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All rights reserved

ISBN : 978-1-387-85387-8

Marko Hesky 

Zad bone 16 

51551 Veli Lošinj

My love

I hope to finally be happy,

When I see your face again.

Don’t worry,

Soon be back.


And rested,

To impress you.

Our life

Because not everything is a fairy tale,

Such as man is here tomorrow,

And then disappears.

Like us,

Within four walls.

Inside an island,

All of our wishes we give,

We leave them all.


As with wine,

Silk made.

This fairy tale is not over yet.

As you light a candle for someone,

This world is not over.

Because a small flame only,

While it is there,

Hope it can,

Bring a better tomorrow.

I’m here

I was looking at the stars in the sky,

Watching sunsets.

I listened to the sound of the sea,

I was thinking about.

And suddenly in front of me,

Luck doesn’t want me,

Grief took me.

Because I am alone,

Here in this foreign country,

Where the pain rules,

And happiness doesn’t want me.


I see how alive it is in summer,

How we grieve for the winter.

Joy and well-being I see,

But I don’t see life.

Combine the sorrow and the pain,

Gentleness and oblivion.

Because once it goes away,

Long time waiting for it to come again.

And when it’s here the debt is expensive,

And bring all the worse in us.


Well he came after centuries,

For centuries he lay.

His obolós today returns.

And no one is like him.

The world he visited,

And here he came back.

Someone found him,

In the darkness of our world,

The darkness of the underworld.

We were hoping for happiness,

For years we’ve been waiting for.

But at last the day came,

When we will see him again.


I have given my contribution,

Discovered what life means.

I gave myself,

So other can enjoy life.

Let’s get together,

To go back,

In spite of the others.

To show loyalty of ours,

Because the pain we give to our life,

We give for others,

Our families.

My dear

When life gives me a helping hand,

He said he loves me.

When wind gives me a new hope,

If my words sound better.

Because I know if it’s more beautiful,

Than my word is sweeter,

Me and you are more charming.

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