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The Triceratops

by: Milthy Swinebuckle

The day before tomorrow

The night before the last

I spotted a Triceratops

A walking in the grass

As he wandered by, I asked him

"Why do you walk so slow?"

"I've hurt myself", he said to me

Then looked down to a plaster on his toe

He closed his eyes remembering

The accident that hurt his foot

Making me feel a little sad

A little empty

And causing a rumbling in my gut

To stop being so empathetic

I kicked him in the shin

And then I ran

Without looking back

While sporting a devilish grin

The night before yesterday

The day before the first

I spotted a Tyrannosaurus

A running in the dirt

As he ran up to me, I asked him

"Why do you run so fast?"

He did not speak

Nor make a peep

Just ate me as he passed!


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