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(a collection of poetry)

Stevie Pietro®

Wells comes from the depth of a noisy heart. One filled with intellectual words and thoughts. A polar mind where the positivities and negativities of life strikes out.

Stephen Adeewu has done a great job by penning down the contents of his mind. He is on his path to spike greatness.”

Tobi Omolere (author)

“The poems are awesome, insightful, relatable, truthful and realistic… a little rest after each line to savour the depth will be awesome. Great work.”

Felix Oyeleke (poet)

Wells is a well-articulated and terse bouillabaisse of vagrant yet genuine, pristine and unique emotions. It dares to take a bird-eye view of the inner dwelling of a complex mind simplified by a seemingly ‘unreachable’ love but in anyways still driven by immaculate hope.

Reading it more than once made me think the writer had an impossible light shining within and manifesting without in different spectrums.

Byzantine yet elementary.

Segun Fahanmi (poet)

Dedicated to

Mom, for her wonderful tutoring and guidance through every stage in my life; Dad, for his witty ways and compassionate heart. You know I stole some attributes from you and refined it

Jerry, Michael and Jane for being the wonderful siblings ever in spite of my naughtiness. Big bro, you know that despite my big head, I still owe you!

Dorcas, Segun, Kingsley and Ayo (Rosemary) for understanding me, my swings, silence and laughter. The loneliness, I would have felt without your gentle and savage prodding!

Catherine, for being the four eyed brains and beauty she is and for pushing me to produce this collection.

Kume, Ene, Felix, Bunmi, Precious, Peter and Ife whose writings I cannot but admire… thanks for your poetry, they serve as an anchoring point when I feel lost! To Felix and Peter, you guys just keep me on my toes, encouraging me to keep the flag flying despite challenges.

Chukolart for his awesome designs, though he is a big time sly.

Emmanuel for his foxy comments and musicality.

Lolami, for her gentle absorbing smile, fulgid face and advice.

Ayomi, for her cheeky Ondo puck face.

Sonia whose sarcasm and love for photos is legendary.

Femi, Gracious and Tosin, you guys ensured that the department was not awkward for me. Thanks a lot.

My friend turned cousin, Tobi Omolere for inspiring me to pick up the gauntlet.

Special regards to Joseph Okunmuyide, Lolade Faasoranti, Timothy Agbor, Kenechukwu Osegbo, Patience, Enitan Awosanya, Mudi Obiebi, Paul Ibimiluyi, Francis Gbadamosi, Jennifer Aduro, Francis Sani alongside Uriri Oderhohwo, Chinedu Ayogu and John Awoleye whose belief in me and my personality ensured my growth and stability. The love and understanding showed me is beyond compare.

Clive, Tega, Haywire, Agnes, Giselle, Lawrita, Ofure, et al for constantly seeing the real me in me.

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Table of Content




What then is LOVE with Ene





Lone Wolf Syndrome


Earth Kids


Queen Maker



Loss with Bunmi

in memorial









Language of Beauty

Kiss of Peace




The Grind

Drifting off Out of Body

Drifting off Out of Mind

Drifting off In My Head





A Hole in Reality

There went my Wedding

For Crisscross


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… for you

you made this possible


in search of perfect harmony

in sync with the utterance of your name

let me roll on the wings of the wind

M i s t r u s t

Wind slowly down

let subtlety take over

your misanthropy for me

wind down gently

the window panes of your essence

for a permeation of loving fluid

wind down

see me for who I am

not what I have become.

W h a t t h e n i s L O V E?

He smelled like fresh sweat

Her fragrance ranked among the roses and jasmines

His hands calloused from caressing the shovel all day

Her hands softer than an infant's breath

His feet darker than coal

Her feet had never touched mother earth unclad

What then is Love?

It's Him and Her Minus them and those...

With each tick, they draw apart

His eyes now open to possibilities

Hers accustomed to the darkness of soul

His brain tinkered by pleasures unheard of

Her brain swaddled in rejections shawl

They drift slowly apart…

With each tock, they believe once again

His heart drumming wary notes

Hers amplifying the miniscule hope

Of a lifetime shared

What then is Love?

It’s Him and Her learning to trust…

W o r d s

I could tell the story of my life in a word

I could say it’s absurd

but that would mean transference

or might it be ignorance

I know I can tell the story in a word

I could say inferred

but that would mean indifference

or wouldn’t it be belligerence

I know that the story of my life centres around one word

but that word eludes me!

L o s t

You think you know me

cos I hop around like a bumblebee

yet stay in line like a devotee

and unlike others don’t wear a goatee?

You think every gee

I make is beholden to you, I beg to disagree…

How much like the banshee

do you wail? To what degree

do you hope I bend the knee?

Your price and my fee

should see me hacking at the tree

to treasures in the wee

hours, I’m but a trustee

rather, a trainee

trying to make some rupee

to buy a bouquet of rosemary

S t r i c k e n

Yes, I’m scared of your rejection

it hurts worse than injection

each time I’m filled with trepidation

clothed it seems with dejection

sheathed myself despite countless invitation

swallowed the bitter stain of infection

constantly in an oasis of discombobulation

swinging to and fro into degradation

H – e l l o

Hello, hello

the ghost inside me

cries out for vengeance

hello, hello

can you hear me

it’s getting dreary in here

hello, hello

its more than just a call

it is an appeal

cos it belongs to the other side

L o n e W o l f S y n d r o m e

We are lost in the forest

tangled in the twinning brush

we are but fuzzy outlines in a maze

not of our creation

We have been left in the zone

though broken thick barriers

yet, here we are…

back where it all started

We see the honey pot

stretched out loving hands

to capture the golden sweetness

but are constantly thwarted by the sting

Living in community

yet isolated from others

we are wolves, prime

bearing gashes on our weary hearts!

F a d i n g

The alarm clock in heads tick

a constant reminder of how fast time runs

the alarm blares out in two peals

of exquisite noise

gloriously decapitating senses

tick-tock; the star dims

tick-tock; peace fades

till numbness takes over

E a r t h K i d s

Flame that flickers at every gust

are we, children of earth

we, who are cursed with frivolities

or is it freedom?

We who are blessed with love

or can it be hate?

We are constantly searching

for paths to quick wealth

or is it penury?

We are constantly blown away

by pain and guilt or love and faith

No matter which way we turn to…

either shielded from the gust

or not, we are constantly tilted to good

as to evil!

We are flames who lick and lap at the wax

of life.

S h a t t e r e d

fragmentised bodies dance

solemnly on the notes of discord

staggering in disjointed chords

if the familial cords break

what’s left to cherish

if it perishes, lost in the sands of time

it can never be revived!

Q u e e n M a k e r

She’s been nominated for the crown,

for the key to unlock my town

she’s to be my queen

but she’s from uptown

I’m but a brown clown

with a frozen-in-place frown

whose abode is a little hamlet downtown

I’m not a queen maker

She’s been around and renown

yet she’s to be the pronoun to my noun

I walk round the playground

seeking peace from Watertown

D u t i e s

With the blare of the horn

I arose this morn

the sun riding high like ripe corn

with the blast of the gong

I was forc’d to run along

the path narrow and long

I’m a soldier awoken to his strenuous duties

forced to sign treaties

not with ink or ballpoint

I’m a soldier whose wars

are fought not only with enemies

but with self!

W i l l

Watching, waiting, praying

can we keep watch over the gates

that leads to our soul?

should we in perfect silence wait?

for peace to invade us?

may we hope and pray in the

divine creator’s will?

L o s s

glory of love

we want the ones we can’t have

and crap all over the ones we have

Rinse and Repeat

why should we rinse this craving off?

it’s what makes us sane

we can’t repent cos its ingrained in our DNA

Rinse and Repeat

rouge would we remain

adamant and relentless in the pursuit of V A N I T Y

…i n m e m o r i a l

So they say I’m a writer

they say I loose and lose my joints

in a whiff of personification

insisting that metaphors and irony

are my favourite meal

What they don’t know is…

I can only be lost in you

with your allusive words and alliteration

coupled with assonance

with your heart shaped face

with your subtly coarse voice

and when like bells, your laughter peals out

I’m lost in wonderland

tis ne’er prose or drama

that condenses my speech in lines

but the poetry of your heart

W a t e r l o o.

It’s not over with you

you’ve broken the jaded Jew

carted away his precious stew

that seats on the peak of Timbuktu

It really is not over with you

you who carved the tattoo

painted that delicious taboo

on the erstwhile flawless arm of the Sioux

How can it be over with you

you who did subdue

my beloved Kalamazoo

with a bite of honeydew

It can’t be you, a guru of virtue

whose hairdo makes me think like the Hindu

or an Hebrew in Honolulu

who would make me say adieu!

This is my waterloo…

P h a s e s


Withdrawal Phase

Wonder why sight in dark is poor

wonder if the rising moon would bleed then light would cease

wonder why movement can be restricted

wonder if the scenery is safe for passage then treading would be dangerous

wonder why hearts beats wildly not to tunes soft and tender but to darkness might

wonder if and when this phase passes and withdraws then time will be frozen

and all lost in the surrounding gloom


Survival Phase

but there’s light at the end of the tunnel

hope where love reigns

locomotion despite restriction

strength to overcome danger

light to quell darkness of hearts

and when this withdrawal phase comes, we’ll overcome with the gaze of loving peace

P e d d l e r

Emotions peddler, I have no time for you

To list’n to your rants and bants

You can’t break thru’ my walls

I’ve rebuilt them with iron fillings

Sifted thoroughly the concrete and cement

Hold your goodies, I’ve got no need for them

Don’t flaunt them in my face, lay no siege

Or you’d suffer a gruesome loss

F i c k l e

boom, bang, boom

that’s my heart getting heavy

drip, drip, drip

that’s my heart tearing out

fickle lies all pleasure

in pain do I seek refuge

what if I’m weak, what if I’m feeble?

there my strength lies

my weakness ain’t my strength

it is my strongest weapon

D e l u s i o n s

Delusions of visions ensue

sucking me into its vast abyss

draws me out of seclusion into ….

a garden of snow pansies

where I glimpse you slowly beckoning

calling out my name in soft bursts of air

coming close to almost touch lips

I’m not irrational, only deluded

it seems I’m only plagued by you

this smile of yours is my undoing!

W h i r l w i n d

I’m left sprawling, chained, tormented

with prickles of pain

lashing across my frame dented

held spellbound by love insane

like air, I’ll rise from fetal in a whirlwind

spiralling through the city

wreaking havoc

H a l l u c i n a t i o n s

'nd I'm scar'd o' th' dreadful delight in music

cos ev’ry lyric reminds me o you

preferring to sink into delusions ‘bout you 'nd I

‘bout how we c’uld churn out tunes so soulful

breaks hearts and shatters into fragments

‘nd I’m scared o’ th’ sun ‘nd moon

scared o’ th’ir light

cos I remember th’m reflect’d on your face

preferring to drown myself in glorious darkness

wherefore we’d create chaos

‘nd I’m scared o’ roses

cos each petal tells o’ th’ shades in your face

preferring to pick thorny vines

where in pain, I may gain

heartful peace!

‘nd I’m scared o’ touch

cos ev’ry tender caress should be yours

preferring to hunger for what I can’t be mine

delusions about our joining to form one

shatters th’ fabric o’ time

but I’m not scared o’ words

cos th’re I can hide in plain sight

my delusions take life and create

a haven, a solace in th’ midst o’ confusion

piece by piece, th’ fragments are scattered in writing

disjointed yet connected, my ramblings soars

can only plead with you to listen carefully th’ cacophony o’ beats

don’t try to piece it together cos you’d be lost in th’ maze

o’ my thoughts. You’d be fo’er lost

R e a l i t y

welcome to the real world

to the wall, we hurled

tragic dramas unfurled

strange thoughts curled

round and round

like merry-go-round

it circles and to the ground

we lay, seeking solace from the pound

do we flutter or glitter

knit like a knitter

or quit like a quitter

what is fitter should we do

so we wouldn’t end up bitter!

L a n g u a g e o f B e a u t y

her face flashes across LCD screens

beckoning, more commandeering than marines

she is a jewel, a queen among queens

beauty of th’ French quarters in Orleans

graceful steps carries her carriage

sweeter and sourer than any liquor or beverage

either in Cambridge or Carthage

th’ message of her beauty is my language

let all stop and adorn

her with gifts stored in th’ den o’ th’ unicorn

she is th’ adorable rose cover’d with thorn

full of love and scorn

K i s s o f P e a c e

With the kiss of peace

and breath of mercy

malign decrease

and cease controversy

all sins forgiven with just a breath

that rescues from death

hold forth the gift

of the creator, hands lift

in joyous exaltation

and glorious acclamation

of the clement ancient

Lemme journey down the lane that leads to memory

lemme see images of life’s gifts

let my heart burst out in sonorous noise

let the noise fill the airwaves with melody

let the melody move in synchrony

let the synchrony sway your gorgeous body

to a glorious fever pitch.

Q u e s t i o n s

Why does our sun cease to shine

Why can’t our stars stay entwined

Is it fate or is by design

Should we feel confined?

Why can’t we have our blue moon

Why does life have to be mean

Is this our retreat into our cocoon

Should we to division lean?

I’ve searched wide and far

Through the creeks and meadows

But our answers reside in the shadows

Of our mind

O b s c u r e

Staring through the eye of the fountain

I pace, trying to maintain

eye contact with the one who captures

my fancy in a trance like rapture

like a caged bird with no fight

left in it for flight

I search craning my neck

for if not a little speck

of vision for my mission

is not complete without a view of

the obscured jewelled skies

G r i e v e

in the heat of the sun

shades away

my heart travels far…

into mysteries deep and uncharted

through the swirling road

past the river that runs east to west

cross the red forest

and the bewitched mountain

faced tumultuous challenges

waged and caused pain

just to find peace

only to wake up to the cruel reality


T h e G r i n d

The grind, the faster quicker way

to solve this riddle without being drained of wit and will

to unravel each delicate piece without being sucked into the void

to move swiftly forward without being held back

The grind, the bane the truth

of things best kept hidden

of secrets no longer whispered through the land

of myths and legends transferred from one age to another

The grind, the simmering wrath

into which all half-truths are purged

into which the trickster’s tongue is burned

into which trouble is brewed and calmed

Truth beckons barely visible through the mist of deceit

summons from a height yet unattainable…

D r i f t i n g O f f

Out of Body

Seek me out not in the rich

The thick cloying fragrance of wealth

Seek me not in the poor

The gory stench of impoverishment

I’m out of body

Floating aimlessly through time

I’m not lost…

I choose not to be found

Oh, that you may see me walking on eggshells

Each step a pitfall into misery

Oh, that you may walk beside me once again

Maybe I’d be made whole

Oh, that strings wouldn’t divide us

And we would dance to the tunes

Belted out of them…

Arcing with the delightful tremors

That wraps it’s tender arms around us.

Oh, that we’d find each other

And not let go…

Only then shall we rise above all

And dream on…, oblivious to the tempest

Drifting off…

D r i f t i n g O f f

Out of Mind

I’m out of mind

Can’t find my thoughts

Can’t see reason

Feels like something is eluding me

Like the owl, I prowl through the night

And like the fox, I try to find loopholes in the day

Should I soar high like the eagle

Or strike like the tiger?

Should I fish from above, pelican style?

Or from underneath, whale style?

Choice, a sense of disruption

Left out, I don’t fight it

Flow rather with it

Let it carry me to the height where all is silent

Let me delight there for a while before boredom calls

Oh, should I make such ruckus and find true peace?

Ramblings of an out of mind individual

Drifting off…

D r i f t i n g O f f

In My Head

Do you want to know what’s in my head?

A museum of sorts

Circle around and take a tour

Me, the guide and you, the reluctant tourist!

Through the thick white matter shall we trudge

Seeking a ford in the fast flowing stream of thoughts

I’ll lead by the path with leads to joy

Past the sparking lights of hope

Past the stronghold of love

Into the dark recess of anger, pain and anguish

You’ll be lost, forgotten as time rolls by

In my head… there are paths to ruin and destruction

But only in my head!

Drifting off…

P a s s i o n a t e n e s s

I know I won't be lonely when you walk right back to me...

I know life's a little too hard on us now...

I know our sun rises in the west and sets in the east....

I know we can find something white in our charcoal...

What I don't know will continue to haunt me...

what I know won't bring me relief...

in a quandary, I don't know which way to turn to...

should I start from the beginning and let it pan out...

or journey from the end to the start...

Let's ride on the waves of despair...

and cause the world to fall at our feet...

let's sink in the sea of hope...

and drown our miseries...

Would you take my hand and walk me through...

or stand aloof and see me sink....

L a p s e s

Fingers fly swiftly over unfettered letters

dancing in the dim neon light

waging wars of wards and words

on and off the screen goes…

Over and over the clack of the backspace

distorts the rapid flow

swiping saliva of salamander and sloth

on and off the screen goes…

The spaces between the letters

describes the reaction and action

lapping lapses of love and like

on and off the screen…

M i n e

In the dusky evening light

I've seen the one who shines,

swaying gently to the dance of the night

like the thrust of cedar and pines

In the dusty plains,

I've seen the one to love

unfettered by the chains

of mind and forces from above

In the dewy dawn,

I've seen the one to cherish

moving like the wispy morn,

glittering like a goldfish

My heart beats wildly as I dare to ask,

would you be mine?

L o a d e d

Sometimes I’m like

the sniper’s rifle,

the range of my words

strikes the bull’s eye,

affecting youin ways you had

never imagined existed….

cold calculative tuning

to adhere you to…

Othertimes, I’m like

a submachine gun

firing aimlesslyaround

not minding ifyou are hitor not

ramblings thatmake or mar…

More often I’m like

a pistol or a pea-shooter

seeking to drawswiftly and suck

you in like a pipe

slowly but surely

driving you insaneor sane

A H o l e i n R e a l i t y

Stained feathers

plucked out from the coop

punctured or ruptured

Stained with red

dwindled projection trail

dimmed by pain

Stained feathers

though from the coop

travels round….

T h e r e w e n t m y W e d d i n g

There went my wedding

after a long wait

the planned planning

And there went my wedding

a joyful day

dreaded but enjoyed

There went my wedding

with its pomp and pageantry

its joy and pain

And there went my wedding

before I wake up…

from this oneiric world….

F o r C r i s s c r o s s

Like a slow poison

seeping through my veins

you are!

Like a wound

enlarging in bits

you are!

Like a sore

spreading rapidly

you are!

Earnestly I yearn for cure

but my cure is you

you are my death and life


she's the beat that rages

in the silent night

loud yet gentle

heralding tidings of passion

she's the summer rain

in the sunny day

cool yet fierce

annunciating wellness

she's the note in my guitar

sometimes sour, sometimes sweet

either sad or gay

rings out clear

she's the party

rambunctious yet placid

doles out wonders and pain

makes or breaks

she's a contradiction of sorts

an enigma to unravelled

in bits and pieces

she's a riddle, a knot to be untied...

And it’s time to unravel the pieces of the puzzle in this maze of personality!

He is Stephen O. Adeewu aka Stevie Pietro®, a budding young writer.

Wells draws from the springs of unbidden thoughts of humans to artistically portray a world of love, fear, war, peace among others. It digs into the physical and metaphysical to inquire and demand for things dear and dreary.

A sip of Wells will make you connected in yet a disjointed way before you get disconnected.

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