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Deep Blue Tide

Maria Morisot

Published by Moan Lisa Press

Copyright ©2018 Maria Morisot

Dedicated to:

Maria Magdalena

Pacheco Gonzalez

(Mi Pequeña Piña),

and Charlie.

Uneventful Oceanic Rift

Complacency develops a rumor,

Diluted ice and fratrimony;

Docile sea grass,

Floating at noon,

Behind the Paramor.

Each ounce speaks volumes

Of necessity, and parallel corruption;

While a dismal inconsistency

Spouts out like lyres

Among the thorn brush.

The devil’s haircut,

Megapixel murder;

Counting by degrees,

A seal of thunder,

And reign;

And hypocrisy.


Lacquered Sundance on the horizon,

Her whoredoms flash necessarily

Throughout a desert full of incense;

Crawling idolatries and the kept cavern

Of our oasis made of glass.

Inseminated & spurned,

The loose fit justice of men,

Whose eon-old adornments of gold

Populate the abhorrence of a nation.

Throughout the testaments of sea

And land, the See expands;

Swallowing silt while the lilies burst.

Open letter to Maestra,

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road?”

Tinder Box

In a basket harboring grief,

The young Plato kept his cool;

And an incendiary spoke,

With measured breakfast,

“Violent dust clouds forming

Within the veins of a disruptive school,

Cataloguing field mice

In the contemptible, damnable,

Distributive hypothesis.”

Feces frozen

In glacial sheets,

Subduing symmetries;

And eating flakes of cutthroat contingency.

Nebuchadnezzar's Handiwork

While the brass envelope opens,

Engraved words on gold sheets,

Sticking out their necks; as though

Something were to unfold.

This kind of nemesis

Reveals the oxygen of birth,

Whose birth precedes

An integration, by parts,

Of some unholy thing.

My knife-nicked neck

Profusely letting go all life;

As though to coincide with

Another film by Nabokov.

Clearing House Sweepstakes

My ventilation,

My hyperventilation;

My end,

And new beginning.

Earwax in the most ridiculous of places,


And an abundance of dead skin,

Swollen nodes and subatomic greed.

The deathly pale, anemic strain.

Proportioned as to exhale,

Inherit the Sun.

And all the glory of God;

But to wither like a worm,

And be evicted.

Oceanic Purgatory

We gained the crumbs;

Foregone as soldiers under fire.

Our ancient days reminded,

Beside the fires of Rome.

And holidays spent,

Forgetting the clusters

Of adventine cheer;

Racial slurs, and fear.

Pent up emotional

Retroactive decay;

Slipping through like dimes

For no special occasion.


In Mexico the stars are still the same,

And every break in every bone

Still heals up in the same way;

In my adolescence,

I became a tiger;

Scratching on the dewfall,

Making marks in the sand;

Believe me when I say,

“Comprehension necessitates belief.”

And add me in the morning,

To this pile of

Encyclopedic fires.

Avocado Breath

I swept the stormfront

From beneath the window ledge;

Accumulated tidal glories,

And basked in it.

Gave up asylum for the ash heap,

But was dejected,

And as the walls began to sink

Into the mire;

Every last ounce of chemical weaponry

Began to flush itself into

The bloodstream.

Memorization of Guilty Conscience

I strived to take account

Of every selfish deed;

I won my own

Accountant’s creed,

And seized my name

By the balls;

My claim to fame,

Castration of my name.

And in each family,

The crier’s call;

Post-mortem toxicology,

The siren’s song.

And we will go

Above the ground,

To fly

Into the night sky.

Mental Cathode

I die in light,

No pressure against my backbone;

Curtailed division,

A necessary mistake of God.

No more infinities,

No more infatuations;

Only the loneliness of eons,

As a counterculture surges in.

Pressed lightly upon the skin,

A saturated mess of ecstasy;

No more cowling or caress,

Just a sweet memory of you.

Metal in the Microwave

Past performance art,

The smell of burning flesh;

My dialysis betrayed my inclination

Of a thought now putrefied.

Mum is the word.

And the word was

With God and the

Word was made


All things sanctified,


Scripted verse,

Each momentary lapse

In judgment caused

By a microfilm’s speedy decay.

My dust, my own body;

Molting and murky like Pennzoil,

A procrastinating substructure

Bent on its own annihilation.

Temptation strings me along.

The Plagues of Tuesday’s Indignation

I condemned my own multitudes

Of thought and speech,

Action and reactionary tides in war.

My Ganesh, gluttonous monstrosity;

Hanger on of realms between

Dystopia and the moron’s mound.

I, in death, do sacrifice my oath,

Beer breaker, boron-born nostalgia;

And an inclination to dehydrate the well.

I wish I hadn’t the notion of

Promulgation of

Desensitized normalcy.

A Momentary Pause

Benign lightning,

And scattered rain,

Thunder’s last great schism.

The divided echoes

As metamorphosized refrain


Peeling back menageries;

Setting fire to scorn,

Making the oceans

Burst with salt-

Water tears.

And henceforth

Received the pearls of wisdom

Which I was lacking.


Cannondale last past tomorrow,

The seafoam and the birds,

Swollen reminders of what was:

Nature’s vain attempt

To launder the leaves

Of Paramor & Augustinian reprieve.

Climb to the top of my tree,

Bend the branches of wire,

And wrap plastic green.

So serene;


Dish soap dream.

Escorted to Asylum

Fetid pools; monogamous

Monotonous encyclopedic purge,

Once we repair the cycle,

All things new can contemplate

The truth.

No more knowing and reaction,

Violent strings of false

Doctrine. A finality & purpose,

For an everlasting sustain.

The dolls,

In all inherent porcelain substructure;

Devoured by earthquake & annulment,

While brute force takes them.

Carry me into the clouds.

Hurricane Sundown

Luscious Adam with an event

Of permuting odd reform,

Case in study: chloroform

As is repugnant and abiding.

Let free the winds and flame

To blast;

Another daylight angel,

And free her

From the tears of self-destruction.

My wallowing hiccup;

As is time to drop the curtain,

Reveal what was within

The mind’s translucent spell.

Kill harmony

With a knife.

The Floodgates

Weekend tarantula,

Biting dust, and apples;

As the world passes

Into trips upon the Nile.

The records burned in

With integrated parts;

So solemn, so delirious.

Meter maintained,

Through puberty,


Pornographic transubstantiation.

Hemoglobin count higher than

The peak of Babel’s tower;

Could we not discount the weakened

Daylight as it sheds its skin?

Dripping daisies with lightning bugs.

Weeping at the Turnpike

Marshmallow sundae;

A strive for a parenthetical evaluation,

Hermetic seal,

Stochastic apologies,

And the reel,

Forming soil into dust.

Post-trauma; the carrying of guilt,


The freed hand of fame.

As we oscillate

Between extremes;

Post-hydration, relax.

Infinity has had a word.

The Rats

Augustus bowed before the crocodilian;

While Agamemnon pursued the blow.

And in each instance

Of this fire,

We bestow a miracle

Upon these balconies.

My life in slow reverse motion,

Steady as the stars in the night;

Weaving mild necessity

Into crowns of thorns,

To make escape

The meaninglessness

Of aristocracy.

Obligatory Silences



Credentials; I sing a hymn,

And with this phraseology,

Begin again.

Of shot.

And angered foe,

Betrothed to the queen;

Blanket and orchard,

Feral night wound,

Unwound medallion’s chain,

And baby’s breath;

A several days



Into death.

Chlorinated Water

Helium gas, nitrate;

Conditioner of tithes,

Sapping the succulent

As it emerges from its vest.

Swollen limbs, a hypothesis

Of sound corrupting silence;

In two fractured petitions

Of cucumber moistness.

I believe in one


Antithesis and migraine of fact.

Leading into transceived negotiation.

Little-known facts.

Belching Foot

The squeamishness of an angelic oyster;

Crowding the beaches

With its

Interrogation technique,

Moving mounds of sand,

And down

The throats with violence.

Anesthetization of a frontal lobe,

Parietal then substrate

And the globe;

Your own beneficence betrayed.

Glitter & horses all arrayed,

As if to dine on sinister parenthetical

Vibrations of a coming storm wind.

Economical Uprising

In the night,

Between the raising

Of alarms,

Each desperate sigh and cry

For the end to pass;

As I go by,

Dreaming of the catastrophic hour,

One word meant

To overpower

All the likelihoods of time.

Not in your best interest,

As one fades into three;

And all are pardoned

But the last, those crowds

Which held him in contempt.

Can they possibly

Achieve the unlock code

Which brings them

Fetid dreams of an Apocalypse Sunday?


The collection of socks

Beneath my bed;

Aromatic poison.

And shuffling feet,

No matter whom they follow,

Heart skips in tandem

With musk scented mothballs.

Deftly reiterating the continuum

Of torture; elbow sockets grease,

Denial of the fittest,

And a sorcerer’s plain white crown.

The Sculptor’s Sideache

In an adolescent voice,

Proclaims the king;

Dirty peasants,

Stepped outside in

Rain; without a shelter

And without shoes.

Monumental failures,

Caressing the dark sides

Of the night; as lacquered lips

Prevail against

The coming anger of the king.

Dwelt in a disruptive

Amalgamation of permutation;

Sentenced to the four bears

Who keep the king in line;

Dressing out in dark towers,

Pouring out the turpentine.

Urban Turbans

Six point nine halogens;

Anesthetization of point in fact,

Our holiday corrupt;

Beatification of denture idolatry,

This poisonous mix

Of epinephrine;

Bloody mass of pulp,

And palpitations turning sickeningly black.

I raise the stakes!

Punch cards in denial,

Transmogrified; chlorinated hybrid

Doctrines of a censured state.

Come clean and do dirty.

Three Stages of a Sistine Chapel Reproduction

Astroturf in the nylons she wore;

Poking holes

In our incandescent freemasonry,

As it showers bricks and paraffin wax,

We accumulate the stretch of bleak surrender.

Arsonist Niagara,

Dealing sex and misery.

The hounds of Wall Street paraphrase tonight.

Paranoia in the CEO Chair

We migrate our kings

Into the cells of flatulence;

Osprey pray to the gods

Of the norsemen,

Inching ever towards

The Great Patchwork of Our Time.

And destiny’s child,

Is here to triumph over spikes and death;

Conclusions remain the same soft spot

Unearthed and no inclination

Towards government.

I implore the false falsettos

To speak their languages

In time due;

To renew the promise

Of the prophets,

And to fulfill their portion

Of the plan;

The master gave.

Biology’s Ecumenical Treatise

Disaster displaced within the warrens;

Suicides at an all-time high,

Degradation masked as misogyny,

Fealties to the common gods.

As one who flew over the cuckoo's nest,

I abide always in this schizophrenic holiday;

Trashing themes of serpentine derision,

Gold as gods, in the thicket.

Once there were

Two names for simplicity,

The ox, and the yoke.

Now every meaning is numbered,

Every house assimilated,

And the cats can mew,

But cannot find their masters.

Cloistered Pearls

In a heartbeat;

The ovulation of my love,

Suffers death.

In cool clouds of peeling white,

My shadow no longer lingers;

Just the thumb of my hand pressing down,

Into despair’s black hole.

Not finding any longer an implication;

To view the secrecy of denial,

As though the sky had been ripped in two,

We fought for nothing.

Less gripes than incoherent shuffling

Of the stars,

As the daysong rides the waves

Into the breast of destruction.

Mnemonic Word

Under the delineation of a proper noun,

We eschew every last leaking ventricle;

Morbidly obese geese flee from

Mitigating circumstances.

Denial of the fittest,

Perchance to deem worthy

A monogamous Summer.

Holy in the open;

False tidings of good news,

We reap the harvest of parasites and

Amalgams; too drowned to see

The pterodactyl’s eye.

Number Nine

I am conquered.

By the storm that suits your need;

By the green grass,

A woman’s delight,

And by the sun.

By nightfall as sure as day,

By drugs, by fire, and ash.

By ways unwalked in the pitch black;

By serial number and by scar.

Opening my chest to the torment

Of my own design, cut off

From halogen lights,

As we go on walking into

Migraine after migraine

Beneath a starless canopy.



Dive within this pool

Where I have stopped the sun.

And give me of your


Post tethered pictures

On the walls of our redundancy;

Quite what it was,

When the sea held fast

Your breath, and your aim;

The shelter wherein your pain

Ceased its hunger.

Disruptions in the Pool

Hollow neglect; the kind that stems

From indignation, pools.

And glass recovers,

Settling farm hands as bends weight

Through motion-sickened vines.

We wait;

Until time has come again to reap.

Deep Fresco

In the intermittent asylum stares,

One breath becomes my life;

And the shock of sanctuary

Deranges all my thoughts.

My own behemoth bath,

Soaking in stevia and chlorine;

One minute then it turns

Towards hydrocarbon philosophies.

Bent towards destruction,

My past assimilated into astral projections;

And no war ever became the fault of me.

Thermonuclear Grease

Painted walrus,

We come together today to form

A blanket opinion upon your past;

Denial in frustration,

And the glue

Which binds us into

Calcutta's fingers, dainty whore.

Abused by saints;

Contemptible riots hanging on the tongues

Of angels,

As they pass by the wading pool.

A clause for all occasions;

Dry grass in the mouth,

Nebuchadnezzar's last breakfast;

And the sealing up of the tabernacle.

One lonely, only God;

Flush with parasites.

Mind Boggled

I watched as your ascension took;

Gave testament of every look

And stare,

Because I bear

The markings of the beast

Whose ovulation

Made indentured servants

Of the best of us;

No more Carolyn,

The carpenter’s suicide;

As death befits testament,

And the new See

Regains compassion

For blindness,

And the sake

Of prosperity.

October’s Delights

Pentecostal ideations,

A silhouette in fire,

As roses bleed the poignant strokes

Of lovers;

My constantly changing acrobatic pulse,

Derived from the first line of Scarface,

Simplistic parabola,

Shaped with the idolatries

Of fallen angels.

Scorned catastrophes,

Symbiotic analogies;

Western stars triumvirate;

As though a scourge were coming.

Blisters upon skin too tight

To comprehend the meaning

Of apocalyptic scorn.

Church Key

Fluorescent bulb

Ostracized cerebral concussive,

Spitting out the flares

Of our emergency reincarnation;

Only hope and fear keep us alive.

Decentralized migratory pathway,

Purging the unnecessary peacock’s tail;

As though through Hell, we might prevail.

The testimony of two,

Forgotten truths devoured by flame;

The same gang whose battalions

Suffered air strikes as the affinity

Towards men on the moon manifested.

I showered you with blank pages,

Revealed my innate conundrums

Through hypothesizing chemical wars.

Through truncated arithmetic persuasion.


The ornamental and the devout,

Preconceived idolatries without

Circumscribed condition;

Here are where we differ.

In the piecewise unity of devotee;

Calligraphic integrity overridden

By false doctrine, as though we were

To spread our legs before Father.

One discussion of a head of state

With dignity; with circumcised adulterers.

Chastity and periodically intense

Floundering gods; keeping pose

As prostrated pigs convulse.

And in repose, the ornamental godhead;

Complete biography obtained by

Bleating and cooing into the Holy Ghost.

Memories are impurities.

Beer Bought by the Box

Should you come across as vain;

In my mind, all things carry

A bit of vanity to themselves.

And though I redeem my buckets

Of impurity through the post-apocalyptic

Penance; I fear for change.

Downright madness.

It consumes, and it prevails;

Through hosts,

These parasitic demons

Urging on to demolish and provoke;

Castrate and center and recenter

The field of idolatries.

The virgin’s mouth

Becomes a fleet

Of incandescent ships

All urged onwards and forwards,

To where the body lay.

I Drove Uber

Mexican sunrise,

In the Autumnal equinox;

From where my pleasures lie.

Eventful manipulation

Of time;

Rodriguez and the Fountain

Of Endless Days,

As though we could

Not be led astray.

I gave my life away,

Into the hands of swine,

To be scattered

And divided,

Pieces of a lonely night.

Blue Thunder

Intox like a blinding

Night sky; apostrophe!

Zang beneath a melancholy tree;

Triumph at the opera house,

As lights dim and music fades away.

Three course dinner

At the amphitheater;

Mute doldrums

And Calliope’s laughter

After the second course.

The bill is in the pasta sauce,

And while we bleed in buckets,

Our own fears manifest

To one who does not know.

Within the Mind of Zachariah

My body,

Projected on spheres too cold

To assimilate my transgressions;

Four walls but no floor,

An endless fall.

Bouncing off of clouds,

And night belongs to Venus’ daughter;

I hold my liquor down,

And onto grass,

As the purge whirls me

Into fornicating flame.

And in possession,

I remain


Healing my own name,

And forgetting the fall.

And no migratory sensation burns;

No flickering memory

Of another world,

My fears dictate

Only as lowly

As I sink with you.

Pull me out of this ionosphere.

Kings of the Incinerator

Blasted are the meek;

And in their homes the suffer,

Weakly wailing at their walls.

How consecrated

Their underpinnings and microorganisms.

When will they purge

All the pigs; swine divine;

Blasted are the poor.

Dung heap shadows

Cast on dirty linen sheets;

And the canvas speaks:

“Went to war,

Came to pieces;

Never trusted

Nor took

The wrong division.”

And we wailed “calamity,”

And took our son and daughter,

To the highest peak;

Slouching as the world

Went by.

Mute Buttoned Blouses

Ghoulish things and pursed lips

To spout out inharmonic substance;

The gays accumulate their fashion,

While conservatives keep

Their fleet from sinking.


An amalgam;

Not processed

Nor plundered.

Angels in devil suits;

A paratrooper’s ovulation

In fornication, realization

Of uncompleted fascism.

Behave the way we took the skies,

When aviation, rocket ship formation,

Calcified and oxidized an iridescent wave.

Of discrimination.

Maritime Pickle

Without observation, the dormancy

Or tribulation and apartheid;

Every philosopher must disagree

We have not forsaken

The lost.

By the incoherent vocal substructures

Which issue forth

From the mouths of infants;

Each new phrase

Begets a universe

Of clarity.

Form and substance

Pressed around the mouth

Of a mother;

As her child drops slowly

And suffers.

Each press of a key,

Brings about its own

Destructive wind.

Pressure Sphere


Reduced equation,

Bringing forth the excerpt

Of Halogen Law.

Before the transfiguration,

There was a colony of ants

Too starved to replenish their hypotheses.

And in the blasts,

In Palestine;

The lights came on.

Several delirious consumers fought

To keep their interests,

Their puritanical deliveries

Of malcontent & blasphemy.

Our oracle transcribed

The last hour

In her books of centrifuge.

Wherein we might disallow

The culmination of our periodicity.

And here, leave several decadents

To their demise.


Weeks before the trumpet plays,

In my grave, cold and frozen,

I do not stir.

But hear the angel speak;

Those weak and longing words

For desolation and desertion.

Every eye and every tongue

Receives the measure of his secrecy.

And in my place,

Below the throne of kings,

Receiving grace;

Here I am,

Believing I am

Lost and found.

Mercurial Cancer

Poured out in the Great Rebellion of 2017,

I fleshed out my suicide note,

But then regained a measure

Of self-esteem.

Denigrated delirium,

Mockery of the first order;

Supplanting incognito charm.

The denizens of Atlantic Beach

Hear my self-harm methodologies,

Complete with migraines and

Relaxation techniques.

Cereal and milk

For honey water.

As it is written:

“Two measures of milk

For a drop of sweetness.”

And so complacency sets in.


Corpses in Blue,

A two-part harmonic,

Encapsulating grief & loneliness;

What measure do I,

In all my misunderstandings meet

The dogs of my retreat?

I’ve once mistaken lives for litter,

And took

Upon my head

The heaping coals of Hell;

To burst the skin and boil the interior.

To now which I adhere,

These songless prayers;

My body sustains belief in theocratic vice.

'Twas merry,

And motion

Who gave birth to my own admonition.

Mnemonic Distraction


Text as cerebral cortex spins its



In parallel to




And every placid reconstructivist

Becomes identifiable.

As Greece descends,

And marble boxes reprehend

Our Constitution.


In the black marshes of Florida,

Where weight and water drown

The dictator;

A culmination of fastidiousness

Washes the dirt upon the fringes

Of our monotony.

Gruel & Coffee

Attempting to transform matter;

To mind our own misogynies.

Abruptly deflect fecal order,

And to venerate the lucky into mold,

Into peeling rinds & molten steel;

Revealing hard-won truths

About transcendent fire,

And the wash of our regrets,

As satisfactory,

As was denial in the plainest sense.

Cult leaders;

Diagrammatical errors, and malcontents;

They warn us

Of out incessant bickering with God.

Whose truths exonerate the wretched;

Whose vacant lives ascend

Before the eyes of them who stepped

On stones, avoiding the cold and harsh

Winter stream;

Whose feet slammed faces

Into mire

And into death.

Overcast Relationship

The ventricles of my beloved;

Coarsely irrigated by the blood of revolution.

As though to promulgate


Between the sexes.

And the Saturnine pituitary

Of my ex.

Here, in the last procession

Of past-tense urination;

I see the face of God projected

Upon the plane

Of my inebriation.

And interject, ejaculate my farce;

Contempt, insanity, and pared objectivism.

Every line of verse,

Comes forth through

Conjugated devils,

And inalienable angels;

No line marketed,

Save by faith.


It extracted death.

And when I came,

The night began to fade;

No more motion

In the stars nor


For that matter.

Xylophonic respiration,

Comes to you;

Each breath,

In perfect reunion

With God’s light-hearted guesswork.

And dreams,

Although they recur;

Seep down into

Dark earth.

Breathing in oscillatory waves,

As motion begets resuscitation;

Triumvirate calcification and anemic

Prostitutions; how delicately

They gather in the Sun.



The culmination of a nation’s pride;

Past prejudice and integrated

With conscious sound;

The lights dim.

Demons in parallel universes

Proclaim the mystery of migraine;

Holy Shelter,

Indivisible paradigm

Of the reconstructive power

Which brings us back

To cooperation;

Into judgment,

And birth;

With fire and ash as our guide.

Indecision begets verse,

Transcends polar eclipse;

Vertical diorama of patriarchy.

Here I plead.

And kneel; beg.

Devour whole every

Crumb supplanting my youth

And unbelief.

Bob’s Silent Metaphor

Projected into fire;

Into a planar complication,

Wherein, devoured, it breathes.

My violent cornucopia of wrath;

Angels can attest. Belief

Proceeds out

Of an infant’s breast.

But do I escape unscathed,

In my amalgamations of intensity;

From an uncouth centrifugal force

Forcing power and indecency

From my understanding?

Only hope,

And the conception

Of death which brings forth

Living waters;

Here I breathe my last,

And enter in;

Escaping certain destruction.

Two Centripetal Flashes

Unicorn on the descent,

Peeling back the rubble

Which keeps the house from falling;

No more death,

Although they seek it out.

Pentagonal disruption,

Keeping face as the façade falls;

Our jurisdiction


In glory.

Swelling up,

To proselytize no longer

Necessitating verse for fiction.

Incontemplatable dissuasion;

Forming the evacuation of saints

From the grave; and sinners destined

To destruction.

Piecewise proclaiming

The victory of Christ,

In abundant joy,

Or in desolate dismay.

Either way,

Searing the wounds

Of the broken hearted.

Outer Spaces in the Dark

In the realm of obsolete,

A pyramidal monstrosity awaits

Conglomeration and absorption.

As we trickle,

Through past projected cruelties,

A misnomer;

Colliding with faith’s


Objection, proclaiming gastrointestinal


Three remarks on canvas preclude

An isolationist

Review; priority in space occupied by man.

We admit no wrong,

But hear the indignation

And mockery

Of the crowd.


My decision came like lightning,

And it struck

In branches

To the root.

And every child born to man


As little fledglings,

Driven into madness.

It was that that I portrayed.

Given oscillation,

Every movement of every hour

Held the pieces

Of my broken heart.

To which

Was played an anthem;

“Desertion of the Desert Tower.”

Contrived Majestic Pulsations

Hermetic indifference,

Sealed by construed molecular beat;

Hear the rhythm of song,

As an indication

Of what is going wrong.

I apologized

Without gaining

Any form

Of cosmological argument;

Here I seal my lips,

Cross my heart

And hope.

As once an ignition

Begins to turn

The Engine of Destruction;

Capitalist, communist, atheist;

Governmental indicator & idolater.

We combust & burn before

The time;

Describing our fate


Apologetic & unsubstantiated truth.

Darkness Tends, Despite

What I wanted,

In plain view of everyone;

Bore fruit.

And through deceit,

I grew;

A painful way



Love lasted for cruelty,

And in my hands,

The blood

Of an

Ungodly condition.

Wherefrom my heart was made

Of coal;

Crisp, clean coal.

To burn.

From that grave,

Carried on the wings

Of sacred text;

I stirred.

Contemplating recovery.

Mnemonic Transport Ship


Obfuscate the cylindrical.

Pejorative hyperactive


Bleeding into visceral amalgams;

My knight

In shining black corset.


Dreary nitwits

Bleeding oxygen into space

As they

Travel towards

The Black Hole God;

Keeping pace

With aromatic idols;

And coming on wings,

Into the heirloom hypocrisy.

Bathing in soft tissue,

Pleading with the Inner Sanctum;

This is



Aerodynamic Guesswork

In the follicles of time,

There lived an apprentice of happenstance;

Who gained a monogamous tetrahedron

In exchange

For his soul.

So the story goes.

But then,


With idolatries and fact,

The magic in him

Grew cold;

And he absorbed

The facts of repenting pejoratives.

Another wing grew;

Then two.

And in this cerebral hemisphere of death,

Became again


Without faction,

Without cause

Or cruelty or will.

Only the hope

Of disenfranchisement &

Slow redemption,

Placing hate aside,

And casting Utopia

A second glance.

Pink Origami Sundown

Show flake;

Neither do I tell you.

And so,

Before the crowd could extoll;

There came a voice.

Deafened ears,

With hypocritical tongues,

Devoured their ontological programmatic


Destined for Fortuna’s cult.

And indemnifiable contrivance


Isolationist condemnation.


In the iron shackles

Which brought


Into Hell.

Deification of created matter made

By man;

Whether it be

Hypothetical, gold, or artificially maintained

Arrays of data;

These be gods


Goats Getting Armor Plating

Here in the night

Before dawn strikes;

Contemplating the hypocrisy of wealth;

Desire breeds temptation,

And the ordinary man considers God.

Truth feels so foreign;

Like a furnace burning fuel

In the dead of winter;

Melting away the icicles of denial.

And here the brood of vipers calls out:

“Circle his path. Project

And disseminate

An isolated pathway

Towards rejection

Of The Testament

And of The Law.”

Dashboard Hypothesis

Indiscriminate multiplier,

Feeding off of antiseptic flesh;

The host of my anticipation;

For which

I dare not


Memory serves substance;

Keeping the form

Of my amalgamations of truth & clarity

As simplified

As reconstructed calcifications.

Depending on trajectories

Of doubt;

In a moment

Where all my neighbors see


The devil’s façade

Which I projected…

And grew famous through;

Detrimental derisions

Came crashing through glass,

And into


Pills, remonstrating indignation & incarceration.

Rejection Letter in Blue Pen

Grace given to the unworthy;

The lacking in judgment.

How through you,

Peace and goodwill may be restored.

Coming from On High;

The Throne.

Where ovulates insurrection & reconciliation.

Depth of field

Disintegrates; leaving pursed

Lips & my amalgamation of truth,

As discovered through the mouths of prophets.

Gifts ungiven, repentance and the purge

Of idolatries & rebellions.

Here we proclaim:

“Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord.”

And with regeneration

Of apocalyptic transformation

& disintegration

Of cyclometric calamity;

We brew-

The congregation

Of a stormfront to renew

What proclamation or rebuttal

Could bestow

Upon this registration.

Gutted Fish

In an unclean situation,

I carve my corpse

And hypothesize


Breeding blasphemies

Into hydrated eyes,

Synthesized fires;


What culture do I come from?

And where hypotenuse grows,


I feed the fish

Of my own color and stripe.

Occupational hazard;

Bent with will

To disarm

And comprehend

The end;


Fornication hazard

Put on stilts


Discrete marriage vows;


By silent watchers.

My love does not merit

Dissolution nor gauge


Archbishop rebuke me,

For I

Have seen the power of God,

His hand

Sweeping the nations

Into disarray.


In an hour,

In a day;


The godless


Upon their knees.

Vindication Syndicate

Encapsulated hyperbola; infrequent flyer.

Born of Calgary & denial, transcribed

On fire and wheels.

Bottled minutes

Before the hour strikes;

& fantasy blows hard.

Penumbra’s eschatological kitten;

Infused with biological agents

Who set fires

So Nero can pursue

With great wrath

The innocent

And the faithful.

Pried pride, pathological lies cut and dry;

Perceived nations

Beneath one flag as oscillatory and playing

With fire and ash and blasphemy.

Bent on blue;

Bent on red;

Harboring white.

Whether it Be Sane


Hypothesized as angel dust disintegrated

Between sublimation & divination,

I draw my breath.

Whether it be sane;

I catch my breath

And contemplate my God’s desire.

Counting crows

At dusk.

The raven's beak

Reflecting pool

So to speak;

Softly spoken words.

I identify

The corpse bride,

As though she had my spine; and grasped

My words as straw; shucking.

Sucking down dehydration

With her crown of gold, God given her.

Bent on Total Reconstruction of the Temple

Occupation: assembler.

Point & click;

Cursor annihilator.

Satan’s sewn seed dismissed.

And in

The curfew

Of monogamy, we pray as birds

Caw; caw.



New Jerusalem.

It comes

In waves of glory;

Bending light in all direction,

Infusing the molecules of time

With great delight;

And every knee




In a Field Trajectory

The Bible

As Christ comes

Into breath

And life;

A murder.

Stepping stones to truth;

My own abiding


Lost in stumbling.

Poison rifts


Here and now and soon;

Seizing silent thought.

My molecular structure

In disarray; creeping causality;

Decay and frostbitten members

Of a Catholic order.

My momentary discharge

Of fact;

Keeping true

To what was wrote

Upon the pages

Of that book,

I gloat.

And in my transformative reality,

Conjure up the devil’s dew drops;

By which I write;

Is it holy script

Or Satan’s stew?


Decide to interpret

The Law

And the prophets.

So interpret me;

Believing in fact

Or fiction what words


By the tongue.

But blasphemy descends

As dew. And only you

May play God,

And judge.

Below and Under the Beast

Two salesmen pitching tents;

One was swallowed whole.

But in the formerly relativistic primes,

Of cataloged montage, arrived

Once barren boars; whose

Semaphores turned into axes.

Chaste bears plunder

While the butterflies weep and wail;

Their mourning of incoherent bliss,

Still suffering (by choice not by


My own true nature

Beheld, in hands as though

By God’s own child; remorseful

And ascendant star

Above the bluish nightfall.

An axe;

Laid bare

At the root.

Piecing porcelain doll fragments,

As though to

Conjure up

The spirits of the dead;

In my head

They are wailing.

The wail that only butterflies can make.

The Verdict

Emancipated oligarchy,

Chimed & charmed & ostracized;

As though fealy and fragmentation

Were not a part of death row.

The morose, and the redundant stare

Whose case felt fertile

In the belly of the whale;

I seized an axe

And cut.

Mostly foreign objects whose

Retractability foresaw conclusive swabs,

As one flew over,

And the other flew nigh

To the reconstructivist parts

Of nightingales come tagalog;

And vocalized every part.


In the plagiarized verdict;

Handed down

Through generations of starving artists,

All seeking the glory

And comfort



Mnemonic cult uprisings take root;


To a paraplegic star.

As words hang on thin air,

Meaning nothing;

The verdict walks on stilts.

Comforting no one;

Criminality insists a parable,

For which there are two.

In Hebrew, or in song unremembered,

Must have blown away

The insipid rhyme

Of one lost batter.


Without proper documentation;

My voice goes unheard,

And as night falls, darkness descends.

In the mourning hour,

Nobody comes

To claim the body;

Our defeat project clarity

Upon the human race.

And its sentinels


Conscripts; the voice unheard.

How am I

To degenerate into

Song; or dance

When hypothesis breeds


And misunderstandings avail.


Don’t flock.


Don’t listen.

And in my dark place,

I will dwell;

Until the light

Shines through

My curtain.

The Tunnel

Corpse’s bride flew black

As night;

Towards the light,

And into

Utter despair.

My Lady, Fragmentation Bomb,

How are you, tonight?

As we dream in technicolor

Of the mire;

Shadows fall,

Surround us.

Go down on us;

Venting all the while,

As we make the night

Our home.

But God, not man,


Upon the serialization

Of fact;

Truth is better

Than fiction.


I identify as a boy.

Create from estrogen and inspiration;

My balance

Is a mixture of pulse

And performance.

Every solitary thought,

In isolation: mute;

Until the tongue salivates.

And undoes all respiration.

Without my mind split


Feminine & masculine,


Sets in.

And spins

The word of God

In tones


By most.

As silk;


Around the host.

Forever in motion,

Between the stars;

False utterances,

And gods.

Return me into death,

Or help me stand the fires.

Academic Insights

Without breath, I am Annihilator.

Departure by upcoming

Confrontation; a means by which we start

To dream

Incoherent melodies.

And to bloom,

As though

Confronting our own demise;

A fickle thing

Is life.

We are our own spirit;

Granted gift of God,

And to Him,

We burst out with color,

Or fade into despair.

Broken Guitar Strings

German make and mottled;

Spent breath

Occipital monument


With cold flame.

Desire for what is taken,

Necessitating reconstruction

Of the birdhouse,

Wherein dwells the devil

And his migrant philosophy.

Meningitis exposed;

Forked tongue of flame reveals

The hypotenuse of fallen angels.

I liken it to

Reprehensible authority;

Proclaim disinterest in moody volume,

Forgotten headdress; seizure pulse.

Profusion of sentiment explored while

Digging through rubbish,

Seeking great


Categorical Emancipation

From time immemorial I charge;

As vacant fee redeems,

By grace. Not

Circumvent but scribed.

So sounds the horn,

So also the tribe

By which we fall.

Serpentine sexual

Non-perishable meanderings


The foot

Of a divinity.

Sequence in starlight, gathering;

Porous altitudes


The advent of my industrialization.

Categorical dependence


Infamy; superstructure;


Come what may,

I reproduce in you.

Docile Servitude

Pointers break;

Producing bad results.

Camouflaged cerebral core,


The circumstances of our surrender.

He was never

An angel of service to God,

But flew

From the moment of creation

Into a disruptive sea of lies.

Choreographed mimicry;

The sequence

Of deteriorating suns,

All blatantly dimmed to glow about

A distant

And insurmountable reflection of a god;

Whose outward beauty shone

But inwardly


With maggots and the scar tissue

Of pride.


Without backbone;

That her name should be forever

Written in the stars.

The Movement of Mud Cakes

These eyes fear;

And as far

As faith fails,

I flee

Into the dark chamber where my bed;

Chained to the floor;

Rehabilitating nothing,

Keeps me stable in breath,

And in life.

Beyond me now

Is an illusion.

Or so it would appear,

Frankly time

Goes not comes,

Here in homily,

Here in the tide of dream.

Venom Dye

The cut

Becomes infected;

The skirt

Reveals the wound.

Dancing hypocrites

Proselytizing a conundrum

Of vindictive romance.

And this is how it feels

To be real.

My mother’s poison ivy plant;

Revealed on paper plates,

Beneath the sands

That time has won with slow

And plotted gait.

Revealed as thicket won

Her smile

And consecrated bread

While faith devoured an intoxicating stem,

Without becoming ill.

Beckons Me

You are to last

Through Hell

Made manifest

In you.

And before the crown

Descends on any of us,

My voice spill

Like seed.

I vomit fire,

And ash.

Hurl stones of sulfur

And a refusal to accept;

Death be our


My wind and flame persist;

Through punishment

Unearned glory,

And fame.

I am a recalcitrant fool;


The stew of my own


Series of Distrust

Fame lies

With incalculable disarray;

Every ear turned

To listen to the god

Of thunder.

But his peals

Swear no fealty

And dissuade no man’s manager.


Which lie

Above our youth,

Where no availing wind

Can grow or toss sand;

Centuries past redundancy

Cost quarter.

Hear no man’s voice.


Cantankerousness and frailty,

The will to wash it all

In meaninglessness;

As those opposed

To triggers, to lies,

Inharmonic substances.

I blow breath

Into steel;


Fate’s ill-temper

With a kiss.

Like this,

I wait for Mexico

To swallow me.


Hewn sockets piqued with glass coin;

Phrased innocuous service.

We spoke shelter

Into the perimeter.

Ivory ovens retreat into a gold well,


Here am I,

To spell the sound of sentience.

Dishes overturned

As doldrums speak cantankerous words.

And the flow of starch

Deteriorates my laundry.

Death combusts,

The engine’s mute degree

Of chlorinated sugar unfolds, for here,

We rise to our feet

From the ghetto.

I Bought the World With a String

Silver plattered penumbra,

A moistened utopia of doubt

And self-reflective indecency.

I cradled you like a baby newly born,

And through my voice commands;

I raised you up for the last day,

To topple together,

As we are one;

But as night began

To fall,

We made our mistakes


Within the eyes

Of our transceiver.

Cutting loose

The threads of irony; discord; deceit.

And placing orders

Upon the heads

Of state.

The Elegant Spin

Around the pinecone’s ordered walls,

Are scales;

Up and down the arrive at either end

Of a spectrum

Of coherent monogamy.

Two threads of indecency,

And one of pain,

The unfortunate synthesis

Of mitochondrial


Only here in our end,

We magnetize our diadem;

Confusing half-blood royalty.

Principia Algorithmica;

An uneventful stormfront,

Whose dark, bleak sky

Breathes fire and ash.

The Novelty

I write in Spanish,

For the underpinning


Of a cathartic Summer.

Flesh posed through

Bitter bars

Of contempt, racist interrogation;

Demolition and reductionist mentalities.

Flood walls burst

Like bubbles

Full of earthly fantasies;

The red spills;

Glass boils.

And as I

Go counter-clockwise through the streets;

Faith reveals my affinity

For simple logic.

Popsicle Homes For Pets

I identify; as one not surrendered

With white flag to the North.

Nor South.

I have yet to discover

My agenda.

As peace prevails,

And plotted sports receivers

Parallel with truth and trans-

Substantiation; enigmas

Past and present,

What war will future wage?

Home now,

Upon the doorstep of rebuke,

I cannot lunch

With you.

But bare breast.

Blue Beast

I gave up my horrid itinerary;

Spewed out

Circuitry and solemn oath,

Gave way

To Madagascar cockroaches,

Whose divinity was breath to life.

So suddenly the pain

Of respiration bled

My heart


In contemplative luster,

Feelings of touch disintegrate.

Bad mouth words, worlds incongruous;

As so many isolated structures become,

Fish for food; food

For thought. Whatnot.

Necessity Dictates Change

Powerless constructs; performing

Characteristically dry kinetic verse.

Whose walls echo laughter

As easily

As siphoned torture.

Try this in infancy:

Seize the thunder;

God’s speech through

Interplanar storm,

Hose off

The soap residue

Of an amalgamation

Of sinew and bone and flesh

And blood.

Stew in it.

Evangelical Suicide Notes

Harper’s sycophantic and corporeal

Assignment operators; to just one

Isolated corn husk.

The symmetry of which


To revel in a field

Of glass flowers.

Portent is reanimated as was

Hindered by God’s migratory flu;

You knew too.

Heralded introspection kindling

Combustion engine’s flame;

Stew pot menagerie,

Mixed race phlebotomy.

I killed two birds

With a single ostrich egg.

Freer Rides

At the balcony past memory,

Comes a corrupted participant;

Whose sloshing rhapsody

Bestows an air of isolationism,

Past hunger and thirst,

Begetting clarity in the unclean

Waters of despair.



As fluid ejaculates

Upon pages of porn;

Isometric holiday torn,

Through the chamber

Of a gun; flash, bang.

Three parts mutant,

One insane and to asylum;

Sanctimony as sacred sun spreads

Like eagle’s wings to cause

Cancer; destruction; despair.

Toxic vicinity

Unreputable power

Poised as vacuum

To the throne.

Pink Tide


Cap gun oscillations

As a spring



Hold on; to cacophony,

Steal a measure of simplex

Iridescent reunion with moist correspondences.

Sucking down,

Pleated pages sexual stages;

Synchronicity of bank

And budget, clear-cut bills

Marked with green ink and black.

Breasts of a whore,

Teaching little gods language

Through milk.

Mastery of simplicity.

Little Black Pill

Stretched fecal tendencies,

Redeemed with oscillatory song;

Hymns to sweet substance blue.

I love the way


Abdicated and combined

Mass with time,

Light to divide the dark, unseemly smiles.

Twisted arithmetic miscalculation;

Theoretical transcription fired upon

With death.

Ray’s swimsuit discovered

Past breath’s last devotion,

And into the pool of gods,

From whence his Taoist denomination


Secretly as though

We were in whittled longetivities.

Despite Cain.


Swollen fountain pen plots

The destruction of the word

Which segmented our society;

Here and now,

Mowed over and cast

Into Father’s bed.

Triumphant elephant flounting

Its truncated occipital,

As the lobe occupies a portion

Of our transgressive sinew.

Heliotropic lacerations

Spent on tissue not sent nor collected,

But merely burned

In the oven of our


Creeps strip naked,

Sentencing the hordes

To death upon


Here we fix

The odds, here we leave reason

To the inmates.

Yearning for Narnia

In the context of free association;

Pointing out indistinct characters,

As though

They swelled

With ecstasy,

And mayhem.

Life lost

Every molecule

Of underexposed hypocrisy.

Fornicators and lobotomists,

Urging on each distinction

Of tyrannical





And between us,

All things became



Sugar swallowed by spoon, everlasting

And intrinsic joy;

Until I crash.

Succulent hydration,

Steamed barbs of glass,

Melting each bead

Of chocolate;

Like gristle,

Carried from a stew,

The thread of a rock,

The carpenter’s crystals.

Foam, froth, fealty

To s saint whose spikes

Of sweetness


The thirsts

Of every addict.

Popsicle stick art;



Sweet & sour,

Like baby’s breath.



Past point of clarity,

We reveal the current kindnesses

Of truth’s hypotheses.


Never underestimate

The guardianship which

Nudges through the door,

Cleaning chemicals

And all urgency of spherical interoperation.

The houses

For the insane fill;

With punishment and closed-minded



Please redeem

Your coupon code


Mostly Degraded Meat

Circulating the seismic shifts of sound;

As one around proclaims

Wholly entity dreaming,

And perpendicular axes

Bend and break

Against iron construction,

Steel weight.

Bending the metaphor

For reconstruction;

Accumulating fire.

Degrees of uncertainty.

As wills dominate,

And hydrogen

And helium accentuate

Every curve and oscillation of space.

No more lives break,

Nor axes bend;

Skies reconstructed bleed

Down into hypotheses,

In seas of ovulation

And drink.


With frailty’s best humiliation,

All the nuances of our despair

Rang out;

Culminating in a

Transparency whose

Internal combustion becomes

As silhouette

To fuel.

My dear wicked child,

Wallowing in incoherent masses;

Flesh beads


Dropping through

In little aerodynamic ovules.

Opening the can of crass memory,

Opening sight

To the blind man’s bluff.

Momentum’s Hierarchical Sentimentality

Grease monkey morass;

The solitude of one

In a cluster of original sin,

Whose countenance could

Not descend downwards upon the grass

Whose little buds bequeathed


And the small simulacrum

With pointed ovaries

Selling out their eggs

Like they were

Dolls of porcelain

The tribe of which

Has fled into disunion,

Seeking shame.

Shame not for minutes;

Shame for months.

Painted Lepers

Chlorine tanks,

Beauty bred, hypothesized

As though incontemplatable truths

Had opened up exposure.

The clock ticks foul,

Were you or were you not

An isolationist past regress?

Kindred spirits ovulate and accentuate

Every highlight from these

Falsetto tears.

Drowning out unconsciousness

As though it were

An end

To faithlessness.

See it to believe.

Molecular Crowding

See squatting ideograms,

Painted eye cylinders; as anemia

Or anorexic nostalgia behaves

As one

Behooved by plenty

Of gastronomic entities.


In the States,

Belied by fire & android droppings;

The Pergamum selfishness,

And painstaken craft beer,

Of which we plot

Nothing more nor less

Than an affinity

For youthful


Of laughter.

Marbled Cheesecake

Hyperventilating squirrels;

The kind whose anatomical Episcopalian

Laughter rings out clearly;

Marking dental hydroxide bindings

With slow, systemic, uncontrolled


Stereotypical bloodbath;

Soaking the pages of last month’s

Tax report.


With God

As witness to this

Chemical bath of sequential longitude;

Wholly, holy, wholly,

Drenched amplitudes of Purgatory.

Relativistic Idolatries

Bitter born heliotrope, sliding

Feet first towards

A blush rose bush;


Cradled matter,

Baby’s first mistake was

To disentangle torn elements,

From atoms split

By machine.


Awakens some unholy thing,


Since time immemorial,

All things purged

And corporealized.

Slated bankers’ big mistrust

In seeing you


Without relief.

Bitter Disappointment

Could vacant Lot;

Salted years dried.

A pillar of her monogamous

Intent; so like

When they broke in

To steal the large


Those blue eyes,

Which kept the horse clean;

Small discomforts

To marry.

So like you, when I gloat;


Become as salient

As a swimming lightning bolt;

Through circuitry

Of sea water, and fish.

Thick Paper Cuts

Whole food amalgam,

Cost the light expanse to come

As sacred displanted

Particular entrapments;

Scolded butterfly.

Because you’ve no inherent


With planet Ix;

We’ve come

To annihilate what we

Have gone away with.

Pleasures & transparent sexuality;

Suffering death by blindness.

Persecution comes

No longer

Upon a sword,

But by


And through


Posted per pen drip;

Ink blot sun rise,

As though penitent and perjury

Made known our best


Moistened Paradigms

She flu;

Abundantly pursuing horse shadows.

And particular


For fleas,

Ontological magistrate

Chemotherapy could likely append

Gruesome cocktails

Of non-repentant pornographies;

Whole food amalgam,

Crusty white bread

Bleating dark law.

As though in


For a stir,

An accumulation

Of dentistry

Peals like drips of electricity,

Wailing through the aquarium;

Bleaching sea cattle

With their infinities.

Like a Shoulder

Like an ovulating tea ball,

Like a cluster fuck;

Like candy.

Like poignant barbed wire;

Cut across the yard,

Like slaves,

Selling centrifuge.

Like every point made

In the silent stretch of

Filibusting monotony;

Like death,

And the resurrection.

Like plain white paper,

So starched and bleached

As if it were the union

Of gas and Sun;

Like Calliope,

Breathing her last.

Independent Status Quotes

Fealty to originate,

Plumb pocket siphoner;

So sick of gas,

That I

Dehydrate a bit.

Seeking unionized redemption;

Catholicized reformation

Without impunity,

Destined for The Great Redundancy;

Without proper dress.

No more intermission,

Just lowly, slowly painted

Pejoratives, as though

Thunder, and Ash had hypothesized

The deathly ill constructed


Platform of our



Are the hypotenuses;

For theirs is the kingdom

Of Euler’s Novelty.

Excelsis Remembered

Florentine valium dropped by

Inadherence to law;

Circumscribed as tiny molecular degree;

Past-participle encouragement,


Speaking the minds

Of angelic hosts;

Fortunate ones.

So cerebral

In interdependency,

To pretend


And suffice.


As far as I

Can see;

Again, redundancy.


In seminal silence,

Capitulating an incumbent fear,

Trans-oscillating fires;

Burning brightly

In a dark wood.

So much hypocrisy;

So much twilight floating into dawn,

So much transcendent aristocracy.




Resplendent musing.

Actual corruption seeking

Straight white male.

As though there were

An open flame to


Adamantine caloric integration

Into; while we gurgle

Tequila sunrise into sunset.

I Miss You

Certainly screaming

From the balcony,

Pleading, begging; bemusing.

Cult fiend portent,

Slicing fame like cake;

Denigration remains

As clean as ice,

Filtered by fire.


Two stories up,

Driftwood cleansed & choking;

Too much ostracization,

And even concubines

Flee to the mountain.

Normalcy reigns supreme,

Speaking great things

With white man’s tongue

In the fatherland of indigenous men.

Sources as swift

As wing sweep;

Sealing ceiling tiles,

Stuffed with bullet holes.

Idolatrous Happenstances

Six enormous clusters of shit;

Like my


Plagiarized by nostalgia &


So says sexual unchastity,

So says

Incomplete theoretical construct.

Depth of field,

Field therapy,

As if to exploit

The middle class.

My entirety of cessation depends

Upon glass not shattered,

Not broken into fragmentary pejoratives;

But cleansed

With surrealism and dadaism,

And all the isms.

Bath of Saltwater

My mixture overflows

Its own hypotheses.

Sinking glass,

Better one than an


Of redundancy.

Without a closed


I follow

Two-headed demonic consuls.

So, in my digression;


As one whose ulterior

Has become anemic, I go.

Into depths unknown

To man or little gods with little 'g’s.

So say we all.

Industrialized Obfuscation

Poke holes

In tile, in time; bleating by

As one who does not know.

So-called bitter “Indio graphs,”

Sweeping piles of bone,

Into underground tomes

Whose pages yearn for death.

Slowly sacrificing blush-born atom bombs,


Influence; confluence; oligarchic


It is as

You would have


My concepts & reprehensible ideograms:

Children seeking trans-

Sexual utopias; flooding

The wire

With trans-


Intonation; hoping death could


The thunder under-


Molecular Surgical Extractor

Undeniably filth-

Encrusted back-

Bone interoperative calcification;

Bonus if you can conceptualize

A minor discomfiture of thyme &

Rosemary’s babies.

I drew blood.

But I


Forth fourth stigmata sap.

So I;

In all my

Indemnification gloat

About hypotheticals.

Strewn ostrich track;

Given dust

Without the wind or rain to cover up.

So I sew,

And sow.

Reaping, ripping, so I.

If There Was Rhyme


And recumbent philosophies

Churn textuality

Into asexual intercourse dependency.

So much math.

Dripping helium oxide;

Southern California state; punch drunk

Battling the dragon in my soup.

Swiftly seething aerodynamic watermelon,

Mostly moistened

And sweet with a bitter


So cerebral

In her eyes.

One Dollar Short

Pin me.

Bleed; because death


All measure of faithlessness.

My ex became annulled,

She came

To Florence and Arabia.

So soothing seances

Grabbed and throttled

My recollection of her.


The church has cost


Of incinerated souls

To cherish

The indecency and popular pornographic


Oven mitts;

Migrant workers mixing drinks past ten o’clock.

How about incarceration?

Should we let it flow,


On a sea

Of influenza

And cheap beer?

A Vicious Circle

Halls of insidious publication;

Infrequent fangs and festered ointment,

Breathing a decaying ascendancy.

Trans-biological issue,

So sweet, the circle stews

In uncontrollable bitching.

It woke the thunder,

Made a grave

Unearth the body

Of my bride.

The lapse of judgment,

Where inconsistency revelled

In ecstasy of imperialization,

Stoked the incinerator

So we

Could cling

To folk tales

Of hybridized cult classics.

The Clear Water Cult Survivalists

Demonic appendix, splitting

Heresies with little knives; a puncture.

Allotment of cynical

Flash fires whose abjugation

Maintains the heresy redundancy.

Opened Swiss subjugation;

Caused comprehensive nostalgia

To deliver its own morose lethargy.

Dream me,

Deny me,

Crucify me;

Contain me.

Deliver my fetal ox.

Dripping Interrogative

Adjust my calcification to seize

An opportunistic sales project

From certainty

Of allowances.

Boasting hopeful clitoral squeeze,

As migraine ascends space

To crumble car aisles to drops

Of Blank Park dew.

Drastic times,

The create an irreplaceable time frame

From which to contemplate

Algorithmic identity

Of self;

Creatures to dusk

May they return,

Unbroken, unhinged; like the dew fall.

Squeezed Parentheses

Hours in wait;

Heads roll,

Seizures start to gather in

Unidealized correspondences.

Hope regains the mass idolatries.

Shoulder baited on breath

Of affluent chameleons.

In the redundancies

Of redundancy,

A figure of Grace

Transcends all pornographic contours

From which her crevices developed

The agencies of sexual connotation.

Life begins this way.

Actual delirium maintains

Its apostasy;

Whose birth denies

All forms

Of financial observance.

It was written

When the stars were clouds of gas.


Show of hands;

Slip into ethereal consequences,

And drive out the

Hypocrisy of cantaloupe.

Mustard gas demographic;

The whos and whats of herpes.

Given a take

Of necromantic romance;

The avenue of eccentricity

Begins its homicide.

Artichoke Disappointment

Remedy of sound;

As gristle throbs, so we

Include a cut of pork.

Don’t you have ironic taste?

To spend the holiday

With blooming ire; or cause

Condolence to exhume

The body.

Mental illness

Threads a seed

Of disgrace so simply said;

As one when trumpets

Pointed towards Hades.

To say, “we are

The night diamonds;

Slowly sinking

In a mire of distillation,”

Crass hearts



To dreams,

And unrepentant



Giving unnecessary concerts

For the damned; and to

Hyperventilate with the truth,

And up in flames,

It goes.


Without refrain or caption;

Just the low monotonies of gutteral transcripts.

Shoefly, cardiogram monogamy;

Healed in central air,

Finding pockets

Of half-attempted suicides.

And in dreams,

He hung

On a wall of nails and board,

Bestowing captive silence

And mirth

Among a many

Blessed dead.

Zephyr’s Struggle

A highlight, showing red,

The color of my monthly cycle,

As we persist in periodic pulse;

Affinity for dream becomes

Loose-knit substructure.

And the reconstructionist’s diabolical,

Magnanimous prick; spoiling

Aviation flutters, with 3rd party tools;

I give the axe to those who ask.

And they, in turn, cut down;

Every branch of every tree

Which does not bear blood.


The planks

Of aerodynamic skin,

Stretched out to sea;

Like ivory tusks.

As though to meet

An independent swarm of masks,

All in all;

Depth performs her rituals,

And summons the demons

To speak the so-called truth,

All mixed with lies,

Deceiving eyes and ears;

Mouths and tongues

Become loosed,

Venting argumentative answer

For the completion

Of hereditary silence.

All is as


All is as

Data burst.

Molecular Dialysis


It goes and comes

Without clear direction;

His meanings written in incoherent note,

Not rote,

Nor diagrammatical.

Each instance of asymmetry

Projects meaning onto context,

And without

Corresponding skin,

To listen in,

Projecting volumes

Of despair.

So when the night levels;

Each inch of daydream reconciles

With my inadvertent


Like Lightning in the Yard

So many constituents

Following either

The trumpet

Or the bass drum,

Folding over, and into blasphemies;

Collecting snake skin apparel,

Bowling over Jesus,

And his hypothetical afterlife;

The boring

Of dioxide;

Into clusters

Of neutron stars still in infancy;

The narrative of nativity and naivete.

Glass smolders,

Burns off impurity,

Becomes black.

And ash crumbles

Into black snow,

Littering the yard,

While lightning

Blows hard.


From Freud to Narcissus;

All levels of gold, frankincense, and myrrh,

Will wait.

As the coming age

Revokes our substructures,

Penetrating tried and tested algorithm;

With its own hydrogen peroxide.

My interpreted poetry

Regains a sort of wisdom,

Notwithstanding an echo

Of calcification.

Born old, like Merlin;

Waiting and wading

Through insinuation and song;

To grow before death,

And sink into

The womb.

Benches of the Lost Anomaly

Throughout human history,

A depth of urgency; correct

Me if I’m wrong.

Dainty panty;


The morose,

The undefined,

The concubines of turpentine;

Whose shutter

Never opens,

Nor flash

Reveal an integrity of flesh.

My moment of ice

Mixed with myrrh.

Moistened With Phlegm

If you sneeze,

Let the parabola know.

So if you can,

Swat away chinese lanterns;

And fly your plane

Into the pool of death,

That lake of self-destruct;

But come out clean.

Miasma; my doubt,

My railing indecency,

Whose magnanimous cut-throat


Takes care of my inebriation.

I hurt

The tower of my enemy;

And left the bodies

To dry and dehydrate into


A curse and a swear.

Mohawk Interdependencies

The tribal critique of parallel

Universalisms; tried, but not


I’ve categorized all

My failures;

Into box cars,

And thrust.

Purchasing malevolent spirits,

At cost of my own;

But now,

In the hypotenuse of time and space,

Where I begin

New direction;

The push and pull

Of Periodontics;


In ostracization.

I feel no more.

Accumulation of Frogs

That night

In the road to Hades,

We fought with

A plague of frogs.

Spilling out

In all direction;

Motioning the sky

To start fire.

And it spilled thunder,

It spilled rain,

And like lightning;

A miracle.

Dust dissolved

From my eyes;

And hurt bent

Its broken back.

Every name I ever thought

Could devour my still beating heart;


And salmonella choked me;

But didn’t sting.

In the Commiseration of Lethargic Wolves

I obfuscated pointed spear tips;

Gave blush

Hypocrisies to anointed stars,

And clustered


For Mars.

Saturn held a candle,

Gave birth

To idolatry,

Although not consummated

In the bowing of flesh.

But in a kiss, denied.

My mirth,

And my salivation

Gone astray

In Villa Torlonia.


Carpenter’s wood block,

Shaped by hand

For idolized mass;

Key construct;

For Summer in the Park,

A Shakespearean presentation.

Slough of sleigh bells;

Sloshing in iron bogs,


And overbearing tooth


Coven-centric identity,

Foiled as though tin.

I’ve left dark rings

Around eyes,

My happy dance turnpike.


Piña colada,

The drips

Of isolationism scream.

One planned birth begetting

Two limericks.

An ostrich egg,

As open to hyphenation,

Or any nation’s

Cerebral content.


Alphabet soup, burned

Beneath the top of the stove;

In the oven.

Lights on.

Do you,

Merry; an established pejorative take?

My minority’s laughter


By soft-core porn ritual

In the sink

Of an endemic icosahedron;

Bring me laughter

In death.


My underlined transfusionism;

Redundant ideologies

And representative homogenous lies,

Bestowed on me through

Categorical permanance

As though,

To steal scars

From lighter dimensions;

And harangue.

Biological representation

Of two-story diamonds,

As found in the mountains of Ararat.

I cooked a stew;

Gave it birth

With water

And fire.

And an element

Of bull.

Outright Daft Punk Entertainment Machine

Caloric reconstructive memory;

Peeling wallpaper strips,

With yesterday’s false ideology.

We scream in technicolor.

Our hands tied with affinity,


The false musing

Of Saturnine rebellion.

Coarse skins; paleontological uprising,

Patterned after

Soles shut.

I grew a firmament from Heaven;

Keeping in time

With strict coherence

To the faulted cartographies

Of last decaying ire.

Diabetic Estrogen

The kind of remonstration

Which sears ears,

Only ugly guesswork

Contains an alphabetic foray

Into dystopian idealizations.

Cat’s got your tongue;

The third eye

From the sun,

Whose integrated frailties

Fuck with my reunion.

Do you have

Any idea

Of what

We’re up against?

Bartholomew’s transistor radio.

Foreign Altitudes

Combustion leaks gas ignite;

Flame boils the falsetto,

And indignation

Comes with threat

To union.

Do you


My authority?

Phased wire cut,

Cosmology renewed isotropic seizure.

When we run

At half mast;

Turn ovules

To broken steel bolts;

Shins amassing


These gods have it.

But throughout these incandescent

Soles; forested phraseologies

Become yet another phrase.

Just another pentecostal age.

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