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Epoch Delayed

By M.R. Fiore

Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved

Epoch Delayed

The bluest depths and hues

despite being chained to you.

Lips unfurled,

and eyes now pearled

we set sail shackled,

though I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ll make it one day

to the golden shores

of paradise gay.

Till the end of the earth

epoch delayed.

Crystalline fields of energy

Crystalline fields of energy,

raptured from light.

Legions closing in

from a place where innocence died.

waves on the high seas

sailing towards their dreams.

The north wind howls,

screaming silently,

exposing the universal tragedy

Looking Back

Rewind to a time

I was loving and kind

and the earth was in trine

with the third eye’s mind.

I could write a rhyme

before all my crimes

and I followed the divine design.

I was born to be what I am today

no matter what I do or say

Guardian Princess

I swear by the moonlight, that never eclipses.

I shall never leave you, in cold dark ellipsis.

Pray for our harvest and look to Selene,

that she keep the night air,

peaceful and serene.

We tragically fell, from the graces of days,

immortal, we lament our stay.

Under the blanket, of soft milky stars

we still disbelieve, we’ve become what we are.

Our guardian princess,

winter moon mistress,

she dances and teases

reputed illustrious.

We gather for her, the souls of the great hunt

and take up our arms, on the iced northern front.

Charge into battle, hearts ablaze

the lands of our foes

we shall pillage and raze.

Path of the right

Clay in the furnace

to mold and to burnish,

forever attempt

not to recreate skirmish.

The muses bestowed me

my paper and pen.

The sweat of my prose,

their tongues do they lend.

The reason eludes me

and I do not ask why.

Wracked now with guilt,

unable to cry.

I’ve shed all the tears

that I can for myself.

Now I am called,

by somebody else.

Winter moon approaching,

she’s frozen in time.

I’ve sat and I’ve listened

rancid, benign.

Crawl out of the night

and into the light,

take her by the hand

down the path of the right.

My Goddess

My goddess has saved me,

to feed me a lie.

Into her kingdom,

forever denied.

Repugnant the stench,

of the blood on my hands.

How I only yearn,

for her fecund lands.

She tempts and she charms

as much as I harm.

Still reaching towards the gate,

no cause for alarm.

I am told there is time,

to amend all my deeds,

so I may take that journey

on her white, mighty steed.

No more impunity,

recompense she demands.

For she can still fell me,

right where I stand.

My mind to expand

lest my bones turn to sand,

to wallow and wither

where none can withstand.

So I sit and I write

of my darkness and plight.

I need to be taught mercy

that all be made right.

The gifts I am given

by sweet mortal sin,

need now be relinquished

to the power within.

Make love from this evil,

like iron in the forge.

May only goodness

be the spark of my torch.

Fall short with my hammer,

time and again,

and pray this beginning,

eventually knows an end.


Hiding again,

repose in descent.

I bring suffering

to all those who care.

Unable to escape,

and to change

for them or me.

Roam the lands far and wide.

The best parts of me have died.

I can’t keep doing this to you,

but I’m stuck to you like glue.

We fell into each other

sickly, lamented, blue.

Pick up my head and march on,

and know that someday you’ll be gone.

I don’t know how to change.

I don’t know how to escape.

How then do we find peace?

I never meant to draw you in;

to expose you to all my sins.

I hope one day you can forgive,

and show me how to live.

It can’t be too much.

Consumed by your loving touch.


Sullied and stained

my childhood remains

branded upon the remnants of my brain

left prone

vulnerable down to the bones

still on trial

for the sins of the others

thank you

dear sweet mother

The Wheel

I deserve better

than what I’ve been dealt.

I ready for war,

with the iron I smelt.

But I’m still not prepared,

my spirit is broken.

How can this be

the path that I’ve chosen?

I tried for our sake,

to make good on my word.

Only to be

falsely allured.

So long, farewell,

we will meet where it burns,

and follow the wheel

for another turn.


Wasting away,

fading to gray.

At the end of my rope.

No reason to stay.

Maybe it was fate.

Maybe it was incarnate hate.

To love, to lose, to die again.

All is black now, at this end.

I still walk on,

for reasons I can’t see.

No mercy left for me.

Time to leave all hope,

and go out as the smoke,

of desolation’s touch.

Clawing at the grave,

of goodness turned sick and depraved.

Poisoned by her hand.

I couldn’t say where she began.

But I know just where it ended.

in the space where my heart used to be.


Watching from afar all the while.

My wish, to meet your smile.

Eyes innocent, unknowing.

Neither of us know where we are going.

I hope one day we meet informal,

to laugh and dine and enjoy.

We could be poison to each other.

Right now we do not know.

I hope one day we shall see,

on the day we reap and sow.

Maybe our fates are not to cross

until we leave this plane.

Maybe once we leave the earth,

I’ll stroke your fiery mane.

I feel my hands are tied and bound,

until you come around.

Concordant Hearts

I pray that my pen stay sharp as my tongue

as sure as my life, the breath in my lungs.

I pray that it carry, the message of God,

and herald the call of the angels above.

Let it inspire your heart and your mind.

Let me be your muse, with a word soft and kind.

For I possess the power, as do you.

Let none that my words touch, feel daft or blue.

May all of my prose

speak to all souls.

In a warm loving manner.

At supper through banter.

Be blessed poet,

to wander the earth,

never to falter,

in divinity’s work.

Dark of Night

Black night frees your soul concordant.

She takes you by the hand so mordant.

Follow her to the frozen wastes

she steals your breath in time.

Piracy on the solid lakes

what do you seek to find?

Wolves meander hungry, silent

Breath heavy and violent.

Draw your sword, take up your arms

to combat the evil, the unholy swarm.

I’m Coming for You Now

Spirited away, to a warm respite.

Given back to the heavens.

I leave you a single rose.

Only a cold wind blows.

Your laughter here no more.

Sanctify your memory.

Your life, not mine,

was meant to be.

God why did you have to

take her away from me?

Touch my final teardrop

with your sweet smile.

This life a pity, reviled.

I’m coming for you now,

there’s nothing they can do,

to stop me now.

Wait for me there

on the golden shore.

Our love shall not falter,

forever more.


Every day black now,

my sun veiled in sorrow.

I do not look forward,

to another tomorrow.

Twenty five years now,

I’ve prayed for my end.

No end to this sadness,

I continue my descent.

No pieces to pick up,

I weep and lament.

I hope you won’t judge me

for what I must do.

A gun and a bullet,

not because of you.

My days are expired,

I’ve lived far too long.

I just want to return,

to a place I belong.

Human Garbage

Cast aside like the refuse I am.

Doing the only thing that I can.

I pray for an end,

to all of my pain.

I still trudge through this mess,

with nothing to gain.

All I ask, is the end of my days,

to come down upon me,

like a torrential rain.

My heart bleeding out,

I have no faith left.

I cannot continue,

extinct and bereft.


Did you select me joy

or did I choose you?

Long has the line been skewed.

Forever dismayed.

Reason locked away.

What is my choice this day?

Bear my cross.

Carry the flag.

Forward to battle.

Riches to rags.

Upward and onward,

and through all the slag.

Welting and smelting,

to cast all away,

that which would harm me,

at peace I shall lay.

You wish to control me,

I’ll feed you no more.

Our day in Valhalla,

to settle the score.

The Devil Comes

Cult of Baphometh

hidden awry.

Appears in my dreams,

to force me to die.

I fend off his goat,

with a staff and a stone.

Crushing it’s head;

pulverized bone.

The path of the left,

still calling my soul.

I do not accept.

Lament in your hole.

Angels surround me,

and guide me with light.

Your assault is futile,

but yet you still fight.

Divinity has charged me,

to uphold it’s law.

Weep in the jaws,

of your savior’s maw.

Tyrant King

Rings of vermilion,

a vessel of sand.

Carry us off,

to a far away land.

With lush verdant bowers

and light pastel flowers.

A forlorn oasis,

atop of your tower.

You chant your maledictions.

Invoke the word of extinction.

No more, your power of distinction.

Ceaseless rapacity.

Unerring tenacity.

Keep to your riches,

as you level your city.


On the eve of the sabbat,

moon nearly full.

The Samhain approaching.

Aether bleeding, pulls.

They seek to cross over.

They miss our warm touch.

Their divine furlough;

a request not too much.

Call them back from paradise.

Send them away,

above but beside,

and lament to the sun,

as they again die.

Breath of Life

Malady or melody

I write this threnody.

In memoriam of a soul,

the mystic trinity…

Winter my mistress,

elusive enchantress.

Blessed by her frostbite,

only I she entrances.

No man among men

could love her embrace.

With a chill in my heart,

I look to her face.

Hand in hand,

we take our vows.

Not one single teardrop,

touches my brow.

Sweet bride at my side

at the chasm beside,

the end of beginnings,

the celestial tide.

We take to our burrow

and consummate marriage.

And sail through the forests,

on our soul driven carriage.

We drink in the promise,

we solemnly made.

To love one another,

until the last day.

That day never comes though,

the sun does not rise.

Still taken by the frigid virgin

of summer’s demise.

Our honeymoon over,

still side by side.

We usher the living,

to this place where we hide.

Given Up

I had a reason yesterday,

but I don’t remember now.

I still pick up my feet,

but I don’t know why or how.

Too old for my age,

but young by the number,

I stand weak and encumbered.

None of this means a goddamn thing.

We’re riding on the wings

of an angel or a devil

or the back of a king unseen.

We struggle and fight

to the end of the night,

for nothing and no one,

our prize not of this life.

My Pen

My pen, my pen

my dearest friend.

Never lies,

true to the end.

You deduce from my chatter

all things that don’t matter.

Transform into art,

the words of my latter.

We sit down together

in quiet repose.

I whet my tongue,

for the sake of a poem.

My pen, please don’t leave me,

you are all I have left,

or render me speechless,

destitute and bereft.

Putrefaction of Humanity

We wander through the dust,

and forests overgrown with lust,

to the mountain,

where innocence died.

Here lies on the spire,

wretched dreams and fire,

the light bestowed upon us,

from kingdoms higher.

Choking on a verdict,

from a jury of the stars.

Now our sun begins to fade,

death calls us from afar.

The catafalque of earth,

we lament to the dirt.

Coalesce with us,

as we fade out of disgust.

Repugnant hope and rust.

Expose our shallow graves.

Putrescence like a musk.

To Thee, Luna

Under her auspicious light,

we carry the star of kings.

She’s shone down upon a thousand ancestors,

and carried us through grief.

She plays on her lyre,

to rekindle the fire,

and lead us along the blank winding road.

We follow her song,

on our journey so long,

Through the darkness whence we came.

She takes our hand,

across the cold barren land,

and rocks us to sleep,

with her soft lucent beams.

Never speaking, always watching.

Forever and a moment.


Acrid, pungent, flames lick my feet.

A place not for the faint of heart,

or the weak.

As spirits embody the havoc they wreak,

they know no better, sick with disease.

Spread through their missives.

Born to die,

and dying to be born.

Transcendent passage

free of scorn.

Somber melody of life

played through desire and strife.

Not coming or going,

learning or knowing.


She reaches out to me

from beyond the veil.

Raining aether

and hail stones pale.

Storm on the plane of the dead,

a blustery gale.

I glimpse her face

as torment abounds.

To this place and that one,

she is not bound.

Her feet so steadfast,

anchored in ground.

What makes her home what it is?

Quintessence of spirit?

Essence of sin?


Cast down from an eclipse,

forced into this life.

I wrestle my demons,

eternal in strife.

Hands on the auger

I burrow my hole.

Installed with the vision

of sulfur and coal.

Left out of your lord’s plan

for sweet paradise.

I wander the trenches

of fire and ice.

My penance here done,

so hand me the gun,

or let me continue,

continue to run.

My fate in your hands,

all mercy on you.

Come hither sweet friend,

you know what you must do.

The fabled ambrosia,

the drink of the gods.

Out of my reach,

by mortal men’s laws.

We’re given the plunder

of star pirates dreams,

and all that has left us

wretched and mean.

My penance here done,

I now load the gun,

no way I’ll continue,

continue to run.

No face in the azure,

no love in the sky.

Now soiled and tattered,

I’ve made my god cry.

He gave me resolve,

to find him up high,

but here on this planet,

I never come nigh.

Dusk settles upon me,

for one final call.

I’ve got no more fight,

I’ve given my all.

My penance here done,

I’m pointing the gun,

at the end of beginnings,

at what’s left of the sun.

Holy War

Time is frozen here.

Past and present disdain, severe.

We call to you,

but cannot move.

We are left with nothing to lose.

Sky ruptures forth,

spewing a naked force.

Envelopes us in ash, and light,

no person left behind.

Omnipotence gleaming

and we are left screaming.

Awaiting salvation,

our own tongues, mastication.

This place unerring, unhindered.

To believe we once lived here.

A thought uncanny but withered.

Us children now know your name.

We speak it without shame.

You rapture us from non-existence.

Gather us from across the distance.

Soldiers now to fight for you,

against the bleak and acrid blue.

Spears and swords make up our arms.

Legends will speak of our crusade.

Back into the abyss,

for the rest of the fallen.

We are all saviors,

as our lord once before us.

We ride the gale and gust.

One final mission,

to become what we must.

Empowered by heaven,

to turn dust to dust.

Save This Day

Lost all enjoyment.

All that’s left is pain.

I don’t serve a purpose.

Nothing left to gain.

Been looking for the truth

as long as I can remember

but it’s just an illusion skewed.

I don’t feel like people feel,

it’s all just dull and brown.

Maybe what I’m looking for

is six feet underground.

I’ve been there once,

it’s all just black.

God only knows

why I had to come back.

But I did and I’m here

and death still leers,

until all that I’m left with, is that primordial fear.

Looking for an inspiration.

Looking for a chance to see.

I just want to feel the soft grass under my feet.

But the sun never comes

and I’ve got no place to run

from the dark eternal gray.

What can I do.

I pray to you.

Angels save this day.

For Lucretia

Lucretia I know,

it was your time to leave.

And that you didn’t mean,

to leave us bereaved.

You treated me

with more love than I gave.

And I can’t give it back,

as you’ve gone to the grave.

I wish I could tell you

the things in my heart.

I still miss the days

when you played a part.

Here and gone,

like much of the world.

I truly believe,

your penance was fulfilled.

Wait for me there

so I can see you again.

What was in this world,

is only one end...

The Whole of Existence

The sun laments my gaze.

I seek it in this maze.

Dead end, wall! Dead end, Wall!

I hear a maiden’s call.

Follow her voice, implicit trust.

I call back. Hear me she must.

We are bound across time,

but now silenced as mimes.

I fumble for my next rhyme.

I hear her once more, sublime.

Bound to this place,

by the sadist beneath,

and the man in the clouds,

to whom we bequeath.

Eternal their struggle,

they fight over us.

Which one will win,

is which ever one must.

Vision obscured by lust.

Battle the days,

gale winds gust.

Not so subtle irony,

this prison of glass.

The walls so frail,

with the pain we amass.

Up to ourselves,

to see through the ruse,

and fight off the demon’s

reckless abuse.

Oh well, whatever,

maybe someday I’ll see,

that pain is an illusion

just like me.


One day could we meet again?

Not too far around the bend?

Your smile to me

brings visions of the sea,

and the places where I find peace.

Your sweet soothing voice

calls out to my spirit,

and reminds me of the times,

that I held dearest.

Melancholy stars,

you brighten them all.

To illuminate darkness,

so that we don’t fall.

I hope that it’s written,

above and on earth,

for us to shine down

before we become dirt.

I pray and hold on

to the image of you,

lest we be parted

to the heavens, adieu.


Stalking, fire-walking, not talking,

all my missives blocking.

Disillusioned again.

All is pale red,

or sanguine.

No idea how or why

I am managing.

I task and I shuttle along the path.

Sifting through the rubble

of the aftermath.

Although one sweet girl,

lends me a kind ear.

How sweet it would be,

to keep her close and near.

Perhaps one day

if it’s written above,

for what’s in my book,

is food for the doves.


I preach to you from the source.

New life, new hope,

this place of remorse.

Living and forgiving.

The old ways atrophy,


The old does not serve me.

I was once it’s slave.

I look to the horizon,

instead of the grave.

Behind me a life of decay.

Before me I shall not dismay.

Look to the future; proudly, alone.

Leave my past, and bury the bones.

Writing in the Light

Writing in the light

for a change of pace.

Even if it’s lonely,

I find peace in this place.

It doesn’t feel like home,

because it’s not as cold as stone.

I could get used to it;

be calm and write and sit.

Everyone idle,

as they sit and banter.

Still at my side

an empty decanter.

What it must feel like

to be one of them.

A pleasure I’ll not know,

likely until my end.

Be Somebody

Where I belong.

Lost in the crowd.

It doesn’t matter,

if they are rude and loud.

Feels good to be seen,

but never heard.

That anything feels good,

seems so absurd.

Is this the beginning?

My start down the road?

I’m so sick and tired,

of carrying this load.

I hope that I drop it

along the way,

and learn like the others,

to walk in the day.

Is it too much to ask

that I take off the mask,

and be what I am,

where the people don’t ask?

My Place

I come here everyday

so as not to be alone.

Everybody needs a place,

that feels a little like home.

I haven’t had one,

for some amount of time.

But here I am welcomed,

with a genuine smile.

Is this what it feels like,

to live with the living?

I still have resentments,

and I still need forgiving.

A day at a time

is what they tell me.

So I trod and I step

and one day hope to be.


They say that jazz

is the music of the soul.

Also it’s the name of a girl,

who has helped keep me whole.

With a voice soft and kind,

she lends me her ear.

Just so I can know,

that someone is near.

I have found peace,

in the comfort of her smile.

So much that it kept me,

going for miles.

Jazz please don’t change,

you remind me there is good,

or bury me deep,

in the place that we stood.

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