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Hermit Society

By Rori O'Keeffe

Copyright © 2018 by Rori O'Keeffe

Published at Smashwords by Rori O'Keeffe

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Ram

Trip Through the Neighbourhood

Rented Room


Why Doesn't Matter

Garbage Day

Part 2: Rori

No Gods Without Men

On the Head of a Pin


A Day at Home

Why I Left Ram

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Hermit Society

Part 1: Ram

Trip Through the Neighbourhood

Driveway behind him now

Street feels grey beneath his feet

No-one watching, everyone watching

Pebbles by the curb bounce tellingly

Oak trees, lilacs, juniper bushes

A story behind each life

Trapped in the crystalline present

The sky rains grey overhead

Shopping centre around the corner

Humming with eyes and ears

All thoughts are captured

Radio waves passing around him

Unseen, not felt, keeping him company

Never alone, never in solitude

He joins the crowd for the comfort

Of anonymity.

Rented Room

Smoky air, beige walls, white ceiling

Hardwood floor, grainy like his arms

Cat on his bed beside him

Not knowing when they'll come for him

Out his window trees surround him

The walls close in

Like an old children's drama

He's crushed until he lights a smoke

And the walls let him go

Water on the floor

Rain on the roof

Blood-stained water rises

Engulfing him in its tomb

So he has a drink

Waters recede for now

Holding onto his sanity

He appears mad to the world outside

He stays inside where the predators

And terminators can't see

Up all night

Darkness has waited for him

The knock on the front door

One last cigarette

He's gone.


Can't work, can't move, paralyzed

Trapped in amber

A museum piece

Yellowed letter

Daguerreotype in an attic

What else is up there?

Throwing out books

On the Origin of the Species



Now he's safe

Can get a job

Purify his mind


Join the lemmings

Drowning in a panicked tide

Won't work

They'll know

They always know

Try anyway to blend in

Talk trash


Stuck on welfare

Can't work.

Why Doesn't Matter

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