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I empty the splintered frame

Dark ice cream crawls over waffle-cone edge

  in a mud waterfall

Fingers rake down chalkboard,

Nails snap off against bottom-edge.

Strangers' faces are raindrop ripples in disturbed      water;

Time showers eyelids with sand,

  half drowning pupils;

Skeleton keys lodge deeply

In yesterday's moments

Locking out today's

Bird cages hold no prisoners,

  no echoes 

  of crayon box symphony

Trouble is drowning itself

Within the color palette

   of nuclear winter;

Man, the cosmic ant, burrows deeper

Scavenging pharaohs' tomb.

Love is twisting & turning,

A worm in apple...

Contortionist roly-poly thing tying

Self in a knot.

The landscape of man blends

   into gray corners.

Something too close... whispers, 

a tapestry unclear.... from the dark side

   of the moon;

Violin string breaks mid-note.

      *     *    *    *    *    *    *     *

A nano-moment 

You watched me

Through staggered colors

Laid on paper; half--hidden

A paint smear anomaly by 

My very hand.

I turn away to apply more

Shadow, but you've moved on.

      *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Hurdling broken glass fences,

Messages in bottles in landfills


Confessions of last moments

Skin left on the track

Oil slick on tarmac

Above a commuter jet 

With red ribbon stripe


*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Aiming for it...

Half-cut cantaloupe

Parked in the sky,

This arrow prong thing

I hurl up into the clear blue.

No daisies dancing

Or jet-engine thrust

Tearing the sky in half---

Some sad girl's first broken heart.

It cuts through it all

Helicopter propeller-like come unglued

from the machinery. A blur of a whirl shrinking

the further it gets...

It arcs toward sun center

Only to miss. Boomerang

Never quite hitting the mark

Or finding its way back home.

Ghosts of artists unknown,

Paint murals of money preserved

In jelly jars of honey;

Chiseling marble angels

Spraying trains with Leggo piece-like


Pulling the dream world fabric

Through their wormhole.

The fabric's timeless aura

Bleeding into 

            all dimensions

And dogs in the pack

Begin biting themselves,

And the gold-gilding is hammered firmly     

around this ...

moment my body----the nail

In the white-light tunnel gallery wall.


Poem by writer/artist RJ Williams

& Sorrowseed Micro-Press,

Copyright--MAY, 2018

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