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Prism Tears

Inside a question the answers reveal.

Don’t worry, I’m not taking away your love,

That passion inside is all yours

My Premium Gold Line!

Don’t be scared,

I’m not looking to steal away your self-made miracle,

Do not be afraid!

I am not your criminal!

I only come in peace!

wanted to know if there’s still love left around here!

That’s all! “

  • I don’t understand what is that I did to deserve this! I still don’t know what was the wrong thing that I did or the very right one for this! Why do you hate me with this active hatred and resent? Please, help me with this? what was it? I’m asking because I cannot remember for sure. I know that an apology won’t help, still, I have to know: what was that bad deed and the sorrows I caused to you and your people? Did I kill for the pleasure of killing? Did I steal somebody else’s life and destiny? How can one do that, anyway? I don’t understand…” she spoke with tears in her eyes.

  • You should be more like your father, Sylvie, dear! Strong like an OK, brilliant and wonderful, unbreakable! Break their faces with the strength of your heart and mind, with the brilliance of the spirit you are … to become!

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  1. Empires on H Tears

  • The walk on Tears

  • Holy Division of the Flame

  • Blue some Plaques

  • Kafka in a Song like Yours

  • Trauma Train

  1. Empires of TeaEars

  • To the Land of Dragons

  • Extra-terrestrial Expression

  • City of Childhood

  • Sacred Crown

  • Solar Plexus

  • TR_easeOn

  • Perhaps’s Calls on maybe

  1. Tears of The Fake

  • The whatever song

  • Let’s Do(e)!

  • A strange collaboration

  • Misjudgement day

  • Eddie Wisdom and My Pride

  1. The Devil Likes Them Human

  • The Supernatural Brother

  • Some Broken Piece of Information

  • Kings of Worthia

  • A Celtic Morning

  • Cries of The Hearty Shadows

  • Rambler Though_TS 

  1. Healing DisOrder

  • The Thinking Disorder

  • The Healing Disorder

  • Closer to the birds

  1. Our Polyhedral Time

  • Harmless Shine

  • Saint Alley Tea

* Lights’ Effects after one Sleep

* Another ironical ride: Our Random Lie

The Extra Seven: The More I have the more you want from me

Pre_Comp Start


Masters of the infinite,

Thank you for the life I lived,

De / Con






of Re_Composition

Com Pose_ Sure



~ Something to lean ~




For a living:

New and Old,







Now do it again,

Beloved friend!


1. Empires on H Tears


1. Blue Honey

2. UnderSound

3. All_in_Sane Story

Now, why was I so hurt,

Leaving you all to burn?

Why didn’t I trust myself enough to be the one?

Why couldn’t I?

I wonder ‘Why’?

The walk on Tears

When all houses meet,

The circle of your infinite

Can go on our break;

What is your decision?

For which infinite?

I believe that your tears weren’t fake.

Yet here I am, wondering about your heart beat.


Sharing moments,

Sharing sweets,

Sharing laughter,

Sharing tears.

Share your light 

And share your Shadows,

Give some resting time to hollows

That are sleepy right away

Giving you recourse to clay,

New illusion for your beliefs

In some cool, pathetic breeze

of the ocean that you freeze

In your mind to rest remarks

Made on peaks, high, of a rock.


Got tired, honey,

Trust me!

I’ve got enough of this!

I wish I were so different!

‘Wish I was someone else.

Tired of fighting laughter,

Tired of empty hopes,

Tired of being punished

for the strings on their ropes!


Give some sleepy clay remark

On a peak's recourse to rock

New illusions cool and hollow

Resting times on breeze to follow

Ocean's cool aesthetic sleeps,

Frozen image of a breeze. 

Share your shadows and your lights,

Share some moments, sweet and fun,

Share those tears in forms of life

On these moons, 

Too clear, make shine! 


Got to give and got to take;

Time seems now an enemy...

Time is yours for them to make

New bright visions which seemed fake

In your eyes that wanted more

For the future of our sailors.

You got to choose and I got to suffer for it...

Blame me for wishing to get out of this cunning lift

Of a soul that was not mine to take care of

and run for.


“- The Holy Book of Shame;

The Devil’s placing bets with your God

on your life...

How does that feel? He asked, after all ...

This Holly Book of the Devil,

This blasphemous love for Gold! “

Along with silence I walk,

I am music, I am Hope;

In Art, I find my Peace and Love... complete...

In Art, I find my Hope!

Under the impression that you were given free will,

Believe that you are choosing between the things they didn't steal from you;


Awake in a Dream 

to soften up your great   _powerful_ dreams,

You learn about your soul

while chasing charcoal beings.

Under the great impression of using your free will,

You think it is you the one who's choosing all between

The right of being nothing

and all that nonsense which 

makes your new life begin.

Along with silence I walk...

 and I am music, I am Hope!

Holy Division of the Flame

Vitruvianism breaks

Symbolism for the sake of

The holy division of training.

Holy Times to shatter

For another break into destinies to come:

Holy division of the Lie.

Decoding Pain

For the Holy Division of the Flame.

The walk on tears and the run on our sufferings

Are growing your spirit stronger.

As we wrote,

Coffee spoke to me!

As we sang,

Coffee raised dances in me.

My soul was singing along with your voices and plays,

My soul is everywhere finds its PeaceFull happiness,

Glorious Eternity!


And I dance, oh I dance on this eternity,

I make my time here worth

Much more than you could ever imagine,

Believe, see or think


To Be.

“Go see now, how I’ll end it all

In a split of a second if you attack me some more!

I create for the best yet to happen,

(for the worthy)

I destroy what went wrong!

You go create your own sorrow,

If that is what you need in order to become what you were dreaming

To be all along.”

  • Oh, shouldn’t I have mentioned the Holy Division of Hate?

Well, I just did!


No sorrow,

Only Faith!


Blue some Plaques

I like to think myself divine!

I believe in the poetry of my soul.

My mind is not against my Self,

Not for the whole world!

‘Helping only the ones deserving to be helped

Not those who once attacked my soul,

My Self, my gold,

My laughter and my joy,

My money and my shame,

Oh, this glorious flame of fame!

The flame of my shame…

You cry

Troubles they don’t know about

Because they never knew hell.

I love to see myself divine and beautiful!

You are!

I am okay, now!

‘Will rise again and again:




You must have felt great and wonderful attacking someone when too weak!

I guess you didn’t need your dignity!

Did you, sweet Freak?

Kafka in a Song like Yours

Implement and run!

The moons and the sun,

The waves

All, shining above;

To your right shoulder

A camomile petal finds rest.

‘Wanted to convince you they were your equal,

But you weren’t theirs!

And you knew it.”



Science proved us wrong;

We all implement then run

Away from their treacherous lines;

Great flames,

Thoughtful, as you know you are.

Telling lies about being our equal.

To us:

Another story to make forget about the aching soul.

  • How come, how come?

Three shells of oysters at his feet

Starting to make believe

A different story.

“If you were my equal, he said,

you knew better

and find your way out there!



Implement your fun!”

“I am all stained you know?”

He added a few seconds ago.

“I cannot ask for a place in that heaven of yours!”

Trauma Train

You were told nice and kind stories

about competent work,

your competence in crying is extraordinary, my friend!


(I know, I know!)

I should thank you all!


For someone else’s trouble,

Their trouble wasn’t you!

Stolen identities,

Destinies and goals

For the best ones!

Be proud of who you are!
They can thrive on your soul!

Your suffering was all in vain,

Pathetic little trauma train!

Just tell me now

Another good old story

About our fame!

2. Empires of TeaEars


1. Show_off in Shameless Pride

2. MwYRoaring Eyes

3. Listen to this SHeArt 

Fairness will help me,

Fairness will do,

Fair and square,

Is this bubble of soap,

We blow towards the clouds of thunder!

To the Land of Dragons

“Angel of Retribution

Where were you when I called Back

The future that I needed

To carry me away

From her wrath?”

“I can be sad and miserable here too, you know?”

she roared.

This is the lesson I’ve been taught

For too long a time,

A too thin line

For one to see when crossed.

“So, your Angel didn’t really care, or what?”

asked the wizard.

“Oh, dear Lorrina!”

The dragon watched behind his tail,

A second call to action Told

To this new lesson that was her


Lessons of the Past

Making our happiness last!

Extra-terrestrial Expression

Pretended to be happy,

pretended to be good

When all those things that mattered

were crushed inside of you;

Pretended to be smiling

with all your heart, so true!

Pretended to be heroes

To make me see the truth.

Pretended to be wiser

And find my way to do

The things which I once thought that

would help to be more helpful!


From Tears of Sanity and Love,

From hearts that show good feelings:

You will be able to do more

For those who fight all sorrow!

You are so welcome to defeat

The ones who question your good heat,

Remedial realms of the spirit. 

Giving you a curse to stay

To illusion your beliefs

With some cool pathetic breeze

of an ocean in the sky,

Offering of the Divine.

We are living in a Secret Dream

of Kind, True Understanding. 

"- Oh, Darling...!

- Kathrine, ... will you be my Valentine?" 

City of Childhood

I call on a sleep

Where illusions all too bright

Were meant to break the truth behind this curtain.

We knew what love was and we cared,

Too much, perhaps,

That’s why we kept on doing what we did,

Considering the kings of good,

Your bright delusion.

Supportive Being:

Take our love to the shores of peace and harmony!

Palettes of feelings,

Continuously leaning on us

While perfecting all your skills.

You are finally home!

I guess it is time for my cry

To another lost cause.

An old call to that big fat lie they call Freedom,

All, given to you!

Sacred Crown

Anemonae and friends of clay

Play hide and seek

In the Underground of the depths of waters.


To be tricked by the poetry of plastic covers

And etiquettes

With lots of stories to tell

To your existence,

To your living,

To your shell.

Kill our planet with your business crown!

Hospices for love

These sacred crowns of yours,

All, made on the passions

Of some crazy, believing fools!

Solar Plexus


She is watching from above one empty heart of foam.

  • Don’t talk to me about your poisons, girl!

I do not give a dime, a penny or a fool

For your blown-up or thrown down tears and sorrows!

Go cry your passions and your storms,

Your pasts for futures to be born

Much better than before!

See if we care,

See if anybody will give that damn


In that forsaken moment

They started to call upon




the left


the right

To remain silent.


Much too hurt for being left behind,

I thought my reasons to take fight for a better life were more important

Than they could prove anything else to be!

I used to believe in your poetry!

I also made-up reasons, for my sweet revenge;

Many stories burned out from my brains

About how I’ll succeed

Then dance on the graves of all the abusers,

~ That play of kings and queens was quite brilliant! ~

Remember this:

I will find a way to poison you

And kill

That fastidious



Murderer of the soul

Of my spirit that will rise from It all

And make us strong!


Bringing freshness to the deeply hurt soul.

One more novel to be told!

Strange how things worked_out,

Night and day

Shining through,

The living proves of what had happened:

Real T_Reason(s)!

Perhaps’s Calls on maybe

Maybe I’m wrong,

Perhaps it’s just me,

Guessing you are asking for forgiveness

And the power to forgive

That something you don’t really understand

Or know about too well,

As I probably know,

But do I, my ‘best friend’?

Don’t ask me to forgive

What you couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to

Deal with!

Beloved lovely face, extremely thoughtful and caring towards me and my troubles,

Dearest ‘Best Friend’!

An illusion to my Scent!

Not to forgive any horrible crime

So, it kept happening,

We can hear his shouts at the Infinite.

When forgiving evil to perpetuate into the world,

Preventing the good and kind from rising,

Preventing justice from happening,

Behaviours of stupidity emerge;

I’m sorry for being this wrong, my lord!

Perhaps I am wrong,

Maybe it is just me,

I’m only guessing that you really had no clue

About whom and what I had to forgive,

For what, for what?

For the abuse, you couldn’t think about!

You wouldn’t want to deal with that,

Dear F.

3. Tears of The Fake

Oh, loved ones, tell me,

Please do let me know... 

Did that pyramid I made for you...

Help you after all? 

Oh, restless soul of mine,

Please find your peace!



  1. The Silent Eyes Talk and a Mirror

  2. The I Listener

  3. Empathy of Construction

A rest in tears of light that found

Progression in a movement

Of a God forgotten pleasure

To transform one creation 

Into a shiny treasure! 

Oh, restless souls of mine,

Please find that peace...!

of mind.


Fantastic remembrance

Dropped into the reliquary

Of that Holy Soul...


Through a soap opera you pass to find the way to your land. 

"Still hoping that you are

Only some other guy

trying to keep an ugly memory alive."

"Oh, please try to forgive me, 

For what you've done to me!

I'm sure that all this is very hard to you

But you should understand though!

Shouldn’t you!?

and carry on as you always do..." 

"Still hoping this will carry-on 


As the ugly memory of who you really are!

and nothing more!"

The whatever song

“I should be ashamed of myself,

This is not just another “whatever song”!

This is the life of someone who’s stronger than I am;

The song of those who managed to lead their saint existence

In a more or less fake


Whatever a song like this could tell,

To your people…

‘Got named in different names,


I stopped listening to

the ones who needed me chained

claimed to be

something too.

Fought the way Dante would speak now to you;

Despite my deep wish to take flight

I remained…

Calm and silent,

I am!

Left imprisoned with the memoires

Of a kind and gentle enough god

To offer me some comfort.

Your contempt won this battle!
What do you want?

I am feeling miserably wrong, my friend!

What the ‘long time of the lord”

Do you want?!

For what now,

What for?

Are you imagining a new, ‘brilliant’ future?

For the one you kept

initiating on how not to become


All this work, all these fantasies, all these stories:

Nothing but an escape from my wrath towards myself,

Only that!

Could you tell?

Tell me, please tell

Did you actually give a penny or a damn!?


Why, didn’t you see her on the telly?!


I’m smiling now, because you didn’t my friend,

Another possible brother or lover, an acquaintance,

We know

What would have happened,


:another type of shame:

that’s that!

Go Dante!

I could be ashamed of myself,

Yet I am not quite like that!

This is just a “whatever song”

You got to read


Perhaps this is not what I want,

To treat you with contempt and disregard!

‘Whatever’ sounds perfect only when

Truly loved

… well …

Let’s Do(e)!

Blowing-up the world you lived in,

HardCore Diamonds in your eye,

It is hard to know how to behave around you, now!

Carrying the light of Truth


That’s why they were so afraid of;

‘Stay near _by

Your side,

Stronger than they would have


The power to imagine.

Singing Tears,

Please mend the Scarecrow,

This scar,

That I am;

Somewhere the scar got healed,

The wounds that never would have healed


When you awoke

Strong and peaceful!

Please, Singing Tears of mine,

Heal my soul


Heal their spiritual wounds

Along with our poems

A strange collaboration

Ideas and feelings that burn in your soul,

making us believe 

so, we never give up 

our goal.

Beyond a mirror,

great deal of silver;

beyond one hurting soul,

a million wishes got to be born.

Beyond clear blue eyes,

The pure love of a son;

Behind just any shell,

a million feelings 

waiting to be born,

giving birth to desires and stories

translated into shapes

to adore.


I may not be the Greatest God but, if you are really guilty 

then you should be afraid of my wrath

And never hope to be lifted up...

A curse for me, this never sleeping revengeful spirit?

I'd rather be a soldier who fights those crimes

Meant to create new hollows

Into the hearts of the Kind,

Religions of the blind!

"Before the question there was a pre-feeling." 

Misjudgement day

Why didn't you...?

Why didn't I...?

- When everything and everyone 

was sentenced to hell

because it was too much for one single person to bear,

Why didn't you think about it all fairly fair?

Some fairness for all of us there,


All of you there

 - where?

- Misjudging feels quite painful to everyone, my dear!

Yet, who didn't misjudge you

or me or your good friend...

who didn't... at least just once

in their existence in hell?

who is that one who didn't break down and cry

thinking themselves a tool for the blind,

a mean for evil to make a crack of gold

seem real...

Who didn't want to think,

who doesn't like to believe

that after all, 

this is how we get to create

The Fame Full Hall.

In the end, all this will have the meaning of a great microscopic cosmic living

in the memory of a micro-nano-chip.

Eddie Wisdom and My Pride

Let it out! Let it out!




Everything into diamonds and gold,

Got transformed;

Ruby love and careless dreams,

Carefree times you really need.

Ages transforming in front of your eyes

Are carrying away

Something fine and beautiful;

Making a new time


Pass by;

In front of my eyes

Nothing looks painful anymore.

In my mind Life is bright,

Soul is Divine,

And you are Thinking clear.

I am where I wanted to be,

Ed always claims.

  1. The Devil Likes Them Human

It's okay... you only made me feel sorry for appreciating the gift of life and all that I am... 

You only helped me feel bad for trying to make others never get to feel like that...

You only managed to do that... 


I will only forgive and forget 

about you and all of that!


1. Remedial Times

2. Blue W: Bridges of D_Construction

3. Healing Order

The Supernatural Brother

Ambiguous sentences give reasons to move,

help evolve your siblings,

working more with goblins

and spirits above,

A Soldier of Fortune,

MissFortune you are.

Fearing the scar,

ignoring the burglars of the Soul;

From afar you are looking at things 

All, moving on this spiral 

on which 


going up's going down;

Fearing the wrath of all Saints,

 of all glory,

Fearing the strength of the innocent who found their story

to be written in poems all hiding new truths

of the infinite love

for what's pure and what's good.

Call into action, reaction, 

a stalk

of books and opinions,

some new Prism Talks.

A moment of Fortune,

Randomization by Miss Fortune. 


Before every mark there is a whole story written in full sentences of a word.


'The Ace Whole and The Struggle to Deserve a Name;

The series: I don't know what you're talking about, I'm good, old pal...'

"- Sorry girl, I guess that I got tired of the: "It could have been worse!" thought...

/|\ a song share /|\

"- And all this time I felt it was you sending me this belief in the best... "

Stare drop.

Some Broken Piece of Information

Staircase drops in the air

and a hot lemonade breaking 

to give you a taste

of the coffee, you never tasted before.

Behind every word a story goes... with dead sentences they fall.

Kings of Worthia

Fighting for Love,

Euphonious ideas are starting to float

Above pendent clouds, 

Our bright blued skies' lights

Making them realise

that growing weaker makes us strong.


and them stronger 

in purpose


All you can find

at the opening of the skies,

All of your laughter 

and all of those tears

emphasising on the world of dreams...

Make them worth something,

Make them real!

Make all of them wonder

about your acts that look too surreal

A Celtic Morning

Hidden in a word or two

while waiting for the bus of future

to take her out of there,

she found herself in the position of a God, one may say...

On feathers of a time

which was brought back to life,

Her future love's awaiting

while feeling her soul's sound.

You'll find their old new story

of a bright simmering gloom


in a word of two.


Hear my torus tears

They are salty like that rose you once crushed

For the sake of living like a king....

Oh, queen!

Hear my thorns!

They have shot you through those murderous thoughts of yours!

Hear that pain? ...

It all happened a long time ago,

No reasons for us to cry again!

Bringing comfort to the one

Who's in desperate need for fun,

some new joy and some caress,

Some new toy, no cruel new stress,

to bring sunshine in some homes...

come on girl!

It's time to smile!

At least do it for your pride!

Cries of The Hearty Shadows

In Cries of Hearty Shadows,

A novice was heard

in questions of matters 

I shall not speak of;

Not now, not forever,

In silence, we play;

not there, not forgiven,

no entries are fair... no entries are square.


A moment of sadness, a moment of Hope 
and moments of Silence in buildings that spoke
of colours and darkness, in tears they found Light;
One moment eternal in beats of a Heart. 


So, square are those entries,

not fair for the tall

and quite hearty novice

whose Shadows got born

in matters of questions 

you may have asked for

since forward responses 

straight furthered you home. 

then your cold reply,

unexpected was signed

in times that seemed blind

yet caressed with you flight. 

Your soul

came so close and so calm...


the answers you seek,

got further away 

from those who did not speak

to me, to my face.

A knot behind my back...

Terrestrial issues

in realms of some heart.


And there she goes with some restless cries of and for

some resting times:


To you I was a funny joke, to him just an illusion,

To others something they believe

will keep things entertaining

But when I found...

or did he find? ...

~ First ~

the one who does really care for the same values,

 the moral dues 

and all those duties that have followed!

the love which felt so true

that is... even... You'll make it see! It'll appear to be

 the work of a fool!

For all that we are building now...


hoping for much more, a better world



Perhaps not ours' to believe and work with,

yet we are so much making it worth 

_this _

all of it!

For all that we are building 

we're destroying

some things to make this cause seem worthy,

our suffering worthwhile,

you'll say phony

yet... we do want to believe


the beauty of it 




last forever!

the ending's only soon,

another new beginning!

Rambler Though_TS 

All that I lost

Triples in opportunities for you to make last,

to have the life you can feel proud of


One this Forever season!


You are that dimension I needed to find,

So, we changed illusions, delusions to life


This life I cannot bare to look at and stare,

to take and to feel;


to be this aware! 

You may not just think about this now,

I'll try 

to see much more clearly,

I still look behind!

You may not believe in me

But one day you'll see, 

you'll end up only being

[part of & one with this] 


just like me 




can you hear me?

P.S.  I believe I already told you not to wish to be me!

SweeT salty rain drops

From your Undercover Hypocrite


Bring some comfort to the one

Who's in desperate need for fun,

some new joy and one caress,

Some new toy - no cruel new stress,

to bring sunshine in your homes...

come on girl,

It's time to smile!

At least do it for our pride!

Heard those torus tears of mine?

They were salty like that rose once crushed

For the sake of living like kings.... of the night.

Oh, knights!

Oh, queens!

Hear my thorns!

They have shot you through the murderous thoughts you once had!

Heard that pain? ... a bleeding thorn;

It all happened too long ago,

No reasons for us to cry some more!

5. Healing DisOrder


1. Kind True Understanding

2. From Tears of Sanity and Love

3. Ke_En_Chanting

In the cold dark room, enlightened by a candle, sitting in a corner, 

the corner of a world which would appear to be doomed,

the old man sat and spoke:

- You're searching for the Truth because you lost it like a fool ...

you lost her, you damned fool!... 

and you... you lost him too...

(because he was a fool... because she was a fool...)

...because you were a fool...

an echo in the room sat silenced and at peace

with the caves and the bunkers of all small hypocrites.

The Thinking Disorder

Bridges of Deconstruction,

Roads that help us build

a path for a new world,

The new war based on knowledge

of the same odd old questions

to help one fall within...

what is Good and where is Wrong?

We are living down the charm

of some window made of dreams

thinking of what could have been

....if only we knew how to deal

with this cold partnership of the real



hyper_real & nonsense_real,

the nano_real deal.

In futures past progressed

and got to be our new dream's rest

discovering that all those sorrows

were due to some goods they all borrowed

from a friend in need for help.

Passed progression: futures mend


The Scar


we are nothing; ... that nothing

we can rise up from and evolve to something;

that something 

they're hurting for their nothing.

I love you and I always will...

Forever in a dream

That has really nothing to do 

with any fine romantic due

or line of shame.

We are blue particles of life

descending for a ride.


Along with silence we all walk,

We are now music!
And we are hope,

In art, we find our place,

Real Peace and Love


In Art, we find our Life our Hope,

In Art, True Understanding,

In Art, all that we love. 


Awake together in a dream

alone with silence,

In the holy presence 

of blue coal steam,

remembrance of the light which came 

with times of resurrection...

Those times rearranged our heavens. 

& you are Art, my Friend

and I am Artist_Friendly. 

While I am Art

you'll go for love, care... 

ReAll UnderStanding.

The Healing Disorder

You have to go away,

Away from the world,

in order to miss it

{perhaps getting to need it}

{once more}

a little bit,

a lot

or maybe just enough

to give it one more try.

would you miss it when out there, into the cold...


into the alien world?

will you miss it a lot?

a little bit...

is what you did for her...

this world,

and little were you repaid, usual. 

This human kindness,

a place for your blindness

to overcome situations


they don't know about!


Will you miss this world when out there, into the Cold?


from C we evolved.

While MusicHeArt you Write,

Illustrative minds shape on

the spiral they are moving


How would you feel if you managed to do something with all your crushed dreams?

If you made them count for one day

and see them turned into that nothing

which may just count ... one day...?

(f0r someone else too)

A way, making a purpose out of a once cold and smiling stare

at one world that succeeded 

in making you feel like this great sick fail.

Receiving with a warm heart

something that seemed to be...

never mind, now, it just felt well... nice... ok!

as long as it meant something

to someone else too... see...?

as long as you felt like being allowed to, 

in one heart, 

such a good and warm heart ..., have a rest, 

a welcomed stay.

sympathy fest




at least


you had a total blast, dear world

and I had my own share!

I dared!

You are Art, my Friend,

and art is what we need!

Closer to the birds

The morning light,

a warm new welcome

of an idea filling the soul;


A smiling effort

that's casted upon

the buildings of a maniac...

mellow and melo-

together in a song...

the therapy of halo

for music has arrived 

to save you from your darkest light.


"Wasn't it nice to feel that our God wasn't being too careful and caring towards you?

Wasn't it cool to see that your God wasn't there for you as He was for me?

Despite your prayers, despite your pure soul, despite the pitiful little good deeds you've done...

How do you feel, dear Love?

How does this feel work for you?

How do you like to feel betrayed once more?"


A simple "Thank you!" would do... a simple "move on!" A simple trick of treats, 

Good old sweets hidden in smiles that were asked to sing to your lids. 

- Why, Thank you, dear! Thank you!  I didn't know I was this evil and efficient, in the end. 

Good feel?


A smiling effort

Of one morning light,

a warm in colour network,

a welcome on the idea of a loving soul...

The filling of horizons 

with buildings coming grey

together in the albums

I shed, they shed, we raze...

The therapy of hollows

where dark new lights appear.




Special 6:

  1. Our Polyhedral Time


  1. Sides of Soothing Cries

  2. Rain Your Holy Ghost on Me

  3. The Silent Screamer

Harmless Shine

All voices down, one voice above them all!

Stupidity is glowing strong

Down us all!

Elements of the unknown,

We know.

About applied sciences of irony and fun they all speak on.

  • I don’t have a place besides you,

Your pride is to great and too powerful;

I’m almost nothing while you got to be (my) everything;

  • How can I say this to you?

I still have some life to offer to you!

Change this spirit of sadness of yours and start doing a lot more than before!

Saint Alley Tea

Lights’ Effects after one Sleep

Do everything you love doing, everything that brings you joy but try not to harm anyone! Enjoy the feeling of brushes touching canvases and paper, all types of supports; keep dusting away the feelings of remorse; keep talking yourself out of trouble(s), keep moving along! Projections will make things happen for you, one day. You have the option of quitting or keep hoping. Do it! Fake it happen, if you must, strong believer in love and justice, in what feels great! Wonderful reams of regrets you kept adding, reasonably calm and gentle; rebate is coming soon, don’t worry!”

Once the cloud of storms is over,

~ Casting ~

Rays of colours will unite

Shining light above our sorrows

Sun is smiling

Once more bright,

Yet, transforming buildings out of fun

Into still passion to be admired and stunned

By all their care.

All voices down!

One voice above them all:

Helping Hand of True Love!


Greens behind the window watching out,

The skies reflecting on surface of glass

And glossy papers;

The girl is seeking for a miracle

Beyond to glasses high.

The family is celebrating,

Their pride is swimming in the lake of truth.

Their pride and glory sinks and shines

All its way through!

She feels again…

Their ceremony’s done with eyes that faint away.

“It is not mine, this pride of theirs;

‘to be alive and well’, they say.

For what ‘to be, or not to be’ is saying

I have replied,

Relied on something else.

‘To nightmare, or just not to nightmare (anymore)’?

asked she

The winds did not replay her song again;

With smiling notes, she decided:

‘Not to nightmare!’

I believe it’s possible this way too!

The winds jumped up into her face

With cold new plays.

It isn’t you, it wasn’t you

The one to pay for all this

Sordid game created by his shrew!”

“I thought we all create for one another!”, wandered she.

Harmless shines,

Our polyhedral times.

Another ironical ride: Our Random Lie

The Truth is a lie my friend,

You will never find the truth!


We’re all a lie to you,

I don’t exist for you!

Keep looking and seeking for the one

Who is,

You wanted to be!

~ with or without you I’ll make it ~

(they’ll make it through)

  • ‘Think they won’t need you?

Well, think again,

Dear friend!

You don’t look for the truth because it’s all a lie to you!

Rise your glass of sorrowful tears

In the honour of those who knew how to steal

Your cruel happiness!

Their eyes must have hurt a lot

Seeing how it all

Burst out!

At least you got your soul back


a bouquet of rose-like


Brave girl!

The way you left with that remembrance of whatever you lost,

Made us last!

Laughing out:

Keep LoSing,

We enjoyed it, at last!

You didn’t deserve it!

Since we’re all a lie to you, get lost!


The truth is a lie, my friend!

The truth is you and I!

Keep hoping, keep dreaming,

You’ll never be something

More than their illusion!

They wanted to use you, abuse you and your kindness,

You offered some amusement too,

You’re such a wonderful entertainer to

Your country losers!

Disposure of reappearance

For the other one to last in prison.

Keep living your lie,

And I will live mine!

Until you (learn how to) cut your veins wide open:


You’ll never find the Truth, my friend;

The Truth is I!

The More I have the more you want from me

From Tears of Sanity & Love

Through tears all miracles will happen, 
Through tears of sorrow and of joy, 
Through all the feelings passing through us, 
One good heart and a mind of gold.
Through tears of silver hearts evolve 
and Wonder Songs will make them fly some more!

At the Unicorn Café

Don’t wish to be like me, cold beauty

You are inspired by your god

To make me lose to make me cry and work some more

for the sake of a promised gold track.

I’m waiting to see wonder in your eyes,

Wen on the screen you advertise good lies;

They make our lives much brighter,

Believing is an option

Just as well as looking for knowledge elsewhere.

Do not admire me too much!

I kept on working, but surprise now I am healing.

Abstractions ask for a different path

Your actions didn’t help as much as they should…

You tried, is alright…

I wouldn’t be here for another try if I did not appreciate you

And your active-life.

Are we through with this nonsense?

Can we stop our tears right now?

Is there any other miracle to cry for?

Even so… you shouldn’t let yourself all ruined by the ones carrying too much

For another great bag of money for themselves; oh, no! now I said it all!

I’ve been punished in advance though!

Bridges of D_construction

When she sleeps, he meets the stars and work together

He is the one!

For the world is asking constantly for miracles!

Never restless Lumière, Lumière!

An ideal and the story started to make another wonder.

Please proceed with this content for another shot…

When an artist wants to do that,

The problem unsolved

Will speak through the sound of your poet.

The mystery will be solved

But did it worth, the sacrifice of redecorating your wall like that?

Try not to sacrifice yourself this time, no time

For nothing at all.

Go, find a job, a real job this time…

A good one,

Make some real money,

You need it!

Then take flight to whatever you deserve to be.

I didn’t make my sacrifices in vain for you, did I...?

She cried, she danced, she spoke, she embraced a hurricane.

( - Hurry dear, hurry! We have to finish this by tomorrow.

  • Is there enough coffee to keep us all awake so we can evaluate our building properly, this time?

  • Quit coffee, we need to sleep on this! )

Together their dream they managed to make come true,

The winds blowing slowly through the trees outside their building;

A simulation of a walk-through then two thousand and three voices acclaiming the start of another wonder.

The studio got tired of waiting for your arrival so they moved on.

Then came the dawn.

Remedial Times

Hopes, these windows to redemption

Accompanied by faith and love,

The human heart will never die though,

The strength you seek seems all gone now;

It’s coming back to you when the time is right for you.

A short reply to something from a distant time:

Try focusing on your sin and leave us alone!

We can handle it all.

It’s your decision,

It was your call

To play it all for another go

To whatever you might think possible

After the entire show you went through!

Set your eyes up for the sky, dear.

It is what you did to it…

The entire Universe laughed at it.

Seriously? The sky?” Stay in your skies now and let us breathe the way we always could appreciate. We never did anything too wrong to deserve to die like you tried to imply through someone who thinks themselves a god!”

And so, everyone got what they seemed to deserve.

Isn’t this fantasy some call?

How could I not wish to learn better than what you can see now?

Blue Honey

Blue Honey, I am so sorry,

I came back to you

Only to show that I’m still leaving you


Thank you for your cover,

Oh, you had a nice try.

Mine was even better,

Do I have to say: - Hi?

What can I offer, but an illusion and a dream; I’m only a human,

What do you expect from me, from him?

I’m drawing lines of colour

Just like you wanted to

The past has gotten to you

Stars offered you new meanings

And now you’re down.

The alley you walk on is gorgeous,

You’ve got your place among all stars

I’m leaving you with them now:

Goodbye, goodbye… get high!

I’m hurtful, now, I know:

I have just hurt my own soul.

It’s painful to be like this,

My courage caught the feels

Of intubated love.

My greatest dreams got crushed,

Oh, where are you, dear Hollywood?

This place is not for someone who still knows what love means,

This place is not for mothers who care too much for their kids!

I might sound cruel and awful

But who are we to judge

The places where you need to

Just live another lie?

We do not now your – “why”.

There is no answer to your lie

Only a sad reply.

Recovery Umbrella


A short break, so I can breathe again;

Just another resting time for you and I,

The way we want – each and every one of us,

Let’s live it fine!

It’s pouring brightness and hearts of light descend into your home

Showing their mercy

For our God forgotten soul – God never forgot about you, dear son.

He’ll always save you and love you some more.

Under a cover of the great

Books speak about the dead and the living.

Why am I angry at myself and my self-induced sorrow?

Why do I listen to the rats I keep ignoring?

Why don’t I learn about forgiveness and start yelling the truth with much more fun and less pain?

The legend of the hollow in a dream

Depended on my will

Not to forget but learn from it - awake

And respect the elders.

(I did)*didn’t I <did>did it*(I didn’t)

Do.Did*I did it

Why don’t I die, so I can play it all too well and feel just right? - my right to interpret it.


A lively break, so we can breathe again;

Just another resting time for you and I,

My rest is fine,

~ Your rest is too embarrassing for us to live!

Oh, what a kind and holy gesture,

One nice surprise to see how much you cared for my soul! ~

The way we want – each and every one of us,

Let’s live it fine! – just don’t mess things around too wrong now!

The way we want, the fine-refined-not fined

For feeling, for caring and believing,

For hoping and for living.

I do not care that much for the living

Nor their killing; I’d rather die

And did try to end it

Expected it to make me sleep like a baby who lives their most pleasant dreams!

Let’s die it refined,

Living it fine!

Recovery method

As I remember it, not sure if this is well

But I can still give it a thought: A pen and a pencil

and don’t forget the piece of paper

Or, if you prefer, just use your iPad,

I don’t care.

Step one, make a list will all those things you thing you deserve to ask for

Then multiply by ten;

See where your fantasy standards go to,

How deep and how far,

How high and how steady you can be on one cloud.

See what you can dance about

When your schedule looks short:

it is probably much more than you could have hoped for!

Make a list for Santa Claus and one for God,

Make someone feel like your idol but know that your real idol is only yourself;

We’re always kinder to ourselves by nature.

Try not to laugh at your own funeral too loud or too fast,

Make a list for groceries and one for the gifts you want to offer

To your family and friends;

Make a list of possible friends, if lonely and sad;

Make-up your own friends, if you must…

it might just work for you, for a short while.

Make a living though,

you can go crazy with the interpretations too;

make all the versions for it and be complete.

Don’t forget to plan then stick to it, get further away in time

And break the rules you once had.

Dive into chaos, then get up on your feet and

pretend that you’re making it all work again:

do some cleaning, some shopping and embrace the life you never liked

you always loved to hope for more,

one hand on your wishes and dreams,

the other one on the money you keep making somehow.

A new compromise, perhaps`: you’ll be always treated like the tramp you are

because they had nothing better to do than look into your garden

and screw with your life for just another round.

Do you remember who you are?

Do you remember the energy that used to rule you from deep down-inside:

You always brought it up to the light

And the light burnt it

Along with your passions and hopes for more.

Change your attitude: life is wonderful even when things are not

Looking too bright for you; one of these days something good will happen to you,

Just wait and see.

I know that it is hard to be treated like the garbage can or a closet

Where all the unnecessary things are thrown to and dumped

By the people you never had the chance to speak to;

Don’t bother too much about them, they most certainly don’t care.

The only ones who care are those who will be there for you the way you need them to,

The way they can – but only when the time feels right, so you don’t suffer anymore

In vain.

You cannot be a fighter all the time,

Sometimes a tear can beat the hell out of the ones who weren’t doing the right thing

To you.

Keep on with the schedule changes, this should be also fun – at least you’ll have something else to run away from

When tired and bored

Of the same old – same old.

Routines working out

For each and every bird and human.

Be the way you like

But don’t hurt me

Because out of my hurting you’ll get hurt too.

Should I say now Thank You?

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