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My Latest Roommate

By Rori O'Keeffe

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My Latest Roommate

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My Latest Roommate

Eating cricket powder is the new thing,

At least among the in crowd.

I've never seen such an elegant spinneret,

As I have on my cool pet spider.

We chat idly while she waits for an insect,

Or a delectable mate to come along.

Nothing I say surprises her -

I like that in invertebrates -

And she sits quite still,

Meditating on my latest quip.

I suppose I should ask her to move -

Across the room, I mean -

She's very much in my way when I walk,

Which I do quite a bit.

I'd say she must be three, maybe four years-old,

Guessing from the enormity of her hairy leg span.

She's a smart spider, building her nest in here,

Out of the springtime rains.

Now I hear the front door,

And in walks Suzanne,

Her habits as yet unfamiliar to me.

She strides blithely – arrogantly - across the room,

And – no!

Too slow by a hair comes my imploring shout,

And Suzanne steps on my new pet spider.

Cra-ack goes the spider,

And whack goes the mail onto the table,

From Suzanne's palm.

My latest roommate,

My latest pet spider,

Meet tragically.

At least the spider was quiet and well-mannered,

Unlike Suzanne,

Who's always putting her foot

In the wrong place.

That Suzanne won't last here long -

Her manners make my skin crawl,

She bugs me too much,

And I've noticed she eats cricket powder.

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Rori writes poetry, fairy tales, adult humour, essays and general fiction. Her most recent compilations were published in 2017, and include her material released up to the end of that year. Here are links to those compilations' Smashwords pages:

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About Rori O'Keeffe

Rori is a passionate proponent of liberty and participatory democracy in times when things seems to be turning against freedom and democracy. Not beholden to any particular ideology, she prefers a hodgepodge philosophy that takes into account the imperfection of human understanding. We exist as individuals and communities simultaneously, and compassion should be one of our guides when we decide which way to look at society in any given instance. She hopes that her World on Fire Poetry series will make a little difference in how readers see the world, if they don't already agree with Rori.

When not being serious about social and political issues, Rori likes to play the clown for her readers, drawing inspiration for her humorous pieces from her personal life and surroundings. She has six cats, a dog, and numerous goldfish as her steadfast companions, and she may write something about her lifelong love of house critters before too long.

Rori wishes all her readers the best in humour, health, and happy times.

As always, thanks for reading!

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