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Assaulting World Leaders With Palm Branches

Maria Morisot

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Copyright ©2018 Maria Morisot

Hexadecimal Sunrise

The fleet; as lights spin out,

My failure as; disposable sequence

Begins again the trumpet,

And the nostalgia of our

Synthetic wounds where we

Organize ourselves around

The percolation of some

Ungodly sound;

Dream in metaphor,

Tread in still water,

It’s all the same;

Swollen knees, vagabond trances,

The scourge and reverence

Of countless stars,

As one folds into the other.

Observations of the Isolationists

Performance enhanced bibliographies,

Two-stepped caricatures of time,

The ironies of passersby.

I left my right hand,

Buried in the sand,

Could not release

The trumpet blast,

Or choreographed

Eschatological riff-raff.

Diamonds imbued with

The reflective popularity

Of superstars; whose names

Are written on contemplative waters.

Push past the recyclable contours

Of the shoreman’s coast,

To keep informed of your own

Destination in the murk.

Mists of Narnia

Columbus touched me,

Inappropriately between my legs;

And I cast my crown


Kitten’s cry,

Beneath a deathly Sky,

One ovulation,

Then another;

This cyclic mishap,

Cradling kingdom’s cum.

The birthed star


Upon the feet of fishermen,

And we heed the words,

Spoken in the silence

Of our sleep.

The Evisceration of a Mallard Duck

I could not condone,

Appealing constituents

In droves,

Performing miracles on the steps to the Capitol.

An unlikely Bisquick dream,

Incoherent as it may seem,

The fluff of a white rabbit,

Gone down into the underworld.

I've had time to process

The latency of time,

In droves,

Something we had never planned to do.

Now that the occupation

Has succeeded,

I need rest.


Past retained in the indirect connectors

Which displace time and space,

Between frantic calls to Normandy.

Greek yogurt flight path;

Migratory taste buds turned sour.

And when Gregory held the sword

To the throat of my oppressors,

The cakes and ice creams

Of my birthday party parade,

Melted and molten like lava,

Oozing down around my castle walls.

North Korea

My Caramello smile,

It hurts for me to wear;

Drown out the plasma center

With phone calls,

And treat the

Nuclear Holocaust days

As a spiritual retreat;

Binding the medical doctors

To the oaths we take when

Night has fallen,

And the graves dispense

Of all their bones and flesh.

Speaking misogynistic pluralities,

While the melons mold,

And the old folks homes

Are gassed in silence,

Awaiting orders to pass the torch.

Holiday Inn Breakfast Platter

An obnoxious perimeter of scorpion blood;

Picking scabs on the first date,

Doesn't matter just how deep they go.

Undigested clams;

Hot pans,

Bread baskets

Littering the pavement

Going home,

Taking the taxi

From one metronome

Stop to the next,

I do my best

To carry on a synthesis

Of reproductive disintegration,

Purging sounds and all around

The fires her heated temper.



Of contemporary

Art staples;

Densification with a collaborative flair,

Justification of the wealthy,

The Greeter’s Garden;

Where symbiotic elements arise,

Percolating substance

Through a filter of fire.

And as the Holy Ghost,

Lays claim: Apocalyptic refrain,

A justification by faith,

Swerves and hits head-on;

The righteousness junkies,

And the heretic’s dormitory.

Iroquois Dolcimer

The fragrant aroma of napalm;

Here, in the country of

Narcissists and queens;

A demographic claimed

Through antiquity.

And arrogance perceived as fact,

With little migrant lulls between

Complacency and comprehension.

Right as the bell cracks,

I repair my bicycle and come,

Deep into her woods, where

Foxes have dens, and birds have nests;

Here I play “The Cricket,” on guitar,

Piecewise but fluently stroking out

The segments of the song.

BBQ Pork

Thickening agents’ colloquial reverse,

Painted on thin signs,

Plastered as it were to walls,

This drops parasite information;

Glued chopsticks as reformation

To heal a sculpturally lost generation.

In the vicinity

Of Tupac’s


As child insists to dream,

Caricature wedding rehearsal,

As it was,

So it is;

The dentures and indentured,

Plotting twists & twisting plots,

As though a Rohypnol tangerine,

Were as close as some had seen,

To oblivion.

Mass Suicide Bomb Squad

Shooters fired,

Upon as chalk dust

Settles upon

Shores where

Innocent blood

Was shed.

Nightingales wash up indefinitely,

Creating cataclysmic contours

By which we watch

As centipedes discover the secrets

Of newtonian physics and Q.E.D.

Determinism marks passage of time,

Bureaucracy shapes intelligence

And scores of angels wash their

Soiled laundry in the Nile;

Wasn’t it the integration

Of contemplated suicide,

Surrender to a mystic snake?

Bi-Curious George

The phantom of Opera’s web,

As housed by gargantuan spiders,

Ceiling fans disrupting space-time

Continuous reformation & algorithmic

Identity; post-substrate realism,

And the continued percolation

Of peace treaties.

Myopic dandelion

Subatomic harbor;

Dish-washed peculiarities,

Each synonym sublime,

Intoxicating performance,

With myrrh and wine.

Butane Litmus Test

Identifiable Plastics,

Ocean surf surreal;

The cause of canticles,

And my ordeal of dissolution

Hemingway and Normandy,

Still storming; feuding with

River taxis & myth.

I ended my own denial

Of Faith meets fantasy,

Constructivism and Defcon 2;

My older brother has a switch

That you could beat its drum,

Carrie it's gallons of milk;

Into detention hall.


Fleas abundant,

And in the sky, cerebral holographs;

Ten miles high.

And you can run with the remainder,

Grabbing up gravity

From the stars,

Propelling forward

Blatant lie, absent observation.

Into the realm of science,

& law;

Sucking up oil spill

And observance of the Great Debate,

While camouflaged poinsettias

In a sea of silken thread

Await their Christmas blooms.


An overarching condescension;

With manipulative branches,

And a pattern for corruptive behavior.

Swollen peonies,

Arching through skies

Too numerous to remember.

And in shattered sands,

Where glass is battered and broken down,

The pleading begins.

Numbered days,

Indeterminate forms,

Settling for sculpted gods;

As though they may return the former.

And an indirect

And dissociated




Vienna Sausages

Hens in fat,

Boiling over breath,

Each sentiment;

Concise and without warning.

Ovulescent with a pejorative

Undermining halls of faith,

Cows and ostriches,

Amalgamating the interior

Stretch of time.

Pearl white teeth,

Exposed to the underworld,

Where thoughts sublime react

With the ordinance

Which we can muster.


Upon the perimeter

Of saltwater and seafoam,

There is glass

Within the waves

Of consciousness.

And I necessitate

The cue for beauty;

As I behold my own reflection.

In the mists of morning,

Staring at what’s left of sky’s

Deteriorating starlight.

Cutting my feet upon your words,

Left at my door to stutter.


Doubled vision sparks

An intense romance with periodicals;

The dinner table is set,

And a profusion of gas and electric

Viscosity retains the walls of my

Dystopian soliloquies.

Drenched by the Godfather’s

Displeased communion within

The advent of our faith;

Peculiarly watching ostriches.

Clung to iridescent dewfall,

The Chinese tickle torture asylum;

Vented oxygen,

And choreographed fire,

Licking the soles of the dead.

Acorn Sun

Upbeat paleontology clinic,

Casting bones for wealth,

Beneath the shade of a willow tree;

Fantasizing youth, prostration,

And the amalgamation of identities.

As swollen glands become

The rent clothing of my myths,

I submit;

To anterior design faults,

And cucumber splices,

The designated ducks

Of my hollowed heart.

Moist surrender.

Cavalcade coming down,

Barricade of bemusement,

Sacrificing sound;

And the trumpets pier.

Demolition Crew

My soapy midsection interwoven

With past tense triangulations;

An unnerved bilingual,

Cooking baked french fried potatoes

In the oven,


I condemn the fire whose

Wash bucket is devoured

By insatiable flames licking the

Ashtrays of our indignance.

We mustered karaoke bars

And exhumed the oysters

From their shelly graves,

Gripping catatonic misnomers

By the development of

Moisturizing lotion.

Hazardous Rote Addendum

Jung swelled with pride,

My own mind; percolating

Happenstance with reason

And confessing to the murder

Of one.

An incandescent feature,

Prized with pause;

As if some malignant moment

Had magnified our


And claims of the supremacy

Born of oxygen and flame,

Contingency of classical disillusionment,

Covering our fears with the blanket

Statement; a catalyst for convention.

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