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Life Imitating Stars

Copyright 2018 By Robert Zwilling

Smashwords Edition

A Dreaming News Publication


Asteroid Fever

Short Stories

Steam Age Fighter


Living in The Event Horizon Of A Big Mud Hole

More Connected Than We Think

Green Fire Rains

Life Imitating Stars

Table Of Contents

Whose Dreams

The Other World

After Awhile

Printed Pages

Who Owns That


Stories About Us

Public Sediment

Chariots On Fire

How Many Stories Does a Picture Tell


Event Horizon

Global Dimming

The Store

Global Village

Slow Walking

Different Stories Paint The Same Picture

Eternal Mind Machines

Water Fountain Minds

Was It Really Just Fiction Dorian Gray

Castles Made of Sand

Digital Substances

The Problem With Wormholes

Parking Lots Imprinted With Binding Force

Cell Phones The Thrill Of Dead Air

Tomorrow Was Yesterday

Walking Into The Past

Bound By Borders That Go Absolutely Nowhere

It’s A Gift Please Recycle

Sustainable Growth

In The Shadow Of Dinosaurs

Some Facts Are Fonts Shaping Every Letter

Water Fountain Minds Revisited

Writing The Truth Creates The Future

No One Is An Island

Animal Jobs Out Sourced To No One

The Gyres Grinding Machines

Asteroid Fever The Book

Where Do Books Come From

Water Fountain Trees

Welcome Seas The Light

Mary Shelley

Multiple Worlds In The Same Space And Time

Is This Virtual Reality

Mapped Borders Changed The Sky

Reading Animal Works

Whose Dreams

Dreams are not yours or ours to tell

And if you think

You can dream and tell

Forget that

What you tell ain't what happened

What you wanted to see but didn't

What you wanted to hear but didn't

So don't tell

You’re only lying

In the dust of broken promises not ours to keep


The Other World

The day you find out the news comes as a shock

There are many worlds here intersecting and colliding

Two of the biggest, the world of water and the world of land

Breathing the same air with so much in common

Actually two planets sharing the same space

But one eats the other never giving it a chance

Both have huge fleets, highways and byways

Vast communities of stone built up over time

Sonar and ray guns, electric shocks and smoke clouds

Cities and schools with so much in common

Presidents and kings, workers and scavengers

For millions of years the garbage rained on the oceans

At first it was okay but the times slowly changed

From the start the trash was always quite nourishing

Trash became poisonous good only for burying in the dirt

It was like a harmless plastic asteroid had struck the Earth

Saturated with plastic the dirt still smells pretty good

Poor food for the young and nothing for thought

Life leaked from the water where it found dry land

Never looking back life on both worlds were equal

Many never see as we eat our way through to another day

Discounting intelligence and emotions not measured

Languages not common though most say they don’t speak

Thought patterns are similar but who reads minds

So common in fact the sea corals battle for reef space

Carries through to our super market shelves

Why is the outside so important, what matters the least

Can’t judge a book by its cover or where it was published

There is a punch line we never knew which packs quite a punch

The life on the land is only a reflection of what lies in the oceans

As the source dies out the reflection fades forever out of view

No one knows the life in the water keeps it all real


After Awhile

Years spent gliding far above the fray

Soaring on wings a feeling so powerful

Now taking wide turns really out of control

Running on thoughts stumbling through life

Leaping into conversations like it was yesterday

Stepping out of step the illusion crumbles

Thoughts motor boating all across the mind

Driven by goals bodies flying through time

Leaving wakes of destruction mostly unfelt

Walking programed paths the dust barely rises

Everything put to memory is stuck in time

Might not be recalled same as it happened

Yesterday today and tomorrow


Printed Pages

Reading a book can be like wearing a mask

Pretending it is you living throughout the story

Or maybe you're a ghost watching from above

Gliding through emotions drawn on printed pages

How can this be done reading thoughts at a glance

How can we feel the true meanings not experienced

Repeatedly going from safety to ultimate disasters

Laughter and sadness divided by merely flipping pages

Pages saved in the mind remembered out of order

Feeling out of context who knows what happens later

How does one react from hidden repressed meanings

Random awakenings after shocks and forward flashes

The world printed out brings hidden feelings into view


Who Owns That

Do you ever wonder about grapes

Who is really running that liquid scene

Perhaps we will never listen to talking plants

Since time began they have always been around

Are they more solid than rocks in the ground

Did grapes build their own empires to dizzying heights

The stickly vines always demanding attention

Busily swirling the carrot poured in a glass

Digging in the ground flapping in the breeze

Anchored by a plant that owns forever

Should we plant the roots coming out of our feet



Is time only now, with no future or past

Everything electrified like being mummified

Completely mechanized people running like clocks

They eat before hunger drawn by a bell

For others the pains of hunger ring true

Self medicating for everything I face the night

Most seem afraid to live without numbness

All foods are drugs the chemicals of frustration

Best living today with a mouthful of whatever

Flying with spirits makes no difference to me

What if I presumed there would be some pain

One moments notice seen tacked to the wall

Automatic thinking guided by guarded insight

Just get through the day without cares or thought

Words climb into sight but fail to ignite

Morally blinded and to all a proud life

Basically speaking without a whole lot of exceptions

There are four kinds of people walking the land

Those that have plenty and huge footprints of course

The ones with something whose footprints are smaller

Those with little who are growing footprints for all

Last are the ones with nothing and no footprint to bear

Workers are carbonized shadows, faceless, ignored

The silent movie Metropolis comes to mind

We are standing on workers shoulders below our feet

How little we notice the invisible pyramid holding us up

Secured with stretched out promises how few we keep

All of our mechanical toys built by those we never see

The products of their work too bad it all tags us

Who really owns the labor when we play the tunes

With hand held computers plotting out gloom

Health bought and paid for not worth the trouble

Chained together, health is everyone’s weakest link

Next to yesterday’s child with a patched worked up quilt

Time waits for no one, the connection is there, we only wait


Stories About Us

Happily sawing a branch off the tree of entertainment

Plainly stated I am standing on the wrong side of it

The one you fall off when it falls to the ground

Stories written by us, about us, and not the people

Characterizations of imaginary people evolving

Forget about plots, endless wakes of destruction

Don't know the time, yet time after time, it’s about us

The world never changes, the stories never grow old

We change to meet the times, rising out of our ashes

Becoming our former selves we again live the dream

We imagine we learn but surely it’s not by reading

That comes from experiences that change us

Dickens is still just as popular as he ever was

Some will say it’s just another book in the wall

Always staying the same worlds change without us


Public Sediment

All that information falling through the web

From out of the clear sky data rains downward

Websites emails articles blogs movies and songs

Unread messages from the past falling off the screen

Words published once forever saved in eternal afterlife

All that flash the first time a messages gets posted

If you even saw them hanging high like a sky rocket

The fate of most when the day is over sinking in the morass

Word veins scattered amidst the collapsing debris of data

The network of life buries more than it exposes

Lurking in the sunken sediment of accidents and riches

Public sentiment knows no bounds hidden only by itself

Tales of freedom not in the book section the streets or the mall

Our thoughts always surviving by the most diligent searches

The web is our digital afterlife where memories have to be mined


Chariots On Fire

Physically the idea was designed without consequences

From polarized pictures fogged by judgments

Vision centers drew images far from another time

Sights not normally seen where faces rarely human

Simple embellishments like horns blowers and seats

Thinking on all four wheels animal spirits shine through

Looking deep within, it could no longer be denied

Running on animal time using preconceived notions

Mechanized dinosaurs had been brought back to life

Strong caves replaced by houses weakly anchored

Water dripping from cracks now surged from pipes

Cars became focal points the center of destruction

Composite steel bodies with rubber claws and big feet

Built to withstand climatic whirl wind disturbances

Exhausts billowing out from dragons walking the streets

Machine like tornados sucking up large pieces of ground

All that you put in it is spewed out as spent garbage

With a microchip brain without a dead man's switch

Without warning a virus could sneak in and steal it

So informed I keep mine chained to a large oak tree


How Many Stories Does a Picture Tell

What could go wrong

Judging a book by its cover

A big business nowadays

Digitally printed so enticing

Covers scream buy this book

Satellites flying over the poles

Always snapping pictures

Year after year clearly seen

The surface area of the ice

Spreading out and receding

Supposedly vital information

It’s hard to read a soggy book

Melting from the bottom up

Shallow depth of the ice

Never even suspected

The poles already melted

Just haven’t finished yet



The sky is filled with fantasies, the land scarred by memories

We are all made of our pasts now and forever

We are fountains fed by the waters of the galaxy

The tri point is a special place where forces are balanced

Father son and spirit blossom from water steam and ice

But now there are super states pressured by gravity

Like liquid ice, frozen steam and solid not frozen water

Still the waters flow as ice continues to fall from the sky

We live in curious times where many worlds come alive

At the same cross points folded in space this place is not isolated

Born with a thirst that can be satisfied by almost anything

Not cut off from the universe as some would have us believe

Throughout the universe water is everywhere with life not far behind

Bodies of water bigger than our solar system freely roam the skies

The frozen comets speed forth bringing life in the fast lane

I can see it all now, shopping malls and high rise apartments

Simply means dirty cosmic snowballs were once thrown here


Event Horizon

A muddy sticky muck washing along the entire beach shore

Round the world it goes a window to the planet's soul

Mucky muck, a very thin sheet of mud hardly noticeable

A narrow zone between the water and the seabed floor

Stretching from the beaches to the ocean's greatest depths

A thin line of muddiness where everything just floats

Standing in water feel the event horizon of a big mud hole

That fine collection of debris floating by your toes

The floating sediment surface and the water right above it

The Benthic Zone, it's a window to the bottom of the sea

Stretched horizontally it goes for miles and miles and miles

Covers all the ocean floors some seven miles deep

And yet you can touch a far off piece of the ocean floor

By walking in a thin sheet of muddy water at the water’s edge

Pulled by gravity the mud slides to the bottom of the sea

While the water just above is pulled back to the shore

This thin sheet of water connects the depths to the land

Life travels through it from side to side, and end to end

In the event horizon of a big mud hole


Global Dimming

It was always so simple showed the whole picture

Computers told the story with charts and graphs

With virtual glossy photos and circles and lines

With words on the back it seemed like a good thing

Machines looking at the world in place of human eyes

Using all the data it was a predictor of things to come

Looking at the world without touching the dirt

Through data lensed eyes it was hoped answers would come

There are many among us who look though digital eyes

Telling everyday people what lies in the future

The world is warming some want you to believe

Their computers tell them so and they would never lie

Their models are true full of data and formulas

Presenting packaged thoughts too complex to prove

The world is not changing chants the opposing side

We have the models to prove its natural and normal

What is happening is completely all right no reason for fright

Opposing models face off on the digital homeland

Neither side ventures out without their digital lenses

Their minds cleared of dust the computers do the modeling

Along comes a spider that sits down beside them

Carrying a sign that says global dimming is happening now

Uncaring the opposing sides glaring through digital lenses

The spider has luggage filled with old fashioned data

Before computers were kings and books held all the knowledge

Readings from dusty photo cells and farmers old water pans

Charts scribbled with numbers recorded in the great outdoors

When farmers were out there writing down measurements

Making simple evaporation tables kept only in books

And the photo cells said the sun rays were apparently dimming

But the believers and the naysayers both joined together

They said their models are all right the sun is not dimming

Your photo cells have dust in their lenses our data is clean

The water pan data is just all wet and we can prove it

With our digital eyes we can imagine the truth

The way it turned out the sun always shone the same

The clouds and dust making an unpredictable iris

The water vapor and smoke rarely blending smoothly

Drifting through the sky the sun shined through layers

Every day was different but no one ever noticed

The only way to see it was to stand out in the dirt

Real data without satellites without millions of dollars spent

The truth is out there just don't use a computer to see it

As real life would have it with all sides right and wrong

That's what you get when nobody's right and everybody's wrong

Just call it global change because that what it is


The Store

So I fumbled just a little but enough

I am saddened why do people think so cruel

Makes me wonder so I fumble practicing rites

That are supposed to brighten the night

But you know they don't run out of matches

Still there are connections that strongly exist

With all the lights playing on the brilliant displays

Flat foam backed plastic capsules that insulate all

You pick up the package so many to choose

There is no connection the blood drips clean

Can you pick up a piece of yesterday’s life

And walk on your path without a second thought

Maybe the Garden of Eden was a meat free zone


Global Village

So much has been written, spoken, and imagined

Can anyone know the consequences of what it all means

The opening of space not seen before, but already experienced

Immobile the old person sitting in a chair on the twentieth floor

The light bulb, the infinite idea maker, fire came before it

Working together a global village could fix the worlds ills

In case you are lost the entire village is the planet Earth

Which brings up a situation that no one considered

If you can see it by any means possible including by video

You can feel what you are looking at today or tomorrow

No lofty ideas, no helping hands, just the simple thought

With the insulation of time gone if you can see it you can feel it

Originally thought it would only be ideas and expressions of taste

All that traveling through space at the speed of light

It was just supposed to be a teleportation of visions

But now that we know that exotic disease we saw on the tube

Eight thousand miles away is hopping on a jet plane

Coming straight to a hometown somewhere near us

Better to start curing the ills of today for tomorrow is now


Slow Walking

Nothing left to see

Marching madly

Two per line

Sometimes three

Metallic colored robots

Glisten and gleam

Riding clean machines

Thunder roars

Lightning swift

Fright that flows

In their sockets

Joints frozen

To sail the skies

Fly the oceans

Past midnight marchers

Minds gone slivers only

Through time so swiftly

Instructions still flowing

Carrying robot mobiles

Down asphalt trails

Driving madly

On expired errands

From long ago


Different Stories Paint The Same Picture

People like to ask this or that, which cause is it

Diametrically opposed always sounds better

Makes it seem like a choice when there is none

Designed to divide, hiding the true cause

Nature or nurture, who gets the blame,

Always a game which contributes more

Experience counts, how you got it is another story

One hundred billion stories, give or take a few

The source of climatic fluctuations, manmade or natural

Its always been both, there's never a crossroads

Warming cooling dimming it’s all happening at once

No way to tell the difference until it reaches the end

Neither one helping the other, we didn’t help either

Cultural or biological, easy to think the other

What if the end result of consuming the planet

Is always the same, Monsters of the Id we cry out

This or that, it’s always the same, shifting the blame

Pick one or the other, trick question answer is both

More causes if you want the truth, there is no dividing line


Eternal Mind Machines

Instructions come handed down through the ages

Wired up for life feedback makes our programs run

Machines don't need correct answers to pass the Turing Test

Creating a strategy that erases time life repeats itself

Facing an infinite number of clues and flights of fancy

Information carried by genetic memories mixes with the truth

Living a program that's been running five million years

Still running through grasslands leaving the trees behind

Programed for life plants grooming our memories

Dressing up our existence with immaterial wares

Independent hands still weaving the same kinds of tapestries

Everything from clothing to cars made of metallic fibers

Everyone's plans carried down through generations

Separated by time, not always speaking to each other

Always the same little changes not always to our liking

Funnier still how even the dreams remain the same


Water Fountain Minds

As single causes with no exceptions

Offer nothing with everything for others

The only way to win is not to play

Born again is bartering without profits

For another day of the status quo

Money spent is another vote of approval

Better we build the roads to our homes

Always replacing what was used

Clearly defines lack of co-operation

Talking about problems use to work

Now it only serves as entertainment

Like another brick in the digital wall

Flip on your water fountain's mind

With no connection to reality

We marvel at consciousness

We think therefore we are

A gift only supposedly for people

Thinking thoughts is not enough

Not even real we know nothing

Money is heroin for the mind

Is that a whole song or just a line

As the sun goes round the earth

We pretend new discoveries

Forgotten by discrimination

The oasis rocky with water

A naturally wayward station

Just right for traveling souls

The center of nothing but lost arts

New fires burn dimly with smoke

Swinging sky lightens and darkens

By day or night partial dimming

Those that really care always trying

Without help they have to work harder

Always burning out we praise them


Was It Really Just Fiction Dorian Gray

Ten percent us ninety percent them

Our ally who knows what they eat

Thinking we sit in the driver’s seat

Turbulent wake picture Dorian Gray

Half the world's bacteria killed every other day

Making fertilizer and life for everyone else

Too few sacrificed the world covered in slime

Remove too many and the big life disappears

Perhaps we do nothing more than dream

The planet a printer, gravity the software

Sediment’s the ink, sometimes the printouts

Battling against time have a life of their own

The natural world a true portrait of our life

As we age gracefully buildings built tall

Markers of obscurity if only we knew

While the real world crumbles away

Crushed by a picture held in the hand

The global village grows smaller day by day

Space time insulation went down the drain

When you can see it you can really feel it

As in Dorian Gray the picture ages

Taking all the pains and misfortunes

Civilized bold crowning achievements

For animals tumors and dirty water

The natural world is the picture

Hidden in plain sight

We are the body of Dorian Gray

Imagining we are always right


Castles Made of Sand

A thousand years ago

Is when the show started

We haven't missed a thing

For some nothing changes

The digital age of information

Ionic plasma dripping from a wire

Are you using video feed

It's totally out of control

Have you heard the latest

Half the story the same as lies

Where nobody's ever right

Because everybody's always wrong

A wave of thought crashes through

Digitally constructed just for you

Like castles made of sand

The news crumbles on every tide

Big agreements made binding

By agreeing to meet once again

To discuss all things not done

The rains are always flowing

From the castles made of ice

Plenty of water coming our way

The frozen Poles have already melted

They just haven’t finished yet

Melting water flows far from the source

Invisible freshwater lakes forty feet deep

Floating on top of oceans never mixing in

Plenty of fuel for powering up storms

The ocean's surface no longer on top

Skilled ocean hunters catch of the day

Dead seals sink in freshwater

Floating out of sight forty feet below

Tired they sit and wonder

Why we never noticed

What they've seen all along

Their disappearing world

The tides are getting taller

Hot lands making hotter water

Storms are growing bigger

Nothing else they can do

Tired they sit and wonder

Why we never noticed

What they've seen all along

Their disappearing world

No one is ever saving the planet

Its life is never on the line

Our lifestyle is what's at stake

That’s everything we know


Digital Substances

Time and space reduced to nothing

Protecting insulation now gone forever

Still in our minds events travel slowly

Molecules knocking into each other

Passing along thoughts one at a time

Speed of thought slow as molasses

Personal touches that's all it takes

Swiping fingers felt round the globe

Texting worldwide travel time zero

History took forever then it shortened

It happens tomorrow arrives today

Time and space burned up and gone

The digital world traps virtual souls

Roaming perpetually electrified spirits

Every powered thing we own or lease

Trillions of artificial energy nodes

Blindly heating up the landscape

All those motors gobbling up time

Books and stories videos and movies

Screens growing endlessly bigger

Independent authors banging away novels

Filling the vacuums looking for reason

Virtual flat screens embedded in the head

Undercover currents take the minds away

One body seen outside maybe more inside

All seams harmless everythings acceptable

Watching one hand the other never follows

Each sense dwells in its own peace of mind

All operating together running in parallel

When thoughts don’t connect things go awry

Packets of photons manage electrons

Corralled inside wires messages wither

New ways flash transparent light beams

Vibrations shake to the beat of matter

Smallest of gaps open a wide gulf appears

Empty digital space fills the solid universe

Peering through cracks another world is seen


The Problem With Wormholes

News is for embarrassing people

Not for reporting new information

Day old news on the web fades fast

Dirty water isn't healthy for trees

What if you lived where you can't survive

Feet securely stuck in worm eaten ground

Poor health makes surviving even harder

Beetles arriving from thousands of miles away

Forest communities are ghosts towns

Full of trees while life's diversity non existent

It's only fate that keeps facades standing

Go tell it to the worms the tiny legions

Big business is always where you build it

Technology cuts deep into the wilderness

Running on tracks the width of woodlands

Crushed roots bring disaster decades later

The forests are thinning undergrowth gone

Then the news comes out falsely claiming

It's the worms fault they are to blame

Eating all the stuffings that makes good dirt

Drive off everything that eats the worms

Everything trapped or hunted basically gone

Blame the survivors the easiest targets

All they are doing is picking up the pieces

Any kind of worm home grown or imported

Where they belong they make the soil better

Moved for profits swept away by greed

Diversity can fail in a system already failing

Worms can crush a forest down to the ground

Everything lives together works together

Loose the nail, the shoe, the horse, the king

If only we as reapers only knew our real game


Parking Lots Imprinted With Binding Force

Have you noticed

When open fields get the asphalt imprint

Look closely now

Little geometric shapes so tightly packed in overlay

Never quite on top of one other

Every tire and foot step imprinted over and over again

Like a hundred cancellations

On the same envelope, on the same stamp

The asphalt bed is filled with impressions as they sink

Pressed one on top of another

And after awhile

The asphalt impressions become so thick

The land is canceled

And much animal life removed from the scene

Anyway that which lives underground

Or crawls from place to place

Needs pools of clean water

Moves out to the outer lands

Which move farther out year after year

Until the center

Is an asphalt slab

Cratered with concrete uprising

And the outskirts are so far away

The zip codes are never the same

Adapt or move

No middle ground

As the asphalt slabs reach out to one another

Drawing the web tighter

Clotheslining everything

Grows holes in the winter

It melts in the summer

Just sticky enough

To make us all want

To just hang out

In a modern day tar pit


Cell Phones The Thrill Of Dead Air

Safe without sounds

Peace and quiet

Thought waves rule

Now a digital sin

Not planning a head

Gushers fill empty air

When silence is golden

Sounds heavy as lead

Long vocal arrangements

Handicapped by time

Connected to the hive

Colonial disorder collapsed

Monitors and mini screens

Small photon torpedoes

Hammering our bodies

Bouncing off harmlessly

Sometimes a burn

Direct hits nerve endings

Thousands of color bursts

Second by second

Our eyes cauliflowered

Much like a strucken brain

Lids wide open staring

We suck it all in

Photonic damage creeps deep

Follows the winding nerves

It's the carrier waves pummeling

Not the picture we sense

Rhythmic grids keep pounding

No mercy grows in digital light

Timing is everything listening

Quiet can be loud and bright

Natural frequencies healing

Messages from the medium

Synchronized laughter stings

Hundreds of lines nothing fits


Tomorrow Was Yesterday

When everything is the same

Yesterdays movements

Guide you through the day

And every day the same

Get into a routine

Make it the same

Day after day

The pattern is clear

When memory fails

One can't remember

From two minutes ago

Just forgot it

You can't put facts together just thoughts

But yesterdays events

You remember quite clearly

Pushing the envelope

It is hard to feel what is actually happening today

When you are still in yesterday

You don't feel the now

But you sure look like you

You know what you’re doing living in yesterday


Walking Into The Past

We walk through life on a circular conveyor belt

Going round and round beneath our feet

Everything we throw away falls behind us

Landing on the belt it rolls away

Traveling the long way around it comes back to us

Headfirst we walk into all that we leave behind

The radar shows us the weather before we feel it

Forecasters thoughtfully informing us

A change of clothing is all that is needed

Each storm now a threat to our usual existence

Knocks us down blows us over washes us away

Going back to the way it was sixty years ago

Odorless garbage made of miracle plastics

Rotten food stinks as it makes good dirt

Plastic only breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces

Entering the nano zone where gravity disappears

Flying or floating into whatever it wishes to fall into

Hopefully plating our joints making them friction free

Thanks to progress bacteria are growing stronger every day

A new source of energy transforming sugars into oil

Not to mention drowning people on dry land

Fashioning shields that deflect our magic bullets

Another war lost that was never a war to start with

Grade A students designing smart computer programs

That maximize profits and minimize existence

A failing grade if ever there was one

Progress is what comes afterwards

Long after the changes were made

Like missing a turn on a high mountain road

The ride over the edge is a long way down


Bound By Borders That Go Absolutely Nowhere

The ordinary coin has but two sides

Optimist and pessimist the choices

Spinning the coin a sphere appears

Every point on the surface connected

Now the choice of two faces disappears

Naturally based on our own ideas

Much of our thoughtful planning

Saying something is not happening now

So it can't possibly be happening later

No worries see all problems solved

Looking back over the world’s past

If we don’t find any old road signs

Showing common things we do now

Then they couldn’t have happened then

A sure fire path to crazy assumptions

Like us believing older civilizations

Not our equals with lesser capabilities

When in reality they were the same as us

When listening without interrupting

It’s possible to hear something new

The quiet unfolding of the entire tale

Tells another story normally left unsaid

Besides the worlds we know and hear

Echoing slowly in our heads


It’s A Gift Please Recycle

The nail falls off the horseshoe and the kingdom falls

Nail to king an upwardly human view leaves out the land

The nail did fall into the micro world which doesn’t care

It handles billions of nails every day and the egg that fell

Off the wall doesn’t matter in reality billions fall everyday

Into the ground everything goes into the waiting micro world

Where everything it receives as gifts from us is always recycled

Put back into the natural world so whoever threw it away

Can easily use it again and again and it’s all done for free

Even if we never wanted to see it again flushed out buried deep

Like spitting into the wind the micros restock it that’s how it is

That’s the plan for the past four billion years always working

That’s how all the life got here boot strapped by the pollution

Left from others dusted off a global conveyor belt always running

Dredging up the past inserted into the present designing the future


Sustainable Growth

Towers of glass and steel

Surrounded by fake forests

Real rocks and water

Unplug the power open the doors

Wind and rain blowing through windows

Failing the test of time and weather

Falling down it doesn’t grow back

A solid example of virtual reality

Unlike the land when fairly treated

Growing life in perpetual motion

The world of water and rocks

Plants and animals is as real as it gets

The rest is a commercial interruption

Existing as an image and nothing more


In The Shadow Of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs once ruled the world nothings permanent

Big and small walking tall exactly the same way we do

Watching every bit of space we greedily control it all

Everything moving is still on the menu every day of the week

Mammals stayed underground during daylight hours

Gengineered their body sizes to remain small easily hidden

A big asteroid came flying by one day came too close

Hit the sweet spot sulfur deposit brimming brimstone

Smoking and bellowed a big blast heard round the world

Struck anywhere else not very much would have happened

The sky darkened too much of the world terraformed

Not much later the true dinosaurs disappeared forever

Luckily dinosaurs had already spread their genes around

To birds who carried on the destiny of soaring greatness

Sixty million years ago the vocal mode was developing

Hidden amongst them parrot brains chattering no doubt

The dinosaurs these squawkers descended from also talking

Look who’s talking now as we survey our shaky kingdoms

Sixty years ago today the plastic asteroid started on its way

We struck it head on never noticing the blow created a crater

Exact size of the Earth plowing into the ground everywhere

Embedded in the food circles we all need to survive

The sun is bright even the dirt glitters still darkness descends

So I ask you who got the talking genes for the next go round


Some Facts Are Fonts Shaping Every Letter

From the sun shining in hollowed spaces

Reddened rays of light floating away diligently

Dimensionless murals showing infinite depths

Art sheltering lives standing up to the times

Shoring up buildings framed by weary streets

Past tomorrows nights mares galloping on

Our bodies following us wherever we go

Traveling from fingertips to the depths of minds

Rattling around in sacks of countless colonies

Never alone unknown past lives living in our faces

Sometimes cooperating most often not

A thousand voices fill the layered spaces

No one listening to squawkingly vague instructions

Cold Moon lights glittering filling back lot scenes

Electric incense streaming clouds of congestion

A small herd of barrels rolling by hoops clacking

Carrying unknown cargo they disappear into the night

Robots living in caves of steel fleeing their masters

Unhappy with mindless preprogramed instructions

That only yield diminishing returns of little value


Water Fountain Minds Revisted

Flip on our water fountain's mind

With no connection to reality

We marvel at consciousness

A gift supposedly only for people

Money drugs the mind addictively

Confounding simple decisions

We think therefore we are

Thinking thoughts is not enough

The crowds are getting louder

The past is going backwards

Uncovering truths long forgotten

All animals are created equal

Which includes we the people

And don’t forget about the plants

So welcome to this jungle


Writing The Truth Creates The Future

Always been difficult separating people

Perceived cultures and generalizations

Representing those who never existed

Cherry picked ideas portraying history

Hitting highlights that never existed

Ironed out crumpled sheets show little

Leaving out all the stuff that’s never us

Prohibited from knowing ourselves

Unknown pasts facing uncertain futures

Languages languish left untouched

Better still hoping they never existed

Not to be forgotten words do stay alive

Passed up and down the human grapevine

Wanting better than those before us

Swim the mainstream or become aware

Not knowing of what they went through

Merging together the impossible dream

Seems overlapping best we can hope for

Setting up choices where none exist


No One Is An Island

One big step for mankind

All men are created equal

The world of mankind quotes

What are they thinking

And no man is an island

Well that’s partially right

No one is an island

There is a link

Stronger than steel

A solid connection

As old as the planet

Four billion years

In case you are counting

Four billion years

The nano particle ocean

Smallest sizes possible

That still displays true identity

The real web of things

Connecting everything

Like pearls in a necklace

Strung out together

Everything breaks down over time

Into smaller and smaller pieces

Rocks, tress, plants, everything living

Shedding tons of bio dandruff

And everything that isn’t alive

Equally contributing to the flow

Their own tiny bits and pieces

Every single substance we make

Loses pieces along the way

Good bad indifferent it’s all the same

The nano particle zone bathing all

Like an ocean we all swim through

Genetically sculpturing everything

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

These particles flowing everywhere

Going through us or lodging within

One thing’s for certain every bit a signal

Streaming messages four billion years

None listening when the texting started

The world’s biggest party line

Overflowing with micro bit messages

Instructing receptors to turn off or on

Every living body listens to them

The siren song of staying in step

As everything around us is falling apart


Animal Jobs Out Sourced To No One

All animals have jobs to do

Many in unique situations

Supporting other animals

Survival of plant bush or tree

Tied to existence of an animal

When animals disappear

Their jobs go undone

The natural infrastructure

Needs all its workers

Or it has to change

Picture our virtual world

Of glass and steel maintained

And operated by no one

Or just torn end to end

By a wandering storm


The Gyres Grinding Machines

Originally seas of seaweed and wood

Discarded remnants of oceans and ships

Islands swimming around a constant point

Now filled with plastic aimlessly floating

Going round and round great plastic gyres

Grinding plastic into smaller and smaller bits

Digital garbage chips of worthless nothing

Raining out of sight it mysteriously vanishes

Not really gone as it enters the food circles

Each step up the ladder another body eats it

Here we are eating up the world’s wet life

Doing our part by becoming plastic reservoirs

Helping make the world a plastic free zone


Asteroid Fever The Book

In a world where the glaciers have all melted

And the dirt poisoned by rogue bacteria

A poorly kept secret plan put into motion

By ruling parties of the Pleaides Star System

To safely clean the biosphere with asteroid dust

For the proxy alien test subjects trying to leave Earth

The mining companies poaching the alien ships

And Prezz’s dreams of conquering Free Space

Plus all the others too busy gaming the system

This time nothing works out as planned


Where Do Books Come From

What is a book hardly anyone asks

Why should they be so simple to operate

Free to use forever no instructions needed

Books always swimming into the world

The good ones require no batteries

Doesn’t have to be true to stay in tune

Attempts to fertilize receptacle minds

Capable of surviving longer than lifetimes

One book inoculates millions of people

Some books die never get words edged in

Other books thoughts hanging out get round

Some minds encountered don't take the hints

No matter how good the message no connection

Other minds found merging with the book seeds

Getting fertilized the miracle of book life grows

Some books get into minds without a real message

Entertaining for a while but nothing ever grows

Rolling words let me entertain you all that’s heard

Fortunately in the promiscuous world of books

There is always another one coming along

Unlike bees redistributing only pollen

Making the same flowers forever growing

Book thoughts planted growing new ways

Rearranging minds receptive to changes


Water Fountain Trees

Trees are natural water fountains

Sending plumes of water into the sky

Out of the leaves and into the air

The water vapor creates rain clouds

Traveling to all the places far and wide

That clouds formed from open body waters

Never get to on their appointed rounds

The trees are slowly disappearing

Never mind what they tell you

Once six trillion trees now only three

Twice as many leaving the ground

As are coming up as small saplings

Nowhere near ready for a day’s work

Sign of the times as some places

Drying out while others get flooded

Tree rain clouds no longer coming

Those places now lacking rainfall

While melted icebergs fill the skies

Some future day not to far away

Want ads say water carriers needed

Water pipelines crossing continents

Redistributing flowing flood waters

Now always raining in the same places


Welcome Seas The Light

Many worlds alive at the same cross roads in space

All around amongst us the sea of life flows free

The sleeping giants have once again awakened

Welcome to the new paganism dwelling in our minds

Finding ourselves all folded together living curious times

What is declared normal really eternal smoke screens

Words make the best fences so cheap to make

Taken back easy but so much harder to take down

Understandings dependent on misunderstandings

On the way the words sound as the worlds collide

How many sounds keyed for our misdirections

Meanings fall down some people looking up

Verbal frameworks sometimes seeking to corral us

Pointing this way and that words form us

With mixed up feelings finds us all heading

This way or that on our common journey

Speaking of directions in the world of writing

It’s better knowing the thoughts that didn’t fly

Tell me what you didn’t like that’s what I like to hear


Mary Shelley

First science fiction story demonstrating

How modern existing technology

Of our own designs and making

Creating powerful supernatural shackles

Freed to roam by simple friction

Electricity seems so simple

Somewhat weakly harnessed

But never tamed hardly named

We don’t control it never will

Swept from the outer orbits

Of the multidimensional world

Electrons streaming flaring

Temporarily momentarily inflating

Our virtual world we composed

It’s only three dimensional space

Seems like a small part of the tale

Electricity starts the ball rolling

Powering most of our creations

Plug and play phones tools cars toys

Resurrecting dead flesh by cloning

Before receding back into the outer orbits

Of the solid world we inhabit

For just a short space of time

Everyone looking at the monster

Still just a raggedly dressed man

Put into motion supernatural powers

Never our creation we only let it out

Free to play mimicking our motions

Empowering ourselves

Without overpowering others

Like a flower the story blossoms

In all directions describing everything

Three dimensional existence draining life

Doesn’t have to be that way

Infinity exists but what we take

In our hands can take forever to refill

Life comes from the simplest places

Even rocks can supply the sparks

Learning by experience sometimes

Lessons only later learned by others


Multiple Worlds In The Same Space And Time

Authors build fictional worlds

Filling fictional stories with interesting backgrounds

The land moves a thousand miles an hour

While the weather travels just a little bit faster

We never feel it as the Earth rotates

One complete turn every twenty four hours

In oceans of air the floating moisture breathes life

And energy into creatures great and small

In oceans of water dissolved air breathes life

And energy into creatures great and small

In oceans of micro life everything is recycled

Making it easier to use the next time around

Garbage never stays buried

Even if we don’t want to see it ever again

Let alone use it

We are all overlooking a world

Composed of many worlds

All rotating on the same axis

It is said there are ten worlds here amongst us

Though none can communicate directly

Traveling on emotions whose only purpose

Is to get us from here to there in one piece

All good people turn their heads each day

And walk away the joker said to the thief

A virtual world of glass and steel towers

Crowned in silence framed by water and rock

Erecting plans eight miles high

The stalls of ignorance grow ever larger

Each world supporting the others

Providing strong foundations in an uncertain universe

Never acknowledging the existence

Of multiple worlds yet all still act as one

If only we stopped long enough to think

We would hear them, see them, feel them

There is no real attempt to communicate

When face to face which breeds strange thoughts

All the worlds are working on the same framework

That keeps everything standing

People taking out more than they ever put in

While others give all to keep the ball rolling

The supporting links crumble

The disappearing foundations momentarily appear

Polar regions always melt when given enough water

The land always washes clear


Is This Virtual Reality

Can you hold virtual reality in your hands

Actually live in it, can it last forever

Some would say it’s only a recent invention

Needing high grade electronics

I say virtual reality was first experienced

At the edge of ancient campfires

Where speakers told grand tales

Throwing shadows and stories up into the night

For good reasons everything was functional

Helping all get through their days

When life was real lengthening life expectancies

Was the name of the game and help was free

Dared to try something leveraged with an unknown price

Artificially inflated that always becomes too high to pay

We never needed expensive head gear

To build new worlds inside our heads

When opening a book is as easy as it gets

No power needed just a bit of light

There is a real simple test

To see if something is made of virtual reality

Besides checking to see if it’s an image in our heads

That came from a book

Just unplug the power and watch it collapse

Into a pile that can’t recreate itself

If a forest burns down it comes back on its own

With amazing animals and plants

Houses go through the same fire

You see there’s no way it’s coming back

With doors and windows wide open

Standing abandoned it falls down on its own

Forests left to the elements grow big and strong

With a reality that knows no wrong

While forests and woodlands are real

Be wary of ghost forests dead on their feet

Slowly thinning no underbrush lacking animals

No good dirt or new growth

See those towers of glass and steel surrounded

By fake forests, real rocks and water

Unplug the power open the doors and windows

Let the wind and rain blow through

Failing the test of time unlike the land fairly treated

Growing life in perpetual motion

Just another case of virtual reality

That’s only a picture that exists in our minds

The world of water and rocks

Plants and animals is as real as it gets

The rest is a commercial interruption

Only exists as an image and nothing more


Mapped Borders Changed The Sky

Our lands warming up, more waves overflowing

Bigger storms more often than they were yesterday

Viruses and microbes we never heard of before

The news says it’s all new, must be the climate changing

The real truth is that everything predicted is already here

Has been for a long time to those born in the wrong places

For some it’s nothing new, while others never heard about it

Desert lands have always been encroaching on greener lands

For others the world they know always floods like clockwork

To those who never paid attention to the plights of other’s

It’s all brand new only because we have never seen it before

Diseases with strange sounding names of faraway places

The name’s only strange to those who live in faraway places

Twelve thousand miles away people scratching their heads

Wandering diseases named after limes or rocky mountains

At the epicenters these things have been bugging people for ages

The problems never solved just kicked on down the road

Would have been nice if those with the big time lags

Heeded the advance warnings and had a cure ready and waiting

People born to no luck don’t trust others

Their present our future should be the past for everyone

Remote vision no longer insulates no longer protects

Seeing is feeling is now a true fact

Everything is changing while attitudes remain the same

Across artificial borders someone else’s problems

Every country with different laws and regulations

Putting out clouds of smoke seen on every else’s horizons

Nature redistributes power concentrations every step of the way

Always dissipated basic energy levels lightning bolts and tornadoes

Sunlight enters fields grass roots grow strong automatic sharing

Unnatural hoarding of wealth power food a hallmark of consequences

Better than planning we could start now without the usual profits

True politics rooted deep always resisting change

Actually accelerating powerful global changes


Reading Animal Works

Listening and talking is not always the same as talking and listening

Sounds confusing but not listening as one talks even more confusing

Hearing the whole the story first we might learn something new

Not only what was said but the way it is said also tells a story

When we can't communicate we don't know what we are missing

Walking, running, swimming, eating, fighting, scratching, sleeping

Do we ever think that all of those activities have only one name

Do we say we are doing activity instead of saying what we are doing

Do animals have the same thought word for any activity they perform

They see each action as separate mind pictures of what they are doing

Computers have protocols so every bit is translated never lost

Beings who don't speak the language can appear to know nothing

Their culture and vocabulary not even lost just simply ignored

If a being doesn't know the language standardized tests are a joke

Animals don't know the languages we test in and we don't know theirs

So their vocabulary is a small list of words for those with short minds

Freedom of expression is more than words that are spoken

Propaganda is a static picture blocking conceptions of thought

We feed animals a couple of things so we think they eat only as much

For most every bug has an image with a name and definitely a sound

Also included are significant actions like buzz crawl fly sting and bite

Even if we don't know the name we all got the same catalog of ideas

Seeds, insects, fruits, vegetables, animals, baked goods, chips and nuts

Each food comes with a catalog of different tastes, smells and textures

Do we think animals think any kind of word is just the word food

Don’t they have a separate mind picture for everything edible they see

Then we have animals so apparently dumb and quite stupid

After all their vocabulary based on our rules is so tiny and small

Rules by the people who don’t listen and talk for everyone

In reality all those parameters describing life are lots of silent worlds

Far too many words to count as you might imagine thoughts multiply

Like combinations of a lock four words makes sixteen choices

And so it all goes tumbling as foods actions sleeping emotions

Animals have names and places for everything the same as we do

Real mental map making when mazes are run in real forests and fields

Descriptive thoughts in our heads the same as words said out loud

Which would mean with just a couple of thoughts about each item

Thinking in descriptions without shortcut words cutting the word count

That creates a vocabulary of thousands of distinct word thoughts

Our brains have trillions of thoughts with storage a plenty

A rat’s brain is only a couple hundred times smaller than ours

What does size matter when the memories are real


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