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Not All Men

Eliana Marris

Not All Men

Eliana Marris

ISBN: 9780463428955

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-Dedicated to all the survivors out there, my friend among one of them-

Table of Contents


Poetic Justice; Definition

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Falling Asleep

I'm Sorry All Women

Why Does She Stay?

It's Not Over Yet

You Don't Have a Say

That’s How Special You Are

Un Loved


About the Author

Poetic Justice; Definition

poetic justice/po?'?d?k 'd??st?s//po'edik 'j?st?s/

The fact of experiencing a fitting or deserved retribution for one's actions.

- Oxford Dictionary

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The authorities have great power

That is often misused

The law a fence of high tower

Built for "protection" of the herd

But anyone with common sense

Would see its just mirage

One that predators know well how to sabotage

Of course any prey wouldn't stand a chance

It goes the same for the illusion

Of fake barbed wire railing

Its no wonder the justice system is failing

Did I forget to mention?

There are no real cattle

But a wolf in sheep's clothing

Winning a voiceless battle

Falling Asleep

This "man" calculated every move

Yet treated you with such carelessness

And eventually got his hands on some pills

So he could get his hands on you

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry your whole life has been filled with people taking advantage of you

I'm sorry you have accepted abusive people into your life time and time again

I'm sorry the way you have been treated has consumed most of your life before it has even really begun

But most of all, I'm sorry that you get an apology from me but never the one who did this to you in the first place

All Women

This monster walks the earth as if he is untouchable - and all women are quite the opposite

Maybe he feels entitled to what he wants regardless of if she says 'no' or not...

Counting he gives her the chance to say it

Why Does She Stay?

"Why do you stay?" they ask

When she says she's not happy

"Why don't you just leave him?"

Well, the truth is rather grim

He's charming and loving

Just enough to keep her wishing

That one day things will change

Although everything else is missing

She will chase the Fairy Tale

Through storm and through hail

Hoping their 'Happily Ever After'

Will not end in disaster

Every once in a while

He'll show her a smile

And for her that's just enough

To get through when times are tough

He won't talk to her for days

And in her bed she still lays

Where happy moments become a distant haze

So caught up in his lies

He looks away when she cries

This will continue until the day she dies

So when you wonder;

"Why does she stay?"

Its because she believes

It just might get better today

It's Not Over Yet

If you've been hurt, it's not over yet

For what comes next

Will cause you much more regret

Most won't believe you, some will blame you

Justice looks the other way

Evidence has gone astray

Therapy helps a little at best

Still no one knows he is a sex pest

If you've been hurt, it's not over yet

You find true justice and revenge

Is not what happens to your attacker

But what happens to you despite the factor

Living Proof

My heart has already been stolen

My dignity has already been disrespected

My sense of trust has already been misplaced

My concept of reality has already been shattered

My will to live has already been stripped down to nothing

So do what you will with my presence

But I will always come out on top

And I am living proof of that

You Don’t Have a Say

I'm in control now

You don't have a say

I once felt powerless

But not today

That’s How Special You Are

You're so special

You got me through when times were grey

You're still the one thing I think of

On a warm sunny day

You are the one memory I would reminisce

Now being free of you is pure bliss

But you're so special

You forget I'm even there

Respect cannot be found anywhere

Don't feel the need to apologise

I don't deserve anything but lies

You're so special

In the sense that you're empty

You can only find pleasure

Erasing happiness to a great measure

And as it goes for second chances,

Iv'e given you plenty

That's what makes you different, stand out from the rest

The fact that you cannot see clearly you are blessed

To have known and loved me

Yet I'm still not surprised you didn't say 'sorry'

You'll never find happiness, love, or self-worth

As long as deep down you still believe

You must take power from someone else to get what you need

I am happy to say you're no longer someone that I grieve

Yes that's just how special

You are

Un Loved

They say it's the small things a person does that let you know you're loved

But I say it goes the same for being unloved

You'll know it’s true

When your eyes meet

And all they see in your reflection

Is what they've created

Staring right back at you

In all it's disgust, shame and regret


It is a lifetime of suffering that puts someone on the path to accepting people that only harm us

Because we either know no better treatment, or do not believe we deserve it

Beware of who you trust and the treatment you accept in life

And put an end to these people before they put an end to you

About the Author

I'm a Beauty Therapist student in college, website tester, blogger + author, and I love photography!

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- Thank you all for reading xox

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