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Eternally Yours

By D. Lyra Vega

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Eternally, Yours


To God, My All.

To Daniel, My Heart.

To Mom, My life.

To you.

The Hurt,

The Healer,


Eternally Yours

Dear Reader,

I am so grateful and happy, that you are part of this journey. Making love Eternal.

This collection of poetry and prose is a deep experience I lived when I was on the road to find love, I didn’t know what kind of love. I was lost, all my friends were in a happy place, and I was struggling with anxiety and a broken heart. This was the result, when I finally accepted my self and what I was going through and my eyes opened and I understood that I was just in search of myself, And how to love for me, and when I did I finally found another love, Love for god, and that love, was so special to me, I trust it with all my heart and he lead me to my soul mate.

I knew that once I had God’s Love, and Self-love, My one eternal love would come when it was time, And he came to me in the right moment.

He was is and will be the one I would always love.

To me you are eternal.

This is my poetry book to make love, me and him eternal.


We all are blind when it comes to loving and living.

No one was born knowing,

all those experience that happened lead us to become who we are.

Yet, after all, some decades later, we are new beings.

Some accept us how we came out to be and others will envy what we are destined to do.

The worst is if they mold you into what you don't want to be.

And then we are who we’re so hard avoiding to be.

Some lost soul. Nothing up there in the brain.

What do you know? we are missing out on so much when we are apart.

What can you say or do to stop a heart from loving?

No matter the hurt and pain it has gone by,

he still loves the one who chooses to have him just as he is.

Love does not know the difference between bad or good.

For him,

all is perfect in the world.

He is not selfish.

Don’t ever say that word.

It will come back haunting you

for the rest of life.

Don’t ever say that is all for nothing

A sudden curve can take you

Off the road.

One of those days,

I woke up and you were not there on my mind.

Time had stopped,

The love was barely kept alive.

You became the nightmare I dread.

You were invisible to my heart.

I want to stop worrying,

trying to come up with stupid reasons to not be me.

I want to keep loving.

He tells me stories,

and made up promises.

When we both know there is no real chance in our lives,

if we never truly are together.

If I ever tell it all, it could be the end of us.

I could say I was done, and who could believe it.

Who knew a heartless human can cause so many emotions,

doubts, and so much pain.

He was her all, he never noticed her wings were losing the life.

He was making her feather loose the love he was to keep alive.

He was killing her with his love.

Mindless Humans

What goes inside a mind?

Possibly there is no meaning

to words,

or actions whatsoever.

There is a vast space

Full of thoughtless thoughts.

No feelings,

no purpose

could be no end stated.

Dark and interesting.

Different and unique.

Completely Ignored and maybe mute.


No words can come to mind,

Empty looks, Empty hearts.

A strange person.

No hope for mankind,

or even earth.

Giving misery and pain,

The daily bread of the hopeless.

No such thoughts can exist.

If this is the future of our self,

What will it be?

What will it be of the tomorrow for the young minds?


I seem to find myself lost,

Lost in a sea of people who speak,

Yet nothing is for profit.

I seem to be lost in a sea.

Lost in an empty ocean of words.

Words that mean nothing

Words that come out of a mouth,

And nothing good evoke.

So many feelings

So many presences.

Yet no definition,

No one understands.

No one hears,

No one sees.

Get it together,

Under control,

Nothing can pass you

So perfectly imperfect.

Notice how it all comes.

The guidelines,

The direction of how to.

Not so much of a dummy.

Not so much of an idiot.

All to the border of

Exact position,


To be in life.

The dark starts to hurt.

The muted sound of the surface.

The empty lordly space.

Down and down, deep end of no life.

The water starts to invade the whole body.

Creeping in so much.

The air is no longer necessary,

Is a luxury.

One by one each bubble escape,

my lungs, my lungs burn inside each try.

Each tries finding

what there could no more

Be found at the deep end of the crowd.

Who could challenge what there is to be known,

The way people think, talk or even act out.

Trying to be who they long to be,

having no chance whatsoever.

They walk like zombies, head held low,

following a leader,

a machine who has no knowledge.

No rule, no player to win.

They go round and round,

no finish line

No prize.

The wish to win,

when they do not join the game.

In the end, they lose,

not having the courage to even be in.

Running toward nothing, they now become so mindless robots, captive in a little box.

Charging their minds every time the battery marks low percent.

Who could ever trust what people say?

They speak words in their mind,

And they have no recognition.

They say so much, yet nothing makes sense.

Common sense is now not so much common,

They work hard for a future,

and they forget the future itself.

Walking to no place, for their feet are lead by the wind.

A walking machine.

Down low, reaching way up.

they want to be important for feeding their ego's not caring for the consequence.

No one gives a care for what will it be.

They forget that what goes around comes around.

Remembering only for them self to be sure,

they get more to what they can ever give.


what do they know?

what do they think is fair?

They, they try to be all.


That is not me to be.

I am getting out.

What comes to be the status?

I am out of their order.

Out of their loop.

As if no one notice.

The turns and twist of what is established

Instead of being me.

transforming us into another human.

Another numb mindless brain who never comes up to breath.

Drowning in the crowds.

Run, run to be free.

Run away from the sun.

Run away to a point were the air can not suffocate.

Away to the immense infinite.

Were anything can subsist.

Avoid the looks.

The murmuring closed mouths.

Who can think of such place?

They come and go,

They will be forever and ever.

Same brain.

And the same thoughts swirling,

more or less at the same beat,

day in day out.


Another drop topping all,

Almost to the brim all

Inside comes up to haunt it

morning after morning

Devising in the silence,

on such dark storm nighttime.

Next time it all comes abruptly

Hiding all again.

No minding aftermath.

Lost Souls in a cruel

And an empty world of

Meaningless feelings.

He tells me

stories, and made

promises, when we

both know there is

no real chance of

our life if we

never truly are together.

I will never forget how he made me and then tried to break what with so much time and work she spend to build up.

When you lose a friend

a piece of your heart

goes too.

Mindless humans who keep fighting without their hearts.

After the memories all that is left is a void that only silent tears can fill.


You are the one strong enough to be true.

At the end of those long winter nights,

hidden by all those cold winter winds,

a new Soul is reborn.

A beginning for those who lost their way in a cruel time alone.

I seem to go round in the same place,

walking in circles.

Looking for the answer when is right there in my interior.

I have all the tools to make me new,

Trust in God will make me a new human by his glory.

Time had passed, at first sight,

it looked as if it was at-last the end.

When the last of the leaves fell,

those bare roads leading the way seem to far ago.

Now after that sad time,

new leaves cover the same path and now love blooms with a new season.

Here end all those days filled with dread that was killing my chances to be me.

Right at the moment when I tired of them,

feelings, old consequences.

Here in stone, I write from this day forward my story.

Lead by the one and only, His Majestic.

Here I start a new journey,

this time, now, is complete with joy and grace.

People will try to break down the barriers.

Let them try, but you are stronger.

Keep believing.

People say mean things to get you down, for you, let them be the gasoline to keep you going.

The moon is out and the sun is resting.

I wait for a new day tomorrow morning.

No more doubt, no more to be scared.

I am letting my voice be heard.

I am standing up for what I want in my own life.

You did it.

You are Made,

You are whole.

Diving out, from the ordinary.

That thing you don't like

is the one motivating you

to do better.

How you love is how you show your true self.

Love with your heart and speak with your soul.


Find me at the end of the road,

At the little cottage,

The one no longer habitable.

Void of humans to live.

Find me at the end of the road.

At solace, At the worst.

Where no heart ever figures it out.

Where no man can be great.

At the solitary corner.

Where books no longer create a world,

And photos no longer inspire.

Find me at the dark corner.

Where no one dares to speak.

Where everyone has a small place.

Deep in their own life.

Hiding misery and sorrow.

Smiling outside destroyed inside

Make it less hurtful,

Let it all lose.

Turn it up to hear it,

Tell the world how to be.

Feeling really, forgetting the pressure.

Show your scars, the bumps.

Do not cover the bruises.

They are you.

Expose the scraps,

The ones that all over the year

Made you stronger,

made you who you are.

Expose your nature.

Not what they assume for themselves.

The sweet voice

that lures you to even dream with

eyes wide open.

Voices around the corner,

Creeping out on what I think is right

Screaming out of order not minding.

Complicated, to think out of what is to be in order.

Out of rule,

out of the normal order of all.

Take that second chance. Is the one you've been waiting for all this time.

The hands that hold me when I walk are the ones who help me get back up when I fall.

For D.

If someone makes you feel bad about yourself and constantly brings you down, that is not a friend so let it go.

There is a garden blooming inside of

you waiting to fill your life with

their perfume.

Looking up I see skies full of poetry and clouds that tell stories.

People focus in life on the bad things, being negative and we forget that the things are the ones who make us.

The moon can only be touched if you dream with your heart.

And this time even the flowers bloom for you.

All the plans we made can never be done if you don't try.

We have to believe in us.

Waiting can be a pain

And while you wait you grow

as you become another person a better person.

Maybe we are meant to be right where we are.

Life is just Happening

Hope in you and love.

And that everything can be perfect

when God is leading the way.

God is in the process everything will be alright.

She made me feel guilty and afraid of doing the right choice.

Even when she shared my victories and failures.

How could she tried to destroy the one I fell in love with.

Made me feel so poor,undervalue so cheap.


I am more than a pretty face who does and bows down to anyone.

I am more than a walking beauty,

not a mindless girl who believes is words and not the heart.

There are far too many sad songs.

Too many heartless souls.

And the poems are the ones who speak of those broken hearts

who seek love in a world made up that only exist on books.

These are always a moment in life when you just want to grow up rainbows.

Time is never enough for those who work hard and love to the end.

She got a real contagious habit of making people feel loved.

Our tears won't go unnoticed to him they are our stories and our victories.

She dances slowly and gratefully all night.

Till her heart is calm and her soul at peace.

Trust the things your heart tells you and let him guide the journey.

Time is never enough for those who work hard and love until the end.

time over again the thought of love keeps us insane,

at the right edge of sanity.

-the mind.

You write your own story, start to love it.

Those dark corners in your mind

are the ones who made you stronger

a winner in life.

He promises me a blessed life and I am holding to his words.

Dear, you,

This is for you. I will tell you that it is so bad in the worlds. it will hurt you

but as long as you get past the storm, the best time will come.

Don't worry so much, this is only the life you get,

so be happy, think of what you want to do and do it, act on your happy ending, even if you fall, get back up. Some will help you, some will try to keep you down. This is your life, is it makes you happy, they are in the right direction.

I wait for the rainbow,

And I get scared it will never come.

I will wait because the best is to come.

The Lord will do all in my favor all I need is have faith in him.


Love does not know if it burns or it is cold.

Even the biggest star can fall in love.

She wrote for only one person.

For the only heart who can heal his soul.

They are trying to make my heart believe that you are not the one, even when I am the one who knows you are the only one.

The one book I will always

love in my heart is my own.

The again, you are who I write of and


Eternally yours.

hose little kisses to my eyes light up my life and bring peace to my soul.

I told the moon

about you and she

said you are just

the right star a

a heart can wish on.

.Only God knows what

goes inside a


I can try,

but there is

nothing that can

compare to how you

love someone.

And then that mini heart attack was your mind telling your heart,

he is the right one.

Who could ever know what goes up there in the sky when night covers the earth.

Do the moon and the sun fall in love.

I heard him in a song and kept playing him,

stuck on repeat forever in my mind.

They have never seen, such unique soul.

So full of passion and feelings.

In a single Heart.

I told the star about your love.

They say you are not real.

I told the stars about you.

They think you are made up.

No human being can be like you.

If only they knew you

And hear your heart.

They too would fall in love.

She fell into a vase of sunflowers,

watered their stems with her words.

They accepted her as part of them

because her smile illuminated the dawn like the own sun in the morning.

Try me before you vanish in the mist of the fog.

Make me see the future in your eyes.

Make me believe the future is where you and I are one.

I wrote a poem you were there,

each letter word and sound.

They were your to see mine to love.

We are all poets putting our hearts out to the world in every single word we write. We make the life of others eternally beautiful.

Call me when you miss me when you need goodnight kisses.

Every girl has the one who makes her crazy with one single look.

Is you.

You are the one entirely made for my heart.

I am as certain as I know that my heart beats.


I am convinced

Is only you.

The right one.

The other half of me.

The bet of my heart.

The rhythm of my music.

The muse of my soul.

The wind in my breath.

The center of my being.

The start on my dark night.

The moon that guides me in shadow.

The sun that burns as I walk.

The sound of my mind.

The color of my rainbow.

The glory to my victories.

The sweet to my delicacy.

The salt in my world.

The smile on my mornings.

The rain in my garden.

The flowers to my spring.

The warm to my coldest winter.

The words to my poems.

The hero to my stories.

The force to my spirit.

The will to my doing.


Is real, is not a fantasy.

He is here, in me, with me.

Not anymore a fairy tale

A story out of pure fiction.

With all the power it can come.

He is here to stay, to be sincere.

His presence fills all that come to be.

And aura of confident, pure and simple magnitude.

Invades the total being.

Pure joy,


Ethereal pleasure.

His form completes the room,

Perfect, simple, faultless.


Be still my heart.

Believe that is almost here.

The one that made all this worth it,

Is here near,

as sure as the sun comes each morning.

As sure as the night brings a fresh start.

Be confident, be real.

Stay true to me, to him.

Be genuine to the one that is.

The magic is about to start.

The adventure is here,

Everlasting for a lifetime.

Be still my heart and wait.

Be still and expect the unexpected.

He is near, as sure as your beat.



the air ceases to be working in.

My heart is not beating,

Running out of strength to keep going.

Slowly one by one the thoughts go.

Don’t you know that it is killing me slowly,

not having the fortune to tell you;

You are my who life.

Believe me,


I crave your touch,

your kisses to bring me back alive.

To have you is a blessing,

is life, is the only thing that keeps my heart beating alive.

The only feeling that my souls exist for.

I need you now, at this moment, as the words come out,

and slowly I impregnate them in these wretched pages,

making you immortal in them.

Devising them eternally for the forsaken future.


Who am I to tell it.

To say what is buried inside.

those words that speak.

Hidden meanings of happy endings,

desperate waiting nights.

Counting starts,

wishing on sparkling lights,

Lights that once were and they were not.

Who are you to tell it as if is It?.

To make it happen,

Stopping from having the same dream.

You and me both far apart from the real world.

Writing endless stories

Never heard the end of one nor the other.

Who are we to be so involved,

in the threat of the flow of the wind.

Inter-winding our own loves

Thinking the same dream,

dying without each other.

One kiss, one embrace

One look

lasting until God knows when.

Who are we to love?.


I'm the one who told the sun about you,

and let the moon fall in love.

These words are for you,

you are unique,

you are the captain of your life,

steer in the right direction your heart tells you to.

Some days are hard,

some go as if they never existed.

Don't worry if today was not that exciting.

the moon comes with her another opportunity to be


Give her flowers, just because.

Write her poems ,

Make her fall in love every chance you get.

Sing for her love songs,

A song that makes her love you more.

Tell her how much she means to you,

How much you love her,

Never take her for granted.

Today she is her, tomorrow she can leave.

Nothing will ever be as lovely as she,

She is one of a kind,

Never again a copy will be.

If you lose her, that it.

She chose you to give her bruised heart,

She trusts you,

with her most important part of her,

Never take for granted the love she has for you.

Tell her every second that you love her,

No matter what.

Don't leave her because she doesn't like the things you like,

Each person loves with their heart,

But not the same.

Different you both are,

and that because she loves you just as you are.

I created a world on my mind where love was a man dress in black,

kissed flowers to give them color, and cried his soul to a lover to give each a fragrance.

I don't want gifts.

I just want your love,

even if the life we share get so tough.

All is written as evidence.

All I do and say will be for his love to me.

sometimes words can make you fall in love,
They are only so powerful to never let them go.

I never get mad at you.

I love that you love me,

I will never tell you how hurt I am.

That’s how I was taught.

I want you to never feel bored with me,even if I get tired of it.

I don’t want to ask you to love me, I do love you no matter the what if.

I miss you all the time I am not with you,

I do tell you this.

I will try never to see me cry,

Even if you are the reason why.

I will never hold a thing against you,

That is how strong I am.

I never will talk bad of you,

Because I will only tell me good things about you.

I may not get to wake up next to you,

But in my heart I know I live in your dreams.

I do get sad that you are not here,

I get sad that I am not next to you when the rain is heavy on my window.

I do hurt when you ignored my pain.

Most of all never forget that you love me that hard,

But my love is only for you and no one else.

Forever yours, forever mine.

I can't help to smile when he is by my side.

When he speaks I can't help but make silence to hear his voice.

I love waited so long to him that now is a dream come true. Is not only about love is the way he makes me feel when he is not present, the way he says he misses me and the way he makes a future for the both of us.

I am forever grateful to God for giving me a chance to share my life with him.

He makes me happy just knowing he is alive and he chooses to love me.



Did you dream about me tonight?

Did you tell the moon all the stories you once said to me.

She must have believe every one , they sure are lovely.

I did told her about you,

How a simple word meant so much.

She told me to say how much you mean to me,

for tomorrow, she may not rise

And the sun may burn out.

Days are not sure for us, she said.

Once you know it, is not easy to keep going.

She made sure I told you this,

since you and I are so far away some times.

But I Ask you this;

Did you say you love me to?


I love you more than I did yesterday,

and tomorrow will love you more.


Time is all we need to be all right.

Time to let our hearts to settle down;

Time to know what the future holds.

To know is hard to wait.

to know it has to wait.

I will angry sometimes,

those days you are far away.

When he cannot be near you.

He never will understand how you love him,

And not be here with him,

He gets desperate.

He gets impatience,

and he cries at night alone with his soul.

He waits every morning,

Just to hear you say “hello”.

The sweet sound of your voice,

enough to recomposed itself.

To make it all right with the world.

He is stubborn, he worries too much.

I try telling him that the right time is yet to come,

But he only lives to please you and only you.

Don't let him wait so much.


For you, I walk a thousand miles,

I let my life be what you want,

All you need.

My heart wants you,

Don’t you know? He longs for you,

For your touch, for your kiss,

He waits for you to look at him and only him.

Always him.

Be He Longs to you.

He was made for you.

When will you come back?

Will you ever come back?

This heart aches for you, to be with you, to be yours.

All for your love.

Don't be late, I pray.

My heart desired you more than you can imagine.

When you are far, or even near.

When you sleep,

I lay awake thinking of you.

When you wake up and you are the only one on the bed,

He suffers as he is alone.

When you are walking and nobody is by your side.

He is the one waiting to hold your hand.

When my mind can stop to think of you,

He desires to be near you.

When you are seeking a meaning in life,

Know that he is the ones meant for you.


Is it an intoxicating scent?

breathing you in

It goes beyond any perfume.

Is your smell, my drug, My addiction.

You fill my body beyond any fragrance.

I breathe you in,

Filling my heart, Filling my Life.

Each time I breath you in

drunk on your love.

You sleeping, so still.

I see you and I cant seem to find my self

Looking for anything more to do.

You give me peace.

When I am next to you even if a

Storm is outside,

I feel safe, secure and no one can do us harm.

The world is ending outside, and here in this bed,

Still my savior I here have.

Time stops,

the leaves move slower,

as if they know they have to give it time.

The worlds moves a soft peace.

I never want to leave my haven.

Thinking of you

The world makes better sense,

Has a clear meaning.

I wake up and see the sun peering through my window.

I know she shines for me,

For we are his reason.

He keeps me company when you are not here.

Thinking of you the grass feels softer,

She is greener.

On rainy days the tears are glitter putting shine on my life.

The birds sing a love song when I think of you.

The roses are more red, they evoke my love.

Thinking of you as you are ext to me, is not that essential because I have my love with me.

Thinking of you everything has a reason, it makes sense.

Colors are brighter, the songs are love for our souls.

I will keep thinking of you

For I know you think of me.

These are the love notes

I wrote when you were gone,

tucked away in a box.

They made you immortal.

Now the end is the best start of a wonderful life.

Eternally yours, D. Lyra


You are eternal, is a place were words are made forever, impregnated in history, time and space itself. D. Lyra writes about love and how she makes that love stay forever in ones life. New to the world of poetry and writing.

She lives for the memories that are forever.

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