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Tails of Trilly

Cheyenne Carney

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Copyright 2018 Cheyenne Carney

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Dedicated to all life and the creative minds among us all.

Upon waking,

still dreamy from sleep,

Trilly mimics grasshoppers jumping

in wonder of this day to greet.

Without hesitation,

Trilly chooses to be left and then chooses to be right.

Left is like the last piece of sweet, juicy, apple pie

and right is like each path taken in life.

All lead to wondrous delight.

While happily sliding down the stair rail,

a waffle iron steams deliciously

to remind that warmth is frail.

Trilly sniffs and smells

past the trail

to silky and syrupy breakfast trays.

In this place of puzzles and plays

there is folding, shifting, twisting, twirling;

all in transformation which passes in a daze.

Galloping outside to fun that awaits,

the wind soars past and chilling goose bumps emerge

like a brisk ocean breeze.

Trilly embraces a strength found

within stones footed beneath.

Stretching like gum and discovering sweat,

Trilly drips cool

like dribbling lemonade cups in the sun.

Dew gathers

just as it does

on the grass before dawn.

Movement abounds;

like tree leaves it sails

effortless to earth

and like ice cubes

which float round,

round it swirls.

Large puddles gather after rain

providing chances at imitating fish

through brisk swims.

Shaking off drops

and standing tall to take after trees,

feeds desire to push forward.


A puppy passes allowing a pet of the fur.

Delicate softness washes over to reassure,

as does the peace felt near a flowing brook.

Trilly leaps on to stoke inner fire

and lusters with a glow.

Beneath the flames, roses bloom,

spreading lovely essence

from above to below.

Beams of the moon,

rays of the sun,

each penetrates, radiates, inspires.

Swinging and bending

like monkeys through trees,

Trilly presses on,

commanding new heights.

Trilly feels kindness

as quick as a blink,

then lifts up to clouds

and partakes in a refreshing drink.

Trilly defies odds,

for they are always in favor,

and remembers, like do photos,

to continue to build

glimmering castles

of joyous imagination.

Calm permeates pure space.

Trilly flies and glides

to become a wisp

through the colors.

Roar under, around, through, beyond...

ever and more, in love.

Become limitless with no beginning nor end;

just as time,

who proves always a friend.

Trilly is one

with the rainbow

to live fully

through each shade of life.



Good day readers and friends. Kind thanks to you for reading my book. If you enjoyed it, taking time to leave a friendly review at your favorite retailer will always be appreciated.

This work is full of love and inspiration gained through the multitude of exceptional experiences life has to offer and the feelings they invoke. As much as is possible, I write without rules or strain. Pure inspiration and flowing consciousness form my works. I am an avid outdoors conservationist and enthusiast. A love of nature and all its life forms fuels my simplistic and minimalistic life. Writing is a beautiful hobby and allows my pure, creative energy to flow. Aiming only to share the love which I compose these works with, it is my hope that you all enjoy it or feel through it in whatever means which may be constructive to you.

Thank you!

Cheyenne, Author

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