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We Are Stardust”

A Collection of Poems


Peter A. Turner

Published by

Rattlesnake Ridge Publishing

Copyright: July 6, 2018

Dedication: This short book of poems is dedicated to those people in my life past and present who have inspired me. Some I have known for most of my life and some came into my life and left all too soon.


I really could not tell you where these poems came from. Certainly, I don’t consider myself a poet, or a writer, despite having written two books. I never paid much attention or had much interest in poetry. My ninth grade English teacher did her best to pass on her love of poetry, but at the time I was more interested in the cute blond that sat in front of me. Maybe it just took sixty plus years for the seed my teacher planted to finally bear fruit. I guess that just goes to show that lock up within all of us are talents that we are not aware of and that for whatever reason “pop up” and demand to be heard.

So with apologies to my ninth grade English teacher, I present to you a short book of poems, or better yet, a short collection of poems that “popped up” a few years ago and then disappeared.

There is no special theme to these poems, some are humorous, (at least I think so,) and some are sad, but I hope you will at least enjoy one or two. Who knows, maybe by reading these poems a talent might just “pop up” and inspire you to try new things.


1. We Are Stardust

2. Life Is Too Short

3. Old Man-Old Woman Blues

4. I’m a Senior Citizen!

5. Welcome Home Brothers

6. I Got a Note Today

7. Night Whisperers

8. Perhaps

9. My Brother

10. Fear Not

11. Summer Where Have You Gone????

12. You!

13. Top Down Cruising

14. Head Full of Poems

15. Love’s Inspiration

16, No Words for Love

17. Storm Hysteria!

18. When the Lion of England Roared!

19. Does a Bird Know?


The older I get the more I realize that death is simply another journey we all we take someday. Near death experiences, all seem to have one thing in common, and that is that our consciousness or Soul never dies.

Stardust” was inspired by my Mom who saw death as just another adventure. Mom enjoyed life and instilled in me a lifelong love of reading and learning. Mom was also fearless, always willing to try new things. When told she was too old for heart surgery, she went to another doctor who agreed to the operation. When she was in her eighties her nephew asked if she would like to go to Ireland and Mom jumped at the chance. Later in her nineties, she happily moved across the country to Prescott, Arizona with my sister.

Mom was born with only one good eye, but that did not stop her from getting a driver’s license. Towards the end of her life, Mom had a stroke in her good eye rendering her blind. However, she did not let it get her down. She said,”I could see for more than ninety years and I have wonderful memories.” So Mom here’s to you, I know you are out there somewhere on an amazing adventure.


We are Stardust.

Or so I’ve been told.

Immortal Beings, Eternal Souls,

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