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A to Z – Life Emotions



A to Z – Life Emotions

By Prakash Hegade

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 Prakash Hegade


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Preface Thoughts

April month is as well dedicated for A to Z challenge apart from regular routines. This was the second year I took up the challenge and successfully completed it. My theme this year was:

A to Z emotions and expressions of life.

This ebook puts together all the challenges from A to Z. For each alphabet from A to Z, there is an eight line poem followed by a quote. I don’t remember any Alphabet that was a trouble. The month passed on pretty smooth. Some poems have turned out way different than I had assumed them to be and have deeper meanings than I intended them to have. Well, that was indeed happiness.

There was a lot of love that April got in. I hope these little poems and quotes will be an enjoyment to read.

Over to the Alphabets, Poems and Quotes and here we start!

There is no order,

As we think.

There is no path,

As we see.

There is no definition,

As we expect.

But there is randomness,

A to Z.

  • Prakash Hegade

Day One - A


Not for good,

Not for a change,

Not for morale,

Neither for any made up reason,


Is welcomed.

But still,

It could bring love!

Day Two - B


To see the magic,

Run beyond logic,

To make a way,

Call it your name,

To taste the brilliance,

Color it with blue,

Go friends,

With bravery.

Day Three - C


In the rules,

In the inquiries,



In the doubts,

There could be care.

And in the ‘care’,

Just not be there.

Day Four - D


Acting idiotic,

Celebrating stupidity,

Happily unwise,

Rejoicing foolishness,

Is sure not dumb,


The loved one,

Likes it that way!

Day Five - E


Ignorant to slip-ups,

Keenly maniac,

Passionately up going,

Avidly around,

Wholeheartedly curious,

Learning through embarrassment.”


Of an ‘eager’!

Day Six - F


Professional challenges,

A vision, dedication,

Shoulder to cry on,

Family, friends.

In the waves of smiles and cries,

Sleeps the tired,

Body and mind.

Now, Isn’t that a fortune?

Day Seven - G


In the race,






In the race,

There must be grace.

Day Eight - H


Move up,

To see the world,

Not because the world to see you.

Rise up,

By pushing your limits,

Not by pushing down people.

In the move and rise,

Stay humble.

Day Nine - I


Once upon a time,

There lived a ‘time’.

It progressed,

With commitments and sacrifices,

Actions and forfeits.

Time had you,

And your intentions.

Time still has you.

Day Ten - J


If you want to,

Love less,

Think small,

Understand fewer,

Appreciate nothing,

Recognize nil,


Be judgmental.

Day Eleven - K


It’s simple,

It’s significant,

It’s kind of rare,

Powerful share,

It’s named – ‘Kindness’.

Season thyself,

With kindness,

For it will echo till infinity.

Day Twelve - L


The wantings in knots,

The cravings skin deep,

The desires in layers,

The hunger to rip,

The feelings gone wild,

Go mess, go chaos,


Is beautiful.

Day Thirteen - M


Greatest of things,

Are in hidden secrets,

Enclosed in magical charms.

Do you see it?

You can see it,

If you believe there’s magic,

Contained within,

Awaiting to fascinate.

Day Fourteen - N


A seductive charm,

An acknowledged smell,

The longings left behind,

And the polished known,

Traps and holds,

In the mental cloud.

From the ‘once more’ bag,

Comes ‘Nostalgia’.

Day Fifteen - O


A social media post,

An unknown art,

Wordy attack,

Made up facts,

A passing dirt,

A usual occasion,

Are ROFL reasons,

To be offended.

Day Sixteen - P


Nobody, teaches full.

Somebody, instills will.

Everybody, imparts nil.

When it’s a proper mixture of,

No, some and every,

Full, will and nil,

Perfect’ comes running to you,

Paints your crew, blue.

Day Seventeen - Q


The tune,

Will find its words,

The haste,

Will find its way,

The real,

Will stand up,

When you decide to go,


Day Eighteen - R


The magic carpet,

The genie lamp,

The enchanted wand,

The fireworks,

The sense of humor,

Have announced:

Dear mankind,

We can stop being reasonable too!

Day Nineteen - S


The troubles we bought,

The nuisance we celebrated,

The annoyance it was,

The torments we saw,

The eff’s we gave,

My dear best friend,

I am sorry,

For nothing.

Day Twenty - T


An empty space,

That’s how it starts.

Eyes, ears and mouth,

Start the fill.

If mind is thoughtful,

The thoughts wrap,

And color,

Eyes, ears and mouth.

Day Twenty One - U


Nothing is ever useless.

Be it a wit,

Physical strength,

The will, decisions,

A love, the mind,

Or person thyself.

Of course when used less,

It sure is useless.

Day Twenty Two - V


Some when stayed,



Is value.

Some when let go,



Is value.

Day Twenty Three - W


The light of warmth,

In the game of lost and found,

Regardless the seasons,

Wanders around,

Seeking soul,

Searching home.

The light of warmth,

Isn’t invisible.

Day Twenty Four - X


Dear Life,

The falling apart and fall back,

The hurt and the help,

The most fulfilling thank you’s,

The things that only shadows know,

Dear life, yet again I say,

You have been amazing.


Day Twenty Five - Y


I can now,

Fake smiles,

Act friendly,

Portray worldly happiness,

Appreciate for benefits,

Talk exceedingly sweet,

Pretend promises, and,


Day Twenty Six - Z


The teacher and the learner,

The beauty and the beast,

The true and to-be-true,

The sow and the reap,

The lost and the won,

The days and the dreams,

For everyone, Zest,

Is a mandatory ingredient.

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