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Poems written


Anthony James Day

Published by Art and Soul Co.


Have I got something for you?

Yes I have, close your eyes and guess who.

I've got something for you.

And I hope you like it too.

Open up your eyes.

Hope this is a nice surprise.

I popped up with the morning sunrise.

I know we haven't been together for a while.

But I hope I'm still the one, who makes you smile.

I came back as soon as I could.

I came back like I said I would.

How have you been, since I've been away?

I thought of you, every night and day.

I'm sorry I had to go.

But I had no choice, like you already know.

But most important, is that I'm back here with you.

There's so much to say, there's so much to do.

If you only knew, what it means to me, to see you again.

Cause without you,

The finest weather feels like endless rain.


There's a girl I wish I knew,

But she put up a wall of silence.

I didn't know what to do.

I could see the wall of fear and distrust.

I knew the code of silence, I had to bust.

Should I persist, will she give in?

Was that a smile?

Was that a grin?

Was that a brick that did fall?

Is this the falling of the wall?

Is this my chance to win it all?

Is this the fall of the wall?

Instead of a cold shoulder, a warm and kind word.

Her voice is the sweetest thing,

I've ever heard.

To replace her frown, comes a smile.

That could replace the sun.

But I can't count a win, till I have won.

The falling of the wall has just begun.

Before I kept my distance.

But now she shows no resistance.

Now I'm sitting by her side,

As the treacherous road of life, we ride.

Instead of a cold glance, she gives her warm hand.

It just goes to show,

You can't tell how long the wall will stand.


You use your fingers like an abacus, trying to keep count of the financial damage, of the contents of the already over budget, quarter filled, mind of it's own shopping trolley.


The president kept looking for a way to have absolutism added to the constitution.


In my head thoughts dance, like fairies on the gypsy wind, so abstruse that I myself don't have any chance of understanding them.


The teacher's adenoidal voice and his bookworm glasses, helped to roundoff his neolithic aura.

Time is the nemesis of life.


A heated temper, clenched fist, grinding teeth, angry eyes. Words spoke but, not meant.


Black hair and black clothes, contrast against snow white skin, vampire or hung over?

You never know if you are bird, until you spread your wing and fly.

Brave firemen, dance in the flames. To bring out a different partner every time.

Ocean treasures in the safety of the deep, pearls and sunken sea bound flowers.

Cocooned children, rain, soil and sun beckon their growth into tall trees.

The world is my oyster but you are my pearl.

The sententious, yttrium coloured hair, frail old man, sat around the camp fire.

Telling yarns to the children, until they were called away to bed by their parents.

The english teacher read one screed after another, until every student fell asleep out of boredom.

What's one person's dung beetle is another person scarab.

Night Mare

I'm riding my nightmare, through the forest of fear.

I just wonder, is this a dream or, am I really here?

Jumping over the chasm of reality.

You say it's an illusion but it's real enough for me.

Watching as my dread takes shape.

Riding through a desert, with a lunar like landscape.

Tearing at my mind, plucking at my brain.

Cutting it fine between pleasure and pain.

I'm riding my nightmare.

Oh what a scare.

Riding my nightmare.

She has broke into a gallop. She is out of control.

I'm finding it hard to stay on,

The reins are burning like a hot coal.

Bucking, kicking, rearing.

She is the mount we're all fearing.

Fire in her eyes, evil in her every vein.

Tears and blood flow like flooding rain.

My wicked steed take me away, take me home,

Let me be, leave me alone.

I'm riding my nightmare, through the forest of fear.

The Gypsy

OH-OH calls the gypsy wind,

OH-OH she tries to call you in.

Pack your bags, get set for flight.

The gypsy wind calls tonight.

Give her your hand to hold.

And your future is made, even if it ain't told.

OH-OH calls the gypsy wind.

"Come travel with me, she does cry,

Follow me till the day you die."

She'll steal your heart, she'll steal your soul.

Like a rolling stone, forever you will roll.

"I won't harm you, she said.

I'll just possess your heart, soul and head."

She says come follow me.

There's a whole new world to see.

Let's dance on the ocean, come and play.

She's the pied piper and I just follow.

She gives me my medicine, so I just swallow.

She calls all night and day,

until you get up and runaway.

Until you get up and runaway with her.

I ain't no vagabond but I must move on.

When the gypsy wind blows, through me,

till all the leaves fall and the nakedness of truth,

is all that does remain.

She keeps calling my name.

The Public Transport Man

The public transport man.

Buys his ticket after nine, because it's cheaper after that time.

Travels back and forth to town all day.

He's bought his trip, so he's going to make it pay.

Talk to people to find out what they think.

Talk to strangers to find out what they're like.

Looks out the window and waves at a couple on a motorbike.

Tells people he wants to become a famous poet and song writer.

But right now he's nothing more, than a dream warrior and shadow fighter.

He goes by bus, ferry and train.

If you have seen him once, you're sure to see him again.

He is always singing. In the sun, wind or rain.

He's the public transport man.

Time to him has no worth, If he doesn't take the time to talk to others.

He says hello to every one, from little children to grandfathers and grandmothers.

Wish them a good day, a good life and have a good time.

As long as, there is someone new to talk with, everything is fine.

Some won't talk but that is ok.

Many people you can't trust, many are busy, tired or worried today.

He wishes he could wash, the tears and pain, from people's eyes.

Heal their broken hearts, fill the lonely spaces with family and friends

To tell the truth from the lies.

Find the answers to every problem.

And set the slaves of bad loves free.

He knows he can't do all this, so does the best he can.

By being happy and sharing his happiness.

That's what he does, the public transport man.


I once had the big brother syndrome.

I felt betrayed and all alone.

I felt like a white crow.

No flock to fly with.

No where to go.

I thought my parents were so mean.

Not treating my siblings the same,

As they treated me at the same age.

But now I'm older and wiser.

And I have got over that stage.

Now I realize that Mum and Dad were trying to correct,

The mistakes they made with me.

It has been said foolishness,

Is to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

It's awful to wish the same thing,

That made your life less enjoyable, upon someone else.

What a kill joy.

Specially when the driving force of your thoughts,

Are thinly salt covered hot potato chips.

Dripping with oily jealousy.

Sure to clog the arteries of your love mussel. The heart.

A person may know what she or he thinks in one's brain.

But no one can really know for sure,

What one feels in their heart.

The heart and the brain plays a game, of politics.

Telling lies to one another.

So as to justify one's feelings, thoughts and actions.

Me, myself and I used to gang up on my little brothers.

Playing football with them,

And "accidentally" tackling them too heavily.

The game ended up in a tearful fifty metre run inside.

They were attended to by nurse mum.

And I was sent to bed with no tea.

And told to wait till dad got home.

As I lay in bed, I felt proud of our efforts.

Getting back at Murray for him being the mechanical one,

And Dad's favourite one.

Paying back Daniel for being the smart one,

And being Mum's baby.

But now my eyes moisten and my heart saddens,

To think of the cruelty I have dealt out to others.

I could use the excuse,

That I was the schools bullies favourite victim.

But that is no excuse. Why does abuse breeds abuse?

I guess it's like an itch, the more you scratch it,

The worse it gets. But who can resist scratching an itch.

Now I realise my mistakes are not my parent's.

But they are mine.

I chose to over indulge in spirits, beer and wine.

I chose to walk this rough rocky road.

And it's me not my brothers or a friend, but me, myself and I. Who have to travel this road to it's end.


I'd throw it all away.

I'd throw it all away.

If you would just come back and love me.

There's nothing I wouldn't sacrifice,

because you're worth any price.

I'd give up my fame and money.

Just to have you back again, honey.

I'd spend every hour of my life with you,

just to prove my love is true.

I'm sorry that I left you, so many times on your own.

But please believe, your good byes cut me to the bone.

I'd do anything to get you back.

Believe me when I say that....

I'd throw it all away.

I'd throw it all away.

If you would just come back and love me.

I'd throw away all my records.

As long as I get the rewards,

you here back with me.

Don't you feel the truth?

Don't you see?

I will love you always, I love you for eternity.

Together we're meant to be.

A World Of Love.

In this cold and lonely world.

Where peace and happiness is only a dream,

of every boy and girl.

Where true love is hardly ever used,

and trust is always abused.

Everybody prays in their heart,

that a world of love will soon start.

A world of love, a world of peace.

A world where all war will cease

A world of love, a world of peace.

A world where everyone can trust their fellow man. Where you don't need to fear again.

A world where everyone is free.

A world of love, a world of love.

Is the world for me.

A place where there's only good news.

The colour of the sea and the sky,

are the only things shades of blues.

Where the whole world is one civilized nation.

A place where there's no loneliness.

Where every need has it's own address.

A World Of Love, A World Of Love.

Is the world for me.

T A K E I N S T E A D O F G I V E .

All my life I've lived for someone else.

But now the time has come to look after myself.

All my time was taken up by strangers and friends.

But my candle is burning at both ends.

I'm at the end of my tether.

I've got to get myself together.

So I'll do what I want and like,

and if you don't understand, you can take a hike.

For my life is mine to live.

And I think it's time to..

Take instead of give.

By myself, I want to be with.

It's time to take instead of give.

Take instead of give.

All my time is spent, being someone else's slave.

It's time I took instead of gave.

No longer will I serve anyone else hand and foot.

After my own needs, is where I will look.

All the help I gave, is all the help I'm giving.

My own life is what I should be living.

I can't keep giving forever.

I guess late is better than never,

to take instead of give.

Dina saw..

Dina saw, Dina saw, Dina saw it all.

Dina saw everything.

She saw the corruption and the changing of money.

She said to herself,

"This so called justice system is a joke."

But if she ever tells, it wouldn't be that funny.

She saw the criminals go scott free.

She wanted to tell someone for the better of society.

She saw the good die out,

and the rich have much, and the poor go with out.

She saw beyond the day ahead.

She looked at the distant future instead.

She had seen calamity before it did arrive.

Dina tells us we must change our ways,

if we are to survive.

She sees drugs and gangs fighting in the streets.

She saw the fear in the boy's face,

as his heart pumps it's last seven beats.

She cries for the future,

she cries for everything.

She cries for the children,

she cries out "A better future for them, let us bring."

Dina saw it all. She didn't miss a thing.

Don't go!

Please don't go, just stay a while.

Give me your love and that sexy smile.

Let me touch your silken hair.

Let me show you how much I care.

My love, my life, I need you so.

I love you so much, so,

Please don't go.

Let's talk for a while, without saying a word.

Let your and my body language be heard.

So please don't go, just stay with me.

To love and hold, for eternity.

Without you my life is a big black hole.

You contain my mind, my heart and soul.

So stay with me, my love of my life.

Stay with me and be my wife.

To loose you now, I'm sure you know...

I love you girl, so,

Please don't go.

Co-written by Larry Anderson and Anthony James Day

New image of you.

Your eyes are red, your lips are blue.

Are you dead or is this a new image of you ?

You dress so weird. You're so strange.

What's happened to you, what has changed ?

Out all night, sleep all day.

You're wasting your life away.

You wish to rock.

You wish to shock.

You want to be,

everything against me.

I don't like what I see.

Is it to be a rebel, is it to be in the crowd.

You're always wearing that black shroud.

Always listening to that noise.

Always hanging out with those boys.

Always being chased by the law.

Why do you, do this for ?

You're on another planet, deep in space.

I can see it on your face,

That you would rather be, anywhere than this place.

You're further away than the most distant star.

Even though we're in the same room,

I don't know where you are.

I try to talk with you, but there's no answer.

Earth calling Star Light Dancer.

Now you stare at a blank t.v screen.

Don't know where you were,

I don't know where you could have been.

Can you return to, the station we started with ?

So I know what to take, and what to give.

We never seem to communicate

Please turn it back, before it's over.

Before it's too late.


Just bury me, just bury me,

In the pet cemetery.

Six foot down, ghostly pound,

Amongst the best friends, I've ever found.

Treat me like a dog, kick me when I'm down and out.

And when you say mongrel or son of a bitch,

I'm the one you're talking about.

When I die, lay me down to lie,

Amongst the mongrels and the strays.

Cause they are the ones, who shared my earthly days

They are the one's who stuck by me,

Through thick and thin.

So in turn, my love, loyalty and trust they did win.

You treated me lower, than the lowest bug.

When I asked for help, you gave me the shrug.

Only when, I'm soon to die,

Will you treat me with respect.

And it's only for the money, you hope to collect.

I won't push up daisies, I'll push up dogweed.

To remind you, how you dealt with me,

In my hour of need.

Don't put me in a expensive tomb.

If you won't even talk to me, when I'm in the same room.

Don't put flowers on my grave,

If while I was living, nothing to me you ever gave.

Treat me like dirt, embalm me in gold.

The weirdest story ever told.

Why respect the dead, if all you give to them,

When they're living is a kick in the head.


Never known an illusion, to look as good as...

Never known an illusion, to look as good as you.

You told me, I'd wake up,

And this would all be just a dream.

And I would wake up and forget the beauty I had seen.

But I can't forget that night,

When we made love under the moon and star light.

I've been searching for you, for at least a week.

You're the one, I will always seek.

Oh, someone please tell me. What did I see?

What does haunt my soul?

Is it fantasy or memory?

I can't believe a dream could be so real.

I remember every word I said, every feeling I did feel.

You disappeared, you just faded away.

Like a cloud on a sunny day.

Like a genie,

Until I find you, you'll be,

An obsession to me.

My friends tell me to forget it.

My heart would like to, but my mind won't let it.

I close my eyes and you return.

How, my heart and soul does burn.

It burns like a smokestack.

Can't wait for you to come back.

Never known an illusion, to look as good as you.

No pets allowed.

I just shifted into a flat about a month ago.

But the problem was, I couldn't keep my pitbull terrier,


The landlord stopped talking in broken english,

And said clear and loud.


Well that was rather obvious,

With it written on every wall and door.

With the mess of this slum, why pick on the pets for.

I did the right thing, left Beau with a friend.

But I gave in, before the first week did end.

After a few days I realised that the flats were a menagerie.

The local kids come to the flats,

Cause it was like a zoo, but only free.

I laugh to myself, as in my mind's eye I could see.

The landlord jumping up and down.

And yelling all so loud.


In number one lives Johno, with his three siamese cats.

In number two lives Nicole with her guinea pig and ferret.

In number three lives Ruth with her fifty domestic rats.

In number four lives Mat and Jenny, with their son Josh.

And a shetland pony.

In number five abides two cockatoos and a galah named Tony.

In number six. Hi there it's me, with good old Beau.

A pet panther and a carpet snake in a tree.

Well sure enough the landlord found out, I don't know how.

He said to us all, that he wanted us out by the hour.

With a hot temper and a red face, he yelled all so very L O U D!

N O P E T S A L L O W E D ! N O P E T S A L L O W E D !

We found in the landlord's flat two pekinese.

So he forgets he saw our pets.

And we have what pets we please.

No pets allowed. No pets allowed. No pets allowed.

Ain't no poet, Ain't no king.

I ain't no poet, ain't no king.

I can't buy you, no diamond ring.

I've got no song, to sing.

I ain't no poet, ain't no king.

I'll give you my love, so be my wife.

I'll give all I have, all my life.

I ain't no star, ain't no rich man.

But I'll please you the best I can.

I will keep you safe from harm.

We can raise some kids on our little farm.

Ain't no poet, ain't no king.

But my love is true,

There's no one for me, but you.

Even though I can't put it, in a fancy rhyme

My love for you, will last the test of time.

Ain't no prince, ain't no castle where I dwell.

Ain't no fortune teller, but true love is easy to tell.

Trust me just this time.

Honey, please say you'll be mine.

I ain't no poet, ain't no king.

I can't buy you no diamond ring.

I’ve got no song, to sing.

I ain't no poet, ain't no king.

But for you, I would do anything.

L A S T R I D E .

Heavy metal sewer side.

Going on your last ride.

The fish come on land, cause the sea,

Is no place to abide.

The mermaids are looking for, a place to hide.

From the cocktalien, toxic, sewage filled king tide.

Going on your last ride.

Dolfins beach themselves on shore.

Cause the sea is not safe, anymore.

They prophetically say " Don't go in for a swim.

You will pay for all mankind's sin."

When your board needs a wax.

You use the gunk off dead sea birds' backs.

Neptune exits the deep,

Cause the sinking nuclear powered submarines,

Ruin his sleep.

The sea horses gallop into the sunset.

This is the strangest day I've had yet.

It's a time I will never forget.

The day the sea monsters and I met.

The flying fish flew to the moon.

I think I might go there, pretty soon.

Eels and lungfish became desert dwellers.

The penguins and the killer whales,

Became religion sellers.

The parrot fish became pirates and fortune tellers.

Sharks and barracuda joined the army.

The surgeon fish saved peoples lives.

And the convicts set people free.

The albatross went mad, the crab was cross.

The angelfish cried for the waste and loss.

And the sun fish became the crime boss.

The chinese crayfish grew bonsai and exotic moss.

The sea is black not blue.

The ocean is no longer a friend of you.

You're drowning in a man made sludge.

You can't move, you can't budge.

It tastes like tar flavoured fudge.

Going on your last ride.


I love you, but I can't live with you.

Fussing and Arguing is all we ever do.

We fight all night and all day.

We're fighting our whole life away.

We can never ever agree.

I hurt you, you hurt me.

I love you, but I can't live with you.

Hope we can leave on good terms.

Lick our wounds and heal our burns.

It's a shame that our love, we can't communicate.

We act as if, each other we do hate.

If only we were more understanding.

If only we were less demanding.

It is a shame that we do clash.

Our love could be so flash,

But we don't get along.

Oh my dear, what did we do wrong.

I guess it's too late to say, I love you so.

Now our separate ways we must go.

I love you, but I can't live with you.


Save me from salvation, I was born in sin.

We're all imperfect, sin is something we all commit.

Save me from salvation

I wish not to hear, what you have to say.

You're nothing but a hypocrite,

You're nothing but your own savior.

Let me save you, your time.

I don't need your truth, without it I'm doing fine.

I'm getting by, without your prayers and your wings.

I'm making my way clear.

So I don't need god to come in here,

And tell me, I must do this, to gain salvation.

But all men, have got from religion.

Is war and tribulation, save me from salvation.

Fertile Ground !

No one knows, what's to be found,

Growing in fertile ground.

Is that a bloom?

Growing in the corner of your room.

Look there's a blossom,

Growing in the pouch of a possum.

Here is a carnation,

Making use of the situation.

Wow do you see the pear,

Growing in midair?

Hey man dig that violet,

In the cap of that pilot.

I saw a hibiscus,

Spinning round on a discus.

Ate a carrot,

Hanging around a sailor's parrot.

What a big gumtree,

Growing in my cup of tea.

Up grew a dandylion,

On the tears I was crying.

Hang around and watch those falling stars,

Grow over those motor cars.

Up there on Saturn,

Is some italian parsley speaking latin.

And there are white trumpets, playing love tunes.

On Venus's moon

On a cloud, purple striped zebras,

Graze on the black and white pedestrian grass.

Things grow so green.

Things grow so fast,

In my head.

On coloured dreams and wild herbs,

My imagination is fed.


You laugh at the moon and the stars, cause they're not really there.

They're just the creation of your cosmic stare.

If you look hard enough, you will see things that are not real.

If you dream long enough, you'll know how reality is meant to feel.

If you listen to the silence, you can hear the wind cry in pain.

If you live long enough you will cry tears like autumn rain.

Smell the midnight air and taste how sweet life can be.

Until you've been enslaved, you can never really be free.

Love something too much it becomes hate.

If you're always early, you'll end up being late.

Butterflies of imagination fly, to the tree of inspiration.

To settle for night, until they fly around thought's flicking light.

Dancing to the reed pipe, played by fantasia.

On the wings of a silver albatross, you travel across Asia.

Return before tea, what fun you have living in a world of fantasy.

You laugh at the moon and the stars, cause they're not really there.

They're just the creation of your cosmic stare.


If I had wings , I would fly away.

If I had wings, I would leave this place today.

If I had wings, I would fly, right out of here.

If I had wings, I'd be free, have no fear.

Enslaved by others expectations.

Imprisoned by the wall of this concrete jungle.

I feel like a flightless bird, in an open field.

Useless and vulnerable.

If I had wings of an eagle, I would fly to the sun.

If I had wings of a barn owl. I would fly to the moon.

If I had wings of the albatross,

I would fly across the seven seas.

If I had wings of a turtle dove.

I would fly to your room.

If I had wings and I could fly to anywhere.

I would return to you still.

If I had wings, I'd perch on your window sill.

If I had wings, I'd set my wings to flight.

If I had wings, I'd fly back to you, tonight.

I hear the Universe call.

"Come everybody, come one and all.

Fly away from this place of sorrow.

You can come back to earth tomorrow."

If these arms are wings,

they've been clipped for so very long.

I need to wait for the feathers to grow back,

and then I can make my wings strong.

So I can fly to better planet, fly to a better place.

If I had wings of an angel,

I would fly to the heavens above.

I would leave this world of pain,

to find a world of love.

And fly back to take you there.


Ameana, Ameana you're such a pretty dreamer.

Dreaming your life away.

Dreaming everything is ok.

You've got to wake up and see.

That's not the way it happens to be.

You can't always escape reality.

One day you'll have to wake up and see.

You think every thing is just fine,

Everything is just great.

But you have to look beyond your dream world,

Look beyond your own gate.

If you would only open your eyes.

You'd see, you've been believing their lies.

It's alright to escape now and then.

But you need to face reality, to make it better again.

Ameana, Ameana you're such a pretty dreamer.


I've got to find my niche in this world.

I've got to find my loving girl.

I've got to find my very own place.

I've got to find my smile on my face.

I've got to find my own reason for being here

I've got to find my own answers, mother dear.

I've got to find my own rhyme and reason.

I've got to find my own time and season.

Hey don't you see.

The searching is up to me.

I've got to find this out for myself.

Put those books back on the shelf.

Don't you see, don't you understand.

The search is for each and every man,

To find a place where he does belong.

Where his mind, soul and body can be strong.

Just look and you will see.

That I've got to find me.


Fire flies are burning holes in the sky.

Birds fly into the sun,

because it's the quickest way to die.

Whales beach themselves on the southern shore.

Because they don't, have anything worth living for.

Fish surface to get a fresh breath of air.

But they soon find out that,

there's nothing fresh or clean anywhere.

It's a weird world, yes it's a weird world.

The wind is crying, for the stars,

as they fall like a million silver tears.

Maybe because, we've been putting moon beams in jars.

For so many years.

The trees are dying in sympathy, with the lake.

How much more pollution, can this earth take.

The desert is advancing in accord, with the destruction.

We have out poured.

It's a weird world, yes it's a weird world.

Must we desolate this planet,

must we destroy our home.

Must we chop down every tree.

Must we turn over every stone.

We always have to be in control.

But now we are lost, with no where to go.

Don't we realise where we are.

We are fortunate to get, even this far.

It's a weird world, yes it's a weird world.

What you see

It doesn't worry me,

if you don't like, what you see.

It doesn't bother my conscience,

if I don't please the eye.

I'm the only one,

who has to live with what I have done.

Yes it's only me,

who has to live with what you see.

I didn't come to make a fashion statement.

I came here to work.

I wear my clothes for comfort,

not to look like a upper class jerk.

So what if my shirt is torn.

Big deal if my shoes are a little worn.

It doesn't matter anyway.

Old or new they will be wrecked after today.

Ripped and pulled, stained and soiled.

Oh what a shame, your nice new clothes are spoiled.

What should you care, how I dress and what I wear.

You're no part of my life.

You probably will never see me again.

If you don't like this sight,

close your eyes, and pretend it's night.

If you don't like what you see, stop staring.

Hotel of the lonely.

Where better to be, for a loner like me.

Than the hotel of the lonely.

Listening to the cries,

Of the ghostly haunting memories,

Of what we thought love would be.

But where are the free?

Hanging the slave of thought,

On the lone tree.

Outside the hotel of the lonely.


I bet you're thinking, why am I here ?

Or I bet you don't even really care.

But honey, I know better places are out there.


I've come to take you.

Come to take you away.

I've come to say,

I love you, baby.

Come to make your day.

Come to answer the prayers, you pray.

I've come to take you away.

I've come to the conclusion,

That your life is an illusion.

Leaving here is the only solution.

Before you die from their propaganda pollution.

I've come to show you.

Without you there's nothing I can do.

I've come to take you away from,

The hustle and bustle of this town.

I've come to take you to, higher ground.

Don't you fret, don't you worry.

I'll get what I want, I'm in no hurry.

Hey just lay back, relax.

I've just come to give you the fax.

It's your choice, whatever you do.

The truth is all I'm telling you.

You just better get out of this place.

Before you lose the smile off your face.

I've come to take you away.

A deep blue sky.

Like a deep blue sky.

Like a kiss goodbye.

Like hidden tears you refuse to cry.

Like when no birds do fly,

Under a deep blue sky.

Even though there's no tears,

I know there's pain.

Even though there's no clouds,

There's soon to be rain.

Like the calm before the storm.

Under a deep blue sky,

Trouble is sure to be born.

You can't hold back the pain,

Forever and a day.

Sooner or later you'll have to give way,

To tears and crying.

Cause inside, your heart is dying.

You soon better, find a release.

Or you'll lose your chance, to have inner peace.

There's no use being a deep blue sky,

Cause sometimes you've got to cry.

Like a deep blue sky.

Like a kiss goodbye.

Like hidden tears you refuse to cry.

Like a hidden secret, with no answer why.

Like when no birds do fly,

Under a deep blue sky.

Even though there's no tears,

I know there's pain.

Even though there's no clouds,

There's soon to be rain.

Like the calm before the storm.

Trouble is sure to be born,

Under a deep blue sky.

Don't go tonight.

Don't go tonight.

I'm lonely and need someone to hold tight.

Stay and share the warmth and the fire light.

Don't go tonight.

Please do stay.

Don't leave me, don't go away.

I don't want to lose you, yet.

Let's have a night we both won't forget.

I need a friend right now.

Find a way to stay some how.

I beg of you don't leave.

If you go, you're going to lose your coat and sleave.

Do you know how loneliness feels ?

Pain is all it ever deals.

Do ever feel the same.

Stay and we can heal each other's pain.

I know you hardly know me.

but tonight we could get to know each other intimately.

But don't feel like you have to.

I'd like you to stay, but it's up to you.


I can't forget, I can't forget you.

Don't matter what I say.

Don't matter what I do.

I've got pictures in my mind.

Echoes in my brain.

The memory of you is driving me insane.

I've got the blues like a month full rain.

In the morning I feel like, I've been hit by a train.

My problem is that I still remember,

When we first met on that sunny day in September.

I keep blaming myself for losing you.

All day I'm down, all night I'm blue.

I keep asking myself, why can't I let you go?

You've got a hold on me, like no one could ever know.

I'd be at the centre of the earth, if I was anymore low.

I will always love you so.

I never want to fall in love again.

I just feel too much pain.

I've got pictures in my mind.

Echoes in my brain.

The memory of you is driving me insane.

In the morning I feel like, I've been hit by a train.

Please let me love you again.

Let me love you again.

I don't see why, you should tell me what to do.

Baby I don't mind your advise.

But you telling me how to live, is not nice.

Just remember you don't belong to me,

I don't belong to you.

So I don't see why,

You should tell me what do.

I don't need your permission or your ok.

If I want to do it, I'll do it anyway.

Don't you use emotional black mail.

If you do, I'll pull up my anchor and set sail.

I told you from the start.

I would only break your precious heart.

You're welcome to go, you're welcome to leave.

I will miss you but I won't grieve.

Don't tell me how to lead my life.

Don't tell me how to hold my knife.

I don't care if I get cuts.

I do what I like, no buts,

About it.

Just remember one's poison is another's medicine.

You must think , you can't lose,

If you don't let anyone else win.

You must think that, you've got everyone's perfect fit.

You're a self righteous dictator, that's closer to it.

Don't tell me what to do.


I call the shots, you just fire.

I run the ring, you just walk the high wire.

I say jump. You say, "Do you want me any higher?"

I'm calling the shots,

I'm leading the band.

You're just here to give me a hand.

Don't question what I say.

It doesn't matter anyway.

I'm in control for today.

When I say music, you better play.

When I say march, you better do so.

When I say out of my way, you better go.

Don't meander, Don't be slow.

When I ask for something, you better not say no.

Who's in charge?

That's me.

And I'll make sure you see,

That I'm the Law and the Authority.

Without me where would you be?

I'm calling the shots.

You bring me down.

Once I was high, high as a kite.

But then you brought me down, in one single nite.

You said you loved me then you said you did not.

And from my highest point in life, I started to drop.

You bring me down, down, down.

You make me feel and look like a clown.

You spread my name all over the town.

You bring me down.

How I wish I never met you.

If I didn't still love you,

I don't know what I would do.

There's not a thing I can do.

Oh how my heart, body and soul aches,

For you.

Like an under current, you draw me out to sea.

You swept me away like sand, as the wave breaks.

Ever since I met you,

There's not a thing that I can't do.

You've got a hold on me.

You're pulling me down, don't you see?

With every step you do take,

A little more of my heart does break.

For you must love to break me.

I beg of you just either leave or take me.

You bring me down.


I try to say so much but I say so little.

The cat and the dog dance to the fiddle.

Why must love be such a riddle?

I feel so sad, I feel so glad.

I feel so good, I feel so bad.

This thing called love, tears me down the middle.

Why must love be such a riddle?

I think I understand it then I don't.

You say you'll stay,

then you say you won't.

One minute we're laughing,

the next we start to cry.

One day we want to live forever,

the next we wish to die.

Love is like a ferris wheel, up and down,

Love is like a merry-go-round.

It's a mix of a happy and a sad sound.

I feel like changing weather.

One week we're apart, the next we're together.

Must the highs and the lows last forever?

Your friends like me, my friends dislike you.

What shall we say, what shall we do?

Sometimes I'm jealous, sometimes I'm not.

Sometimes I want all you've got.

We do our best, we do our worst.

Our love is blessed, our love is cursed.

I've found nothing of worth.

I've found endless treasure.

All I've found is pain.

All I've found is pleasure.

I try to say so much but I say so little.

The dog and cat dance to the fiddle.

This thing called love tears me down the middle.

Why must love be such a riddle?

Sometimes love seems so brittle.

Can't think of anything.

As I sit here at my desk tonight.

I can't think of anything to write.

The words just don't want to flow.

Where did the inspiration go?

There's no words to explain the way I'm feeling.

As I'm just sitting here wasting the night away.

As I'm making patterns of the spots on the ceiling,

cause there's nothing to be said, and I've got nothing to say.

It's not that there's nothing to write about.

It's just that my mind is a blank.

It's not that I want be this way, it's just that my brain is empty as a drought stricken water tank.

Maybe the critics aren't that wrong.

Maybe I should give up writing poetry and song.

But I enjoy it and there's many a friend who tells me to keep at it.

So I'll keep writing on.

But now I can't think of anything to write.

I'm a poet, I want the world to know it.

Give me a chance and I'll show it.

But right now I can't think of a single syllable.

I can't think of a single line.

But all I need is a little more time.

Can't think of anything to write.

I rack my brain again and again.

But it doesn't want to talk to me.

I want to take my thoughts to the shore of inspiration.

But they don't want to walk with me.

As I sit here at my desk tonight,

I can't think of anything to write.


Pleasure and pain are, the only drugs that mix.

When you need to escape, the problems you can't fix.

Just go and get some kix. Get some kix! Get some kix!

Turn up the heat, set the town a blaze.

Wake up boy, get out of that daze.

Put down that needle, there's better ways,

To get your kix. Go on boy, reach for a higher, high.

Just remember only the good die.

Don't be so afraid, don't give in to your fear.

If you don't take a chance, you're no where.

You're neither there or here.

Go on jump from a thousand feet up.

Soar to a higher height,

Fall to deeper depth.

Excitement steals your breath.

Try some adventure. Why should you always drink,

The same drink, from the same cup?

Try some real danger, why not surf the cyclonic sea?

The best things in life are either cheap or free.

Pleasure and pain are, the only drugs that mix.

When you need to escape, the problems you can't fix.

Just go and get some kix. Get some kix! Get some kix!


A falling star, that's what we are.

We're nothing, but a falling star.

The higher you get to the top,

The further you have to drop.

Lose your friends, fame and your fortune,

As you streak past the platinum moon.

That's what we are, nothing but a falling star.

A giant tree in the forest of life,

But they will chop you down, with their pocket knife.

They then burn you, like fire wood.

Cause once you're dead, you're twice as good.

Then they take what's left and build a shroud.

And charge entry to the morning crowd.

Lost in space on a cosmic trip.

Beam me up Scotty, to that Hollywood spaceship.

Once a great star, now a meteor.

Once a hero, but no more.

I don't care if you're right or wrong.

It's just an emptier sky, now that you are gone.

Like a beached whale stuck on shore,

No one will help you, out to sea anymore.

Just waiting for you to pass away.

So they can feast off you, if they may.


Nobody loves you, nobody does care.

Nobody knows you, nobody is there, for you.

When you belong no where.

Sweet little nothing, poor tiny not there.

No place to sleep, no place to call home.

You know soon, you'll probably die cold and alone.

As you sleep in the park, under yesterday's paper.

In your pocket they'll find a note that'll read,





Who can I give my change to? I'll miss talking to you.

And having someone, to tell me to carry on.

You once told me "Doesn't matter what or who you are.

Stay brave, be proud and strong."

You might be lost, but you're no loser.

You're just a drifting cruiser, looking for your port.

Looking for your destination,

Search for your place in life,

Searching for your station.

Like a wildebeest, you wander the modern savannah.

You've been to many a town like, Tombstone or Narvarna.

The ghosts ain't in the town, but in your head.

They don't haunt the saloon,

But haunt your mind instead.

But they are only the spirits of fear, and distrust.

Leave them behind, you know you must.

You carry on, like a lone soldier.

Fighting your one man war, of survival.


Everything for you.

Everything for me.

Everything we ever lived for, is gone for eternity.

Everything is gone. Everything is gone.

Gone are the forests, gone are the trees.

Gone are the birds, the flowers and the bees.

No more is there a reason,

to put up with the every day grind.

No more is there a reason, not to go out of your mind.

Gone is the dreaming, gone is the hope.

Gone is the relaxation, and the way to cope.

No longer can our children, play at the park in safety.

No one has rights, no one has peace and security.

On another planet, place me.

Disappeared like rabbits down a burrow.

What was free today, you pay for tomorrow.

It's true, that the best things in life were free.

But now everytime you enjoy them, someone asks for a...fee.


Fire fascination

Burning cinders, dancing in the breeze

House now ash and dust.


Submarine surfaced

Dives for cover of muddy deep

to escape child's grasp


The rain and the sunshine

Autumn leaves and spring flowers

The last completes the first


The fast and the slow

The wicked and the righteous

No good without bad

Evil is not the source of all money.

Neither is money the source of all evil.

The mouse dies to make room for the rat.

What uses is a puppet without string?

And what use is string without a puppet?

Hiding behind your news paper.

Wishing to disappear like vapour.

Knowing he has your reflection in his sight.

Thinking of his reflected stare all night.


I ain't gonna do, just cause you tell me to.

I ain't gonna do, just cause you tell me to.

I don't believe a word from you.

I need to know how, where, when and why.

I want to know the outcome, before I give it a try.

I don't believe you, when you say it's ok.

I will check it out anyway.

Ain't going to be your slave,

Ain't going to be your fool.

I want to make sure everything is cool.

I won't jump out of the fire, into your plate.

I'll find out if you're telling lies,

Before it's too late.

I trust friends, but you're no friend of mine.

You lie through your teeth,

As you swear on your mother's grave.

You know everything is falling apart,

But you say it is just fine.

You're no friend of mine.

The more you say trust me, the more I beware.

The more you say don't worry, the more I care.

I just wonder, when will the deceit end?

And when will you, a true message send?

Many say, why must we question everything?

But we do it, for a better world to bring.

We search to discover and explore.

To find better answers than we had before.

We ain't gonna do, just cause you tell us to.

We don't believe a word from you.

We ain't gonna do, just cause you tell us to.


I hear them on the outside, but I want to stay in.

They're trying to bring me back, but they won't win.

On a life support system.

This ain't living, it's mere existence.

And I'm getting sick of your damn persistence.

Why can't you say goodbye, then let me go?

There is nothing here for me, don't you know.

Now my computer doesn't calculate,

And my motor can't roar.

I don't want to be here anymore.

Nobody here, nobody home.

Just let me be, Just leave me alone.

Let me die in peace today,

Just go for a walk, just go away.

Nobody here, nobody home.

Don't open my eyes, cause I don't want to see.

The crule things, they've done to me.

Let me escape this nightmare dream.

All you need to do, is turn off this machine.

Don't want to be a brain in a jar.

Don't want to be another plush toy,

Looking out the back window of your car.

Don't want to be here. Don't want to be here.

How long will I be stuck, between heaven and hell?

I want to leave, can't you tell.

Remember me as a man, not a vegetable.

I pray that from my body, these wires and tubes.

You will pull.

I'm ready to go, to the other side.

I'm not afraid, no longer in this body,

Do I need to hide.

Now here on earth, I feel like a burnt out,

Discarded cigarette.

Alone in life's ash tray.

If I could talk "I love you, don't be sad,

Be strong. Please let me go." is what I would say.

Nobody here, nobody home.

Just let me be, just leave me alone.

Just let me die in peace today.

Just go for a walk, just go away.

Nobody here, nobody here.


Don't fear the one in red scarlet, or black midnite.

Watch out for the one in wedding whight.

Her kisses are worse than, her bite.

You should fear her chains, not her height.

She'll say, she will be your angel for one night.

She'll tie you down, she won't let go, she'll hold on tight.

Once upon a time you could resist.

You put up a fight.

Until you met the one in wedding whight.

She steals your heart, quicker than thunder.

She steals your thunder, she takes the wind from your kite.

Keep clear from the one in wedding whight.

I started to dream, what a sight.

I saw wedding rings linked into a chain, that ties you down.

Horror of horrors, you've got commitments.

You're living in your own home, with three kids.

On the south side of town.

You've got a full time job.

You've been working at the same place for seven years.

This marriage thing is the reality of all your fears.

Did I hear wedding bells?

She must have fixed a love potion, to help her cast her spells.

Hope I have time to break free, before she gets a hold on me.

See you later.

I must go before, she steals my heart and soul.

So don't say you weren't warned.

About the one in wedding whight, on your wedding night.


By the time I had got a hold on you, I had got the love ills too.

I'm in a cold sweat.

And we haven't even kissed yet.

I've got a fever. Never felt this way in the past.

But I hope it will last.

I never thought of true love before, but now I am a true believer.

I've got a love fever.

I'm hot all over, my pupils dilate.

I'm high on love. I'm feeling great.

My temperature is rising, my blood pressure just hit the roof.

I'm a love sick puppy to tell the truth.

I feel like I could run a hundred miles.

I'm sure there's things to be read, into my laughter and smiles.

Let the neighbours talk. Let the world know, I'm in love.

Why hide something that feels so good.

I will tell everyone how I feel, because I think I should,

share my joy.

Don't call the doctor, I'm the best I've ever been.

I feel like I'm still sixteen.

I don't feel ill, I just feel a little light headed. I feel a little weird. I don't know why love is a thing, I ever feared.

I've got a love fever.


With trust you have caution. With every emotion you have the opposite in a measured proportion. But please believe me, that I would like to be just a friend. To be there to help you through the bad times, and let you know that someone does care. Terry you're so beautiful. Terry you're so very kind. If I ever lie to you, may I go mute, deaf and blind. You are the falling star, in the midnight blue. I'd like to reach out and catch you before you disappear. And I'd like to bring you, a diamond for each and every tear you ever cried. Terry you're so very mysterious. You are like a lost treasure, deep beneath the sea. You have many hidden talents, like gold deep within the earth. Uncover them my dear, and show the world your worth. Terry you are so very you. Terry you have individuality. And even in a prison, your heart and soul would be free. You're different, there's no one else quite the same. You have your own rules for life's crule game. Terry you're so very much afraid. Terry don't you fear. I am always around, I'm always near. I'll be your friend, till life on earth does end. When you fall, I will help you back on your feet again. Don't you see, you have nothing to fear from me? Terry you're so very compassionate. I'm glad you're the one, I did find to talk to. In that lonely crowd. Ever since my spirit, with the memory of you, has been empowered. When I'm confused I think of you. And I know that you would know what to do, in any situation. Terry you're so very wise. Terry you're so very you. I love everything you say and do.


Come, come take me as I am.

For I am the ginger bread man.

Hot and spicy, sweet and tangy.

Come on baby, think of what can be.

Let me be your sweet bread.

Tasty from my toes to my head.

When you're hungry for love, come to me.

I'll satisfy your appetite, completely.

Come, come take me as I am.

For I am the ginger bread man.

Sweet and tangy, hot and spicey.

Just the way you like me.

Hot and fresh, pre ovened.

Love is the law, by which my life is governed.

I'm a tasty little biscuit, big bite.

Your own sweet thing, day or night.

I am the ginger bread man.


Baby, Baby don't be blue.

I'm always here for you.

Baby, Baby don't be sad.

I'm for your own good,

I'm really not that bad.

Baby, Baby don't fell down.

Call my name and I'll come around.

Baby, Baby OH

Lady, Lady let's go

Baby, Baby I just love you.

Baby, Baby I really do.

Baby, Baby don't you see.

Lady, Lady you're the only one for me.

Baby, Baby don't be afraid.

Our love is already made.

Baby, Baby don't you cry.

I'll never say goodbye.

Our love will never die.

Baby, Baby don't you cry.













































We are our own prisoners of war.

Cause we don't know why, we have feelings for.

We're told we don't need them anymore.

Close our eyes or the door.

We are our own prisoners of war.

In the prison of our mind.

Not a trace of love is left behind.

The capture of the world we wish to find.

In the prison of our mind.

We are fools living a lie.

As we're watching the truth slowly die.

We're not to ask how, where or why.

We are fools living a lie.

They say "Kill all who do rebel."

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