns in the individual remain normal.

Imbalance or malfunction of these polypeptides has

been reported to be a factor in irrational and violent

actions and other emotional disorders as well as in

epilepsy and memory processes’. (Wikipedia)

Do you Realise that once we had a Great Empire, son?”

Hiawatha was a Lover ~ he ate berries grown by the Sun.

Evolving ~ Chemical Messengers



Causing an Environmental Disaster!

Decontamination of the sacred soil.

Is this Complementary to Joy?

Go to my herb garden and bring ~

dreams from your brain’s right side,

the blue tulips of unscientific, pain killers!

Patterns of a friend, unusual cerebral waves.

Don’t dump that waste there ~

Healing energies to free the scares.

White Magic is on its way; peptides to

change Pain’s moods ~ secreting internally.

A Mucchero of Endorphins ~ Releasing

Heart Acts Extract

What Alternative is being offered, be aware of the beast.

A scrupulous practitioner, stewardship of the Earth

Gifts, resources of 300,000 species of sacred plants.

Folklore inheriting the World ~ their Healing POWER.

Respected and Revered. Thank You, Passion Flower.

These Laws of Restrictive Practices; ‘Pharm-Ecology’.

Destroying the mistletoe with weed killers!

Who are they, who are you who don’t kiss?



A marriage of Noble Lovers ~

rapture born not terrible savagery!

Growth, reproduction, inner Peace of Mind.

Kindred Spirits flying through Space ~

Dying children releasing their butterflies.

My main concern is to build Consciousness.”

Leaves of Redemption, Marley soldier wood.

Where did you come from Priscilla?”

They brought me as a Slave”

My grandson was a poet;

a man of Peace; eyes salve ~

brutally murdered in Jamaica!


Réputée pour sa beauté.

Commercial pollution ~

devastating poor people;

humble people, proud.


She gave ~

the Invader




The Open Secret!

A city of dinosaurs ~

Navajos’ long march!

Waiting ~ enduring faith,

under a pagan, red desert sky.

Destroyed five thousand stupas.

Who is not a Slave? Change the Word.

Civilisation is enjoyed in the still, soft air.

Sowing God’s seeds on Easter Island ~

Who is not an Indentured serf, a Slave?


Sons & daughters

Jesus ~

In the eyes of the Law

You Are Guilty!”

& ‘Schizophrenia

is a nutritional ~

& Metabolic disorder’.

Collective Unconscious ~

Malnutrition of Affluence’

& esoteric healings…

changing to a happy hippy.

Subtle, subliminal powers ~

No, you’re not going blind”

Superpowers, super heroes.

Pools of Insane, Piranha fish.

Instinctive Knowledge is ~

real nourishment, rhythms of the soil.

Eating some prehistoric radiation.


Une Guerre Sainte, Holy Wars!

Rhetoric X Radiation, Mother X Earth ~

Instead of aggravating them Pacify them.

People, famine, insecurity, meaning, heritage.

Nerves, gassed to oblivion! After effects, fodder for?

How will you stop the stampede General?”

Will we fight together (against our common enemy!)?

Survival of the fittest; whose teachings were these?

Flowers on the barricades, people dying for freedom!

He was a Samaritan ~ he Lived at the Oasis, by a river.

Crown of Roses

Do you know the language of Peach blossom,

the flowers of Faiyum, Mimosa ~ the Wild Plum,

the Language of the Orange tree (generosity),

Potato (benevolence), Narcissus (egotism),

Night Shade (Truth), Olive (Peace)?

Do You Know the Language of Ashoka?

Do you have such a perfect, social system,

such an enlightened, conscious, natural state,

such open Freedom, such a life, that you must

do such paranoid, schizophrenic things to rule ~

dominate, taking it from other people of this Earth?

I don’t accept their way, living under Insane threats of

complete nuclear annihilation, destruction of ALL Life!

Is this your Civilised Ideology, you can’t even provide it,

share it ~ but must protect it by such Inhuman means?

Is it really worth so much, the collateral damage costs?




Defending your ‘Enlightened Way’ of Life

by means of extreme, first strike, Overkill Systems; Why?

We want to progress by our way but there’s no Trust;

wanting to expand in the World, without any humanity!

As your way is directly opposed to ours, we don’t want

your way to advance more, you need to be subjugated!

See, we have these weapons for Democratic Capitalism

and You have your weapons for Marxist-Leninism!

I am a free citizen of this World in which you wish to

advance, to Control my way of life in the name of your

Liberation (though it’s not Buddha’s vibes). Believe me,

I Wish to share in Your Equality and Freedom, if it exists!

So, you don’t have to destroy all life on Planet Earth ~

if given to us, the chance to Live Equally, in Peace,

that is ~ not threatening us with Total Destruction!

I Will Come to Live with You in narcissistic America ~

I Will Come to Live with You in mother Russia’s empire.

Will you offer us all this alternative, making us World citizens,

is it really available, or are there some Impossible restrictions?

Why, isn’t all this Defence spending to let us share in your dream?

You have such great achievements; don’t need an Apocalypse to Win!

You need to enable us to Acknowledge, YOUR WAY as the Best!



What is the Best Defence? Developing wholesome qualities,

of the Mind (Sublime), COMPASSION ~ LOVING KINDNESS.



Man on the Moon

Power of Motion ~

travelling with Children


You’re spilling coffee on my thesis.

Moral: Skilful Action ~ Skilful Peace.

Il faut mettre la matière pour que le feu donne

la lumière. Persévérance est avantageuse’

Soigner la Vache ~ amène la fortune”

Développer le Potentiel Humain” ~ Vous, nous.

What’s the Military Industrial Complex brother?

Live beyond this matrix, develop your Inner~self,

keep it detached from these System Psy-programs.

What do they really offer you, that’s worth losing it?

Listening to the I Ching, skilful actions being in tune.

Heart of nature, human heart; orchards of fruit trees.

Heart of the atom ~ fair do’s, a natural dance ~

Did you ask for Natural Childbirth?

Burn me amidst the Natural beauty ~

Is your faith in Reproduction, dependent upon

being ~ ‘Electronically Tested’ by a scanner?

You feed your Mind; electrons of Televised food!

Island of Gems

Important ~ Exportation…

of Intelligent and strong Elephants.

Surviving in great parts of the Ancient World

Buried deep in the Jungles ~

Always lived in Folk Legend.

Tended by its hereditary guardians,

Its original name is Unknown.

A place for ascetics’

Rock Crystal eyes ~

of a Buddha statue

in an Ivory Chariot.

Listen to the sounds of Kalapas.

Teaching ~ on the summit…

Overgrown by a Bodhi tree


He became Enlightened in 528 BC.

It is forbidden for a Buddhist to cut

or harm any part of a Bodhi tree ~

The branch miraculously detached Itself,

and was rooted in a garden bowl

In Fragrant Earth”

The light garden

Lankan Kings, Saints and carvers,

the Dagaba’s in danger!

Watching ~ Our heritage crumble away.



Houses of reeds under the hermit’s Constellation.

Sacred trees and more Intelligent Elephants ~

There ~ Karma’s Guardian Spirits,

water and fertility.

Aegean masts regard the open seas.

Compassionate ~ two attendants

of the Gods of Wealth.

Now’ ~ Enshrined

A Society that could Afford

large amounts of money, time and labour,

required to build the monasteries ~

must have been Wealthy.”

Welcome to the Jetavana”



Future medicine.

Burmese rivers ~

Bodhisattvas of herbs

At the Southern Gateway

Beside a beautiful Bodhi Tree ~

God of Water, Elephants and the Cobra,

an Unidentified Goddess ~ sitting by the roadside

Attitude of exposition.

A Dagaba ~ returning from the west gate to the stream.

Found the pond of Parasols


Guard stones

of Excellent Quality ~

Easy of approach; at the Rice boat,

anyone could fill his begging bowl

even, during ~ severe famine.

Becoming mad in other’s dramas ~

long and troubled history of the relic.

It has not Survived”

Washed away by the Monsoon rains



Cherished ornaments of his consort, Tara.

A stone bridge which is sometimes hard to see.

It looks as though it would easily take an elephant.

A second stone bridge lies downstream ~

Following it, to its natural conclusion.

How long in the Wilderness?

A tank of Moonstones ~

Considered to belong to the Orthodox school.

Guardian Spirits ~ contemplating, Samadhi Buddha.

Armed with a flowering branch and vase of plenty.

Cells of honeycomb absorb the waves ~


Architecture for peace ~ full meditation.

How beautiful is the landscape…

Open to the Sky

communal meditation in open spaces.

Endowed it forever.

Water Jars


Together with Women of the harem.

Design ~ absorbing the Shock!

Beside a beautiful Bodhi tree

and an Unidentified goddess.

Sitting by the roadside ~

Fa Hien’


Where he left his clothes and belongings,

traces were found ~

Fed by a Masterpiece of Engineering.

The Lotus pond

a favourite place for people

to watch the Sunset over water.

Wandering ~ discovering

delightful friezes of elephants;

playing in a pool of pink Lilies


Ficus Religiosa’

Arrival of the Bo tree, “Welcome”

New soft pink leaves ~ first growth.

Wisdom of footprints and empty thrones.

Acts of merit ~ Cosmic Altars.

The next Stage of Perfection


I am Living in a Rainbow ~


Roots in the heart ~ Planet,

Celestial body

Revolving about another ~

At the foot of the Orchard


Gold ~ fish fountain

Delightful, small, pleasure-houses.

Unknown Identities ~

The Isurumuniya Lovers.


Its Original name is Unknown

The view from the summit is superb.

Ruins can be seen all around the base of rocks.

Inscriptions in this Cave ~

Walk on a path through two fields of paddy,

flashes of bright, blue King Fisher ~

lies the Asokarama monastery,

spanning a thousand years of monsoons.

A serene teaching

** * **

Feeling Scared ~ Given Divine Protection

Breaking baby butterflies on the wheel of Iraq ~

And many, many more, corpses in flower gardens.

Annihilated the most intelligent in Rumi’s orchards.

Killing, murdering their culture! Genocide up before dawn.

Encroachment, fragmentation Invasion, disintegration on impact!

Love flow frees forever ~”

Blowing the Mind to bits, severing; Never so Clever!

IV. pumps Compassion juice and Kumbh Mela jivings.

Feel the Magic in the songs of Life giving Prana ~

Only Love Will Get You Through The Night”

Hanging from the fan ~ a bullet between the eyes”

Beam me in * beam me in”

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is revolutionary’ ~ Orwell

In 2017 there are five men who collectively own as much wealth as the

poorest half of the global population, new research from Forbes shows.

As Oxfam before, it warns that the gap between the super-rich and the

very poor keeps on widening every year. In 2016, it was the world’s 62  

richest people whose combined wealth equated that of the poorest 3.6

billion on the planet. ‘The net worth of the Rothschild family has been

estimated at anywhere between $US 1 trillion and $US100 trillion. They

are thought to control the Bank of England, the European Central Bank,

the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and

the Bank of International Settlements. They own most of the world’s gold

and the London Gold Exchange’. So, they and their cronies apparently own

the rest of the World’s wealth. (See, the Paradise Papers on Tax havens).

These Plutocracies exploit the world’s resources to acquire everything!

Their wealth dictates society, politics, economics, wars we all live under.

The state of Planet Earth today is a direct reaction to their fascist greed.

Capitalism, debt, poverty, GMO/natural destruction, extreme inequality,

derive from their mismanagement, to keep us divided and conquered ~

so, maintaining their continuous positions, of unholy, Kleptocratic Power.

Beyond Sufi * Love Cocoon

Still feeling Cosmic by Shiva’s golden Moon,

still skipping the light fandangle’s, new tune

still flying High ~ Psychedelica’s Magic Lune

still tripping, Imagination’s * Surreal balloon.

Look into the eyes of my beating heart ~

touch the Spirit in my clear, bright soul.

Inside the head of Chaos lies surprise.

The whirling dervish, vortex meditation.

Formless 100% ~ what do I Know?


Still morphed out

His wife was a little hippie chick

in detox; he’s perfectly normal ~

goes to work, pays his taxes, married with kids.

To normal society she’s a deviant! Can’t admit it

but her brain’s in the freezer, in Sacramento.”

A few customers and your on top of the World!”


formless culture

Hallo, looking for absent friends, a thankless task you ask!

With tender loving care, shaved all her fluffy, pubic hair.”

A chiseled body and lips that felt like soft clouds to touch.

She’ll definitely need some Pepper spray in Mumbai,

to keep all them dudes away!” Most intimate secrets ~

shared in coffee shops, along Amsterdam’s canals

Invited to Karuna’s potlach

Calmer out there on the Moon.

It's Scorpio now ~

Sailors, merchants, farmers, Poets,

Kshatriya adventurers, Philosophers,

Brahmins and Buddhist missionairies.

Welcome ~ from far away.

In forest Temples of ancient Sequoia,

visiting the lost tribe's Yana pagoda.

Hiawatha looking through fire smoke.

Welcome ~ from far away.

Beautifull rare, bead necklaces,

a gift to you from our women.

Painted ~ war chariots and Elephants.

Gone to the fair in Gauguin's canoe.

Beautifull shell necklaces, offerings

from our loveliest young women.

Virgin lands ~ gorgeous panoramas.

Summer grass houses of Prophets


Japanese Cherries

The pinkest trees of Fuji

the bluests skies ~

the pinkest blossom

are you now ~

reflected in my eyes


Inspired by the sixties Sunny started traveling the world in 1970.

His spiritual journey on the hippie trail to India took him through ~

San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver,

Sidney and Kathmandu to Varanasi. His arrival on the sub-continent ~

was the beginning of writing autobiographical verses capturing his travel

experiences, encounters with remarkable people and his quest for self-

realization. Combining experimentation with drugs, sex, rock & roll, art,

meditation, Love and life in general. Sunny started to open up to a multi-

dimensional Universe. He lived the mantra, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

realising Mind’s-illusions, inspired by deeper feelings of holistic nature,

empathy * energy & Space.

Over four decades Sunny has written and published 28 books of poetry,

created over one hundred paintings, traveled the World and considers

his masterpiece to be his daughter. He has spent the past fifteen years

in Goa ~ India inspired by the freedom to experience and idealism of

human consciousness.

Sunny Jetsun books and art are available on the web at:


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