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A collection of poems written by

Samuel K. German

“If you could pick one thing in life that you could call


what would it be??”

The poems in this book attempt to answer the question above. The poems present 60 different topics that you might hear from the majority of people if you were to ask them this question. Don’t take Samuel German’s word for it. Go out and ask them! If you reach the end and still haven’t found your treasure, feel free to email him at Perhaps your treasure could be in the next poem book. Make sure you tell him why you treasure it.

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Sit in your cave all day,

Never go out of bounds,

Your blood dries up,

Your body slowly sleeps to your routine.

Take a chance,

Your blood starts to pump,

What is this glorious feeling,

After some quiet analysis,

A smile crosses your face.

Lying keeps you calm,

Lie to her about her favorite song.

Her expanding hips,

Will help your true love rip.

Tell the truth,

Let the weak get offended,

Every good relation can be mended.

The feeling starts again,

The argument may last a year,

Someone who is true will stay near.

Go out of your league,

Don’t be bashful,

About staring into the mirror.

You don't know how much your worth is,

You can do much better than a three.

Say no,

To her,

To him.

On the corner to the mugger,

Down the alley to his homeless brother.

To authority,

You will be in the minority.

A strange tingling resonates up and down your spine,

As your veins awake,

The respect you will rake.

Regret nothing,

Go from one moment to another,

Talk to me even though we don't know each other.

Don't be afraid to laugh,

Don’t be held back from crying,

Don't even think about dying.

You will die and be in the same spot forever,

Your blood will dry,

The worms will lap it up.

Let your veins waves run through,

Even when you don't know what to do.

If they were racing,

It was probably worth facing.

Being Considerate

It is strange how the senses can quickly be forgotten,

When you are selfless,

They float like oxygen around you.

A person’s actions will tell you much of what you need to know,

About their past,

What will happen in the future.

With your head on a swivel,

Keeping common sense in order,

Hope to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

Look at the idiots bumping around,

Dropping scissors and boiling liquid,

On naked hands and toes.

There is little advice,

To give to someone who doesn't think twice.

Crafty directions,

Are avoided like nasty infections.

It would have been so simple,

To listen to wise words,

Slipping out of thoughtful mouths.


Listen to the cougher's cough closely,

It is not a winter’s cough.

It comes from a herb that can make one wheeze,

Let the haze slip in your nostrils.

Take in the cannabis breeze.

Sprawl with your legs a mile away,

Stay there a while.

Let the stomach wisp and whirl,

Come back and chow down the world's biggest burger.

A slip of a drop hits the tongue,

Nothing happens for quite some time.

Images take strange turns,

Nothing is painful,

Nothing burns.

Monsters and ghosts animate,

Teeth grit tight,

As one begins to hallucinate.

The scenes send certain beings in horror,

Others can lay and stare,

Without moving a muscle.

It is nothing more,

Than a mere brain massage.

There are no effects,

When there is knowledge about the coming events.

There is no need to react,

When it is all inside your head.


Words slip off of your tongue,

It is the truth,

But the damage is done.

A burden that is lost so easily,

Still clung to tightly.

Those who wish to rise above,

Will be praised,

To their face.

The hatreds will continue to swirl,

Deep inside the receivers body and their inner circle.

It is the greatest strength,

It is the most harmful weakness.

Who can take hold,

Would you rise up?


As your mother's tongue whisks beauty,

You will one day need more after puberty.

Saved from Alzheimer’s,

Learning to cope.

A quivering lip with a strange accent,

Awakes the drowsy,

Raises an eyebrow.

When laughter ensues,

People do not believe they are rude.

The one who spoke,

Is the only one who knows,

True bravery.

Struggling through a hallway for life,

Those that cackled,

Did not realize that they were the ones tackled.

If only a door would open,

They were all locked.

Say something to a man in his own land,

He understands and he smiles.

Say something to a man in his own tongue,

He understands and his heart smiles.

I did not understand verbs until I sprechen,

I did not grasp the past tense,

Until I snakkert.

Backwards ideas seeped into my brain,

As to my mother konuşdum.

Pronouns became elusive,

Strange movies we mówimy about.






Ha det.


Hoş çakal




Is it a peak or is it a burden?

To be in someone's arms at night,

Having them wait for you.

Washing away your failures,

Becoming your new eye.

Listening to hearts talk,

Hand and hand at night,

During the day they still tingle.

Watch certain emotions trickle,

If it is true they will spout,

All of the truth will come out.

Sometimes in chaotic waves,

Other times in fragmented ways.

Every movement, word and eye,

Has great meaning to those who desire.

Those who do not think a lot,

Might not realize what you thought.

Even when your bosoms are near,

Other swirling might lead you adrift.

Wave good-bye and enjoy the last,

Watch the sail sway tightly on the mast.

It could have been so great,

That was not your fate.

Left with a broken heart,

You will travel far and near,

Until you find another heart to trust.

Don't give in too fast,

Or you will once again,

Be on the wrong end of the blast.


Success comes in many ways,

Stacks of meticulously inked papers,

Seems to be the true manipulation.

Without a healthy roll,

You cannot wield a hefty hoe.

Friends are fleeting,

When your pockets are retreating.

Ask a man for a dollar and check his


Deep between the eyes.

Give a man a dollar and note the change in his face,

There is nothing but delight,

Nothing to hide.

The value of the chipped and sanded tree,

Can be found by a simple trip deep into a dusky wood.

Toss the bear a dime,

Hand the mountain Lion a green Benjamin twine,

Let me know if you are still alive.

Hand the same a mutton chop,

Move quickly but try not to hop.

Next, don't offer anything and circle around a tree for hours,

See how the beasts respond when you waste their time.

You spent the same time dwindling through small jobs,

What you got no animal in the world would accept.

The carnivore would just turn his back,


Maybe laugh.


Draw the lines with iris’s soggy twigs.

Splash the canvas with madder roots,

Rub the bricks with sycamore bark.

A woman comes along with an empty scarf,

Squeeze cherries,

Spray her with the juices.

Crumple some annatto seeds onto her knee high socks.

Color the pumpkins slightly behind her,

Shade them with the Eucalyptus leaves.

Spread the limonite clay,

Along the barren ground.

Gaze towards the barren sky,

Slice and pour the blueberries blood.

Coil and twist the spinach leaves,

Tightly press them on the blades of grass,

Continue up to the leaves of the trees.

Take a step back,

Don’t trip.

What a sight of natural beauty.


Good things take time,

When a pen hits the paper,

When one sleeps next to a strong snorer,

When one is mocked for not being a warrior.

It is not only waiting,

It is taking in the sounds,

The smells,

The desires,

The prize.

Of your wait.

Opening your gift,

That you have longed for,

Longer than some have been alive.

What is good takes time.

Deep below every iceberg of success,

There are many qualities that remain hidden.

It must seem so easy to see the achievement.

Without investigating the quality.

A moment of lapse,

From avoiding a furious collapse,

Hands you salvation from the deep sunken chair of regret.

Thoughts expound,

As your brain starts to pound,

Analyzing every position,

All the steps,

Alpha and Omega of possibilities.

You chose one,

Now you are done.

It bitterly touches the lip,

Of the one that grabbed a quick sweet fix.

No matter how many times you ponder,

You will travel from disaster to disaster,

You can aimlessly wander.

Until one day,

When you wait.


The excited hand grips the wooden handle tightly,

Like it was made to handle it.

The hammer drives down sharply,

No hesitation,

Makes each slam more efficient.

The head of some nails are beaten,

Others still shows no mark when they were hit with perfection.

Bent and twisted by amateurs,

Pushed in tightly by professionals.

The nail gently yet sharply spreads the small slivers of the board,

The grains groan and torque,

As the piece of metal slides in deeper and deeper.

At full extension there is a nice fit,

The job is done and the nailer smiles

quite delightfully.

What a great feeling it is when your job is done,

You look upon your creation with

great satisfaction.

The better it was completed will influence

future reactions.


When the hushed sound of the town sings,

It awakens ones soul from within.

Then the lesser known sounds,

Begin to chime.

No laughter,

No small chatter,

No footsteps,

On the doorstep.

The creaks within the house exposed,

The rustling of the greenery,

The fine notes from the slightest breeze.

It deafens the ear,

It forces one to want to talk,

Like an ethereal earthquake.

The ground does not shake,

Hands shake,

Eyelids twitch,

Hearts pump at an increasing rate.

The mouths open,

They can't retain the stress,

They can't stop the impulse.

They must talk.


Confetti falls like rain for some,

Hearts jump as the blood pumps,

Faster than waters in a stream on a windy day.

From the world's wars to the family's

monopoly game,

It is the most serious moment for awhile.

Retinas race,

Eyebrows narrow,

The whites of the eyes track every move.

This is the moment where some will shrug,

Words slip out,


"Calm down"

"It is not that serious".

Others would die to be on top at the end,

To lay down at night,

Without any thoughts of maybe floating around.

No sad tears dripping,

No numb flesh shrinking,

Because of their sad sorrowful depression.

You play to be victorious at the game,

You fight to win the war,

You tug on the rope to wrench it out of others hands.

There is no smile,

There is no rest,

Until the confetti,

Smothers your chest.


A lizard basks in the sunlight,

After slipping through the cold shadows.

Tip toeing through the mornings frost on the blades of grasses,

Alone it rests in the shade of the rays.

Shivering with five layers,

Alice’s knees slapped together excitedly,

As the tinder started to spark.

Her smile cracked nervously,

She hoped that the fire would continue to burn.

The wind howls and asks questions outside,

In the deep of night,

Is always the best time.

The serious prompts are met with silence,

As Jake hides wrapped inside,

Smothered by mounds of linen.

The arms of the comforter,

Squeezing the cold out of him,

His body burns against his own skin.

Rest deeply tonight,

Rest sweetly in the afternoon.

By the moonlight,

In the sunlight.

You can always put more layers on,

But you can only take so many off.


In the morning,

Press the snooze button.

Whittle your tasks away.

At noon,

Do what you have to do.

Push yourself out the door.

In the afternoon,

Your world starts to stir.

Wait a moment,

Nothing too important yet.

In the evening,

Fingers fly,

Your heart sinks.

At night,

Tell yourself,

Tomorrow I will wake up earlier.

I have got so much to do…

A Good Attitude

What is with that dude,

Acting so rude.

With a smug smile,

Arguing for awhile.

He is the only one with a brain,

All of his relations still strain.

Cannot stop speaking,

Without being right.

Let's do it my way,

For tonight.

He's sledging heavy,

Floating from job to job.

Everyone is out to get him,

Every story ends the same way.

There are faults laying all around,

Never seen,

As his eyes gaze at his reflection.

Raising his voice again,

Not getting along again.

Another controlling boss,

Too many people around with flaws.

He avoids the mirror like the plague,

It is so secretive.

Let's not get competitive,

He constantly said.

I haven’t looked at the mirror for years,

It could be my end.

Being Famous

Some people never read what you write,

Until you are famous,

Even if you put it right in front of them.

Pay them to read your words,

Beg them to write up a positive blurb.

When fans and reviews start to churn,

Watch the masses scramble to even see

What you have written on a bathroom stall's wall.

Where you have scribbled on the toilet paper in urine.

What a burden it was to spend hours writing,

To be stricken with rejection,

To swallow your own puss and snot,

To never hear any positive words.

Flog him, beat him,

Craft him into a master.

The words now flow freely,

They are eager to read,

The line draws them in,

The hook rips and shreds their empty lips.

They have avoided the hearty info dump,

They have stayed for hours on their own rump.

There are no thoughts as yours pour into their voided brains.

Is this what it is like,

To be a master.

Being Lazy

Careless legs dangle off of rocks that wait for the sea to berate,

Eyes that are lost in a world far away,

A mind that remembers a task and when it is due.

Wait as long as is humanly possible,

this is the same thing done since this one began to waddle.

Twenty eight days remain,

no need to scratch your brain.

One week left,

working too early would be like theft.

Twenty four hours,

Strategies quickly crafted,

remaining hours carefully dissected.

If only this effort was actually spent,

on the task at hand.

Being Right

Men would kill their best friend,

Slap their own mother,

Cut off their private parts.

To say “I told you so”.

Women would leave a long loved lover,

Sit instead of hover,

Avoid a cafe gossip session.

To hear the very same words.

It is printed over many t-shirts, hoodies and light jackets,

Cackled and laughed at as a joke.

If we would only admit what the truth knows,

It was no joke.

Say it with a gigantic smile,

Refuse to stop arguing for a mile.

Come back to the same social media post,

Keep going as long as it goes.

There is no stopping you,

No matter what the facts or truth may do.

You will keep typing or muttering,

Until your face is blue.

Being Spontaneous

No schedules,

No plans,

No paths,

No roads,

No systems.

When a spark of light glimmers,

When a chip of wood slips,

When a drop of rain drips.

There is no specific direction,

There is room for many choices in the volume.

Where it flickers,

Where is slopes,

Where it absorbs.

Is random,

Is glorious,

Is an infatuation.

No days,

No hours,

No meetings,

No deadlines.


Grip, grab, snatch, choke,

These are the words of attraction.

Goad, grasp, snare, entrap,

They resonate,

If one is the same,

They can relate.

Bow to your master,

Accept your tightened chains,

Any strategy will leave you the same.

There is nowhere to go,

It is the best way to stroke the ego.

All alone,



A warmth pulses from their body,

A wide sinister smile begins to stretch.

Gums peel up

As fangs peer down,

Corners and walls block the victim’s path.

Swarmed and snatched by the scales,

Grabbed quickly,

Gripped slowly,

Choked by warmth of the scales.

A soft voice whispers,

There was nowhere else to go,

Submit to their supremacy,


To death.


Hand and hand,

Feet move in unison,

Like a mystical vision.


Deep in the romance.

Lips draw close to an ear,

Tell them the darkest desire in your heart.

Fingers softly resting on the waist,

Caress and confess,

They slowly zoom

To a bridge in the lower back.

Swing round,

Send the other tumbling down.

Crouch and grind,

There is a moment but no time.

Body parts rub up against another,

Get to know what it would feel like to be with each other.

Hours spiral into the night,

When it ends it won’t feel right.

It saddens the hearts inside,

That the day and night,

Have come to an end.


Do you like the colors of that painting on the wall,

As you turn around to look,

I’ll quickly snatch your belongings and take them all.

Peeling eyes trying to find their next victim,

The most gullible walking one,

Their eyes quickly move side to side,

Are they lost or are they naturally afraid of what prowls outside.

Their minds take each moment one at a time,

It is no wonder that I can snatch everything as they pass by.

Three steps, four steps, my mind vastly ahead,


The deadliest skill.

Four plans,

Always strike one down.

Slippery words slide on the surface,

A silent smile stretches as they reach

their target.

What a pity that I feel no sympathy,

For such a weak being that was no threat to me.

How many times have they been tricked,

Half of them will still not be known,

When their last seconds have been ticked.


From the time you could hear,

There was someone whispering in your ear.

As your lungs made flocks of birds scatter,

You listened to your elders chatter.

It would be the beginning that has no end,

From book to book,

Building to building,

Space to space.

There was a grasp that replaced ignorance.


That was challenged.





What have you truly learned,

Will always be doubted and praised,

From those who surround you.

From those who have heard of you,

Who adore you,

Who loath you.

Is the truth what exists,

Or is it what you believe.

Fortune Telling

Calmly look over and read the note,

Stretch relax,

Push your legs and arms out,

As far as they can go.

Wiggle your toes

Walk out the door.

Watch the lines in your palms,

They crisscross and pave the way for miles,

Like creeks and streams piercing and pushing their way into a main river.

They lead to destiny, fate and fortune,

They lead to watch what lies on the horizon.

Lines and crevices in the freshly dried coffee smears,

They are moments from the past and future,

That has been going on for years.

Gaze into the water and close your eyes.

Lie on your back and peer into the darkness,

Closed retinas dance with excitement

At what appears.

Do you want to go back,

Pupils widen at what they have seen.

Are you sure you would like to see your last hour,

Before you finish living your tale?


Life is better with someone you know,

Museums, places and pictures,

Seem to dance less alone.

Hand in hand,

Arm on the shoulder,

It is the warmth that makes us bolder.

Dolphins swim and jump,

Without hot water they shrink and slump.

With a smile,

A good conversation,

A day that lasts forever,

A deep look into each others eyes,

That does not waver.

Sitting in comfortable silence,

Enjoying the moment.

Words do not need to be spoken,

When you are with someone,

Who knows exactly what you are about to do.

Physical Appearances

In the shallow ends of the water,

There are small fishes that squirm.

There are small rocks and pebbles,

Seen through the clear glasslike water.

Small feet, big feet,

Chiseled calves, bloated legs,

Wade and press against the small pebbles and sand as they cross.

Small frogs slip and hop,

Different sized hands send smooth stones that skip and drop.

Occasionally they make it to the other side,

Usually they descend downwards and say goodbye.

Deer approach,

Look around and take a quick drink.

People stroll down and take a seat,

Pull out a book, or stare at the water and think.

Wading and swimming out into the deep end,

Fear of what lurks deep beneath.

Schools of fishes,

Yellow, green, neon colored fishes.

Predator fishes that seek to devour,

Flat fishes sit and wait,

Until the perfect hour.

Coral and underwater structures of different colors,

Amaze the eyes if they could come and bask in the aquatic floral.

Along the ground are drastically

carved crevices,

They make a person wonder how long they have been there,

If they came from an earthquake,

If they have gradually been formed,

From the crafting of the water’s current.

Sharks, dolphins, whales and crabs procreate,

In these waters at times one can see some of them migrate.

When you are filled with

knowledge and wonder,

When you see lives and environments this wild.

Would you still be satisfied to lurk and stand cautiously,

High above?


There is a malicious action that makes a

mischievous smirk smile,

Setting up a perfect pounce,

After the flawless prowl.

The wicked laugh escapes the mouth,

The eyes pierce and cast a mocking distain.

The only reward earned,

Was the pain inflicted on the other,

For another’s own pleasure.


Your heart beats soundly in your chest,

You wonder if this is what a heart attack feels like.

One more step,

Your mind tells you to stop.

Remembering how dejected failure feels like,

You keep going stride after stride,

Your feet feel like they weigh more than your whole body.

When will this torment end?

After crossing your final pace,

Turn around and look at the place.

It feels good to achieve a goal,

Your body aches but in a great way.

You gave up that one time,

Not today.


Ink scrapes and strikes the paper,

I can make you live forever,

Slowly drips and dries.

A man’s chiseled abs reflect off a mirror,

His belt loosens and you lay away deep into the night.

Babies cry and grow before you die.

As your eyes close for the last time,

You think of your children and hope they’ll be alright.

The worry of a legacy lasting until the end of time.

If you had chosen the pen over the jumbo stick,

Hurried to the lines instead of

falling into the arms of that lover,

You could have experienced a thrill on the pages forever.

A Second Chance

A flip of the wrist,

Snap of the mind.

Rush of anger,

Moments we later ponder.

Crushing blame,

Regrets wisp and float.

Waiting and wincing,

Day dreaming of having those milliseconds back.

Day dreaming of having another go.

Wrath comes down from up higher,

Punishment and pain dictated by words of fire.

There is no return,

Days of living with the burn.

Each new field leads to shaky wrists,

Fidgety fingers tap and trace.

If only there were a chance,

To relax and take time.

If only there were a roll of dice,

With no stress.


A heart beats soundly against a chest.

Hairs drop and flee away from a chrome,

Faster than birds on the top of a shaky dome.

Fresh black, blonde and red hairs turn,

To gray and white,

Such a sad sight.

They say there's no shame in ageing,

It makes one more dignified.

Was it really supposed to be this fast?

A Weapon

No matter the size or the sound,

Buy them and craft them,

In singles or in pairs.

The smaller the blade's edge,

The more serious the wound.

Listen to the guns clatter,

The Gatling guns furious banter.

Tearing flesh and ripping ear drums,

Incisional bullets dissect the interior,

Like an experienced surgeon.

Targets drop to the ground,

Dreamy handlers thoughts travel to and fro.

They dream of war,

Of burglary,

Of a great chance,

To use their blade

To bend flesh,

With their bullet flinging machine.

Others quickly salute,

In conscription lines,

Along militia's chaotic amoebas.

Truly it does feel much more comforting,

To have one by your side.


Johnny was a small boy of thirteen,

When he noticed his father drinking from a strange canteen.

One little toke,

His father became a new bloke.

As he drank more furiously,

Pops began to choke.

He stumbled around,

He puked all over the ground.

One day,

Johnny was sitting on the ground,

His father taking another round.

Little Johnny asked him for a swig,

He laughed at his own son,

He told him he would break like a twig.

"This isn't Jamison or clam chowder,

This isn't hard mikes or 3 wheel trikes,

This isn't a 4.5 beer,

This will make you race like a deer.

Trip over your own feet,

Fall on your ass,

Think yourself a stump in

the middle of nowhere."

Johnny continued to beg,

like a 55 year old shriveled man on a corner.

His father asked him to take a small medicine cup from the kitchen.

He held is nervously as his father

poured carelessly.

When he finished the small shot,

there was still more to lick from his hands,

from his chin,

on his toes,

on the ground.

Jonny's eyes whirled with excitement,

Instantly his life was changed,

Everything thing now was out of his range.

Plain whites turned to yellow,

Blades of grass covered in chunks,

Smothered in thick pudding like liquid.

He began playing with the dog in ways he had never done before,

He flirted with the neighbor's middle-aged wife,

Walking right up to their door.

He played with his hands and a small pocketknife.

There would be years of dancing,



Groping the wrong rump,

Picking the wrong fight

Ending up like a stump.

Asking questions,

Debating politics,

Picking a new religion,



Waking up in new beds,

Tearing things to shreds.

Wondering when he would quit,

Wondering why he didn't listen to his father,

Wondering why he didn't just sit.


There is no victory in sight,

You still charge with all your might.

Jump off a cliff with no counter part,

Enter the fire,

Knowing you will be charred.

Naked and armed with only a stick,

Fight on like you have an iron fist.

Enemies tower above you,

They can never stir you.

Waves crash like mountains,

You look up refusing to run,

Even though you don't know how to swim,

You will make it with the surface,

Above your chin.

Fear enters your mind and body,

Push it out,

With a healthy grimace.

There is no medal to receive,

For your achievement,

Only a chance to reward your imagination,

For believing.


The moisture inside drips,

The condensation has nowhere to dry.

The ceiling grips your back,

Your lungs and heart tightly grip.

Muddy rocks smother your clothes,

As your body slowly passes the grooves.

The caverns turn identical,

Don’t get caught in the maze.

The formations winch at the touch,

Others reflect more than the muddy ones dust.

Enter at the middle of sun up,

No more light until you come back to the entrance of the tunnel.


Some fingers type quickly,

Scribble vigorously,

With no effort.

Brain waves pulse,

As a choice,

An idea

Flows naturally.

Other eyes stare,

For hours,



A lifetime.

The ink dries up,

Time escapes,

There was nothing to do but wait.

Was waiting the only option,

To just put the finger to the page.

Let words slip and slop as they come.

There was no confidence, belief,

There were thoughts of doubt.

The eyes could not see what was in front of them,

To relate it to the page,

To absorb its color like a chameleon.

To see the world around them,

To realize that the world,

Is just one big story.


There is a wrench on the table.

John grips the wrench and throws it at his dog.

The dog's eyes glance back,

Not sure what to do.

Jake squeezes the wrench and begins to smash a tree trunk.

The tree's leaves shake,

The trunk weeps throughout its slow death.

Jonah seizes the wrench and begins to turn fasteners.

Hours later, calluses begin to mount.

Josiah takes the wrench and begins to twist

fasteners counter clockwise.

Bolts and cogs quickly fall,

Like the rain in India's July.

Josiah gets the job.


Your mother is how you were born,

For many years,

The clothes she knitted,

Kept you very warm.

The meals she cooked,

Churned, burned or rubbed,

Your hungry stomach’s inner walls.

Your father also had a say in you being born,

At times he was colder and not as warm.

His careful lessons left you with helpful knowledge,

That kept your catastrophe down to a mild disaster.

Watch your words,

Keep kind to the years,

Because he will die much faster

Then his better half.

Your brother's kicks and punches,

Grew from hate to love,

As you both grew in bunches.

A fight for the last fry,

Passed quickly,

Before you knew it,

It was time to say goodbye.

Your sister was like your brother,

Just a little bit less rambunctious,

From time from time she still had her fusses.

You two grew too quickly,

From dolls and toy guns,

To fast cars and wedding rings.

No matter where you are prancing,

How long you stare at the other one dancing.

Your genes are carefully wrapped,

They will never leave you,

Even when your coffin is tightly tapped.

Emotions and people down low and crying,

Bird’s wings stretched high above and flying.

Your corpses ear,

Hears the last few sounds held dear

Your spawn continue to shine,

They leave you in their memory

Tied by twine.

That memory remains forever,

As more genes pump and gasp about.

They also live with the same experience near,

Only to hear gossip of your reputation,

As those from the town,

Cheer or jeer.

Food and Eating

From the herbivores to the carnivores,

Teeth chew,

Breaking and crushing small particles into dust,

Into small crumbs,

Squeezing their life into liquid.

Salivary glands drench and soak what remains,

Creating a mushy mess which slides towards the throat.

Digestive catalysts consume the carbohydrates,

Sucking and dissolving them as quickly as they came.


It tastes good.

The tongue starts lifting like a champ,

Pushing the mess forward towards the end of the ramp.

Wave goodbye to the pharynx,

Say hello to the esophagus.

Open wide,

Pass the muscular valve's divide.

Gaze around at the upper esophageal sphincter.

Take a deep swallow.

As the mushy mess takes the ride,

It continues to dive.

Swimming around in the digestive system.

Soon it will meet its doom,

Stomach juices continue to break it down,

Making lots of room.

The juices dance together as they lock hand and hand,

Jumping up and down,

Prancing around.

Acidic enzyme, Hydrochloric acid and mucus,

What remains of the mush looks side to side,

Tries to avoid the bouncy juices.

They do not escape,

A new form takes their place.

No longer a mushy mess,

Now called chyme.

Waves crash,

The chyme has another bath.

Contractions head in a new direction,

Let’s head to the intestine for another lesson.

Neatly coiled like a preparing snake,

Its venom is deadly for the chyme's sake.

Alkaline goop, bile and pancreatic desires,

They patiently await like deadly

summer Alaskan fires.

They strike and infect the chyme for their own uses,

Inside the intestine its walls grab onto the best nutrients.

Sugar, vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids.

There is nothing left but something ready for the toilet,

Say hello to Mr. Colon and let him boil it.

Friendly bacteria have their last feast,

As the rectum excretes noises that bother most people.

All the fun has come undone,

Muscular contractions bring

much satisfaction.

Feces drop upon the ground,

Now that your digestion has finished,

Don’t make another sound.


Chains fall,

When apathy arrives.

There are no more tears to cry,

Say goodbye.

The sun shines for billions each day

Nobody sees it in the same way.

For the steel ball that holds one,

Does not affect another.

The oxygen of the soul,

Sends us on our true mission.

Do not only remove your chains

Remove another's.


Whittle your hours away,

Like a knife slices and grooves,

A stick or piece of wood.

Pixels dance, virtual cosmetics prance,

From screen to screen,

As one escapes from the rotating globe.

It is a bit strange to look around,

As you leave the TV or computer for a while.

Gathering levels and items,

That will last until death.

In Walmart though,

Nobody seems to care.

Just an apathetic stare,

A smile or a laugh.

Don’t they know that you got realm first jewel crafting?

One click of a button and it all goes away.

A shark bites a wire,

For hours the internet has to retire.

No raid,

No arena,

No match.

Stare at the wall,

Pick up a book.

All joy comes to a close.


The girls sit around,

They share the news from the town.

Swelled lips dripping with different shades of red, pink and purple,

Wrinkles and grooves join in the mood,

As the eyelids flicker and eyebrows flash.

Their eyes grow wide,

Exclaims and gasps fill the room,

Today what was shared will

bring on someone’s doom.

They finish the main course,

Pass the tea,

Now it is time for the real dessert.

Who was the best flirt,

Share their matches and interactions.

Gaze through apps at the latest fashions.

Until next time they meet,

They return to their own passions.

It is impossible to corral them,

Even with a strong lasso.

You can hear their chatter from a ways away,

Be wise to avoid them and stay far into another dimension.


The foot is always the best place to be,

Fantasies and ambition dance.

Pushing forward begins with a surge,

Rocks and vegetation breeze on by.

Other on goers greet you with a smile,

Thankfully they are heading down.

The first view waves at you from beyond,

Gaze upon it with beauty,

Now thrust forward yet again.

Panting starts,

Your heart races.

Feet step forward one by one.

Grip onto low hanging trees,

Stagger across rocks.

Ribs ache and beg you to stop,


You struggle to get to the top.

Hours pass,

Every minute drags like an hour.

Finally you see the last peak,

Your eyes roll into the back of your head.

Upon even ground,

It all stops.

Who knew it was so easy,

To reach the summit.


The wind is the only sound that whispers your name,

Your silence is answered by the rustling of the tips of the grass.

They sway side to side,

It must be great,

To be alive,

Away from the honking engines,

Lung torcing smog.

There is no small chatter,

No mocking or annoying laughter.

No babbling bimbos,

No hard footsteps from the hungry hippos.

Gaze at the toppling tulips,

Replacing the women’s smooth lips.

Not a single sound screeches through the sky,

The ground is smooth, soft and not at all dry.

Stretch out until your body begs to stretch out more but can’t,

A soft tickling touches your thigh,

You quickly check,

But it was only an ant.

Daydream every daydream ever imagined,

As the clouds shift by,

They form and transform,

On their way to another continent.

Feel content,

Why do people press you to surround yourself with them.

I guess it is because they are a little bit nervous,


Worrying about abandonment.

They don’t understand the satisfaction,

Of being alone.


From the flickering pendant,

To the slippery ring.

There is not a thing,

That doesn't make greedy eyes sparkle.

Is it truly greed,

When it is deservable desires,

That need to be fed.

Perfectly fitting necklaces,

Make the best presents.

Relations run stale,

Wake them up with a new catalyst.

Other relations need something to kindle,

The non-existing fire to life.

For others,

Like thieves in the night,

It is only about the price.

Whatever your reason,

Be careful to watch the supply and demand.

Keep close to your errand,

Give out your present,

Watch their heart expand.


What a strange occurrence,

How we flee from the darkness,

Like moths in the night.

Near the fire we creep,

Laughter and singing deep into the

early morning.

Constantly feeding the pile,

To keep the fire ever burning.

The wind wisps,

As the flame flashes

Back and forth.

Sitting on a table,

Hanging from a wall or ceiling.

The candle looks beautiful,

Without the illumination,

It would be nothing.

The flashlight,

The modern torch.

Engineering and electronics,

Have brought a ray,

That sways the darkness

With a quick slide or punch of a button.

The sun and moon take turns,

Is it even a competition.

The sun blasts the earth when it is at a perfect angle,

The moon weakly reflects on the same location,

The full moon torches the ground,

Even in the darkest crevice of the thick woods.

At night when you close your eyes,

Some nights you can't wait for the bright sunrise.

Alone at home or in a strange place,

Eyes widen at the strong focus on the sounds,

If only you could be a mirror and see your own face.

Go sprinting, and click the switch from room to room,

It will all be over soon.

Don't be so quick to let your heart race,

Be happy you are in this place.


Eating well to stay thin,

Keeping your liver from being ruined by gin.

Controlling your diet to keep your stomach

from getting too fat,

Living life not as luckily as a cat.

Try to be nice to yourself

before you end up in a bin.


The long game is over,

Schedules have been punched,

Invites have strewn across the land.

The bride and groom will now walk hand in hand,

After a lovely or awkward kiss.

Bells ringing, old music blaring,

A couple people or a thousand people staring.

In a religious building, an old lodge or on a beach,

In a field, up on a hill or another memorable pitch.

Shoving pastry deep inside,

Soon there will be even more things within.

Arguments, children and demands are in place,

The only question now,

Is how long everything stays.


The sound resonates in your ears,

Waves of compassion soothe your fears.

Words about love,







An overview.

Were you meant to hear the tale,

To sit and focus on the somber siren,

Get lost in the atmosphere.

Fueling your daydreams,

Sending you off to nightly screens.

Quickly forget your dreams,

But you remember every word.

To keep you going,

On a meticulous marathon.

To shed tears in gloom,

After another disaster.

To march line in line,

From town to town.


Spread your message,




A transition.

It is all over now,

Remember it forever.

As another corpse lies rotting,

The Chorus is never dying.

Spreading from ear to ear,

Dancing from tongue to tongue,

For eternity it will not be done.


Do anything ten thousand times

You are able to get at least one good one.

There are many of this craft,

Who have narrowed it down,

They can get a good one right off the bat.

Seeing the world through a lens,

Can be a blessing or a curse.

Once you start seeing it,

You will never see the world the same again.

Four corners constantly connecting,

Filters switching up and down.

New zooms to get the perfect colors.

Quickly moving to grab the awesome angles.

Dying for the shot,

Going into the jungle,

Dangling behind enemy lines.

The adventures are continuous,

Without the proper snapping,

Your moments would be nothing but long tall tails.


The shield rises each day,

Like the sunrise.

Those under its shadow,

Hope it does not set daily.

Stand eternally,

No worries,

Grip the handle.

Hold it close,

In time of need.

During battles,

Around with peace.

The shields walls

Will never cease.

One day the wood will chip,

The color fades,

The metal rusts.

Nervous hands still clutch,

For a lifetime,

They have learned to trust.

Rainy Weather

Drenched or sprinkled,

The water does not stop those who are prepared.

Stepping deep into puddles,

Splashed by careless automobiles,

Yet there is a great sensation,

About being outside.

About being alone.

Most are hiding in their beds,

Clutching to the sides of their couches,

Watching out of tightly closed windows.

The streets are empty,

That makes several hearts happy.

The pelting drops aim for eyes,

Causing the pedestrians to barely avoid those passing by.

Most are rushing to their sanctuaries,

This one is slowly slogging,

Without a care in the world.

Every other day the stress strokes their heart,

The constant moving and dreadful pupils,

Today they are mostly gone.

The others own the streets now

Not afraid of the streaky skies,

Instead it brings tears to their eyes.

They are not real tears,

Natural ones.

The clouds releasing their precipitation,

Is not the real reason for their rare sensation.

It is not what comes from the clouds and the sky,

It is the fact that there are no others,

Passing by.


Reach unobtainable heights,

Every head turns towards your direction.

Systems change under your command,

People admire and would die for you.

Each day is a blessing.

Character is your strongest power.

The key is how to obtain it.


It has been a long day,

Close your eyes,

Drift away.

I could dream for a million years,

It is a never ending string of possibilities.

Mazes that amaze,

Challenges lie in wait,

Situations stir then blur.

A woman who I haven't seen for years,

Dances through the tulips in a location I've never been.

I did not have an infatuation,

Deep inside there must have

been manipulation.

I see faces and places,

I recognize them in the real world,

Even though I met them in a dream.

They don't seem to know me,

I can't say anything,

Go with the flow.

Let your cares float away,

The cold bed feels great,

As your body warms it

You may hear your heart vibrate.

The feeling of countless hours,

No more responsibilities.

Toss and turn,

Check the clock.

Stretch your arms,

Shut your eye lids,

You have accomplished much,

A lot more than I did.

Snowy Weather

The ground glazed white,

Footsteps that mess up the frost,

Raise eyebrows and narrow eyes.

Carefully craft a projectile,

Pelt them in the nose.

Make a friend with an orange nose.

Open your mouth wide,

Let flakes drop on your tongue.

Curl up inside,

Brew a hearty round of hot chocolate,

Grab a large thick blanket and flip open the shades.

Watch the different sizes floating down,

Footprints wiped clean,

As the inches pile up.

The children racing around,

They don't watch their steps,

A lesson is learned,

As their cranium meets the ground.

The sound of the joyous screams,

The occasional shriek.

The sound of the scraping of a shovel,

The clanging of boots approaching the door.

Brace for the draft of chilly wind,

Plead to hastily shut it more.

Shades of sadness appear as it ceases to fall,

It's the beginning of the inevitable.

Such a shame that it will one day melt,

All the good pleasures,

Never last forever.


Men watching other men wrap their arms around other men,

Throwing them to the ground,

Chasing, grabbing and kicking balls.

Men in other leagues,

Squeeze their legs around other men like bears trying to climb trees.

They sit around without any women,

Everyone’s hands digging in bowls,

As they sit and laugh gayly with each other.

Watching other men covered in sweat,

Slap each others asses or go in

for a tight embrace.

They fight, and they grapple,

Kick, punch, and tackle.

There are no large nipples or tight vaginas in sight,

But these men must show their might.

The men crowd around and cheer,

They stand close together and hold each other’s beer.

They watch these men play games that little boys play in their backyard,

Yet they can't get enough and tightly caress

their precious Tuborg.

One has finally been crowned champion,

As confetti falls and catches him in the eye.

The other men slap him on the ass

and embrace him one more time before saying,


In the locker room he gets down on the floor,

Liquid sprays in his face but he wants some more.

Open that mouth wide and prepare for a bromance video.

The men in the living room never get to see the special scenes.

They imagine what its like to be in the VIP.

Sadly the season is over,

The men turn the TV off and head back to their routines.

They can all come back in October.

Until then they will have to be happy

to reminisce and be sober.

Sunny Weather

The sun shines,

Baking those who lay on the dunes.

Such a great feeling,

To avoid the chill of the cloudy days.

The sand burns feet,

It sizzles and torches those resting.

Sprint to the shade,

Stay there for awhile.

A breeze begins,

Hair and scales bristle.

What a wonderful feeling.

Sitting there bores after awhile.

Jauntily jog down to a spring,

It is ice cold,

Amazing for drinking,

Not so for swimming.

The solar heat and the breeze meet,

Satisfaction has never been this great.

Wander a while,

Come upon a pond.

Basked and baked all day in the sun,

Not so amazing for drinking,

But a perfect place for swimming.

Even the temperature at night radiates,

Lay on grass that is now cooling.

Stars sparkle and talk down,

Telling that the night has just begun.

The moon does its best impression of the sun,

As it dances a reflection.

Soon the sun will be coming back,

Will it ever be this great again?


Swing your arms forward,

Feel the liquid slide into your pores.

Let nature refresh your soul.

Slide side to side,

Kick violently,

Float calmly.

Get your frustrations out,

For vivid vicious hours

Slamming your legs and arms

In a powerful motion.

Flee to the depths,

Triumph to the surface.

Test your lungs,

Take one final plunge.

Come back to the spring,

After your next fog.


All different shades of blue,

Crash against rocks,

Pull back,

Slam forward.

Many kinds of creatures legs slide in,

Their bodies begin to flow and splash about.

The shores vary from golden beige to grey and black.

Fine grains of sand,

Rough minuscule pebbles,

Deep footprints leave their mark.

Jagged rocks line the coast,

Spots remain free with only sand for miles.

The sun is merciless in all locations.

Weather the solar storm,

Later peel your frustrations.

Keep it in mind,

As your memories burn.

Patiently await,

Until you can gladly return.

Time II

The wings of the clock,

Soaring round and round.

All at once they settle down.

On wrists,

On walls,

They stand tall.

The skyscraper’s tower,

Under the greater peaks they cower.

The sun still being larger,

Burns and scorches,

Lighting the entire galaxy.

Yet, the tick tock holds draws more ears near.

Trains, planes and autos rolling,

To its beat.

Wheels turning, soles pounding,

Going to and fro and finding what they seek.

The sound of a beep,

The sight of a digit.

Dancing from second to hour,

As the world begins to fidget.

With the tilt,

The earth spins,

Its plates churn,

Its true heat comes from a hot minutes burn.

The arms sweep,

The needle sprints,

The numbers wait their turn.

Good morning, Good night,

Sunrise, Sunset,

Darkness, and brightness.

All come to an end,

But the hands of the clock,

Never bend.

The End

It cannot be over,

But ever chapter has a last page,

Every book has a front cover and a back cover.

Every person has a favorite class that cannot be attended seven days a week,

Every child has a best friend that they can only see once a week.

The arrows on the clock move at a pace,

That cannot keep a smile on one’s face,

Who is counting down.

The minuscule strands that barely hold onto flesh,

Slowly trip and rip and drip,

It is painless.

As one will never feel it,

They never feel their life slowly

tripping and ripping and dripping,

Towards the horizon.

The time has come.

The last page,

The last paragraph.

The last sentence,

The last,


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