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Around the World in 20 Poems


ValkyrieKerry Kelly

1st Edition Kelly Media © 2017

2nd Edition Kelly’s Vision © 2018


Kerry ‘Valkyrie’ Kelly considers herself to be a ‘Bipolar Survivor.’ Her struggle with the illness began with a period of depression in her teens, which formed the basis of a life-long struggle. Kerry did not hide from the dark shadows of the illness, but embraced them converting the dark feelings into words, the energy into action and the empathy into beauty.

Now in her forties Kerry has travelled to over 42 countries, learned to read in more than 15 languages, studied more than 100 professional qualifications and has experienced or trained in a wide variety of extreme and competitive sports. She found the light in the darkness.

This chapbook examines the beautiful world in which we live. Kerry shows the light in the darkness, the rays in the storm and demonstrates how the creative world can offer hope to those struggling with DEEP feelings; Dark, Emotional, Empathic and Pleasurable, by acknowledging the beauty we find our spiritual connectivity with nature and this induces a sense of well-being.

Ghosts of Maya

She treads lightly on ancient stones;

A child playing on history’s platform.

Beneath the foundations lie ancient bones,

Trees blowing in the monsoon storm.

She treads lightly on ancient stones,

As the sacrificed ghosts pass her by;

Humming to the gods in deftly tones,

On the wind she hears their voices sigh.

She treads lightly on ancient stones,

Hopping down the pyramid’s ridges,

Remains of the temple emitting groans,

Heaving hot air swells with evening midges.

She treads lightly on ancient stones,

Climbs on temple walls,

Climbs on the stepped pyramids,

Climbs on history’s sacrifice,

Climbs on her father’s back,

Leaving the ghosts behind.

Rico Rainforests

Serrated, waxy;

Glowing lush, ripe,

Deep olive Viridian glare

Foaming, gushing falls;

Spraying rock faces, flowing.

Deep, turquoise lagoon.

Clumps of huddling trees;

Rolling woods, giant's mountain.

Dangling branches.

Jade, cerise parrots,

Bubble-mouthed frogs, mauve fungi.

Dense, enshrouding fog

Fanning foliage;

Webs of intertwined branches,

Lush serpent filled.

Curved, smooth, beige, slim bark.

Boulders clambering to pools;

Rainbows of plant life.

Overlooking Belize

Exotic, dreamy oceanic vision. Fallen Angelic tear drop, Graceful creamy sands.

Hidden gem!

Intense entangled mangroves, swarming glittering fish.

Emerald reaching palm trees,

Fulgent sun's glare.

Guarded by reef,

Huts shelter;

Indigo angelfish, yellow, charcoal butterfly fish, flush starfish.

Ebony urchins menace, groupers.

Flying gurnard, stingrays

Graysby, lobster, eels,

Hermit, coral crabs.

Impressive palms, shallow clear waters, exploratory kayaks.

Paradise Island

Pelted by salty water as the boat speeds out to sea.

Ascending gentle waves, dropping with a bounce;

Roaring engine slows as the Island approaches.

Away from the world, an island of camel sand. Diving gear waits in the small wooden huts,

In thick dunes of sand preparations are made.

Sea seduces the swimmers, drawing them to the deep;

Enticed away from the burning sands, another world.

Illuminated by sweltering sun rays, sparkling, Submerged below colourful creatures swarm by,

Life teeming, bustling, blobbing but serene.

Aquatic paradise shaded with hues of coral and weed.

Nestling beasts cuddle on the soft, sandy seabed,

Dropping over an underwater ravine, plunging into deeper Nirvana.

The Squall


Belting winds.

Rocking, thrashing, destroying.

Beastly, beauty beyond belief


Honduras: A mist laden bulge in the rough sea;

Beaten by gusts and gales flowing quite free


Terrifying typhoon.

Undulating, unfathomable, unfettered,

Viciously veering, volatile, Valiant Gale.

I Wish I Could Stay Forever

And the sign said, 'I wish I could stay forever.' Overlooking plush oatmeal delicate sand,

Surrounded by flowery, blossoming land, Ceramic pots circumvent filled with pink heather.

Birds of the Bahamas sing an operatic endeavour,

Thunderous clouds gather above the strand,

Elegant waves kiss burning grains of sand,

A fearsome barracuda hunts his prey, clever.

The storm passes and the sun reigns down heat;

Blue skies, blue seas, emerald and rose plants. Silver finned swimmers dart in groups and dance,

Beryl stalks of weed climb from their deep seat.

Behind tropical tress an azure fountain does flow,

Relishing each moment, seizing the day, never wanting to go!


Beaches stretch out for miles,

In front of a bustling tourist street,

Calm waters flow along the shore,

Hordes of turtles swarm and meet.

The grand hotels with marble courtyards, Sunken, specialised, sparkling pool,

Home to tanned, mosaic shelled turtles, Resting, swimming, playing in the cool.

A marble statue of Venus stands elegantly, Ivory, polished and complementing the terrace,

Classical patio overlooking modern water-sports,

They come for the turtles at the hotel Solaris.


I fell in love with the island!

St Thomas's lush, hilly land.

Dragged to the peak in a cable car,

Epic view of port, beach, stunning sea.

White villas scattered across the hills,

Giant ships, squealing gulls with big bills. Away from the town hides a coastal Eden,

Precious paradise, cove brimming, reef, freedom.

Aquarium raised, honours the marine life;

Sea lions, dolphins, rays, deserting life's strife. Locals braid hair at the bar, coconut milk,

Lying in the blazing sun, sand soft as silk.

Resting in warm, gentle tides,

Floating on lilos, stress hides.

My perfect paradise, my beloved island,

My perfect paradise, my beloved island!


Miami left, venturing to the Glades, Crafts wait.

Alligators' menacing eyes.

The thrill, flying through grasslands as fog fades.

Still water; dark, murky waters, black flies, Hiding, the great leather beasts lay in wait.

Deafening, the boat roars as snakes pass by.

Surreal, thick emerald grasses do merge,

They stare; huge, sharp teeth ready to pierce prey.

Osprey flies, soaring over Deltoid Spurge,

They scuttle; rats and rabbits out to play,

Dense marshes, a wonderful bright landscape. Branches filled; butterflies, salamanders.

It slows, the alligators wait to meet, Disembark, hoping to hold the fierce young. Birds watch; egret, ibis, jay and kite greet. He rises, eyes ascend with fangs and tongue. Resting, the baby gator held with care,

Emerging, the demon crawls into air.


At the peak of the wet slide,

Flowing, flume, flying inside,

Racing in the wet,

Sprayed by the strong jet,

Zooming down to the huge tide.

In the water tube spinning,

Soaked hands to the sides clinging.

Whirling through the dark,

Love the water park;

Rushing, spiralling, singing.

The bar goes down, belt is on; a second, the train is gone,

Darting high, drops, loops; tearing through dark hoops,

Adrenaline dissection.

Chair dragged down, elastic,

Shot in the sky fantastic, Stomach sinks deeply,

Hands tremble weakly,

The ride's launch, fairly drastic!

Boating and Bongs

Technical diving






Taking pedaloes



Kite boating



Turkish bath





Yellow tail snapper


Mounting, holding the camel's long reign,

Rising up, tipping clumsily, and tripping. Sandstorms blow, dust hurtles around the train

Guides lead, huge desert dragons, guests gripping.

Stumbling, as gritty dunes rise and fall,

Sun blazes, sweltering heat sweat dripping.

Dismounting, horse and cart waiting for all. Oasis waits, fruit laden trees stretch high, Rocky desert surrounds the turquoise pool.

Bursting trees, exploding leaves and blue sky, Bronzing rocks, scattered plants bloom in the sand.

Burrowing jerboa in soils lie

Threatening, threatening scorpions land; Creeping out of the desert rocks, and sand.


In Egypt Tutankhamen returned to Thebes where columns adorned temples tall.

The Priests ruled heftily hating his heretic father monotheism; Aten and all!

Hatshepsut's temple with evenly spaced columns, tiered with a lengthy ramp,

Overshadowed by stony natural desert walls, built when flame was the only lamp.

Bold Ramesses stands tall immortalised in stone,

Relics derelict in his hall.

Beyond, deep below the surface the stifling

Tombs where kings were entombed call. Tutankhamen's short reign bled treasures held captive in his tomb after his fall,

The clean priests held power on the other-side of the Nile,

Temple paint damp.

In Egypt.

Paintings of ritual, myths of the gods,

Hieroglyphs embellish tales on the wall,

Giant figures of great Pharaohs and leaders,

Sphinx avenues and obelisks draw and pull. Careful architecture directs sunlight through slits,

Explorers left on columns their stamp,

Rowing and fishing on the river in the past,

Relaxing on a steamboat; tourists now cramp,

Visions of ancient workers merge with modern poor society washing in dirty water sprawl.

In Egypt.

Flying Over Napa

Harness joins silk chute.

Breeze picks up as boat speeds up,

Released into sky.

Serene, peaceful, floating high.

Azure water shimmers teal

Wet bikes whizz below;

Dots speckled on azure rug!

Foam shoots fair satin.

Strangely, perfectly silent,

Floating free, blissful warm air.

Golden sand contrasts Jade grass and trees’ colour!

Perfect picture plants;

So still, serene, sun-drenched view.

Vision of falling deep, wet

Truly living life.

The taste of salt, seaweed smells,

Fish shadows below.

Postcard images engraved, never to be forgotten

Holy City

Jesus prayed in the divine, exotic garden of Gethsemane.

Each quarter telling a different tale!

Robed Muslims stream through alleyways as Rabbis write to the wall.

Under their hair the women wipe the slab in Golgotha;

Steam mists with incense swing from priests’ arms.

Ancient ruins lovingly preserved, orthodox ornaments.

Lying in the valley splattered with emerald bushes;

Evidence of devotion point skywards from holy buildings.

Many small homes steeped in sandy hills surround the Holy City.


Classical Colosseum,

Regal Vatican and art;

Two worlds meet here.

Classical artworks adorn.

Profound stadium,

Where Christians were destroyed.

Seating fifty-five thousand;

Gladiators brawl.

Arches of the great forum.

Churches lie everywhere,

Poor souls pray and beg.

Phenomenal tall archway.

Round Castle St. Angelo,

Ageing aqueducts,

St. Peter's Basilica.

Sistine chapel craft ceiling,

Roman baths, arches,

Columns, gardens, Piazzas.


The great lake stretches in the valley like a small, blue sea.

Terracotta houses rise from the water deep,

Boats smoothly move across the pond, beyond lies Chamonix.

Mountains shade the background; the lake holds a keep.

Cafes overlook the lagoon's ornamental bridges neat.

The great lake stretches in the valley like a small, blue sea,

Snow-capped mountains sigh in the distance with sleep.

Dark beaches entice punts moored close to the street.

Boats smoothly move across the pond, beyond lies Chamonix

Canals and waterways spread through the town, bikes creep.

Muttering diners overlook the streams from nearby seats.

The great lake stretches in the valley like a small, blue sea,

Spires rise from rooftops, lush green foliage spreads and seeps.

Clustered in bouquets of flora on the mountainous sheet.

Boats smoothly move across the pond, beyond lies Chamonix

Outside of Annecy log houses drape over the hills near the deep,

Annecy air smells so fresh, crisp and sweet.

The great lake stretches in the valley like a small, blue sea.

Boats smoothly move across the pond, beyond lies Chamonix!


Contrasting landscapes;

Central volcanic moon rock,

Scarce desert plant shoots

Mount Teide bursting high,

Jagged rocks thrown wistfully.

Cable car ascends.

Imported gold sands;

Bustling southern beaches,

Crystal clear waters.

Black sediment,

North Aquatic Park, fish and birds;

Array of colour.

Astonishing loved;

Sea lions, cute whiskered face.

Perishing penguins.

Kranska Gora

Applying sun cream in the snow,

Adorning darkened glasses.

Basking in sunlit ice,

Big lined suit hugging close.

Carrying poles and pass,

Clambering onto the lift.

Detaching, snow ploughing,

Drifting from side to side.

Easily slipping on ice,

Everyone gliding and dropping.

Fluffy snow settling on sheets,

Falling occasionally.

Grasping the poles for balance,

Gritty, slushing runs.

Handing the skis over,

Holding the handlebars.

Inflamed with excitement,

Ideal extreme sport.

Jet black bike on skis,

Jolting forward rapidly.

Kites fly high in the sky,

Kick starts up slippery hills.

Leaping from a small peak,

Living dangerously.


I found my beloved home in Mayo;

Rolling hills overlooking the ocean.

Seals and dolphins meet by the head, Scrutinised by puffs of sheep.

Boat laden piers in coastal parishes,

Wrecks emerging from Davy Jones' locker. Mountainous cliffs, rushing rivers,

Pouring into the sea's waiting mouth.

Rocks emanate from the waves, housing fish. Sandy beaches spread for miles!

Stunning turquoise coves curve,

Caves gaze at lively rock pools.

Old monasteries and manor ruins,

Spread between farmlands and fields.

Taverns ring folk music as the sunsets.

The catch of the day makes it to the fryer.

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