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Health Is Wealth and Happiness.

All the joys of a Free Life ~

Reborn ~ Beneficent & Serene,

without a trace of Servility

Love up or down, essentially an ongoing ~



Black Hills Stone

No Life on the Moon but Rock!”

There Are No ‘Look a Likes’ America!

What would We have seen

on all our TV screens ~

If Sitting Bull was found again,

up there, with pastures of grazing

Moon antelope by Lake Tranquility.

NASA could but stare!

No wigwams in our telescopes;

it’s interference folks, run amock.

No Human Life Up There”

No Human Life Up There

Only some old Sitting Bull ~

chased him long ago from Terre!”



Beware of Trains!

Before Climbing onto Roof of lokos,

make sure one is Isolated and Earthed’

Licensed Cooly ~ RESPECT



Making Knowledge

A Reality

Making Knowledge

A Reality

Making Knowledge

A Live

Equating Life with Knowledge

In My limited Form-Mind

Striving for Wisdom.

Ideal of All ~

People follow many different things,

some follow Enlightenment ~

Yes, actually Enlightenment.

Nuclear War Is Beyond

the Human Imagination!



I’m on a jet to India

from my home

in Cheshire plain.

Could be Insane ~

moves the Silver Cobra.

I’m on a jet to India,

leaving my family

by the fire, colour

TV. to Inspire ~

Could be Insane

to board the Ganges train,

might never see you again.

I’m on a jet to India

no more political recessed Mind.

Could be Insane

could be ~

Wonderfully kind,

who knows what I’ll find?

I’m on a jet to Dhammaville

I never want to kill.

Could be Insane

why I came ~

Want to know that flame


Fifi Riva

She lived in front of a gondola

repair shop ~

Which one?

Felt like a step forward,

in my Mind ~

Tantra in Venice



More: than ~ Desirable

Golden bleu ~

Shanti sea shore,

bridges of breath



Streams of Winter Snow

Emerging, from below the ridge.

Afternoon discoveries


Aria of White Egrets

I, will try to Understand

Nyanaponika’s equi-libre.

Dharamsala Impressions

The Four Sublime States’

Fabulous attitudes ~

Concepts of Pure Abstraction

Senses of Luis Bunuel’s priorities ~

Eminent Enemies, surreal, open end.

Aurora’s soft, green pavilions.



Having deep respect & gratitude

for Buddha ~ vibrations

melting deep in my heart

for you ~ Platinum Blue


Le Lac

Les pêcheurs d’Angola, qui fument.

Angels sitting on the face ~

of a jukebox

Long legs ~

la dernière envie



Prolongs ~ moments of the clouds and rains,

her Heavenly Pavilion. Willow World

Pillow World <<>>Cloud bursting!

Fire and the Torrent ~

Lusciousness melting me,

birds of silvery turquoise

Flawless Harmonies

Without a trace ~

Shot of the Pali Canon.

Cultivate Fields,

perception of loving

Kindness ~

Very delicate

this job

Porcelain listening



Dissolving the Ego




Just Watch it ~

Always being aware

learning to be detached,

expectation ~ just observe it

Free ~ Flow

Gliding, seven Bojangas on a lily pond;

descent of Ultra Marine Sensations.

Do I feel disappointed?



Do it with Flowers ~ experiences.

Cultivating a calm mind bouquet

Observer, Sense of Sincerity ~

The Wise discipline themselves”

Detaching from Illusions of the ‘Self’

By experience…

All Sub*atomic particles…

Sense of Solidity ~ Sense of dissolution.

Mind/Ego gone; Tuning to Vibrations ~

not afraid of Death

not afraid to die ~

simply changing


The Clash

that… then I got that… then that… then I got that….

going on forever…. then that, then that, then that…

So then, what comes next? NOW, BE HAPPY.

First… Know thou Wisdom.

No Loss’ ~ ‘no loneliness’


Be happy, happy, happy, be happy, be

Equanimity only when rooted in Insight”


fancy spendin’ ½ an hour ~

photographin’ mountain sheep.




MUSIC, while you walk ~

Medicine. Shepherd’s silence

Waters ~ Ahimsa

gliding Maroon Monk


Healer of births ~

Knowing Wild, Gold.

Dhamma Artist trekking.

This Is a superb path


Wild flowers of Triund

High altitude ~

ladybird harmony

Pacific motions ~

You are living here!”

Eternal gratitude.



Is a gift of white scarves ~

It’s gonna take a lotta Love.”

He lay on the back seat of a squad car

bleeding from five bullet wounds!

A policeman asked the routine question,

Do You Know Who You Are?”

He could just manage to nod before he died.

Then, I felt the time had really gone forever,

when flowers bloomed in people’s hair ~

But today, I see Love is still with us,

as the music of Tibet is still alive ~

Stop cryin’, Stop cryin’

Baby, Please Stop Cryin’

You Know, I Know ~

the Sun Will Always Shine”

The Dalai Lama’s portrait on the wall smiles.

Those of us who Know, the Dhammapada

do not wish to make Invasions, to destroy,

or Conquer others, leaving only suffering.


Colours of Wisdom




An Appeal

from the ‘Royal Society

for Prevention of Cruelty

to Carrots’

Wanting to be an acrobat ~

She’s incredible Grandfather”


Me & Mine / Morality / the Rest

India Illustrated! Nest of ~

Gwalior Suiting, the Latest!

A Total joke, Gunga Din ~

Help, compassion you ask…

Subservient, Krishna blue media;

World warrior is still hibernating!

A billion beggars, can’t you see?

Just another holy, culture vulture.

Chelo, Chelo, Chelo, Chelo!”

Yes, I am Equanimous; really ~

Gopi’s traditional flute tunes pawned,

crippling opportunities at the Lock Sabha.

Reluctantly, Prince Arjuna to lead the just fight ~

Numerous slick, desperate hustlers for one rupee,

would sell, whose daughter and share of the crop!


Virtue ~ would you choose to live forever here?

India showed me how to appreciate my karma.

Making Light of It

The Sound of Zen, snow falling.

How Is It lovely friend?

Like a Trek in Nepal”

Being, awareness of the difference.

Great Satisfaction!

And the beauty of whatever comes ~

Snowflakes, chanting the natural graces

of a Winter’s sky, from a 6-tatami room.

The Ultimate Idea is ~

Joy of Non-attachment


Tibetan Spring

Buoyant fleeting strokes.

A Buddhist band plays,

High Light’

taking a load off your Mind.

Quest ~ Coeur age.

Seeing from India

How Lucky I AM!”

How lucky * I am”


When You Lose Something


Give Something


to someone true.

Sojourns ~



Chastity belt

India stare

Bombay, Stunt Man, shaking,

Chanting, “Hari Krishna……”

Crumbling, crumbling

feeling everywhere ~

Advancing’ is more Open?

You Are Free ~ will you Welcome

a traveller from a far land

by your fireside?

Will you speak ~

with some basic intelligence or hide!

More Open Is Advancing to where?

Do You Baba have Absolutely

any idea what’s goin’ on ~

with the World around you?

Space * Contact

Try to be Aware of the Feelings, the Sensations ~

changing, cause and effect, senses be equanimous.

Be aware of the Feelings, Observe the Sensations ~

Try to be Aware of the new sensations, the feelings,

outside, inside the body-mind, climax ~ equanimous.

Be aware of your breathing, current of air, frequency ~

Try to be Aware of Heart beat, beating, try to be aware

of a point, to focus, concentration, to see mind’s game,

creating its incessant illusions, making an Ego identity,

so, there’s no stillness, silence, calmness to see inside

and be Conscious



A disciple and Poetical theorist ~

Suggestiveness of a Paper Lantern.

Increases: evocative power

to light a candle in!

Sabi’ leaves the room.

Induce him to undergo the experience himself

Enhancing ~ in the Spirit of Haiku.

Impurities terminate by equanimity.

In the House of Fallen Persimmons

At a Snow Viewing party


Untouchability Is Untruth’

But you Live Like a dog.

Optical Illusions ~

Caste of backsheesh

Endemic corruption, shadows blame.

Poverty makes them bark like dogs,

uplifted rags by the track

Your hygiene, fit for frogs.

A dying man grins of shame,

bring water daughter!

Untouchability Is Untruth

But you live like a dog.



. Anatta Sun Light

Beloved Natural Separation ~

light as waves, length of colours

Crest to crests ~ Einstein’s molecules.

Matter and Energy are the same”

Light form of electromagnetic radiation.

Photons when light acts as Matter.

Rotations of the eye, & I to you

for allowing me to serve ~

Equally important or not

Scattering Light

Nature Is Real In Us ~

Read any book of Wisdom.

Look at a sunrise, sunset ~

twinkling stars in the night sky.

Not I, not me, not mine Soul either.


Tomorrow ~ & the next instant, of the Now.

The Realisation of the basic characteristic

of all phenomena as CHANGING ~

only Cosmic Molecules, dancing

So, don’t get attached

to SUFFERING Conditions ~

All created from IDENTIFICATION

to me, mine, my soul, in My Mind!


One has No Control over this ~

CHANGING, makes one realise

from where comes Suffering!

That IDENTIFYING oneself

with the thing CHANGING



Someone Else’s Efforts.

Please don’t Pollute Charity.

Make according to Capacity

That they get the Best Benefit

according to volition for others.


It can be so good ~ No Bondage.

Do not expect anything in Return

Melting your Ego leads to Collaboration,

Non-competitive credit, feelings not Robots.

If you have tasted the fruits of natural Love,

No Calculation, no narcissistic Imagination.

Opportunities are there to share and care ~

Development is giving the higher Vibrations

Cleansing the Mind, then realizing its limits.

Going beyond Mental-states to Free Space.



She wore early morning Santa Barbara

mountain eyes ~

Saw the pouring of her perfume.

Refreshed sweet devotions


Kleptocratic Politics Is a dirty word, right?

Educate beyond Bank Ruptures and debt;

putting on their insatiable, illusory Show.

Microchips, Laser beams, Artificial Intel.

Vice-Roi’s computers to get every piece,

Global monopolies of Cosmic star energy.

Earning your daily bread chopping stones.

Swamped by history, Corporate dishonesty!

Workers & bosses, realise the past is gone.

For God sake wake up to NOW ~

fighting all the way throughout a Life-time.

Educate beyond those old ruling classes.

NOW ~ miracles for your children, nature!

1776, 1917, 1984, 1999, 2008 all finished!

Free our Livelihoods, the World Today!

PTSD on Karma’s Electron, Milky Way


Ticket to Gaya

Are the People BENEFITTING

Purity or Craving?

Goddess of Mercy, Kannon.

Amaterasu Omikami (Sun Goddess),

cords of plaited rice straws, illumine.

Whose Wisdom is deep ~

Upagupta, Ashoka’s teacher.


Observation of Feeling

just realise ~

something happened

~ then continue

Fruits from One’s Mind.

Volition ~ Manifestation

of one’s own quality.


When You Bow

The Human Kingdom ~

living, nature reorganized,

abstracted and Condensed


Going for Inspirational elements.

Experience of Sensations ~

Non-Attached * Understanding.

Keep on listening to Dhamma,

deeper meaning.

Ponds full of gorgeous Lotus flowers


Flurry of Fuji

Geishas of the Pink Lotus teahouse.

Camellia verandas ~


A Zen monk whose specialty was painting.

Moon viewing * light abstractions

Perfectly ~ reflected in the pond


The Poet * Priest evokes

Senses of great distance ~

Sense of metaphysical Space

in a garden


Do You Think

A Parisienne mannequin snores?

Morning ~ Meditation



Saiho-ji: (The Moss Garden temple)

Where the entire wooded garden

is covered with over 120 species

of Moss ~

Seen on a rainy day

it has its own quietude


The Welcome Star of Cosmic night

You give delight ~

for who your Sparkling eyes?

Sky of dusk

subtlety of musk,

for who your Golden Radiance?

I bow to Nature’s Law.

By translucent beads of sand,

glide majestic eagles high.

Fine spun air ~

evening holds my hand.

This Surrealistic blue of Calm,

delicate as a Dhamma Lotus ~

evening sweetly strokes the palm


River of Life

Making Love to my Mind.

Water colours in Autumn

then ~

swept over a waterfall

and mystery

Pound’s Amour Propre!

Outsider ~ Expatriate Poet.

One would dance with him for what he might say.”

A Self-Propagandist

against growing into any environment ~

on his later wanderings, restless energy.

I didn’t enter Silence, Silence captured me”



Could he understand or write good poetry.

Delusions of a Mandarin….

led a team of Poets to do the Winter’s sun.


by extension

flute playing in the desert ~

Karma, medium of all existence

redeemed ~

Selections of Greek poems

Sung Monochromes

Shinzui beauty ~

a concept of Mu

Concorde Chant


Glinting, F16’s signal to the ground!

Lights and sounds of Super Sonic flight,

fumes and gravity of their pay loads.

Air field nature, squeaking toads ~

Diving eagles on the bomber Pilot’s blue.

A million rounds ~ Impressing;

bullets through and through.

Burning skies, sparkle ~

from the Phantom’s wings.

A million rounds, radar canon’s

shells singing ~ “son this is the end of you.”

Right course, stop the bad vibes penetrating.

A hard morale on a chained aborigine’s diet ~

Merits no harm of a dhamma land.


Hiuen Tsiang

Being bent on enlightenment ~

Visits with feelings of Inspiration.

State pilgrimages instead of

Royal Hunting parties!

For World Conquest by Righteousness.


Inscriptions ~ of dewdrops

Sumi e

Sun Goddess to the ancients,

quintessentially ~ whispering

sensual ~ pagoda in Monsoon.

Versatility of a pearl of water ~

Improvising, complete simplicity,

humble to equal all.

Suggesting of a Summer’s eve

Intensity of a wave

Illusion of Solidity

Never Fear ~

only a shooting Star



Sooner the Better ~

evolve to Spiritual marriage.

If can’t become a monk

become a husband ~ Still,

Clinging to the lowlands of Self

Holy Indifferent to You.

Spending this Life-Time

straighten that back ~

Fine ethics Factors of Virtue.


She came gently

to a friend’s open door

her smile did Implore no more.

No need to play for us today thank you”

(we don’t feel any urge to pay)

Without a sound she moved away, may,

Please accept 25 paise and a happy day.

But friend she didn’t even play!

Except the respect to see

Our being in silence ~

not making a murmur of her presence.

Her tune was a grace of blends all tho’

her own experience and family depends

on playing her harmonium.

Oh, Mata dear, please let’s heal All Our Fear

Oh, Mata dear, please let’s heal All Our Fear

Oh, Mata dear, please let’s heal All Our Fear



the blue future

just emotion ~

sketches of Equador

I like mistakes”

Remains of a civilization,

last aria, rich voices

Birth of another day

Aeon shines

multi coloured lanterns.

A gypsy orchestra plays

perfumes of nights and days

deep inside ~

Otherwise equanimous


Where is the dhamma

well directed mind?



Darjeeling stainless moon

shines the joy of celibacy ~

evaporating lust, hate, ignorance.

So happy, Lama of waterdrops…

Delight in teachings of the Buddha,

Illumines deep wisdom ~ System


Causes no fear, renounced, effect.

On the veranda of births and deaths

Conquer the angry wo/man by Love.

Arrows gone, quiet trial by Waterfall.

Silver combs sparkle in her hair

Savoring No-Self Food

Do what you can, getting it together.

Dhamma anarchist; it was on that day

the Beatitudes were given ~

Intuition of a next time, be here now.

Welcome ~ Gift of Life

Can I give You anymore…”

Ahimsa joy, basically ~

happy to share


Days of Red Hibiscus

Going to a fort of old canons.

Cut stones, strength to hold it fast.

Over hillsides, green to blue horizons,

crossing planes of white, sandy touch,

waves sounding in deserted Eden.

Villager’s boat; paddles across the river,

takes what’s good for him ~

Views of old Portugal, from 400 years.

Time to tell, to come and see history.

Garden full of flowers, refreshments,

cool shades to permeate the mind ~

A Christian church inside these walls,

finding touches of Albuquerque’s India.

Mediterranean pure light suffusing Goa.

Kingfishers taking flight


Song of Intuition ~

Wonder of a Buddha.

Dear father I Love walking

barefoot with you ~

through an Indian summer’s seaside village.

A long, long road, maturing priestess.

Noble silence’s pearls of wisdom.

One room school house

Truth is so beautiful


Friends of an Anti-Fascist Family

TATASTA ~ Particular mood

Quietness, listening to the busy,

busy World, exploding round about me!

I Wonder what to say of Importance to Spiders.

Such Eloquent Intellectuals!

For what this Archaeological ~

scratching of Mind. Achievements,

ordering purpose of Understanding.

Incessant, Self-Congratulations

in every breath ~

How to write again what you want to hear

and still live time in a spiritual community


I don’t need a mercy killing.

When will those monsters disappear

off the face of the Earth?

Forewarned Is Forearmed’

meeting of two kindred spirits.

A man of calibre ~

wearing a Mandala T shirt


Ses rêves

A shack in the non-Anglo-Saxon world;

artists and writers colony ~ Rimbaud,

that no man or woman is a prophet

in their own land”

Literature seems so puny and inadequate

in the face of Life”

Henry Miller, saintly friend,

a great believer in relaxation

but he was an artist ~

Enriched apples and oranges

of a genuine humbleness.

Tao element


Being complete in Itself ~

Man’s Highest Inner Strength

Gems of Thought.

He taught the Sublime States of Mind.

Loving Kindness, Compassion,

Sympathetic Joy, Equanimity.



Excellent Abodes for Human Beings

Providing All of the Answers ~

Tension Removers, Great Peace Makers

and Healers ~ the Hateless Ones

sharing of Harmonious Community…

Developing by conduct & meditation.

Inseparable companions, boundless

View their Qualities


Boundless Nature of these strong, spontaneous

attitudes ~ All Barriers are broken down

through the gradual extension of Love.

The base of Liberating Insight


Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upekka’

Blessings of the Sublime States.

Innate dangers of the others

Reflect on this Space

Impermanent True Nature Ultimate Aim

Suffering True Nature Ultimate Aim

Unsubstantial True Nature Ultimate Aim

Reflecting to these heights, Inclines

the Mind and Heart ~

Free Abundance with the Heart of Love

dwells pervading the entire world.

Everywhere and Equally


Heart Filled with Love

Heart Filled with Compassion

Heart Filled with Sympathetic Joy

Heart Filled with Equanimity

The Love of No Possessing

of No ‘I’

Boundless ~ Free ~ of Contrasts

Embraces All mental-states in Cosmic Space.

Love Spontaneously ~ flowing to the Good

And Sharing with those most in need.

These seeds of Goodness ~ watered grow.

Fellow wayfarers ~ In this Our Existence.

The Same Law of Suffering through Nature.

Love but not the Sensuous fire that burns!

Sympathetic comforting coolness, strength.

Gives Sublime Nobility of Heart and Intellect

Understanding frequency, infinite SPACE.

Love’ ~ Name by the Enlightened One:

Liberation of the Heart’

The Most Sublime Beauty’

Highest Love to show the World

the Path, to end Suffering ~


The World Suffers

Compassion Opens the door to Freedom.

Makes Ego’s selfish, narrow Hearts Open

As Wide as the World


Once Released from Selfish Craving ~

Heals paralysis of the, ‘Clingers to the Lowland of Self’

Boundless goal to Freedom



Opens Your Heart to Joy with Others

Thoughts: Words: Actions, Rejoiceful ~

One Ray will rouse the Man from darkness

to Noble Aspirations and Deeds ~

Release Joy IN themselves and share Joy’s direction

to the hidden sources of Undiscovered Happiness ~

Teach Wo*men to seek the source and rejoice with others.

Experience Within Your Power

Unfold Dhamma’s heights ~

Sublime Nobility of Heart and Mind

Understanding strength, ready to help Noble Life ~

Securing Happiness, highest Joy to show the World

a path leading to the end of suffering



Gives Rich Experience of the Suffering

Giving the Strength to Realise ~

It’s coming here ~ Reconciliation

our own destiny, hard life of others.

Behold this Endless Caravan

of Burdened Beings ~

with Sorrow and Pain

So, have I come to Know…

The Heart Is Opened to Karuna

One day You may cry for this Sympathy

with others; Known Is Your Guardian.

Where does One earn Sympathy ~

crying on the Wheel of Ignorance?

Give to the Happy and to the Evil, Compassion.

Knowledge of the Law of Life and Real Causes.

Cycles of lost, delusional Suffering ~

Compassion’s Foundation, rising to Insight

Present Deeds Foresee the Future ~

Compassion rising in the wise Heart of Serenity

That Is Sublime Nobility of Heart and Intellect

The highest strength of Karuna

to show the Path to end Suffering.



Perfect Balance of Mind


Looking into Our Own Heart, seeing

Life’s Powerful gripping waves ~

Ocean of contrasts ~ Changing Nature

Rise & Fall ~ No rest on the Constant Waves.

Where Is the Island of Equanimity

for My Life to reach a tranquil Haven ~

to Perfect, Unshakable, Balance of Mind?

Here, rooted in Insight ~ Island midst the Storm.

True Equanimity ~ regenerated from Sources Within

The Courage for Renewal, Nature’s Insights ~

Clear Understanding of the Origin of All

these vicissitudes of Life and the True Nature

of the so-called Individual exposed to them.

** * **

The Four Sublime States’ Nyanaponika Maha Thera.

Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Britannia’s Rules

Awakening: Send the Royals (all of them)

on a Baltic ~ Cruise, miss-isle!

The Waves ~ breaking

Do You bring Liberty

Do You bring even Wisdom ~

Do You bring some enlightenment

from your thiefdom, kingdom…

Why Not, Why Not?



Do you see a Fascist

living with the poor peasants?

Life can be so wonder full ~

Young women spin on their doorsteps at dusk”


A Roman saying: “Nothing human is beneath me.”

Hi Tech, AI. Virtual Reality! there is more life in a worm,

invisible down below the ground

holding with the Universe


Polishing the stones

for an invading Mongol ~

horde welcomed in by kin

to set ablaze the sky.

I’ve seen the horizon burning,

burning so many times!

Burning to the stars

and you want an account!

From whom?

Busy, busy Identity, Concocting Egos

from another human’s Sacrifice ~

for Your holy God!

I am on a mountain in a range of peaks.

Electron perihelia


Sensations arising passing away ~

arising passing away arising passing away

Nothing more in the garden is grown.

Worldly persiflage visits on the winds

blowing senses of desires,

an omnipotence you think.

But Awareness, realised within

of Nature’s deepest

course, not yours ~

Sensations, ever-changing body

Universal flows ~

Arising, passing away, arising

passing away, arising

Is this instant now



Realistically US!

How can we take

or how do they

expect to be treated

as looking seriously for Peace,

for limiting nuclear arms

Face to face with their challengers ~


such a poor country as Nicaragua ~

and distorts with Fears and Lies and Crimes

In the Minds ~ even of its own people



I said, “hallo”

to an Indian ~

and an Indian said,

Namaste” back to me.

How far do you walk?


Cutthroat Trout’

Inner Aquarium ~

Ocean of Love, notion.

Where Are You Swimming?

The Spirit giveth and the Lord taketh away”

Thanks, Big Sur


Accepted Life ~

as rain or sunshine.

A letter on war…

Definition of Fascism:

A system of government characterized

by dictatorship, belligerent nationalism

and racism, militarism etc’. “Welcome!”

Passion ran high in those days, who did You support?

Everybody was not politically-minded!

Determined to see open Space beyond mental-states;

not to succumb to any form of mass psychosis.

Who sang, “The World is what it is

and not what we would like it to be”

Born on the Rue Sans Peur

Fief Dome ~ which Fief; my Lord?

Known as a pretty town with a Model prison.

Died without Issue ~

The richest paleontological strata in the World…

He was the one who discovered the word ‘Dinosaur’.

A riot



Quality of Essence

Subject of Time ~

Can you program your computer

with the algorithms of Mystery

Can you invent a code, readout,


or find a calculation for Stonehenge

building it with their hands each day.

It is Living ~ Alive

Can you conceive of the amount of patience

that went into the making of the Pyramids?


Mind & Body

I let it go ~

On its own

I let it go

On its own

fine One

In the air ~

I let My Mind go as it is.

I let my body go, as it is.

Just Open your heart ~

It’s an old friend.

Full Awareness of the Spirit

It’s an old lover

She came to me ~

as a Loving Queen

as a Loving friend,

like happy children.

A husband’s reflex

Life and death ~

going on forever



He had money


I Love the Sun ~

your mother knows

With Sita in the Forest

For those who strive for the Quality

of a Buddha

dedicated to you.

Changing ~

Closer and closer to the mirror

Multifaceted ~ Poetry



Cars with wings for some and…

keep those others hungry!

Questions of whose

Time ~

Straw hats

in love

Planting, planting, plantings


La Carte’

I want to learn ~

the countries of Africa.

Land of Amazing rivers


Great flooded banks ~

for a million, million gazelles.

Blazing Sun ~ sets

Ngorongoro South

In search of the Source

of the Nile!

A straight climb

through hillsides of maize ~

Supreme wonders and beauties.

The World’s

greatest single preserve of wild life.

Crocodiles, cranes, buffalo, stork ~

Welcome to the National reserve.

Welcome the Raw beauty

the Masai, the Rift.

From a long day in the crater.

Welcome ~ to a fishing village…

Once the centre of Arab trade (in slaves),

and from where the white explorers set up!

Welcome to, Moshi-al-Tunya,

Smoke that Thunders”


River of Perfume’

Hue’s Blues ~ Lotus petals.

Now in dishonorable exile,

in the United States!”

Returning defeated

from a colonial war ~


Beyond EXPO 86

Man’s World Fair!

Better if you had made

an African water hole ~

Is this a bathing suit?

Is that your dog!

Better if there was…

an African waterhole.

So, what do you have?

Nothin’ but bananas ~

Is there a cave?


Victoria Falls

Not before Time ~

Why did you really come Master?

Imposing Bwana’s neo-imperialism!

How could you ever understand?

When will you ever learn;

whose AFRICA this is?

For generations my family come from the Niger!”

Is the Niger on your white maps?

Have you ever heard the drums,

of Swapo villages, in the forest?

Wonderful ~ dawn has come

Idea from a Holistic Vagrant

Unemployment’ folks I’m just a conscientious

objector. So, you’ve fallen on an easy number

but I can’t serve cocktails to this hierarchy

of reincarnated Nazis. Instead, I’ll live with

the stigma of being on welfare and I’ll still be

happy that the Fascists cannot see my poems,

that Nicaraguan farmers and Soweto mothers

read but which nobody has any time for here!

The folks there never asked themselves why

the USA. really honours most of the dictators

in what they like to call the ‘Free World’ ~ Voila!


Awareness of India

Awareness of the Full Moon

Quiet forest


Land of…



$8 Pizza’

Sharp brain!


You go to sleep ~

wherever you want

to go to sleep in Greece!

Mountains, continents of wood…

cut everything, that was vital, green!

Tall, ancient trees, the whole lots gone!

They appear, and they disappear ~

Craving Gold Diggers!

The World is hungry,

desperate, let’s face it…

They cleaned them all out,

no pity in their metal veins ~

Your land is being raped;

ask the Indians...

No place to sleep outside ~

somebody owns every last drop!


Natural ~ be nature

Living with a tribe in the desert

Clear Awareness of Sand

Destiny ~ ever changing time keeper.

Universal, holographic spirals turned inside out.

Growth, life, death, depending on your Awareness ~

Magic, perfect moment, inspirational union with Uluru.

Warning: A Money Grubbing Capitalist’s Wet Dream’

Hiroshima was an Anglo/American excursion.

They had no feelings of guilt because they say,

the grass grew there again the following year!

See it coming, certainly it will not be any Accident.

Breeding it for forty years during the same time

they had 150 famines in Africa!

No excuses, you’ve seen it coming and you left

it to the last minute ~ 4 3 2 1, Ignition!

Make it clear to the lunatics at Supreme Command;

try to keep calm and I’ll see you in hell.

Mon Dieu!


Guatemala’s Indian Name

This Planet

This Country

This Village ~

This Government

This Family

This Friend

This Moment

Is Infinitude ~

May I enter and share

what I have of it?

Mucho gracias


To you in your harvests of fruits

of Life ~

Is this the season of sweet juices?

You know what is said…

This Will Also Change”

My words are truly

Meaningless ~

compared to the actuality of being.

How to share with you, the fleeting touch

of these butterflies’ immense delicateness?

Please accept this as a sign of friendship…

Solidarity and a Union of beingness ~

within this Powerfulness of Nature’s dance.

My heart Praises

the courage of the Sufferers

and Fighters of Injustice.

My hands open to receive their tears.

My mind works to make

their wounds healed

with Love



Boddhisattvas ~

travel in the Spring”


Inspired by the sixties Sunny started traveling the world in 1970.

His spiritual journey on the hippie trail to India took him through ~

San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Vancouver,

Sidney and Kathmandu to Varanasi. His arrival on the sub-continent ~

was the beginning of writing autobiographical verses capturing his travel

experiences, encounters with remarkable people and his quest for self-

realization. Combining experimentation with drugs, sex, rock & roll, art,

meditation, Love and life in general. Sunny started to open up to a multi-

dimensional Universe. He lived the mantra, "Turn on, tune in, drop out"

realising Mind’s-illusions, inspired by deeper feelings of holistic nature,

empathy * energy & Space.

Over four decades Sunny has written and published 28 books of poetry,

created over one hundred paintings, traveled the World and considers

his masterpiece to be his daughter. He has spent the past sixteen years

in Goa ~ India inspired by the freedom to experience and idealism of

human consciousness.

Sunny Jetsun books and art are available on the web at:


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