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Poetic Maze”


I’ve searched for words that’ll ease these long forgotten memories, projecting what I wish could be from the few inspired moments I’ve adored. What am I to say of all these things come and gone?

I wrote these words so long ago.

Sick half truths describe an obvious façade.

Was that really you I heard in me? What was I to you if anything? A secret conflict, broken boundary. These words were only ever meant for you, now a ceremonial affair. Spinning dreams born in mysteries and wishes like rays of color through falling sand. Sheets of underlying insecurities, not clear enough to clear the air, so easy just to brush away naked in the mind.

What have we gained of desire more than aching thirst, tastes of longing for tainted fruit. Enlightened in divine deception, chased beyond a garden maze of innocence. Shut my eyes and look where prayers can’t touch. Dreams of days that never came, time I never had, love nor care.

How it changes.

With that sweet taste drawn bitter, my blood reacts, what frequency escapes me now in this affliction? What poisons held, kept voices echoing this torn resonance. Bellow the fire of resistance the broken rocks of expectation, perfect shades of blue hold no control of depths affection.

The purest teacher in realist form.

Copyright 2018 Matthew Carroll

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