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Doomed to Bloom

by Despina Vella

Copyright 2018 Despina Vella

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Part I – Pain

The primordial spell

A night before darkness

The unborn

The shark

The nightmare

The girl

The boy

Part II – Inevitable

Into the forest


The song



The end


About the author


After years and tears

Despair and separation,

Grief and isolation,

Music awakens my supreme

Like a romantic poem

Written in the spring.

Never regret your destiny

As it is sure to come.

Find a shelter in yourself and

Cover it with love.

Unsettled lucid words

From a sincere, fervid bod…

Part I – Pain

Despite the tragedy I felt

For one thing I was sure;

All answers would come

From my open window.

The primordial spell

That witch

I’ve never met

Existed before existence.

Her curse was stronger than divine

For why she’s chosen me

I could not define.

I’ve travelled through the darkest night

A descent excuse not to find.

Question marks growing on my chest

Make my breath weak

Now revenge I seek.

“Solitude has no fun at all”,

Quirky the purple woman thought,

“How wonderful to breed

A desperate couple

Unable to cope with

The kingdom ruled by hunger!”

The spell was clear and tough;

“No shelter from nightmares,

No hole deep enough

To reach relief away

From devastating acts”.

Holding the hand of luck,

An unrevealed part.

Things in life can really turn that hard.

Not because it’s our fault my love,

But for a crazy witch

To have chosen your soul.

A night before darkness

Before the darkest of nights

A strange thought came to my head.

I left my clock behind,

Midnight was the time.

Thinking with the heart

A habit bad.

When it’s broken

You start talking with the blur.

No choice but to wait

Patience leads the way.

Persistence is something you own

Or something you don’t

And mine is tailored

On the tip of my tongue.


The good parts and the bad

A sin I’ve paid from the start.

That night I was drowning in fake truth

Unable to conceive I was trapped

In a stranger woman’s dream.

The unborn

Empty my heart of love

Empty my mind of hope.

In fantasy you choose

When to stand and when to fall.

If it is not perceived

It stays unborn.

Same for the savior

That will come through the storm.

The figure so thin,

Obsessive the courage within.

Eyes dried out of tears…

Once upon a time it was enough

A fairy tale to fall apart.

His heart remained black.

No evident regret,

No will to avoid the cliff…

Down was his thrill.

He walked before me in the same path

He talked to the stars as I

Was staring at the sun.

He kept on writing

For finding his truth

I was dancing to celebrate my youth.

The shark

I met a shark once

Fool and brave

I was,

Evil his intentions.

I saw him crunching all my dreams

Eating them one by one

Leaving no flesh at all.

My dreams were all I had.

A drug to bear with this

Unshaped world.

No songs eased the pain,

No mother love broke the chain,

No water drowned my derangement.

I was flooding

Inside my veins blood.

As time ran…

The nightmare

My nightmare is strong

And never loses sleep.

It keeps coming

No matter how many fairy tales

I read…

Fear became an unwanted


A cruel truth for an honest girl.

I asked for help

And help held my hand

Embracing all my sadness…

She never left me since then,

Just like my old, unwanted friend.

The girl

My mother always told me

I should look out of the window

Whistle to the sun and

Forget all of my sorrow!

Searching for a shelter

Not an easy path…

Rutty the road may be,

Hostile the room.

Hiding in silence or

Living up to greedy expectations?”

That was the question of my youth,

Unanswered it remained.

All I have crafted

Pictures in my head...

The acrobat is deprived of time

All he has is moving.

Keep your eyes on your will”,

That’s what I have learned

Counting my thoughts

On a worn thread.

Quite so difficult to see

My life running in few verses

Mocking me and questioning:

“Is that all?”

“Yes”, I would answer

Without giving any thought,

Cause thought is time spent

On realizing the evident.

The boy

A weeper, a dreamer,

A soldier of fate…

Down on earth his power is lost.

Vulnerable are the brave.

He longs

For salvation.

This will be his only win.

Romantic thoughts crafted

On his solitude skin.

He is dreaming of moving far away

To an unknown world

Music his consolation

Gruff the sound from his guitar.

Gentle but rough

Pure gold inside dark,

A strong eye revealing a sensitive mark.

In the books

He’s hidden in the books!

His escape land so cold,

The mirror never reflects a shore.

Ice from his heart

That witch tried really hard…

Part II – Inevitable

The prince will come out of the dark

Strange, scary and obscure,

But with the kindest heart of all...

Into the forest

The forest full of trees

Whispering in my ears the words

I longed to hear.

Now I feel great despair

As I realize the prey I am.

Innocent and weak

Shaking on my feet.

The predator is near

And gentle though he looks

He’s just another hunter

Hidden in the books.

The sacrifice so cruel

I have to let go of who I am

What defines me as one

Will slowly disappear.


The truth is getting near

Threatening and clear

My tears won’t bring back

My youth

My hope won’t ease the pain

I’m losing all of me

Goodbye is on my way.

Memories come and go

No reality is clear

No words overcome fear.

Inevitable he is

Though I’m still hiding

Savoring my breaths

Before he enthralls

My rebellious soul.

The song

A different sound,

Sweet and unique

Tickled my emotion.

I felt like dancing

I started moving

I didn’t care

Naive I was.

The music kept on…

I saw his eyes

For a moment

And that was enough!

Fear came again

And I run…


Dust in his hands

Fragments from space

A joker, a conjuror

Performing for a broken heart.

He made love appear

Out of his velvet hat!


I touched his hand

And filled it with hope

He bit his tongue as he lost control.

No ready he was for sharing his soul.

I thought I was the beauty

And he was the beast

But he was determined

In love to resist.

Ashamed all my hopes

Denied my rescue

And left me

Wide open

To a Cupid burlesque!

Trapped in blur

I felt his strength

Taking away my breath

Inducing me to listen

Words conceived before death.

I put my hesitation aside

And hoped for the best

Listening to a voice unrest

Half of me awaken

Half of me slept

Breaking the spell.

Waking up from a state obscure

I saw a shadow on the tree

A whisper landed on my neck

Rousing my envious regret.

It was her…

A burden on our chests

Strong as steal!

I remained silent

And put my finger on his lips

No words should interrupt

The wind that blew our

Insanity away from us…

This was our only chance

To make peace

And our fright to release.

The lady

Slipped away.

A dark persona

Offered her game

And we refused to play

In a smooth and silent way.

So she kept on searching

For unconcealed victims again

Just like he and I were…

The end

I always left a window wide open

For my relief

And finally I saw a smile on it

Taking away my grief.


You feel your heart is broken

Lying helpless and alone

You feel your dreams have failed

To heal the wounds of your soul…

That no salvation will come

And no one can disarm

The evils inherited

From erupting lava

In the dark.

Let me tell you one thing

To understand

My dearest and unrevealed friend;

A secret gift

To bless your night call,

A perfect sound born

In your mother’s womb.

Here is my pray for you

Here is my life’s clue.

One little thing I know it’s true

And I believe you know it too;

There are the hard times

And the good.

Life has misleading paths

You will inevitably choose.

The threat of the unknown will

Burn down your skin

Leaving you a scar to remind you

Of your sin...

And when the ghosts

Are present in your room

And when all fears finally loom,

Don’t shed a tear my love

Don’t be afraid to walk alone…

Raise a velvet rose against the moon

And let your heart accept

That a flower is doomed to bloom!


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About the author

Despina Vella lives in Athens (Greece) and has always loved poetry and music. This book is her first attempt to write poetry in a second language. She hopes it will keep you company during cold, winter nights!

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