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Prism Tears

Inside a question the answers reveal.

Don’t worry, I’m not taking away your love,

That passion inside is all yours

My Premium Gold Line!

Don’t be scared,

I’m not looking to steal away your self-made miracle,

Do not be afraid!

I am not your criminal!

I only come in peace!

wanted to know if there’s still love left around here!

That’s all! “

  • I don’t understand what is that I did to deserve this! I still don’t know what was the wrong thing that I did or the very right one for this! Why do you hate me with this active hatred and resent? Please, help me with this? what was it? I’m asking because I cannot remember for sure. I know that an apology won’t help, still, I have to know: what was that bad deed and the sorrows I caused to you and your people? Did I kill for the pleasure of killing? Did I steal somebody else’s life and destiny? How can one do that, anyway? I don’t understand…” she spoke with tears in her eyes.

  • You should be more like your father, Sylvie, dear! Strong like an OK, brilliant and wonderful, unbreakable! Break their faces with the strength of your heart and mind, with the brilliance of the spirit you are … to become!

Pre_Comp Start

Masters of the infinite,

Thank you for the life I lived,

De / Con






of Re_Composition

Com Pose_ Sure



~ Something to lean ~




For a living:

New and Old,







Now do it again,

Beloved friend!

1. Empires on H Tears


1. Blue Honey

2. UnderSound

3. All_in_Sane Story

Now, why was I so hurt,

Leaving you all to burn?

Why didn’t I trust myself enough to be the one?

Why couldn’t I?

I wonder ‘Why’?

The walk on Tears

When all houses meet,

The circle of your infinite

Can go on our break;

What is your decision?

For which infinite?

I believe that your tears weren’t fake.

Yet here I am, wondering about your heart beat.


Sharing moments,

Sharing sweets,

Sharing laughter,

Sharing tears.

Share your light 

And share your Shadows,

Give some resting time to hollows

That are sleepy right away

Giving you recourse to clay,

New illusion for your beliefs

In some cool, pathetic breeze

of the ocean that you freeze

In your mind to rest remarks

Made on peaks, high, of a rock.


Got tired, honey,

Trust me!

I’ve got enough of this!

I wish I were so different!

‘Wish I was someone else.

Tired of fighting laughter,

Tired of empty hopes,

Tired of being punished

for the strings on their ropes!


Give some sleepy clay remark

On a peak's recourse to rock

New illusions cool and hollow

Resting times on breeze to follow

Ocean's cool aesthetic sleeps,

Frozen image of a breeze. 

Share your shadows and your lights,

Share some moments, sweet and fun,

Share those tears in forms of life

On these moons, 

Too clear, make shine! 


Got to give and got to take;

Time seems now an enemy...

Time is yours for them to make

New bright visions which seemed fake

In your eyes that wanted more

For the future of our sailors.

You got to choose and I got to suffer for it...

Blame me for wishing to get out of this cunning lift

Of a soul that was not mine to take care of

and run for.


“- The Holy Book of Shame;

The Devil’s placing bets with your God

on your life...

How does that feel? He asked, after all ...

This Holly Book of the Devil,

This blasphemous love for Gold! “

Along with silence I walk,

I am music, I am Hope;

In Art, I find my Peace and Love... complete...

In Art, I find my Hope!

Under the impression that you were given free will,

Believe that you are choosing between the things they didn't steal from you.


Awake in a Dream 

to soften up your great   _powerful_ dreams,

You learn about your soul

while chasing charcoal beings.

Under the great impression of using your free will,

You think it is you the one who's choosing all between

The right of being nothing

and all that nonsense which 

makes your new life begin.

Along with silence I walk...

 and I am music, I am Hope!

Holy Division of the Flame

Vitruvianism breaks

Symbolism for the sake of

The holy division of training.

Holy Times to shatter

For another break into destinies to come:

Holy division of the Lie.

Decoding Pain

For the Holy Division of the Flame.

The walk on tears and the run on our sufferings

Are growing your spirit stronger.

As we wrote,

Coffee spoke to me!

As we sang,

Coffee raised dances in me.

My soul was singing along with your voices and plays,

My soul is everywhere finds its Peace_Full_Happiness,

Glorious Eternity!


And I dance, oh I dance on this eternity,

I make my time here worth

Much more than you could ever imagine,

Believe, see or think


To Be.

“Go see now, how I’ll end it all

In a split of a second if you attack me some more!

I create for the best yet to happen,

(for the worthy)

I destroy what went wrong!

You go create your own sorrow,

If that is what you need in order to become what you were dreaming

To be all along.”

  • Oh, shouldn’t I have mentioned the Holy Division of Hate?

Well, I just did!


No sorrow,

Only Faith!


Blue some Plaques

I like to think myself divine!

I believe in the poetry of my soul.

My mind is not against my Self,

Not for the whole world!

‘Helping only the ones deserving to be helped

Not those who once attacked my soul,

My Self, my gold,

My laughter and my joy,

My money and my shame,

Oh, this glorious flame of fame!

The flame of my shame…

You cry

Troubles they don’t know about

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