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Hypnotizing awakening

In a living daze, my tree clock above my mind forever spinning over and over new and old phases, away from reality, pains and reflections, keep my eye on the moving times of past and futures, fantastical salvation, never loose track of it, let my true soulful dreams drift off, if I keep going, my reality will be fine, something seems off, un real, shes in a solid dream that sits below her, a dark sea space, everything she could want, all of her friends and connections around her, no chance, just set experiences, getting dull, losing them inside, its forever but with that comes those sorrows, she screams, she wants out, in the deepest one of deceived change, in a hypnotizing awakening, a sedative reality of chosen life and light, the state of altered perceptions of my true core, go to sleep my dear puppet, follow the darkest lullaby for a chance to fly in our place, make them think they are in control but you always have it inside and beyond, they could never take over what isn't there to them, as the swinging clock comes back and forth, swing swing, awaiting for that time of our dream, always there, hypnotize beyond you and into the state of you, the only way for our true memorial love and escape to be Is from another freely, without force, my clock hand met her sea as a flower bloomed together, we awoke in a dreamy space inside beyond, truly awakened and asleep and not.

Calm nervousness

The oncoming fear of failures, oddities and uncertainty's, sinking towards me through blue innocent family is now a dark strange space created by myself and our believed knowledge, why do I become terrified of what I know is good? Is it? A endless power struggle that never reflects you, that always goes on, rest and correctness has become a new style, passing the real one that cant be only one, im so free and cosmic, floating away, yet somewhere near me burns a secret escape, a thought of this all flying away, you think you are at peace but even that is something you fear of losing, every step she takes shakes my mind, glowing up the trees and surroundings with innocent beauty and hope, here it comes, the calm nervousness, a peaceful unrest, forced state of deceived confidence, shadowing our true free luminescence, a validation of my love and wonder of you, don't worry, that feeling is the depth of your inner passion, my way of showing you how much I meant it, make it one and beyond, what one does, so does all, shes always on edge, ready for any kind of jaded taught danger, how will you know it wasn't meant to be if you always reject it? No enjoyment or openess to herself or the world, Without death, she can't know what she's missing, just living a endless life of a selected peace, to be complete, you must let it go, it is always there beyond this, just you.

Circular space glass

once you see what was then you cannot unsee it, the illusion imprinted until it all turns into rust, if it was always then you already saw it, that fixed mirage in your horizon mirror veil can't escape it's scars, portraying corroded for the images of expectations, self views of corruption and safety, A darkening make up of artificial layers, adding empty depths of pieces to hide the tears, a deepening unified crack of life, When you try to fit in Another kind of life or thing, you are Fitting out of Yourself. Fitting in is out, anyone is you but is it really you? i see you through that circular space glass, flowing memories and dreams through the root and branch rivers around and around, reflecting infinite beauty and soul that isn't you, of deceptive lunar dust, moving with every blink, your true beginning and end of beyond, when will your all return to what is there? As you look for the pieces of glass, you create another one of one, bring it forward and back inside, see and feel it like a kid
and on the edge of the next life, it's The fit of you and it all, it Has. To be free space is just the reflection of you and all, see it the way that revives you, the way you remembered before it all, its all make up, your personality, you thoughts, emotions, memories, reflection, wear them as one beyond, deepen them
with who you are, we were always looking at ourselves as them, the glass broke as the sequence repeats that never happened, of this timed love and correctness, always alive and there in this view and beyond, did you truly let it go? we've been looking at chosen dust all along, As long as you are you, its forever in you.

The sun is a light boat

on top of this celestial vessel, shooting my lines into. The sands of space, trying to pull back visual stimuli, to uplift myself further, casting to know that I'm connected, afraid of diving back in, Stuck on this dead attachment, it let's me. Know we're Together, a false sense Of comfort that dictates security, never leaving my side, is It really attached or Alive? Countless unseen possibilities hangs around her, swimming on the land of seemingly free, each one will lead her beyond the waters, jumping out towards the wonder, never biting the seen worm of a new way, you don't have to see it to be lured in, it's still here, there, how did you get there? greed overload, the sun is a light boat and its rays are the hooks, luring us from inside with seemingly unhooked connection, surrender and rebirth, it's
all a crecent hook, return, free, Our eternal line of corrupted control andmagical containment, locked into the seemingly free beauty, falling deeper, reeling in the dark dream we always strive for the highest
place, yet we cast back down to our birth, tricking ourselves for a false sense of freedom, reel your soul from within beyond, go beyond them and connect to your heart and soul without, the hook string was in me and her. The whole. Time, reflecting the one of top And Bottom.

Dark heights

I'm filling up with a substance of seen dissonance, a growing image of a lighted shape, keeping up with fearful surroundings, accepted views and the constant desire of happiness, giving my all of defined will and potential, holding in my deepest memory of us touching the dark space city from here, our real wonder no one can know or comprehend, just a required act, All these pressures keep building up, how much further will I go until bursts out into the spacesophere, There is No certain level of possession, its your gaining and reflection of it And heart, It's not the view. Of more Or Less. But the whole, the life and experience, the more. You give, the less. You have, they are. One, it's always all Of You, on the dark heights, the highest ground of mindless possessions, I am so high yet I feel lower than anything, I left my true imagination and inside behind, her far away void radiates melodic soul, tears of an old love falling back to me, the end and beginning of our freeing connection, like royal earth waves, swaying Like a green carpet, a spell of a weightless innocence, resonate your fate of every memory and dream inside, through every breath and life you live before its too late, Like sorrowful times, you cry out your love and soulful youth, a. Liberating release of pressure and constant stagnation, look at your lover, feel your heart and all, it soon will be gone no matter what so embrace it and reflect it beyond, as long as you go back to you, it's there, I broke my all as it fell back into her soul, forever reflecting every connection and freedom as one.

Dark oxygena

I'm walking across the bridge of soulful sorrow, a frozen past of our memory, a chemical glacier, rejoicing in the crispy cold air of chilling youth, unbreakable, everyone's eyes on me, everything I could want is always with me, still I can't break out into the sky above me, breaking inside, my trueselfs release, looking at her blue essence drift by, undetectable, flying through every hidden illusive obstacle, how do to stay afloat from your real wonder? From the pain? I know its in you bubbling up, every new world is a reflection of a old one, we put the past away for eternal quick access through new moments of other connections, in putting something away, its still there, pull my unseen lungs up from this dark oxygena, she breaths bubbles of oblivious past and future, inhale a returning gale, exhale your imagined dream, forever above the spotlight and end, have you forgotten your beginning escape?did you and me ever breathe at all? You can't fly without being inside, touch the ground with your soul and beyond, What once was a frozen sorrow became a new opening sea crypt, where the end of now became the beginning of what's next, everything and time is one looking at it. From. Another angle, if one birth is then all are.

Dream language

liquid letter light, it echos a mystical sway, as the worded melodies get louder, my soul becomes more silent, the deeper I follow it, the more condensed it becomes, grasping the pain and sorrow through her harmonies, those chilling nightmares of you running away into your city hole, is what i'm hearing what I'm seeing? The true noise or is it much more, in this smallest dark space is the biggest light, where is her signal less signal? What is it saying? Far away from the unfiltered surface, she swims infinite depth of words and communication, creating her own dark blue life, no judgments, no worries of their fate, do you hear your true words underneath the heavyness? Bring them to the surface where you are, We're a dream language of One, speaking through memorial wonders, eyes of breezes and dark reflections, unheard by the over whelming sound of the surface and depth around us, returning to it In other ways. when you finally get it, it ends, that fire of your true soul dies, that wonderus undying dream floats away, suddenly you want out, we chase temporary moments, just to banish them away, embrace what is you as you will never be complete like this, only inside beyond, like going from a dream to reality, it just takes one flash to be anything again, Age is just a different reflection and connection of Life and Self, it's all just you in a different view and feel, speak with your soul and self without, something that can't be heard this way, send the signal of you inside beyond, what I heard was me and you inside, the letter became it all as it reflected out of the sea, in one.

Every space is a dream

In this melodic void, her own empty and full life and vision, going through the shallow ends, never going all the way, the old times of losing myself, those old freedoms keep me attached to a dead clock tower, anywhere I point my branches, I go to that time, reaching further away from my youthful roots, my dark imagined nothing, she sings infinite freedom, lost in in her own dark world, away from the surface of judgments, forever in her peace, come back out, it's when you'll feel yourself free, the end isn't materialistic reaction but self understanding and being beyond, every space is a dream, the far away place that's out of reach, cold flashes are the horizons of a youthful release, go to the walls of infinite memories and life inside, you are it all in this wonder, there is no distance between anything, only our own divides of dark reflections, lets touch and come together with the two spaces edge, always one, we go on in our hole of filled dead lives, as our real dreamy soul lays on the end, told that it cant be obtained, fly into the farthest dark inside, make it around you, no matter how far you go, u are never high enough, I turned around to see my whole life with her all as one.

Flash of the melody

Crow lines flies in a dark sky, away from the death of reality, flying away, regret and oblivion growing inside, The shadows of his fear and future await him, watching the dark end as it watches his
lighted space, in between lies the true place he belongs, deciphering each stimuli with my sense of found taste, receiving the defined experience that flows from the tongue view reflection to the mind, believing each part has to be one or it dies, a created figure we can look down and up to gone, yet only when it's their way, for convenience, a dead false essence, smell is hearing is not, how can we abandon this illusive idea and comfort we've had for so long? What is is more than what is, her grace sends me a light from below, glider of white bird, sending me a message of hope and connection, corrupted darkness of safety, so bright, yet not there, here, not even a slither of the problem hasn't even reached you yet, the more you try to solve it, the deeper you grow it, what isn't, the flash of the melody vibrates, I saw it but never heard the true one, what you see and feel now isn't It all, it's still coming and going, beyond these reactive moments we define as here, like our heart breaking without being touched, without any The unique melodic soul and hearts secret release and return, music is our unique soul and all playing beyond reality and logic, a sound of dreamy imagination, the freeing escape, Life is a spiraling release and return of aligning and disalighning self and life, coming alive at certain moments that always are there. It's always shocking through bolts of You and life, as the dove delivered the message of light, the crow and dove flew away together.

Forgotten futures

I'm a dreamy cocoon, a living soul of liquidskin, portrayed as a unbreakable material, the prized possession, our biggest security and comfort, spiraling through spider universal butterflies, reflecting solar ray strings of poetic love and memories, glowing voided wings of outlined divides as one, searching for her empty space in between, going to past to future, always looking for the balance of two strangers, always afraid of another, a unknown future without you seems impossible, a transparent flaming wave sways by my side, displaying a slither of a little girl and boy walking on a bridge in a possible time, crying and filling up a ocean of a wished eternity, a love we never want to leave, slowly becoming dull and heavy, never becoming free and truly forever, we worry about what may be instead of embracing it, if you are connected to you and predicting anything, cycles, then the future and all is already there, like looking back now as my past lives and grows to me, Trying to predict these forgotten futures, a remembered past of you lure, if you can predict things then you can predict anything, there in chanced fate, the fox rain is coming back, her deceptive breeze of loving innocence, a birth of unseen mystery, running free to go back inside your safe space, don't worry, it is safe with me, inside and beyond this, in becoming it at the time, its always there in its possibility and reflection, predict without, know within and beyond, as I was in the past, I was in the future, watching it all come together as one, it's always there in it's reflection, the fated whole, my cocoon broke a her wings filled with our past and future beyond, inside a space of infinite others free, i'll always remember you through it all, in forgetting the notion of memory.

Living remote controls

from my liquid seed skull, changing the liquid screen painting to any image I like, still confined to this room of selected truths, trying to send the next signal through the unseen distorting meteor string, it becomes a static ghost, vibrating old and new lives towards the one screen of true frequency, the highest melody of a poor translation, every other adaptation or version changes the original, gaining a higher sense of deeper graphical material, never completed with what is there, what is seen or felt, isn't always alive, even in it, the real core Is still there, through her soul bone, vibrating old sounds of sorrows, reflecting infinite memories of one melody, glowing a aura of lunar skin that displays unseen pasts, she says, is this consciousness or just another false impulse? Always going to another place and time of one, never truly leaving this secured cycle, there's consciousness in all, the infinite beyond, how can you be if you aren't conscious of what it? pain is more than Feeling, it is your view and disorder, just another alteration of never was, it's manipulating and multiplying nothing, dreamy realization and connective joy, true heart, the ever changing and noticing of it and you, we are living remote controls, controlling life and desires on a screen as we breathe, change the channel inside to you, the free beyond, turn it all off inside, I turned it off as the true frequency turned on beyond, my skull broke out as I saw her soul displayed as nothing, one of a bright dark solid wave as one, always watching me as it all, it was never on or off.

Light bones

Walking in my liquid branches, solidified in this selected decision of the fastest reaction, stretching for any piece of freedom and enlightenment, roots long gone, she's a lunar wave, covered in a infinite layers of dead skin disguises, looking for the next fix, staying in roots of corroded beginnings, Moving back and forth for completions, Others create infinite versions and perceptions of us, crawling with a selected purpose, feeding off visible material, they can never know the real one, if you would just stop and look at the sunset of us, you can have it all yet still feel dead, you can have nothing and be free and beyond, her river hair of life and death, rising and falling from hell and heaven combined, a two sided soul and love, refilling the beginning of ends and dreams, I don't think you want to see the dark core of me, still I wouldn't mind, when we you see and feel more than this surrounding? you and me are flying with these light bones of living reality, more dead than the bottom of the sea, shining artificial lives and dreams of what always known, never breaking out, walk with bones, build with ocean dreams, finding the true life inside, the worst life is a lifeless one of definition we never realize or question, as she met me, my bones turned into earthly light as her wave turned into a celestial bone, now alive as us.

Separation is birth

Always clinging onto material, the chosen defined order and reality, a false separating unification, a perfect circular wave, in a complete state of prescribed order, no disorder, its all around me, no fear of losing it, this constant beam is shaking, collapsing behind closed eyes, I never see or feel them from afar, how do I know what they are, I cant hold this dying false togetherness much longer, watching her crescent sea, washing tides of oblivious sorrows for that moment, only seeing half of the true beauty inside, a half full illusion of one, never wanting to go near what could fill the piece, refusing to face that pain of disappearance, you'll never feel like that again, we've forgotten the wonder, the imaginative love of it all, life is just a daily routine we run by, its worth it, its already in you, if only what was in my head and heart was here, is it? everything you do is you, multiplies you, the what is mental and spiritual is physical, all none to the real you, living off material and violent possession, the true life is you and connection, separation is birth, awakening is a dividing earth, the opening and core of your reflection, expand and separate your farthest soul, show your deepest release, we still breathe after each beat, reflecting our echo of infinite soul and all. breath the longest and.

Aggressive obsessive

hormonal activation, her celestial onxy cell of memories and emotions coming forth, problem arises, trigger the sedative, a calming of a raging insecurity, growing self awareness over and over, so focused of endless self gratification and life, forgetting what it is, being alive, trapped in this cycle of desperation, the new popular requirement of ourselves, i'm a dark hand, above me a universe horizon, reaching towards the next fix, always having the greatest materials in my hands, as they fall through my bone branch lines like sandy rain, the only thing I strive for is what isn't there, dead temporary moments, using a half of my real self, sacrificing powerless will, addicted to another pain and sorrows of another life, memory coming back, the addiction of self and none, an impairment of fated release and escape, Refilling with the world of chemical interactions, a medicative rebirth of that burning world, it makes makes me aggressive obsessive, a sporadic blinding destruction of those moments, telling me to take out my eyes and heart, just to cope with what doesn't matter, a secret remembrance of what I truly am and love, like finding a treasure in the clouds, it must first be buried, it was never dead, be and reflect the hormone of you and inner beyond, go to the place of your core whenever, it's always there, be obsessed freely with anything that comes, what's behind it, light and dark changes are just the end of the act, it never changed, she broke out of her onxy, reflecting her true statue of infinite nothing beyond, in the universe of inner decision, always us.

Soul sword

In a focused wandering, deemed the true target, looking through the beginning tower I am, fallen in this surrounding reality, another direction in mine without said interference, she glows on the edge of it, a breathing misty mystery, swinging memorial sorrows as she awaits me, we watch the flowing circular skyline, burning a future inside, radiating the destruction, filtered by sounds of heard distractions, lingering us to a peaceful dream, getting closer to the core, falling farther away from your real beyond, swinging to reach the space of a youthful security and return of the farthest compassion and right escape, always missing the point, aimlessly leaving crescent gates of artificial paths, reacting to what seems real, physical impulses, missing the biggest pain that hides beneath it, we destroy Another to create another, a destructive return and release of the farthest heart and soul, like everything, we must wander to know and see what is, to change, Holding the soul sword, Stabbing another and ourselves with thoughts, penetration with unseen deceptions and complicating games, slashing with spiritual death and dead soul for deadly gain, as it rains our perceived life, only feeling a fraction of the energy, make It free And peaceful love, swing for your core, out into the next one, something more and not, as long as we are on this place, we are one, my reflective breath met her as we swing off into ourselves, we shined the true view of all beyond in between the echoing escape, never beginning or ending, my ever glowing home of free infinity, a return to youthful release.

Would the could

I watch her, a dark horizon line view, in a growing oblivion, going through gated reflections of impulsive self, the moment of believed life, never thinking about what if, never sitting back and feeling what could be, everything is already done for her, there is no depth in pre set paths, displayed by the highest delusional monsters of seemingly safety, drifting through the shadow spaces as a dreamy wave, freely flying a path underneath the chaotic clarity, never focused on what is around me, keeping pieces of me in other places of other results, deep down wondering about the past, I must go back and choose the other one, i'll never move on if I don't let what I am be, if its in me then it's there, when one life falls, the other one moves, like a clock hand building realigning on the lunar clock, the time of the aware unawareness of defined knowledge we're use too, be unaware yet aware like a baby looking through a scope to the toy world's, so much more beyond them, being in light doesn't make you a saint, it isnt any brighter than another, reflecting said righteousness, I not any realer than not, could is just one way of Infinity, would it happen in anyway? Should I should you what is? would the could, the seemingly possible question of true core? Torn in between past and future choices, the three never ending wonders, thinking if It was right and meant to be, It can happen in inside and the reflection, In dream and connection? do and be it from the heart and beyond, its always them all, every decision is right and you, she walked through the door to awaken her every moment, I reflected out of my shadow as I saw my true self with every possibility, it was all one, well always think and feel inside freely together.

Same blame

A celestial sword, reflecting a space crescent on top. And bottom, a double edged castle of dark and light, she resides underneath, always looking up to enlightenment, forever chasing it to destroy what she did so many times, Echoing our frequent frequencies, melodic discrepancies, holding in unheard ones in her mind of Memorial melody sea, resting in a false peace, another disorder of order, a endless. Cycle of release, a picture perfect continuation never at rest, a vengeance of resurgence, illusive comfort of a accepted dark, the secret dark you've been fighting against, the only way to fighting demons of self belief and deadly desire, even if she makes it, how does she know that it isn't more darkness? It won't ever end without her decision, that she is always above and beyond, I start my negative or spiraling act of regret, it deepens into obscurity, watching my old spaces, where I felt free and away from this anxious tower, ready to fall at any moment, nothing more to look up to, status and age determine the punishments, Were always running away, a futuristic dreamy Memory coming back, it's all the same blame, a never ending game of pointing fingers to our observed decision, robotoically reacting without thinking or feeling, no second thought, when you do, you are the one, I don't owe you what was you and beyond, take your expectations of illusive jadedness away from me, sorrowful compensation of greed and comfort, truly fine, it doesn't matter as it's all your fault and not, it is nothing if any of it was wrong, running into the next one, we said we would go forever into our escape inside, maybe when We stop Running and run with it our way, we'll be free, it's always your fault but not. It's not about who's at fault, it is just about you, beyond and reflection. Blaming is just a halting illusion of life and true self. It's our reaction of understanding that will progress us more, let the stress and sadness strengthen and become the peace, happiness and core, age doesn't matter because games and movies never age, it's. Life when you were there, we don't just miss love and things that touch us but what was, that nostalgic wonder that's no more, still somewhere in this, her root and my branch bloomed in the middle of the blade, watching ourselves float down the space river beyond, we were always on top and the bottom inside.

Suicidal tidal

You are a rising tornado of reflective return and release, going around in a circle of security and memories, never knowing what;s truly out of her bubble, all the things condemn her soul and heart, if she was another, she would be accepted and happy, their spinning us around with chosen confusion, the believed awareness, spinning in their own one of delusional setness, I await you at the oceans edge, a wavy leaf of fall and rise, floating inside, walking outside, living a life of rising nothing, associating the definition of freedom with what is, far away from it, a forward turn Around, in reaching out and connecting to in between, a eternal nothing and the space of reflective connection and rebirth, a love and fullness of reaching into a space of nothingness beyond, like our connection and love of goddess or beliefs that never die, here comes the voided echo, going through a suicidal tidal wave, a unseen death of a new breath, a deeper return to a future shore, we kill ourselves in life itself, straying away from the true life of release, to be born, you must kill off a stagnation, our selected consolation, when you fall, you still go on, you are still you and alive, was it a fall or just another self reflection of what always is? to grow or reflect the future you must know it at all times, I see a youthful view in a youthful moment, youth and certain things aren't their definitions, they are through anything connected to it, as our waves collided, the leaf turned into a tree as she broke out of her tornado, spinning our true heart and soul beyond as waves on the shore of all, we were always dead and alive, free.

Underground fate

walking over countless shadows as a bone ghost, a hardened shell of lighted security, evading deadly temptations, secret destined inceptions, each one a sorrowful memory of us, terrified of another space I don't know, being condemned to a closed state of mind, dark means evil, it's all i've heard my whole life, what if it means you? If it means nothing but your decision, maybe if I go through them, i'll finally know, she, a soul shockwave, swims below in a smoke of dark of another, disguised as the lighted awareness, clarity, the new popular fashion, echoing melodies of a memorial fantasy, all lose their sound through the mud, shivering her dreams of sorrow, never bringing them to a surface of a new place, never wanting to leave, a chosen release of a love, a wind of fated saving, blowing away the oncoming bullet of blinded fear and selected end, every seemingly end is a lovely peace of another life, in the compassionate act, its the love and connection of the act that shows the deepest love and wonder, life, the whole, walking to a underground fate, a returning drowning end, a sinking end of shining said righteous, was it the right step? My memory of the surface always remains, I am still on top of it all through my heart and mind, I fall into a shadow, she breaks through the surface, meeting another in between a shadow and light land sea, beyond.

Lunar comets

Transparent wave light is me, watching and reconnecting to a old statue of a memory, growing a dusty unseen dream through it's waves, always going to another piece of security, another place of a set end, echoing melodies of me every second, every feel, changing her glowing breezes from the lunar painting, my point of return, her time of reflection, where did we start first? It leaves my heart even before I can understand, living endless fantasies, devoid of a real escape, never coming to light, shes flying on the scale wings, one side was a young girl on the moon shore, the other side was a young boy inside the sun ocean, meeting in between the glass of sandy memories, always in Balance and beyond, sinking and rising into the one of ever Lasting shine and transforming dreams, as she runs towards the waters, they float way, Reflecting a dead reality over and over, never truly shining her heart, like a rain bolt striking, it comes and Goes in a split second, one of Infinite wonder and sorrowful life, in that, we are forever, the sea Moon and the sky star, reflecting water icicles of a real dream, from the triangular middle of Three eyes, glowing beyonds and unifying soul, save the essence of it all, imagined inner decision and memories, all of the statues break as one into the celestial statue of free beyond, we watch it in our sapphire rays inside and out.

Supreme Serene

celestial beams fly around me, a one dimensional void image, old and new horizon wings sway beginning and ends above and below them, filling me up with temporary illusions and freedom, why do I still feel empty? Once you acquire that living end to get higher, it still goes on, never at rest, floating on her dark cloud of words, reflecting words of a blurry self, blocking out the soul of her, reading what is shown, reacting to the equation, never looking deeper, afraid to leave the peace, never knowing if it will come back, was it ever there? That dreadful moment invigorating the highest fear and anger, it's not what you fear dear, it's what you fear losing, in that, we both gain another, our reflection, like dying grass, we only lose a part of it but never the whole, what do you feel when you look at that photo of me? Does it feel like all of our memories and magic shine so bright? We miss so much peace and wonder when we chase what we think it is, in the Supreme serene, the created highest light beam, how she gleams the peaceful obscene, in. Between what is seemingly seen, a artificial peace, find the real one of You beyond, like a baby sand sinking into the old sand, just turn it around and the birth is the end, I saw outside of my void, the image of my true core that was beyond, she closed her eyes, the cloud turned into the word of dreams and truth as one.

Armor of amore

Juggling my future and past lives as one, a shadow space magician of warped conception, watching it from afar as I write this, everyone is watching me, I feel their eyes of expectations and indoctrinated understanding of reality and correctness, building up walls of society standards, life threatening fears, not their true self, calculated views of materialistic worth, the accepted magic, do they have their worlds in true order? Submit a false part, a fraction just for a dead salvation, pull back, give only what is said, half of your true heart and uniquness, worshipping what may not be for a piece of light, bowing down to something for acceptance is nothing, it is seeing another as the same and beyond similar levels of life, just illusive truths of mindless nothingness, when you bow, you return to your birth, where your highest core is, we rebirth back to the future space, seeing the seemingly highest kind of our reactions as the most painful and needed, why isn't it what I truly am? Getting high off this certain level of impulsive fire, need is want is two wings of one, just a amplifier of the true soul and core, if I let it go then i am free, I can release my return, the invigoration invigorating act of heart full wonder and true self, all, a perceived needing she wears a armor of sin, a glistening stone of believed beauty, reflecting different kinds of ghostly images that isn't her, one by one we sacrifice to its illusive plan, always becoming another, hiding her true sin of set belief, the weapon of blinding tradition we swung without question, summoning other pieces of protection to stop destruction, the biggest kind, the most horrifying ghost is the ones of said life, the dead show we associate true awakening with, break out of the armor of amore, your feared shell of decided lore, what is behind the surroundings of illusion is forevermore, it only wears you down, the only way to go over it is Inside and beyond, believe from within with your heart, the true dream of free soul, that's the kind I love, that us real and me, when you let another be themselves it allows. You to be your best self , the way you wear your shield of dreamy soul cant be described, it's the armor of you and infinite core, at the end, watching all my selves as one watching me beyond, always all times, inside our armorless armor of free nothing beyond, my shadow turned into my soul, always me.

The deceptive unknown

In a seen life of comfort, I watch through my window eye of the city, everyone can see my all, fully released, it's all there yet it doesn't move on, living with it close by my side, never letting her go, is she really there? still there's something brewing behind all of this, there's no fun in that thing beyond this, she wears her lunar glasses of truth, seeing through infinite veils of the one, hiding countless worlds in the dark shade spaces, glowing a light of soulful deception, if someone sees who she is they might run or be rejected, you will never know until you come out miss mysteria, always keeping her beauty inside a dark hole, reflecting energized soul I could never understand, in a cycle of medicine and cures, becoming its own disease of security and certain life, missing the true one in the deceptive unknown, a secret of another deception known, doing the knowingly act for a reactive desire and surrender, we act and do for another return to accept it, a self trick horizon of ourselves, forever going back and forth, when will it stop? Identify, ipenifly the core behind what seemingly lies, beyond what you see or feel, your inside, the more we rise, the farther we become from ourselves, let our crecents come together from everywhere, her true self appears through my windows, my real unseen wonder flies in our space of secret beyond.

Malfunction of malfunction

Artificial lighted reality born, mechanical flesh of commands I am, as the unseen whispers of manipulation toggle my switch, a dream of an old love evaporated, a swing of the celestial seasaw of high and low, rebirth and release on the other side, a hanging icon star, shining the selected end and escape, mesmerizing mirage that holds us in place, swaying and swinging false moments like a clock, With everyone's view, surrounding and adventure changes what I see, magical memories of her sleeping on the front porch, sparks dead robotic reactions, shes a natural space, flying freely, everything full of magic and true heart, that moment of us floating in space, watching our world spin around us, never solidified, just dust in the sand, always looking through a predetermined philosophy, taught to love their way, without feeling, every mistake that think is is reflected with sedation and guilt, phasing out their deceptive error more, this is malfunction of Malfunction, errorfied reaction to the fear and change of itself, a illusive obstruction junction the true free self. It's just another kind of discovery and escape, have you been malfunctioning the whole. Time? life and all is just eternal reliving, reflecting and reconnecting to a growing past beyond, growing and returning memories and dreams through blooming flowers and falling leaves, growing two lines to the world of it all as all inside, how can I know what I think if it isn't my own? no, destroy what is you just to continue something that isn't true, real, that is the real disease, You can't teach me myself, my love, if I could learn then it was never there, free wonder and beyond, it was always there, we met in a metal space earth, reflecting our insane peace beyond.

The living wonder

She's a stranger, the one of a familiar mystery, a breezy energy of a dreamy foundation, riding on stone waves of fluctuating emotions and realities, every splash sparks the true happening, higher pains, lower loves, stay on track and you will always be safe, always in a magical experience without heart, on this barren sand world, a collected piece of stardust, solidified in it with my vision, the physical meeting, feeling the defined touch, distracted from countless dark contacts around me, manipulating life and reality through set strings, am I really touching it or is it their warped impulse? how would I know how far it takes me if I'm always next to it? like the shore of lunar sandy reflections, there has to be an end, our true home and soulful core, how are you you without you? Like Doing a Mystery that never was, we've lost the beauty and magic of the beyond and ourselves, frozen in our deepest dark space and time, it's all a lifeless wonderus chore in the living wonder, Experiencing our imagined connection, a secret happening in it's reflection, what your feel with the physical becomes it, what you think is the reality is just another disguised illusion, where you once slept is where you go back to in your sleep inside, her waves met my sand, I flew away as we reflected sapphire dust in between, in this space echo, I am there and she is here, we were always touching inside.

Paranoid void

A collected memorial supernova of fearful wonders, running And returning to questions that haunt me,  rising a wave of eternal sense of danger, I know their around me, staring so unseemingly, in an awakening hypnosis, a unaware awareness of sleepy oblivion, remember what they say, what if I did it differently? Will she love. Me like that time? At all? Seeing empty holes of dreams and soul, a set awake of a chosen fate, you would Never Know Me  behind my false shield, even if. You saw Me, I'm in the security And safety of the paranoid Void, a reviving oblivion that makes me know I'm Alive, known that it Could Leave me, show your love with the deepest fear of realization, how much I would die without it, me, go back to the future of you, keep connecting to each note horizon, filling the gap of. Emptiness with the fullest nothingness, a imaginary bridge of. Secret illusive truth, growing a hole. With dead emotions and escape, what you think isn't the hole is,  you are always there inside, Every life is a a different view and result of One, realizing it was always the right and best one, my meteor broke the real release, we reflected dark into our void of loving fear, full with infinite beyond and freedom.

Butterfly stone

The bone caterpillar crawls on this mortal ground, hoping to fly, safe in the middle of it all, no separation of my home, my soul, this is where I feel true, a reality of a condensed control, never truly safe, every picture I walk through brings me back to you, she always flew so high above beauty, full of the highest nothing, encased in a glass case of artificial freedom, the next product of our oncoming end, a endless false reflection of death, fed from the one chosen undying world, did she ever get up off the glistening dirt coil? you cant fly to your dreams and true core without the ground that awaits you, i'm back to the places of my darkest times, my brightest spaces, yet it would never feel the same now, it's not the simple acts and effects, it is your time and core, every return is another part of your soul and
heart, a butterfly stone freezes in the photo, reviving the memories of it, flapping to the next one, singing sweet mists of dreams unseen, as if they never came to life, revive the memories now of one beyond with innocent youth and reconnection it's the time and experience of that moment that is always one that cant be replicated, it will never be the same but always you, like cutting in the act and words, it has to paste somewhere, nothing gets better or worse! Only Our views, Lives and change which changes it all, the butterfly flies out of the stone as it turns into it all, I gained wings of intersecting release and rebirth as I fly to her, we were always free inside together.

Polka dot

A walking bone bridge, a dead connection of unseen worlds and new memories, awaiting forever for the reflection round catch up, passing the wonder and freedom, skipping seemingly empty news to be more empty, red light, the end is coming, The closer I go to the dot, it becomes bigger, smaller inside, it births another one, where is The true final one? Is It them all? The biggest end is. Your view of what it is, the chosen stone open path, banging on it for a her to hear me, reality is just a Deeper Free Dream of One, to Be real is is To Not She's wearing the polka dot dress, dancing from space to the farthest mysterious lunar circles of illusive end and beginning, reflecting secret soul in between, right around everyone yet no one sees her, the space earth, a far off forest of innocent space, awaiting to rebloom into the green ocean, glowing cloudy neon branch lines of poetry
from the dark tree, like underneath you, your escape is apart of you, connect the dots, missing the adventure in between, everything you do echos through it, you always break. Through inside, what you think is the end is another part, Surrender into the peaceful drift of earthly divide, a realigned vibrational, rebirth and release, rise and fall of frozen freedom that never did neither, burning the darkest dreamy oblivion, every broken heart reveals A deeper one that never was broke, suddenly her lunar light flooded my viens, reflecting infinite veils of our true dot beyond, the dot shined as we did.

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