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Title Page

Writings by Sha’Ra On WindWalker

(in collaboration with Sha'Tara EarthStar)

Copyright (©) 2018 Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing

Published by: Cocoons to Butterflies Publishing

Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

Cover picture by: Eva Jurenikova

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Title Page


A Memory

A Moment Of Love

Angel Of The Sea

Beautiful Woman

Early Morning Mist


Early Morning


Never Alone Again

Goddess In Love And Laughter

Shadows On Sidewalks

I Dream Of Tara

Shadowy Dream

Shared Moments

I'll Never Forget The Way You Looked

My Beloved

Song Of The Cedars

Spirit In Flight

You Broke My Heart, Today


Rekindling The Flame

Speak To Me Of Love

Spirit Wind


These books contain a form of free verse poetry, opinions based on observation, and some humour and imagination, engaging the heart as well as the mind. A critical look at many current issues intriguing and plaguing man. Spirituality, interaction with nature and environment, social changes, dwindling resources. Well worn issues now, indeed. But the poetry and other works in these books gives this subject a different perspective. I daresay that here we can find a "higher" vantage point from which to look at ourselves within the cosmos.

Who knows but some of the ideas in the books may get you inspired to do that thing you always wanted to do, even if this comes in a very small way, to make your corner of this world a better place to be in. Who knows but you may realize your little corner is a really nice place to be in after all.

It's all about life, if at times expressing life "outside the box" as the saying goes.

A Memory

Upon green hills rolling down

to an ever-changing sea,

in white and gold, flowers bloomed,

nodding in whispering breezes

caressing the island;

dancing in passing storms

sending the sheep to shelter...

til the rain came no more.

As a flower, she withered away

under the fiery summer sun.

Empty of her laughter

the world lies in leaden slumber,

parched, brown and silent

beneath my tired feet.

I believe

the universal pool of tears


to ever again paint the hills

in that tapestry of white and gold

above the green of hill and sea.

"A masterpiece in time's silent museum,

she remains, forever etched in memory."

A Moment Of Love

Her beauty radiates,

splashes of wild flowers

touched by a golden sun.

Her love bursts forth,

crushing my pounding heart.

Her fragrance of pine,

her velvety touch,

her love so freely given,

dares me,

to allow the chaos of emotion

she engenders

to shatter my quiet space

- if only for a moment -


and that moment--

that sacred moment--

I let flow within

a dawning memory...

Angel Of The Sea

From crystal waters rises an angel:

beaming with pride, Father Sun

casts her slender shadow upon the sands.

I, a man,

transfixed, awed, await

her coming forth.

A vision does not lie: she comes

and freely creates my dream --

we embrace as lovers would;

her soft breasts push

against my trembling, pulsating skin;

she awakens the god within

and on a shore of paradise

we indulge ourselves.

With her, shame bears no meaning;

nor guilt, nor embarrassment.

Together we understand

the Creator is honoured by our love

shared with bodies entwined;

together we understand

our eternal state of beingness.

Even as I watch and feel,

I, the man,

realize I make her dream of flesh

come alive.

To the gentle Earth she gifts her presence;

for her she conceives the Star Born child

from my loins

and together now,

the angel of the sea and the man

henceforth walk hand and hand

upon this blessed land...

Beautiful Woman

When ocean waves crash upon

time-worn granite cliffs;

when mist lightly sprinkles

a brightening shoreline;

when gulls dance in the wind

as the sun caresses distant hills,

you appear

from the shadows, an angel;

entrancing as you skip

over the towering waves;

as you frolic with whales.

I watch you land upon the shore,

full of an ocean's primal energy

to leave footprints

in the sands of time.

This gentle image reminds me

a beautiful woman

remains the most enchanting

creation upon this earth.

Early Morning Mist

In the calm of early morning

just after the sun rises

morning mist rises from an alpine lake

like ghosts dancing

before they must retire for the day.

Tall barren peaks of black stone

partly shrouded in Autumn's haze

stand as silent sentinels

over this piece of paradise.

It takes my breath away,

perhaps even stops my heart beating,

even if for the briefest of moments:

before me alpine meadows shimmer,

colored by the season's paintbrush.

A sky so blue, it hurts the eye!

Clouds so soft, it makes me want to cry!

Could I ever forget this place

or lose this moment?

Living on Earth is never easy:

there are so many ways to lose one's way!

But when such a place as this

touches one as deeply,

nothing can ever again make one cold.


Imagine a summer sunrise

dressed in pink cotton

caressing hilltops

and rolling meadows

where buttercups splash

bright yellow smiles--

none of this matches

your impish smile

and carefree stance

when you stand thus

every curve exposed

in a backlit doorway.

Early Morning

Early morning by the river,

the sun rises;

it's warmth touches my face,

like a kiss... I think of Tara,

how I long to be with her,

to touch her soft skin;

caress her hair.

I know she is miles from here,

not sure where,

and the pain of knowing that

cuts like a knife through my heart.

Do I wish she didn't wander?

Do I want her for myself alone?

A gust of wind touches my face

as the tip of her finger.

I know she is here with me,

that her shared love is true

and I must remember

she is free to ride any wild wind

of her choosing or making;

free to indulge her fancy.

I can never claim her as mine,

and like her, I am free to love another

but that is difficult

for Tara seems to be the only woman

who wants me just the way I am.

Although it burns

not seeing her luscious form,

or exploring her divine body,

it gives me a certain joy

knowing a man somewhere

may be having the best sex of his life.

I will see her again when she returns

and she will awaken my passion

as only she can.


Two weeks

is a long time

for love

to be knocking at the door

and for the heart

beating anxiously

to hear

loneliness answer

in echoing silence:

"she isn't home!"

Never Alone Again

Many search, sometimes entire lifetimes,

for that perfect other,

that one special friend, that perfect lover...

only to walk the face of this tired world

in heaviness of soul, doomed to be alone.

Hidden deep within the human heart

is a truth seldom, if ever touched upon;

a truth even the masters of old kept hidden

from their followers and students...

a truth which, if known,

if accepted, if opened

can change the way man looks at man;

can change the pattern

of all human relationships.

What is this wonderful truth, this news

breaking forth like a sunrise over this world?

Oh, so simple:

that sleeping within each human heart,

sleeping, yet waiting, like Sleeping Beauty,

waiting to be awakened by the lover,

is the Twin Flame, the Soul Mate,

that perfect Other, none

other than your Self,

your perfect Other Self:

the male to the female;

the female to the male;

the Yin to the Yang; the Yang to the Yin,

since at the outset of Creation

it was heard: Let it be so!

How long shall we let that Other sleep?

Alas, we've always waited

the stipulated hundred years,

when our days were always less,

and what good did it do

to wake up on the other side

and be greeted by the One

who should have been our mate

in that past incarnation upon this world;

the One who would have said:

You shall never walk alone again!

Goddess In Love And Laughter

I meet her upon giant sandy dunes

above the ever-restless green sea.

As the sun rises, as the sun sets,

so does the love we share upon

the turbulent shores of earth.

We could move mountains

just with our laughter under the moon:

we know a love so deep.

But few, alas, can understand

and categorized as such a great sinner,

how can she touch the tears of earth?

But I know what I feel,

and how can something that feels so good,

be so wrong? - the old question!

I feel even God must have known hunger

within the flow of her passion;

had to experience, to bear,

temptation - even from her shadow.

And we spend the sultry Summer,

running, laughing, swimming, loving

while the sea tosses as wild as our hearts!

And I know what we share is real

as surely as I know it is not yet to be found

in man's world and thoughts about love:

for where limits are set upon one's love,

there, the Goddess energy will not move.

But even if we made our time stand still,

other forces keep the tick-tock going:

the breeze will turn cold,

the leaves change colour,

and the great flocks, crying, pass over;

and she too will leave for another place then,

for these winters are still too cold

and this man's world has yet to prepare

a hearth of love she could call home.

Shadows On Sidewalks

As I glanced outside

through the sunlit window

of a street side coffee house

I see a passing girl's shadow

upon the sidewalk

and I wonder:

is she the one?

Does she have blonde hair,

brown eyes?

Maybe, just maybe

she works as a teller

a local bank.

Is she five foot four?

Is her name Jane or June?

Well you see

I got those details from the psychic:

but why not include her phone number?

Her address too?

Now, to find the girl of my dreams

to match his given description

I've got to play detective

with shadows on sidewalks!

1I Dream Of Tara

Dark clouds roll in from the West

marking a change in the weather;

warmer air heralding Spring.

This is the time

for the return of Tara!

She will ride her dark stallion

from a far away land

beyond the distant horizon:

will she stop for me this season?

I remember the times we shared

which passed as love to me,

But what were they to her?

Spring and Summer

she laughingly shared with me

as she did with others...

She left in the Autumn,

springing away lightly

over wildly tossing waves

on her shoreless ocean:

left me yearning for her touch

as Winter cast her frigid spell,

in the wake of her leaving...

I wonder:

does a flower dream of the sun

touching its petals

long before the dawn arrives

as I dream of Tara's return?

Shadowy Dream

The essence of you,

so near,


like the warmth

of the morning

summer sun

touching the sand.

Yet this old


feeling I can

no longer justify


only a dream


to a shadow

of its former self:

I must say

goodbye today.

"A dream should guide life,

not interfere with its flow..."

Shared Moments

The wind sweeps fiercely

over a wave-washed ocean shore

as I ponder at my incredible loss

when death laid her body to rest

and freed her gentle Spirit:

as a young gull learning to fly

I felt her leave this earth.

Each teardrop shed

mirrors shared moments alone with her:

here, among giant fog-dampened trees

and through waves caressing our skin

we ran nude, shameless and free.

We made passionate summer love

among dried beds of sun-dried seaweed.

As she is now free to begin a new journey

somewhere among the stars,

so I too have learned to break free

of the past's shackles of pain:

like a gust of rising Chinook wind

warm and full of hope

I see these trees, I walk this shore

with new eyes, with new feet!

I'll Never Forget The Way You Looked


There were many to dance with

it was that kind of night


the air warm, a light breeze moved

through my dress just so

right and certainly I knew

many were looking



I was in that kind of mood

to match the music in my ears

the blue lights spinning in my eyes

near the open center

I kicked off my shoes

and swirled along waiting

knowing so certain

there were many but there was you


While the room still smelled

fresh as did my body

you approached

throwing caution to the wind

I extended an arm

you took

we danced enticed by gravity

of desire ever closer, tighter.


I'll never forget the way you looked

coming in through that door

you said to me

we smiled, spun and whirled

the world and its cares away

you leaned down

lightly brushed my expectant

lips with yours.


Would you be the one

I asked simply

who would never forget me

would you be that one?

And you smiled so openly

so sure: oh yes you said --

then let me go

let me go now


Don't watch to see if I stay

to dance with another

if I leave the way I came

or vanish as a vision

or the figment of a dream

don't ask my name

just go to another

one to marry and to forget.

My Beloved

How swiftly did death take my beloved

at age twenty two they buried her:

her body lies under the maple tree.

I look out of the kitchen window

just before dawn;

I remember watching the birds feed;

remember her delight in hearing their songs;

I cry as her face crosses my aging mind:

it was yesterday we walked along the river bank,

planning our certain future...

I still feel the warm kiss upon my lips

as my hands caress her slender body,

feeling her hand clenched tightly in mine.

The warming breath of dawn draws near:

my heart swells with gratitude

for the short time she was my joy:

a last star twinkles in the sky like her last smile.

How I have missed her in the years;

yet how I have felt her indwelling spirit

keep my heart from bitterness,

unlocking the door; releasing the pain

allowing our love to continue to flow

from here to eternity.

Song Of The Cedars

Above a quiet mountain lake

deep in the Summer of my visions,

I saw a man dive off a cliff,

to the blue waters far below,

yet before he hit the waters,

I saw him turn into a majestic eagle,

and as he spread his wings

transform himself into a Goddess

of golden hue...

I watched as she floated to the sand,

and stretched her arms to the sun:

Then I recognized her

as her hair came tumbling

and she danced along the shore.

singing her song from the clouds:

It was Tara,

calling to me again!

and I went to her

soaring upon the mountain breeze,

bringing her the song of the cedars;

and there within her gold,

on white sands, under blue skies

shimmering in the Summer's heat

the Goddess and I

touched heaven.

Spirit In Flight

(A Vision)

A lonely wind moans

through denuded poplars

along a sinewy shore:

the 'Watcher' stands unseen

as the waves of the sea

reach for the frail human body

fallen amongst the rocks

and cradle it away to rest

in invisible depths.

The 'Watcher' looks to the skies

as an eagle rises,

circling in the tempest

- the spirit in flight -

he rejoices in the moment

for another has become free

to dream a new dream

in the great web of life.

You Broke My Heart, Today

You came today: sorry,

You manifested yourself

to me:

you broke my heart, today

you rolled over me

like a storm, a cloudburst

I felt you there, inside

my tiny heart.

I know what you were doing

but it was painful

 -not unexpected -

just painful.

You broke my heart

in the middle of the day:

no explanation

no "excuse me, please,

I've got to do this!"

only this incredible pain:

my entire being awashed in

warm, wet tears

but now

I understand

why you did what you did:

That puny heart of mine

that silly heart

conditioned by the System

to reject pain:

so shriveled up in itself

was much too small for you:

In the midst of the pain

I felt refreshed

You broke my heart, today,

and rebuilt it

just a little bigger this time

you made room for love

and did some clean up too:

some old dirt

clogging up the flow of life

came out.

though I still hurt...


though I still trembled

in fear!

though I still cried silently

tears down my face

looking at a golden sun

through cumulus clouds

crowning mountain tops

I saw rain fall up there

faraway, gentle, crying

with me:

I understood the pain

the cosmic pain we feel

in fellowship with you

the gift of God to those

who love:

Now I run home in the evening

to the one you gave me to love

I feel the pain

yet I feel her love too

there is pain -there is joy

soon, she will hold me

and all will be as it should be

again: I thank you

for all of it.


A breath of autumn lingers

among quieted evergreens

opening upon an alpine meadow.

Flowers of gold and purple

still bloom here

as the sun rises in the morning sky:

I stand in one enchanted moment

here perhaps for the last time...

I remember walks like this,

when the Spring Maiden walked barefoot

in the melting snows;

we shared our love in this place

we created with our passions,

worlds fit for children

but the hot winds of summer,

swept her away on their thermals

and I chose to stay

with the children of our love.

The crest of a rocky ledge

shimmers in the heat of the day:

a woman of long black hair

and purposeful demeanor

walks deliberately towards me.

The instant binds us, our arms embrace:

from a different place and another time,

we turn a new page, a new chapter

unfolds endless possibilities.

The September Lady returns

to warm my nights once more!

Rekindling The Flame

The sun rises, golden, smiling,

over white tropical sands.

A goddess wrapped in white silk,

an ageless woman, kissed

by many such sunrises,

walks slowly through the surf

searching for memories

washed upon a timeless shore.

In her passion for love

she uncovers the mystery of life

hidden by ravages of passing time,

finding a lover pining upon the shore.

Hungrily do we embrace,

knee deep in crystal waters,

our bodies becoming as one

in sexual bliss;

our souls dancing in harmony,

reaffirming, without shame or denial

that love is the sacred path,

the fire that tempers the blade,

that rekindles that twin flame

which burns deep and strong

in memory, marking boundaries

of space and time for the soul.

It seems so long ago:

we met, touched, loved

as only gods remembered, can.

Other times, distant pasts, misty futures

reaffirmed: we find our time again

on a shore of white gold

shaded by modern high-rises...

blue dolphins yet come

laughing as always, celebrating

this endless blissful reunion.

Speak To Me Of Love


Please do not speak to me anymore

of the terrible things in your dreams

for I have been too much a child of woe

my life, my dear life but a heartbeat

and then to die and not know why

except it is the way of things so

I’m told.


Please speak from a sea of love

for that I know is made to drown in

and the feelings engendered in my heart

by honeyed words from guileless lips

these I know in desire of sorrow and joy

for while I’m loved I do not think of death

I live.


Do not speak to me of aging and passing

for I am young and just got here

and barely do I know this world

I’ve not seen what there is to be seen

my senses are as those of a virgin

innocent even of the taste of a first kiss

full of wonder.


Let me taste the water in the fountain

at the center of the park and soaking wet

walk barefoot in the grass

stain my hands with a dandelion stem

smile at a baby on a blanket

tugging on its mother’s hair, laughing

silly, pure, trusting.


Love me, love me, love me, love me

it’s all I want, all I need, all we ever will need

don’t explain, don’t think about it for love

is crazier than I am, so easily lost

in kaleidoscopic images of

what could be, should be, would be

and never will be.


Live with me, in me, as I in you

though we seem to be so far apart in time

for love has pierced my heart today

when you smiled with lips of promise

a breeze stirred lambent honeysuckle

and now feel free to speak to me of death

my love.

Spirit Wind

It was you who showed me

how to achieve dreams

that seemed beyond my reach;

how you offered me the warmth of your friendship,

the shelter of your love.

Though winter's blues have returned,

I still think back to those passionate times

running free and nude in the warm rains of spring,

and the hot summer sun.

How foolishly I thought I could own you,

could lock your precious love in a treasure chest,

to be buried deep in the sand,

where only I could find it!

I know now that is why you left;

as I walk this shore in emptiness of heart,

wondering if you will ever return,

or find this letter of self-pity I'm sending out to sea

in that wine bottle

we emptied that last night under the stars.

Then Spirit Wind spoke:

“Leave the past to its memories.

The one you lost is gone: she will not return again.

Face the sunrise: sketch an image of a ship

from new dreams and visions blossoming.

Build this ship from tall trees

symbolizing the love you hold

within your heart.

Once you manifest this highest dream,

grab the helm with courage:

I, Spirit Wind,

will certainly fill your sails.

They shall billow out proudly,

setting you free to experience

a new voyage of hope

and the music in the rigging

will be your new song of love.”.

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