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Unquiet Minds

Catherine Micqu

ISBN: 9780463095720

Title: Unquiet Minds

Author: Catherine Micqu

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc

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For Patrick,

Olivier, Giulia, and Amalia

Unquiet Minds


My eyes are closed

My eyes are dreaming.

I leave footsteps

I leave blisters.

My words are cold

My words are burning.

I am not here

I am not here.

My mind is filled

my mind is empty.

I can’t decide

I can’t understand.

Behind closed eyes

Behind closed thoughts.

There is only me in this cage

There is only me and, I am not awake.

The Voice Keeps Whispering

In my ears, I hear the voice,

It’s whispering the truths I always try to avoid.

I know so many things,

But I ignore them until my ship sinks.

Too many people play nice

But inside their chests, they hide a heart of ice.

Call me a fool

Maybe even try to make me your tool,

But you will never bend me your way,

Because I am the one with the last say.

I discussed and thought about it at length

In my soul is a lot of hidden strength.

Silence! Hush now, you evil voice.

I ban you out of my head and forbid that ongoing noise.

The voice keeps whispering, and that is not bad

Yes, sometimes it makes me sad

But there are also the times when it tells me to hold on fast

And leave the memories where they belong – in the past.

On second thought, don’t vanish, you beautiful voice,

Just remind me that I have a choice.

You guide me when I’m lost

Under the searing sun and the misty frost.

Never let me fall apart,

Just consider this another start.

Whispers are louder than screams,

At least that’s what the voice said in my dreams.

Lover Of Mine

Lover of mine

I see the glittering sun setting at the end of the ocean

Your face cast in ethereal glows.

Oh, how I am reminded of the way my heart is on the line.

Golden shadows hush over heaven and earth

And as the world falls asleep,

Our flames are ignited, we can feel it in our spines.

Darkness consumes us, but not from within

A blazing fire keeps our souls entwined,

In a million there is no lover’s story of this kind.

Days fall asleep and nights are awoken

Moons are full, and some are broken,

But all is fine, as long as you’re with me,

Lover of mine.

Hold On

Hold on

I am blind, I can’t see,

Hold on

Touch me, let me feel

Hold on

Mirror my heart

Hold on

Let me see your body’s art.

Hold on

Wish yourself closer to me

Hold on

I am the one where you always wanted to be.

Dreams shattered into a million tiny pieces

Reflections became dull

Hold on until the pressure releases

And seeing is no longer direful.

Come Home

Waiting at the crossroads

Waiting at the station

For you to come home.

Waking in the morning hours

Waking whenever I am asleep

Cause you will come home.

Wading through deep waters

Wading through muddy thoughts

Because you will come home.

And as I wander in my mind

And as I try to remember your eyes

I keep waiting – for you to come home.

To Be With You

She kept dancing while she was drowning

Never missing a smile or frowning.

There was light in her life, more than she saw

And there was dark too, but fear was uncalled for.

She danced until she didn't drown anymore

And she swam until her lungs were sore.

There was hope in his eyes, a light from within

Maybe allowing the spark to ignite

Would end in some skin on skin?

She danced with her feet firmly on the ground

Readying herself for whatever life threw in the next round.

There were things she would never understand

Some pulled her under like quicksand.

But with him at her side

She walked with her head held up in pride.

Lost in music and a magical tune

She held him under the full moon.

Once she was drowning, but now she could swim

All she needed was to be with him.


Hard rain could make this dry heart blossom again

Equinox could end forty days of dark night

Eternal flames could melt a frozen soul.


The hard rain drenches us to the core leaving us uncomfortable

Equinox blinds our eyes and prevents us from seeing what is in front of us

Eternal flames leave never healing scars.

Under tons of concrete hides a romantic mind

It is wrapped in cynicism

Only a sledgehammer can free this trapped heart.

It Takes Time











It takes time to heal

It takes time to love

It takes time to live

It takes time to be

Alternative Truths

Naked lies wrapped in invisible clothes

Clear as the day and yet concealed

Alternative truths

Spoken by split tongues.

Too many broken oaths

Their consequences will never be revealed

Never ending bad news

Made convincing with popular songs.

Pictures On The Wall

Your life hangs in pictures on the walls

Your life collected in an album on a shelf

Memories you made

A smile

A frown

People who walked along with you on a part of your path

Your life in pictures

A neat collection of events

Everything not kept in a frame didn't happen

Everything not kept in a frame became too important to forget.

This Is Who We Became

This is who we became.

The world changed, and nothing will be the same.

Chivalry and being a gentleman as a boy equals weakness

Girls are only admired following blindly and their sleekness.

I don't want my children to forget how to be human

I want them to be happy and bloomin'.

They need positivity and people they look up to

Not leaders who split the world in two.

We decide and have a choice

Sometimes though, there is no way to hear our protesting voice.

We are not dumb!

But what have we done?!

The world changed, and nothing will be the same

This is who we became.

The Sky Is The Limit

The sky broke every promise ever made

When it revealed its hidden limits

Hope seemed to fade

As they divided every one of their favourite gimmicks.

“The sky is the limit” was a lie

He found the edge and fell off

Nobody found the broken heart that was left to die

Three two one – not ready for takeoff.

The diamonds in the sky had lost their spark

Being, existing, became dull and quite hard

Blindly, unseeing – how could he find a way out of the dark?

All he knew was that in the light he would find a new start.

The sky and the stars and the moon and the sun

Everything he once believed in proved to be wrong

The rose-tinted glasses were gone

But he didn’t stop to look out for the One.

He would light the moon for her

And push the clouds away

Until the past hurt would become a distant blur

And he would promise to give her the sky and the stars, come whatever may.

Black Soul

There's a black soul

Hidden in a dark hole.

It is rising up

Reaching for power.

Nothing can make it stop;

We should start filling guns with flowers.

Where are the heroes now?

The dreamers and the believers, they are all gone too.

And while we are still trying to figure out how

The most important in our life floats out of view.

We need to find cracks in the walls

Use hammers to bring them down

And brush the dust off when we fall.

Save hope - don't let it drown.

Spread the light and let it soak every last part within

Feel the emotions explode

Revel in this new feeling

But never forget that our time down here is only borrowed.

And that

There is a black soul

Trying to pull us into a black hole.

You Are In Me

You are in me

In my breath

And in my dreams

You are in me

In my blood

And in my soul

You are in me

In my cells

And in my memories

You are in me

In my thoughts

And in my words

You are in me

Ghost of a past love

You are in me

We Are Made Of Emotions

Under the full moon, we stand

We are all made of emotions

Some are within others are explosions surrounding us

Drip Drip Drip

Memories of you are dipping off the edge of my mind, forming a puddle at my feet.

I might drown in the melancholia of past days.

The November rain mingles with the remnants of my grief.

To hold you again, to taste your skin one last time.

Greed... It all comes down to greed because I need more - more time. More of everything.

Memories of you are dipping off the edge of my mind, turning into a river.

I fall off the cliff. Catch me when I lose my wings.

Gone - and all I want is you.

You Got Me

You got me to believe in myself

You got me to find hope

In the arms of the unknown

You were the safe path.

You got to me and my emotions

You got to me and my winter heart

In your eyes, I saw a story

Of you. Of me. Of a shared future.

I got you, and you got me too

Waiting, falling – for you.

Falling Slowly

falling through and down

a sea of tears overlapping from the past

takes the breathing air.

I refuse to let you in

toxic thoughts - I won't open the door

but you find the cracks in my walls.

Infest my weak soul like a cancer

the past is in the past and right here next to me.

Set me free

I can't hurt myself enough to forget the pain that makes me live.

Some things can never be forgotten

clawing at my skin - I want to forget.

Falling down and through

to the place where memories are like thorns from a rose.

The Riddle Of The Night

In the riddle of the night

He is sliding down the rainbow

Down it goes

Drowning in a pot of nightmares.

The bony hand reaching out

Breaks under his weight

A guilty conscience

Still growing.

All the grudges and regrets

The missed opportunities

The people who were pushed into the rain

He fears at night when he sees them in the light.

It's a dreadful moment

In a mad world

He loved to hate

And the rabbit stole his last grasp of sanity.

Under the rainbow is no shelter

Lost lustre

And silent screams

He begs for someone to solve the riddle of the night.

One More Chance

Empty vessel in my skin

You close the door

And I am not here

Trapped within.

There is no way out of this cage

Nothing left to chose

Yet everything left to lose

Blank page.

Call for my mind

But don't hurt me again

I can't bear the pain

Please, don't leave me behind.

With you gone

I turn to the riverman

To give a helping hand

To take me away at dawn.

And the river understands the silent words

It remembers where you are

And that we will always remain close, never far

We became sherds.

Cut bleeding on this broken love

Our dreams became nightmares

Lovesongs pushed down the steepest stairs

Why couldn't we rise above?

What happened to all those rhymes you whispered at night?

Your voice belongs to another one

Your light became another one's sun

And I keep searching for you, far and wide.

Our year wasn't wasted

But I can't find the words to say

Please stay

Your lips were the sweetest I have ever tasted.

I cower in the corner of my mind

Wishing myself into your arms

Where there is no one inflicting never healing harms

Please come back - I am there; easy to find.

Cold Winds

Cold winds blowing

My ashes out of the willow tree

I used to be free.

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