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Old Friend Faith

By Rori O'Keeffe

Copyright © 2018 by Rori O'Keeffe

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Old Friend Faith

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Old Friend Faith

Somewhere in the deep misted blue,

Out where I met you long ago,

Is rusted sign that says True,

A spot in time when you proved so.

Missing from this room is your mind,

Watered plants breathe a paling air,

Nothing is left of you I find,

And these photos fade as I stare.

Sentiments are but delicate,

They crumble under the hard light,

Silver words climb to where I sit,

Holding back tears is now my fight.

Am I not right in calling you,

When years have passed beneath these planks?

Stirring the life that broke in two,

An ogre might break into our ranks.

Spotted teacups clank as I pour,

Hot liquid that swirls debris,

I can't say what promises are for,

But a simple oath once set us free.

You will be surprised at my sight,

When you look across this table,

And see yourself as you once were,

No harsh hand will write your fable.

We resemble our younger selves,

Though in darker, greying tones,

The chapters written clutter the shelves,

Of the halls like sand-polished bones.

I am a crone, I tell you now,

Dead before I've met my waiting grave,

I kept not the word on my brow,

I wiped it off when I grew brave.

We'll save ourselves from early death,

We swore in the presence of God,

We'll not give up the final breath,

For life is eternal, we thought.

I know you brought yourself in need,

Of an old voice to cheer you up,

I'll tell you I've planted a seed,

That will take in you as we sup.

The bond ruptures as I start to shout,

You hear the words you'll lament,

I died when I threw my Bible out,

For I have become quite content.

I cannot regret my dying young,

It came when it willed itself on me,

To the old ghosts I once clung,

But now I've raised my eyes to see.

The cross that dangles on your chest,

Is a sword I see in history,

The magic beats within your breast,

You find your feelings a mystery.

Wipe that tear from your brow, old friend,

My body's still here, I'm not in Hell,

What I said about death, in the end,

Was the wish of one under a spell.

I nearly fell when you left early,

Your back now so tender a sight,

You are softly, vulnerably,

My favourite friend on this starry night.

I will fight to hold back the tears -

Am I wishing you gone from my dream?

It's out like a light, I now fear,

That I'm no more in your esteem.

It seems an empty ritual,

But I'll say goodbye to you here,

For you went your way, in circles -

You'll come to see when your eyes clear.


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About Rori O'Keeffe

Rori is a passionate proponent of liberty and participatory democracy in times when things seems to be turning against freedom and democracy. Not beholden to any particular ideology, she prefers a hodgepodge philosophy that takes into account the imperfection of human understanding. We exist as individuals and communities simultaneously, and compassion should be one of our guides when we decide which way to look at society in any given instance. She hopes that her World on Fire Poetry series will make a little difference in how readers see the world, if they don't already agree with Rori.

When not being serious about social and political issues, Rori likes to play the clown for her readers, drawing inspiration for her humorous pieces from her personal life and surroundings. She has six cats, a dog, and numerous goldfish as her steadfast companions, and she may write something about her lifelong love of house critters before too long.

Rori wishes all her readers the best in humour, health, and happy times.

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