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Wesley Hesketh

Copyrighted 2016 by Wesley Hesketh

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1. A mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination:

"mindscapes, in which memories from an American childhood

mingle with those from the fantasy world of the films" (Grace Gluck).

2. A representation of such a scene or area, as in a work of art.

3. The range of a person's thoughts and imagination,

regarded as a panorama capable of being,

contemplated by another person; mentally.

4. A meaning of the world of the mind.

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I sit here in this emptiness

filled with vacant dreams

Lost here in this loneliness

drowned out by screams.

If my mind goes wondering

it only makes me sad.

I'd lose so many things

the best I've ever had.

So I'm frozen to this spot

where nowhere is the real.

How can I stop stumbling

when I'm afraid to feel.

The pains they shoot again

slowly grinding me down.

I cry out in hopes I'm heard.

but no one is around.

So I slowly vanish

or really so it seems.

And to finally wake up

to find I'm just a dream.



-Table of Contents

Meaning of Mindscape Forward Endless Screams

Getting Well Part of Me Not so Good

A Nightmare My Murder Up All Night

Drifting Pages Shelved New way

Into reality Me and I Changed My Mind

Difference Raging Stream Stand

Mindscape Elusive Sleep Looking for Me

Next Time Very Real Footprints

My Mind Wondering Earth Bound

Lost in Sleep New ways Rushing Mind

Lost Flight Dancing Music

Life's Door Me? Only a Scream

Positive Thinking Roadblock Nothing

Simple Words Plain Words things

Put Myself Away Realities of Life Playing Sit Here Waiting Quiet Screams Reality Check

Questioning Scrambled Trapped in a Dream Troubled Mind So Far Working Through Me

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Endless Screams

Purple shades of evening

covers all my lawn.

I look for the answer

I will lose before I’m gone.

The scream that goes on endlessly

drowning all my thoughts and deeds.

The nightmare just hangs around

empting me of sleep I need.

I cannot find the purpose

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