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Green Fire Rains

Copyright 2018 By Robert Zwilling

Smashwords Edition

A Dreaming News Publication


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Living in The Event Horizon Of A Big Mud Hole

More Connected Than We Think

Life Imitating Stars

Poetry Of Things

Stormy Weather Poetry


Call it what it is. Everyone’s doing it. Observation minds tethered by liquid

ropes. Everything free floating in the Anthropocene sphere traveling on the

old factory nervous highway straight inside the head. One of the many

conveyor belt tentacles of the brain loaded up with microbes, fragrances, nano

particles of dirt, and pollution, providing a holistic taste of the world, proving

that a little does goes a long way.

Green Fire Rains

Table Of Contents


Reaping The Land

Call It What You Will

Dreams Recycle The Past

Walk Or Progress

Water Fountain Minds

Powers Play

Reading Animal Works

One Size Does Not learn All

Evolution Of Storms

Preset Perceptions


Imprinted With Binding Force

Wake Up Running

Free Of Attachments

Traveling The Great Beyond

In Your Shoes

Substance D

Alternate Worlds

Radioactive Evolution

Thrill Of Dead Air

Long Played

Worms Work The Plank

Many Gods One Island

Darkness Crowds The knowledge Lamp

When Earth Walls Break

Sun Spits Upside Down

Eternal Mind Machine

Reaping The Land

Chewing the flowering bones we know them well

Suns moons stars shows this time there are laws

Long ago skies told timely tales to one and all

A branching decision was made about all that

What the heck probably more than ten or twelve

Well meaning maybe it would be hands first

Followed by the mind thinking people we try

Or an alternative method the way they know

Think it out traveling many steps far out they plot

Following ripples second hands we have no idea

This is grand straight off the bones no waiting

Where we are chewing the fat off the land

Scheming of things tasted okay fires burnt burning

Raw was just as good less smoke starts out fresher

Targeted actions intentions taken no consequences

Shortcuts to success only now we are brain food

Hidden underground Pandora’s Box opens slowly

Dealing with quantum burns slash salt the land

Even longer all the different compounds settling

The more certain the more separate active ingredients

Destinations took millions of years still arriving

Natural gems of all kinds pried loose as riches

Targeted forever glaring empty sockets abound

We heard the ends tearing it all apart reform reforms

A hand's dreams making nothing new justifies the means

Even though what changes seems like new improved

Concentrated power seemed a good way to go

Odd no one sees the easiest way past the money pit

To notice it is personal digging down to lost pay dirt

Physical screw ups mean top soils flow to oceans depths

Ordained off limits individuals minorities asking why

Can we pay ignored for answers as silver wobbles

Excluded over power of life changed money signs

Registered beliefs seemed like a good way to go

Ok by tax law comfortable for some hard for more

What is rarely questioned gone was it ever real

Everyones equal money earned says another story

Genetically open season nothing judged for health

How it gets done ignored charged all that respect lost

We think we know one can eat greeting all the way

Claiming everything on earth releases the wild rains


Call It What You Will

Those vibrations made of consonants

What a thought or collection of sounds

Sights of people lost in clouds of words

Spun around aimlessly following thoughts

That may or may not make any sense

Inviting striking and all things in between

A storm of meanings heard and lost

Straining to hear the music called words

Letters of alphabets thickly inviting

Surface learning words trump meanings

Feet walking on cold stone pedestals

Never touching the ground dust free

Mud splashes up shoes easily replaced

The wave tides of life cycle forever

Reason is lost as one-upmanship rules

Act like a mirror reasons bounce off

Never listening always refute yourself

Forget about those coming up the ranks

Headstrong winds of words and phrases

Blowing in one ear out the other

The sounds are hypnotic believe yourself

Being wrong is immaterial matters not

Accuse those of everything we do

Admit never doing the same thing twice

Or even once as you do what you want

Not what you do words mean nothing

Like sharks teeth horizontally displayed

Vertically replaced waiting for the chance

Mindlessly tearing chewing breaking off

More ready to follow no facts fixed in place


Dreams Recycle The Past

People racing back in time

Not getting there any sooner

That's all done and gone

Now we make our thin films

Once old times were there

Our senses no go betweens

Dreaming of the past recreated

Looks like a better place maybe

Dreaming of what the past was

Thinking it was better perhaps so

The more studious the research

Better dressed make better speeches

The greatest inventions we have

They were done a long time ago

Nothing like the cars trains planes

Not to mention sanitary bathrooms

We only get modern day trickery

Shinny bells and fancy whistles

Is replaying the past really thinking

More like dazed summer dreaming

You know things had to be better

Made it through the nights of time

Real success had to be better

Todays serials countless videos

Dreams about a simpler past

Flooded with numerous conflicts

Words and deeds all that mattered

Swords pikes hammers and arrows

Customized life simply well built

Craftsmanship was king and queen

Class differences strictly enforced

Never hidden always out of sight

Paves past the future indifference

Put on the yokes serve your life

The shows are to prepare you

Life blinds you dreams guide you


Walk Or Progress

Light step small impact

Gentle way of life complete

Philosophy exists without books

Genetic lifelines tether history

Working earth grows city streets

Far away they must be sown

Start out slowly paced we know

All that gets stepped on gone

Paved beautiful city streets

Sights never experienced seen

All shot straight out the barrel

Open spaced planted wildly

Harvesting good things needed

For the cities open pits yawning

Parking spaces ground breaking

City land offset by natural land

Only both will work for living long

City ways on dirt farms kills both

Common sense goes out the window

The next big battle beneath our feet

Creating life that impacts a lot

Goes on to create big cities

Tied by lifelines stretched between

Big cities and wide open country

Connected by lines of progress

Puts those living the land lifting

Sinking cities at the other end

Anchored high up by the farms

All thriving open natural lands

Grows blue skies fresh water

Cities filled with open lands

Otherwise sinking out of sight

We can’t believe in real progress

Until things get better and cheaper

This world of everything plastic

Stamps out life animals and plants

With monstrous cleanup costs

That never gets paid as interest grows

Carefully laid out by computers

Just short of the breaking point

Everything designed saves costs

For the maker but never the user

The final product a crude production

Hallmarked the Anthropocene way


Water Fountain Minds

As single causes with no exceptions

Offer nothing with everything for others

The only way to win is not to play

Born again is bartering without profits

For another day of the status quo

Money spent is another vote of approval

Better we build the roads to our homes

Always replacing what was used

Clearly defines the act of co-operation

Talking about problems use to work

Now it only serves as entertainment

Like another brick in the digital wall

Flip on your water fountain's mind

With no connection to reality

We marvel at consciousness

We think therefore we are

A gift only supposedly for people

Thinking thoughts is not enough

Not even real we know nothing

Money drugs the mind addictively

Confounding simple decisions

Is that a whole song or just a line

As the sun goes round the earth

We pretend new discoveries

Forgotten by discrimination

The oasis rocky with water

A naturally wayward station

Just right for traveling souls

The center of nothing but lost arts

New fires burn dimly with smoke

Swinging sky lightens and darkens

By day or night partial dimming

Those that really care always trying

Without help they have to work harder

Always burning out we praise them


Powers Play

Looking up clear walls

Writings show through

Ideas old someone else’s

Nothing new under the sun

Everything copied from nature

Never gets any credit

New discoveries of things

Already here simply observed

Never created it’s all hacked

Patents created awarded

For imaginary deeds

Most times clear as day

Simple as one step away

The times no consequences

Littering highways of success

Parodies marking old times

Smashing traditions new ways

Same as the old need only one

Two side by side nothing new

Recognizing no differences

Out of step not on the list

Only reasons for new leaders

Marketing rears its thorny head

Taking credit for natures works

Leaves us holding the bag

Taking things out of context

Without the checks and balances

It never works without errors


Reading Animal Works

Listening and talking is not always the same as talking and listening

Sounds confusing but not listening as one talks even more confusing

Hearing the whole the story first we might learn something new

Not only what was said but the way it is said also tells a story

When we can't communicate we don't know what we are missing

Walking, running, swimming, eating, fighting, scratching, sleeping

Do we ever think that all of those activities have only one name

Do we say we are doing activity instead of saying what we are doing

Do animals have the same thought word for any activity they perform

They see each action as separate mind pictures of what they are doing

Computers have protocols so every bit is translated never lost

Beings who don't speak the language can appear to know nothing

Their culture and vocabulary not even lost just simply ignored

If a being doesn't know the language standardized tests are a joke

Animals don't know the languages we test in and we don't know theirs

So their vocabulary is a small list of words for those with short minds

Freedom of expression is more than words that are spoken

Propaganda is a static picture blocking conceptions of thought

We feed animals a couple of things so we think they eat only as much

For most every bug has an image with a name and definitely a sound

Also included are significant actions like buzz crawl fly sting and bite

Even if we don't know the name we all got the same catalog of ideas

Seeds, insects, fruits, vegetables, animals, baked goods, chips and nuts

Each food comes with a catalog of different tastes, smells and textures

Do we think animals think any kind of word is just the word food

Don’t they have a separate mind picture for everything edible they see

Then we have animals so apparently dumb and quite stupid

After all their vocabulary based on our rules is so tiny and small

Rules by the people who don’t listen and talk for everyone

In reality all those parameters describing life are lots of silent worlds

Far too many words to count as you might imagine thoughts multiply

Like combinations of a lock four words makes sixteen choices

And so it all goes tumbling as foods actions sleeping emotions

Animals have names and places for everything the same as we do

Real mental map making when mazes are run in real forests and fields

Descriptive thoughts in our heads the same as words said out loud

Which would mean with just a couple of thoughts about each item

Thinking in descriptions without shortcut words cutting the word count

That creates a vocabulary of thousands of distinct word thoughts

Our brains have trillions of thoughts with storage a plenty

A rat’s brain is only a couple hundred times smaller than ours

What does size matter when the memories are real


One Size Does Not learn All

How does it work

Not everyone thinks a like

Well that's not true

Groups of people think a like

Very much like peas in a pod

And some very big pods at that

So many vines always growing

Small groups still individuals

Think it doesn't matter

What could happen

Stock statements sing sweetly

Comes to education

Acts like a filter cuts like a knife

So many ways to learn

Why only one method

Dictated by fashions

Seems like it's all random

Throwing people kids anyone

Who can't learn the standard way

Getting stomped on the polite way

Programmed failure laid out

Nothing personal just tough luck

So what harm now

All done in good taste

Nice bright clean shots

Right between the brains

For those who can't learn it

Standard schooling stunts growth

Still all march on forward a life

Tumbling spinning rolling walking

Who unwired your guidance system

Learning is not just reading

Strange symbols off the wall

Starts with how you move your fingers

Mishandling physical data hurts minds

Tough it out they always tell you

Your square peg repeatedly blunted

Imperfect corners uniquely shaped

Now rounded like a flat tire

Distortions sometimes upside down

Wandering outside the channels

Guidance opens endless tangents

Can't process the information

Holding on to physical possessions

Subtle connections to real worlds

Later they tell you still don't get it

Handing out drugs that fill the gaps

Four brains that are hand wired

Flexible minds with no chains

Soft programs able to handle everything

Normal minds blind to consequences

Flesh memories traveling light

Treating everything the same

One rule for all makes it simple

Unless you don't fit squinting

You see the blood between the lines

Those unable to accept other standards

Crushed by the weight of it all

A fact easily forgotten

Everyone learns to live

Though never in the same way

The mistake is in thinking

There is only one way to learn

The world holds many views

Not using views you don't like

Destroys your perspectives

Lacking truth much made up

Without all points of view

Clearly distorted visions

Footholds lost errors repeating

Not everyone thinks alike

That’s always worth repeating


Evolution Of Storms

Melting ice disappears into the clouds

It doesn't mix with ocean waters

Sitting on top as fresh water lakes

The government sends out five year voyagers

To go where no man has gone before or so it seems

In hunt of fresh water lakes that inhabit the oceans

Floating on top taking decades to mix in

Now it's the winds that control everything

Blowing hot into the fall shortening the winter

Roaming freely no longer anchored by the ice

Fanning the fires of nature's discontent

Hundred year rainstorms come once a month

Being human we figured thousand year events

Would only show up every two thousand years

More likely now it’s just a common occurrence

The simple looking oceans actually subdivided

Into huge currents hotter or colder or deeper or saltier

Huge currents slither like snakes through ocean depths

Diving and surfacing as they see fit we don’t now

Some take hundreds of years to go round the planet

Bringing water from older times back to the present

Someday we might build fantastic Martian canals

Carrying water from the wettest regions to parched zones

Finding a new kind of treasure floating in plain sight

Pumping dry fresh water lakes sleeping on ocean surfaces

A score of years ago nine inch rains became more common

Flooding rivers and low lands flood plains and highlands

Downpours started and went on hours maybe all day long

Inch by inch the measured depths passed the normal few

Graph nine inch storms over time see increased numbers

We know the floody results of wash outs and life boats

Storms release heat so it gets hotter storms grow bigger

Everything speeding up the time between split to nothing

One thousand years became one hundred as fifty became five

A hundred years happening squeezed into a simple decade

Worse still rhythms broken storms arrive without warning

Some frontal zones can cover half the nation on a good day

Though now it's said it might not be so very good

Mobile sprinklers they look like waves and wagon wheels

Mostly empty of water traveling over the land raining here or there

They don't have to be empty outlines on the weather map

Now the hollow shapes of the storms are filling in

Eight miles high the new storms short circuit the skies

Rainfalls become waterfalls as the empty frontal lines fill in

Clearly seen on the maps new rivers form in hours and wetter still

Gradually the land dries out hours days or weeks later

The eviction process starts as shorelines return to shorelands

Waiting for the new weather cycle to start all over again

It doesn't matter where the water is coming from only where it goes

And know it’s known that all the ice freezing up the North Pole

Concentrated gravity at the top of the world pulling up the water

High above it’s normal levels like suspenders holding up pants

The ice is gone and so goes the extra gravity back down equator way

The polar water followed fast and so the tiny bit a year the rising waters

Now flooding round the middle of the planet while receding at the Pole

So the big time lead goes up in smoke or washes away the shore

Now we get to react in real time to events no longer waiting debate


Preset Perceptions

And when

You find

You think

You know

Do not rush

So when

The times

Rush faster

And you think

You are going

To remember

How you react

Sets the reaction

You are going

To receive

So how come

What we see

Is what we

Are and

What we are

Told is what

We want

To hear so

How did we

Lose our sense

Of time

To hide the

Rush now

Going gone

But not




Freeing up the brain

A subject of great debate

Mind sitting in a chemical bath

Washed up by the blood stream

Showered by the substances we eat

Bluntly speaking food and drink

Are both composed of chemicals

Apples and oranges fancy names

But chemicals still they all are

Substances consumed bodies reacting

Releasing more chemicals minds bloom

In the resulting glowing chemical bath

Celebrating bright lights and city nights

We all swerve from unknown conditions

Oxygen and water pollute little

But after that you are on your own

Bread and water can suffice

Just make sure the water has minerals

And the bread isn't fake

I know we don't believe

Cause wait till you hear

That emotions are chemicals

Free floating and persistent

They can last in your system

For months on end

Long standing chemical reactions

Fueled by love and frustration

With the mind willing or not

The spirit always grows

Brewing internal infusions

The home grown kind

Breathed in through the nose

Microbes and more waiting

Traveling the nervous highway

Short trip from nose to brain

Destination in twenty four hours

Then they wait could be nothing

Kicked out flushed away

Maybe they pump out chemicals

Cleaning up the tiles

Good bad or indifferent

Effects in hours or decades

Maybe never better still

Could make you smarter

Then again you never know

From out of nowhere

Maybe fifty years later

A mysterious rumble

Puts you on the ground

Or flying through the air


Imprinted With Binding Force

Have you noticed

When open fields get the asphalt imprint

Look closely now

Little geometric shapes so tightly packed in overlay

Never quite on top of one other

Every tire and foot step imprinted over and over again

Like a hundred cancellations

On the same envelope, on the same stamp

Asphalt beds filled with impressions as they sink

Pressed one on top of another

And after awhile

The asphalt impressions become so thick

The land is canceled

And much animal life removed from the scene

Anyway that which lives underground

Or crawls from place to place

Needs pools of clean water

Moves out to the outer lands

Which move farther out year after year

Until the center

Is an asphalt slab

Cratered with concrete uprising

And the outskirts are so far away

The zip codes are never the same

Adapt or move

No middle ground

As asphalt slabs reach out to one another

Drawing the web tighter

Clotheslining everything

Grows holes in the winter

It melts in the summer

Just sticky enough

To make us all want

To just hang out

In a modern day tar pit


Wake Up Running

Traveling through time everyday

Easier than we think as we do it

Moving our arms and legs

Demonstrating mind over matter

It’s much later than we think

The things no one knows

Everyone takes for granted

We all want situations changed

Revolutions beyond our control

Change yourself and others follow

Our stories create sonic rivers

The commercialized oracles say

Grab an oar and don’t be late

Talking heads gulping for lines

Punctuation restrains the rush

Between disasters of our making

One word at a time they laugh

Laugh news laugh news laugh

Paying notes of gratitude

Until the crowd steps aside

Leaving you in the open

No longer an individual

The weakest link now country size

Everyone working for themselves

The future for all becomes lost

Standing around watching

All situations televised

Letting diseases burn out

Like ordinary grass fires

Our lives control the feedback

Which dampens out our minds


Free Of Attachments

Once there was a time

Minds of people free

Not attached to liberties

Now looking for times

Long shot I know this

There is no going back

At least I think we know

What forward looks like

But the plagues won't go

And they are clawing back

Away from peoples minds

Once free of attachments

You know this do you not

Now the driving forces

Internal in nature we are

Flooded with lively forces

Far between those who know

Driving the best they grow

Uprooting chemical desires

Sending signals to others

Piling up at reception points

Messages become layered

Thickened mediums solidify

As the prophets disappear

To live again another day

Traveling The Great Beyond

Set the flywheel

Into motion

Takes a lifetime

For the wheel

Must turn through death

Perpetual motion

Lies on the other side

So get that wheel

Spinning now

Anger adds friction

Sickness not a problem

Wheel of life

Turning Clanking


In all things

Great and small

Animal or plant

All wheels of life

Look at your wheel

Is it turning

Nothing here

Will spin the wheel

The less you hold

The faster it goes

Forget Winning races

Helping others win

Makes a difference

If it spins fast enough

Your spirit has gravity

Internally generated

It will stay intact

Launched as a wheel

Traveling the great beyond

Maybe there will be

Space enough for you

Then again maybe not


In Your Shoes

The lost


Division and

Yes you do

Get lost

But only


Cause what

You get to

Do is to

See what

The world

Feels like

In some one

Else's shoes

No you really

Don't go crazy

Cause you are

Actually feeling

As others not

Your self do

So they do

Not think they

Are crazy

But you for

The first time

Might think

That they

Were as crazy

As the other

Would feel

You must be

In your shoes


Substance D

Time and space reduced to nothing

Protecting insulation now gone forever

Still in our minds events travel slowly

Molecules knocking into each other

Passing along thoughts one at a time

Speed of thought slow as molasses

Personal touches that's all it takes

Swiping fingers felt round the globe

Texting worldwide travel time zero

History took forever then it shortened

It happens tomorrow arrives today

Time and space burned up and gone

The digital world traps virtual souls

Roaming perpetually electrified spirits

Every powered thing we own or lease

Trillions of artificial energy nodes

Blindly heating up the landscape

All those motors gobbling up time

Books and stories videos and movies

Screens growing endlessly bigger

Independent authors banging away novels

Filling the vacuums looking for reason

Virtual flat screens embedded in the head

Undercover currents take the minds away

One body seen outside maybe more inside

All seams harmless everythings acceptable

Watching one hand the other never follows

Each sense dwells in its own peace of mind

All operating together running in parallel

When thoughts don’t connect things go awry

Packets of photons manage electrons

Corralled inside wires messages wither

New ways flash transparent light beams

Vibrations shake to the beat of matter

Smallest of gaps open a wide gulf appears

Empty digital space fills the solid universe

Peering through cracks another world is seen


Alternate Worlds

I think I have

It figures it would be

Such as it is well hell

And heaven

Alternate worlds side by side

No extra universes required

Amongst many choices

Walking through countless worlds

Ah yes still we have choices

But could it be this is

Where we get what we ask for

And if we let others

Do what we know should be done

And of course they do

Or not

Is this the reward

The start of the cycle

To get us to move

Or keep us moving

As in life

Like a squared off circle

This system is closing


Radioactive Evolution

By the gates at dawn on the big wide road

Leading off to unknown fields

That seem to speak of forgotten cities

Now it might be believable

Accelerated mutated altered growth rates

Both mentally and physically

Might have happened did it occur

In areas where naturally enriched uranium

Carried by waters raining downhill

Rain flowed erosion carried

Radioactive ores by the truckload

Down to shores of big lakes and streams

And anywhere else gravity powered

Hot mud flowed surrounding areas

Radiations countless millions and years

Stripping the hair off our hairy ancestors

Thinning the bones sharpening the features

Free radiation baths for any and all

Drinking from those hot lakes glowing

Generation after generation getting hit

Before dying out made restless

Randomly surviving moving away

They didn't stop moving farther out

Away from life changing radiation

Again and again group after group

Seems so random in time and yet

Something not completely different

Two billion years in Gabon U-235

Reactions geysered like clockwork

Hundred thousand years it lasted

Every few hours sixteen sites

Natural reactors controlled reactions

Left over remains left on the ground

Scrubbing the genes day after day


Thrill Of Dead Air

Safe without sounds

Peace and quiet

Thought waves rule

Now a digital sin

Not planning a head

Gushers fill empty air

When silence is golden

Sounds heavy as lead

Long vocal arrangements

Handicapped by time

Connected to the hive

Colonial disorder collapsed

Monitors and mini screens

Small photon torpedoes

Hammering our bodies

Bouncing off harmlessly

Sometimes a burn

Direct hits nerve endings

Thousands of color bursts

Second by second

Our eyes cauliflowered

Much like a strucken brain

Lids wide open staring

We suck it all in

Photonic damage creeps deep

Follows the winding nerves

It's the carrier waves pummeling

Not the picture we sense

Rhythmic grids keep pounding

No mercy grows in digital light

Timing is everything listening

Quiet can be loud and bright

Natural frequencies healing

Messages from the medium

Synchronized laughter stings

Hundreds of lines nothing fits


Long Played

Speeding through life at an early age

Looks good feels great sounds right

There are some bumps along the way

Like physical traits of the old that appear

In the bodies of the young simple things

Early on age old afflictions roost in the new

People got used to it pills take care of it

Neutralized the sour stomachs live again

Life goes on or so we thought we knew so

And so it does you know this do you not

Everyone wants to be well connected

Faster than light in all the digital lanes

Reason falls away flying virtual life

All that information swells the head

Boggles the mind overflows the data

No worries the information saves itself

Carrying the portable focal point around

Like the sun magnified by tiny mirrors

One day people start to forget slowly

Instant recall slowing down occasionally

No confusion always known where you are

Spot on who you are is never a problem

All your wits and senses about you clear

The loss is subtle hardly noticeable it is

You see it a hundred times reading the same

News becomes entertainment forever waiting

For the next song the next story the next hit

The next piece of information slipped into place

No time for learning only caring what comes next

Look for wreckage in the wakes of our engines

Stuff your own long term storage memories

Imagine six ways to complement every fact

Sounds hard and so it is every word plus six

Takes forever to memorize anything learning less

Lose a few parts of the memory still more to connect

Multidimensional thinking not as hard as it seems

The really hardest part claiming responsibility

Just add every consequence of actions you see

All the insurance one needs to never forget

So now everything remembered indexed

Pleasing music saying the words out loud

Underlining three times in multiple colors

Those facts nailed down forever you think

Yet there comes a time when you remember

The exact furnishings even those long gone

The three colors of triple underlined words

You name the tune played in the background

But the words are gone only now see yourself

A personal place in history bookmarked

At least you remember you were there

Worms Work The Plank

Tearing everything loose loss lost

For our enjoyment sliced and diced

The question is how do we treat

This world thing we don't know

What the world actually is

What to any or all something

To take as we will chew spit repeat

Earth is heaven paved with dirt

Even the worms out of control

Over tilled soil not by machines

Will life look be the same

The dirt base supports another

Life style not ours not one to eat

Plants that don't need dirt roots

In air sand water plenty waiting

To take the lead

Only protecting our way of life

With no time for others

Our place is not so self assured

Walking we run it's all a movie

Now we act life running off

Worn out sprockets no longer used

Supposedly not the world a play

We all acting results will vary

Stunt people parry playing the game

Pushing virtual buttons

That never existed children

Dream it happens dreams awaken

And dreams are forever

Pipes of dawn calling for us

If no one knows how the world works

That is reality an incomplete illusion


Many Gods One Island

The day the gods came back

For a long time people believed

Only people needed a god nature not

There was only this one amazing god

Situation was almost everyone got it

And being that hardly any one shared

God of everything didn't change a thing

Never really worked with rights for few

In the beginning days of single god

It was said that the sacred forests

Weren't special anymore need no respect

Cut the trees mow the fields eat merrily

No more gods to ask permission to take

Rip it all down to the bare ground

It comes back automatically really

No respect needed for simple living

Plants are dead before they are born

Animals born to be dead sooner than later

Really doesn't matter why climates changed

No need to blame can't be stopped overnight

Probably not even thousands of weekends

No matter why it rains nor where it falls

The only thing that matters is where it goes

Nothing much you can do but wear a raincoat

Put that house in the flood plains on stilts

Make it really strong so it doesn't blow away

Have a decentralized backup energy supply

There is a force bigger than us coming our ways

It's real and they once had names given respect

Powers of Earth wield unbridled forces

What's that you say the wind is only the wind

That thunder you hear has no power behind it

When the food you like to eat becomes plastic

With nothing to pay respect no need to worry

Just remember to wear your steel helmet

Things not working the way they used to

Maybe there is a god for that you never know

Natural powers behind the scenes ripping

We don't need to believe to pay some respect

Or continue to wait for the power shows

For people who think they think they know

There is a world within us never acknowledged

Nope it ain't the temple we all heard about

Ten percent us big for our looks the rest tiny

But that ninety percent where does it come from

Tis the Earth for sure a four billion year old being

Networked to the hilt everything inter connected

A protocol that won't quit updates everyone

And when there is no direct genetic channel

Special secondary channels open up immediately

And there is a third level if that doesn't work

All done free no fees no applications no rejects

Plugged into the worldwide genetic reality

No one is an island what more can be said


Darkness Crowds The knowledge Lamp

How a bear disappears into history

In the landscaped lands of milk and honey

If screaming they run at us down the road

Shot down again and again in the beaten path

If walking calmly at us we panic raising arms

Shot down again using the fix it cure

Watching the TV watching me watching you

Dash cam on the screen bezel blinking slowly

Who really controls it far in the back rooms

They say not always me not always you

Or just when I put tape over it blinded digital sight

Then maybe I am in control of what I don't know

The shows crept out of mind spilling pixels

Don't have much time to wait going faster

Or so it seems the daze flys by our world turning

Dented intellects rule the world leaking sense

Wandering in the planted gardens of Eden

Maybe everyone suffering from memory loss

Denizens of reformulated jungles flat and paved

Materials reoriented to the sky once in the ground

Acting calm and rational that's the ticket

That's a wild beast in denial as seen on TV

Man screaming it's not acting normal not normal

Shoots it down again and again says it's a shame

Where are those high impact instant acting

Guns firing yielding to darts stop sleep now

Using knocked out drops for us and them

Animals can't act calm and rational or so says who

In the presence of man and men would we be rational

They have to bow down crawling scraping the ground

Run away in terror away from the civilized lamp posts

Screaming they go as a sign of respect we smile

Just so we don't shoot them every time we see them

After all animals bring the past keep the past alive

From the world we inhabit once theirs no place too small


When Earth Walls Break

Half the world's expenses

Generate no profit

Needing to be paid

But never are

Excessive funds piling up

Rich hallucinations

As Polar waters recede

Sanitation health welfare

Required at all levels

Random chains of life

Flapping in the breeze

Without world health

Big life expectancy shrinks

How many under umbrellas

When size doesn't count

Some bugs disappearing

The ones we actually like

Others fill up empty spaces

Filled to the brim

The trenches overflowing

Used water spent supplies

Canals thick with microbials

Drugs and sludge

Mass production lives on

Consumers never exempt

The smarter the body

The harder the fall

For our lives not health

Billions of feet stumble

Animals bred by technology

Fattened beyond recognition

Their tools shape our bodies

As we build up patterns

Operations scale fractally

Programs treating symptoms

Never ending the cause

Hidden infrastructures

The ones we don't think

Never want to see

Hardly even barely exist

Simple mounds of dirt

Forming simple trenches

Above ground ponds

Homemade canals

The remnants of lives

We ate yesterday


Sun Spits Upside Down

One hundred thousand years

And a month sometimes more

That’s how long it takes

For energy in the sun’s core

To reach the Earth

Never mind eight minutes

That’s just the light

The end result glowing

On an endless horizon

In the heart of the sun

Fusion reactions burn bright

Tripping from core to surface

The fleeing energy stumbles

Zig zagging from atom to atom

Takes a hundred thousand years

Cooling all the way

From millions to thousands

The atmosphere boils over

Whipping up magnetic threads

Temps back up to a million

Hurling spitballs towards Earth

These gobs of sun have flavors

Up or down makes a difference

The polarities most important

If the corona blob faces up

North Pole up that is good

If a corona ejection faces down

South Pole pointing up that is

Good it hardly ever happens

Well one time back in 1859

Telegraph lines delivered shocks

And started fires surprising workers

Messages could still be sent

And received all without power

The telegraphs kept working

Unless of course the office stood

No more or shocked operators

Left their posts for safer ground

Once telegraphic units phones

Prone to failure when the sun

Spits at us upside down


Eternal Mind Machine

Down through the ages

Instructions handed down

Enough to operate peripherals

Without external connections

Wired up for life forever

Everyone plans made endlessly

Always the same little changes

Easy to carry through generations

Who never speak or see each other

Even dreams remain the same

Feedback makes the programs run

Flows inside and out correcting flows

Not always to our liking or understanding

Lets water flow downhill of course

We might be wanting it to go uphill

Everyday an infinite number of clues

All mixed up truth and flights of fancy

Program running five million years

Independent hands weaving tapestries

Everything from threads to cars

Information passed by genetic memories

Stories pictures sculptures functioning

Animals forming trails like magnetic dust

Running programs patterns clear as day

Programs for life plants grooming our lives



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