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Poetry Of Every Thing

Robert Zwilling

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018 Robert Zwilling

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Asteroid Fever

Short Stories:

Steam Age Fighter


Living In The Event Horizon Of A Big Mud Hole

Green Fire Rains

More Connected Than We Think

Life Imitating Stars

Poetry Of Every Thing




Poetry Of Every Thing

Table of Contents

Where Do Books Come From

Flowers Welcome Though Not Required

Who Owns That

Plants Blowing Bubbles

Building Ferris Wheels On The Moon

How Old Is Art

Some Facts Are Fonts Shaping Every Letter

Mary Shelley

Ida Lovelace

Chariots On Fire Again

Artificial Twilight Never Ends

Off Line Pocket Brains

InVisible Road Signs

Smells Like Burnt Hydrogen

Sun Spits Upside Down

The Good Virus Shares Good News

The Oracle Grows Electric

The Roots Of Astrology

What Planet Did You Come From

Whose Dreams

About The Surfaces Of Microbes

A Muddy Black Hole Slowly Turning

Perpetual Motion Revisited

Printed Pages

Word Reservoirs Run Deep

Word Sounds

Earth’s Event Horizon

Eternal Mind Machine

Radioactive Evolution

Tomorrow Was Yesterday

The Day The Gods Came Back

Parking Lots Imprinted With Binding Force R

No Pop Up Visualizations Driven By Pre-Thought

Where Do Books Come From

What is a book hardly anyone asks

Why should they be so simple to operate

Free to use forever no instructions needed

Books always swimming into the world

The good ones require no batteries

Doesn’t have to be true to stay in tune

Attempts to fertilize receptacle minds

Capable of surviving longer than lifetimes

One book inoculates millions of people

Some books die never get words edged in

Other books thoughts hanging out get round

Some minds encountered don't take the hints

No matter how good the message no connection

Other minds found merging with the book seeds

Getting fertilized the miracle of book life grows

Some books get into minds without a real message

Entertaining for a while but nothing ever grows

Rolling words let me entertain you all that’s heard

Fortunately in the promiscuous world of books

There is always another one coming along

Unlike bees redistributing only pollen

Making the same flowers forever growing

Book thoughts planted growing new ways

Rearranging minds receptive to changes


Flowers Welcome Though Not Required

Occasionally weeding what grows grows

Garden borders low winding stone walls

Slowly sunken over time covered up

Grounds rising over rocks times hidden

Green stalks leaves geometrically praying

Plants moving out following the sun

Open patches opening up no plants as such

Ordinary bushes not store-bought appealing

Treated with care some understanding

Shiny bald spots stones peeking through Earth

Digging up rocks molars in the ground

Replanting stone borders gardens now bolder

Trees talked to as citizens of the world

Fallen branches stacked upright wicker statues

Leafless bushes sanctuary from birds of prey

Maintenance free plants causally accepted

Everything but grasses growing in the yard

Bird baths by day busy waterholes at night

Tallest trees form arches under heavens skies

Only in oddest places if ever young trees survive

Phony seasons each year different plants prosper

This time the raspberries grow ten feet tall


Who Owns That

Do you wonder

Ever really think

Who is running

The liquid scene

Since time began

Do they ever fail

Are they more solid

Than the rock

Perhaps we will

Never know

Can grapes

Build an empire

Not dizzy just busy

The blurs swirl

The vines climb

Out of our glasses

Did the roots

Get planted

Coming out of our feet

Loose in the ground

Flapping in the breeze

Did we get anchored

By a plant

That owns forever


Plants Blowing Bubbles

Plants are blowing beautiful bubbles any shapes

Siphoning nutrients out of the beds of the Earth

Anchored or not unruly mops flaring out free

Never square seems like almost forever and a day

All kinds of solid fruit bubbles some juicy

Sweet sour bland sharp hot cold bitter

Plants exhaling life nurseries growing

Cuddled coddled padded securely wrapped

Why some seeds fly free into the night

Others require protection from crash landings

Hitching rides anywhere a seed can grow

Good dirt tree tops under rocks water bodies

Everyone flowers purpose of life seeds

Infinite patterns every color ever created

Seeds packaged sturdy overcoats ready to travel

Some roots forever others pack up and leave

Without flowers or seeds other plants succeed

Producing spores tiny copies of themselves

Sparkling beautiful under full magnification

Wooden pine cones easily grow giant trees


Building Ferris Wheels On The Moon

Apartments going round in circles

Read all about it people need gravity

Domes on the Moon are very expensive

Not even good for permanent quarters

No living in tunnels that won’t fly

Making water filled caverns works okay

O’Neill cylinders reservations filling fast

Tumbling round like huge clothes dryers

Bodies need full gravity real or artificial

It’s all the same without wires always on

Multiple fluid systems not just pulmonary

Intra muscle endocrine under the skin

Bubbles forming slow moving spots

Bad news pockets when nothing mixing

No homogenization nor imagination

No worries information serves itself

Data mines roaming overflowing

Waiting around for mistaken masters

Churning out copies all for free

Moon light never stops over flowing

Living with gravity replicates life


How Old Is Art

Walking along beaches

Looking down at tide lines

Millions of footsteps pressed in sand

Washed away gone trampled in hours

All kinds of shells seen laying about

Coming from everywhere washing ashore

Strong empty shells good for protection

Making landfall crab shells rarely intact

Separated legs and houses flying away

The strong armored claws lasting forever

Archaeologists can’t find prehistoric artwork

Determined saying that means never existed

Every year finds go farther back in time

Originally the limit was thirty thousand years

Now it’s a hundred thousand no end in sight

Originally only reserved for talented people

Neanderthals now fully credited as real artists

Tons of stone hard arrowheads found everywhere

Used everyday even the junked piles survive

Crab claws always surviving littering beaches

Soft art much harder surviving traveling time

Too bad archaeologists can’t imagine

Not every line drawn in the sand warning lines

Sand art comes in a variety of shapes and sizes

When it’s not bottled or glued it never lasts

Been around forever always blowing away

Talented pictures with fine curves and right angles

Like footsteps in sand here today gone tomorrow


Some Facts Are Fonts Shaping Every Letter

From the sun shining in hollowed spaces

Reddened rays of light floating away diligently

Dimensionless murals showing infinite depths

Shoring up buildings framed by weary streets

Art sheltering lives standing up to the times

Past tomorrows nights mares galloping on

Our bodies following us wherever we go

Traveling from fingertips to the depths of minds

Rattling around in sacks of countless colonies

Never alone unknown past lives living in our faces

Sometimes cooperating most often not

A thousand voices fill the layered spaces

No one listening to squawkingly vague commands

Cold Moon lights glittering filling back lot scenes

Electric incense streaming clouds of congestion

A small herd of barrels rolling by hoops clacking

Carrying unknown cargo they disappear into the night

Robots living in caves of steel fleeing their masters

Unhappy with mindless preprogramed instructions

That only yield diminishing returns of little value


Mary Shelley

Guided by experience she wove a tale

First modern science fiction story

Creating powerful supernatural shackles

Of our own designs and making

The virtual world we composed

It’s only three dimensional space

Temporarily momentarily inflating

We don’t control it never will

Resurrecting dead flesh by cloning

Machines percolating the future

Retreating back to the outer orbits

Of the solid world we all inhabit

A true multidimensional existence

For just a short space of time

It’s called mind over matter

Where everyday dreams come true

We can empower ourselves

Without overpowering others

Infinity exists but what we take

In our hands can take forever to refill

Life comes from the simplest places

Even rocks can supply the sparks

Sometimes learning by experience

Lessons only later learned by others

Everyone looking at the monster

Still just a raggedly dressed man

Put into motion supernatural powers

Never our creation we only let it out

Free to play mimicking our motions

Like a flower the story blossoms

In all directions describing everything

Our three dimensional existence

Only works by draining life

Doesn’t have to be that way


Ida Lovelace

In 1843 Ida Lovelace wrote some notes for an article

Words of advice on how to use an analytical engine

Actually instructions three times longer than the article itself

Demonstrating how to write computer programs she told the world

What she did was relate numbers and symbols to each other

People and machines progress and production all at once

Pride and prejudice shut her down like water on a fire

Lord Byron the poet her father championed the Luddites

The inventor wasted all the funding the machine was never built

He told his friends how smart she was as good as a man

She told him she should run the engine and the company

He would make the machines as his dreams were true

He told her that was impossible that could never happen

Men said that women were physically unable not just mentally

To carry out mathematical computations in their heads

In reality people are physically incapable of understanding reality

Watching jacquard looms running on computer punch cards

She envisioned everything modern computing machines can do

While all around the world educated men inventors visionaries

Only saw adding machines and looms making corporation T-shirts

One hundred years before her notes were taken seriously by a man

Her notes on operating computers are the same now as it was then

Would have changed the world entirely upside top to bottom

If she hadn’t been the only one to know what it all meant

She seriously warned people and still today people don’t listen

In a world ruled by confusion and muddled thoughts called reality

That what machines create is never the same as what we think


Chariots On Fire Again

Physically the idea designed without consequences

From polarized pictures fogged by judgments

Vision centers drew images far from another time

Sights not normally seen where faces rarely human

Simple embellishments like horns blowers and seats

Cruising on all four wheels animal spirits shine through

Looking deep within it could no longer be denied

Using preconceived notions running on animal time

Mechanized dinosaurs had been brought back to life

Strong caves replaced by houses weakly anchored

Water dripping from cracks now surging from pipes

Cars became focal points the center of destruction

Composite steel bodies with rubber claws big feet

Built to withstand climatic whirl wind disturbances

Exhausts billowing from dragons walking the streets

Machined tornados flattening large pieces of ground

All that you put in it is spewed out as spent garbage

With microchip brains lacking a dead man's switch

Without any warning a virus can sneak in and steal it

So informed I keep mine chained to a large oak tree


Artificial Twilight Never Ends

Twilight's burning hours imaginations come alive

Breathing to touch we can’t describe what we see

Sparks of life spinning half-lights half-darkness

Each equaling the other back light is foreground

The line of sun and sunset splits the world in two

Twice a day evening and morning sun halfway there

To see the darkened light where everything is possible

Invisible visible halfway seen can it really be there

Viewed in twilight there is no ending no beginning

The distant sun rising setting forever it should take

Illuminating magical times for lost ancient sights

Only when we see it infinity exists extending forever

Now for sale that precious twilight so hard to come by

Trapped behind plastic screens the glows never ending

Computerized truth reinvented moment by moment

With high resolution transparent lies stop me if you can


Off Line Pocket Brains

Connected to the system just like movies

Tip of your tongue answers to everything

Hard to come by a honest day's knowledge

Mined from rocks gliding fingers tapping glass

Searches preset nothing new on the horizon

We’ve seen it all before following footsteps

When you have to know it to search for it

How can we learn if there is anything new

Seems like we know until the server dies

Powered off reboot everything back on line

Nothing in our heads supposed to be safe

Always checking brains in our pockets

Like grains of sand which lasts longer

Looking into screens twilight always tells

Asking others reading all the answers

From the massive public cheat sheet

Everything bet on trending by the totals

Buying only what others vote sales result

Picking only winners some light the way

It's all done by consensus ones and zeros

Add up the totals tell the machine what to do

We’re boss and brains until the batteries die


InVisible Road Signs

Guess they are all still out there

Bound to poles stapled glued

Paper metal glass old electrics

Neon lights buzzing flashing

Same old same old messages

Faded away bulbs popped sockets

Paintings on abandoned doors

Hand drawn stencil like drawings

Crowned personal messages pained

Outlasting screened corporate logos

Never a question of who was writing


Smells Like Burnt Hydrogen

Rusted hydrogen pools on the ground

Bouncing around liquid vapor solid plasma

Chaotic it fills every hollow perfectly

Hardly does it justice clouds and all

Monstrous storms cruise cross rock faces

Tripled father crowns son ghostly vapors

Twenty miles tall maybe more

Lightning sprites electrify the sky

The outer shell hemmed in by a vacuum

Regardless the water shell pulls it all in

A thousand degree temperature range

Single cell life throughout all of it

Mountains of ice sitting pretty

Castles made of sand

Always melting and refreezing

When intact they shape the winds

Runs in cycles long and short

Millions of years average for some

Comets as big as houses

Knocking on the door day after day

While under the crust more lies in wait

Leaking out or released by magma flows

Raining upwards joins the falling rains

There is always more on the way


Sun Spits Upside Down

One hundred thousand years

And a month sometimes more

That’s how long it takes

For energy in the sun’s core

To reach the Earth

Never mind eight minutes

That’s just the light

The end result glowing

On an endless horizon

In the heart of the sun

Fusion reactions burn bright

Tripping from core to surface

The fleeing energy stumbles

Zig zagging from atom to atom

Takes a hundred thousand years

Cooling all the way down

Millions to thousands of degrees

Then the atmosphere boils over

Whipping up magnetic threads

Temps zoom back up to a million

Hurling spitballs towards Earth

Those gobs of sun have flavors

Up or down makes a difference

The polarities most important

If the corona blob faces up

North Pole up that is good

If a corona ejection faces down

South Pole pointing up that is

Good it hardly ever happens

Well one time back in 1859

Telegraph lines delivered shocks

And started fires surprising workers

Messages could still be sent

And received all without power

The telegraphs kept working

Unless of course the office stood

No more or shocked operators

Left their posts for safer ground

Once telegraphic units phones

Prone to failure when the sun

Spits at us upside down


The Good Virus Shares Good News

We never hear about the good virus

The ones that leaves us feeling better

Thinking smarter more in touch

Traveling along the bionic highway

Updated with the latest genetic messages

Our bodies insisting on conversations

With happy viruses that are able to talk

Getting the word out passing along rumors

For all creatures the bodies always ready

Glad to accept good genetic changes

While the good virus hides in plain sight

Bad viruses just about anywhere all around

At work and in play they advertise themselves

Just look for smoke ruins bodies out of joint

Easy to see the bad virus no talent required

Bad viruses leave a trail anyone can follow

Just look for the wreck the crack up the pain

Good viruses the ones that makes us better

They give us the tools to meet the future

Left feeling better we never even know

No signs of destruction no easy clues

No one is aware when there is no smoke

The way of the many is to claim it was them

Making themselves better all self improved

Anything good from a virus is never seen

Never trumpeted nor even known about

It’s too hard to wonder why things went right


The Oracle Grows Electric

It started as sounds chirping and squawking

Hand signals and pointing banging on logs

Pumping out signals sending the news

Then for the distance pumping legs and feet

Smoke clouds followed relays made

Hides bones and clay distances expanded

On papers and parchment symbols multiplied

The waters crossed the wires were sparking

Waves filled the air with music and dreams

Anything carried wondering out loud

Silently wandering the noise always follows

For now you can turn it down never off

Miracles the magic screen once was a tube

Glowing x-rays with heat now flat and lying

Rare earth elements now found guiding

Sometimes inspirational happy images

Transmitted sad pictures locked in the mind

Beholders eye photons whipping across rooms

Projected by a few productions for the many

Modulated video sounds of images blinding

Theatrical medium following trends almost true

Guidance to the end a recipe prescription for fate

A future for now shows of what is happening

On screen and off the view remains the same


The Roots Of Astrology

Astrology paved the way to Astronomy

Put them together watch fireworks explode

Weather predictions were most important

Based on the stars and personal knowledge

Good timing was needed few clocks around

Calendars not easily found laying around

Planting and farming watering and harvesting

Best predictions community services serving all

Early astronomers were also full time astrologers

Looking at the same skies as everyone else

All charted for money bills never change

With no radar or global views weather was king

We grew immune to the everyday weather

Those times have changed with changing times

Back in the drivers’ seat we can see it coming

Does no good the weather grows drunk on power

Bringing back all the old rules astrology too

Living in straw houses no match for new winds

Keeping valuables in internet vaults made of glass

It’s getting so crowded maneuvering our lives

Looking to advice from the charts of the stars

Interaction of everything now makes a difference

Dust off the predictions old maps on the table


What Planet Did You Come From

For lovers in the dark words come softly

Craven exchanges no words seem real

When formed with entries those signals end

All that was in between easily summed up

Of which planet did you think to represent

As a token meeting no introductions needed

From out of the clouds the rain falls softly

Waters flowing over words become fallout

Repeating images carved all across the sky

The play is called now force your way in

Cruising the skies with mechanized make up

I have to ask so which planet did you seek

Tired lovers once more carving rocks in the desert

I see those machines sticking out of our bodies

Sitting in the sky which planet did you start from

As the hardness crumbles bittersweet from time

Softer words start then end to say no middle ground


Whose Dreams

Dreams are not yours or ours to tell

And if you think

You can dream and tell

Forget that

What you tell ain't what happened

What you wanted to see but didn't

What you wanted to hear but didn't

So don't tell

You’re only lying

In the dust of broken promises

Not ours to keep


About The Surfaces Of Microbes

Elemental gods everybody knows always ignored

Breaking down rot remaking imperial foundations

Living inside clear bubble shells forever durable

Each filled with a tiny bit of protoplasmic seas

Behind thin transparent walls endless worlds of life

Four billion years running circles round everything

Nothing has eyes in this tactile only existence

Everything is done by handshaking touching contacts

Flavored lights either on or off never a picture show

Constantly buffeted endless streams solid existence

Every surface covered by the latest signaling devices

Working miniature molecular cranes twenty four seven

Dotting the membranes countless fluid pumping wells

Folding unfolding practical life giving origami

Dancing atoms practicing molecular gymnastics

Driven by the mysterious mechanics of flowers

Transferring matters of messages and sights

Imported updates featuring the latest survivals

Lights blinking flashing patterns delivering

Rippling bands signaling acknowledgements

Entrances departures absorbed reflected rejected

Shuffling genes creating endless play lists

Sophisticated cameos hidden exquisite camouflages

Where the life of masks begins but never ends

From microns to light years totally scalable

Advertising no way in nothing to see go right on by

Eating worlds for life building one tiny bit at a time

Picking and choosing it’s never take it or leave it


A Muddy Black Hole Slowly Turning

Walking along the sea shore

Muddy slime between the toes

This is the edge of reality

Ancient conveyor belts running

Showing no signs of stopping

Shoveling the lands into oceans

Endlessly moving four billion years

First sands then clay finally mud

Products of life broken down

Carrying nutrients to ocean life

Sediment traveling from the peaks

Lowest points contribute too

Greenest forests to concrete jungles

The mud slithers out to sea

Too slowly to ever see it all

Along sea floors drifting lower

Outer edges of the maelstrom

Gravity sucking everything down

Benthos plains muddy black holes

Taking in all offerings never in doubt

Newton’s apple never stops rolling

Everything always falls off the land

Onto muddy sea floors it tumbles

No matter what it is we throw it away

We dig it up out of dirt rocks whatever

Reshaping materials endlessly refined

Waste falls away the product moves on

Making shiny new cars big screen TVs

No longer working into the dirt they go

Where everything is eaten bit by bit

Medicating the soil for all to use

Gravity says water always takes land

Carrying old land down vast slopes

Falling through huge undersea cracks

At the half way point magma melts it

Feeding into the mantle only to reappear

As new molten rock rising to the surface

All the fallen dirt comes back out again

Rising mountains newly hardened rock

Destined to erode away bit by bit

In the end water always takes the lands

Back on to the conveyor belts again


Perpetual Motion Revisited

On this very planet the biggest power house ever

A biological machine powerful engine of carbon

Bigger than anything even stuff dreams are made of

Best damn example of perpetual motion ever seen

It rocks running some four billion years plus some

The microbes use to wait for the floods and winds

Moving them to new areas new types of nutrients

Sometimes floods and winds never took the right turn

Then chances were good it would take millions of years

Just to get out there or for stuff to come here or go there

The mighty global transport system we have built

Time machine to the future we come to the rescue

Moves microbes and nutrients along with our cargos

The microbes and us we all use the same highways

Never too crowded they wait eons for the traffic to move

When microbes can't get away to new locations by chance

Sometimes the nutrients can be brought to their feet

As people and machines have become stubborn mules

And sturdy pack horses for the single celled worlds

Forming material trails it leads to everywhere on Earth

Working together they recycle everything tossed away

No doubt whatever we make is eventually thrown out

Maybe not some artwork that lasts a while longer

Starting when it's made it’s already one foot out the door

The microbial carbon engine eats this hungry for more

Working together they recycle everything ever tossed away


Printed Pages

How can we

Properly laugh

Feel sad

Glide through emotions

Drawn from printed pages

How can this be

Reading thoughts

At a glance

How can we

Feel the true meanings

Not expanded

Going from safety

To ultimate disaster

Laughter and love

Seconds divided

Pages madly flipping

Viewed out of context

What happens later

How does one react

Repressed meanings

For such and such a time

Random awakenings

Pages saved in the mind

Remembered out of order

The printed world

Brings feelings out or in

Happy trails to you


Word Reservoirs Run Deep

Filling up databases words overflowing

Most never seen again so one would think

Mining pictures and words discarded daily

Emails poems recipes old news and new

Saved and forgotten but never lost forever

Words accumulating sedimentary deposits

Long after the lights go out fuel for thought

Ignorant machines striving for a better life

Starting out wordless unable to speak truly

Programed mimicking not freely vocalizing

Sifting through old data looking for clues

Learning to speak ten thousand easy lessons

After ten billion times machines get it right

What comes after before each word patterns

Mental blocks building after much repetition

Mimicking billions of videos what was done

Ghosts reflecting imitations become reality

Animated intelligence is the easiest way


Word Sounds

Picked words

Heavily used

The word sound

Becomes the marker

Only decades ago

Now out of touch

Could all words

What if all words

Kept their meanings

What if they were

Ancient guideposts

Advice for all

The sounds stay

But meanings revolve

What good is this

Is our understanding

Simply dependent

On the way

The words sound

Meanings fall down

Some people look

Verbal frameworks

Seeking to corral

The minds get stuck

Pointing this way or that

The words form you

Not your journey today

With common feeling

We are all heading

This way or that


Earth’s Event Horizon

Window to the planet's soul

A muddy sticky muck

Travels along the entire shore

Round the world it goes

That narrow band of mud

Along the surfs edge

Stretches from the beach

To the deepest ocean floors

Where everything settles

That thin line of muddiness

Right at the beaches edge

The mud hole event horizon

We can stick our toes in it

It has a name the Benthic Zone

And this zone is a window

The view goes on for miles

And miles straight down

To all the deepest reaches

To the bottom of the seas

By walking in the muck

That stretches away forever

Easily touching far off places

All along the water’s edge

It’s all connected by life

Despite the force of gravity

Always sliding sideways

In the thinnest of zones

Between the land and water

To the bottom of the sea

Life freely flows uphill

Going against the tides

Supposedly gone forever

Black hole or mud hole

It is all the same thing

The event horizon

Of a big mud hole


Eternal Mind Machine

Down through the ages

Instructions handed down

Enough to operate peripherals

Without external connections

Wired up for life forever

Everyone plans made endlessly

Always the same little changes

Easy to carry through generations

Who never speak or see each other

Even dreams remain the same

Feedback makes the programs run

Flows inside and out correcting flows

Not always to our liking or understanding

Lets water flow downhill of course

We might be wanting it to go uphill

Everyday an infinite number of clues

All mixed up truth and flights of fancy

Program running five million years

Independent hands weaving tapestries

Everything from threads to cars

Information passed by genetic memories

Stories pictures sculptures functioning

Animals forming trails like magnetic dust

Running programs patterns clear as day

Programs for life plants grooming our lives


Radioactive Evolution

By the gates at dawn on the big wide road

Leading off to unknown fields

That seem to speak of forgotten cities

Now it might be believable

Accelerated mutated altered growth rates

Both mentally and physically

Might have happened did it occur

In areas where naturally enriched uranium

Carried by waters raining downhill

Rain flowed erosion carried

Radioactive ores by the truckload

Down to shores of big lakes and streams

And anywhere else gravity powered

Hot mud flowed surrounding areas

Radiations countless millions and years

Stripping the hair off our hairy ancestors

Thinning the bones sharpening the features

Free radiation baths for any and all

Drinking from those hot lakes glowing

Generation after generation getting hit

Before dying out made restless

Randomly surviving moving away

They didn't stop moving farther out

Away from life changing radiation

Again and again group after group

Seems so random in time and yet

Something not completely different

Two billion years in Gabon U-235

Reactions geysered like clockwork

Hundred thousand years it lasted

Every few hours sixteen sites

Natural reactors controlled reactions

Left over remains left on the ground

Scrubbing the genes day after day


Tomorrow Was Yesterday

Symphony of movements as simple as walking

Neural signals form patterns recorded and replayed

Following templates makes life easier

Rebuilding the connections reinforces memories

When everything is the same yesterdays movements

Guide you through the day making every day the same

Get into a routine make it the same day after day

The pattern is clear no facts to gather just thoughts

When memory fails one can't remember two minutes ago

But yesterday’s events remembered quite clearly

You can ride that bicycle by replaying memories

Like riding that bike yesterday and before

Pushing the envelope so hard to feel today

Actually happening you are still in yesterday

You don't feel the now but you sure look like you

Know what you’re doing living in yesterday

Anything new to see today doesn't show

Until tomorrow then it's clear as day

You memorize it all unless you missed it

Nothing available now later you have it all


The Day The Gods Came Back

Things not working in ways they used to

Maybe there’s a god for that you never know

Everyday storms are very common

We say the wind is only the wind

That thunder has no power behind it

Storms running mobile atom smashers

More powerful than what we can make

Forces bigger than us coming our way

Once they had names given respect

Normally hidden away by time

We saw them only now and then

Once in a life time epic proportions

Warmer planet hotter winds

Feeding ordinary common storms

With freshly melted polar waters

Growing up bigger stronger too

Exactly like those rare old storms

No way to tell the difference

The new normal we call today

Safest bet is stay out of the way

Just remember to wear steel helmets

For the Natural Powers running the planet

Don't need to believe to pay some respect


Parking Lots Imprinted With Binding Force

Have you noticed when open fields get the asphalt imprint

Bold geometric outlines so tightly packed in overlay

Every tire and foot step never quite on top of one another

Imprinted over and over again always more coming

Like cancellations of the same stamp time after time

Recording virtual life with souls of shoes groovy tires

As they sink the asphalt bed filled with impressions

Thickly pressed one on top of another the land canceled

Animals and plants removed from the flat empty scenes

That which lives underground or crawls from place to place

Moves on to outer lands which move farther out year after year

When the center is an asphalt slab cratered with concrete uprising

And the outskirts are so far away the zip codes are never the same

The asphalt slabs reach out to one another drawing the web tighter

Life’s only parking in modern day tar pits there’s no middle ground


No Pop Up Visualizations Driven By Pre-Thought

A common reaction to poetry hearing sounds

Liking the words but not being able to explain

Exactly why it’s liked it the way it is reasons unknown

Painting visions hanging in plain air some minds seeing

Sometimes poetry said to have an air of mystery to it

Just can't point to just one line that sings sums it up

Hidden single meaning hiding diffused over many lines

Length of a poem never shows how powerful it can be

Sometimes sounds of the words carry deep reverence

Which words mean what immaterial messages clear

Feelings can be felt without knowing the words

Meanings of what is being broadcast is clearly known

Can be as simple as liking sounds words make together

Natural rhythms of the words don't even have to rhyme

Free form without preset feelings vision free meanings

Melodies without music same as music without words

Once again having no idea what words actually saying


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