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I do right by my cubs,

Do right by my fans,

Do right by all my works,

I'm in the kitchen making plans,

Gotta make that cake,

And got a brand new recipe,

Gotta start my day off right,

And can't get sloppy,

Messy me,

I got this rap thing under my belt,

It's working wonders,

Helps me escape from the storm,

And hide away from all the thunders,

I do right by my mother,

I do right by my friends,

We gotta always stick close,

And be together till the end,

We can dance the night away,

Go to the mall and have a ball,

Have a lioness night out,

Or dip some shots until we fall,

We just gotta stick together,

Cause we all in for this fight,

Make it last all through forever,

And just know we'll be alright

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