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I went to Sedona,-

To the wilderness to live like Thoreau.

For my life needed a thorough check; in the woods, the sun beat down and melted my memory of muttered words as though it happened long ago.

Now, all I know is what I know, and to utilize my words will fail, and make it not so.

The wind blows through my hair and I no longer have a care in the world. No doubt I see all its beauty, from rock to pearl.


That is what I did, among the Red-Rocks of my ancestors. For these thoughts have festered in western trained mind, and made me blind.

I know that there is an infinite beauty in all my kin, and it doesn’t regard their sin.

My soul did finish the works left open, once more my nouns and verbs provide me nothing on this turf.

The vessel incased in my hand burns as it sails. The smoke dissipates, and spreads to the heavens.

In return the gift of knowledge swiftly comes to me. It is easy to see the plea of thee. He completes the seams of fading dreams. While she reunites me with beauty.

Do not expect to accept the invested interest that would insert your worth that you had forgotten at your birth. Like a cup that is completely full, you must empty before you can refill,

but by volition of our wills, greatness shall come to fruition.

I pray, ‘though not in proper posture, and I speak, ‘though my mouth makes no motion. The praise is in my actions.

The action is only half; the expression makes it whole. Water from wooden bowls,-

have shown its worth. But the girth of struggle is real. Thus I shall ordeal.

I hear your lecturing words, as I read, I hear you lecture as another man. Perhaps different souls, but the message of truth is its proof. Aloof I refute the unproven ‘proofs’ for there is nothing that can enter our beings truly if it does not exist truly.

It is easy to live after the world’s opinion, but most inimpotant is to look inside, and ask do I fear something? If I fear anything then I have fear, and it has taken years to make this clear that:

any fear is fear that you have. Do not give in my sisters and brothers, for we are most beautiful. To have fear anywhere is to be unclear.

On this morn, as it passes to evening I am reminded of the dead memories that once exiled themselves to my subconscious, they rush from be as a dry purging of my soul.

We would believe that we do not repress, but what is it when we do not address these hindrances.

“Permanence is but a word of degrees.” Not really a thing that would seize our destiny. No but we push it deep down as we clentch our being together and are told “pull yourself together!”

I do not wish to clentch,

I do not wish to apologize

Nor feel embaressment

No! I wish to Live!

Like water driping from my hands, I shall tread the lands only to let them wash away as the days fade in the wave of rememberance.

Though they wash away, my soul holds their memory.

The very knowledge that can never be taken.

I will not prattle and play to practicing parts that are not my part. Everyone has a role and I would respect the pieces of a puzzle. What is a boarder with no focused middle? What is a picture without an edge?

Like the rainbow, I know that I show my independent flowing color, but is not a masterpiece alone. For there was never a rainbow of only one color.

Logic is what I once pursued, but now I know that is was a fool’s journey, without love, wisdom (or rather truth) cannot manifest itself, and the wealth of my well-being is in jeopardy.

So I must disagree with my friend and teacher:

Rather than wealth, fame or even truth, give me love. The truth will come to me in time. But the love of Nature will shine down witht eh love of creation. My bones wil be warmed, my soul nourished. Oh,-

Nature, I give you my volition, my love, my being; so, that I may become my own.

I know that the power that resides in Nature resides in my vessel. Otherwise balance could not be made.

I have known many people that would call themselves artists just to utilize nudity for their desires. But I know many artists who live. And so the naked form is therefore beautiful, and celebrated! There is a fine line that separates these two halves. I would say a true definition of Man, is the latter half. So celebrate if you wish to celebrate, continue to work, if you wish not.

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