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My Rainbow Heart

Joey Ray Martínez

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My Rainbow Heart

© 2018 Joey Ray Martínez

ISBN Paperback Edition: 978-1717566416

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“If in the middle of adversities persevere the heart

with serenity, with joy and peace, this is love”

Santa Teresa de Jesús

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What my heart could be?

What else my heart can do?

Anything I can!

Everything I want!

If is filled of good ways and nicest actions, my heart always stands there, strong and alert, sharing and giving all its tender love; fulfill of rainbow stripes and colorful tones to everyone.

That’s why I decided to combine and make this book with nicest poems and good melodies or lovely lyrics which coming deeply from my heart and inside of myself to share with everybody.

And what a best time to do with all good poems and to make this book one of my favorite of all of them, because is pure and nicest as my heart could be; the best giving to an open world!

Certainly, I wrote some poems before, some right after this book was created, and I add on always thinking accordingly to what I am feeling -just follow my clear thoughts- which have been the big part of my work ever, even if I wasn’t that good always, even if I was not nice to all, but in each time as its possible could try to be the best to enjoy well and sharing the most.

Finally, I hope everyone who reading this book like it as I do and then let me know their opinion and what they’re thinking about it, even if it’s not what they’re like inside.

Thanks to every one of those who were helping me to create this book and to make a reality as all my work too; also, those that are part of this journey without knowing that -just to express myself with honesty in any time and everywhere, thanks again!

The Author

“If you find in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded”.

Maya Angelou


Inside of that Heart

Let that nice heart to speak,

Let that nice heart just live to love,

It does will tell you the whole true

it does will tell you how good it is.

And within nice heart, eager and will too,

Filled of virtuous, wisdom and courage,

Your soul and mind will be flying to the peak

then, you feel great fair winds above,

And believe that’s your life is so encourage;

It’s worth in love & goodness living through.

When feeling that way

Do you depress when bad time comes?

Then take one long, good rear view,

when happiness had shows to bless you;

and sadness run away from your heart.

When you feel bad, in hopeless way

take one step back, one look upon enjoy,

the great moments you had have with joy;

delight time shall come to bright your road.

And if you are lonely or without love

take rear, long good view around or inside,

remember those who love you alongside;

and still loving you, even if they’re gone.

Inside your Heart

It’s no very crucial

if you have or no lover,

because only exist so useful;

when you feel deeply a great love.

A love to give true endowments

without getting nothing just loving,

over joyful and pleasant moments;

to bring wonderful times in others.

But, even if no one loves you,

you always be with enough love

to scatter, given and enjoy too;

all what it’s inside of your big heart.


Deeply eyes at horizon

and his clear mind too,

he watches her before talk.

Lay down on nothing over

alert in her easy steps do,

look his clear mind in shock.

What he suspect it’s true, alas!

Watch her kisses and hugs spew,

with one she’s doing in dark block.

But he wasn’t jealous or furious,

he merely thought no one seen to;

can’t even talk or tell him any mock.

Sing to our Life

To those who suffer enough sing all

bring happiness around them.

Sing with love to give, standing tall;

to laugh, enjoy when relief it shown.

To everyone who want to live upon call,

Sing aloud to the life and its quest,

Over brighten some love to enjoy all

over greats moments just to known.

Center of my World

It is you as my life, everything around me.

My light, my love is only you, indeed.

The center of my world and forever will be

for good just you, until the end of this road.

Bad Feelings

Lady don’t love neither hate me,

where’s you hide your real feelings?

Where is keep your good or bad spree?

Bad, it’s so bad for me but if isn’t love

what do you feel inside of your heart?

Why are you so harmful to me, thereof?

The best time for me

That I had with his tender love,

was some good time that passed by,

was only moments in my yesterday.

I remember how it was a truelove,

a wonderful time laughing, never cry,

playing within nice brief passion array.

My first love was and I keep as pure dove,

as many precious moments until I’ll die;

and I never lost cause it’s part of my way.

Far away

You are so close to me,

but certainly, too far away,

to one who love you in good way,

someone I believe still my friend.

You are a sweet guy, yes could be

one which anyone will love not to play,

but I am sorry to put you away -I say;

you’re with him, who’s a good friend.


He doesn’t change, never will,

remain the same bad guy

with similar nonsense mood;

inside a frigid heart of bone dry.

At least, he is a little plain

perhaps for years of heavy life,

learning in that hardest way;

living same not diverges strife.

He’ll never change I know

I dispirit, hopeless heart shove

deceived say bye without faith;

no more time over a lost love!

Please stay here!

Do not suddenly tell me

that you leave me now,

because you don’t want to stay.

Just tell me the truth, just to see

even if that hurt my feelings

but, how do you hide all today?

Do no tell me any lie, nothing to be

what is that you really feel inside?

Or tell me: what do you want anyway?

Remember me

Like I always do with you

with yearn and loving mind.

Remember fabulous days too;

of love and cherish belongs.

With that intensity passion

when we share everything for,

enough cherish no compassion;

with foolish and sleepless time.

Remember me that way,

because I’ll never forget it’s true;

remember me I say in gay

I’ll do forever the same to you!

In search

Of wonders he walks around,

in search of things to live, to hold

And release his worries inbound

in search of everything he cares for

He walks back and forth surround,

his life shown well -what’s to offer him

Killing my Life

Every time when he so arrogant

says good-by and faster ride

and anytime which he will

unrequited put me very aside.

O love! Why it’s shown so fragile,

like nasty weak in me today?

Why will break that easy when

moments of full stress display?

Why he isn’t stay with me

and within this love alongside?

And instead of scampering out

from my view only trying to hide.

But he just wants to drain my life

with that cruel running away,

While killing in the way any desire

-even my love with his awful way.

Remember this, Heart

When love is inside to delight us,

we don’t need right or bad unreason;

but is when we all suffer the most part.

Remember this, heart:

Some loves are more painful as dart,

when burn faster the own passion in us;

upon destroy even our joyful season.

Remember this, heart:

Each time great seeds of love & reason

come again, even we finish tear and apart,

just to grow up quickly and great within us.

Remember all this, heart!

To share and care

How can we’ll be more helpful to all?

How else can we do for all of them?

To share, care for good and given from.

How can we show our friendship to those?

How can we love this world? To come

all over in peace and care as well to them.

Change for good

To change some color our great

soul does into disguise all,

when something threats our fate;

or we are in danger of new sorrow.

Change to renewal in calm rate

our nicest soul does so well,

when we are hurt, or lost the gate;

and with another color we wear on.

To change, our souls for good & await

within another dimension or space,

then turn on better into another state

-unto change to the great color of love.

Long way of Happiness

Why we are only happy and dance in glee

laughing all around when life is so good with us?

But after years of living, hardest time will see

dearest passed before us, life is not so pleasant.

So, instead of being angry and upset in some degree

it’s much better and nicer be good with all of them.

Just be happier with those who still living and be

or staying by our side -no matter what- till the end.


What pity time friend, he goes one to another side,

from luxury, good lover and friendship as well,

to work hard for nothing, perhaps not dwell.

What a shame! Maybe you still love him inside

in some point, it could be hard to perceive,

but he’s like an iced stone for all to achieve.

Or could be careless time with feelings aside,

fulfill of too much disrespect shown there;

failed in his own mistakes and bad care.

As a Volcano

I felt a great love once… maybe twice,

within an intense fire, lava and big flames,

destroyed or enhances everything that claims;

on and on with such of crazy and furious desire.

But just like every things vanished in the air,

as a volcano suddenly died but left desolation

and ruins on me; cover with dust and ashes ablation,

my exhausted, lonely heart… till I recover myself back.

Cry Heart, cry again

When his love leaves me today

and my life goes on running away,

Because it’s not going to be one around

with that kind of relief or peace abound.

Cry heart and cry all over once again

what’s to stand by in this absurd pain?

When his love leaves me, merely today

cry or better laugh, dance & sing in my way.

She doesn’t but he does

He always love her a lot

but she doesn’t love him at all,

his loves was great as divine nightfall;

but she does not care for his love, never got.

He loves her so much, stronger he ever caught,

but she ever cool and unmoved as usual small;

not even before death or after, shows in his recall

any love, not even compassion at least she does not.


They always calling of him

as he ever turns back for her,

not sleep, nor talk, neither love

or live in the least, neither dim.

Crazy for her ‘til she loves him

back for his own good or stir,

till they’re together to continue

with that crazy love sparkling brim.

Help me, Heart!

And stay in my sorrow

but don’t leave me aside.

Comfort my contrite soul

and so be ever alongside.

Just hug me heart, stronger

and longer then be-love,

that I hug you likewise

as always we do with love.

Help me, heart please!

Be forceful but stay alive,

so, together we will walk

any road till the end arrive.

Green Eyes

Those eyes of hope when look at me

just fall in love I merely will feel and be.

Green eyes of true within you to speak free

to get anything with one look, it’s all I can see.

Those eyes of love when straight look foresee,

it’s feel only good things is going to happen to me.

If you want

With open doors of this only heart,

I’ll be waiting for if you want to restart.

So, I am welcome you with smile in my cart,

in happy, warms ways if you can impart.

This Heart

Without stop in his running

and never exhaust at all,

with deceits to carry on,

asking much more to call;

still given a lot before gone.

Some kind of heart stunning

deeply in few torments fall,

but love as giant human drawn,

and even my nicest dreams recall;

implore from all, some love as dawn.

“Labor to keep alive in your breast that little

spark of celestial fire, called conscience”.

George Washington


Down that Road

I ever will stand-up,

without stumble not on kneel for,

neither cries from dashing hope.

Down that road, but with my face up,

before any luck come, until good or

bad showing -blowing around my mope.

Missing Mind

I’ve been waiting for so long,

but I am not remembered who or

what’s exactly is that I expect for.

But, I’ll be here not matter what,

standing for whatever it’s comes;

or whoever arrives to play my drums.

So many times

Many time already passed, many years has gone,

hanging in the hard road or living up to right on.

Now is the exact time to review all our acts

ways of good living and loving over hatred facts.

So many of nice things, so little of wrongful doing;

but mistakes and fails are remains inside of viewing.

Within good, clear souls to do what we must do,

and again, for anything else and then against all blue.

Night of Silence

How quiet always will go?

When nobody hears or feel anything,

but then open and dismal will be flow,

and thorough falls down everything.

Night of silence that show,

and in my view touch exhaustive to all,

tell me how we can feel that silent blow,

when is calm and mystic as darkness fall?

My Hands

I offer my warms crooked hands

to love but request too much from me;

Then I also offer them to my friends

and get plenty care and relief to be;

I offer my fragile hands to the life lens,

but take me so light, ask too much stands;

I give very often to them my simple hands,

then, get badly hurt and burning free;

Just offer my feeble hands to the lands,

but nothing up than in good ends.

Inside my Body

It’s only that hidden place where I want to go,

a place not away from me to live in peaceful flow.

And that place is right here inside my own body

it’s so big and clear as closer and hide it is to embody.

Sounds of Life

Talk, sing or even scream

let’s hear you still there alive,

to listen well any sound of your life

Sounds which come and no dream

body and mind to complete revive,

till touch nicely your soul; without strife.


Please! Let me be out of here,

I say several times to my life, no one to hear;

but everything is in vain, I can’t get through.

Please! Let me pass over troubles and misery too,

upon reach that farther shore where it’s true;

can find quiet time for me and my despair soul.

Nothing happens

Everything is quiet nothing happens, nothing comes;

no yet light is shows and not coming the day anymore.

Everything is peaceful with no moves, not becomes

nor soul shown and not leaving the night from my door.

Wounded Soul

That wound is gone, the one that was inside my soul,

the one which contrite, twist everything before in me;

but it’s the ending time to finish with that storm sea.

It’s gone, flew away and nothing hurt just console,

nothing will strike with those forces into my heart;

never, not even at end of this quiet road chart.

Things from Life

Dead ending any one fate and change into fall,

for good or for bad of everyone who we care;

life has many ways to reveal and take it there.

It has certain things when comes so nice to all,

just build up in other hearts which given in full;

over roads to be plenty of grace and loves to pull.

Life has different things and it comes so nice to call,

in plain path filled of happiness or even heavy pain;

life then has many ways to reveal and to regain.

Dust of Stars

Always we can see dust in our path, but look well

and vibrant goes in glare a beam of brilliant steel,

bring good lightning unto scatter all over our feet.

Dust of stars it’s radiance brighten across our dwell,

which float, dance as silver bells to enhance the feel;

as great metallic lights shine between life greet.

Soon, filled of magical happiness around in each shell,

flying above, surpassing life or anything that’s real;

will come back to fill with new strengths our daily feat.

So distance

Far away like colds unmoved rocks,

they will stay with no feeling at all.

In cool, iced mood, not a sense to share,

neither any of that profound care.

Far away they will keep as hawks,

like animal of cold blood, without the stall.

Until the end of time or till they leave or dare;

but even then, they will stay far, freeze and rare.

A touch of Life

To willing entirely; but living

for the rest will fall,

like roughly expenditure of

many great and bad.

Like we live through them

which is the important of all,

it’s the essence of our self;

and the glory to excel to add.

Life is what we love to get all,

like love is what we really call;

simply with touch of the best,

thorough fate over anything mad.

It was just a Shadow

That came and staid over here

which on pain and trembling I saw,

then escaped abruptly and disappear

-but came back soon to strikes again on me.

It was just dark and big shadow to hear

as black cloud of fierce storm to hit as claw,

that came, destroyed and left without endear

-but came back soon to strikes again on me.

A wild Kid

This is a story of child always doing good play,

but as futile his way as mad he was running away.

With blond hair, skinny body and big hazel eyes,

his looks as distant as profound intend to avoid guys.

His face and body always duty and scratches all over

with irregular wild attire or elusive, comes the pushover.

He was that innocent child and little insane to deceive

a boy’s dress of himself; abused, servile, happy but naive.

Suddenly lighten him, he learned how to smile in his way;

it was magical time or goodness over him and his array.

Mother Earth is calling

It’s happening again, but no one is paying attention yet,

we don’t care, perhaps not that much for many of us.

A warning call to keep away any bad force in our planet,

anything its damaging our World and resources or debt.

Mother Earth is calling, and this time we must listen well

her warning & request clear, effectively, before it’s too late.

Those Hearts

No matter what comes or which winds collide with us,

trying to break hearts from many years of our living.

Loving whose are missing from better times flown,

or failed loves of tearing away our good feeling.

Those hearts still on and on, pumping and pulling right,

with scratches & wounds, in weakness and anguish shown.

Still strong, fighting to remain more time of love,

into years of our living and loving everyone, even tight.

Not yet is the end of time, just stand up & striving;

for whatever or whoever it’s comes to strikes on & off.

“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up”

Proverb 12:25


A Soldier’s Prayer

To our enemy that is over afield

let’s ask God for everyone regard,

this or any war stop around the Earth;

reverse or cease inside anyone field.

Then with peace and in great harmony

we can call all our brothers not one guard,

without envy, hate or madness to healed

- instead of calling them enemy in disharmony.

Children with Angels

Every child flies to Heaven with guardian angel of love

o look like beautiful army surround sky far above!

They’re looking for God to care planet in risk of destroy,

ask Him to stop war & in prayer give peace & joy.

Then as miracle shows in a form of clear mystic rain,

from Heaven will fall, while war vanished from Earth domain.

His unique Light

Our Lord is the wonderful light guiding us over the road,

in any moment, He’ll be there for everyone who call Him,

Then let His great light be the way out of sorrow mode,

through His nice love unto care inside joyful great hymn.

To our God

(Gratitude’s Prayer)

Thanks God for all of you great gift,

for your nice patient and kindness to all;

thank for your love no matter what we do.

You always save us and forgive our bad drift,

from anything or worst way that we fall;

thanks God, on kneel together we pray to you.

Giving thanks to our Almighty, thanks to lift

our thankful souls with your care, never banal

about us; thanks forever God for loving too.

Believe or not Believe

It’s a demand calling deeply from our souls,

it’s loud voices claim from whom we cannot see.

It’s a song which says: “Follow me because I am the light”,

it’s hard not to believe when it’s so strong and clear to be.

It’s a phrase angel sings: “Love each other” with greater might;

which enchanted all who are meek, to carry truth and faith over sea.

Those Angels

Every angel with unique light bring divine peace,

while protecting, shown bright blessing from God;

and within wings cares, guards us from evil’s caprice.

Every angel in Earth guides and watches everyone,

in wherever we are or whatever we do with singular love,

always walking within -but most when for us Heaven begun.

Find that Soul, not his fault!

That’s the problem we have, it’s all about those souls,

not their mistakes, nor sins or those who’re in holes,

find out what’s matter the most and in the right way;

not one soul, many of them, with and within those flaws.

Find good human, not ghost or even his faults or dismay

when he goes errant, misleading to floats in space grey,

in wild winds, when the way become narrow or worst was;

crab his wings and the spirit and don’t let to fallen away!

Sounds of Heaven

A strong ray hit as the thunder coming down to Earth,

and heavy rain falls like cascades of water running down.

A furious wind will rage blown over our land and town,

or snowing blister falls upon change the whole sight.

Like divine songs which sings those nicest birds at flight,

as voice guiding us with tender thread of faith and love.

The fierce of ocean go or any calm sea shown in shore so quite

as ground tremor on broken places or on fire meltdown.

A sound of Heaven it’s in all, just stop and listen well around;

any common tone exists or any scream it’s a great paradise sound.

An Angel and his Way

One night he dreamed he was mourning a lot

and repeat times and more: Oh, God why me?

In his dream, he saw from mystic fogs an angel

dressed in white tunic beside a big chorus

of little deities sang celestial melodies as plea,

while dropped red flowers in their way upshot;

but the angel kindly came closer and abruptly

he stops his grief, kneel on their presence.

With his wide eyes, he noticed they’re pleasance

around doves, also carries branches of olives pot

and red flowers in their hands to waves in glee.

Then, the angel looks at him and kindly said:

“Our son, our dear son does not mourn or be

mad cause you’re under our wings, you will spot

your soul in good way, nice things will always fall

but if you aren’t good nothing but darkness sea

of shadows or worst you’ll find in your way, my son.”

“Just thing little more in front of you about others call,

those who suffers most and they’re in bad caught

whose have no more life and as ghosts floating dot

-though it’s only one step forward and better to all”.

“Our son, take one of these flowers of faith; it’s free,

a peaceful dove and a loving branch of olive pot,

carry with you and within your heart and tell around

about our truth, the only truth you already found.”

Suddenly a white dove smack in his window shot

woke him up, his hands with a peaceful love he saw,

with ruby flower and was carry branch of olive pot;

that fragrances around his room and beyond that awe.

Then he stands up, speechless but brightens up in joy

and happiness for first time in long, long time abound,

walking his day; with strong power in his way to enjoy.

“A heart is not judged by how much you love,

but how much you are loved by others”.

The Wizard to the Tin Man


An Angel’s fallen

(In memory of Esperancita)

As a great angel that flying comes

surround in mythical music and mist,

with glorious pleasant sound drums;

since in greatness she was born- I insist.

O our girl, our nice little angel of love!

What magnificent and nice gift to enjoy!

My dear looks soften and small as dove;

but graciously brighten our life with joy.

Blessing from God she’s falls to shine

like flying angel that in morning fall,

but too soon she has gone to be divine;

our sweet little one, so fragile and small.

That has fallen angel in that night left all;

and with other saints flew into Heaven’s call.

My Mother

If with her hands so pure

and her big loving heart,

I would see my mother again;

I wish to God in delight, no apart

and with my hands so impure

-I would love her without restrain!

If with her hands so pure

and her big loving heart,

mother, you would love me again;

I wish to God with love fulfill my start

and with my hands so impure

-I would love her with all my fain!

Thanks, my Friend

(In memory of R. Rivero)

Thank to let my distress head

repose in your kind shoulder, to

relief my pain, sadness too;

feeling a good soul beside me.

Thank to hold my insecure hand

and over hard road guide me through,

over our times of friendship so good;

I remember your nicest way my friend.

You will be in my heart ever dear friend

and I thank you without hesitate or untrue,

from bad and good times, together grew;

so, thank my friend from everything else.

“Perseverance is not a long race,

it is many short races one after another”.

Walter Elliot


Ah, Cuba!

When some bless and peace will touch our land?

Where is comes to brighter our people now in disband?

Around royal palms our beautiful country yet too rough,

to those who suffers many years from madness enough,

And we’ll enjoy freedom and justice as Father Varela want,

as Master Marti wishes for, that in us forever will haunt.

A Peaceful World

Silent please, the World finally in calm sleep!

Not cry or scream from anguish,

neither sounds to disturb,

those wars at long last

are finish all over the Earth.

Everywhere is serene to feel

a quiet and peaceful planet.

and weapons of killing so languish,

are destroying for good deal.

No more deaths for futile causes

or hatred, neither madness;

in brotherhood of love all are deep,

filled of happiness and greatness!

The money of warfare now

we use & relief poverty to goodness;

a quiet and peaceful World

where everybody enjoy and lives.

Then he wakes up from his own screams

of crying, sweating and so perturb;

o’er his wonderful dream of tomorrow

-and then he goes back to sleep.

A yesterday Land

I left my country with the pain of never come back

and big anguish to abandon all I was deeply loved;

what’s it was forsaken inside my heart, it was lack.

But now, I feel stream surround my entire body

when I sit quietly and review everything that I did;

perhaps it’s yesterday which call me as an embody.

Upon remember my home, those places hold in track,

where I was growing up, just remembrance of great times,

stay freeze on time, waiting for my return with my backpack.

The Prison House

Only when we’re in jail is

what we realize how bad this it’s,

between small walls & ugly roof what’s

we feel so helpless, like nothing;

just anguish and deep misery,

nothing its more painful or sad.

When we’re in prison, under all

it’s what we really know any call

-bad, profound- everyone will fall,

and few help our despair souls;

even clear days become grays,

and languish stay long for jailbird.

So, we feel alone in our way

against others & come all can say

of crazy thoughts unto falls not array.

which holds, silently and very bad;

especially when we know -in vain-

that we’re innocents of any fault.

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it”.

Winston Churchill


These Feelings

When something gorgeous passes

through our view & make an impact,

as nicest way that kindly deeply act;

filled our hearts and senses with good.

As pure spirits come to haunt us too,

whispering some winds over our fact,

to feelings those kind of humbles tact;

through them to embraced all at end.

Feel not only we’re living in real world

but also along, heard some soul pact

against hate or a sort of worst contact;

over envy, selfish or doing anything wrong.

Perceive which is to live in greatness true,

from our bodies and minds unto backed,

from peoples & their own troubles and tract

-and in life with faith foremost, feelings them.

The Sea

Over that quiet sea I want to swim,

in those steady waves, myself find peace.

But when is rage, sea waves of storming days,

I don’t want cause strike down my calm.

Please, come to me my sweet quiet sea!

In your steady waves, I want no to cease.

Thanks for Everything

I give to every one of them

for everything I ever got;

For whom I am and could be

what I learned and taught;

Thanks to our Almighty

to be my guide and thought;

The light on my way and mind

through darkness times a lot;

Thanks to my great family

to be ever and never forgot;

To all of my nicest friends

who love me as love knot;

To everyone which helping me,

thanks, I give for all as I ever got.

Two Birds

Two loving and pretty birds

never shown before thereof,

fantasy of pure and plenty love;

a reality of great cares & touches.

Loving and living largely at wild,

fighting and pushing with jealousy,

love as desire by them of fidelity;

unwanted rivals denied o’er their nest.

Two real loving birds on the tree,

two of one pure passion of love and care;

fighting, pushing but their love will share;

a reality of great touches inside wild place.

Crazy Thought

I wish not would hear, see or feel the cry of my heart,

the profound anguish or lament of my soul derive.

To be one who live from one love to another start,

and feel great about it when dawn or sundown arrive.

So, have no feeling and with a head shaking restart;

just to remove the last impact of this weak drive.


Comes, will show in solid life unto incite,

and given us in every dawn as new, clear light.

Happiness occur, express from shadows or dark site,

when all fallen in sadness but remain our hope to fight.

Happiness comes, will show deeply in our hearts to delight,

enjoys, regain and guards our life that, filled of love will bright.

Like a dry Leaf

Or as loose leaf

that floating around,

go her life all bound;

fly out without feel.

Inside, a wound soul

that likes dry leaf,

as another human grief;

through time over space.

Walking to get twisted

into very hard road,

without one to showed;

or not one to share for.

Perhaps, wishing the dawn

or the next sunset bright,

bring with the new sunlight;

better time into her hope.

A Baby’s Song

Go to sleep my sweet baby

let rest and dream my dear,

I’ll watch over you daily,

in your placid sleep or in worst fear.

Sleep quietly in peace

angel of love, my good light,

I’ll watch in your dreams;

in calm day or bad night.

To Ondina

(Remembrance of an old friend)

We walk and smile as sister and brother,

as true friendship with sane, innocent love.

Sing and dance along through street’s city,

singing amazing songs upon delight another,

one time after the other, once again two kids.

I remember clearly our laughing out so pretty,

in freedom time, no matter where the wind blows;

we sing and dance up to enjoy just us, no other.

How we walk and jump alongside the boardwalk!

laughs loudly to all and through the forbidden city.

I don’t know if you still remember me or these times,

but I never forget those great times of joy and shows;

our youthful, unique glow moments of freedom dove.

To the high Peak

In huge mountain, I want to go

and live in peace forever there.

So, be friend of eagles and angels

and like them be free to fly, sing or flow.

Up there in high peak with muse to share,

sing of hope and faith with nature music tones;

in delightful time -filled of pure love and care.

Oh, marvelous Life!

Come into our souls to pose

with light that never take off.

Oh, great life! And over us

spread on as elixir of faerie love.

Come over all of our souls;

oh beauty and wonderful life!

As angels of full love will fall

and paint souls with palette knife.

Then see how we do a call

through our bared souls goes.

Come and bring us just true

but make easier our living roles.

O wonderful life! Scatter those,

as delight of deities and nymphs to.

Come over our souls and please all

to cover misfortune and misery too.

And with an extraordinary dressed;

given to us filled of joy and blessed!

My Rainbow Heart

Yes, like everyone my heart beat

and every time it does, it shows

different colors from inside;

brighten out as glamorous feat.

Yes, my heart it’s happy, it’s like

that garden with flowers grows,

in multicolor shines unto stride;

as the sky shown in sunset strike.

Yes, my heart -like all- it’s let to be,

sound, live and feels without shadows,

with many stripes and beam alongside

-because it is filled of rainbow as me!

Angel Skin

He said to me:

“that I felt with winged floating,

among all the cloud;

chants around flowers and music glee,

raising my flight to sky –very proud”.

And he said: “I was not dreaming,

neither imagining, I was living there,

as intensely as real could be;

but I felt just like nor living or doubt”

“It was hard to explain” he added

would seem like he wasn’t here or care,

as wonder soul in a limbo place, not see

or hear lights and voices, songs and odes loud;

Without shadows, neither claims;

grasping himself within his rapture,

enjoy & enchanted, involve & allow;

because he told me at the end:

“I was just an angel to be,

trapped in human mass of cells,

muscles and flesh to remains

living an outside life, I was go;

within my own earthly shell’s”

Proud of Yourself

And every time carry on high pride

everywhere within but show to all,

because we are the best to stride;

as creation of God in the entire World.

Yes, and always feel proud inside

no matter who you’re or where you live,

because God also is proud alongside;

and love every one of us -including you.

Through the Eyes of Love

What else can I do for good?

What else should I do for you?

If I’m watching all the time there,

and within my heart and loving do,

If I’m looking ever & forever for you;

between my eyes of love through.

It’s like living in an eternal date,

It’s like loving a perennial mate.

Oh dear! When I am watching you

I cannot stop the flow & love go too,

When I am crazy looking for that love;

I ain’t happy, no way till I’m find it,

because I always seeing you

-between my eyes of love through!

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