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A Collection of Smiles

A poem book


Apoorva Chadha

Copyright © 2018 by Apoorva Chadha

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the prior permission in writing from the author.

This book is dedicated to a very special person,

who always treated me like a princess,

care about me like an angel,

and love me selflessly,

My dear Mom.


A collection of smile

Words will be less

You in me

Spread it in the air

Let me choose for you

We will meet

Voice is healing

When I meet an angel

Message from my soul

Star of night

How it's feel

Season's in life

Sun is shining the brightest

Friend's forever

Whenever I close my eyes

I secretly care

A Collection Of Smile

Few days before i started creating a collection,

A collection before infront of you i never mention,

Hope you will find my love in it,

Because making you feel special with it is my intension.

Let's start talking about it without wasting time,

I guess it will work for you as a lifeline,

Take a deep breath and close your eyes,

Now use your heart to make yourself remind.

The smile that come on your face,

When you become the reason of someone else smile,

The smile that come on your face,

When you meet a special person after long time,

The smile that come on your face,

When you remind yourself your school life,

The smile that come on your face,

When you notice the sky of your dreams has no limits for flying,

The smile that come on your face,

When you make your own wings to achieve the sky,

The smile that come on your face,

When someone notice the secrets you hided in your words and your lines.

I collected all of them,

And stored them in my memories,

Now you can take them from me,

As a gift of your bestie.

Words will be less

If i try to express,

Words will be less,

But those beautifull moments,

Will never come back.

Whenever we will remember them,

It will make us smile,

And we will definitely want,

To live those moments again.

Where will i go,

after being angry with you,

Just call my name from your heart

And you will find me near you.

Everyone say in promises,

To be with each-other for whole life,

But i want to live in your memories.

Even after i die.

I will hide myself in rain drops,

And make you smile,

Sometimes i will be the sunbeam,

And play up with you.

Maybe i will never show,

How much i care about you,

But every thought of my heart,

I will only share with you.

You in me

When i need to cry i found your shoulder,

When i need to smile you create the reason,

When i fall down you bacome the holder,

When i noticed the strom you become my spring season.

With you i feel alive,

Without you afraid,

My feelings for you are deep like ocean,

And wthout you in this world i will fade.

The bond of love in our lifes,

Is like a bond of moon in night,

No one see me without you,

And you can't be loved without me.

I can't play the role of you in me,

All i want is you to stay as we,

You are the quest and my destiny,

For my happiness you are the key.

Spread it in the air

The peace you carry in your soul,

The love you carry in your thoughts,

Spread it in the air,

In this world it needs to be involve.

In your every breath,

In your every heartbeat,

Spread it in the air,

If their is something someone else need.

The art of your souvenir life,

It is time to show the world,

Spread it in the air,

Don't be affraid of results,

Sunrise will support your words,

And sunsets will prove others wrong,

Spread your shine in the air,

If the night will be long.

Let me choose for you

Let me choose for you,

The fragrence of flower,

The drops of rain,

A fairy tail,

And a story of gain.

Let me choose for you,

Flow of river,

Destination as ocean,

Journey to self,

And some love potion.

Let me choose for you,

To make your life ineffable,

To be ethereal,

To see the whole world,

To do something ferial.

Let me choose for you,

Absence of pain,

And getting serendipity,

Freedom for being you,

With faith in your ability.

We will meet

Just look at the sun,

That rising in the sky,

Maybe that will tell you,

When and why.

We will meet,

We will meet again,

In the world of dreams,

With a little rain.

With a smile on face,

And tears in eyes,

When you will be with me,

For my whole life.

I will hold your hand,

And make you feel you are only mine,

Forever it is,

I can see that in your angelic eyes shine.

I will fill the abyss of my heart

With your cute impression,

And give it you,

To take care of it in every situation.

Voice is healing

Birds are singing,

My favourite song,

Alarm is ringing,

A special tone,

Their voice is healing me,

Because we have a very strong bond.

Thunder voice is telling,

I am not alone,

Clouds are calling me,

From the beyond,

Their voice is healing me,

Because we have a very strong bond.

My angles are saying,

Our relation is lifelong,

They are showing me on my way,

I was not wrong,

Their voice is healing me,

Because we have a very strong bond.

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